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J1m/  124555  4 years  jim  ready-for-prime-time
adamg/  115857  5 years  adamg  get out of the sandbox
baijum/  107636  6 years  baijum  Moving BlueBream to main area. BlueBream - "Prepare the way for born-again Zope ...
benji/  79821  8 years  benji_york  tweak some values to be a little more general
ccomb/  82213  8 years  ccomb  First attempt to write an ObjectWidget. This is far from finished...
chrism/  106018  6 years  chrism  Improper.
cklinger/  119705  5 years  cklinger  new checkpoint
ctheune/  118645  5 years  ctheune  More layout revisions after discussing my draft on #zope
d2m/  96807  7 years  d2m  remove after integration with trunk
darrylcousins/  83814  8 years  darrylcousins  Commits for adater, form and template which have been updated in getting mars.fo...
dirceu/  84261  8 years  dirceu  Moving megrok.form to root
do3cc/  115908  5 years  do3cc  The greasemonkey script, handle with care
dusty/  91390  7 years  hermann  Minor CSS issues
erp5/  117549  5 years  lra  tag internal release
faassen/  108335  6 years  faassen  remove this, as it's in zopetoolkit now.
gotcha/  121678  4 years  jfroche  Back to development: 0.1-alpha-4
janjaapdriessen/  123949  4 years  janjaapdriessen  Remove trunk builds/tests for python2.5
janwijbrand/  123995  4 years  janwijbrand  Back to development: 1.2
jbohman/  122297  4 years  jbohman  Move zope.regstry from Sandbox to main repo.
jens/  124420  4 years  yuppie  - some small fixes
kevingill2/  85384  8 years  kevingill2  Demonstration implementation of the changes for proposal: Session Credentials AP...
kteague/  82916  8 years  kteague  remove junk artifacts
lra/  120822  5 years  lra  back to "development"
luciano/  79147  8 years  luciano  moved kirbi to it's new home
malthe/  93608  7 years  malthe  Project moved to the repoze subversion repository.
mlundwall/  87797  7 years  mlundwall  docfindertab
nadako/  103668  6 years  nadako  Move the project out of sandbox.
nathan/  83081  8 years  nathan  Creating a sandbox.
ocql-foliage/  87330  7 years  adamg  fix manualtest2.py for Charith
paulwilson/  107289  6 years  paulwilson  Added a basic package to hold a format neutral interface
pcardune/  98400  7 years  pcardune  add new projects to my documentation builder
philikon/  96486  7 years  baijum  s/cheeseshop/pypi
poster/  86921  7 years  gary  seems to be ready for the main repo.
regebro/  89526  7 years  faassen  Move this old code to a sandbox.
roger/  85432  8 years  rogerineichen  Move unused package to sandbox. Let me know if someone needs that unreleased pac...
shane/  98796  7 years  shane  removed unnecessary deps
srichter/  69197  9 years  srichter  Create a directory for the ZSCP process.
thefunny42/  100640  6 years  thefunny42  This should be in sandbox.
tlotze/  80099  8 years  tlotze  fixed egg versions
trollfot/  109572  6 years  trollfot  Moving grokcore.message out of the Sandbox and adding it as the current trunk.
tseaver/  81116  8 years  tseaver  Avoid thrashing ZODB Connection cache when serving large OFS.Image.File objects....
ulif/  110089  6 years  ulif  Remove obsolete sandbox.
wichert/  91394  7 years  wichert  Tag 3.8.1b8.jarn.3
zc/  41436  10 years  dobe  resource libraries were included multiply times if .need was called more than on...
README.txt  28473  11 years  jim  *** empty log message ***

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