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Mon Sep 24 22:59:50 2007 UTC (9 years, 2 months ago) by chrism
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CMF 2.1.0 (2007/08/08)

  New Features

    - PortalFolder: Enabled 'Components' ZMI tab.
      This GenericSetup tab allows to inspect and edit component registrations. 

  Bug Fixes

    - Fixed all componentregistry.xml files to use plain object paths and strip
      and slashes. GenericSetup does only support registering objects which are
      in the site root.

    - Allow email addresses with all-numeric domain names. The RFCs do not
      support them but they do exist.  

CMF 2.1.0-beta2 (2007/07/12)

  New Features

    - CMFCore.exportimport.skins: Added the ability to remove whole skin
      selections using a GS profile.

    - Workflow definition instances now have a description field

  Bug Fixes

    - UndoTool: Fixed 'listUndoableTransactionsFor'.
      The required 'object' argument is now respected. This doesn't change the
      behavior as long as 'object' is the site root object.

    - CMFCore.TypesTool: Corrected method signature of all_meta_types to have
      an interface keyword argument, as per the underlying OFS.ObjectManager
      interface declaration.

    - SkinnableObjectManager: Changed the way skins are set up.
      Acquisition wrapping no longer triggers 'setupCurrentSkin'. This is now
      done on publishing traversal after the BeforeTraverseEvent triggers
      'setSite'. This fix replaces a temporary hack introduced in 2.1.0-beta,
      making sure ISkinsTool is looked up after setting the site.

    - CMFCore.CMFBTreeFolder: CMFBTreeFolders could not be used as the
      toplevel /Members container.

    - Pass 'object' through to TypeInformation objects' 'listActions'.
    - Removed extraneous "Cache" tab from FS-based skin objects.

    - CMFCore.WorkflowTool: Using the '(Default)' keyword for a type's 
      workflow chain will now reset any custom workflow chains for the type.

    - Use the property API to get the member specific skin, because
      direct attribute access won't work with PAS based membership.

    - Add POST-only protections to security critical methods.

    - Allow customization from DirectoryViews to be redirected into
      alternate folders, and use manually-built clones.

    - Use a utility, registered for
      'Products.CMFDefault.interfaces.IHTMLScrubber', to perform scrubbing
      of HTML;  fall back to the old, hard-wired behavior.

    - Remove antique usage of marker attributes in favor of interfaces,
      leaving BBB behind for places potentially affecting third-party code.

    - Fixed DST-driven test breakage in CMFCalendar by adding an optional
      'zone' argument to the DublineCore methods which return string
      rednitions of date metadata.

    - Favorite: Fixed UID handling broken in 2.1.0-beta.

    - CMFDefault: Removed CMFUid dependency inadvertently added in 2.1.0-beta.

    - CMFActionIcons: Fixed interface declarations added in 2.1.0-beta.


    - The CMF now depends on Zope 2.10.4 or higher.

    - CMFDefault: Adjusted factory.py to new GenericSetup version.

    - CMFUid.UniqueIdAnnotationTool: Annotation handling has been switched
      from triggering it through old-style manage_*-methods to using
      events. UID assigning behavior has been made more flexible. Please
      review CMFUid/README.txt for information about the current
      behavior and the new features. 

CMF 2.1.0-beta (2007/03/09)


    If you upgrade an existing CMF instance to CMF 2.1, please see
    INSTALL.txt for instructions on how to run a separate upgrade script.

  New Features

    - CMFCalendar: Zope3 style browser views are now used by default.
      An additional setup profile allows you to hook up the oldstyle skins and
      to make customizations TTW.

    - DirectoryView: Added 'registerDirectory' ZCML directive.
      Using the old registerDirectory method in __init__.py is now deprecated.
      See zcml.IRegisterDirectoryDirective for details.

    - DirectoryView: Added support for non-product packages.
      This introduces new registry keys. Old registry keys stored in
      persistent DirectoryView objects are updated on the fly.

    - Document: Added two new methods for safety belt handling.

    - setup handlers: Improved properties handler.
      It now works with properties using a default_charset other than UTF-8.

    - Merged patches from Martin Aspeli to enable generating events before
      and after DCWorkflow transitions, and in the 'notify' methods of the
      workflow tool (http://www.zope.org/Collectors/CMF/461).

  Bug Fixes

    - CMFUid.UniqueIdHandlerTool: Touching the internal UID value on a
      content item will not cause reindexing all indices anymore, only the
      specific UID index will be touched.

    - CMFCore.MembershipTool: Fixed inconsistent behavior where member lookup
      would take all user folders up to the Zope root into account whereas
      member area creation would not.

    - CMFCore.MembershipTool/CMFDefault.MembershipTool: when using an
      object without a __nonzero__ but with a __len__ (ala
      CMFBTreeFolder) as a member folder, the createMemberArea method
      would believe there was no members folder if the folder was
      empty, and so would fail (change "not membersfolder" to
      "membersfolder is not None") .

    - CMFDefault.File and CMFDefault.Image: Restored ZMI Cache tab which was
      lost in CMF 1.6.

    - CMFCore.DynamicType: Fixed behaviour regarding default view.
      DynamicType was making it impossible to use a Zope3-style
      default view for CMF content types.


    - Tool lookup and registration is now done "the Zope 3 way" as utilities.
      Please see docs/ToolsAreUtilities.txt for some developer notes.

    - CMFCore utils: Marked 'minimalpath' and 'expandpath' as deprecated.

    - The CMF now depends on Zope 2.10.2 or higher.

CMF 2.1.0-alpha2 (2006/11/23)

  New Features

    - WorkflowTool: Added the IConfigurableWorkflowTool interface.
      This change includes the new 'getDefaultChain' and 'listChainOverrides'
      methods and an improved 'setChainForPortalTypes' method. The import
      handler now supports the 'remove' attribute for removing overrides.

    - CMFCore.CachingPolicyManager: Implemented the old OFS.Cache.CacheManager
      API. Now objects other than CMF content or CMF templates can have their
      caching headers set by the caching policy manager with the same 
      fine-grained control.

    - testing: Added test layers for setting up ZCML.

    - CMFDefault formlib: Added zope.formlib support.
      This includes some CMF specific base classes and an 'EmailLine' field.

    - browser views: Added some zope.formlib based forms.

    - CMFDefault utils: Added 'checkEmailAddress' function.

    - Added CMFCore.FSRestMethod:  ReST equivalent of FSSTXMethod.

    - CMFCore.FSSTXMethod:  Modernized, added tests, made customization
      possible (now renders via ZPT by default, using 'main_template').

    - Portal: Added 'email_charset' property.

    - CMFDefault utils: Added 'makeEmail' function.

    - CMFDefault.Image and CMFDefault.File: Overridden index_html methods
      add Cache Policy Manager-awareness and thus bring these implementations
      in line with CMFCore.FSFile and CMFCore.FSImage

  Bug Fixes

    - CMFCore.CachingPolicyManager: Prevent firing of caching policies
      for templates (DTML or ZPT) that are rendered in-line (without a 
      separate request) while rendering the requested content item's view.

    - CMFDefault RegistrationTool: Fixed too restrictive email checking.
      The new 'checkEmailAddress' function is now used.

    - Fixed test breakage induced by use of Z3 pagetemplates in Zope 2.10+.

    - CMFDefault skins: Fixed encoding issues in welcome and reminder emails.
      'password_email' and 'registered_email' now encode their return value
      correctly, using 'email_charset' and the new 'makeEmail' function.


    - The CMF now depends on Zope 2.10.1

CMF 2.1.0-alpha (2006/10/09)

  New Features

    - CMFDefault utils: Added getBrowserCharset function.
      Returns the charset preferred by the browser. Strings encoded with this
      charset are decoded correctly by Five.browser.decode.processInputs.

    - Content: Added IFactory utilities for all content classes.
      They are now used by default instead of the old constructor methods.

    - FactoryTypeInformation: Added support for Zope3 style factories.
      If the 'product' property of a type info instance is empty the 'factory'
      property is interpreted as an IFactory name.

  Bug Fixes

    - CMFCore.ActionInformation: don't use a fixed set of properties for
      ActionInformation. (http://www.zope.org/Collectors/CMF/232/)

    - CMFCore.CatalogTool: Use current executable's proxy roles, if any,
      in place of user's roles when computing 'allowedRolesAndUsers' for
      a query. (http://www.zope.org/Collectors/CMF/380)


    - skins: Changed encoding of translated portal_status_messages.
      Now getBrowserCharset is used to play nice with Five forms. Customized
      setRedirect and getMainGlobals scripts have to be updated.

    - FSFile: Added registration for 'txt' extension.

    - Profiles: All profiles are now registered by ZCML.

    - ZClasses: Removed unmaintained support for ZClasses.
      Marked the 'initializeBases*' methods as deprecated. 

    - Content: All content classes are now registered by ZCML.
      ContentInit is still used to register oldstyle constructors.

    - Favorite: Added 'handleFavoriteAddedEvent' subscriber.
      This replaces the 'manage_afterAdd' hook and some code in 'addFavorite'.

    - CMFCatalogAware: Added 'handleObjectEvent' subscriber.
      This replaces the deprecated 'manage_afterAdd', 'manage_afterClone' and
      'manage_beforeDelete' hooks.

    - setup handlers: Removed support for CMF 1.5 CMFSetup profiles.

CMF 2.0.x and earlier

  For a complete list of changes see HISTORY.txt.

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