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, ,										, ,
; ,										; ,
," ,										," ,
,' ,										,' ,
. .										. .
." .										." .
.' .										.' .
? .										? .
! .										! .
" "										" "
' "										' "
( (										( (
) )										) )
] )										] )
[ (										[ (
{ (										{ (
} )										} )
# #										# #
$ $										$ $
't RB										't RB
Prizm NNP									Prizm NNP
shakeup NN									shakeup NN
Laurance NNP									Laurance NNP
mg NN JJ									mg NN JJ
expressing VBG									expressing VBG
citybred JJ									citybred JJ
Brestowe NNP									Brestowe NNP
negative JJ NN									negative JJ NN
investors NNS NNPS								investors NNS NNPS
mountain NN									mountain NN
mavens NNS									mavens NNS
performing-arts NNS								performing-arts NNS
car-care JJ									car-care JJ
Athabascan NNP									Athabascan NNP
founding NN VBG JJ								founding NN VBG JJ
oversold VBN JJ VB								oversold VBN JJ VB
Sepulveda NNP									Sepulveda NNP
competency NN									competency NN
'82 CD										'82 CD
largely-silent JJ								largely-silent JJ
cf. NN FW									cf. NN FW
stretch NN VBP JJ VB								stretch NN VBP JJ VB
Lehder NNP									Lehder NNP
scavenger NN									scavenger NN
Lebanese JJ NNPS NNP								Lebanese JJ NNPS NNP
sinkt FW									sinkt FW
chorus NN									chorus NN
common-carrier NN								common-carrier NN
Bowles NNP									Bowles NNP
Cabbage NNP NN									Cabbage NNP NN
Bremner NNP									Bremner NNP
IC NNP										IC NNP
fleetest JJS									fleetest JJS
studio-quality JJ NN								studio-quality JJ NN
Marriage NNP NN									Marriage NNP NN
Enid NNP									Enid NNP
Gummi-Werke NNP									Gummi-Werke NNP
Bonds-b NNP NNPS								Bonds-b NNP NNPS
acquaint VB									acquaint VB
Carnegey NNP									Carnegey NNP
rigueur FW									rigueur FW
self-deprecation NN								self-deprecation NN
Reeve NNP									Reeve NNP
Conn.based JJ									Conn.based JJ
ill-mannered JJ									ill-mannered JJ
uncompensated JJ								uncompensated JJ
logistics NNS									logistics NNS
propsed VBN									propsed VBN
glass-like JJ									glass-like JJ
interactive JJ									interactive JJ
port-shopping NN								port-shopping NN
knuckle-duster NN								knuckle-duster NN
glass-making NN JJ								glass-making NN JJ
casually RB									casually RB
Champs NNP NNS									Champs NNP NNS
Beatles NNPS NNP								Beatles NNPS NNP
Tator NNP									Tator NNP
Branching NNP									Branching NNP
sterility NN									sterility NN
gate-post NN									gate-post NN
introspection NN								introspection NN
probation NN									probation NN
Takashi NNP									Takashi NNP
Kirin NNP									Kirin NNP
bank-teller NN									bank-teller NN
Tonal JJ									Tonal JJ
Pale NNP RB									Pale NNP RB
ex-brother-in-law NN								ex-brother-in-law NN
unnavigable JJ									unnavigable JJ
abstraction NN									abstraction NN
union-owned JJ									union-owned JJ
air-traffic NN									air-traffic NN
S.D. NNP									S.D. NNP
Partecipazioni NNP								Partecipazioni NNP
bullies VBZ NNS									bullies VBZ NNS
evinced VBN VBD									evinced VBN VBD
Copernican JJ NNP								Copernican JJ NNP
debtholders NNS									debtholders NNS
start VB VBP NN RP								start VB VBP NN RP
MLR NNP										MLR NNP
Secondly RB									Secondly RB
Alumina NNP									Alumina NNP
Forte NNP									Forte NNP
considerin VBG									considerin VBG
France-Presse NNP								France-Presse NNP
Shlaes NNP									Shlaes NNP
freeways NNS									freeways NNS
stepmothers NNS									stepmothers NNS
fire-crackers NNS								fire-crackers NNS
addict NN									addict NN
tempering VBG									tempering VBG
gizmos NNS									gizmos NNS
Ham NNP										Ham NNP
Debating NNP									Debating NNP
Aldrin NNP									Aldrin NNP
generalization NN								generalization NN
bad-smelling JJ									bad-smelling JJ
motions NNS VBZ									motions NNS VBZ
sacked VBD VBN									sacked VBD VBN
weirs NNS									weirs NNS
Teagan NNP									Teagan NNP
sketchy JJ									sketchy JJ
traffic NN									traffic NN
suspensor NN									suspensor NN
slows VBZ NNS									slows VBZ NNS
playable JJ									playable JJ
Denis NNP									Denis NNP
leafy JJ									leafy JJ
Plummer NNP									Plummer NNP
elegy NN									elegy NN
happily RB									happily RB
torments VBZ NNS								torments VBZ NNS
jingles NNS									jingles NNS
lucidity NN									lucidity NN
preliminary JJ NN								preliminary JJ NN
throngs NNS									throngs NNS
boat-rocker... :								boat-rocker... :
NT&SA-run JJ									NT&SA-run JJ
nonelectrical JJ								nonelectrical JJ
respected VBN JJ VBD								respected VBN JJ VBD
Mondrian NNP									Mondrian NNP
Casanova NNP									Casanova NNP
cross-cultural JJ NN								cross-cultural JJ NN
Trifari NNP									Trifari NNP
firing VBG JJ NN NN|VBG								firing VBG JJ NN NN|VBG
jelled VBD									jelled VBD
Koenig NNP									Koenig NNP
wearing VBG									wearing VBG
owe VBP VB									owe VBP VB
stimulators NNS									stimulators NNS
Face NNP VBP									Face NNP VBP
midafternoon NN									midafternoon NN
Liqueur NNP									Liqueur NNP
Casino NNP NN									Casino NNP NN
foreclosed VBN JJ VBN|JJ VBD							foreclosed VBN JJ VBN|JJ VBD
disconnected VBN JJ								disconnected VBN JJ
ads NNS										ads NNS
earth-orbiting JJ								earth-orbiting JJ
Yamada NNP									Yamada NNP
Basf NNP									Basf NNP
Dream-Miss NNP									Dream-Miss NNP
Smaller-stock JJR								Smaller-stock JJR
S.A.F.E. NNP									S.A.F.E. NNP
Evolving VBG									Evolving VBG
introjected VBN									introjected VBN
barren JJ									barren JJ
China-watcher NN								China-watcher NN
Fla. NNP									Fla. NNP
blunt VB JJ									blunt VB JJ
honored VBN JJ VBD								honored VBN JJ VBD
protein-bound JJ								protein-bound JJ
then-senior JJ									then-senior JJ
quality-control NN JJ								quality-control NN JJ
newer JJR									newer JJR
Epp NNP										Epp NNP
Rossi NNP									Rossi NNP
enflamed VBN									enflamed VBN
ways NNS									ways NNS
EX NNP										EX NNP
abacuses NNS									abacuses NNS
Taber NNP									Taber NNP
wounding VBG									wounding VBG
bag NN VB									bag NN VB
in-patient JJ									in-patient JJ
Illuminating NNP								Illuminating NNP
dressing NN VBG JJ								dressing NN VBG JJ
Oji NNP										Oji NNP
Disquisition NNP								Disquisition NNP
Ottoni NNP									Ottoni NNP
unmalicious JJ									unmalicious JJ
rankles VBZ									rankles VBZ
astride IN									astride IN
'78 CD										'78 CD
Wilm NNP									Wilm NNP
puttering VBG									puttering VBG
kidney-stone NN									kidney-stone NN
Cross-border JJ									Cross-border JJ
toe-tips NNS									toe-tips NNS
bitee NN									bitee NN
Toyobo NNP									Toyobo NNP
Tower NNP									Tower NNP
cofounder NN									cofounder NN
round-tripping NN								round-tripping NN
dazzler NN									dazzler NN
Morgart NNP									Morgart NNP
pre-war JJ NN									pre-war JJ NN
omitting VBG									omitting VBG
crumbling VBG JJ								crumbling VBG JJ
steered VBD VBN									steered VBD VBN
incubi NNS									incubi NNS
mulling VBG NN									mulling VBG NN
out-migrants NNS								out-migrants NNS
well-organized JJ								well-organized JJ
two-timed VBN									two-timed VBN
Prolonged VBN JJ								Prolonged VBN JJ
regrettable JJ									regrettable JJ
reworked VBD VBN								reworked VBD VBN
Chausson NNP									Chausson NNP
feasted VBN									feasted VBN
lead-exposure JJ								lead-exposure JJ
HiPro NNP									HiPro NNP
Medal NNP									Medal NNP
Implements NNS									Implements NNS
ruin NN VBP VB									ruin NN VBP VB
Fielder NNP									Fielder NNP
schoolgirls NNS									schoolgirls NNS
shiny JJ									shiny JJ
rehabilitated VBN								rehabilitated VBN
Presbyterian-St JJ|NP								Presbyterian-St JJ|NP
saccharin NN									saccharin NN
chains NNS									chains NNS
maps NNS									maps NNS
Manly NNP									Manly NNP
Pappy NNP									Pappy NNP
paymaster NN									paymaster NN
Volvo NNP									Volvo NNP
C&W NNP										C&W NNP
Distribution NNP NN								Distribution NNP NN
trackage NN									trackage NN
Bollinger NNP									Bollinger NNP
Void NN										Void NN
brownies NNS									brownies NNS
Bombay NNP NN									Bombay NNP NN
adapted VBN VBD									adapted VBN VBD
make... :									make... :
Tristars NNPS									Tristars NNPS
building-related JJ								building-related JJ
Weisner NNP									Weisner NNP
-aminometha NN									-aminometha NN
sardines NNS									sardines NNS
Stallkamp NNP									Stallkamp NNP
non-telephone JJ								non-telephone JJ
Belli NNP									Belli NNP
muddle NN VB									muddle NN VB
Lunday NNP									Lunday NNP
linebackers NNS									linebackers NNS
asceticism NN									asceticism NN
Campbell-Mithun-Esty NNP							Campbell-Mithun-Esty NNP
Petersburg NNP									Petersburg NNP
Amazonian JJ									Amazonian JJ
Them PRP NNP DT									Them PRP NNP DT
toffee NN									toffee NN
bacteria NNS									bacteria NNS
Chalidale NNP									Chalidale NNP
placated VBN									placated VBN
owners NNS									owners NNS
takeover-driven JJ								takeover-driven JJ
Grolier NNP									Grolier NNP
Neo-Popularism NNP								Neo-Popularism NNP
breakwaters NNS									breakwaters NNS
Cirino NNP									Cirino NNP
M.D.C. NNP NN									M.D.C. NNP NN
escorted VBD VBN								escorted VBD VBN
sizzling JJ VBG									sizzling JJ VBG
Reinforcing VBG									Reinforcing VBG
McCarver NNP									McCarver NNP
afghan NN									afghan NN
Spouse NN									Spouse NN
Laverty NNP									Laverty NNP
villains NNS									villains NNS
Guest NNP NN									Guest NNP NN
savaged VBD									savaged VBD
bayed VBD VBN									bayed VBD VBN
Hoijer NNP									Hoijer NNP
Greener JJR									Greener JJR
compares VBZ NNS								compares VBZ NNS
altogether RB									altogether RB
Scwhab NNP									Scwhab NNP
epitomize VB VBP								epitomize VB VBP
merchant-banking JJ NN								merchant-banking JJ NN
see-lective JJ									see-lective JJ
Edith NNP									Edith NNP
able JJ										able JJ
types NNS									types NNS
Groat NNP									Groat NNP
pendulum NN									pendulum NN
Straub NNP									Straub NNP
Farmland NNP									Farmland NNP
NHL NNP										NHL NNP
Get VB NNP VBP									Get VB NNP VBP
Linwood NNP									Linwood NNP
separable JJ									separable JJ
Humboldt NNP									Humboldt NNP
calamitous JJ									calamitous JJ
prescription-drug NN JJ								prescription-drug NN JJ
waxy JJ										waxy JJ
Afrique NNP									Afrique NNP
Fretting VBG									Fretting VBG
D'Amico NNP									D'Amico NNP
Proler NNP									Proler NNP
four-cylinder JJ								four-cylinder JJ
CST NNP										CST NNP
Golda NNP									Golda NNP
tamp VB										tamp VB
oiled JJ									oiled JJ
reissue NN									reissue NN
Stromeyer NNP									Stromeyer NNP
Sandifer NNP									Sandifer NNP
Hope NNP NN VB VBP								Hope NNP NN VB VBP
Am NNP VBP									Am NNP VBP
Hirano NNP									Hirano NNP
mortification NN								mortification NN
rustler NN									rustler NN
Siena NNP									Siena NNP
psychiatric JJ									psychiatric JJ
elimination NN									elimination NN
socialite NN									socialite NN
images NNS									images NNS
ectoplasmic JJ									ectoplasmic JJ
Minikes NNP									Minikes NNP
Clemenceau NNP									Clemenceau NNP
liable JJ									liable JJ
leaderless JJ									leaderless JJ
Pulliam NNP									Pulliam NNP
climbable JJ									climbable JJ
egos NNS									egos NNS
over-price VB									over-price VB
super-high JJ									super-high JJ
Capital NNP NN									Capital NNP NN
Newsstands NNS									Newsstands NNS
anion NN									anion NN
Accrued VBN									Accrued VBN
CR103 NNP									CR103 NNP
battery-powered JJ								battery-powered JJ
tipoff NN									tipoff NN
Spaulding NNP									Spaulding NNP
testers NNS									testers NNS
Humphrey NNP									Humphrey NNP
Compeyson NNP									Compeyson NNP
drug-funding NN									drug-funding NN
overpressure NN									overpressure NN
shocked VBN VBD JJ								shocked VBN VBD JJ
minuses NNS									minuses NNS
neurologists NNS								neurologists NNS
playoffs NNS									playoffs NNS
truck-refrigeration NN								truck-refrigeration NN
debt-equity JJ NN								debt-equity JJ NN
high-power JJ									high-power JJ
Spook VBP									Spook VBP
scourges NNS									scourges NNS
double-jeopardy NN								double-jeopardy NN
Sheinberg NNP									Sheinberg NNP
plastic-covered JJ								plastic-covered JJ
Dickinson NNP									Dickinson NNP
decks NNS									decks NNS
clipping NN									clipping NN
frightened VBN JJ VBD								frightened VBN JJ VBD
Trenton NNP									Trenton NNP
Taviani NNP									Taviani NNP
Alexia NNP									Alexia NNP
newsprints NNS									newsprints NNS
MOB NNP										MOB NNP
higher-than-normal JJ								higher-than-normal JJ
Slider NNP									Slider NNP
Lanin NNP									Lanin NNP
Valais NNP									Valais NNP
keying VBG									keying VBG
Lumumba NNP									Lumumba NNP
Foresight NN									Foresight NN
Norman NNP									Norman NNP
Certification NNP								Certification NNP
database NN									database NN
supervisors NNS									supervisors NNS
Clays NNP									Clays NNP
dwells VBZ									dwells VBZ
slickers NNS									slickers NNS
locates VBZ									locates VBZ
sterilizing VBG									sterilizing VBG
autumns NNS									autumns NNS
headsman NN									headsman NN
participatory JJ								participatory JJ
rope-sight NN									rope-sight NN
Ardmore NNP									Ardmore NNP
HI NNP										HI NNP
improving VBG NN								improving VBG NN
punted VBD									punted VBD
Owned NNP									Owned NNP
personalize VB									personalize VB
bespeak VBP									bespeak VBP
municipals NNS									municipals NNS
Intercollegiate NNP								Intercollegiate NNP
unspecified JJ									unspecified JJ
interchangeable JJ								interchangeable JJ
recitals NNS									recitals NNS
relation-back JJ								relation-back JJ
propels VBZ									propels VBZ
Dingwall NNP									Dingwall NNP
trusting JJ VBG									trusting JJ VBG
Elkins NNP									Elkins NNP
Gewirtz NNP									Gewirtz NNP
Styron NNP									Styron NNP
word'boom NN									word'boom NN
hurler NN									hurler NN
Pagni NNP									Pagni NNP
Vesoft NNP									Vesoft NNP
still-to-be-named JJ								still-to-be-named JJ
muff NN VB									muff NN VB
Kornreich NNP									Kornreich NNP
humankind NN									humankind NN
mouth-to-mouth JJ								mouth-to-mouth JJ
Jeroboam NN									Jeroboam NN
--Bordeaux NNP									--Bordeaux NNP
itemize VB									itemize VB
shed VB VBD VBN VBP NN								shed VB VBD VBN VBP NN
overlooked VBN VBD								overlooked VBN VBD
coaxing JJ VBG									coaxing JJ VBG
Lansbury NNP									Lansbury NNP
Chairperson NNP									Chairperson NNP
hoteliers NNS									hoteliers NNS
Flexicokers NNS									Flexicokers NNS
engulf VB									engulf VB
Garryowen NNP									Garryowen NNP
tirelessly RB									tirelessly RB
Fosback NNP									Fosback NNP
practising VBG									practising VBG
Marquez NNP									Marquez NNP
Washizu NNP									Washizu NNP
Porterhouse NN									Porterhouse NN
identifying VBG									identifying VBG
honoree NN									honoree NN
eventful JJ									eventful JJ
Hook NNP									Hook NNP
Michelle NNP NN									Michelle NNP NN
large-capitalization JJ NN							large-capitalization JJ NN
soared VBD VBN									soared VBD VBN
reveals VBZ									reveals VBZ
drug-related JJ									drug-related JJ
Rumors NNS NNP									Rumors NNS NNP
Lever NNP									Lever NNP
oil-slicked JJ									oil-slicked JJ
willingly RB									willingly RB
mid-1890 CD									mid-1890 CD
throw-away JJ									throw-away JJ
abortion-funding JJ								abortion-funding JJ
airdrops NNS									airdrops NNS
gestures NNS VBZ								gestures NNS VBZ
intimating VBG									intimating VBG
Barre-Montpelier NNP								Barre-Montpelier NNP
beachhead NN									beachhead NN
sodium NN									sodium NN
photographic JJ									photographic JJ
scandal-tripped JJ								scandal-tripped JJ
typists NNS									typists NNS
murder NN VB									murder NN VB
abhorred VBD									abhorred VBD
Machineries NNP NNS								Machineries NNP NNS
hearers NNS									hearers NNS
Lenygon NNP									Lenygon NNP
Fourtou NNP									Fourtou NNP
Wafaa NNP									Wafaa NNP
junkie NN									junkie NN
Millers NNPS NNP								Millers NNPS NNP
Burnett NNP									Burnett NNP
cholesterol-reduction NN							cholesterol-reduction NN
Broomfield NNP									Broomfield NNP
dazzles VBZ									dazzles VBZ
raccoon NN									raccoon NN
form-creating JJ								form-creating JJ
humaine NN									humaine NN
methodology NN									methodology NN
Kuniji NNP									Kuniji NNP
reinforces VBZ									reinforces VBZ
hassled VBN									hassled VBN
overdoses NNS									overdoses NNS
ailments NNS									ailments NNS
MANY JJ										MANY JJ
Resuming VBG									Resuming VBG
limited-partner JJ								limited-partner JJ
Rempsberger NNP									Rempsberger NNP
Deciding VBG									Deciding VBG
harbor NN VB VBP								harbor NN VB VBP
valleys NNS									valleys NNS
Halsted NNP									Halsted NNP
Han NNP										Han NNP
siphon VB									siphon VB
Forester NNP									Forester NNP
machinery-trading JJ								machinery-trading JJ
Boucherie NNP									Boucherie NNP
deglycerolized VBN								deglycerolized VBN
pattered VBD									pattered VBD
Golar NNP									Golar NNP
Dell'Arca NNP									Dell'Arca NNP
millenniums NNS									millenniums NNS
Clandestine JJ									Clandestine JJ
Mathues NNP									Mathues NNP
Southam NNP NN									Southam NNP NN
computer-system-design JJ							computer-system-design JJ
quirky JJ									quirky JJ
Haislmaier NNP									Haislmaier NNP
infinitely RB									infinitely RB
denuded VBN									denuded VBN
Honolulu-based JJ								Honolulu-based JJ
bugaboo NN									bugaboo NN
bioequivalence-therapeutic-equivalence JJ					bioequivalence-therapeutic-equivalence JJ
Brut NNP									Brut NNP
off-level JJ									off-level JJ
Chrysler-brand JJ								Chrysler-brand JJ
shantytowns NNS									shantytowns NNS
paltry JJ									paltry JJ
striven VBN									striven VBN
Lupe NNP									Lupe NNP
potential JJ NN									potential JJ NN
jay NN										jay NN
Schall NNP									Schall NNP
Confindustria NNP								Confindustria NNP
attest VB VBP									attest VB VBP
nibbling VBG NN									nibbling VBG NN
tank NN VB									tank NN VB
Shirer NNP									Shirer NNP
Alcarria NNP									Alcarria NNP
diffuses VBZ									diffuses VBZ
film-making JJ									film-making JJ
Snowmass NNP									Snowmass NNP
Renaissance NNP NN								Renaissance NNP NN
maligned VBN									maligned VBN
Privatize VB									Privatize VB
Honduras NNP NNS								Honduras NNP NNS
Charities NNS NNPS								Charities NNS NNPS
abusing VBG									abusing VBG
Pei NNP										Pei NNP
Malpede NNP									Malpede NNP
Jurisdiction NNP								Jurisdiction NNP
Charming JJ NNP									Charming JJ NNP
Outwardly RB									Outwardly RB
LSI NNP										LSI NNP
Attwood NNP									Attwood NNP
key-financial JJ								key-financial JJ
multi-year JJ									multi-year JJ
yarn NN										yarn NN
Siemens NNP									Siemens NNP
Highest JJS									Highest JJS
reminded VBD VBN								reminded VBD VBN
Kurtanjek NNP									Kurtanjek NNP
less-traveled JJ								less-traveled JJ
lasers NNS									lasers NNS
powered VBN JJ									powered VBN JJ
Conversely RB NNP								Conversely RB NNP
Sealey NNP									Sealey NNP
Mendelsohn NNP									Mendelsohn NNP
Cleburne NNP									Cleburne NNP
drugstores NNS									drugstores NNS
Sieckman NNP									Sieckman NNP
respiration NN									respiration NN
'79 CD										'79 CD
magical JJ									magical JJ
Sixteen CD									Sixteen CD
Flusser NNP									Flusser NNP
Hepatitis NNP									Hepatitis NNP
Sean NNP									Sean NNP
ownerships NNS									ownerships NNS
Survivors NNS									Survivors NNS
Alvin NNP									Alvin NNP
travelogue NN									travelogue NN
IT'S VBZ									IT'S VBZ
Taksim NNP									Taksim NNP
island NN									island NN
frayed JJ VBN									frayed JJ VBN
crime NN									crime NN
Mort NNP									Mort NNP
holstered VBD VBN JJ								holstered VBD VBN JJ
multilingual JJ									multilingual JJ
raping VBG NN									raping VBG NN
rhapsody NN									rhapsody NN
Esther NNP									Esther NNP
sketchbook NN									sketchbook NN
centenarians NNS								centenarians NNS
galleries NNS									galleries NNS
Dalton NNP									Dalton NNP
fin-syn JJ									fin-syn JJ
Then RB										Then RB
tripping VBG									tripping VBG
pitchers NNS									pitchers NNS
York-Pennsylvania NNP								York-Pennsylvania NNP
builder NN									builder NN
Quelle NNP									Quelle NNP
unharmed JJ									unharmed JJ
Chadha NNP									Chadha NNP
well-planned JJ									well-planned JJ
Popular NNP JJ									Popular NNP JJ
non-business JJ									non-business JJ
ducks NNS VBZ									ducks NNS VBZ
among IN									among IN
Cambridge NNP NN								Cambridge NNP NN
jammed-together JJ								jammed-together JJ
FDR NNP										FDR NNP
Diseases NNPS									Diseases NNPS
Garcia NNP									Garcia NNP
Alligood NNP									Alligood NNP
assault NN VBP									assault NN VBP
kayo VB										kayo VB
Autocoder NN									Autocoder NN
lose VB VBP									lose VB VBP
Versicherung NNP								Versicherung NNP
Sound NNP JJ NN VB VBZ								Sound NNP JJ NN VB VBZ
Al-Chalabi NNP									Al-Chalabi NNP
decamped VBD									decamped VBD
multi-disciplinary JJ								multi-disciplinary JJ
Harty NNP									Harty NNP
sucess NN									sucess NN
appoints VBZ									appoints VBZ
behynde IN									behynde IN
Systematically RB								Systematically RB
insurrections NNS								insurrections NNS
mucked VBN									mucked VBN
bogeys NNS									bogeys NNS
price-driven JJ									price-driven JJ
GAF NNP										GAF NNP
oily JJ										oily JJ
keeled VBD									keeled VBD
anionic JJ									anionic JJ
rejoining VBG									rejoining VBG
steeply RB									steeply RB
clean-air JJ NN									clean-air JJ NN
background NN JJ								background NN JJ
motional JJ									motional JJ
tracked VBN VBD JJ								tracked VBN VBD JJ
Incapable JJ									Incapable JJ
slowest JJS									slowest JJS
Sangallo NNP									Sangallo NNP
Slides NNS									Slides NNS
countryman NN									countryman NN
eloquent JJ									eloquent JJ
logging NN VBG JJ								logging NN VBG JJ
tariff-reduction NN								tariff-reduction NN
porous JJ									porous JJ
airwaves NNS									airwaves NNS
Enichem NNP									Enichem NNP
dull-gray JJ									dull-gray JJ
cooling NN VBG									cooling NN VBG
Pressure-happy JJ								Pressure-happy JJ
FT NNP										FT NNP
streetfighter NN								streetfighter NN
Asset-Backed JJ NNP								Asset-Backed JJ NNP
Daggs NNP									Daggs NNP
Giveaways NNS									Giveaways NNS
overreacting VBG								overreacting VBG
Bornholm NNP									Bornholm NNP
verso NN									verso NN
under-owned JJ									under-owned JJ
Nightwatch NNP									Nightwatch NNP
Solid JJ NNP NN									Solid JJ NNP NN
Druin NNP									Druin NNP
highbrow-furrowing NN								highbrow-furrowing NN
thermostat NN									thermostat NN
Framework NNP									Framework NNP
top-priority JJ									top-priority JJ
airliner NN									airliner NN
Clayt NNP									Clayt NNP
Braille NNP									Braille NNP
rewritten VBN									rewritten VBN
Hardwick NNP									Hardwick NNP
videodisks NNS									videodisks NNS
vile JJ										vile JJ
curator NN									curator NN
Betty NNP									Betty NNP
Rates NNS NNP									Rates NNS NNP
heat-using JJ									heat-using JJ
Yost NNP									Yost NNP
Anthropology NNP								Anthropology NNP
Thant NNP									Thant NNP
whitely RB									whitely RB
vacations NNS									vacations NNS
tiffs NNS									tiffs NNS
Ethyl NNP									Ethyl NNP
aromatics NNS									aromatics NNS
postwar JJ									postwar JJ
Kerson NNP									Kerson NNP
deactivates VBZ									deactivates VBZ
Colorocs NNP									Colorocs NNP
rumpled JJ									rumpled JJ
Shiflett NNP									Shiflett NNP
Poupin NNP									Poupin NNP
ABCs NNS									ABCs NNS
semifinals NNS									semifinals NNS
housebroken JJ									housebroken JJ
veiled VBN JJ									veiled VBN JJ
ideas NNS									ideas NNS
pledges NNS VBZ									pledges NNS VBZ
Fuhrer NNP									Fuhrer NNP
selfdamaging JJ									selfdamaging JJ
extrema NNS									extrema NNS
Associations NNP NNS NNPS							Associations NNP NNS NNPS
upright RB JJ									upright RB JJ
treatises NNS									treatises NNS
Mahler NNP									Mahler NNP
fugures NNS									fugures NNS
adore VBP VB									adore VBP VB
Imelda NNP									Imelda NNP
Clyde NNP									Clyde NNP
rebalanced VBN									rebalanced VBN
Solidarity-led JJ								Solidarity-led JJ
staccato NN FW									staccato NN FW
Multnomah NNP									Multnomah NNP
ascribe VBP VB									ascribe VBP VB
Ascii NNP									Ascii NNP
Barnaba NNP									Barnaba NNP
Grover NNP									Grover NNP
Gorillas NNP NNS								Gorillas NNP NNS
An DT NNP CC									An DT NNP CC
Salter NNP									Salter NNP
improve VB VBP									improve VB VBP
Downstairs NN RB								Downstairs NN RB
harden VB									harden VB
Investment NNP NN								Investment NNP NN
health-products NNS								health-products NNS
GO VB										GO VB
unkempt JJ									unkempt JJ
J.P. NNP									J.P. NNP
lice NNS									lice NNS
Relationship NNP								Relationship NNP
Moonies NNPS NNS								Moonies NNPS NNS
purring VBG NN									purring VBG NN
Smallwood NNP									Smallwood NNP
maximize VB VBP									maximize VB VBP
Confederation NNP								Confederation NNP
Tibetan-like JJ									Tibetan-like JJ
Kiko NNP									Kiko NNP
Alternative-operator NN								Alternative-operator NN
Restaurant NNP NN								Restaurant NNP NN
reverberate VB									reverberate VB
rewards NNS VBZ									rewards NNS VBZ
LTD NNP										LTD NNP
Psychical JJ									Psychical JJ
aghast JJ									aghast JJ
slide NN VBP VB									slide NN VBP VB
disappearances NNS								disappearances NNS
letterhead NN									letterhead NN
ozone-damaging JJ								ozone-damaging JJ
sails NNS VBZ									sails NNS VBZ
Fatal NNP									Fatal NNP
Helsinki-based JJ								Helsinki-based JJ
Heidi NNP									Heidi NNP
kitchens NNS									kitchens NNS
overeat VBP									overeat VBP
hot-selling JJ									hot-selling JJ
higher-income JJ								higher-income JJ
realestate NN VB								realestate NN VB
Undaunted JJ									Undaunted JJ
Montvale NNP									Montvale NNP
handicapped JJ VBN NNS								handicapped JJ VBN NNS
Azlant NNP									Azlant NNP
George-Creque NNP								George-Creque NNP
growing VBG JJ NN								growing VBG JJ NN
automated-pit-trading NN							automated-pit-trading NN
tip-toe NN									tip-toe NN
idyllic JJ									idyllic JJ
Guardini NNP									Guardini NNP
Hartman NNP									Hartman NNP
Paix NNP									Paix NNP
Bonham NNP									Bonham NNP
engrossing JJ									engrossing JJ
thighs NNS									thighs NNS
whirred VBD									whirred VBD
Health-Chem NNP									Health-Chem NNP
redirect VB									redirect VB
naturalism NN									naturalism NN
commercial-property NN								commercial-property NN
sunburnt JJ									sunburnt JJ
measurable JJ									measurable JJ
recounted VBD VBN								recounted VBD VBN
illustrated VBN JJ VBD								illustrated VBN JJ VBD
humour NN									humour NN
Jones NNP									Jones NNP
telecommunications NNS JJ NN NNS|NN						telecommunications NNS JJ NN NNS|NN
channelled VBN									channelled VBN
understudied VBD								understudied VBD
Greekfest NNP									Greekfest NNP
substantially RB								substantially RB
Midi NNP									Midi NNP
Overbuilding VBG NN								Overbuilding VBG NN
Encompassing VBG								Encompassing VBG
Jackson-Vanick JJ								Jackson-Vanick JJ
elapse VB									elapse VB
Unpaid JJ									Unpaid JJ
Curiosity NN NNP								Curiosity NN NNP
misjudged VBD VBN								misjudged VBD VBN
controllable JJ									controllable JJ
Tiger NNP NN									Tiger NNP NN
Shires NNP									Shires NNP
neophyte JJ NN									neophyte JJ NN
heroically RB									heroically RB
quasi-federal JJ								quasi-federal JJ
falloff NN									falloff NN
Bowman NNP									Bowman NNP
accepts VBZ									accepts VBZ
announcements NNS								announcements NNS
five-hundred-dollar JJ								five-hundred-dollar JJ
Fret VB										Fret VB
mattresses NNS									mattresses NNS
ballroom NN									ballroom NN
clanged VBD									clanged VBD
trodding VBG									trodding VBG
Geraldo NNP									Geraldo NNP
bureaucrats NNS									bureaucrats NNS
unease NN									unease NN
nine-thirty CD RB								nine-thirty CD RB
Geoffrion NNP									Geoffrion NNP
conflict NN VB VBP								conflict NN VB VBP
dusted VBN VBD									dusted VBN VBD
Disappointing JJ								Disappointing JJ
telegraphed VBD									telegraphed VBD
phosphorus NN									phosphorus NN
our PRP$									our PRP$
Emulex NNP									Emulex NNP
Dartmouth NNP									Dartmouth NNP
Braddock NNP									Braddock NNP
ex-singer NN									ex-singer NN
Bleckley NNP									Bleckley NNP
Capitan NNP									Capitan NNP
O'Banion NNP									O'Banion NNP
charge-card JJ									charge-card JJ
exonerate VB									exonerate VB
lands NNS VBZ									lands NNS VBZ
Rumford NNP									Rumford NNP
C415 CD										C415 CD
socialism NN									socialism NN
philharmonic NN									philharmonic NN
Cassell NNP									Cassell NNP
stimulatory JJ									stimulatory JJ
Deafening VBG									Deafening VBG
usage NN									usage NN
Complementing VBG								Complementing VBG
funny JJ									funny JJ
Sheremetyevo NNP								Sheremetyevo NNP
also-ran NN									also-ran NN
Athlete NNP									Athlete NNP
ten-hour JJ									ten-hour JJ
Leobardo NNP									Leobardo NNP
isolation... :									isolation... :
knocking VBG NN									knocking VBG NN
chestnut NN									chestnut NN
NIH NNP										NIH NNP
Splendor NN									Splendor NN
sellers NNS									sellers NNS
completeness NN									completeness NN
Erskin NNP									Erskin NNP
okay JJ RB VB UH								okay JJ RB VB UH
Linage NN									Linage NN
fronted VBD									fronted VBD
Conference NNP NN								Conference NNP NN
blackmailing VBG								blackmailing VBG
Crumley NNP									Crumley NNP
argues VBZ									argues VBZ
Euro NNP									Euro NNP
acknowledge VBP VB								acknowledge VBP VB
inhabit VBP									inhabit VBP
airlines NNS									airlines NNS
Overseeing VBG									Overseeing VBG
impure JJ									impure JJ
Anglo\/Dutch NNP								Anglo\/Dutch NNP
post-census NN									post-census NN
IOCS NN										IOCS NN
U.S.-donated JJ									U.S.-donated JJ
sacrificed VBN									sacrificed VBN
Carnegie NNP									Carnegie NNP
L.H. NNP									L.H. NNP
Twice RB									Twice RB
perfectly RB									perfectly RB
front-back JJ									front-back JJ
rodent NN									rodent NN
Whiteleaf NNP									Whiteleaf NNP
heat-absorbing JJ								heat-absorbing JJ
Pinar NNP									Pinar NNP
Luang NNP									Luang NNP
Preferred-dividend JJ								Preferred-dividend JJ
seismograph NN									seismograph NN
Homemade NNP VBN								Homemade NNP VBN
decease NN									decease NN
carpeting NN									carpeting NN
Watertown NNP									Watertown NNP
food-services NNS								food-services NNS
runup NN									runup NN
potent JJ									potent JJ
ex-employee NN									ex-employee NN
Seventeenth JJ									Seventeenth JJ
tenacious JJ									tenacious JJ
companies... :									companies... :
agency-dealing JJ								agency-dealing JJ
Profits NNS NNPS								Profits NNS NNPS
Llewellyn NNP									Llewellyn NNP
humidity NN									humidity NN
Payson NNP									Payson NNP
flimflam NN									flimflam NN
Nath NNP									Nath NNP
totaled VBD VBN VBP								totaled VBD VBN VBP
Theo NNP									Theo NNP
to-day NN JJ RB									to-day NN JJ RB
Discounts NNS									Discounts NNS
slick JJ NN									slick JJ NN
nd CC										nd CC
small-equipment NN								small-equipment NN
Tertre NNP									Tertre NNP
years NNS									years NNS
staple NN JJ									staple NN JJ
Hartz NNP									Hartz NNP
impeded VBN VBD									impeded VBN VBD
five-column JJ									five-column JJ
herbal JJ									herbal JJ
roosting VBG									roosting VBG
Aligning VBG									Aligning VBG
wetness NN									wetness NN
pop'lar JJ									pop'lar JJ
clinical JJ									clinical JJ
Barn NNP									Barn NNP
single-class JJ									single-class JJ
adept JJ									adept JJ
encompass VB									encompass VB
imprisoning VBG									imprisoning VBG
Cold NNP JJ NN									Cold NNP JJ NN
vivacious JJ									vivacious JJ
golfer NN									golfer NN
amounts NNS VBZ									amounts NNS VBZ
beer-related JJ									beer-related JJ
Wind NNP NN									Wind NNP NN
scathing JJ									scathing JJ
inferential JJ									inferential JJ
Durakon NNP									Durakon NNP
cometary JJ									cometary JJ
happening VBG NN								happening VBG NN
phosphates NNS									phosphates NNS
rights NNS									rights NNS
socially RB									socially RB
mortgaged VBN									mortgaged VBN
Leucadia NNP									Leucadia NNP
Hyena NN									Hyena NN
hang VB JJ VBP NN								hang VB JJ VBP NN
Tora NNP									Tora NNP
equivocal JJ									equivocal JJ
anti-discriminatory JJ								anti-discriminatory JJ
carry-forwards NNS								carry-forwards NNS
bestiary NN									bestiary NN
Oyajima NNP									Oyajima NNP
Lamon NNP									Lamon NNP
bradykinin NN									bradykinin NN
acculturated VBN								acculturated VBN
override VB NN									override VB NN
tufts NNS									tufts NNS
BankAmerica NNP									BankAmerica NNP
inexpressibly RB								inexpressibly RB
Narrow-gauged JJ								Narrow-gauged JJ
Cuneo NNP									Cuneo NNP
Mapco NNP									Mapco NNP
Centralia NNP									Centralia NNP
committing VBG									committing VBG
theological JJ									theological JJ
railcar NN									railcar NN
documented VBN VBD								documented VBN VBD
sliver NN									sliver NN
Orben NNP									Orben NNP
abjection NN									abjection NN
contempt NN									contempt NN
Deminex NNP									Deminex NNP
Surrounding VBG									Surrounding VBG
zestfully RB									zestfully RB
plunderers NNS									plunderers NNS
uppon IN NN									uppon IN NN
subhumanity NN									subhumanity NN
worshipped NN									worshipped NN
Hillsdown NNP									Hillsdown NNP
assortment NN									assortment NN
machinist NN									machinist NN
drowns VBZ									drowns VBZ
a-wing NN									a-wing NN
benefits-for-all JJ								benefits-for-all JJ
blizzards NNS									blizzards NNS
Lyn NNP										Lyn NNP
Dartboard NN NNP								Dartboard NN NNP
zip NN VBP VB									zip NN VBP VB
carbide NN									carbide NN
bandstand NN									bandstand NN
inefficiencies NNS								inefficiencies NNS
Starling NNP									Starling NNP
Gesangverein NNP								Gesangverein NNP
Indo-China NNP									Indo-China NNP
bewilderingly RB								bewilderingly RB
Raine NNP									Raine NNP
Zappa NNP									Zappa NNP
pea-green JJ									pea-green JJ
indicating VBG									indicating VBG
non-recourse JJ									non-recourse JJ
saga-like JJ									saga-like JJ
EZ NNP										EZ NNP
Investigations NNS NNPS NNP							Investigations NNS NNPS NNP
Hound NNP									Hound NNP
dunes NNS									dunes NNS
whiskies NNS									whiskies NNS
GAG NNP										GAG NNP
wriggled VBD									wriggled VBD
solace NN VBP									solace NN VBP
Stricken NNP									Stricken NNP
Groves NNP									Groves NNP
Selena NNP									Selena NNP
kisses NNS VBZ									kisses NNS VBZ
Grapefruit NNP									Grapefruit NNP
Colleen NNP									Colleen NNP
emergency-room NN								emergency-room NN
Loevner NNP									Loevner NNP
electro-optics NNS								electro-optics NNS
justifying VBG									justifying VBG
exceeding VBG JJ								exceeding VBG JJ
Intangibles NNS									Intangibles NNS
recoated VBN									recoated VBN
Klawitter NNP									Klawitter NNP
nonfinancial JJ									nonfinancial JJ
Divorced NNP									Divorced NNP
roustabouts NNS									roustabouts NNS
fats NNS									fats NNS
malnutrition NN									malnutrition NN
warship NN									warship NN
mouldering VBG									mouldering VBG
Pantyhose NN									Pantyhose NN
accrues VBZ									accrues VBZ
Fingered NNP									Fingered NNP
artists NNS									artists NNS
Crosbys NNPS									Crosbys NNPS
grilled JJ VBN									grilled JJ VBN
Colorama NN									Colorama NN
festooning VBG									festooning VBG
appraise VB									appraise VB
CSV NNP										CSV NNP
clincher NN									clincher NN
admittance NN									admittance NN
Elavil NNP									Elavil NNP
Snellville NNP									Snellville NNP
Superconductors NNS								Superconductors NNS
buckled VBD VBN JJ								buckled VBD VBN JJ
Trac NNP									Trac NNP
fairways NNS									fairways NNS
low-grossing JJ									low-grossing JJ
Boulez NNP									Boulez NNP
pace-setter NN									pace-setter NN
subside VB VBP									subside VB VBP
counterbidders NNS								counterbidders NNS
Greed NN NNP									Greed NN NNP
childcare NN									childcare NN
Polyakova NNP									Polyakova NNP
justices NNS									justices NNS
cash*/NN-flow JJ								cash*/NN-flow JJ
helmeted JJ									helmeted JJ
Friend NNP NN									Friend NNP NN
Motown NNP									Motown NNP
mudguard NN									mudguard NN
undercover JJ									undercover JJ
Lightly RB									Lightly RB
pumps NNS									pumps NNS
Shioya NNP									Shioya NNP
specializing VBG								specializing VBG
thankfulness NN									thankfulness NN
bearish JJ									bearish JJ
liberal-conservative JJ								liberal-conservative JJ
groove NN									groove NN
chloride NN									chloride NN
Gates NNP									Gates NNP
trample VB									trample VB
Greco NNP									Greco NNP
leagued VBN									leagued VBN
stay-at-home JJ									stay-at-home JJ
dogma NN									dogma NN
harsh JJ									harsh JJ
Marvin NNP									Marvin NNP
canon NN									canon NN
supervisory JJ									supervisory JJ
Unitours NNPS									Unitours NNPS
Afranio NNP									Afranio NNP
incumbents NNS									incumbents NNS
Haskell NNP									Haskell NNP
Elizabethan JJ NNP								Elizabethan JJ NNP
sideways RB JJ									sideways RB JJ
payment-system NN								payment-system NN
foreshadowed VBN								foreshadowed VBN
persisted VBD VBN								persisted VBD VBN
Panamanian JJ NNP								Panamanian JJ NNP
isolate VB VBP									isolate VB VBP
traipsing VBG									traipsing VBG
frenetic JJ									frenetic JJ
coordinators NNS								coordinators NNS
stringed JJ									stringed JJ
pristine JJ									pristine JJ
Arkansas-based JJ								Arkansas-based JJ
impeached VBN									impeached VBN
Experiencing VBG								Experiencing VBG
phosphorescent JJ								phosphorescent JJ
drivers NNS									drivers NNS
pretax JJ NN									pretax JJ NN
sprouted VBD VBN								sprouted VBD VBN
blood-and-guts JJ								blood-and-guts JJ
invitees NNS									invitees NNS
Ingot NN									Ingot NN
unobtainable JJ									unobtainable JJ
Handzlik NNP									Handzlik NNP
prematurely RB									prematurely RB
boil VB NN									boil VB NN
Murmann NNP									Murmann NNP
remanding VBG									remanding VBG
Tee-wah NNP									Tee-wah NNP
fountainhead NN									fountainhead NN
Backyard NN									Backyard NN
continual JJ									continual JJ
miraculously RB									miraculously RB
Garrison NNP									Garrison NNP
puissant JJ									puissant JJ
blinding JJ VBG									blinding JJ VBG
Venneboerger NNP								Venneboerger NNP
childlike JJ									childlike JJ
Scholastic NNP									Scholastic NNP
hiding VBG NN									hiding VBG NN
hazardous JJ									hazardous JJ
businesspeople NN								businesspeople NN
cross-writing NN								cross-writing NN
Co-optation NN									Co-optation NN
footpath NN									footpath NN
demagoguery NN									demagoguery NN
home-mortgage JJ								home-mortgage JJ
brazil NN									brazil NN
hoppled VBN									hoppled VBN
Terrace NNP									Terrace NNP
Hashing NN NNP									Hashing NN NNP
informal JJ									informal JJ
subsidies NNS									subsidies NNS
GP NNP										GP NNP
'85 CD										'85 CD
single-shot JJ									single-shot JJ
hails VBZ									hails VBZ
Biotech NNP									Biotech NNP
lower-volume JJ									lower-volume JJ
re-used VBN									re-used VBN
protozoan JJ NN									protozoan JJ NN
Inc. NNP NNPS NN								Inc. NNP NNPS NN
infielders NNS									infielders NNS
dwarf NN VBP VB									dwarf NN VBP VB
Improper JJ									Improper JJ
whooping JJ VBG									whooping JJ VBG
age NN VBP									age NN VBP
Nintendos NNPS									Nintendos NNPS
bookstore NN									bookstore NN
Europeanized VBN								Europeanized VBN
Nikka NNP									Nikka NNP
NatWest NNP									NatWest NNP
migration NN									migration NN
Robec NNP									Robec NNP
Steinberg NNP									Steinberg NNP
irksome JJ									irksome JJ
Czestochwa NNP									Czestochwa NNP
Sunbury NNP									Sunbury NNP
wide-open JJ									wide-open JJ
brynge VBP									brynge VBP
chiefly RB									chiefly RB
meat-wagon NN									meat-wagon NN
Profitt NNP									Profitt NNP
corroding VBG									corroding VBG
reined VBD VBN									reined VBD VBN
five-and-a-half NN								five-and-a-half NN
radical JJ NN									radical JJ NN
Familia NNP									Familia NNP
bobby-soxer NN									bobby-soxer NN
Whitfield NNP									Whitfield NNP
individually RB									individually RB
culminate VB VBP								culminate VB VBP
canneries NNS									canneries NNS
roamed VBD									roamed VBD
look-alike JJ NN								look-alike JJ NN
blanche JJ NN									blanche JJ NN
business-interruption JJ							business-interruption JJ
lo UH										lo UH
corresponded VBD								corresponded VBD
seven-thirty RB									seven-thirty RB
half-implemented JJ								half-implemented JJ
done-and CC									done-and CC
omelets NNS									omelets NNS
eminences NNS									eminences NNS
conflicting VBG JJ								conflicting VBG JJ
presences NNS									presences NNS
conclusion NN									conclusion NN
sharpened VBN VBD								sharpened VBN VBD
stabilize VB VBP								stabilize VB VBP
blasphemers NNS									blasphemers NNS
Remove VB									Remove VB
Ranzer NNP									Ranzer NNP
metro NN									metro NN
B.B.C. NNP									B.B.C. NNP
proclaim VB VBP									proclaim VB VBP
evangelical JJ									evangelical JJ
Guidelines NNS									Guidelines NNS
imperiling VBG									imperiling VBG
entering VBG									entering VBG
theses NNS									theses NNS
HK NNP										HK NNP
preprepared VBN									preprepared VBN
fancy'shvartzer NN								fancy'shvartzer NN
Lavoro NNP NN									Lavoro NNP NN
Longevity NN									Longevity NN
uniramous JJ									uniramous JJ
Dion NNP									Dion NNP
stiffening NN JJ								stiffening NN JJ
tortoises NNS									tortoises NNS
Hap NNP										Hap NNP
Carrollton NNP									Carrollton NNP
L&N NNP										L&N NNP
Cerf NNP									Cerf NNP
Triton NNP									Triton NNP
neonatal JJ									neonatal JJ
calluses NNS									calluses NNS
moderator NN									moderator NN
Aide NNP									Aide NNP
floppy-disk NN									floppy-disk NN
dispersement NN									dispersement NN
limbic JJ									limbic JJ
golden-share NN									golden-share NN
Papua NNP									Papua NNP
Castor JJ									Castor JJ
burden NN VB VBP								burden NN VB VBP
paterollers NNS									paterollers NNS
extremely RB									extremely RB
copyright NN JJ									copyright NN JJ
denyin VBG									denyin VBG
Liverpudlians NNPS								Liverpudlians NNPS
Cuddihy NNP									Cuddihy NNP
undifferentiated JJ								undifferentiated JJ
good JJ NN RB									good JJ NN RB
interweaving VBG								interweaving VBG
Spoon NNP									Spoon NNP
Attorneys NNS NNP NNPS								Attorneys NNS NNP NNPS
Partisanship NN									Partisanship NN
Demanded VBD									Demanded VBD
restorer NN									restorer NN
Documentation NNP								Documentation NNP
tumbledown JJ									tumbledown JJ
painful JJ									painful JJ
effected VBN VBD								effected VBN VBD
Vassiliades NNP									Vassiliades NNP
Shale NNP									Shale NNP
Conchita NNP									Conchita NNP
cedar NN									cedar NN
harpy JJ									harpy JJ
decision NN									decision NN
affair NN									affair NN
clinches NNS									clinches NNS
gamesmen NNS									gamesmen NNS
Carols NNPS									Carols NNPS
Henderson NNP									Henderson NNP
levy NN VBP VB									levy NN VBP VB
Fiesta NNP									Fiesta NNP
base-price NN									base-price NN
surfaces NNS VBZ								surfaces NNS VBZ
Walesa NNP									Walesa NNP
five-party JJ									five-party JJ
Cole NNP									Cole NNP
Harnick NNP									Harnick NNP
Sevigli NNP									Sevigli NNP
accordance NN									accordance NN
Trumplane NNP									Trumplane NNP
beasts NNS									beasts NNS
Wine NNP NN									Wine NNP NN
Gianni NNP FW									Gianni NNP FW
discharging VBG									discharging VBG
vistas NNS									vistas NNS
fiber-related JJ								fiber-related JJ
Unleaded JJ									Unleaded JJ
blacked-out JJ									blacked-out JJ
end-of-model-year JJ								end-of-model-year JJ
Christos NNP									Christos NNP
Handguns NNS									Handguns NNS
snug JJ										snug JJ
IF IN										IF IN
lastest JJS									lastest JJS
screws NNS									screws NNS
mucilage NN									mucilage NN
Junction NNP									Junction NNP
cinematographer NN								cinematographer NN
welcomes VBZ									welcomes VBZ
Einar NNP									Einar NNP
sauce NN									sauce NN
Stolley NNP									Stolley NNP
inroad NN									inroad NN
Hanover-Supermarket NNP								Hanover-Supermarket NNP
stubbornly RB									stubbornly RB
crankcase NN									crankcase NN
long-chain NN									long-chain NN
Prop NN										Prop NN
patience NN									patience NN
urged VBD VBN									urged VBD VBN
Fiberall NNP									Fiberall NNP
Oceanside NNP									Oceanside NNP
residual JJ NN									residual JJ NN
string NN VB									string NN VB
typhoid NN									typhoid NN
liar NN										liar NN
heretical JJ									heretical JJ
Esquivel NNP									Esquivel NNP
Slightly RB									Slightly RB
expedient JJ NN									expedient JJ NN
Shanyun NNP									Shanyun NNP
Venn NNP									Venn NNP
nears VBZ NNS									nears VBZ NNS
pillared JJ VBN									pillared JJ VBN
Demand NN VB NNP								Demand NN VB NNP
No-Name NNP									No-Name NNP
mark NN VBP VB									mark NN VBP VB
debt-financing JJ								debt-financing JJ
gasped VBD									gasped VBD
Tilted NNP									Tilted NNP
Leichtman NNP									Leichtman NNP
Chiodo NNP									Chiodo NNP
Fuentes NNP									Fuentes NNP
Definition NN									Definition NN
flipped VBD									flipped VBD
Senators NNS NNP NNPS								Senators NNS NNP NNPS
yells VBZ									yells VBZ
conceded VBD VBN								conceded VBD VBN
belie VBP VB									belie VBP VB
shady JJ									shady JJ
cathedrals NNS									cathedrals NNS
questionably RB									questionably RB
procedure NN									procedure NN
ne FW										ne FW
Defining VBG									Defining VBG
here-for JJ									here-for JJ
Barcelona-based JJ								Barcelona-based JJ
auto-safety JJ									auto-safety JJ
Lilley NNP									Lilley NNP
sublime JJ NN									sublime JJ NN
number-crunchers NNS								number-crunchers NNS
Ritter NNP									Ritter NNP
noir FW										noir FW
aspirants NNS									aspirants NNS
uncluttered JJ									uncluttered JJ
updated VBN JJ									updated VBN JJ
pox NN										pox NN
Baileefe NNP									Baileefe NNP
Caucasian NNP									Caucasian NNP
drips VBZ									drips VBZ
JA NNP										JA NNP
audio-visual JJ NN								audio-visual JJ NN
joys NNS									joys NNS
cutter NN									cutter NN
one-step JJ									one-step JJ
lashed VBD VBN									lashed VBD VBN
stopping-point NN								stopping-point NN
more-level JJ									more-level JJ
Pp. NN NNS									Pp. NN NNS
anti-freeze JJ NN								anti-freeze JJ NN
Landry NNP									Landry NNP
Asteria NNP									Asteria NNP
Kitamura NNP									Kitamura NNP
scandalizes VBZ									scandalizes VBZ
waited VBD VBN									waited VBD VBN
Stertz NNP									Stertz NNP
imprudent JJ									imprudent JJ
re-runs NNS									re-runs NNS
Driesell NNP									Driesell NNP
Shardlow NNP									Shardlow NNP
seven-iron NN									seven-iron NN
Capt. NNP									Capt. NNP
rescued VBN VBD									rescued VBN VBD
Crimean NNP									Crimean NNP
Methodist NNP JJ								Methodist NNP JJ
'Why WRB VB									'Why WRB VB
Philosophical NNP								Philosophical NNP
anti-virus JJ									anti-virus JJ
Optimists NNS									Optimists NNS
Maryland NNP NN									Maryland NNP NN
Stettin NNP									Stettin NNP
hog NN NNS									hog NN NNS
Burghley NNP									Burghley NNP
Penny NNP NN									Penny NNP NN
eccentricities NNS								eccentricities NNS
Wall-Tex NN									Wall-Tex NN
devastation NN									devastation NN
postmarked VBN									postmarked VBN
behold VB									behold VB
Sundor NNP									Sundor NNP
Kingston NNP									Kingston NNP
aseptically RB									aseptically RB
Dong-A NNP									Dong-A NNP
maudlin JJ									maudlin JJ
boondoggler NN									boondoggler NN
happiness NN									happiness NN
Pavlovsky NNP									Pavlovsky NNP
Dineen NNP									Dineen NNP
parish NN									parish NN
tonally RB									tonally RB
whether IN CC									whether IN CC
family-entertainment JJ								family-entertainment JJ
cocotte NN									cocotte NN
metal-processing JJ								metal-processing JJ
Escobar NNP									Escobar NNP
CBS-Turner NNP									CBS-Turner NNP
mothered VBN									mothered VBN
fracas NN									fracas NN
Earlier RBR JJR RB								Earlier RBR JJR RB
complained VBD VBN								complained VBD VBN
archaism NN									archaism NN
stock-fund JJ NN								stock-fund JJ NN
city-owned JJ									city-owned JJ
Prevot NNP									Prevot NNP
suvivors NNS									suvivors NNS
squalid JJ									squalid JJ
PC9801LX5C NNP									PC9801LX5C NNP
Tony NNP									Tony NNP
Guinness NNP									Guinness NNP
coproducer NN									coproducer NN
arts NNS									arts NNS
irresponsibly RB								irresponsibly RB
OEC NNP										OEC NNP
squealed VBD VBN								squealed VBD VBN
undercapitalized JJ								undercapitalized JJ
Regis NNP									Regis NNP
bird-brain NN									bird-brain NN
bargen VBP									bargen VBP
Measures NNS									Measures NNS
dictate VB VBP									dictate VB VBP
wallop NN									wallop NN
crossed VBD VBN									crossed VBD VBN
swallows NNS VBZ								swallows NNS VBZ
acquisitions NNS								acquisitions NNS
frontage NN									frontage NN
deducting VBG									deducting VBG
Havisham NNP									Havisham NNP
confusion NN									confusion NN
wonders NNS VBZ									wonders NNS VBZ
transaction-entry NN								transaction-entry NN
Sailors NNS									Sailors NNS
surgery NN									surgery NN
Philosophies NNP								Philosophies NNP
crossover NN									crossover NN
Kreisler NNP									Kreisler NNP
pegs NNS VBZ									pegs NNS VBZ
flip JJ VB									flip JJ VB
meticulous JJ									meticulous JJ
legal-ethics NNS								legal-ethics NNS
restores VBZ									restores VBZ
delta NN JJ									delta NN JJ
author NN									author NN
free-blown JJ									free-blown JJ
Simplex JJ									Simplex JJ
Sawyer NNP									Sawyer NNP
crumpled JJ VBD VBN								crumpled JJ VBD VBN
establishment NN								establishment NN
rabbit-test JJ									rabbit-test JJ
Combatting VBG									Combatting VBG
frozen-pizza NN									frozen-pizza NN
standard JJ NN									standard JJ NN
Cougar NNP									Cougar NNP
crutch NN									crutch NN
Tales NNS NNP NNPS								Tales NNS NNP NNPS
synthesize VB									synthesize VB
keyhole NN									keyhole NN
Joey NNP NN									Joey NNP NN
l'activite FW									l'activite FW
glassware NN									glassware NN
Barfield NNP									Barfield NNP
maquiladoras NNS FW								maquiladoras NNS FW
deported VBN VBD								deported VBN VBD
slingers NNS									slingers NNS
target-hunting JJ								target-hunting JJ
aldermen NNS									aldermen NNS
molding NN VBG									molding NN VBG
sap VB NN									sap VB NN
Briscoe NNP									Briscoe NNP
Sharecropping NN								Sharecropping NN
Exclusion NN									Exclusion NN
smaller-than-expected JJ							smaller-than-expected JJ
Heimers NNP									Heimers NNP
pantry NN									pantry NN
Bargain NN									Bargain NN
Fokker NNP									Fokker NNP
blood-stained JJ								blood-stained JJ
Yvette NNP									Yvette NNP
basking VBG									basking VBG
Rey-controlled JJ								Rey-controlled JJ
CWA NNP										CWA NNP
renaturation NN									renaturation NN
intrastate JJ									intrastate JJ
satisfactorily RB								satisfactorily RB
'86 CD										'86 CD
applied VBN VBD VBD|VBN JJ							applied VBN VBD VBD|VBN JJ
halt NN JJ VB VBP								halt NN JJ VB VBP
spokesperson NN									spokesperson NN
tripod NN									tripod NN
companionway NN									companionway NN
boondoggles NNS									boondoggles NNS
manmade-fiber JJ								manmade-fiber JJ
Trainer NNP									Trainer NNP
securities-price JJ								securities-price JJ
Fitting VBG									Fitting VBG
classmates NNS									classmates NNS
steadily RB									steadily RB
bent VBD VBN JJ NN								bent VBD VBN JJ NN
Anhwei NNP									Anhwei NNP
countering VBG									countering VBG
Sandhurst NNP									Sandhurst NNP
rings NNS VBZ									rings NNS VBZ
Academicianship NN								Academicianship NN
Arch NNP VB									Arch NNP VB
banjo NN									banjo NN
Relational NNP									Relational NNP
tumor-necrosis JJ								tumor-necrosis JJ
overseers NNS									overseers NNS
Terms NNS NNP									Terms NNS NNP
Python NNP									Python NNP
approaches NNS VBZ								approaches NNS VBZ
Detroit-area JJ									Detroit-area JJ
hands-down JJ									hands-down JJ
derivatives NNS									derivatives NNS
low-concept JJ									low-concept JJ
productivity-based JJ								productivity-based JJ
Corresponding VBG								Corresponding VBG
quell VB									quell VB
roundness NN									roundness NN
burdock NN									burdock NN
College NNP NN									College NNP NN
structural JJ									structural JJ
GQ NNP										GQ NNP
Russian-dominated JJ								Russian-dominated JJ
cleanups NNS									cleanups NNS
Rinsing VBG									Rinsing VBG
M2 CD										M2 CD
pleasure-seeking NN								pleasure-seeking NN
Melies NNP									Melies NNP
Ervin NNP									Ervin NNP
Appeal NNP NN VBP								Appeal NNP NN VBP
Wedtech NNP									Wedtech NNP
Artkino NNP									Artkino NNP
nontransferable JJ								nontransferable JJ
fetching VBG JJ									fetching VBG JJ
theatregoer NN									theatregoer NN
lange FW									lange FW
Jolliffe NNP									Jolliffe NNP
lesson-learning NN								lesson-learning NN
out IN JJ NN RB RP								out IN JJ NN RB RP
admissible JJ									admissible JJ
Valmet NN									Valmet NN
raring JJ									raring JJ
pared VBN VBD									pared VBN VBD
redesigning VBG									redesigning VBG
Stadium NNP NN									Stadium NNP NN
helpful JJ									helpful JJ
under-represented JJ								under-represented JJ
Mauve-colored JJ								Mauve-colored JJ
tendered VBN JJ VBD								tendered VBN JJ VBD
covers VBZ NNS									covers VBZ NNS
creativity-oriented JJ								creativity-oriented JJ
supergiants NNS									supergiants NNS
ODI NNP										ODI NNP
glycol NN									glycol NN
Agency NNP NN									Agency NNP NN
overcoming VBG									overcoming VBG
insolence NN									insolence NN
Regret NN									Regret NN
Bolsheviks NNPS NNP NNS								Bolsheviks NNPS NNP NNS
mosque NN									mosque NN
eight-hour JJ									eight-hour JJ
Hans-Dietrich NNP								Hans-Dietrich NNP
protection NN									protection NN
right-field NN									right-field NN
waxen JJ									waxen JJ
prosecutions NNS								prosecutions NNS
Copersucar NNP									Copersucar NNP
Leumi NNP									Leumi NNP
Darryl NNP									Darryl NNP
center-right JJ									center-right JJ
Moslems NNPS NNP NNS								Moslems NNPS NNP NNS
Newspapers NNPS NNP NNS								Newspapers NNPS NNP NNS
timidly RB									timidly RB
films NNS									films NNS
Continental NNP JJ								Continental NNP JJ
Writing VBG NN NNP								Writing VBG NN NNP
Oxnard NNP									Oxnard NNP
Kill VB NNP									Kill VB NNP
opinionmakers NNS								opinionmakers NNS
inhibiting VBG JJ								inhibiting VBG JJ
padding NN VBG									padding NN VBG
mealy JJ									mealy JJ
Yesterday NN RB NNP								Yesterday NN RB NNP
impact NN VB									impact NN VB
Hartlib NNP									Hartlib NNP
plant-modernization JJ								plant-modernization JJ
revelry NN									revelry NN
defused VBN									defused VBN
computer-services NNS								computer-services NNS
pro-Iranian JJ									pro-Iranian JJ
meaningfully RB									meaningfully RB
wooden-leg NN									wooden-leg NN
ranked VBD VBN JJ								ranked VBD VBN JJ
Hopi NNP									Hopi NNP
directive NN									directive NN
write-downs NNS NN								write-downs NNS NN
supra RB									supra RB
disreputable JJ									disreputable JJ
deficiencies NNS								deficiencies NNS
transporters NNS								transporters NNS
predisposed VBN									predisposed VBN
Toot NNP UH									Toot NNP UH
Amram NNP									Amram NNP
Lotteries NNS									Lotteries NNS
management-pilot JJ NN								management-pilot JJ NN
insurer NN									insurer NN
Corby NNP									Corby NNP
looking VBG JJ NN								looking VBG JJ NN
whereon NN									whereon NN
Chai NNP									Chai NNP
Keith NNP									Keith NNP
medieval JJ NN									medieval JJ NN
Detachment NNP									Detachment NNP
disease-resistant JJ								disease-resistant JJ
colonists NNS									colonists NNS
baffled VBN JJ VBD								baffled VBN JJ VBD
Maj. NNP									Maj. NNP
Soft-spoken JJ									Soft-spoken JJ
intuitive JJ									intuitive JJ
bungled VBD VBN									bungled VBD VBN
Influenced NNP									Influenced NNP
Boslego NNP									Boslego NNP
Yujobo NNP									Yujobo NNP
Hauer NNP									Hauer NNP
scimitar-wielding JJ								scimitar-wielding JJ
Ordinarily RB									Ordinarily RB
liters NNS									liters NNS
honorarium NN									honorarium NN
Shannon NNP									Shannon NNP
Mello NNP									Mello NNP
beaches NNS									beaches NNS
acccounting NN									acccounting NN
pre-eminence NN									pre-eminence NN
Lucas NNP									Lucas NNP
Pavlovitch NNP									Pavlovitch NNP
eight-and-a-half-foot JJ							eight-and-a-half-foot JJ
blends NNS									blends NNS
Boswell NNP									Boswell NNP
springing VBG									springing VBG
Cunha NNP									Cunha NNP
hydrido NN									hydrido NN
Moulin NNP									Moulin NNP
holed VBN VBD									holed VBN VBD
pronouncements NNS								pronouncements NNS
low-altitude NN									low-altitude NN
Hans-Peter NNP									Hans-Peter NNP
Non FW										Non FW
bogy NN										bogy NN
deft JJ										deft JJ
underlines VBZ									underlines VBZ
perishables NNS									perishables NNS
then-GOP NNP									then-GOP NNP
dived VBD VBN									dived VBD VBN
dry-dock NN									dry-dock NN
foolproof JJ									foolproof JJ
IG NNP										IG NNP
unerring JJ									unerring JJ
progeny NN									progeny NN
above-market JJ									above-market JJ
Mobilization NNP								Mobilization NNP
ethnicity NN									ethnicity NN
L-5-vinyl-2-thio-oxazolidone NN							L-5-vinyl-2-thio-oxazolidone NN
tax-deferred JJ									tax-deferred JJ
blue-eyed JJ									blue-eyed JJ
civic-lunch JJ									civic-lunch JJ
foundation NN									foundation NN
A.K.C. NNP									A.K.C. NNP
hoist VB									hoist VB
moderns NNS									moderns NNS
ships NNS VBZ									ships NNS VBZ
musuem NN									musuem NN
Nameless NNP									Nameless NNP
operationally RB								operationally RB
Chevalier NNP									Chevalier NNP
tax-and-spending JJ								tax-and-spending JJ
oldsters NNS									oldsters NNS
Translocations NNS								Translocations NNS
unissued JJ									unissued JJ
Ambroise NNP									Ambroise NNP
backward RB JJ									backward RB JJ
countercharged VBD								countercharged VBD
Meltex NNP									Meltex NNP
newfangled JJ									newfangled JJ
bodegas NNS									bodegas NNS
Aguais NNP									Aguais NNP
unconventional JJ								unconventional JJ
nonbinding JJ									nonbinding JJ
pretense NN									pretense NN
stabilization NN								stabilization NN
Exch NN										Exch NN
bustin VBG									bustin VBG
Wisely RB									Wisely RB
backpacks NNS									backpacks NNS
Mikado NNP									Mikado NNP
immoral JJ									immoral JJ
consultant NN									consultant NN
AZT-treated JJ									AZT-treated JJ
decompose VB									decompose VB
charcoaled VBN									charcoaled VBN
extreme JJ NN									extreme JJ NN
Tolls NNS VBZ									Tolls NNS VBZ
week NN										week NN
Ortegas NNPS									Ortegas NNPS
allegedly RB									allegedly RB
Wetherell NNP									Wetherell NNP
Fed-bashing NN									Fed-bashing NN
spacesuits NNS									spacesuits NNS
Castro-Medellin NNP								Castro-Medellin NNP
boardrooms NNS									boardrooms NNS
Erjun NNP									Erjun NNP
Repligen NNP									Repligen NNP
industrially RB									industrially RB
macrocrystals NNS								macrocrystals NNS
proving VBG NN									proving VBG NN
creaked VBD									creaked VBD
Da NNP										Da NNP
revivified VBN									revivified VBN
chests NNS									chests NNS
Flushing NNP									Flushing NNP
Liberian JJ									Liberian JJ
representational JJ NN								representational JJ NN
St-story NN									St-story NN
Novalta NNP									Novalta NNP
rebounding VBG									rebounding VBG
medium-haul JJ									medium-haul JJ
waggling VBG									waggling VBG
observances NNS									observances NNS
Minutemen NNPS									Minutemen NNPS
filly NN									filly NN
self-aggrandizing JJ								self-aggrandizing JJ
Delaware NNP									Delaware NNP
tombs NNS									tombs NNS
attache NN									attache NN
Nunes NNP									Nunes NNP
Lezovich NNP									Lezovich NNP
Salisbury NNP									Salisbury NNP
three-fourths JJ NNS								three-fourths JJ NNS
CSX NNP										CSX NNP
rose-pink JJ									rose-pink JJ
mom-and-pop JJ									mom-and-pop JJ
agility NN									agility NN
Winking VBG									Winking VBG
Legislatures NNS								Legislatures NNS
McAllister NNP									McAllister NNP
Gulf NNP									Gulf NNP
pizazz NN									pizazz NN
romance NN									romance NN
new-styled JJ									new-styled JJ
muscle-flexing JJ								muscle-flexing JJ
Vandiver NNP									Vandiver NNP
abjectly RB									abjectly RB
assails VBZ									assails VBZ
Caravaggio. NNP									Caravaggio. NNP
push VB VBP NN									push VB VBP NN
strives VBZ									strives VBZ
Copperweld NNP NN								Copperweld NNP NN
Expenses NNS									Expenses NNS
offersey NNS									offersey NNS
arias NNS									arias NNS
Solovyov NNP									Solovyov NNP
goutte FW									goutte FW
four-letter JJ									four-letter JJ
misdirectors NNS								misdirectors NNS
DPL NNP										DPL NNP
Kadane NNP									Kadane NNP
large-ticket JJ									large-ticket JJ
resale NN									resale NN
mineralized JJ									mineralized JJ
common-stock JJ NN								common-stock JJ NN
foreign-bank JJ									foreign-bank JJ
Bosworth NNP									Bosworth NNP
blowing VBG VBG|NN NN								blowing VBG VBG|NN NN
shatter VB									shatter VB
capitalists NNS									capitalists NNS
commended VBN VBD								commended VBN VBD
Lincoln NNP VBP NN								Lincoln NNP VBP NN
dismounted VBD VBN								dismounted VBD VBN
rampart NN									rampart NN
banquets NNS									banquets NNS
Yoshiaki NNP									Yoshiaki NNP
offend VB									offend VB
Kriz NNP									Kriz NNP
unclean JJ									unclean JJ
minstrel NN									minstrel NN
Hartley NNP									Hartley NNP
donated VBN VBD									donated VBN VBD
Vyas NNP									Vyas NNP
wineries NNS									wineries NNS
Dale NNP NN									Dale NNP NN
headlinese NN									headlinese NN
toy-store NN									toy-store NN
Quitslund NNP									Quitslund NNP
beams NNS VBZ									beams NNS VBZ
radiochlorine NN								radiochlorine NN
G.D. NNP									G.D. NNP
Oklahoman NNP									Oklahoman NNP
booted VBN VBD JJ								booted VBN VBD JJ
longerterm JJ									longerterm JJ
obstructionism NN								obstructionism NN
Manon NNP									Manon NNP
Westside NNP									Westside NNP
Overvalued JJ									Overvalued JJ
Retired NNP JJ VBN								Retired NNP JJ VBN
titanate NN									titanate NN
Cruel JJ									Cruel JJ
levi-clad JJ									levi-clad JJ
poor-quality JJ									poor-quality JJ
resource-intensive JJ								resource-intensive JJ
bayleefe NN									bayleefe NN
stand-up JJ									stand-up JJ
Isabel NNP									Isabel NNP
sapped VBN VBD									sapped VBN VBD
Visually RB									Visually RB
Massicotte NNP									Massicotte NNP
Bookman NNP									Bookman NNP
gruesome JJ									gruesome JJ
thousand-person JJ								thousand-person JJ
trundle NN VBP									trundle NN VBP
harder JJR RBR JJ RB								harder JJR RBR JJ RB
Helionetics NNP									Helionetics NNP
covert JJ									covert JJ
blase JJ NN									blase JJ NN
cosmic JJ									cosmic JJ
alluding VBG									alluding VBG
Quintet NNP									Quintet NNP
Crippling JJ NNP								Crippling JJ NNP
eclectically RB									eclectically RB
Technologies NNP NNPS								Technologies NNP NNPS
dance-theatre JJ								dance-theatre JJ
near-maddened JJ								near-maddened JJ
subroutine NN									subroutine NN
knotted JJ VBD VBN								knotted JJ VBD VBN
quadripartite JJ								quadripartite JJ
Sear VB										Sear VB
Oncotech NNP									Oncotech NNP
'87 CD										'87 CD
empowering VBG									empowering VBG
exploit VB NN VBP								exploit VB NN VBP
DM10,000 CD									DM10,000 CD
Feuermann NNP									Feuermann NNP
Yea UH										Yea UH
MH-60K NN									MH-60K NN
hundreds-of-billions-of-yen JJ							hundreds-of-billions-of-yen JJ
Donors NNS									Donors NNS
overreaction NN									overreaction NN
outbreak NN									outbreak NN
USA NNP										USA NNP
insures VBZ									insures VBZ
first-phase JJ									first-phase JJ
deadened VBN									deadened VBN
naturalist NN									naturalist NN
dissipating VBG									dissipating VBG
surcharge NN									surcharge NN
anti-Christian JJ								anti-Christian JJ
federalists NNS									federalists NNS
veins NNS									veins NNS
evicting VBG									evicting VBG
Islander NNP									Islander NNP
fence-sit VB									fence-sit VB
Perched VBN									Perched VBN
Rails NNPS									Rails NNPS
Moliere NNP									Moliere NNP
accredited VBD VBN								accredited VBD VBN
nursing NN VBG									nursing NN VBG
spell VB NN VBP									spell VB NN VBP
expressiveness NN								expressiveness NN
defiling VBG									defiling VBG
Wing NNP									Wing NNP
biracial JJ									biracial JJ
left-handed JJ									left-handed JJ
nerd NN										nerd NN
adopt VB VBP									adopt VB VBP
Frampton NNP									Frampton NNP
ingrates NNS									ingrates NNS
wearily RB									wearily RB
constituent NN JJ								constituent NN JJ
flashier JJR									flashier JJR
doan VBP									doan VBP
Magoun NNP									Magoun NNP
biases NNS									biases NNS
intoxicated JJ									intoxicated JJ
oldest JJS									oldest JJS
rejection NN									rejection NN
letting VBG NN									letting VBG NN
Tyranny NNP									Tyranny NNP
Haugh NNP									Haugh NNP
genus NN									genus NN
no-more-nonsense JJ								no-more-nonsense JJ
pan-tribal JJ									pan-tribal JJ
unpremeditated JJ								unpremeditated JJ
formalized JJ VBN								formalized JJ VBN
mumbo NN									mumbo NN
Property\ JJ									Property\ JJ
autumnal JJ									autumnal JJ
Hesse-Darmstadt NNP								Hesse-Darmstadt NNP
yon RB										yon RB
Coeur NNP									Coeur NNP
Miglia NNP									Miglia NNP
growth-and-income JJ								growth-and-income JJ
Packer NNP									Packer NNP
conquering VBG									conquering VBG
Retailing NN									Retailing NN
eared JJ									eared JJ
Munster NNP									Munster NNP
repaying VBG									repaying VBG
earthquake-triggered JJ								earthquake-triggered JJ
hotly RB									hotly RB
newly-appointed JJ								newly-appointed JJ
lengthiest JJS									lengthiest JJS
Vader NNP									Vader NNP
spin VB NN									spin VB NN
homogeneously RB								homogeneously RB
M3 CD NNP NN									M3 CD NNP NN
disintegrated VBD								disintegrated VBD
Earning NN									Earning NN
Rosso NNP									Rosso NNP
bruises NNS									bruises NNS
hyper-inflation NN								hyper-inflation NN
castling VBG									castling VBG
Industrial NNP JJ								Industrial NNP JJ
pillows NNS									pillows NNS
Acting NNP NN VBG								Acting NNP NN VBG
Geller NNP									Geller NNP
ice-core NN									ice-core NN
Waslic NNP									Waslic NNP
garbage-in JJ									garbage-in JJ
Enhance NNP									Enhance NNP
french JJ NN NNS								french JJ NN NNS
CTS NNP										CTS NNP
hundred-odd JJ									hundred-odd JJ
initial'well NN									initial'well NN
rocketed VBD VBN								rocketed VBD VBN
sensors NNS									sensors NNS
raspberry JJ NN									raspberry JJ NN
immensities NNS									immensities NNS
crime-busting JJ								crime-busting JJ
Trygve NNP									Trygve NNP
whitens VBZ									whitens VBZ
bottoms NNS									bottoms NNS
Angell NNP									Angell NNP
emptiness NN									emptiness NN
rhythmical JJ									rhythmical JJ
thermometric JJ									thermometric JJ
refusing VBG NN									refusing VBG NN
regiment NN VB									regiment NN VB
quota-breakers NNS								quota-breakers NNS
world-affairs NNS								world-affairs NNS
Well-educated JJ								Well-educated JJ
freaks NNS									freaks NNS
kronor NNS FW NN								kronor NNS FW NN
cleaning NN VBG									cleaning NN VBG
Needless JJ NNP									Needless JJ NNP
Califano NNP									Califano NNP
upturn NN									upturn NN
purposeful JJ									purposeful JJ
schematic JJ									schematic JJ
Ground NNP NN									Ground NNP NN
kindest JJS									kindest JJS
pilot-seniority NN								pilot-seniority NN
soft-hearted JJ									soft-hearted JJ
Toufexis NNP									Toufexis NNP
sculptural JJ									sculptural JJ
more-than-ordinary JJ								more-than-ordinary JJ
symmetry NN									symmetry NN
Charles NNP									Charles NNP
double-coupon NN								double-coupon NN
Solemnly RB									Solemnly RB
terminal NN JJ									terminal NN JJ
testimonials NNS								testimonials NNS
HM NNP										HM NNP
Distillers NNPS NNP NNS								Distillers NNPS NNP NNS
anti-choice JJ									anti-choice JJ
mid-December NNP NN								mid-December NNP NN
conspired VBD VBN								conspired VBD VBN
deliverable JJ									deliverable JJ
chomp NN VBP									chomp NN VBP
sylvan JJ									sylvan JJ
Gimpy NNP									Gimpy NNP
couriers NNS									couriers NNS
tragi-comic JJ									tragi-comic JJ
strictest JJS									strictest JJS
actives NNS									actives NNS
terminating VBG									terminating VBG
N. NNP JJ									N. NNP JJ
idiotically RB									idiotically RB
Hemweg NNP									Hemweg NNP
provenance NN									provenance NN
Meadowland NNP									Meadowland NNP
Larimer NNP									Larimer NNP
Bello NNP									Bello NNP
Shelagh NNP									Shelagh NNP
bare-bones JJ									bare-bones JJ
hacked VBD VBN									hacked VBD VBN
ripened VBD VBN									ripened VBD VBN
Underwoods NNPS									Underwoods NNPS
Ordinary JJ NNP									Ordinary JJ NNP
escalation NN									escalation NN
encourage VB VBP								encourage VB VBP
germaneness NN									germaneness NN
allayed VBN									allayed VBN
resonance NN									resonance NN
snacked VBD									snacked VBD
hobby NN									hobby NN
fondness NN									fondness NN
checkbooks NNS									checkbooks NNS
Guardino NNP									Guardino NNP
one-sixteenth NN								one-sixteenth NN
Faulding NNP									Faulding NNP
Duclos NNP									Duclos NNP
Skelly NNP									Skelly NNP
re-enactments NNS NN								re-enactments NNS NN
Schang NNP									Schang NNP
ml NN										ml NN
Gilborn NNP									Gilborn NNP
Charleston NNP NN								Charleston NNP NN
Pritikin NNP									Pritikin NNP
luring VBG									luring VBG
illegitimate JJ									illegitimate JJ
'92 CD										'92 CD
lacks VBZ									lacks VBZ
Corp. NNP NN									Corp. NNP NN
universal JJ									universal JJ
printed VBN VBD JJ								printed VBN VBD JJ
ethically RB									ethically RB
Arau NNP									Arau NNP
cells NNS									cells NNS
Warren NNP									Warren NNP
Revisited NNP									Revisited NNP
lobbies NNS									lobbies NNS
half-conscious JJ								half-conscious JJ
troops NNS									troops NNS
hit-and-run JJ									hit-and-run JJ
North-Central JJ								North-Central JJ
Moore NNP									Moore NNP
Moss NNP									Moss NNP
eight-foot-high JJ								eight-foot-high JJ
shorting VBG NN									shorting VBG NN
Goodis NNP									Goodis NNP
tutors NNS									tutors NNS
disposals NNS									disposals NNS
Venetian NNP JJ									Venetian NNP JJ
whole-egg JJ									whole-egg JJ
punks NNS									punks NNS
sociology NN									sociology NN
wanes VBZ NNS									wanes VBZ NNS
Pork-barrel JJ									Pork-barrel JJ
Direct JJ NNP									Direct JJ NNP
rodeos NNS									rodeos NNS
c-Translated VBN NNP								c-Translated VBN NNP
Jordan NNP									Jordan NNP
Leponex NNP									Leponex NNP
rewarding JJ VBG								rewarding JJ VBG
grandmas NNS									grandmas NNS
statistic NN									statistic NN
subcompacts NNS									subcompacts NNS
Retiree NN									Retiree NN
theologians NNS									theologians NNS
Gatherer NNP									Gatherer NNP
blanketed VBD									blanketed VBD
reorganized VBN JJ VBD								reorganized VBN JJ VBD
Isodine NNP									Isodine NNP
Accord NNP									Accord NNP
endorsement NN									endorsement NN
bureaucraticized JJ								bureaucraticized JJ
Turkmenia NNP									Turkmenia NNP
watershed NN JJ									watershed NN JJ
pitons NNS									pitons NNS
Wrongs NNS									Wrongs NNS
wine-buying JJ									wine-buying JJ
Delaunay NNP									Delaunay NNP
Refiners NNS									Refiners NNS
flowed VBD VBN									flowed VBD VBN
twigged VBD									twigged VBD
Gallon-Loren NNP								Gallon-Loren NNP
DNX NNP										DNX NNP
disgusting JJ									disgusting JJ
strengthen VB VBP								strengthen VB VBP
A.-controlled JJ								A.-controlled JJ
Monty NNP									Monty NNP
Southwestern NNP JJ								Southwestern NNP JJ
Co-sponsoring NNP								Co-sponsoring NNP
less-visible JJ									less-visible JJ
boycotts NNS									boycotts NNS
rib NN										rib NN
sanctum FW									sanctum FW
essayish JJ									essayish JJ
hearest VBP									hearest VBP
anisotropy NN									anisotropy NN
Feders NNP									Feders NNP
boxcar NN									boxcar NN
bipartisanship NN								bipartisanship NN
chiefdoms NNS									chiefdoms NNS
Cluggish NNP									Cluggish NNP
succumbing VBG									succumbing VBG
antiredeposition NN								antiredeposition NN
Krzywy-Rog NNP									Krzywy-Rog NNP
Ogden NNP									Ogden NNP
Load NN										Load NN
petted VBN									petted VBN
Specialty NNP NN								Specialty NNP NN
Ligget NNP									Ligget NNP
well-polished JJ								well-polished JJ
wholeheartedly RB								wholeheartedly RB
patrolling VBG NN								patrolling VBG NN
Verbatim JJ									Verbatim JJ
expression NN									expression NN
co-host VBP VB									co-host VBP VB
stave VB									stave VB
corporate-related JJ								corporate-related JJ
produced VBN VBD								produced VBN VBD
smells VBZ NNS									smells VBZ NNS
Octobers NNPS									Octobers NNPS
Curling NNP									Curling NNP
Qatar NNP									Qatar NNP
Kassal NNP									Kassal NNP
Georgescu NNP									Georgescu NNP
Wolters-Kluwer NNP								Wolters-Kluwer NNP
mash NN VB									mash NN VB
amniotic JJ									amniotic JJ
unauthentic JJ									unauthentic JJ
steeples NNS									steeples NNS
freelancing NN									freelancing NN
megawatt NN									megawatt NN
authority NN									authority NN
automatically RB								automatically RB
snorting NN									snorting NN
Feelers NNS									Feelers NNS
discrepencies NNS								discrepencies NNS
obstructionist NN								obstructionist NN
six-year JJ									six-year JJ
mini-vans NNS									mini-vans NNS
Stoneridge NNP									Stoneridge NNP
scanning NN VBG									scanning NN VBG
Howda WRB									Howda WRB
sets NNS VBZ									sets NNS VBZ
Brill NNP									Brill NNP
aging VBG JJ NN									aging VBG JJ NN
assessment NN									assessment NN
black-balled VBN								black-balled VBN
constants NNS									constants NNS
Dorena NNP									Dorena NNP
EMA NNP										EMA NNP
emoted VBD									emoted VBD
Denko NNP									Denko NNP
Seas NNP NNPS									Seas NNP NNPS
A.I.D. NN									A.I.D. NN
once-grumpy JJ									once-grumpy JJ
executing VBG									executing VBG
unconnected JJ									unconnected JJ
market-driven JJ								market-driven JJ
Ameaux NNP									Ameaux NNP
Ulrich NNP									Ulrich NNP
finishing VBG JJ NN								finishing VBG JJ NN
ceremony NN									ceremony NN
Petfoods NNPS									Petfoods NNPS
Cairo-sponsored JJ								Cairo-sponsored JJ
Mory NNP									Mory NNP
wood-encased JJ									wood-encased JJ
Griston NNP									Griston NNP
aces NNS VBZ									aces NNS VBZ
stratagems NNS									stratagems NNS
flagged VBD									flagged VBD
hairyknuckled JJ								hairyknuckled JJ
Hasse NNP									Hasse NNP
ballerinas NNS									ballerinas NNS
Finkelsteins NNPS								Finkelsteins NNPS
On-Broadway NNP									On-Broadway NNP
Bartoli NNP									Bartoli NNP
Sperandeo NNP									Sperandeo NNP
Third-Quarter JJ NN								Third-Quarter JJ NN
Rotonda NNP									Rotonda NNP
Bradford NNP									Bradford NNP
enlisted VBD JJ VBN								enlisted VBD JJ VBN
Tanner NNP									Tanner NNP
reconfirming VBG								reconfirming VBG
Rosenau NNP									Rosenau NNP
silvas FW									silvas FW
Homestead NNP									Homestead NNP
Sahjunt NNP									Sahjunt NNP
Barr NNP NN									Barr NNP NN
Gallup NNP NN									Gallup NNP NN
tape NN VB VBP									tape NN VB VBP
plugugly JJ NN									plugugly JJ NN
coops NNS									coops NNS
Elmira NNP									Elmira NNP
drought-related JJ								drought-related JJ
undiminished JJ									undiminished JJ
ancestral JJ									ancestral JJ
Copley NNP									Copley NNP
Cyanamid NNP									Cyanamid NNP
theory-and NN									theory-and NN
Permanente NNP									Permanente NNP
Klemperer NNP									Klemperer NNP
bourgeois-bashing JJ								bourgeois-bashing JJ
Cohen NNP									Cohen NNP
hank NN										hank NN
farmers NNS									farmers NNS
Leopard NNP									Leopard NNP
encephalographic JJ								encephalographic JJ
roads NNS									roads NNS
vicelike JJ									vicelike JJ
Holstein NNP									Holstein NNP
Gelles NNP									Gelles NNP
vanished VBD VBN								vanished VBD VBN
Jansen NNP									Jansen NNP
Contracting VBG NN								Contracting VBG NN
'What WP									'What WP
socialist JJ NN									socialist JJ NN
abide VB VBP									abide VB VBP
amassing NN VBG									amassing NN VBG
Argiento NNP									Argiento NNP
consortiums NNS									consortiums NNS
encores NNS									encores NNS
Pros NNS									Pros NNS
Loper NNP									Loper NNP
shoehorned VBN									shoehorned VBN
Understandably RB								Understandably RB
Charlet NNP									Charlet NNP
Borges NNP									Borges NNP
sh-ts NN									sh-ts NN
Skinnerish JJ									Skinnerish JJ
middle-priced JJ								middle-priced JJ
plumbed VBD									plumbed VBD
refusal NN									refusal NN
rip-off NN									rip-off NN
Neurotron NNP									Neurotron NNP
hoodwinked VBN									hoodwinked VBN
falconers NNS									falconers NNS
nine-digit JJ									nine-digit JJ
perpendicular JJ								perpendicular JJ
Neece NNP									Neece NNP
cadre NN									cadre NN
detained VBN VBD								detained VBN VBD
gloss VB NN VBP									gloss VB NN VBP
Ekman NNP									Ekman NNP
Blaggs NNP									Blaggs NNP
Skipjack NNP									Skipjack NNP
Millicent NNP									Millicent NNP
reputedly RB									reputedly RB
propelled VBN VBD								propelled VBN VBD
misdemeanants NNS								misdemeanants NNS
manhunts NNS									manhunts NNS
Finder NNP									Finder NNP
camera NN									camera NN
English-Danish NNP								English-Danish NNP
more-pressing JJ								more-pressing JJ
time-&-motion JJ								time-&-motion JJ
illiquid JJ									illiquid JJ
Stoltenberg NNP									Stoltenberg NNP
employee-bonus JJ NN								employee-bonus JJ NN
studio NN									studio NN
lineup NN									lineup NN
x-ray NN									x-ray NN
Regains VBZ									Regains VBZ
shoals NNS									shoals NNS
taste NN VB VBP									taste NN VB VBP
MLX NNP										MLX NNP
Pemberton NNP									Pemberton NNP
Corporal NNP									Corporal NNP
Lambda NNP									Lambda NNP
wetly RB									wetly RB
Has VBZ NNP									Has VBZ NNP
CAE-Link NNP									CAE-Link NNP
malfunction NN									malfunction NN
metal-workers NNS								metal-workers NNS
foot-loose JJ									foot-loose JJ
junk-mail NN JJ									junk-mail NN JJ
Kimmel NNP									Kimmel NNP
Libyan JJ NN NNP								Libyan JJ NN NNP
vendor NN									vendor NN
Tassinari NNP									Tassinari NNP
DOS NNP										DOS NNP
banker-editor NN								banker-editor NN
Ayob NNP									Ayob NNP
Saylor NNP									Saylor NNP
proceed VB VBP									proceed VB VBP
boarding-home NN								boarding-home NN
Dating NNP									Dating NNP
simple-minded JJ								simple-minded JJ
appellate-court NN								appellate-court NN
debtor-nation NN								debtor-nation NN
godlike JJ									godlike JJ
facade NN									facade NN
odyssey NN									odyssey NN
inconvenient JJ									inconvenient JJ
cain MD										cain MD
Non-callable JJ									Non-callable JJ
hickory NN									hickory NN
providers NNS									providers NNS
Skills NNS									Skills NNS
nanny NN									nanny NN
whoppers NNS									whoppers NNS
interstitial JJ									interstitial JJ
amusingly RB									amusingly RB
single-day JJ									single-day JJ
Kader NNP									Kader NNP
comparable JJ									comparable JJ
Temple NNP NN									Temple NNP NN
Bonus NNP									Bonus NNP
hackles NNS									hackles NNS
Gladiator NNP									Gladiator NNP
skeletons NNS									skeletons NNS
water-purification NN								water-purification NN
Bordens NNPS									Bordens NNPS
rhyming VBG									rhyming VBG
Roxanne NNP									Roxanne NNP
Fairmont NNP									Fairmont NNP
wittiness NN									wittiness NN
cost-consciousness NN								cost-consciousness NN
Co.`` ``									Co.`` ``
analysts NNS									analysts NNS
enticed VBD									enticed VBD
GS NNP										GS NNP
UPS NNP										UPS NNP
Hanford NNP									Hanford NNP
rooftop NN									rooftop NN
Errors NNS NNP									Errors NNS NNP
Lipman NNP									Lipman NNP
Cosmopulos NNP									Cosmopulos NNP
Wogan NNP									Wogan NNP
M4 NNP										M4 NNP
Pen NNP NN									Pen NNP NN
Gerby NNP									Gerby NNP
InterMarket NNP									InterMarket NNP
Almagest NNP									Almagest NNP
chowders NNS									chowders NNS
Pall NNP NN									Pall NNP NN
Organic NNP									Organic NNP
radish NN									radish NN
warned VBD VBN									warned VBD VBN
nestled VBN VBD									nestled VBN VBD
reimbursements NNS								reimbursements NNS
topcoat NN									topcoat NN
Malabar NNP									Malabar NNP
Violeta NNP									Violeta NNP
multi-state JJ									multi-state JJ
media-buying JJ NN NNP								media-buying JJ NN NNP
Hessian JJ									Hessian JJ
hunting-gear JJ									hunting-gear JJ
Xanadu NNP									Xanadu NNP
ruined VBN JJ VBD								ruined VBN JJ VBD
ready-to-eat JJ									ready-to-eat JJ
books NNS NN|POS								books NNS NN|POS
subsidiary NN JJ								subsidiary NN JJ
debated VBN VBD									debated VBN VBD
bam UH										bam UH
Authenticated VBN								Authenticated VBN
hurley NN									hurley NN
experiment NN VBP VB								experiment NN VBP VB
Sibyls NNPS									Sibyls NNPS
abstrusenesses NNS								abstrusenesses NNS
expensive-to-produce JJ								expensive-to-produce JJ
reinvigorate VB									reinvigorate VB
abounds VBZ									abounds VBZ
underbelly NN									underbelly NN
Goldscheider NNP								Goldscheider NNP
centerstage NN									centerstage NN
Ferguson NNP									Ferguson NNP
still-uncalculated JJ								still-uncalculated JJ
juxtaposed VBN									juxtaposed VBN
Nesbitt NNP									Nesbitt NNP
reorganizations NNS								reorganizations NNS
lifted VBD VBN									lifted VBD VBN
run-up NN									run-up NN
difficulties NNS								difficulties NNS
Shvartzer NNP									Shvartzer NNP
eies NNS									eies NNS
mid-1950 CD									mid-1950 CD
tax-freedom NN									tax-freedom NN
Sudikoff NNP									Sudikoff NNP
lotter NN									lotter NN
wiser JJR RBR									wiser JJR RBR
microscopical JJ								microscopical JJ
Makinac NNP									Makinac NNP
ineffable JJ									ineffable JJ
prevail VB VBP									prevail VB VBP
Acquirer NN									Acquirer NN
vertical JJ NN									vertical JJ NN
Westin NNP									Westin NNP
Beckman NNP									Beckman NNP
Feldene NNP									Feldene NNP
premonitory JJ									premonitory JJ
Witman NNP									Witman NNP
berated VBN VBD									berated VBN VBD
Schrager NNP									Schrager NNP
blackbirds NNS									blackbirds NNS
grapple VB									grapple VB
throwing VBG NN									throwing VBG NN
Kinnevik NNP									Kinnevik NNP
HN NNP										HN NNP
guarded VBN JJ VBD								guarded VBN JJ VBD
Concord NNP									Concord NNP
ex-employer NN									ex-employer NN
clearness NN									clearness NN
Connoisseurs NNS								Connoisseurs NNS
countercharges NNS								countercharges NNS
Old NNP JJ									Old NNP JJ
Message NN NNP									Message NN NNP
Frey NNP									Frey NNP
Seife NNP									Seife NNP
phrase'coffee NN								phrase'coffee NN
Lamos NNP									Lamos NNP
Prieska NNP									Prieska NNP
Tracing VBG									Tracing VBG
unsteadiness NN									unsteadiness NN
flatteringly RB									flatteringly RB
care. NN									care. NN
Hydro NNP									Hydro NNP
Glick NNP									Glick NNP
bonnet NN									bonnet NN
timepiece NN									timepiece NN
glory NN									glory NN
capital-gains-cut JJ								capital-gains-cut JJ
Mears NNP									Mears NNP
contains VBZ									contains VBZ
product-launch NN								product-launch NN
Stetson NNP									Stetson NNP
flaming JJ VBG									flaming JJ VBG
late-in-the-day JJ								late-in-the-day JJ
arrogant JJ									arrogant JJ
elution NN									elution NN
wildlife NN									wildlife NN
coolly RB									coolly RB
well-publicized JJ								well-publicized JJ
bestseller NN									bestseller NN
Publicis NNP									Publicis NNP
Polyconomics NNP								Polyconomics NNP
Resort NNP									Resort NNP
Husker NNP									Husker NNP
torpid JJ									torpid JJ
Nachman NNP									Nachman NNP
fined VBN VBD									fined VBN VBD
charmed VBN VBD									charmed VBN VBD
Healey NNP									Healey NNP
labor-intensive JJ								labor-intensive JJ
diameter NN									diameter NN
takeing VBG									takeing VBG
cyanide NN									cyanide NN
de-emphasize VB									de-emphasize VB
telegrapher NN									telegrapher NN
Shoppsers NNS									Shoppsers NNS
electronic-information NN							electronic-information NN
Rapture NN									Rapture NN
Anti-nuclear JJ									Anti-nuclear JJ
mm NN										mm NN
Anyone NN									Anyone NN
vasorum NN									vasorum NN
lanes NNS									lanes NNS
Davison NNP									Davison NNP
Folding VBG									Folding VBG
Inhalation NNP									Inhalation NNP
insufficiently RB								insufficiently RB
Thomae NNP									Thomae NNP
seating NN VBG									seating NN VBG
disappears VBZ									disappears VBZ
disgraceful JJ									disgraceful JJ
Gazdag NNP									Gazdag NNP
impound VB									impound VB
Marvis NNP									Marvis NNP
Ch NNP										Ch NNP
different JJ									different JJ
Saratoga NNP									Saratoga NNP
estate... :									estate... :
gaping VBG JJ									gaping VBG JJ
aboriginal JJ									aboriginal JJ
weds VBZ									weds VBZ
housing-policy NN								housing-policy NN
integrated-steel NN								integrated-steel NN
Wanger NNP									Wanger NNP
beautiful JJ									beautiful JJ
Howorth NNP									Howorth NNP
&0C. NN										&0C. NN
adjournment NN									adjournment NN
sterilize VB									sterilize VB
wayward JJ									wayward JJ
Dior NNP									Dior NNP
Veronique NNP									Veronique NNP
tax-writers NNS									tax-writers NNS
--wines NN									--wines NN
Quizzical NNP									Quizzical NNP
wife-to-be NN									wife-to-be NN
ogress NN									ogress NN
Charity NN NNP									Charity NN NNP
forearm NN									forearm NN
British JJ NNP NNS NNPS								British JJ NNP NNS NNPS
MMS NNP										MMS NNP
Dickey NNP									Dickey NNP
Democrats NNPS NNP NNS VBP							Democrats NNPS NNP NNS VBP
Packet NN									Packet NN
Seat NN										Seat NN
temporary JJ									temporary JJ
Drugstore NNP NN								Drugstore NNP NN
Hindelong NNP									Hindelong NNP
Seiler NNP									Seiler NNP
plain-spoken JJ									plain-spoken JJ
Ownership NNP NN								Ownership NNP NN
tinder NN									tinder NN
three-hour-long JJ								three-hour-long JJ
Yoshihisa NNP									Yoshihisa NNP
realities NNS									realities NNS
high-stakes JJ									high-stakes JJ
stating VBG									stating VBG
Whippet NNP									Whippet NNP
drunken JJ									drunken JJ
Maurier NNP									Maurier NNP
Corestates NNP									Corestates NNP
multilayered JJ									multilayered JJ
Seeley NNP									Seeley NNP
gerbera NN									gerbera NN
Grabski NNP									Grabski NNP
Krasnoyarsk NNP									Krasnoyarsk NNP
oilman NN									oilman NN
Equifax NNP									Equifax NNP
FHA NNP										FHA NNP
grindings NNS									grindings NNS
Missile NNP									Missile NNP
admired VBD VBN JJ								admired VBD VBN JJ
adjustables NNS									adjustables NNS
indefinable JJ									indefinable JJ
twiggy-looking JJ								twiggy-looking JJ
Inorganic JJ									Inorganic JJ
retires VBZ									retires VBZ
individualism NN								individualism NN
illustrates VBZ									illustrates VBZ
Exercise NN									Exercise NN
five-pound JJ									five-pound JJ
onrushing JJ									onrushing JJ
consciousness NN								consciousness NN
broaden VB VBP									broaden VB VBP
transient JJ									transient JJ
sons NNS									sons NNS
bucked VBD VBN									bucked VBD VBN
leviathan JJ NN									leviathan JJ NN
introspective JJ								introspective JJ
Likewise RB									Likewise RB
Underground JJ									Underground JJ
Financieros NNP									Financieros NNP
novelists NNS									novelists NNS
singlehandedly RB								singlehandedly RB
Bars NNP									Bars NNP
experimentation NN								experimentation NN
rating NN VBG									rating NN VBG
KWU NNP										KWU NNP
flat-panel JJ									flat-panel JJ
intimation NN									intimation NN
exacerbating VBG								exacerbating VBG
noose NN									noose NN
available JJ									available JJ
verve NN									verve NN
hoopla NN									hoopla NN
Bank\/IMF NNP									Bank\/IMF NNP
depressingly RB									depressingly RB
racketeer NN									racketeer NN
shirk VB									shirk VB
obdurate JJ									obdurate JJ
anxiety-released NN								anxiety-released NN
regrettably RB									regrettably RB
Gesell NNP									Gesell NNP
squandered VBN VBD								squandered VBN VBD
paraphernalia NNS NN								paraphernalia NNS NN
coloratura NN									coloratura NN
fascicles NNS									fascicles NNS
ministering VBG									ministering VBG
Pisa NNP									Pisa NNP
unconscious JJ NN								unconscious JJ NN
Qualls NNP									Qualls NNP
tubers NNS									tubers NNS
Stallone NNP									Stallone NNP
closeups NNS									closeups NNS
Gavrilov NNP									Gavrilov NNP
Kandu NNP									Kandu NNP
views NNS VBZ									views NNS VBZ
Ford-Kissinger NNP								Ford-Kissinger NNP
'89 CD										'89 CD
city-states NNS									city-states NNS
Shippers NNS NNP								Shippers NNS NNP
traditionally RB								traditionally RB
wholesaler NN									wholesaler NN
Blatz NNP									Blatz NNP
Misubishi NNP									Misubishi NNP
Wickhams NNP									Wickhams NNP
revolutionists NNS								revolutionists NNS
dragger NN									dragger NN
earnings-growth NN JJ								earnings-growth NN JJ
usable JJ									usable JJ
Claudio NNP NN									Claudio NNP NN
tasteful JJ									tasteful JJ
Lazy NNP									Lazy NNP
USC NNP										USC NNP
three-to-five JJ								three-to-five JJ
Moto NNP									Moto NNP
privation NN									privation NN
headlands NNS									headlands NNS
long-format JJ									long-format JJ
fracturing VBG									fracturing VBG
interests NNS VBZ								interests NNS VBZ
Marmalstein NNP									Marmalstein NNP
Gilmartin NNP									Gilmartin NNP
stirrin VBG									stirrin VBG
wheel NN VBP									wheel NN VBP
Nummi NNP									Nummi NNP
reconfiguration NN								reconfiguration NN
debugged VBN									debugged VBN
Sighting VBG									Sighting VBG
inaccuracies NNS								inaccuracies NNS
prolong VB									prolong VB
blonde JJ NN									blonde JJ NN
puddings NNS									puddings NNS
nationwide JJ RB								nationwide JJ RB
veteran NN JJ									veteran NN JJ
anti-depressant JJ NN								anti-depressant JJ NN
undervalued VBN VBD JJ								undervalued VBN VBD JJ
Committees NNS NNP								Committees NNS NNP
livers NNS									livers NNS
Farmwife NNP									Farmwife NNP
gallows NN NNS									gallows NN NNS
Bath NNP									Bath NNP
Rushdie NNP									Rushdie NNP
bridge NN JJ VB									bridge NN JJ VB
financial JJ									financial JJ
three-sentence JJ								three-sentence JJ
right-angled JJ									right-angled JJ
Woe NN										Woe NN
toying VBG									toying VBG
Marist NNP									Marist NNP
differentiability NN								differentiability NN
Genius NN									Genius NN
charcoal NN									charcoal NN
accelerometer NN								accelerometer NN
Fichte NNP									Fichte NNP
cement-making JJ								cement-making JJ
vodka NN									vodka NN
streaked VBD VBN								streaked VBD VBN
chillingly RB									chillingly RB
recombinant JJ									recombinant JJ
systematized VBN								systematized VBN
antipathies NNS									antipathies NNS
Kind NN NNP									Kind NN NNP
rising VBG NN JJ								rising VBG NN JJ
suppressors NNS									suppressors NNS
Steppenwolf NNP									Steppenwolf NNP
knee NN										knee NN
Kolstad NNP									Kolstad NNP
ancestors NNS									ancestors NNS
subcommittees NNS								subcommittees NNS
globulin NN									globulin NN
microphones NNS									microphones NNS
three-boiler JJ									three-boiler JJ
imagines VBZ									imagines VBZ
heaving VBG									heaving VBG
physician-patient JJ								physician-patient JJ
Hat NNP										Hat NNP
toolmaker NN									toolmaker NN
punditry NN									punditry NN
Bul'ba NNP									Bul'ba NNP
forty-seven JJ CD								forty-seven JJ CD
Input NN NNP									Input NN NNP
generalized JJ VBN								generalized JJ VBN
herds NNS									herds NNS
lick VB										lick VB
tryin NN VBG									tryin NN VBG
still-ticking JJ								still-ticking JJ
three-snake JJ									three-snake JJ
DOT NNP										DOT NNP
hardcover NN									hardcover NN
Polytechnic NNP									Polytechnic NNP
one-eighth NN JJ								one-eighth NN JJ
inferred VBD VBN								inferred VBD VBN
Palm NNP NN									Palm NNP NN
factory-like JJ									factory-like JJ
proceedings NNS									proceedings NNS
Yarnell NNP									Yarnell NNP
geese NNS									geese NNS
Makoto NNP									Makoto NNP
pressure-measurement NN								pressure-measurement NN
squirmed VBD VBN								squirmed VBD VBN
paradoxically RB								paradoxically RB
strolled VBD VBN								strolled VBD VBN
Regular NNP JJ									Regular NNP JJ
Brighton NNP									Brighton NNP
flushed VBN VBD									flushed VBN VBD
solicit VB VBP									solicit VB VBP
Urielites NNPS									Urielites NNPS
citizenship NN									citizenship NN
diabolical JJ									diabolical JJ
owl NN										owl NN
twenty CD									twenty CD
nonresidential JJ								nonresidential JJ
sounder JJR									sounder JJR
repaired VBN VBD								repaired VBN VBD
Zamora NNP									Zamora NNP
template NN									template NN
canny JJ									canny JJ
favorite JJ NN									favorite JJ NN
adduce VB									adduce VB
Kassan NNP									Kassan NNP
Barriers NNS									Barriers NNS
Ukranians NNPS									Ukranians NNPS
Bataan NNP									Bataan NNP
recapitalize VB									recapitalize VB
draft NN JJ VB VBP								draft NN JJ VB VBP
cafeteria NN									cafeteria NN
exerts VBZ									exerts VBZ
sales-conscious JJ								sales-conscious JJ
horseman NN									horseman NN
planking NN									planking NN
squat JJ NN VB									squat JJ NN VB
paper-products NNS JJ								paper-products NNS JJ
scrutiny NN									scrutiny NN
Butterfinger NNP								Butterfinger NNP
James NNP									James NNP
LSO NNP										LSO NNP
missing VBG JJ NN								missing VBG JJ NN
Artesia NNP									Artesia NNP
surprise NN JJ RB VB								surprise NN JJ RB VB
jolly JJ									jolly JJ
antibiotic NN JJ								antibiotic NN JJ
emerald JJ NN									emerald JJ NN
Legg NNP									Legg NNP
acquisitive JJ									acquisitive JJ
Logan NNP									Logan NNP
K-H NNP										K-H NNP
flit VBP									flit VBP
apocalypse NN									apocalypse NN
Seven-Up NNP									Seven-Up NNP
ban NN VB VBP									ban NN VB VBP
soon RB										soon RB
Concluding VBG									Concluding VBG
persuasiveness NN								persuasiveness NN
Kisen NNP									Kisen NNP
mini-mill NN									mini-mill NN
child-oriented JJ								child-oriented JJ
good-driver JJ									good-driver JJ
As IN RB									As IN RB
delinking NN									delinking NN
ignition NN									ignition NN
Unconsciously RB								Unconsciously RB
GT NNP										GT NNP
Wamre NNP									Wamre NNP
plantation NN									plantation NN
consensus-seeker NN								consensus-seeker NN
Pro-rated JJ									Pro-rated JJ
Nary NNP									Nary NNP
Forfeiture NNP									Forfeiture NNP
Well-intentioned JJ								Well-intentioned JJ
spend VB VBP									spend VB VBP
small-lot JJ									small-lot JJ
Sections NNS									Sections NNS
Bozicevich NNP									Bozicevich NNP
gungho JJ									gungho JJ
Lukassen NNP									Lukassen NNP
light-headedness JJ								light-headedness JJ
Testaments NNP									Testaments NNP
Dickie NNP									Dickie NNP
bristling VBG JJ								bristling VBG JJ
Resolved VBN									Resolved VBN
Knowledge NN									Knowledge NN
building-society JJ								building-society JJ
amphobiles NNS									amphobiles NNS
Pysllium NN									Pysllium NN
Angrily RB									Angrily RB
Notable NNP JJ									Notable NNP JJ
Dorgan NNP									Dorgan NNP
misgauged VBN									misgauged VBN
Anti-Jones JJ									Anti-Jones JJ
Voluntary NNP JJ								Voluntary NNP JJ
corpus NN FW									corpus NN FW
reliably RB									reliably RB
Ole JJ NNP									Ole JJ NNP
rule NN VBP VB									rule NN VBP VB
crimsoning VBG									crimsoning VBG
thumb NN VB									thumb NN VB
swoon NN									swoon NN
more-volatile JJR								more-volatile JJR
red-blooded JJ									red-blooded JJ
property-price JJ								property-price JJ
chug VBP									chug VBP
paired VBN JJ VBD								paired VBN JJ VBD
Donoghue NNP NN VB								Donoghue NNP NN VB
Arrested VBN									Arrested VBN
embellish VB									embellish VB
unmarked JJ									unmarked JJ
Brace NNP NN VB									Brace NNP NN VB
Trabold NNP									Trabold NNP
Lys NNP										Lys NNP
remediation NN									remediation NN
white-spirits JJ								white-spirits JJ
dispatched VBD VBN								dispatched VBD VBN
Vantage NNP									Vantage NNP
Robby NNP									Robby NNP
State-controlled JJ								State-controlled JJ
combatted VBN									combatted VBN
Recherche NNP									Recherche NNP
doctrines NNS									doctrines NNS
splices VBZ									splices VBZ
deja FW NN RB									deja FW NN RB
Heisbourg NNP									Heisbourg NNP
Olenegorsk NNP									Olenegorsk NNP
Bears NNPS NNP NNS								Bears NNPS NNP NNS
takeover-related JJ								takeover-related JJ
sniggered VBD									sniggered VBD
Angelo NNP									Angelo NNP
var. NN										var. NN
ablaze JJ RB									ablaze JJ RB
Ruthlessness NN									Ruthlessness NN
yeast NN									yeast NN
Eta NNP										Eta NNP
OCR NNP										OCR NNP
electro-optical JJ								electro-optical JJ
longneck JJ									longneck JJ
unclear JJ									unclear JJ
DuComb NNP									DuComb NNP
upswing NN									upswing NN
tenacity NN									tenacity NN
barges NNS VBZ									barges NNS VBZ
Mounted NNP									Mounted NNP
mid-1948 JJ									mid-1948 JJ
wooden JJ									wooden JJ
Japanese-supplied JJ								Japanese-supplied JJ
Pickfair NNP									Pickfair NNP
Cadwalader NNP									Cadwalader NNP
forbad VBD									forbad VBD
heavier-than-normal JJ								heavier-than-normal JJ
string-of-pearls JJ								string-of-pearls JJ
trousers NNS									trousers NNS
Courthouse NN									Courthouse NN
fenced JJ VBN									fenced JJ VBN
incidentals NNS									incidentals NNS
cash-flush JJ									cash-flush JJ
thruways RB									thruways RB
Lutte NNP									Lutte NNP
askance RB									askance RB
ignorant JJ									ignorant JJ
hampering VBG									hampering VBG
posting VBG NN									posting VBG NN
anti-gay JJ									anti-gay JJ
Sterlings NNPS									Sterlings NNPS
oil-depletion JJ								oil-depletion JJ
Barclay NNP									Barclay NNP
Shame NNP VB									Shame NNP VB
immunized VBN									immunized VBN
bigotry NN									bigotry NN
irrigating VBG									irrigating VBG
Nagorski NNP									Nagorski NNP
Lura NNP									Lura NNP
tedious JJ									tedious JJ
N.A. NNP NN									N.A. NNP NN
Bart NNP									Bart NNP
bio-medical JJ									bio-medical JJ
so-called JJ NNP NN								so-called JJ NNP NN
fourteenth JJ									fourteenth JJ
ouster NN									ouster NN
Rocking NNP									Rocking NNP
Sun-3\ NNP									Sun-3\ NNP
offensives NNS									offensives NNS
Regulation NN NNP								Regulation NN NNP
pastries NNS									pastries NNS
Swan NNP NN									Swan NNP NN
Skilton NNP									Skilton NNP
no-walls-no-doors JJ								no-walls-no-doors JJ
generalizations NNS								generalizations NNS
Origin NN									Origin NN
tempted VBN VBD									tempted VBN VBD
surtaxes NNS									surtaxes NNS
Chairman NNP NN									Chairman NNP NN
Diametric JJ									Diametric JJ
Commerce NNP NN									Commerce NNP NN
Cygnus NNP									Cygnus NNP
liquids NNS									liquids NNS
Carisbrook NNP									Carisbrook NNP
food-canning NN									food-canning NN
Stanislas NNP									Stanislas NNP
Carletonian NNP									Carletonian NNP
forestry NN									forestry NN
meaning NN VBG									meaning NN VBG
Area NNP NN									Area NNP NN
Fredrikshall NNP								Fredrikshall NNP
apparatchiks FW									apparatchiks FW
Popkin NNP									Popkin NNP
Helena NNP									Helena NNP
bloodhounds NNS									bloodhounds NNS
instructional JJ								instructional JJ
malicious JJ									malicious JJ
Scaring VBG									Scaring VBG
Crombie NNP									Crombie NNP
EMC NNP										EMC NNP
laughs VBZ NNS									laughs VBZ NNS
Hemphill NNP									Hemphill NNP
Nastro NNP									Nastro NNP
sinners\/Who NN									sinners\/Who NN
Tewksbury NNP									Tewksbury NNP
pastry-lined JJ									pastry-lined JJ
Rudolph NNP									Rudolph NNP
staunchest JJS									staunchest JJS
ticking VBG									ticking VBG
land-idling JJ									land-idling JJ
duplicated VBN									duplicated VBN
franchisers NNS									franchisers NNS
despise VBP VB									despise VBP VB
budgeting NN VBG								budgeting NN VBG
humanists NNS									humanists NNS
Oldenburg NNP									Oldenburg NNP
white'suits NN									white'suits NN
planners NNS									planners NNS
cameos NNS									cameos NNS
Yale-New NNP									Yale-New NNP
Advertiser NNP									Advertiser NNP
Forst NNP									Forst NNP
quicksilver JJ NN								quicksilver JJ NN
non-contract JJ									non-contract JJ
Kozak NNP									Kozak NNP
Acoustic NNP									Acoustic NNP
Doris NNP NNS									Doris NNP NNS
Wholesome JJ									Wholesome JJ
sluicing VBG									sluicing VBG
Minors NNS									Minors NNS
thematic JJ									thematic JJ
sat VBD VBN									sat VBD VBN
roadhouse NN									roadhouse NN
buzzword NN									buzzword NN
faltered VBD VBN								faltered VBD VBN
Rosenblatt NNP									Rosenblatt NNP
Aussedat NNP									Aussedat NNP
Discoveries NNS									Discoveries NNS
investment-promotion NN								investment-promotion NN
Gie NNP										Gie NNP
Bonaventure NNP									Bonaventure NNP
Wholesale JJ NNP								Wholesale JJ NNP
intends VBZ									intends VBZ
arm-elevation NN								arm-elevation NN
oversimplified VBN JJ								oversimplified VBN JJ
hatched VBN VBD									hatched VBN VBD
Clairson NNP									Clairson NNP
Maecker NNP									Maecker NNP
Dodger NNP NN									Dodger NNP NN
risking VBG									risking VBG
septation NN									septation NN
Infirmary NNP									Infirmary NNP
Today NN NNP RB									Today NN NNP RB
Ind. NNP									Ind. NNP
accolades NNS									accolades NNS
groundball NN									groundball NN
policy-coordination NN								policy-coordination NN
Nast NNP									Nast NNP
Tortoriello NNP									Tortoriello NNP
Lees NNP									Lees NNP
Dancers NNP NNS									Dancers NNP NNS
Lemuel NNP									Lemuel NNP
yassuhs UH									yassuhs UH
constructs VBZ									constructs VBZ
Dummkopf NN									Dummkopf NN
Spurred VBN									Spurred VBN
Thirty-eighth NNP								Thirty-eighth NNP
Piping NN									Piping NN
market-inspired JJ								market-inspired JJ
Saucer NNP									Saucer NNP
urban-development NN								urban-development NN
aerospace NN JJ									aerospace NN JJ
inter-industry JJ								inter-industry JJ
Meyner NNP									Meyner NNP
Gospel NNP									Gospel NNP
real JJ NN RB									real JJ NN RB
glove NN									glove NN
Switchgear NNP									Switchgear NNP
Quantum NNP									Quantum NNP
Lender NNP									Lender NNP
low-fat JJ									low-fat JJ
withstood VBD VBN								withstood VBD VBN
pencil-pusher NN								pencil-pusher NN
resemblance NN									resemblance NN
calmed VBD VBN									calmed VBD VBN
dissolutions NNS								dissolutions NNS
pulleys NNS									pulleys NNS
mandating VBG									mandating VBG
serge NN									serge NN
hams NNS									hams NNS
Eubank NNP									Eubank NNP
Gelman NNP									Gelman NNP
mate NN VBP VB UH								mate NN VBP VB UH
third-rate JJ									third-rate JJ
Hatching NNP									Hatching NNP
expressionists NNS								expressionists NNS
Environment NNP NN								Environment NNP NN
Drop VB NNP VBP NN								Drop VB NNP VBP NN
well-kept JJ									well-kept JJ
wage-price JJ									wage-price JJ
withstand VB VBP								withstand VB VBP
Colavito NNP									Colavito NNP
Mencken NNP									Mencken NNP
sleepless JJ									sleepless JJ
dispute-settlement JJ NN							dispute-settlement JJ NN
exotic JJ									exotic JJ
Maltese NNP JJ									Maltese NNP JJ
Yavapai NNP									Yavapai NNP
Bfree NNP									Bfree NNP
oat-bran NN									oat-bran NN
howitzer NN									howitzer NN
countersuing VBG								countersuing VBG
shrugged VBD									shrugged VBD
Manor NNP									Manor NNP
stifling VBG JJ									stifling VBG JJ
Seeming VBG									Seeming VBG
Caulfield NNP									Caulfield NNP
sedative NN									sedative NN
Appleseed NNP									Appleseed NNP
Move VB NN NNP VBP								Move VB NN NNP VBP
rescinding VBG									rescinding VBG
good-size JJ									good-size JJ
gobbledygook NN									gobbledygook NN
travelin VBG									travelin VBG
nebula NN									nebula NN
hand-holding NN JJ								hand-holding NN JJ
exploding-wire JJ								exploding-wire JJ
unrolls VBZ									unrolls VBZ
stickler NN									stickler NN
high-gloss JJ									high-gloss JJ
Bateman NNP									Bateman NNP
Tailback NNP									Tailback NNP
Lopatnikoff NNP									Lopatnikoff NNP
critic NN									critic NN
Connecting NNP									Connecting NNP
de-Americanization NN								de-Americanization NN
ability... :									ability... :
market-sharing JJ								market-sharing JJ
piggyback NN VB									piggyback NN VB
Madre NNP									Madre NNP
beaver NN									beaver NN
corn-based JJ									corn-based JJ
smooth-speaking JJ								smooth-speaking JJ
Schwarzen FW									Schwarzen FW
stats NNS									stats NNS
dust-up NN									dust-up NN
Discontinue VB									Discontinue VB
fresher JJR									fresher JJR
part-timers NNS									part-timers NNS
Moonan NNP									Moonan NNP
shrewd JJ									shrewd JJ
Rheinstahl NNP									Rheinstahl NNP
cleanly RB									cleanly RB
wherefores NNS									wherefores NNS
airlifted VBN									airlifted VBN
Somay NNP									Somay NNP
bikers NNS									bikers NNS
cake NN										cake NN
means VBZ NNS NN								means VBZ NNS NN
individualist NN								individualist NN
analytical JJ									analytical JJ
articulate JJ VB								articulate JJ VB
tuck VBP VB									tuck VBP VB
six-day JJ									six-day JJ
sooo RB										sooo RB
Industrias NNP									Industrias NNP
shaft NN									shaft NN
firsts NNS									firsts NNS
ruckus NN									ruckus NN
super-Herculean JJ								super-Herculean JJ
inside IN JJ NN RB								inside IN JJ NN RB
ex-aides NNS									ex-aides NNS
Istituto NNP									Istituto NNP
Gaza NNP									Gaza NNP
David-Weill NNP									David-Weill NNP
saddling VBG									saddling VBG
equityholders NNS								equityholders NNS
porpoise NN									porpoise NN
fleawort NN									fleawort NN
heartbeat NN									heartbeat NN
monaural JJ									monaural JJ
die-hard JJ									die-hard JJ
festivus FW									festivus FW
Montero NNP									Montero NNP
Akerfeldt NNP									Akerfeldt NNP
Malenkov NNP									Malenkov NNP
postage-prepaid JJ								postage-prepaid JJ
incisive JJ									incisive JJ
Melodramatic JJ									Melodramatic JJ
marketin NN									marketin NN
fixing VBG NN									fixing VBG NN
pilote FW									pilote FW
imitate VB VBP									imitate VB VBP
Cedars NNPS									Cedars NNPS
file-those NN									file-those NN
indication NN									indication NN
churchmen NNS									churchmen NNS
non-intellectual JJ								non-intellectual JJ
Ciardi NNP									Ciardi NNP
tans NNS									tans NNS
francs NNS									francs NNS
air-passenger NN								air-passenger NN
varied VBN VBD JJ								varied VBN VBD JJ
nonreactors NNS									nonreactors NNS
Pollen NNP									Pollen NNP
yourselves PRP									yourselves PRP
unsavory JJ									unsavory JJ
well-armed JJ									well-armed JJ
Commercants NNP									Commercants NNP
discus NN									discus NN
dominant JJ									dominant JJ
boites NNS									boites NNS
Greek NNP JJ									Greek NNP JJ
Dali NNP									Dali NNP
Graphics NNP NNS NNPS								Graphics NNP NNS NNPS
Duy NNP										Duy NNP
glaciers NNS									glaciers NNS
Kaminsky NNP									Kaminsky NNP
shelving NN									shelving NN
overused VBN JJ									overused VBN JJ
mask NN VBP VB									mask NN VBP VB
Eurocops NNPS									Eurocops NNPS
Holynskyj NNP									Holynskyj NNP
quotas NNS									quotas NNS
MPD NNP										MPD NNP
McRae NNP									McRae NNP
Adaptec NNP									Adaptec NNP
rush-hour JJ									rush-hour JJ
non-pathogenic JJ								non-pathogenic JJ
second-place JJ									second-place JJ
postdoctoral JJ									postdoctoral JJ
Amerman NNP									Amerman NNP
Nor CC										Nor CC
frozen-food NN									frozen-food NN
Afrikaner JJ NNP								Afrikaner JJ NNP
non-vested JJ									non-vested JJ
Halda NNP									Halda NNP
Looks VBZ									Looks VBZ
Rodriquez NNP									Rodriquez NNP
Immune NNP									Immune NNP
Notitia NNS									Notitia NNS
flunked VBD VBN									flunked VBD VBN
Dental NNP									Dental NNP
Inflation NN									Inflation NN
Transcaucasian JJ								Transcaucasian JJ
untried JJ									untried JJ
ache NN VB VBP									ache NN VB VBP
Seduction NN NNP								Seduction NN NNP
misleads VBZ									misleads VBZ
infected VBN VBD JJ VBN|JJ							infected VBN VBD JJ VBN|JJ
hatbox NN									hatbox NN
bombings NNS									bombings NNS
towed VBD VBN									towed VBD VBN
At IN NNP									At IN NNP
jolting VBG									jolting VBG
two-for-one JJ									two-for-one JJ
worshiped VBN									worshiped VBN
Foxboro NNP									Foxboro NNP
Tenite NNP									Tenite NNP
Electrochemical NNP								Electrochemical NNP
vanilla NN									vanilla NN
Lisle NNP									Lisle NNP
prospects NNS									prospects NNS
regrouping NN VBG								regrouping NN VBG
bone-weary JJ									bone-weary JJ
GOOD JJ										GOOD JJ
Stretch NNP JJ									Stretch NNP JJ
walkout NN									walkout NN
Belier NNP									Belier NNP
gastro-intestinal JJ								gastro-intestinal JJ
diocese NN									diocese NN
contraceptives NNS								contraceptives NNS
viscera NNS									viscera NNS
prefuh VB									prefuh VB
Berrellez NNP									Berrellez NNP
overplayed VBD VBN								overplayed VBD VBN
super-empirical JJ								super-empirical JJ
'50s NNS CD									'50s NNS CD
drumbeating NN									drumbeating NN
clerks NNS									clerks NNS
Benda NNP									Benda NNP
centigrade JJ									centigrade JJ
AIDS-prevention JJ								AIDS-prevention JJ
Ozal NNP									Ozal NNP
worshipper NN									worshipper NN
afraid JJ									afraid JJ
negotatiators NNS								negotatiators NNS
Mutuelles NNP									Mutuelles NNP
Johanson NNP									Johanson NNP
Sonoma NNP									Sonoma NNP
take-it-or-leave JJ								take-it-or-leave JJ
reflectance NN									reflectance NN
creditworthy NN									creditworthy NN
stock-manipulation NN JJ							stock-manipulation NN JJ
Wink NNP									Wink NNP
Wesson NNP									Wesson NNP
death-benefit JJ								death-benefit JJ
harmlessly RB									harmlessly RB
Headlines NNS									Headlines NNS
playpen NN									playpen NN
Nagel NNP									Nagel NNP
most-watched JJ									most-watched JJ
helicopter NN									helicopter NN
chauffeur NN VB									chauffeur NN VB
motorcyle NN									motorcyle NN
Testifying VBG									Testifying VBG
Bells NNPS NNP NNS								Bells NNPS NNP NNS
grounded VBN VBD JJ								grounded VBN VBD JJ
seismic JJ									seismic JJ
complexity NN									complexity NN
ribbing NN									ribbing NN
enclosure NN									enclosure NN
Bo NNP										Bo NNP
unadulterated JJ								unadulterated JJ
Kemchenjunga NNP								Kemchenjunga NNP
lithium NN									lithium NN
Grattan NNP									Grattan NNP
Heublein NNP									Heublein NNP
Petrini NNP									Petrini NNP
Suisse-First NNP								Suisse-First NNP
Geographic NNP JJ								Geographic NNP JJ
HP NNP										HP NNP
Youngblood NNP									Youngblood NNP
Lieberthal NNP									Lieberthal NNP
phenolic NN JJ									phenolic NN JJ
Formica NNP									Formica NNP
Vent NN										Vent NN
Toast NNP									Toast NNP
Gitter NNP									Gitter NNP
harrowed VBN									harrowed VBN
door-fronted VBN								door-fronted VBN
Alzheimer NNP									Alzheimer NNP
irregularly RB									irregularly RB
surge NN VB									surge NN VB
Appear VBP									Appear VBP
mayoralty NN									mayoralty NN
Eckart NNP									Eckart NNP
most-indebted JJS								most-indebted JJS
coral JJ									coral JJ
Arbs NNS									Arbs NNS
Chan NNP									Chan NNP
Disk\/Trend NNP									Disk\/Trend NNP
Interference NNP								Interference NNP
focussed VBN VBD								focussed VBN VBD
buys VBZ NNS									buys VBZ NNS
Traffic NNP NN									Traffic NNP NN
business-partners NNS								business-partners NNS
sacrifices NNS VBZ								sacrifices NNS VBZ
Cotman NNP									Cotman NNP
marbleized VBN									marbleized VBN
ComFed NNP									ComFed NNP
fireproofing NN VBG								fireproofing NN VBG
Happily RB									Happily RB
Hochiminh NNP									Hochiminh NNP
refashioning VBG								refashioning VBG
Kiwanis NNP									Kiwanis NNP
Alessio NNP									Alessio NNP
bloodshed NN									bloodshed NN
consular JJ									consular JJ
debt-servicing NN								debt-servicing NN
Racine NNP									Racine NNP
vuhranduh NN									vuhranduh NN
Stockman NNP									Stockman NNP
dollies NNS									dollies NNS
Wearing VBG NNP									Wearing VBG NNP
mo NN										mo NN
backwoods-and-sand-hill JJ							backwoods-and-sand-hill JJ
Menas NNP									Menas NNP
softens VBZ									softens VBZ
Heavenly NNP JJ									Heavenly NNP JJ
Minoso NNP									Minoso NNP
defy VB VBP									defy VB VBP
Tours NNPS									Tours NNPS
harping VBG NN									harping VBG NN
stressed VBD JJ VBN								stressed VBD JJ VBN
shish NN									shish NN
historical-claims NNS								historical-claims NNS
famille FW									famille FW
perverted VBN JJ VBD								perverted VBN JJ VBD
Leet NNP									Leet NNP
foment VB									foment VB
cleanliness NN									cleanliness NN
best-gaited JJ									best-gaited JJ
Doxiadis NNP									Doxiadis NNP
WIC NNP										WIC NNP
splenetic JJ									splenetic JJ
reinstated VBD VBN								reinstated VBD VBN
Eskenazi NNP									Eskenazi NNP
bull-market NN									bull-market NN
Honored VBN									Honored VBN
Sammartini NNP									Sammartini NNP
demand-related JJ								demand-related JJ
unitholders NNS									unitholders NNS
larger-than-anticipated JJ							larger-than-anticipated JJ
pedaled VBN									pedaled VBN
libido NN									libido NN
Rauch NNP									Rauch NNP
English-Scottish-French NNP							English-Scottish-French NNP
growth... :									growth... :
Succasunna NNP									Succasunna NNP
loneliness NN									loneliness NN
ozone NN									ozone NN
hummable JJ									hummable JJ
Manos NNP									Manos NNP
Shall MD NNP									Shall MD NNP
opto-electronic JJ								opto-electronic JJ
struggling VBG JJ								struggling VBG JJ
SS-18s NNS									SS-18s NNS
paralinguistic JJ								paralinguistic JJ
death-trap NN									death-trap NN
Watanabe NNP									Watanabe NNP
benzene NN									benzene NN
salacious JJ									salacious JJ
Waldbaum NNP									Waldbaum NNP
pre-production JJ								pre-production JJ
Coincidentally RB								Coincidentally RB
bicarbonate NN									bicarbonate NN
Mobilfunk NNP									Mobilfunk NNP
Recession NN									Recession NN
Palo NNP									Palo NNP
rated VBN JJ VBD								rated VBN JJ VBD
received VBD VBN JJ								received VBD VBN JJ
night-coach JJ									night-coach JJ
Apocalyptic NNP JJ								Apocalyptic NNP JJ
six-week-long JJ								six-week-long JJ
putted VBD									putted VBD
weep VB NN									weep VB NN
Zosen NNP									Zosen NNP
bedroom NN									bedroom NN
Costner NNP									Costner NNP
Hoot NNP									Hoot NNP
mishap NN									mishap NN
Anton NNP									Anton NNP
radioed JJ VBD									radioed JJ VBD
explanatory JJ									explanatory JJ
prisons NNS									prisons NNS
JVC\/Victor NNP									JVC\/Victor NNP
incisions NNS									incisions NNS
orgasm NN									orgasm NN
arty JJ										arty JJ
Mexico NNP									Mexico NNP
Explorer NNP									Explorer NNP
meant VBD VBN									meant VBD VBN
Bradstreet NNP									Bradstreet NNP
boiler-burner NN								boiler-burner NN
Seelig NNP									Seelig NNP
Byrum NNP									Byrum NNP
Giustiniani NNP									Giustiniani NNP
De NNP FW									De NNP FW
Islandia NN									Islandia NN
Borglum NNP									Borglum NNP
correspondence NN								correspondence NN
pavilions NNS									pavilions NNS
chromium NN									chromium NN
curtseyed VBD									curtseyed VBD
neglects VBZ									neglects VBZ
counter-trade JJ								counter-trade JJ
adorn VB VBP									adorn VB VBP
Discouraged VBN									Discouraged VBN
rental JJ NN									rental JJ NN
Lindbergh NN									Lindbergh NN
filmy JJ									filmy JJ
contradicted VBD VBN								contradicted VBD VBN
bois FW										bois FW
Europe-based JJ									Europe-based JJ
creators NNS									creators NNS
astral JJ									astral JJ
Adapted VBN									Adapted VBN
Turns VBZ									Turns VBZ
transfusions NNS								transfusions NNS
serenely RB									serenely RB
John NNP NNPS									John NNP NNPS
Buried VBN									Buried VBN
Shakarchi NNP									Shakarchi NNP
Refinery NN NNP									Refinery NN NNP
mystical JJ									mystical JJ
inks NNS									inks NNS
bogies NNS									bogies NNS
ECU-denominated JJ								ECU-denominated JJ
swoop NN									swoop NN
non-Catholic NNP JJ								non-Catholic NNP JJ
Infinite JJ NN									Infinite JJ NN
washer NN									washer NN
Managers NNS NNP NNPS								Managers NNS NNP NNPS
sunshine NN									sunshine NN
Titian NNP									Titian NNP
once-strong JJ									once-strong JJ
one-way JJ									one-way JJ
glutamic JJ									glutamic JJ
anemia NN									anemia NN
twisting VBG NN									twisting VBG NN
Covitz NNP									Covitz NNP
mail-processing JJ								mail-processing JJ
wallow VB									wallow VB
playfully RB									playfully RB
Unveiling VBG									Unveiling VBG
Goyette NNP									Goyette NNP
wreathed VBN									wreathed VBN
Norge NNP									Norge NNP
Lysle NNP									Lysle NNP
Beresford NNP									Beresford NNP
retinoblastoma NN FW								retinoblastoma NN FW
yellow-dwarf JJ NN								yellow-dwarf JJ NN
Hollander NNP									Hollander NNP
D.,Texas NNS									D.,Texas NNS
Krick NNP									Krick NNP
Trinitarians NNP								Trinitarians NNP
disentangling VBG								disentangling VBG
sandalwood NN									sandalwood NN
exhibitions NNS									exhibitions NNS
cinq FW										cinq FW
progressions NNS								progressions NNS
Stern-faced JJ									Stern-faced JJ
Marlboros NNPS									Marlboros NNPS
million-ton JJ									million-ton JJ
careerism NN									careerism NN
capital-spending JJ NN								capital-spending JJ NN
Floss NNP									Floss NNP
polyurethane NN									polyurethane NN
hangman NN									hangman NN
hateful JJ									hateful JJ
tensional JJ									tensional JJ
bad-debt JJ									bad-debt JJ
guinea NN									guinea NN
Zupan NNP									Zupan NNP
own JJ VBN VBP VB								own JJ VBN VBP VB
crack NN JJ VB VBP								crack NN JJ VB VBP
grownups NNS									grownups NNS
wilted JJ VBN									wilted JJ VBN
interstellar JJ									interstellar JJ
Hungerfords NNP									Hungerfords NNP
olive-flushed JJ								olive-flushed JJ
Gioconda NNP									Gioconda NNP
beans NNS									beans NNS
Americana NNS NNP NN								Americana NNS NNP NN
LS400 NNP NN									LS400 NNP NN
Medea NNP									Medea NNP
memorandums NNS									memorandums NNS
parental-consent JJ								parental-consent JJ
whipsawed VBN									whipsawed VBN
Twentieth-Century NNP								Twentieth-Century NNP
inconsistencies NNS								inconsistencies NNS
Indian NNP JJ									Indian NNP JJ
wood-paneled JJ									wood-paneled JJ
Technological NNP								Technological NNP
Duplicate NN									Duplicate NN
boarded VBD VBN JJ								boarded VBD VBN JJ
researchable JJ									researchable JJ
culpa FW									culpa FW
mishandled VBD JJ VBN								mishandled VBD JJ VBN
Bulls NNS NNPS									Bulls NNS NNPS
eagle NN									eagle NN
manna NN									manna NN
cherish VB VBP									cherish VB VBP
wacky JJ									wacky JJ
Sakellariadises NNS								Sakellariadises NNS
professional-level JJ								professional-level JJ
Cornerback NN									Cornerback NN
Pulaski NNP									Pulaski NNP
alley NN									alley NN
overheated VBN									overheated VBN
needle NN VB									needle NN VB
showings NNS									showings NNS
Shocked VBN JJ									Shocked VBN JJ
Limerick NNP									Limerick NNP
Minuses NNS									Minuses NNS
knife-edge NN									knife-edge NN
Manny NNP NN									Manny NNP NN
Paracchini NNP									Paracchini NNP
Battle-tested JJ								Battle-tested JJ
Financing NNP VBG NN								Financing NNP VBG NN
pre-register VB									pre-register VB
Trent NNP									Trent NNP
immodest JJ									immodest JJ
Journalism NN NNP								Journalism NN NNP
all-options JJ									all-options JJ
thoughts NNS									thoughts NNS
Giovanni NNP									Giovanni NNP
anthems NNS									anthems NNS
coast-to-coast JJ								coast-to-coast JJ
Kaskaskia NNP									Kaskaskia NNP
shoe-string NN									shoe-string NN
without,`` ``									without,`` ``
innovation NN									innovation NN
Stanislav NNP									Stanislav NNP
E.M. NNP									E.M. NNP
fitness-promoting JJ								fitness-promoting JJ
limp-looking JJ									limp-looking JJ
extremists NNS									extremists NNS
combat-inflicted JJ								combat-inflicted JJ
parent-company JJ NN								parent-company JJ NN
Indosuez NNP									Indosuez NNP
intercede VB									intercede VB
sensory JJ									sensory JJ
Minoru NNP									Minoru NNP
true JJ										true JJ
sympathetic JJ									sympathetic JJ
layers NNS									layers NNS
yearningly RB									yearningly RB
apron NN									apron NN
orchestrate VB									orchestrate VB
Lately RB NNP									Lately RB NNP
thatches NNS									thatches NNS
Joyce NNP									Joyce NNP
playmates NNS									playmates NNS
mergers-and-acquisitions NNS JJ							mergers-and-acquisitions NNS JJ
kerchiefs NNS									kerchiefs NNS
jiggling VBG									jiggling VBG
rejuvenation NN									rejuvenation NN
seashores NNS									seashores NNS
snowflakes NNS									snowflakes NNS
Cheetham NNP									Cheetham NNP
Jocelyn NNP									Jocelyn NNP
surreys NNS									surreys NNS
preemptive JJ									preemptive JJ
piglet NN									piglet NN
ingenuity NN									ingenuity NN
Strangler NNP									Strangler NNP
timbers NNS									timbers NNS
Octave NNP									Octave NNP
Nostalgia NN									Nostalgia NN
eco-evangelists NNS								eco-evangelists NNS
additive NN									additive NN
Reciprocal NNP									Reciprocal NNP
half-hearted JJ									half-hearted JJ
raving VBG JJ									raving VBG JJ
Jerry NNP									Jerry NNP
Barakat NNP									Barakat NNP
uncharged JJ									uncharged JJ
richest JJS									richest JJS
penning VBG									penning VBG
Charley NNP									Charley NNP
Distributive NNP								Distributive NNP
drunker JJR									drunker JJR
reminder NN									reminder NN
momentwhen NN|WRB								momentwhen NN|WRB
reassignment NN									reassignment NN
tinkered VBN									tinkered VBN
detergent NN									detergent NN
victim NN									victim NN
caseworkers NNS									caseworkers NNS
bushwhacked VBD									bushwhacked VBD
Babylonian JJ NNP								Babylonian JJ NNP
inkblots NNS									inkblots NNS
Stock NNP NN									Stock NNP NN
heightened VBN VBD JJ								heightened VBN VBD JJ
broader JJR									broader JJR
devious JJ									devious JJ
depart VB VBP									depart VB VBP
lanced VBN									lanced VBN
Inouye NNP									Inouye NNP
Confucianism NNP								Confucianism NNP
carport NN									carport NN
fontanel NN									fontanel NN
frostbite NN									frostbite NN
Au FW NNP									Au FW NNP
Reveals VBZ									Reveals VBZ
befallen VBN									befallen VBN
three-bedroom JJ								three-bedroom JJ
evidential JJ									evidential JJ
erotica NNS									erotica NNS
grape-arbor NN									grape-arbor NN
Parenthesis NN									Parenthesis NN
reclassification NN								reclassification NN
no'junk JJ									no'junk JJ
ceded VBD VBN									ceded VBD VBN
diatoms NNS									diatoms NNS
Jarrodsville NNP								Jarrodsville NNP
balanced-budget JJ NN								balanced-budget JJ NN
accepting VBG JJ								accepting VBG JJ
flora NNS NN									flora NNS NN
Cooperman NNP									Cooperman NNP
theater-exhibition NN								theater-exhibition NN
fewest JJS									fewest JJS
Chao NNP									Chao NNP
Sen. NNP									Sen. NNP
Flory NNP									Flory NNP
pro-Western JJ NNP								pro-Western JJ NNP
man-hours NNS NN								man-hours NNS NN
molars NNS									molars NNS
more-muscular JJ								more-muscular JJ
land-disposal NN								land-disposal NN
prominent JJ									prominent JJ
currencny NN									currencny NN
Square NNP JJ NN VB								Square NNP JJ NN VB
Gear NNP NN									Gear NNP NN
penalty-lending JJ								penalty-lending JJ
Raccoon NNP									Raccoon NNP
M&Ms NNS									M&Ms NNS
noticeable JJ									noticeable JJ
incarnation NN									incarnation NN
Estonia NNP									Estonia NNP
concurring VBG									concurring VBG
Elmsford NNP									Elmsford NNP
India-Pakistan NNP								India-Pakistan NNP
Daughter NN									Daughter NN
Katonah NNP									Katonah NNP
individuate VB									individuate VB
pay-movie JJ									pay-movie JJ
well-positioned JJ								well-positioned JJ
Halas NNP									Halas NNP
squaw NN									squaw NN
Michelob NNP									Michelob NNP
eyebrows NNS									eyebrows NNS
bustle NN									bustle NN
jackdaws NNS									jackdaws NNS
vacationland NN									vacationland NN
Sokol NNP									Sokol NNP
chuck-a-luck NN									chuck-a-luck NN
non-Tories NNS									non-Tories NNS
Dilip NNP									Dilip NNP
yearbooks NNS									yearbooks NNS
Mohan NNP									Mohan NNP
durn JJ										durn JJ
examination NN									examination NN
Unificationists NNS								Unificationists NNS
revert VB VBP									revert VB VBP
infant-mortality JJ NN								infant-mortality JJ NN
split-up NN									split-up NN
Coupon NN NNP									Coupon NN NNP
brides NNS									brides NNS
feverishly RB									feverishly RB
prosperity NN									prosperity NN
blinds NNS VBZ									blinds NNS VBZ
King NNP NN									King NNP NN
Magnusson NNP									Magnusson NNP
watercolor NN									watercolor NN
termination NN									termination NN
Mid-Century NNP									Mid-Century NNP
militarism NN									militarism NN
discerns VBZ									discerns VBZ
cafes NNS									cafes NNS
Senshukai NNP									Senshukai NNP
training-wage JJ								training-wage JJ
first-half JJ NN								first-half JJ NN
fourth-hand JJ									fourth-hand JJ
glassless JJ									glassless JJ
statu FW									statu FW
Hord NNP									Hord NNP
now-legal JJ									now-legal JJ
CommerceBancorp NNP								CommerceBancorp NNP
dimly-outlined JJ								dimly-outlined JJ
Lowery NNP									Lowery NNP
Katutura NNP									Katutura NNP
Dame NNP									Dame NNP
Willis NNP									Willis NNP
Bench NNP									Bench NNP
clean JJ VBP RB VB								clean JJ VBP RB VB
Catastrophic NNP								Catastrophic NNP
snort VB NN									snort VB NN
sibilant JJ NN									sibilant JJ NN
Rostagno NNP									Rostagno NNP
callin VBG									callin VBG
G.E. NNP									G.E. NNP
Roald NNP									Roald NNP
extraterritorial JJ								extraterritorial JJ
Irish-made JJ									Irish-made JJ
mortgage-industry NN								mortgage-industry NN
Chargeurs NNP									Chargeurs NNP
stools NNS									stools NNS
corset NN									corset NN
quoting VBG									quoting VBG
unpatronizing VBG								unpatronizing VBG
WEEK NN										WEEK NN
Voegtli NNP									Voegtli NNP
cash-and-stock JJ								cash-and-stock JJ
Ishiguro NNP									Ishiguro NNP
illegal JJ									illegal JJ
underlings NNS									underlings NNS
bare-armed JJ									bare-armed JJ
miter VB									miter VB
vacuum-packed JJ								vacuum-packed JJ
antagonistic JJ									antagonistic JJ
washes NNS VBZ									washes NNS VBZ
disorder NN VB									disorder NN VB
mid-1960 CD									mid-1960 CD
juggling VBG NN									juggling VBG NN
Margulies NNP									Margulies NNP
Demographics NNS								Demographics NNS
big-fee JJ									big-fee JJ
Bessemer NNP									Bessemer NNP
Your PRP$ NNP									Your PRP$ NNP
propulsions NNS									propulsions NNS
levee NN									levee NN
immorality NN									immorality NN
cavity NN									cavity NN
chaise NN									chaise NN
stripe NN									stripe NN
instructing VBG									instructing VBG
mistletoe NN									mistletoe NN
catalog NN									catalog NN
property-management NN								property-management NN
clarify VB VBP									clarify VB VBP
Stanislaw NNP									Stanislaw NNP
radiator NN									radiator NN
Grannies NNPS									Grannies NNPS
Oakwood NNP									Oakwood NNP
breathing NN VBG								breathing NN VBG
cytokine NN|JJ									cytokine NN|JJ
helplessly RB									helplessly RB
Horsely NNP									Horsely NNP
beat-up JJ									beat-up JJ
generalship NN									generalship NN
commit VB JJ VBP								commit VB JJ VBP
fee-per-day NN									fee-per-day NN
protein-1 NN									protein-1 NN
smash NN VB VBP									smash NN VB VBP
Servive NNP									Servive NNP
vitamin-and-iron JJ								vitamin-and-iron JJ
inhibition NN									inhibition NN
Aliber NNP									Aliber NNP
Caldor NNP									Caldor NNP
Bardell NNP									Bardell NNP
Fin-syn JJ									Fin-syn JJ
stopped VBD VBN									stopped VBD VBN
ivory-inlay NN									ivory-inlay NN
V-shaped JJ									V-shaped JJ
Builder NNP NN									Builder NNP NN
cudgels NNS									cudgels NNS
cabana NN									cabana NN
plantain NN									plantain NN
disaffiliate VBP								disaffiliate VBP
luxury-suite NN									luxury-suite NN
inflations NNS									inflations NNS
three-inch-wide JJ								three-inch-wide JJ
tongue-lashing NN								tongue-lashing NN
Air-freight NN									Air-freight NN
pool-owners NNS									pool-owners NNS
tabula NN									tabula NN
unionized JJ VBD VBN								unionized JJ VBD VBN
ceding VBG									ceding VBG
Wattenberg NNP									Wattenberg NNP
myrrh NN									myrrh NN
co-sponsors NNS									co-sponsors NNS
Telepictures NNPS NNP								Telepictures NNPS NNP
Andover NNP									Andover NNP
cloak NN VBP									cloak NN VBP
Spanish-language JJ NN NNP							Spanish-language JJ NN NNP
feels VBZ NNS									feels VBZ NNS
Cadillac NNP NN									Cadillac NNP NN
infamous JJ									infamous JJ
Lupo NNP									Lupo NNP
zero CD NN VB VBP								zero CD NN VB VBP
itinerary NN									itinerary NN
solvable JJ									solvable JJ
Shores NNP									Shores NNP
Alarm NNP NN									Alarm NNP NN
floor NN									floor NN
Kisha FW									Kisha FW
winsome JJ									winsome JJ
Prof. NNP									Prof. NNP
Louis-based JJ									Louis-based JJ
Losses NNS NNP									Losses NNS NNP
wrecking VBG									wrecking VBG
Belgrade NNP									Belgrade NNP
Wildbad NNP									Wildbad NNP
Pachelbel NNP									Pachelbel NNP
partnership NN									partnership NN
Boeings NNPS									Boeings NNPS
exacerbation NN									exacerbation NN
Haw UH										Haw UH
Dire JJ										Dire JJ
Tiao NNP									Tiao NNP
HIV-infected JJ VBN								HIV-infected JJ VBN
gun-carrying JJ									gun-carrying JJ
intellectual-literary JJ							intellectual-literary JJ
patent-sharing JJ								patent-sharing JJ
keel NN VB									keel NN VB
compacts NNS									compacts NNS
DOW NNP										DOW NNP
Neo-Classicists NNPS								Neo-Classicists NNPS
boilerplate NN									boilerplate NN
trillion-plus NN								trillion-plus NN
Jachmann NNP									Jachmann NNP
pectoralis NN									pectoralis NN
blazed VBD									blazed VBD
pre-try VB									pre-try VB
Logging NN									Logging NN
computer-store NN								computer-store NN
buzzer NN									buzzer NN
disease-fighting JJ								disease-fighting JJ
Arco NNP									Arco NNP
eighty-nine NN									eighty-nine NN
Cooling NN NNP									Cooling NN NNP
loadin VBG									loadin VBG
continued VBD JJ VBN								continued VBD JJ VBN
tree-farming JJ									tree-farming JJ
sincerest JJS									sincerest JJS
lubricants NNS									lubricants NNS
fission NN									fission NN
McMillen NNP									McMillen NNP
day-care NN JJ									day-care NN JJ
antiquarians NNS								antiquarians NNS
scrubbers NNS									scrubbers NNS
babbino FW									babbino FW
ex-officers NNS									ex-officers NNS
transistors NNS									transistors NNS
slow-moving JJ									slow-moving JJ
Durgin NNP									Durgin NNP
membership NN									membership NN
signal-processing JJ NN								signal-processing JJ NN
IBM-oriented JJ									IBM-oriented JJ
baroque JJ NN									baroque JJ NN
misread VBD									misread VBD
Detailed VBN									Detailed VBN
employ VB NN VBP								employ VB NN VBP
backroom NN									backroom NN
out-of-repair NN								out-of-repair NN
employment NN									employment NN
excised VBD VBN									excised VBD VBN
dammed-up VBN									dammed-up VBN
overhearing VBG									overhearing VBG
Holocaust NNP NN								Holocaust NNP NN
Wiesel NNP									Wiesel NNP
Postwar RB									Postwar RB
price-moving JJ									price-moving JJ
Sandusky NNP									Sandusky NNP
debt-reduction NN JJ								debt-reduction NN JJ
untimely JJ									untimely JJ
Per IN										Per IN
Tamar NNP									Tamar NNP
adapter NN									adapter NN
Ackroyd NNP									Ackroyd NNP
repetition NN									repetition NN
r.p.m. NN									r.p.m. NN
indigation NN									indigation NN
ostrich JJ NN									ostrich JJ NN
of IN RB RP NNP									of IN RB RP NNP
Haste NN									Haste NN
damage NN VBP VB								damage NN VBP VB
glared VBD									glared VBD
serenaded VBN VBD								serenaded VBN VBD
violets NNS									violets NNS
outscoring VBG									outscoring VBG
Ransomes NNP									Ransomes NNP
Garth NNP									Garth NNP
Boersen-Zeitung NNP								Boersen-Zeitung NNP
tubs NNS									tubs NNS
Klinger NNP									Klinger NNP
resentment NN									resentment NN
emigre NN									emigre NN
crimp VB NN									crimp VB NN
market-watchers NNS								market-watchers NNS
Supposing VBG									Supposing VBG
speculations NNS								speculations NNS
smelly JJ									smelly JJ
Racing NNP VBG									Racing NNP VBG
gorup NN									gorup NN
mid-air NN									mid-air NN
broods NNS									broods NNS
Kassar NNP									Kassar NNP
Michelangelos NNPS								Michelangelos NNPS
ruffians NNS									ruffians NNS
impute VBP									impute VBP
KB NNP										KB NNP
Schwarzer NNP									Schwarzer NNP
helsq'iyokom FW									helsq'iyokom FW
rural JJ									rural JJ
formal JJ									formal JJ
specter NN									specter NN
Lothario NN									Lothario NN
transfering VBG									transfering VBG
levelled VBN									levelled VBN
reorganizes VBZ									reorganizes VBZ
Improve VB									Improve VB
fennel NN									fennel NN
mutated VBN									mutated VBN
protector NN									protector NN
Formally RB									Formally RB
attendants NNS									attendants NNS
Not RB NNP DT									Not RB NNP DT
Dilantin NNP									Dilantin NNP
Contraction NN									Contraction NN
Craft NN NNP									Craft NN NNP
Ditto NN									Ditto NN
parade NN VBP									parade NN VBP
punky JJ									punky JJ
out-migration NN								out-migration NN
'Happy NNP									'Happy NNP
bereavement NN									bereavement NN
Freddie NNP									Freddie NNP
social-class JJ									social-class JJ
Zemlinsky NNP									Zemlinsky NNP
McCall NNP									McCall NNP
sanhedrin NN									sanhedrin NN
telegraphic JJ									telegraphic JJ
Rewards NNS									Rewards NNS
Marketplace NNP									Marketplace NNP
front-loaded JJ									front-loaded JJ
puckish JJ									puckish JJ
panicky JJ									panicky JJ
Godfather NNP									Godfather NNP
inconclusively RB								inconclusively RB
synagogues NNS									synagogues NNS
mars VBZ									mars VBZ
four-crate JJ									four-crate JJ
Bunch NN									Bunch NN
individuality NN								individuality NN
tolerating VBG JJ								tolerating VBG JJ
icing NN									icing NN
noli NNS									noli NNS
increment NN									increment NN
pa NN										pa NN
spit VB NN VBD									spit VB NN VBD
Susumu NNP									Susumu NNP
censor VBP VB									censor VBP VB
Vevay NNP									Vevay NNP
Growing VBG									Growing VBG
takeover-stock JJ NN								takeover-stock JJ NN
semi-city JJ									semi-city JJ
gets VBZ									gets VBZ
deduction NN									deduction NN
contract-steering JJ								contract-steering JJ
lustrous JJ									lustrous JJ
Leninism-Marxism NNP								Leninism-Marxism NNP
Bleak NNP									Bleak NNP
timeless JJ									timeless JJ
Pedro NNP									Pedro NNP
UTA NNP										UTA NNP
F\ NN										F\ NN
shocker NN									shocker NN
fourth-flight JJ								fourth-flight JJ
fragmentations NNS								fragmentations NNS
raptor NN									raptor NN
shines VBZ									shines VBZ
rate-IRA NN									rate-IRA NN
chatte FW									chatte FW
freeze-out JJ NN								freeze-out JJ NN
investment-tax JJ								investment-tax JJ
analog NN JJ									analog NN JJ
dairyland NN									dairyland NN
GAO NNP										GAO NNP
Nonconformist NNP								Nonconformist NNP
eye-strain NN									eye-strain NN
qualitative JJ									qualitative JJ
gelding NN									gelding NN
idolized JJ									idolized JJ
forage NN JJ									forage NN JJ
Alasdair NNP									Alasdair NNP
express VB VBP JJ NN								express VB VBP JJ NN
Crandall NNP									Crandall NNP
GNP-based JJ									GNP-based JJ
Nostalgic JJ									Nostalgic JJ
Secretary-designate NNP								Secretary-designate NNP
Defenders NNS									Defenders NNS
Freshmen NNS									Freshmen NNS
Cranes NNPS NNS									Cranes NNPS NNS
Donizetti NNP									Donizetti NNP
hon NN										hon NN
Bring VB									Bring VB
composition NN									composition NN
Goodfellow NNP									Goodfellow NNP
mortgages NNS VBZ								mortgages NNS VBZ
pre-conscious JJ								pre-conscious JJ
Repeated VBN JJ									Repeated VBN JJ
onlooker NN									onlooker NN
diversion NN									diversion NN
certin NN									certin NN
loud JJ RB									loud JJ RB
ammonia NN									ammonia NN
juror NN									juror NN
Sponsors NNS									Sponsors NNS
Gentleman NN NNP								Gentleman NN NNP
Socialization NN								Socialization NN
rig NN VBP VB									rig NN VBP VB
Nomenklatura NN									Nomenklatura NN
Metter NNP									Metter NNP
measurably RB									measurably RB
wayward-looking JJ								wayward-looking JJ
discourteous JJ									discourteous JJ
Sculley NNP									Sculley NNP
Kahn NNP									Kahn NNP
Potemkin NNP									Potemkin NNP
sprang VBD									sprang VBD
plug NN VBP VB									plug NN VBP VB
Criticism NN NNP								Criticism NN NNP
Nostradamus NNP									Nostradamus NNP
Angels NNPS NNP NNS								Angels NNPS NNP NNS
minber NN									minber NN
Geren NNP									Geren NNP
fact-finder NN									fact-finder NN
Chronicle NNP									Chronicle NNP
Gennaro NNP									Gennaro NNP
socially-oriented JJ								socially-oriented JJ
anemic JJ									anemic JJ
long-delayed JJ									long-delayed JJ
Isselbacher NNP									Isselbacher NNP
Ladehoff NNP									Ladehoff NNP
I.A.P/NNP.A. NN									I.A.P/NNP.A. NN
fastball NN									fastball NN
clients NNS									clients NNS
oracle NN									oracle NN
Tarzan NNP									Tarzan NNP
mites NNS									mites NNS
elementary JJ									elementary JJ
repurchased VBN VBD								repurchased VBN VBD
Karlis NNP									Karlis NNP
arbitrators NNS									arbitrators NNS
appropriated VBN VBD								appropriated VBN VBD
Av NNP										Av NNP
enormity NN									enormity NN
Donnelley NNP									Donnelley NNP
carbon-impregnated JJ								carbon-impregnated JJ
buckboard NN									buckboard NN
case... :									case... :
Shaw-Crier NNP									Shaw-Crier NNP
deforestation NN								deforestation NN
WGP NNP										WGP NNP
Carters NNPS									Carters NNPS
math NN										math NN
lowprofile JJ									lowprofile JJ
groceries NNS									groceries NNS
Privileged NNP JJ								Privileged NNP JJ
Projecting VBG									Projecting VBG
Simmons NNP NNS									Simmons NNP NNS
breakdowns NNS									breakdowns NNS
painteresque JJ									painteresque JJ
Analysis NNP NN									Analysis NNP NN
flamboyant JJ									flamboyant JJ
psi NNS										psi NNS
toiling VBG NN									toiling VBG NN
sharpener NN									sharpener NN
Koshland NNP									Koshland NNP
fuels NNS VBZ									fuels NNS VBZ
devotions NNS									devotions NNS
circuitry NN									circuitry NN
reappraisals NNS								reappraisals NNS
unnecessary JJ									unnecessary JJ
centrex NN									centrex NN
gourmets NNS									gourmets NNS
headstones NNS									headstones NNS
Emmy NN NNP									Emmy NN NNP
Checks NNS									Checks NNS
sub-underwriting VBG								sub-underwriting VBG
hosts NNS VBZ									hosts NNS VBZ
non-EC JJ									non-EC JJ
quake-inflicted JJ								quake-inflicted JJ
quilted JJ									quilted JJ
Sellers NNP NNS									Sellers NNP NNS
bold JJ										bold JJ
Farms NNP NNPS									Farms NNP NNPS
obsoleting VBG									obsoleting VBG
unflagging JJ									unflagging JJ
originators NNS									originators NNS
Green NNP JJ NN									Green NNP JJ NN
Bantus NNPS									Bantus NNPS
dry-gulchin NN									dry-gulchin NN
necessitated VBN VBD								necessitated VBN VBD
canned-foods NNS JJ								canned-foods NNS JJ
personage NN									personage NN
crude-oil NN JJ									crude-oil NN JJ
warlords NNS									warlords NNS
primacy NN									primacy NN
muskets NNS									muskets NNS
Moral NNP JJ									Moral NNP JJ
Jerome NNP									Jerome NNP
pollinate VB VBP								pollinate VB VBP
Sung NNP									Sung NNP
workhorse NN									workhorse NN
Haiti NNP									Haiti NNP
monetary-stroke-military JJ							monetary-stroke-military JJ
DRG NNP										DRG NNP
Af. NNP NN									Af. NNP NN
motioned VBD									motioned VBD
potatoes NNS									potatoes NNS
forestall VB									forestall VB
entrapment NN									entrapment NN
engine-assembly NN								engine-assembly NN
Tomoshige NNP									Tomoshige NNP
terror-filled JJ								terror-filled JJ
rat-holes NNS									rat-holes NNS
averred VBD									averred VBD
saw VBD NN									saw VBD NN
racehorse NN									racehorse NN
Hunsucker NNP									Hunsucker NNP
stop-work JJ									stop-work JJ
TVS NNP										TVS NNP
Helene NNP									Helene NNP
drags VBZ									drags VBZ
Creston NNP									Creston NNP
a\/k\/a NN									a\/k\/a NN
usurping VBG									usurping VBG
twin-rotor JJ									twin-rotor JJ
obliteration NN									obliteration NN
rough-sanded JJ									rough-sanded JJ
multistate NN									multistate NN
events NNS									events NNS
churchgoing JJ NN								churchgoing JJ NN
Wain NNP									Wain NNP
biter NN									biter NN
ex-wife NN									ex-wife NN
setting VBG NN									setting VBG NN
Woong NNP									Woong NNP
Vasilievitch NNP								Vasilievitch NNP
lied VBD									lied VBD
poses VBZ									poses VBZ
propositions NNS								propositions NNS
chromium-substituted JJ								chromium-substituted JJ
Villalobos NNP									Villalobos NNP
casualty-loss JJ								casualty-loss JJ
Conlin NNP									Conlin NNP
Amounts NNS									Amounts NNS
Tose NNP									Tose NNP
buzzes NNS VBZ									buzzes NNS VBZ
demonstrable JJ									demonstrable JJ
reprehensible JJ								reprehensible JJ
USG NNP										USG NNP
manifold NN JJ									manifold NN JJ
ruthless JJ									ruthless JJ
leftists NNS									leftists NNS
biplanes NNS									biplanes NNS
ecologically RB									ecologically RB
uncorked VBD VBN								uncorked VBD VBN
Southerner NNP JJ NN								Southerner NNP JJ NN
wrists NNS									wrists NNS
peasanthood NN									peasanthood NN
Rhenish JJ									Rhenish JJ
escutcheon NN									escutcheon NN
freshborn NN									freshborn NN
blueberries NNS									blueberries NNS
d'art FW									d'art FW
henpecked JJ									henpecked JJ
highbrows NNS									highbrows NNS
lurked VBD									lurked VBD
compounded VBN JJ VBD								compounded VBN JJ VBD
sacker NN									sacker NN
import-incentive JJ								import-incentive JJ
coincide VB VBP									coincide VB VBP
Computerworld NNP								Computerworld NNP
publicized VBN JJ								publicized VBN JJ
Charlie NNP									Charlie NNP
Trempler NNP									Trempler NNP
Buckingham NNP									Buckingham NNP
bank-embezzlement JJ								bank-embezzlement JJ
Cartoonist NN									Cartoonist NN
despoiling VBG									despoiling VBG
Railcar NNP									Railcar NNP
head-hunting NN									head-hunting NN
Kirsch NNP									Kirsch NNP
Forum NNP									Forum NNP
Al-Seyassah NNP									Al-Seyassah NNP
savages NNS									savages NNS
Hidden VBN JJ									Hidden VBN JJ
Borak NNP									Borak NNP
Operating NN NNP VBG								Operating NN NNP VBG
Javert NNP									Javert NNP
cinematic JJ									cinematic JJ
assist VB NN VBP								assist VB NN VBP
Tymnet NNP									Tymnet NNP
Nicandra NNP									Nicandra NNP
enroll VB VBP									enroll VB VBP
Raimu NNP									Raimu NNP
mid-1958 NN									mid-1958 NN
Vermont-based JJ								Vermont-based JJ
Soconoco NNP									Soconoco NNP
Creditbank NNP									Creditbank NNP
Carbide NNP NN									Carbide NNP NN
finalizing VBG									finalizing VBG
Flotilla NNP									Flotilla NNP
promotions NNS									promotions NNS
masquerading VBG								masquerading VBG
anti-acne NN									anti-acne NN
fugitives NNS									fugitives NNS
Tillery NNP									Tillery NNP
O. NNP										O. NNP
Kuala NNP									Kuala NNP
infallible JJ NN								infallible JJ NN
dishonor NN VB									dishonor NN VB
Diego-area JJ									Diego-area JJ
pre-existing JJ									pre-existing JJ
perversions NNS									perversions NNS
sea NN VB VBP									sea NN VB VBP
drummers NNS									drummers NNS
steel-casting JJ								steel-casting JJ
pneumocystis NN									pneumocystis NN
interpenetrate VBP								interpenetrate VBP
C.C.B. NNP									C.C.B. NNP
Bronston NNP									Bronston NNP
stickman NN									stickman NN
contact-lens NN									contact-lens NN
barkeep NN									barkeep NN
anise NN									anise NN
persuade VB VBP									persuade VB VBP
temperamental JJ								temperamental JJ
pro FW IN JJ NN									pro FW IN JJ NN
anti-tax JJ									anti-tax JJ
Logsdon NNP									Logsdon NNP
Amityville NNP									Amityville NNP
Kheel NNP									Kheel NNP
They PRP NNP									They PRP NNP
Wallace NNP									Wallace NNP
Sojuzpushnina NNP								Sojuzpushnina NNP
Avowed JJ									Avowed JJ
re-acquire VB									re-acquire VB
Dienbienphu NNP									Dienbienphu NNP
material-formal JJ								material-formal JJ
Proust NNP									Proust NNP
biches NNS									biches NNS
Artists NNPS NNP NNS								Artists NNPS NNP NNS
Lure VBP									Lure VBP
triple-A JJ NNP NN								triple-A JJ NNP NN
October-March NNP								October-March NNP
speeches NNS									speeches NNS
Ignorance NN									Ignorance NN
one-color JJ									one-color JJ
Respiratory NNP JJ								Respiratory NNP JJ
cyclical JJ									cyclical JJ
charter-boat NN									charter-boat NN
Winn NNP									Winn NNP
month NN									month NN
Dana NNP									Dana NNP
oblige VB NN									oblige VB NN
stock-ownership JJ								stock-ownership JJ
frills NNS									frills NNS
shingles NNS									shingles NNS
no-bunkum JJ									no-bunkum JJ
JH NNP										JH NNP
Socialist-led JJ								Socialist-led JJ
crabs NNS									crabs NNS
each DT										each DT
Economique NNP									Economique NNP
Bleaching VBG									Bleaching VBG
rent-subsidy JJ									rent-subsidy JJ
Britches NNS									Britches NNS
hand-covered JJ									hand-covered JJ
Revolutionibus FW								Revolutionibus FW
NKF NNP										NKF NNP
marshalling NN									marshalling NN
bar NN VB VBP									bar NN VB VBP
Call-In NN									Call-In NN
under-achievement NN								under-achievement NN
journeying VBG									journeying VBG
privy JJ NN									privy JJ NN
Iard NNP									Iard NNP
Chevrolet-Pontiac-GM NNP							Chevrolet-Pontiac-GM NNP
CVN NNP										CVN NNP
gloomy JJ									gloomy JJ
administrator-general NN							administrator-general NN
Murrow NNP									Murrow NNP
Tennyson NNP									Tennyson NNP
mart NNP NN									mart NNP NN
disk-drive NN JJ								disk-drive NN JJ
nightmares NNS									nightmares NNS
mechanization NN								mechanization NN
clotheshorse NN									clotheshorse NN
responsiblilty NN								responsiblilty NN
governmental JJ									governmental JJ
light-activated JJ								light-activated JJ
pollings NNS									pollings NNS
interrogate VB									interrogate VB
naivete NN									naivete NN
experimentalism NN								experimentalism NN
Wanna VB NNP VBP								Wanna VB NNP VBP
basic-cable JJ									basic-cable JJ
Exploracion NNP									Exploracion NNP
glutamate NN									glutamate NN
Mott NNP									Mott NNP
advantages NNS									advantages NNS
Drivers NNS									Drivers NNS
Barkin NNP									Barkin NNP
claws NNS									claws NNS
implying VBG									implying VBG
Groff NNP									Groff NNP
sanitize VBP									sanitize VBP
Scrooge-like JJ									Scrooge-like JJ
Appropriately RB								Appropriately RB
vehement JJ									vehement JJ
computers NNS									computers NNS
DePugh NNP									DePugh NNP
collateralized JJ VBN								collateralized JJ VBN
Radnor NNP									Radnor NNP
Infiniti NNP									Infiniti NNP
overregulation NN								overregulation NN
floodlight NN									floodlight NN
diagnose VB VBP									diagnose VB VBP
mourns VBZ									mourns VBZ
Ab63711-r CD									Ab63711-r CD
quarters NNS									quarters NNS
Jotaro NNP									Jotaro NNP
KC NNP										KC NNP
VOA NNP										VOA NNP
Raleigh NNP									Raleigh NNP
duplicable JJ									duplicable JJ
Dhuu NNP									Dhuu NNP
electroshock NN									electroshock NN
Kurile NNP									Kurile NNP
faintest JJS									faintest JJS
remarrying NN									remarrying NN
Mesnil NNP									Mesnil NNP
structured VBN JJ VBD								structured VBN JJ VBD
Bearishness NN									Bearishness NN
supply-demand JJ NN								supply-demand JJ NN
male-headed JJ									male-headed JJ
mewed VBD									mewed VBD
rumblings NNS									rumblings NNS
Paquin NNP									Paquin NNP
imitation-caning JJ								imitation-caning JJ
Naderite NNP|JJ									Naderite NNP|JJ
Hadson NNP									Hadson NNP
otter NN									otter NN
Dohnanyi NNP									Dohnanyi NNP
tempers NNS									tempers NNS
telepathic JJ									telepathic JJ
Paris-based JJ									Paris-based JJ
GAP NNP										GAP NNP
Terra NNP									Terra NNP
grade-school JJ									grade-school JJ
reap VB VBP									reap VB VBP
A-12 NNP									A-12 NNP
saint NN									saint NN
centric JJ									centric JJ
Heymann NNP									Heymann NNP
Chiefly RB									Chiefly RB
mooncursers NNS									mooncursers NNS
protrude VB									protrude VB
hassles NNS									hassles NNS
spurning VBG									spurning VBG
Marquis NNP									Marquis NNP
mellowed VBN									mellowed VBN
Radical NNP									Radical NNP
stock-holding JJ								stock-holding JJ
blocking VBG JJ NN								blocking VBG JJ NN
self-regulatory JJ								self-regulatory JJ
beaker NN									beaker NN
EFPs NNS									EFPs NNS
retrenchment NN									retrenchment NN
miscalculated VBD VBN								miscalculated VBD VBN
McNaughton NNP									McNaughton NNP
Blanche NNP									Blanche NNP
Caere NNP									Caere NNP
formalizes VBZ									formalizes VBZ
Pa.-based JJ									Pa.-based JJ
clotheslines NNS								clotheslines NNS
Asia\/Pacific JJ								Asia\/Pacific JJ
fellow-craftsmen NNS								fellow-craftsmen NNS
demobilizing VBG								demobilizing VBG
eclipsed VBD VBN								eclipsed VBD VBN
musicality NN									musicality NN
mid-1963 CD									mid-1963 CD
sociality NN									sociality NN
Anheuser-Busch NNP								Anheuser-Busch NNP
convalescence NN								convalescence NN
Hellene NNP									Hellene NNP
banks NNS VBZ									banks NNS VBZ
Dunne NNP									Dunne NNP
caper NN									caper NN
Premner NNP									Premner NNP
Starzl NNP									Starzl NNP
maintaining VBG									maintaining VBG
lasses NNS									lasses NNS
vine NN										vine NN
Vue NNP										Vue NNP
livery NN									livery NN
five-mile JJ									five-mile JJ
SKr1.5 NNS									SKr1.5 NNS
Wickliffe NNP									Wickliffe NNP
archness NN									archness NN
previous-year JJ								previous-year JJ
infusions NNS									infusions NNS
despite IN									despite IN
diclosed VBN									diclosed VBN
fuel-distribution NN								fuel-distribution NN
long-established JJ								long-established JJ
locutions NNS									locutions NNS
volunteering VBG NN								volunteering VBG NN
debt-ceiling JJ NN								debt-ceiling JJ NN
fraternized VBD									fraternized VBD
euphemisms NNS									euphemisms NNS
Helpline NNP									Helpline NNP
Motoren-und NNP									Motoren-und NNP
foamed-in-place JJ								foamed-in-place JJ
underwritten VBN JJ NN								underwritten VBN JJ NN
boisterous JJ									boisterous JJ
DPS NNP										DPS NNP
Rolfe NNP									Rolfe NNP
post-Revolutionary JJ								post-Revolutionary JJ
bites NNS VBZ									bites NNS VBZ
misapplying VBG									misapplying VBG
picnicked VBD									picnicked VBD
Jefferies NNP NNS								Jefferies NNP NNS
drug-treatment NN JJ								drug-treatment NN JJ
d-c NN										d-c NN
Bexar NNP									Bexar NNP
Medco NNP									Medco NNP
stead NN									stead NN
mid-19th JJ									mid-19th JJ
discourage VB VBP								discourage VB VBP
page-one JJ NN									page-one JJ NN
upper-deck JJ									upper-deck JJ
richness NN									richness NN
Wrecks VBZ									Wrecks VBZ
Enquirer NNP									Enquirer NNP
sackes NNS									sackes NNS
Lombarde NNP									Lombarde NNP
Alar-style JJ									Alar-style JJ
Jamaican JJ NN NNP								Jamaican JJ NN NNP
Euthanasia NN									Euthanasia NN
swum VBN									swum VBN
Painful JJ									Painful JJ
starved VBN									starved VBN
Bass NNP NN									Bass NNP NN
triple-B JJ									triple-B JJ
Factions NNS									Factions NNS
Zodiacal JJ									Zodiacal JJ
molded VBN JJ VBD								molded VBN JJ VBD
computer-network NN								computer-network NN
prank NN									prank NN
Aw UH RB									Aw UH RB
going-home JJ									going-home JJ
Coordinating NNP								Coordinating NNP
J.R. NNP									J.R. NNP
bifurcated JJ									bifurcated JJ
assault-weapons JJ								assault-weapons JJ
crouching VBG									crouching VBG
passenger-reservation NN							passenger-reservation NN
undetected JJ									undetected JJ
haystack NN									haystack NN
Vera NNP									Vera NNP
program-maker NN								program-maker NN
Feringa NNP									Feringa NNP
abject JJ									abject JJ
balletomane NN									balletomane NN
shags VBZ									shags VBZ
vestiges NNS									vestiges NNS
Pita NNP									Pita NNP
sax NN										sax NN
Langer NNP									Langer NNP
analeptic JJ									analeptic JJ
Ferrer NNP									Ferrer NNP
Bensten NNP									Bensten NNP
Plan NNP NN									Plan NNP NN
mistaking VBG NN								mistaking VBG NN
Terg-O-Tometer NNP								Terg-O-Tometer NNP
EL-10 NNP									EL-10 NNP
cost-saving JJ									cost-saving JJ
squished VBN									squished VBN
Monets NNPS									Monets NNPS
kiloton NN									kiloton NN
fingerprints NNS								fingerprints NNS
keen JJ NN VB									keen JJ NN VB
bricks NNS									bricks NNS
Yeh NNP										Yeh NNP
Vital JJ NN									Vital JJ NN
Roasters NNS									Roasters NNS
epicyclically RB								epicyclically RB
well-financed JJ								well-financed JJ
superconcentrated JJ								superconcentrated JJ
Hydro-Quebec NNP								Hydro-Quebec NNP
short-sale JJ									short-sale JJ
takin VBG									takin VBG
heavily RB									heavily RB
Ormsby NNP									Ormsby NNP
Haut-Brion NNP									Haut-Brion NNP
prophetic JJ									prophetic JJ
conservationist NN								conservationist NN
specially-designed JJ								specially-designed JJ
ardently RB									ardently RB
estimate NN VB VBP								estimate NN VB VBP
Rifkinesque JJ									Rifkinesque JJ
joust NN									joust NN
cabinet-level JJ								cabinet-level JJ
polystyrene NN									polystyrene NN
height NN									height NN
bargelike JJ									bargelike JJ
Electron NNP NN									Electron NNP NN
tradition NN									tradition NN
sober JJ									sober JJ
scalpels NNS									scalpels NNS
half-point JJ									half-point JJ
Accounts-a NNP NNPS								Accounts-a NNP NNPS
extended-wear JJ								extended-wear JJ
cents-off JJ									cents-off JJ
Darby NNP									Darby NNP
internally RB									internally RB
automotive-lighting JJ NN							automotive-lighting JJ NN
girlishly RB									girlishly RB
de-worse-ification NN								de-worse-ification NN
oiler NN									oiler NN
Expressway NNP NN								Expressway NNP NN
muddied VBN JJ									muddied VBN JJ
stints NNS VBZ									stints NNS VBZ
faux FW JJ									faux FW JJ
up-to-date JJ									up-to-date JJ
visas NNS									visas NNS
Polycast NNP									Polycast NNP
visualizations NNS								visualizations NNS
hyped VBD NN									hyped VBD NN
Boveri NNP									Boveri NNP
walloped VBD									walloped VBD
inheres VBZ									inheres VBZ
thanking VBG									thanking VBG
Parke NNP									Parke NNP
infuriate VB									infuriate VB
anti-white JJ									anti-white JJ
motor-home NN									motor-home NN
dusk NN										dusk NN
futures-exchange NN								futures-exchange NN
Shane NNP									Shane NNP
Esselte NNP									Esselte NNP
indigents NNS									indigents NNS
Turchin NNP									Turchin NNP
wardrobe NN									wardrobe NN
harry VB									harry VB
fantastic JJ									fantastic JJ
monolithically RB								monolithically RB
Anglo-French JJ NNP								Anglo-French JJ NNP
Convinced VBN									Convinced VBN
mixtures NNS									mixtures NNS
wither VB VBP									wither VB VBP
you'uns NNS									you'uns NNS
Colo NNP									Colo NNP
Kaisha NNP									Kaisha NNP
danged VBN									danged VBN
holds VBZ NNS									holds VBZ NNS
dilute VB JJ									dilute VB JJ
you PRP VBP RP									you PRP VBP RP
--they PRP									--they PRP
vitality NN									vitality NN
Hay NNP NN									Hay NNP NN
Rescued VBN									Rescued VBN
regard NN VB VBP								regard NN VB VBP
tabby JJ NN									tabby JJ NN
discussions NNS									discussions NNS
spot-news NNS									spot-news NNS
eleventh JJ									eleventh JJ
Euromark NN									Euromark NN
Uyl NNP										Uyl NNP
proceeded VBD VBN								proceeded VBD VBN
payloads NNS									payloads NNS
Bertha NNP									Bertha NNP
contrite JJ									contrite JJ
SalFininistas NNP								SalFininistas NNP
benefits-consulting JJ								benefits-consulting JJ
concedes VBZ									concedes VBZ
blood-bought JJ									blood-bought JJ
Schmotter NNP									Schmotter NNP
informed VBN VBD JJ								informed VBN VBD JJ
Talmadge NNP									Talmadge NNP
lifelike JJ									lifelike JJ
Whether IN NNP									Whether IN NNP
zone NN										zone NN
highpoint NN									highpoint NN
visitors NNS									visitors NNS
Reggie NNP NN									Reggie NNP NN
satin NN									satin NN
fuel-cost JJ									fuel-cost JJ
Collinsville NNP								Collinsville NNP
Antonovich NNP									Antonovich NNP
non-diva-like JJ								non-diva-like JJ
covets VBZ									covets VBZ
self-screening JJ								self-screening JJ
'I'd VB										'I'd VB
non-utility JJ									non-utility JJ
Echeandia NNP									Echeandia NNP
L.J. NNP									L.J. NNP
Owner NN NNP									Owner NN NNP
tagline NN									tagline NN
Seco NNP									Seco NNP
Twentieth NNP									Twentieth NNP
SbCs-type JJ									SbCs-type JJ
renovations NNS									renovations NNS
longue NN									longue NN
granary NN									granary NN
doused VBD VBN									doused VBD VBN
betel-stained JJ								betel-stained JJ
Pet NNP										Pet NNP
Tambo NNP									Tambo NNP
occur VB VBP									occur VB VBP
lidless JJ									lidless JJ
Appealing VBG									Appealing VBG
pari-mutuel JJ									pari-mutuel JJ
midmonth RB									midmonth RB
Beware VB									Beware VB
mis-reading VBG									mis-reading VBG
midpriced JJ									midpriced JJ
jeopardize VB VBP								jeopardize VB VBP
build-ups NNS									build-ups NNS
Gradually RB									Gradually RB
basting NN									basting NN
prune NN VB									prune NN VB
flamed VBD VBN									flamed VBD VBN
System NNP NN									System NNP NN
Rumpelstiltskin NNP								Rumpelstiltskin NNP
Gumi NNP									Gumi NNP
maneuvering NN VBG JJ								maneuvering NN VBG JJ
Denshi NNP									Denshi NNP
authorize VB									authorize VB
Surgery NNP									Surgery NNP
Century-Fox NNP									Century-Fox NNP
store-front JJ									store-front JJ
minimal JJ									minimal JJ
coasters NNS									coasters NNS
seated VBN VBD JJ								seated VBN VBD JJ
recentralizing VBG								recentralizing VBG
relinquished VBD VBN								relinquished VBD VBN
playroom NN									playroom NN
Floodlights NNP									Floodlights NNP
strangeness NN									strangeness NN
notoriety NN									notoriety NN
Ruidoso NNP									Ruidoso NNP
uninformative JJ								uninformative JJ
Lopid NNP									Lopid NNP
mucker NN									mucker NN
MPH NNP										MPH NNP
triple-C JJ NNP NN								triple-C JJ NNP NN
Germantown NNP NN								Germantown NNP NN
Portuguese JJ NNP								Portuguese JJ NNP
aft JJ NN RB									aft JJ NN RB
salvation NN									salvation NN
double-A\/single-A-plus JJ							double-A\/single-A-plus JJ
essayed VBD VBN									essayed VBD VBN
abstractive JJ									abstractive JJ
Nov NNP										Nov NNP
bytes NNS									bytes NNS
Taurog NNP									Taurog NNP
B.A. NNP									B.A. NNP
evaluated VBN VBD								evaluated VBN VBD
activate VBP VB									activate VBP VB
Journalist NNP									Journalist NNP
sparse JJ									sparse JJ
assistant NN JJ									assistant NN JJ
tyrosine NN									tyrosine NN
Weizsaecker NNP									Weizsaecker NNP
dock NN VB									dock NN VB
fierce JJ									fierce JJ
Nazis NNPS NNP NNS								Nazis NNPS NNP NNS
fellow NN JJ									fellow NN JJ
Riverwalk NNP									Riverwalk NNP
coup-proof JJ									coup-proof JJ
septa NNS									septa NNS
Treadway NNP									Treadway NNP
Moran NNP									Moran NNP
Molding NN NNP									Molding NN NNP
percentage-point JJ								percentage-point JJ
no-brainer NN									no-brainer NN
congested JJ VBN								congested JJ VBN
tax-department JJ								tax-department JJ
TWO CD										TWO CD
advisor NN									advisor NN
soon-to-expire JJ								soon-to-expire JJ
Tetrameron NNP									Tetrameron NNP
sing-song NN									sing-song NN
Egad UH										Egad UH
Americanized VBD								Americanized VBD
stupidest JJS									stupidest JJS
Cimflex NNP									Cimflex NNP
capes NNS									capes NNS
starch NN									starch NN
back-dating VBG									back-dating VBG
Basking NNP									Basking NNP
short-skirted JJ								short-skirted JJ
Lopez NNP									Lopez NNP
prouder RBR									prouder RBR
dissecting VBG									dissecting VBG
missed VBD VBN JJ								missed VBD VBN JJ
Wachovia NNP									Wachovia NNP
Seger-Elvekrog NNP								Seger-Elvekrog NNP
Applied NNP VBN									Applied NNP VBN
desert-battle JJ								desert-battle JJ
Post-Serialism NNP								Post-Serialism NNP
Territorial NNP JJ								Territorial NNP JJ
associate-label JJ								associate-label JJ
Seed NN										Seed NN
leaguer NN									leaguer NN
Foe NNP										Foe NNP
oh UH										oh UH
Jens NNP									Jens NNP
stupidities NNS									stupidities NNS
state-level JJ									state-level JJ
countrymen NNS									countrymen NNS
legal-services NNS JJ								legal-services NNS JJ
glorification NN								glorification NN
trade-deficit NN								trade-deficit NN
acid NN JJ									acid NN JJ
Foiled VBN									Foiled VBN
execution NN									execution NN
rumored VBN VBD JJ								rumored VBN VBD JJ
attractant NN									attractant NN
Maritime NNP									Maritime NNP
justify VB VBP									justify VB VBP
decimating VBG									decimating VBG
excellences NNS									excellences NNS
vaccine-vendor JJ								vaccine-vendor JJ
Kuiper NNP									Kuiper NNP
Guerbet NNP									Guerbet NNP
Penang NNP									Penang NNP
errand NN									errand NN
antithesis NN									antithesis NN
ordering VBG NN									ordering VBG NN
recessions NNS									recessions NNS
hop NN VB									hop NN VB
ticked VBD VBN JJ								ticked VBD VBN JJ
business-promotion NN								business-promotion NN
nastiest JJS									nastiest JJS
dropouts NNS									dropouts NNS
bullying VBG									bullying VBG
haint VBZ									haint VBZ
disastrous JJ									disastrous JJ
Return NN NNP VB								Return NN NNP VB
begins VBZ									begins VBZ
risked VBD VBN									risked VBD VBN
crude-steel NN									crude-steel NN
unachievable JJ									unachievable JJ
Lutsenko NNP									Lutsenko NNP
abberations NNS									abberations NNS
Alsthom NNP									Alsthom NNP
vacuous JJ									vacuous JJ
Fulham NNP									Fulham NNP
Kennedy NNP									Kennedy NNP
arbitrage-related JJ								arbitrage-related JJ
Cr--spe NNP									Cr--spe NNP
essayist NN									essayist NN
diethylstilbestrol NN								diethylstilbestrol NN
psychopharmacological JJ							psychopharmacological JJ
lawmaking JJ NN									lawmaking JJ NN
blue-eyes NNS									blue-eyes NNS
lebensraum NN									lebensraum NN
Biagi NNP									Biagi NNP
succeed VB VBP									succeed VB VBP
gilts NNS									gilts NNS
soot NN										soot NN
Friedreich NNP									Friedreich NNP
beef-feeding JJ									beef-feeding JJ
sword NN									sword NN
Prabang NNP									Prabang NNP
pickier JJR									pickier JJR
rightness NN									rightness NN
thereunder RB									thereunder RB
Bast NNP									Bast NNP
genital JJ									genital JJ
looting NN VBG									looting NN VBG
marijuana NN									marijuana NN
Christsake NN									Christsake NN
OEL NNP										OEL NNP
hydroxyl-rich JJ								hydroxyl-rich JJ
derring-do NN									derring-do NN
maniac NN									maniac NN
neoplasia FW									neoplasia FW
fifth-generation JJ								fifth-generation JJ
innate JJ									innate JJ
disturb VB VBP									disturb VB VBP
relinquish VB VBP								relinquish VB VBP
commencements NNS								commencements NNS
DPT NNP										DPT NNP
blush NN VB									blush NN VB
argon NN									argon NN
summers NNS									summers NNS
pressure NN VB VBP								pressure NN VB VBP
railway-based JJ								railway-based JJ
stereotypical JJ								stereotypical JJ
kibbutzniks NNS									kibbutzniks NNS
sailboats NNS									sailboats NNS
Short-term JJ NNP								Short-term JJ NNP
insecurities NNS								insecurities NNS
Gustafson NNP									Gustafson NNP
Timidly RB									Timidly RB
advice NN									advice NN
Mennonite JJ NNP								Mennonite JJ NNP
Garrett NNP									Garrett NNP
Hurrah UH NNP									Hurrah UH NNP
care-adviser NN									care-adviser NN
ponytails NNS									ponytails NNS
sculptured VBN JJ								sculptured VBN JJ
it'so UH									it'so UH
Taxpayer NN NNP									Taxpayer NN NNP
Beast NNP									Beast NNP
most-valuable JJ								most-valuable JJ
harped VBD									harped VBD
Hegelian NNP									Hegelian NNP
electric-driven JJ								electric-driven JJ
skeptics NNS									skeptics NNS
splotch NN									splotch NN
chum NN										chum NN
impedes VBZ									impedes VBZ
nicotine NN									nicotine NN
I.C.H NNP									I.C.H NNP
militarist NN									militarist NN
unify VB									unify VB
Belmont NNP									Belmont NNP
Lupatkin NNP									Lupatkin NNP
paralegals NNS									paralegals NNS
locatin NN									locatin NN
lower-cut JJ									lower-cut JJ
prize NN JJ VBP									prize NN JJ VBP
Dolmabahce NNP									Dolmabahce NNP
notably RB									notably RB
Looking VBG NNP									Looking VBG NNP
changed... :									changed... :
sniping NN VBG									sniping NN VBG
Travelers NNP NNS NNPS								Travelers NNP NNS NNPS
Manute NNP									Manute NNP
Lopukhov NNP									Lopukhov NNP
governed VBN JJ VBD								governed VBN JJ VBD
DRI NNP										DRI NNP
Barsuki NNP									Barsuki NNP
Incentives NNS									Incentives NNS
outlining VBG									outlining VBG
Same-store JJ									Same-store JJ
foldable JJ									foldable JJ
upholding VBG									upholding VBG
juxtaposes VBZ									juxtaposes VBZ
Sister NN NNP									Sister NN NNP
ultramodern JJ									ultramodern JJ
withes NNS									withes NNS
Bruce NNP									Bruce NNP
trimming VBG NN									trimming VBG NN
takeaways NNS									takeaways NNS
dream-ridden JJ									dream-ridden JJ
syntactic JJ									syntactic JJ
Skywalker NNP									Skywalker NNP
Hebraic JJ									Hebraic JJ
Ax NNP										Ax NNP
Wake VB NNP									Wake VB NNP
Sumo NN										Sumo NN
Dreiser NNP									Dreiser NNP
anti-ulcer JJ									anti-ulcer JJ
informational JJ								informational JJ
bombardments NNS								bombardments NNS
self-restraint NN								self-restraint NN
ago RB IN									ago RB IN
ping-pong NN									ping-pong NN
electro-magnetic JJ								electro-magnetic JJ
Kunste NNP									Kunste NNP
Palumbo NNP									Palumbo NNP
pushing VBG JJ NN								pushing VBG JJ NN
larkspur NN									larkspur NN
reviewers NNS									reviewers NNS
east-west JJ									east-west JJ
USI NNP										USI NNP
steel-service-center NN								steel-service-center NN
Graduate NNP JJ NN								Graduate NNP JJ NN
deferred-maintenance JJ								deferred-maintenance JJ
Circumstances NNS								Circumstances NNS
na/TO NNP									na/TO NNP
cholorfluorocarbons NNS								cholorfluorocarbons NNS
stormier JJR									stormier JJR
Exitosa NNP									Exitosa NNP
Devery NNP									Devery NNP
shanties NNS									shanties NNS
quoted VBN VBN|JJ VBD								quoted VBN VBN|JJ VBD
vocabulary NN									vocabulary NN
Liter NN									Liter NN
sullying VBG									sullying VBG
crucible NN									crucible NN
liability NN									liability NN
rigatoni NN									rigatoni NN
Speculation NN									Speculation NN
Characteristically RB								Characteristically RB
paternalism NN JJ								paternalism NN JJ
preparers NNS									preparers NNS
rate-tightening JJ								rate-tightening JJ
Castro NNP NN									Castro NNP NN
shipwrecked JJ									shipwrecked JJ
M-19 NN										M-19 NN
wadded VBD									wadded VBD
Imasdounian NNP									Imasdounian NNP
anchovy NN									anchovy NN
fusses VBZ									fusses VBZ
sized VBD JJ VBN								sized VBD JJ VBN
Societies NNS									Societies NNS
draughts NN NNS									draughts NN NNS
alia FW										alia FW
clear JJ RB|JJ RB VB VBP							clear JJ RB|JJ RB VB VBP
Cataracts NNS									Cataracts NNS
Oncor NNP									Oncor NNP
Fixed-income JJ NN								Fixed-income JJ NN
colonel NN									colonel NN
aid NN VB VBP									aid NN VB VBP
distinguished VBN JJ VBD							distinguished VBN JJ VBD
Trivia NNP									Trivia NNP
fiddling NN JJ VBG								fiddling NN JJ VBG
Europeans NNPS NNP NNS								Europeans NNPS NNP NNS
Sept.30 CD									Sept.30 CD
Extreme JJ NNP									Extreme JJ NNP
regaled VBD VBN									regaled VBD VBN
Claude-Eric NNP									Claude-Eric NNP
Kaiser NNP									Kaiser NNP
Buchwald NNP									Buchwald NNP
Jenrette NNP									Jenrette NNP
center-vented JJ								center-vented JJ
GBL NNP										GBL NNP
rotogravures NNS								rotogravures NNS
Worriers NNS									Worriers NNS
Dorrance NNP									Dorrance NNP
Renoirs NNPS									Renoirs NNPS
buckles NNS									buckles NNS
borders NNS VBZ									borders NNS VBZ
plebeian JJ									plebeian JJ
rededicating VBG								rededicating VBG
oceanthermal JJ									oceanthermal JJ
codewords NNS									codewords NNS
Craig NNP JJ									Craig NNP JJ
spacecraft NN									spacecraft NN
Proving NNP									Proving NNP
glandular JJ									glandular JJ
combat-ready JJ									combat-ready JJ
developmental JJ								developmental JJ
haulage JJ NN									haulage JJ NN
underwater JJ NN RB								underwater JJ NN RB
toiled VBD VBN									toiled VBD VBN
fawn NN										fawn NN
heritages NNS									heritages NNS
introducing VBG									introducing VBG
esophagus NN									esophagus NN
low-crime JJ									low-crime JJ
Bruser NNP									Bruser NNP
grain-storage NN								grain-storage NN
Kubek NNP									Kubek NNP
flattened VBN VBD JJ								flattened VBN VBD JJ
inflexible JJ									inflexible JJ
Suspicion NN									Suspicion NN
leagues NNS									leagues NNS
notice NN VB VBP								notice NN VB VBP
cohesive JJ									cohesive JJ
Rieke NNP									Rieke NNP
circumstance NN									circumstance NN
downplayed VBD									downplayed VBD
cherubim NN									cherubim NN
unadorned JJ									unadorned JJ
quacked VBD									quacked VBD
antiques NNS									antiques NNS
Cattleguard NNP									Cattleguard NNP
Ikle NNP									Ikle NNP
snake-rail JJ									snake-rail JJ
directorial JJ									directorial JJ
already RB									already RB
reinvented VBD VBN								reinvented VBD VBN
helmet NN									helmet NN
U.N.F.P./NNP. JJ								U.N.F.P./NNP. JJ
Troop NNP									Troop NNP
Output NN									Output NN
Cone NNP									Cone NNP
hunting NN NN|VBG VBG|NN VBG							hunting NN NN|VBG VBG|NN VBG
Roxy NNP									Roxy NNP
omnipresence NN									omnipresence NN
couponing NN VBG|NN VBG								couponing NN VBG|NN VBG
interviewed VBN VBD								interviewed VBN VBD
Wipe VB										Wipe VB
freshness NN									freshness NN
deal-blocker NN									deal-blocker NN
Seattlite NNP									Seattlite NNP
similitude NN									similitude NN
dictionaries NNS								dictionaries NNS
Synthetic JJ NNP								Synthetic JJ NNP
Josephus NNP									Josephus NNP
Looky VB									Looky VB
fiction NN									fiction NN
Wallach NNP NN									Wallach NNP NN
embody VBP									embody VBP
Delphine NNP									Delphine NNP
Posix NNP									Posix NNP
rouge FW NN									rouge FW NN
Freres NNP									Freres NNP
LSU NNP										LSU NNP
over-rewarding JJ								over-rewarding JJ
Pastiche NN									Pastiche NN
connotes VBZ									connotes VBZ
Lawrenson NNP									Lawrenson NNP
rear JJ NN VB									rear JJ NN VB
sensationalism NN								sensationalism NN
bat NN VB									bat NN VB
Comsat NNP									Comsat NNP
continent NN									continent NN
Blowing NN									Blowing NN
Prence NNP									Prence NNP
dissembling VBG									dissembling VBG
Tomonggong NNP									Tomonggong NNP
Insurance-reform NN								Insurance-reform NN
Riding VBG NNP									Riding VBG NNP
probing VBG JJ NN								probing VBG JJ NN
transcendent JJ									transcendent JJ
blood-lust NN									blood-lust NN
reserve... :									reserve... :
Sixth NNP JJ									Sixth NNP JJ
pronoun NN									pronoun NN
rustlin NN									rustlin NN
Disc NNP									Disc NNP
near-recession NN								near-recession NN
international JJ NN								international JJ NN
detente NN									detente NN
Metrecal NNP									Metrecal NNP
shoestrings NNS									shoestrings NNS
Shi'ite NNP									Shi'ite NNP
Weaver NNP									Weaver NNP
mid-1970 NN									mid-1970 NN
MPI NNP										MPI NNP
hiss NNS									hiss NNS
hopples NNS									hopples NNS
Now RB NNP									Now RB NNP
space-buying NN									space-buying NN
buffets NNS									buffets NNS
trendiest JJS									trendiest JJS
extorting VBG									extorting VBG
watermelon NN									watermelon NN
Markowitz NNP									Markowitz NNP
Superstition NN									Superstition NN
three-night JJ									three-night JJ
surrender NN VBP VB								surrender NN VBP VB
Fresca NNP									Fresca NNP
chamois NN									chamois NN
parentis FW									parentis FW
vermilion JJ NN									vermilion JJ NN
Radioing VBG									Radioing VBG
Err VB										Err VB
underachievers NNS								underachievers NNS
irrigation NN									irrigation NN
lusts NNS									lusts NNS
pfffted VBD									pfffted VBD
entrench VB									entrench VB
Smelting NNP									Smelting NNP
religion NN									religion NN
elephants NNS									elephants NNS
erythroid NN									erythroid NN
erembal NNP									erembal NNP
megahertz NN									megahertz NN
untapped JJ									untapped JJ
ever-dying JJ									ever-dying JJ
swore VBD									swore VBD
Kohnstamm-positive JJ NNP							Kohnstamm-positive JJ NNP
terry-cloth NN									terry-cloth NN
Subsidiaries NNS								Subsidiaries NNS
mini-fiestas NNS								mini-fiestas NNS
Trinitron NNP									Trinitron NNP
Episcopal NNP JJ								Episcopal NNP JJ
Di NNP										Di NNP
grossly RB									grossly RB
nominated VBN VBD								nominated VBN VBD
Cunard NNP									Cunard NNP
unworkable JJ									unworkable JJ
dismantle VB									dismantle VB
hilltops NNS									hilltops NNS
nocturnal JJ									nocturnal JJ
Microsoft-Apple NNP								Microsoft-Apple NNP
Fountain NNP									Fountain NNP
nouveau JJ									nouveau JJ
nowhere RB NN									nowhere RB NN
epiphysis NN									epiphysis NN
roundups NNS									roundups NNS
piazzas NNS									piazzas NNS
change-over NN									change-over NN
household-products NNS								household-products NNS
Ending VBG									Ending VBG
national-policy NN								national-policy NN
outpost NN									outpost NN
joint-research JJ								joint-research JJ
less-binding JJ									less-binding JJ
voice-altering JJ								voice-altering JJ
abolished VBN VBD								abolished VBN VBD
citation NN									citation NN
innovate VB									innovate VB
conspires VBZ									conspires VBZ
GAR NNP										GAR NNP
information-service NN								information-service NN
hamming VBG NN									hamming VBG NN
Basu NNP									Basu NNP
oneself PRP									oneself PRP
volume-decliner JJ								volume-decliner JJ
hovel NN									hovel NN
quadrupling VBG NN								quadrupling VBG NN
Morris NNP									Morris NNP
Economically RB									Economically RB
interviewee NN									interviewee NN
anatomical JJ NN								anatomical JJ NN
divinely RB									divinely RB
repressed VBN JJ								repressed VBN JJ
Intan NNP									Intan NNP
computer-controlled JJ								computer-controlled JJ
Nursing NNP VBG									Nursing NNP VBG
sniped VBD NN									sniped VBD NN
grinning VBG JJ									grinning VBG JJ
revery NN									revery NN
Lancaster NNP									Lancaster NNP
credit-tightening NN								credit-tightening NN
then-City JJ									then-City JJ
actors NNS									actors NNS
soundtrack NN									soundtrack NN
crystalline JJ									crystalline JJ
rhenium NN									rhenium NN
Jane\ NNP									Jane\ NNP
shading NN VBG									shading NN VBG
Kool-Aid NNP									Kool-Aid NNP
Apartheid NNP									Apartheid NNP
drug-enforcement JJ								drug-enforcement JJ
well-trained JJ									well-trained JJ
Letting VBG									Letting VBG
tits NNS									tits NNS
Lorelei NNPS									Lorelei NNPS
ajury NN									ajury NN
always-present JJ								always-present JJ
Shanghai-born JJ								Shanghai-born JJ
Vesole NNP									Vesole NNP
Jamie NNP									Jamie NNP
Ed NNP										Ed NNP
Bio-Technology NNP								Bio-Technology NNP
university-wide JJ								university-wide JJ
mitigates VBZ									mitigates VBZ
cistern NN									cistern NN
Leonidas NNP									Leonidas NNP
demented JJ VBN									demented JJ VBN
hard-surface NN JJ								hard-surface NN JJ
blood-sport JJ									blood-sport JJ
keep VB NN VBP									keep VB NN VBP
High-tech JJ NN									High-tech JJ NN
disappearing VBG								disappearing VBG
aggregates NNS									aggregates NNS
funnel VB NN									funnel VB NN
Danville NNP									Danville NNP
Missa NNP									Missa NNP
Forecasts NNPS NNP NNS								Forecasts NNPS NNP NNS
quick-handling JJ								quick-handling JJ
Weaken VB									Weaken VB
bellyaching NN									bellyaching NN
sentiment NN									sentiment NN
comparable-store JJ								comparable-store JJ
woodcarver NN									woodcarver NN
propeller NN									propeller NN
Serene NNP									Serene NNP
engravings NNS									engravings NNS
Yardumian NNP									Yardumian NNP
Bruises NNS									Bruises NNS
Dwellers NNS									Dwellers NNS
ego-adaptive JJ									ego-adaptive JJ
Amerace NNP									Amerace NNP
shaded VBN VBD JJ								shaded VBN VBD JJ
flatters VBZ									flatters VBZ
archival JJ									archival JJ
trudging VBG									trudging VBG
Charlestonians NNPS NNS								Charlestonians NNPS NNS
zealously RB									zealously RB
drones NNS									drones NNS
non-financial JJ								non-financial JJ
long-necked JJ									long-necked JJ
Straus NNP									Straus NNP
hoards NNS									hoards NNS
litters NNS									litters NNS
recognitions NNS								recognitions NNS
Bugs NNP NNS									Bugs NNP NNS
Marketers NNS NNPS								Marketers NNS NNPS
EMI NNP										EMI NNP
Gorton NNP									Gorton NNP
help-me-make-it-through-the-fiscal-nigh JJ					help-me-make-it-through-the-fiscal-nigh JJ
vertigo NN									vertigo NN
cumin NN									cumin NN
Percival NNP									Percival NNP
Bottoms NNS									Bottoms NNS
spotchecks NNS									spotchecks NNS
Quota NNP									Quota NNP
Lesson NN									Lesson NN
stabled VBD									stabled VBD
thank VB VBP									thank VB VBP
original-issue JJ								original-issue JJ
philologists NNS								philologists NNS
Appropriate JJ									Appropriate JJ
Brink NNP									Brink NNP
Callahan NNP									Callahan NNP
loincloth NN									loincloth NN
upended JJ									upended JJ
flavoring NN VBG								flavoring NN VBG
hand-written JJ									hand-written JJ
handcuff VBP									handcuff VBP
Celso NNP									Celso NNP
prams NNS									prams NNS
Alfieri NNP									Alfieri NNP
self-described JJ								self-described JJ
Pettersson NNP									Pettersson NNP
acrobats NNS									acrobats NNS
producer NN									producer NN
magicians NNS									magicians NNS
eroding VBG									eroding VBG
business NN NNP									business NN NNP
diGenova NNP									diGenova NNP
inmates NNS									inmates NNS
Recess NN VB									Recess NN VB
foreign-exchange-rate JJ NN							foreign-exchange-rate JJ NN
highest-volume JJ								highest-volume JJ
necropsy NN									necropsy NN
summarize VB									summarize VB
westward RB JJ NN								westward RB JJ NN
Connection NN									Connection NN
Premarin NNP									Premarin NNP
favorable JJ									favorable JJ
seraphim NN									seraphim NN
Ballet NNP NN									Ballet NNP NN
succeeding VBG JJ NN								succeeding VBG JJ NN
industrial-production JJ							industrial-production JJ
loss NN										loss NN
Courcy NNP									Courcy NNP
outgrew VBD									outgrew VBD
evaporate VB VBP								evaporate VB VBP
Graedel NNP									Graedel NNP
Decisionline NNP								Decisionline NNP
self-deceiving JJ								self-deceiving JJ
knack NN									knack NN
father-murder NN								father-murder NN
Islam NNP									Islam NNP
SunCor NNP									SunCor NNP
silicates NNS									silicates NNS
July-September JJ								July-September JJ
debt-service JJ NN								debt-service JJ NN
Weltanschauung NN								Weltanschauung NN
Diebold NNP									Diebold NNP
updates NNS VBZ									updates NNS VBZ
Maryann NNP									Maryann NNP
Lanham NNP									Lanham NNP
preflight NN JJ									preflight NN JJ
lemon-meringue NN								lemon-meringue NN
authored VBN									authored VBN
money-back JJ									money-back JJ
Geiger NNP NN									Geiger NNP NN
carefulness NN									carefulness NN
Smeal NNP									Smeal NNP
vacationed VBD									vacationed VBD
Gregg NNP									Gregg NNP
pro-active JJ									pro-active JJ
eloquence NN									eloquence NN
Rockhall NNP									Rockhall NNP
splintered JJ VBD VBN								splintered JJ VBD VBN
destroys VBZ									destroys VBZ
Eurobonds NNS NNPS								Eurobonds NNS NNPS
free-choice JJ									free-choice JJ
bomb NN VB									bomb NN VB
Commodity NNP NN								Commodity NNP NN
murderous JJ									murderous JJ
Duzan NNP									Duzan NNP
advantageously RB								advantageously RB
Lorrain NNP									Lorrain NNP
instrumentalists NNS								instrumentalists NNS
Becht NNP									Becht NNP
deep-tendon NN									deep-tendon NN
Colosseum NNP									Colosseum NNP
dispatches NNS									dispatches NNS
unevenly RB									unevenly RB
Greer NNP									Greer NNP
rescues NNS VBZ									rescues NNS VBZ
double-billing VBG								double-billing VBG
Zanzibar JJ									Zanzibar JJ
daylight NN									daylight NN
unpredictable JJ								unpredictable JJ
clean-bank JJ									clean-bank JJ
Arby NNP NN									Arby NNP NN
botany NN									botany NN
Rafi NNP									Rafi NNP
Amusements NNPS NNP								Amusements NNPS NNP
purgatory NN									purgatory NN
Metier NNP									Metier NNP
pitcher-coach NN								pitcher-coach NN
Printed JJ NNP									Printed JJ NNP
lemons NNS									lemons NNS
resuscitated VBN								resuscitated VBN
title-holder NN									title-holder NN
Jarrell NNP									Jarrell NNP
loped VBD									loped VBD
iffy JJ										iffy JJ
overran VBD									overran VBD
swept VBD JJ VBN								swept VBD JJ VBN
anti-Phnom NNP									anti-Phnom NNP
reopened VBD VBN VB								reopened VBD VBN VB
South-Asian NNP									South-Asian NNP
goblins NNS									goblins NNS
Join VB NNP VBP									Join VB NNP VBP
submit VB VBP									submit VB VBP
calf NN										calf NN
economic-development NN								economic-development NN
neutrons NNS									neutrons NNS
gas-pipeline JJ									gas-pipeline JJ
annihilate VB									annihilate VB
promise NN VB VBP								promise NN VB VBP
Lombardi NNP									Lombardi NNP
Juanita NNP									Juanita NNP
ecologists NNS									ecologists NNS
buildin VBG									buildin VBG
weighed VBD VBN									weighed VBD VBN
failed VBD VBN JJ								failed VBD VBN JJ
absoluteness NN									absoluteness NN
wind-driven JJ									wind-driven JJ
wakeful JJ									wakeful JJ
Prostitutes NNS									Prostitutes NNS
Eclectic JJ									Eclectic JJ
yow NN PRP									yow NN PRP
girdle NN									girdle NN
shirt NN									shirt NN
sed VBD										sed VBD
assure VB VBP									assure VB VBP
Labeling VBG									Labeling VBG
crusading VBG									crusading VBG
specialization NN								specialization NN
erupts VBZ									erupts VBZ
sledding NN VBG									sledding NN VBG
Geissinger NNP									Geissinger NNP
Arabist JJ									Arabist JJ
Pfaff NNP									Pfaff NNP
Bully VB									Bully VB
deterrant JJ									deterrant JJ
non-recurring JJ								non-recurring JJ
Cyber NNP									Cyber NNP
bullyboys NNS									bullyboys NNS
Ziari NNP									Ziari NNP
Wieland NNP									Wieland NNP
Groupe NNP									Groupe NNP
Gospel-singer NN								Gospel-singer NN
crude NN JJ									crude NN JJ
Demodocus NNP									Demodocus NNP
Airman NNP									Airman NNP
Trap NNP									Trap NNP
LaWare NNP									LaWare NNP
Richert NNP									Richert NNP
crosses VBZ NNS									crosses VBZ NNS
gum NN VB									gum NN VB
slingshot NN									slingshot NN
rainbow NN									rainbow NN
prevalance NN									prevalance NN
Hori NNP									Hori NNP
adventurous JJ									adventurous JJ
ten-month JJ									ten-month JJ
sedans NNS									sedans NNS
Chipmunks NNPS									Chipmunks NNPS
USDA-sponsored JJ								USDA-sponsored JJ
causative JJ									causative JJ
ad-agency NN									ad-agency NN
D&H NNP										D&H NNP
Nekoosa NNP NN									Nekoosa NNP NN
Econometric NNP									Econometric NNP
embarking VBG									embarking VBG
Taiyo NNP									Taiyo NNP
restraining VBG JJ NN								restraining VBG JJ NN
Lanese NNP									Lanese NNP
major-frauds JJ									major-frauds JJ
panders NNS									panders NNS
lay-up JJ									lay-up JJ
flexed VBD									flexed VBD
Acapulco NNP									Acapulco NNP
Szabad NNP									Szabad NNP
jurist NN									jurist NN
metallurgical JJ								metallurgical JJ
volts NNS									volts NNS
finds VBZ NNS									finds VBZ NNS
Asquith NNP									Asquith NNP
Mississippians NNS								Mississippians NNS
trending VBG									trending VBG
funneled VBD VBN								funneled VBD VBN
Baucus NNP									Baucus NNP
forehead NN									forehead NN
defeatism NN									defeatism NN
depress VB VBP									depress VB VBP
mafias NNS									mafias NNS
relativism NN									relativism NN
Medicus NNP									Medicus NNP
steel-recycling JJ								steel-recycling JJ
Spence NNP									Spence NNP
Scituate NNP									Scituate NNP
tranquilizers NNS								tranquilizers NNS
Matsing NNP									Matsing NNP
Tryon NNP									Tryon NNP
Gregorio NNP									Gregorio NNP
duplicates VBZ									duplicates VBZ
Fidis NNP									Fidis NNP
Nikko NNP									Nikko NNP
urgency NN									urgency NN
citrated VBN									citrated VBN
notching VBG									notching VBG
Euro-products NNS								Euro-products NNS
instruction NN									instruction NN
jesting VBG									jesting VBG
gouge VB VBP									gouge VB VBP
Bio-Products NNP								Bio-Products NNP
commandments NNS								commandments NNS
Gen. NNP									Gen. NNP
three-minute JJ									three-minute JJ
circumvent VB									circumvent VB
sore JJ NN									sore JJ NN
Bard\/EMS NNP									Bard\/EMS NNP
Phillipines NNS									Phillipines NNS
manslaughter NN									manslaughter NN
resentful JJ									resentful JJ
nonprescription NN								nonprescription NN
Amory NNP									Amory NNP
waiter NN									waiter NN
do-it-yourself JJ								do-it-yourself JJ
Datsun NNP									Datsun NNP
Post-Newsweek NNP								Post-Newsweek NNP
beveling VBG									beveling VBG
appropriates VBZ								appropriates VBZ
memorialist NN									memorialist NN
Rosewood NNP									Rosewood NNP
hashish NN									hashish NN
pre-Fair JJ									pre-Fair JJ
Hallowell NNP									Hallowell NNP
Vaughn NNP									Vaughn NNP
Kroc NNP									Kroc NNP
going-private JJ								going-private JJ
first-hand JJ RB								first-hand JJ RB
assemblies NNS									assemblies NNS
wildflowers NNS									wildflowers NNS
Tomorrow NN NNP RB								Tomorrow NN NNP RB
Hee UH NNP									Hee UH NNP
applies VBZ									applies VBZ
dentures NNS									dentures NNS
foot-tall JJ									foot-tall JJ
socal JJ									socal JJ
oil-rig NN									oil-rig NN
Lego NNP									Lego NNP
high-octane JJ									high-octane JJ
improvise VB									improvise VB
Co NNP NN									Co NNP NN
frankly RB									frankly RB
Masonic NNP									Masonic NNP
brainstorm NN									brainstorm NN
staffs NNS VBZ									staffs NNS VBZ
currant NN									currant NN
witch NN									witch NN
jeopardy NN									jeopardy NN
Kimpton NNP									Kimpton NNP
Rossini NNP									Rossini NNP
market-corporate JJ								market-corporate JJ
Populace NN									Populace NN
Methuselah NNP VB								Methuselah NNP VB
Frenzy NNP									Frenzy NNP
capable JJ									capable JJ
produces VBZ									produces VBZ
oration NN									oration NN
Bondholder NN									Bondholder NN
necessitates VBZ								necessitates VBZ
unsprayed VBN									unsprayed VBN
MacSharry NNP									MacSharry NNP
gangsterish JJ									gangsterish JJ
Says VBZ									Says VBZ
Lizzy NNP									Lizzy NNP
Place-names NNS									Place-names NNS
clutched VBD VBN								clutched VBD VBN
vanquish VB									vanquish VB
gangling JJ									gangling JJ
Fog NN										Fog NN
ethical JJ									ethical JJ
cascading VBG JJ								cascading VBG JJ
Virgil NNP									Virgil NNP
management... :									management... :
Satoh NNP									Satoh NNP
Loan NNP NN									Loan NNP NN
bibliographies NNS								bibliographies NNS
Farmers NNP NNS NNPS								Farmers NNP NNS NNPS
gravy NN									gravy NN
independently RB								independently RB
industrialism NN								industrialism NN
network-buying JJ								network-buying JJ
triamcinolone NN								triamcinolone NN
bureau NN									bureau NN
pallet NN									pallet NN
Ben-Gurion NNP									Ben-Gurion NNP
co-director NN									co-director NN
development NN									development NN
government-bond NN JJ								government-bond NN JJ
no DT JJ NN RB UH								no DT JJ NN RB UH
Rothschilds NNPS								Rothschilds NNPS
Paris NNP									Paris NNP
Commission NNP FW NN								Commission NNP FW NN
Marinaro NNP									Marinaro NNP
psychopomp NN									psychopomp NN
professorship NN								professorship NN
Miyazaki NNP									Miyazaki NNP
impulse NN JJ									impulse NN JJ
applicants NNS									applicants NNS
hollyhocks NNS									hollyhocks NNS
feathered JJ VBN								feathered JJ VBN
temperatures NNS								temperatures NNS
Cascaded VBN									Cascaded VBN
sterilization NN								sterilization NN
laurels NNS									laurels NNS
Niven NNP									Niven NNP
defaulting VBG									defaulting VBG
redeemable JJ									redeemable JJ
Eurocrat NN									Eurocrat NN
Specific JJ									Specific JJ
Canfield NNP									Canfield NNP
easiest JJS									easiest JJS
Kemper NNP									Kemper NNP
chronicled VBD VBN								chronicled VBD VBN
establishing VBG								establishing VBG
husbands NNS									husbands NNS
boorish JJ									boorish JJ
biopharmaceutical JJ								biopharmaceutical JJ
Filmstar NNP									Filmstar NNP
Benzell NNP									Benzell NNP
Quince NN									Quince NN
stainless-steel JJ								stainless-steel JJ
financings NNS									financings NNS
intramuscularly RB								intramuscularly RB
Millenbruch NNP									Millenbruch NNP
Saito NNP									Saito NNP
Action NNP NN									Action NNP NN
Bayanihan NNP									Bayanihan NNP
mournful JJ									mournful JJ
directed VBN VBD JJ								directed VBN VBD JJ
instructs VBZ									instructs VBZ
crassness NN									crassness NN
cleat NN									cleat NN
treks VBZ									treks VBZ
prefabricated VBN								prefabricated VBN
Griffith-Joyner NNP								Griffith-Joyner NNP
strikebreakers NNS								strikebreakers NNS
educators NNS									educators NNS
Intergraph NNP									Intergraph NNP
margin NN JJ									margin NN JJ
Lewco NNP									Lewco NNP
Maguires NNPS									Maguires NNPS
fifty-three CD									fifty-three CD
Exchnage NNP									Exchnage NNP
TRUE JJ										TRUE JJ
Alexis NNP									Alexis NNP
Uzi NNP										Uzi NNP
simulations NNS									simulations NNS
nymphomaniacs NNS								nymphomaniacs NNS
treason NN									treason NN
touring VBG JJ NN								touring VBG JJ NN
roughnecks NNS									roughnecks NNS
vanishes VBZ									vanishes VBZ
coupled VBN VBD									coupled VBN VBD
rounding VBG NN									rounding VBG NN
Pinion NNP									Pinion NNP
go-to-war JJ									go-to-war JJ
daybreak NN									daybreak NN
Odyssey NNP NN									Odyssey NNP NN
assemble VB VBP									assemble VB VBP
Edmonton NNP									Edmonton NNP
IIci NNP									IIci NNP
-300 CD										-300 CD
non-Tagalog JJ									non-Tagalog JJ
Remembering VBG									Remembering VBG
Hickory NNP									Hickory NNP
copyright-infringement NN							copyright-infringement NN
worse-than-expected JJ								worse-than-expected JJ
drinking NN JJ VBG								drinking NN JJ VBG
modernists NNS									modernists NNS
Thames NNP NNS									Thames NNP NNS
brunches NNS									brunches NNS
Dane NNP									Dane NNP
lost VBD VBN JJ									lost VBD VBN JJ
subsidizing VBG									subsidizing VBG
Watchmen NNP									Watchmen NNP
Stendhal NNP									Stendhal NNP
splashed VBD VBN								splashed VBD VBN
beard NN									beard NN
Seattle-based JJ								Seattle-based JJ
Toro NNP NN									Toro NNP NN
recognized VBN JJ VBD								recognized VBN JJ VBD
Boulle NNP									Boulle NNP
Ateliers NNP									Ateliers NNP
Extinction NNP									Extinction NNP
Amerada NNP									Amerada NNP
Packard NNP									Packard NNP
Burke-Rostagno NNP								Burke-Rostagno NNP
rhapsodic JJ									rhapsodic JJ
restrains VBZ									restrains VBZ
SS-24s NNPS									SS-24s NNPS
Pedroli NNP									Pedroli NNP
unsubordinated JJ								unsubordinated JJ
pub NN										pub NN
Weckel NNP									Weckel NNP
Nestled VBN									Nestled VBN
MacNeil-Lehrer NNP								MacNeil-Lehrer NNP
O'Rourke NNP									O'Rourke NNP
Coulson NNP									Coulson NNP
razing VBG									razing VBG
DJS\/Inverness NNP NN								DJS\/Inverness NNP NN
presumed VBN JJ VBD								presumed VBN JJ VBD
Gil NNP										Gil NNP
NLD NNP										NLD NNP
deferring VBG									deferring VBG
Methanol NN									Methanol NN
comparably RB									comparably RB
Shearman NNP									Shearman NNP
special JJ NN									special JJ NN
interfered VBD VBN								interfered VBD VBN
destroyers NNS									destroyers NNS
brokering VBG NN								brokering VBG NN
summoning VBG									summoning VBG
Especially RB									Especially RB
grab VB JJ NN VBP								grab VB JJ NN VBP
Latour NNP									Latour NNP
reclaim VB VBP									reclaim VB VBP
speed-up JJ									speed-up JJ
slide-lock NN									slide-lock NN
rhino NN									rhino NN
rearrangements NNS								rearrangements NNS
reinstituting VBG								reinstituting VBG
excellently RB									excellently RB
additions NNS									additions NNS
O'Hanlon NNP									O'Hanlon NNP
Gains NNS									Gains NNS
BioVentures NNP									BioVentures NNP
tradition-bound JJ								tradition-bound JJ
enthusiasm NN									enthusiasm NN
Exteriors NNS									Exteriors NNS
Champion NNP NN									Champion NNP NN
Depending VBG									Depending VBG
towel NN									towel NN
VaxSyn NNP									VaxSyn NNP
co-ordinated JJ									co-ordinated JJ
serfs NNS									serfs NNS
neo-fascist JJ									neo-fascist JJ
Effect NN									Effect NN
Wilmer NNP									Wilmer NNP
relieving VBG									relieving VBG
Trepp NNP									Trepp NNP
backup NN JJ									backup NN JJ
bruited VBN									bruited VBN
broody JJ									broody JJ
Dependency NNP									Dependency NNP
across IN RB RP									across IN RB RP
LA NNP										LA NNP
Haake NNP									Haake NNP
Mafia NNP									Mafia NNP
accompli NN									accompli NN
lumberjack NN									lumberjack NN
Widmark NNP									Widmark NNP
Schumacher NNP									Schumacher NNP
Deltec NNP									Deltec NNP
one-quarter NN JJ								one-quarter NN JJ
Chambers NNP NNS NNPS								Chambers NNP NNS NNPS
Cecelia NNP									Cecelia NNP
Palmero NNP									Palmero NNP
unauthorized JJ									unauthorized JJ
de-iodinating VBG JJ								de-iodinating VBG JJ
unflatteringly RB								unflatteringly RB
re-election NN JJ								re-election NN JJ
Cong NNP									Cong NNP
sweat-soaked JJ									sweat-soaked JJ
Stuckey NNP									Stuckey NNP
coalesce VB VBP									coalesce VB VBP
broker-dealers NNS								broker-dealers NNS
weapon NN									weapon NN
hubs NNS									hubs NNS
Foreigners NNS									Foreigners NNS
Sludge NNP									Sludge NNP
new-home JJ									new-home JJ
Approaching VBG									Approaching VBG
suppositions NNS								suppositions NNS
Wheeling-Pittsburgh NNP								Wheeling-Pittsburgh NNP
microsomal JJ									microsomal JJ
time-share JJ									time-share JJ
pant-legs NNS									pant-legs NNS
protein-making JJ								protein-making JJ
Sweeping VBG									Sweeping VBG
disquietude NN									disquietude NN
Baltimorean NNP									Baltimorean NNP
Coronation NNP									Coronation NNP
Optics NNP									Optics NNP
Flaming NNP									Flaming NNP
Juvenile NNP JJ									Juvenile NNP JJ
Ismail NNP									Ismail NNP
S.G. NNP									S.G. NNP
comestibles NNS									comestibles NNS
revealed VBD JJ VBN								revealed VBD JJ VBN
Groep NNP									Groep NNP
T'ien NNP									T'ien NNP
lashes NNS									lashes NNS
better-than-expected JJ NN							better-than-expected JJ NN
Sabina NNP									Sabina NNP
thirty-one CD									thirty-one CD
loose-loaded JJ									loose-loaded JJ
histochemical JJ								histochemical JJ
Streak NNP									Streak NNP
overrule VB									overrule VB
Coordination NN									Coordination NN
outdoorsman\ NN									outdoorsman\ NN
host-specific JJ								host-specific JJ
see VB UH VBP									see VB UH VBP
Pinel NNP									Pinel NNP
contingents NNS									contingents NNS
foregoing NN JJ VBG								foregoing NN JJ VBG
Hammacher NNP									Hammacher NNP
Zurich NNP NN									Zurich NNP NN
dreadfully RB									dreadfully RB
dual-ladder JJ									dual-ladder JJ
Pattison NNP									Pattison NNP
Jogjakarta NN									Jogjakarta NN
pressing VBG JJ									pressing VBG JJ
tormented VBN JJ								tormented VBN JJ
precedent NN JJ									precedent NN JJ
uncanny JJ									uncanny JJ
N-no UH										N-no UH
digger NN									digger NN
Gander NNP									Gander NNP
Piersee NNP									Piersee NNP
caressing VBG NN								caressing VBG NN
groan NN									groan NN
beholden JJ									beholden JJ
two-career JJ									two-career JJ
booms NNS VBZ									booms NNS VBZ
Competent JJ									Competent JJ
Harrow NNP									Harrow NNP
Newsday NNP									Newsday NNP
scientist NN									scientist NN
incremental JJ									incremental JJ
metal-cutting JJ								metal-cutting JJ
Hollandale NNP									Hollandale NNP
gun NN VB									gun NN VB
overspending NN VBG								overspending NN VBG
Abstract NNP JJ NN								Abstract NNP JJ NN
Israeli-born JJ									Israeli-born JJ
uptight JJ									uptight JJ
bellwether NN JJ								bellwether NN JJ
specially RB									specially RB
nondescript JJ									nondescript JJ
ELP NNP										ELP NNP
Garry NNP									Garry NNP
B.V NNP										B.V NNP
willowy JJ									willowy JJ
impulse-related JJ								impulse-related JJ
sojourner NN									sojourner NN
mystified VBN									mystified VBN
capitulated VBD VBN								capitulated VBD VBN
hastens VBZ									hastens VBZ
Manley NNP									Manley NNP
tropics NNS									tropics NNS
Mutual NNP JJ									Mutual NNP JJ
A.M.E. NNP									A.M.E. NNP
Wakako NNP									Wakako NNP
hotdogs NNS									hotdogs NNS
Librium NNP									Librium NNP
abandonment NN									abandonment NN
donates VBZ									donates VBZ
lash-up JJ									lash-up JJ
stipulation NN									stipulation NN
printer NN									printer NN
smart JJ NN RB									smart JJ NN RB
ratifying VBG									ratifying VBG
paternalist JJ									paternalist JJ
interdicting VBG								interdicting VBG
Pew NNP										Pew NNP
WHO WP										WHO WP
hemophiliacs NNS								hemophiliacs NNS
Okamoto NNP									Okamoto NNP
Drunken JJ									Drunken JJ
co-developers NNS								co-developers NNS
Neoax NNP									Neoax NNP
Bridewell NNP									Bridewell NNP
the'called JJ									the'called JJ
canned-mushroom JJ								canned-mushroom JJ
Creek-Turn JJ									Creek-Turn JJ
Hakim NNP									Hakim NNP
handicap NN VB									handicap NN VB
Wansee NNP									Wansee NNP
Least-cost JJ									Least-cost JJ
Bruch NNP									Bruch NNP
hoofmarks NNS									hoofmarks NNS
accorded VBN VBD								accorded VBN VBD
excreted VBN									excreted VBN
flops VBZ NNS									flops VBZ NNS
weakening VBG JJ NN								weakening VBG JJ NN
Conmel NNP									Conmel NNP
Dooley NNP									Dooley NNP
Mifepristone NNP								Mifepristone NNP
agnomen NN									agnomen NN
suit-and-tie JJ									suit-and-tie JJ
Keshtmand NNP									Keshtmand NNP
tigress NN									tigress NN
promoted VBN VBD								promoted VBN VBD
Meats NNS NNPS NNP								Meats NNS NNPS NNP
precipitously RB								precipitously RB
Ximenez-Vargas NNP								Ximenez-Vargas NNP
Vere NNP									Vere NNP
elderly JJ NN									elderly JJ NN
first-place JJ									first-place JJ
restraint NN									restraint NN
Kims NNPS NNP									Kims NNPS NNP
failing VBG NN									failing VBG NN
rupiah NN									rupiah NN
Douglass NNP									Douglass NNP
Rubber NNP JJ									Rubber NNP JJ
Hersant NNP									Hersant NNP
left-front JJ									left-front JJ
underestimate VB								underestimate VB
Sheller-Globe NNP								Sheller-Globe NNP
toddlers NNS									toddlers NNS
three-week-old JJ								three-week-old JJ
Blomdahl NNP									Blomdahl NNP
Dirk NNP									Dirk NNP
Bethle NN									Bethle NN
Scenario NN NNP									Scenario NN NNP
overland RB									overland RB
mediumistic JJ									mediumistic JJ
mass NN JJ RB VB								mass NN JJ RB VB
station NN									station NN
imprudence NN									imprudence NN
standup JJ NN									standup JJ NN
hallucinatory JJ								hallucinatory JJ
Perches NNP									Perches NNP
Umpire NN									Umpire NN
impaling VBG									impaling VBG
monuments NNS									monuments NNS
racking VBG									racking VBG
repurchases NNS									repurchases NNS
thrall NN									thrall NN
Yff IN										Yff IN
post-electoral JJ								post-electoral JJ
Redevelopment NNP								Redevelopment NNP
Levin NNP									Levin NNP
urges VBZ NNS									urges VBZ NNS
Rage NN										Rage NN
confluent JJ									confluent JJ
soles NNS									soles NNS
Purchasing NNP VBG NN								Purchasing NNP VBG NN
electrolysis-of-water JJ							electrolysis-of-water JJ
oranges NNS									oranges NNS
tyrants NNS									tyrants NNS
Benedictine JJ									Benedictine JJ
Pia NNP										Pia NNP
whosoever WP									whosoever WP
IQ NNP										IQ NNP
Myra NNP									Myra NNP
choked VBD VBN									choked VBD VBN
Tiempo NNP									Tiempo NNP
McFarlan NNP									McFarlan NNP
reprints NNS VBZ								reprints NNS VBZ
Aids NNS VBZ									Aids NNS VBZ
excitement NN									excitement NN
co-existence NN									co-existence NN
Fike NNP									Fike NNP
mortgage-interest JJ								mortgage-interest JJ
lesson... :									lesson... :
level NN VBP JJ VB								level NN VBP JJ VB
Auvil NNP									Auvil NNP
Veteran JJ NNP									Veteran JJ NNP
Chemical NNP JJ NN								Chemical NNP JJ NN
hand-operated JJ								hand-operated JJ
Whole JJ									Whole JJ
fermions NNS									fermions NNS
homilies NNS									homilies NNS
monetary-policy NN								monetary-policy NN
agglomerate NN VB								agglomerate NN VB
DeTomaso NNP									DeTomaso NNP
Increased VBN JJ								Increased VBN JJ
Ptolemaic JJ NNP								Ptolemaic JJ NNP
Week-end NN									Week-end NN
bundling VBG									bundling VBG
wheel-making JJ									wheel-making JJ
irreplaceable JJ								irreplaceable JJ
arsenic NN									arsenic NN
fraud NN									fraud NN
chives NNS									chives NNS
Weatherly NNP									Weatherly NNP
Court-packing JJ								Court-packing JJ
two-note JJ									two-note JJ
donned VBD									donned VBD
Sotun NNP									Sotun NNP
Bronzavia-Air NNP								Bronzavia-Air NNP
sell-order JJ									sell-order JJ
Rotondo NNP									Rotondo NNP
cut-and-paste VB								cut-and-paste VB
dungeon NN									dungeon NN
beef-jerky NN									beef-jerky NN
Lifestyle NNP									Lifestyle NNP
Heredity NN									Heredity NN
Cols NNP									Cols NNP
hardliners NNS									hardliners NNS
Hose NNP									Hose NNP
Sunkist NNP									Sunkist NNP
turbine-generators NNS								turbine-generators NNS
drain NN VBP VB									drain NN VBP VB
rosy-fingered JJ								rosy-fingered JJ
pollution-reduction NN								pollution-reduction NN
debts NNS									debts NNS
relocations NNS									relocations NNS
save-the-universe JJ								save-the-universe JJ
Hoare NNP									Hoare NNP
Norex NNP									Norex NNP
property-claims-service NN							property-claims-service NN
prejudging VBG									prejudging VBG
narrow-bodied JJ								narrow-bodied JJ
Gnu-Emacs NNP									Gnu-Emacs NNP
Woodwards NNP									Woodwards NNP
DPW NNP										DPW NNP
Caneli NNP									Caneli NNP
Niggertown NNP									Niggertown NNP
Hebrew NNP									Hebrew NNP
rough JJ RB									rough JJ RB
two-lane JJ									two-lane JJ
begonia NN									begonia NN
Sokolov NNP									Sokolov NNP
subsistence NN									subsistence NN
burping VBG									burping VBG
Kankakee NNP									Kankakee NNP
discursiveness NN								discursiveness NN
flannels NNS									flannels NNS
international-defense NN							international-defense NN
bailiff NN									bailiff NN
commend VB VBP									commend VB VBP
Eloise NNP									Eloise NNP
diver NN									diver NN
Lithe JJ									Lithe JJ
assuaging VBG									assuaging VBG
adverbial JJ									adverbial JJ
perturbation NN									perturbation NN
musician NN									musician NN
pummeled VBD VBN								pummeled VBD VBN
trobles NNS									trobles NNS
Kelton NNP									Kelton NNP
Alpers NNP									Alpers NNP
Polished JJ									Polished JJ
in\ JJ										in\ JJ
Ba2 JJ										Ba2 JJ
waggled VBD									waggled VBD
nolo FW										nolo FW
Aoun NNP									Aoun NNP
plumber NN									plumber NN
incandescent JJ									incandescent JJ
sea-turtle-saving JJ								sea-turtle-saving JJ
Chiharu NNP									Chiharu NNP
Sounder NNP									Sounder NNP
Arizona-related JJ								Arizona-related JJ
Caskey NNP									Caskey NNP
Fly VB										Fly VB
Kans. NNP									Kans. NNP
breathless JJ									breathless JJ
defeat NN VB VBP								defeat NN VB VBP
Examiners NNP NNS								Examiners NNP NNS
photographers NNS								photographers NNS
trend NN VB									trend NN VB
tragic JJ NN									tragic JJ NN
Pilipino NN									Pilipino NN
fast-vanishing JJ								fast-vanishing JJ
fanciest JJS									fanciest JJS
ventricles NNS									ventricles NNS
Dali-esque JJ									Dali-esque JJ
genetics NNS									genetics NNS
Smoak NNP									Smoak NNP
starry-eyed JJ									starry-eyed JJ
Philippians NNS									Philippians NNS
Better NNP RBR RB JJR								Better NNP RBR RB JJR
Bryn NNP									Bryn NNP
demonstrably RB									demonstrably RB
game-shows NNS									game-shows NNS
break-the-rules JJ								break-the-rules JJ
mutts NNS									mutts NNS
Yarchoan NNP									Yarchoan NNP
Charade NNP									Charade NNP
Motorola NNP									Motorola NNP
judgeship NN									judgeship NN
Missing JJ									Missing JJ
Zacharias NNP									Zacharias NNP
sweet-smelling JJ								sweet-smelling JJ
Emerald NNP									Emerald NNP
condiments NNS									condiments NNS
TVX NNP										TVX NNP
finish VB NN VBP								finish VB NN VBP
counter-attack NN								counter-attack NN
chasers NNS									chasers NNS
overestimated VBD VBN								overestimated VBD VBN
oaks NNS									oaks NNS
guaranteed VBN JJ VBD								guaranteed VBN JJ VBD
novice NN JJ									novice NN JJ
delve VB									delve VB
cushions NNS									cushions NNS
frilly JJ									frilly JJ
refused VBD VBN									refused VBD VBN
thickened VBN VBD								thickened VBN VBD
treasure NN VBP									treasure NN VBP
case-to-case JJ									case-to-case JJ
chilling VBG JJ									chilling VBG JJ
Haynes NNP									Haynes NNP
salad NN									salad NN
Nederland NNP									Nederland NNP
painkillers NNS									painkillers NNS
specialties NNS									specialties NNS
motherland NN									motherland NN
flavor NN									flavor NN
assemblages NNS									assemblages NNS
teasers NNS									teasers NNS
recalculating VBG								recalculating VBG
Caldwell NNP									Caldwell NNP
hive NN										hive NN
Pilot NN									Pilot NN
plum NN										plum NN
Niles NNP									Niles NNP
microsurgery NN									microsurgery NN
supinely RB									supinely RB
ample JJ									ample JJ
marvelous JJ									marvelous JJ
industrialist NN								industrialist NN
Salinger NNP									Salinger NNP
dialogue NN									dialogue NN
Leavitt NNP									Leavitt NNP
ultra-fast JJ									ultra-fast JJ
Equalizer NNP									Equalizer NNP
insignificant JJ								insignificant JJ
tuition NN									tuition NN
Thurday NNP									Thurday NNP
U.S.-European JJ								U.S.-European JJ
Kieffer NNP									Kieffer NNP
Glassell NNP									Glassell NNP
graze VBP VB									graze VBP VB
casualty-insurance NN JJ							casualty-insurance NN JJ
Videoway NNP									Videoway NNP
anxiously RB									anxiously RB
Kortunov NNP									Kortunov NNP
Autry NNP									Autry NNP
Siepi NNP									Siepi NNP
Anand NNP									Anand NNP
Won NNP										Won NNP
One-Step NNP									One-Step NNP
adherence NN									adherence NN
mission NN									mission NN
Goldinger NNP									Goldinger NNP
Virgin NNP JJ									Virgin NNP JJ
peaches NNS									peaches NNS
turmoil NN									turmoil NN
worthy JJ									worthy JJ
unmoved JJ									unmoved JJ
calcification NN								calcification NN
OK. UH										OK. UH
Kneale NNP									Kneale NNP
enticingly RB									enticingly RB
tempest NN									tempest NN
mild-mannered JJ								mild-mannered JJ
Connell NNP									Connell NNP
capitalmarket NN								capitalmarket NN
undecideds NNS									undecideds NNS
fortress NN									fortress NN
Hackman NNP									Hackman NNP
Alexandria NNP									Alexandria NNP
unbundled VBN									unbundled VBN
economy NN									economy NN
gerrymandering NN								gerrymandering NN
force-level JJ									force-level JJ
person-to-person JJ								person-to-person JJ
farm-equipment NN JJ								farm-equipment NN JJ
German JJ NN NNP								German JJ NN NNP
Neglecting VBG									Neglecting VBG
Industriel FW									Industriel FW
hypermarket NN									hypermarket NN
watercolorist NN								watercolorist NN
jewelery-related JJ								jewelery-related JJ
Montpelier NNP									Montpelier NNP
six-cylinder JJ									six-cylinder JJ
disembark VBP									disembark VBP
clad VBN JJ									clad VBN JJ
spoof NN VB									spoof NN VB
Explosion NN									Explosion NN
lingers VBZ									lingers VBZ
gratuitously RB									gratuitously RB
Turkey NNP NN									Turkey NNP NN
Cardenas NNP									Cardenas NNP
uninhibited JJ									uninhibited JJ
Tharp NNP									Tharp NNP
Stains NNS									Stains NNS
strongman NN									strongman NN
Three-day JJ									Three-day JJ
Tokuo NNP									Tokuo NNP
distinguishes VBZ								distinguishes VBZ
Rianta NNP									Rianta NNP
disadvantaged JJ								disadvantaged JJ
smokescreens NNS								smokescreens NNS
Resolves NNPS									Resolves NNPS
wearisome JJ									wearisome JJ
Idrocarburi NNP									Idrocarburi NNP
imprecates VBZ									imprecates VBZ
positivists NNS									positivists NNS
hacker NN									hacker NN
vibratory JJ									vibratory JJ
evangelist-industrialist NN							evangelist-industrialist NN
nyet UH										nyet UH
woolens NNS									woolens NNS
announced. VBN									announced. VBN
filmstrips NNS									filmstrips NNS
Wait VB NN NNP									Wait VB NN NNP
Travis NNP									Travis NNP
faier RB									faier RB
non-bearing JJ									non-bearing JJ
impracticality NN								impracticality NN
coloreds NNS									coloreds NNS
languages NNS VBZ								languages NNS VBZ
desirable JJ									desirable JJ
un-Swiss JJ									un-Swiss JJ
toleration NN									toleration NN
Redhook NNP									Redhook NNP
Gould NNP									Gould NNP
Yoshitoki NNP									Yoshitoki NNP
long-bubbling JJ								long-bubbling JJ
ration NN									ration NN
flexing VBG									flexing VBG
sanitation NN									sanitation NN
drugs NNS									drugs NNS
Tide NNP NN									Tide NNP NN
unavoidable JJ									unavoidable JJ
scented JJ VBN									scented JJ VBN
Treasury-bond JJ								Treasury-bond JJ
Businesses NNS									Businesses NNS
Daytonas NNP									Daytonas NNP
LSX NNP										LSX NNP
stagewhispers VBZ								stagewhispers VBZ
Inter-Canadian NNP								Inter-Canadian NNP
Czarina NNP									Czarina NNP
husband-stealer NN								husband-stealer NN
and'divine JJ									and'divine JJ
non-insurance JJ NN								non-insurance JJ NN
experienced VBN JJ VBD								experienced VBN JJ VBD
fast-acting JJ									fast-acting JJ
Neibart NNP									Neibart NNP
NKK NNP										NKK NNP
reconstruct VB VBP								reconstruct VB VBP
tankers NNS									tankers NNS
stupid JJ									stupid JJ
off-the-record JJ								off-the-record JJ
Meaning NN NNP									Meaning NN NNP
stimuli NNS									stimuli NNS
relaxing VBG JJ									relaxing VBG JJ
charmer NN									charmer NN
banditos NNS									banditos NNS
sewn VBN									sewn VBN
Tactically RB									Tactically RB
vitiated VBN									vitiated VBN
Forty CD NNP									Forty CD NNP
mast NN										mast NN
Psychologically RB								Psychologically RB
abhorrently RB									abhorrently RB
freeze-drying NN								freeze-drying NN
tremolo NN									tremolo NN
Karnak NNP									Karnak NNP
barbarian NN									barbarian NN
neuronal JJ									neuronal JJ
Rolodex NNP									Rolodex NNP
flower NN VBP									flower NN VBP
sportif FW									sportif FW
DSG NNP										DSG NNP
Commission-controlled JJ							Commission-controlled JJ
eight-bit JJ									eight-bit JJ
Loathing NN									Loathing NN
tag-team JJ									tag-team JJ
streets NNS									streets NNS
fair-trade-related JJ								fair-trade-related JJ
right-wing JJ NN								right-wing JJ NN
re-invested JJ VBN								re-invested JJ VBN
showcasing VBG									showcasing VBG
Boggs NNP									Boggs NNP
regularity NN									regularity NN
Batavia NNP									Batavia NNP
Darcy NNP									Darcy NNP
tints NNS									tints NNS
glass-fiber JJ									glass-fiber JJ
belittled JJ									belittled JJ
crop NN RP VB VBP								crop NN RP VB VBP
plowing VBG NN									plowing VBG NN
vertically RB									vertically RB
Baum NNP									Baum NNP
unceasing JJ									unceasing JJ
econometrics NN									econometrics NN
Celanese NNP									Celanese NNP
Trabants NNPS									Trabants NNPS
foreign-trading JJ								foreign-trading JJ
Hatched VBN									Hatched VBN
Reptilian NNP									Reptilian NNP
alternated VBD VBN								alternated VBD VBN
stifled VBD VBN									stifled VBD VBN
vulgar JJ									vulgar JJ
Patriarchy NNP									Patriarchy NNP
sensitized VBN									sensitized VBN
Risking NNP									Risking NNP
sub-therapeutic JJ								sub-therapeutic JJ
Selectol NNP									Selectol NNP
love NN NNP VB VBP								love NN NNP VB VBP
stand-still JJ									stand-still JJ
poignant JJ									poignant JJ
MRA NNP										MRA NNP
Janice NNP									Janice NNP
Landonne NNP									Landonne NNP
Waldron NNP									Waldron NNP
real-time JJ									real-time JJ
admirer NN									admirer NN
forbears NNS									forbears NNS
circumvent... :									circumvent... :
Knightsbridge NNP								Knightsbridge NNP
Chapel NNP NN									Chapel NNP NN
Podolia NNP									Podolia NNP
welled VBD									welled VBD
Foodmaker NNP									Foodmaker NNP
Papa NNP NN									Papa NNP NN
Steel NNP NN									Steel NNP NN
Thelma NNP									Thelma NNP
non-affiliate NN								non-affiliate NN
format NN									format NN
Colt NNP NN									Colt NNP NN
holes NNS									holes NNS
Hilary NNP									Hilary NNP
Telzrow NNP									Telzrow NNP
counselors NNS									counselors NNS
draughty JJ									draughty JJ
Yitzhak NNP									Yitzhak NNP
Sheets NNP									Sheets NNP
Cioffi NNP									Cioffi NNP
Alpert NNP									Alpert NNP
dives NNS VBZ									dives NNS VBZ
computer-chip NN JJ								computer-chip NN JJ
Dang NNP									Dang NNP
unfleshed VBN									unfleshed VBN
detective-story NN								detective-story NN
Cinnamon NNP									Cinnamon NNP
sheath NN									sheath NN
emotionally RB									emotionally RB
accelerators NNS								accelerators NNS
hot JJ										hot JJ
once-over NN									once-over NN
Zionists NNPS									Zionists NNPS
assailants NNS									assailants NNS
mahogany NN									mahogany NN
Heidenstam NNP									Heidenstam NNP
leavened VBD VBN JJ								leavened VBD VBN JJ
Zellers NNP									Zellers NNP
price-earnings JJ NN NNS							price-earnings JJ NN NNS
Spectator NNP									Spectator NNP
Dyk NNP										Dyk NNP
Machines NNPS NNP NNS								Machines NNPS NNP NNS
rim NN VBP									rim NN VBP
flaxen JJ									flaxen JJ
subsidy NN									subsidy NN
drib-drool NN									drib-drool NN
fiscal-year JJ NN								fiscal-year JJ NN
graphite NN									graphite NN
Lapham NNP									Lapham NNP
Sombrotto NNP									Sombrotto NNP
discharge NN VB									discharge NN VB
Interspersed VBN								Interspersed VBN
ghilianii FW									ghilianii FW
Schramm NNP									Schramm NNP
third-consecutive JJ								third-consecutive JJ
expects VBZ									expects VBZ
George NNP									George NNP
Placentia NNP									Placentia NNP
Riunitie NNP									Riunitie NNP
away-from-home JJ								away-from-home JJ
Glenham NNP									Glenham NNP
Stream NNP									Stream NNP
Acoustical JJ									Acoustical JJ
Argyll NNP									Argyll NNP
Spurgeon NNP									Spurgeon NNP
crossborder JJ									crossborder JJ
grad NN										grad NN
fauteuil FW									fauteuil FW
fishbowl NN									fishbowl NN
chairs NNS VBZ									chairs NNS VBZ
OEP NNP										OEP NNP
subzero JJ									subzero JJ
timidity NN									timidity NN
Detention NNP									Detention NNP
Naiman NNP									Naiman NNP
-78-degrees CD|NN								-78-degrees CD|NN
Godiva NNP									Godiva NNP
business-telephone JJ								business-telephone JJ
Granath NNP									Granath NNP
politically RB									politically RB
belle FW NN									belle FW NN
Arabians NNPS									Arabians NNPS
Pawtucket NNP									Pawtucket NNP
Orthodoxy NNP									Orthodoxy NNP
chaffing VBG									chaffing VBG
Layman NNP									Layman NNP
specialty-metals NNS								specialty-metals NNS
in-fighting NN									in-fighting NN
Punitive JJ NNP									Punitive JJ NNP
co-editor NN									co-editor NN
Milan NNP									Milan NNP
anti-switching JJ								anti-switching JJ
sops NNS VBZ									sops NNS VBZ
dreary JJ									dreary JJ
threaded VBN									threaded VBN
Hindemith NN NNP								Hindemith NN NNP
capacitors NNS									capacitors NNS
Arteries NN NNS									Arteries NN NNS
kibbutzim NNS FW								kibbutzim NNS FW
Putnam NNP									Putnam NNP
Ba3 JJ NN									Ba3 JJ NN
debates NNS VBZ									debates NNS VBZ
regions NNS									regions NNS
topple VB									topple VB
product-monoclonal JJ								product-monoclonal JJ
Bebop NNP									Bebop NNP
frighten VB VBP									frighten VB VBP
shattering VBG JJ								shattering VBG JJ
insubstantial JJ								insubstantial JJ
scholastically RB								scholastically RB
life NN RB									life NN RB
grounder NN									grounder NN
face-to-face JJ RB								face-to-face JJ RB
Barshop NNP									Barshop NNP
Intar NNP									Intar NNP
upward-mobile JJ								upward-mobile JJ
Interpoint NNP									Interpoint NNP
oddities NNS									oddities NNS
anti-dumping JJ									anti-dumping JJ
P. NNP NN									P. NNP NN
third-tier JJ									third-tier JJ
Moors NNPS									Moors NNPS
discography NN									discography NN
five-star JJ									five-star JJ
America\/International NNP							America\/International NNP
Prosopopoeia NNP								Prosopopoeia NNP
stature NN									stature NN
Apaches NNPS									Apaches NNPS
Ahold NNP									Ahold NNP
Gin NNP										Gin NNP
upper-echelon JJ								upper-echelon JJ
butts NNS VBZ									butts NNS VBZ
Americano NNP									Americano NNP
peacemaking NN JJ								peacemaking NN JJ
Idal NNP									Idal NNP
Jesuit NNP									Jesuit NNP
Tight JJ									Tight JJ
Droz NNP									Droz NNP
Saved NNP									Saved NNP
none NN										none NN
suitcase-sized JJ								suitcase-sized JJ
Wayland NNP									Wayland NNP
Tyne NNP									Tyne NNP
Next-Most-Remarkable JJ								Next-Most-Remarkable JJ
oil-trading NN									oil-trading NN
twittering VBG									twittering VBG
Lying VBG									Lying VBG
Journal\/NBC NNP								Journal\/NBC NNP
Shank NNP									Shank NNP
business-services JJ								business-services JJ
subtypes NNS									subtypes NNS
a'skip-a-month JJ								a'skip-a-month JJ
Outrageous NNP									Outrageous NNP
ol JJ NN UH									ol JJ NN UH
half-aloud RB									half-aloud RB
Ungaretti NNP									Ungaretti NNP
open-shelf JJ									open-shelf JJ
aimlessly RB									aimlessly RB
obstructing VBG									obstructing VBG
Krapels NNP									Krapels NNP
overreached VBD									overreached VBD
Furillo NNP									Furillo NNP
Poppenberg NNP									Poppenberg NNP
Electrostatic JJ								Electrostatic JJ
bleeders NNS									bleeders NNS
Chimanbhai NNP									Chimanbhai NNP
wasted VBN VBD JJ								wasted VBN VBD JJ
insurance-holding JJ								insurance-holding JJ
Finis NNP									Finis NNP
Highly RB NNP									Highly RB NNP
Virginians NNPS									Virginians NNPS
Chiappa NNP									Chiappa NNP
Fila NNP									Fila NNP
flesh NN VB									flesh NN VB
battling VBG NN									battling VBG NN
harnessing VBG									harnessing VBG
tetrahalides NNS								tetrahalides NNS
haunting JJ VBG NN								haunting JJ VBG NN
Globally RB									Globally RB
subterfuges NNS									subterfuges NNS
stalwarts NNS									stalwarts NNS
introduce VB VBP								introduce VB VBP
Wald NNP									Wald NNP
Woo NNP										Woo NNP
Quote NN									Quote NN
fascimile-machine NN								fascimile-machine NN
blast NN VB									blast NN VB
Ashurst NNP									Ashurst NNP
furloughs NNS									furloughs NNS
cricket NN									cricket NN
Diocese NNP									Diocese NNP
physique NN									physique NN
Foxx NNP									Foxx NNP
Viscera NNPS									Viscera NNPS
auctioned VBN VBD								auctioned VBN VBD
Marchand NNP									Marchand NNP
windbag NN									windbag NN
Consistently RB									Consistently RB
beta NN JJ									beta NN JJ
ultimatum NN									ultimatum NN
military-service JJ								military-service JJ
wide-awake JJ									wide-awake JJ
Perelman NNP									Perelman NNP
Valuable NNP JJ									Valuable NNP JJ
tentacles NNS									tentacles NNS
half-darkness NN								half-darkness NN
Continuing VBG NNP								Continuing VBG NNP
receiver NN									receiver NN
Oleanders NNS									Oleanders NNS
patsies NNS									patsies NNS
anti-smokers NNS								anti-smokers NNS
Again RB NNP									Again RB NNP
ranging VBG									ranging VBG
multi-media NNS									multi-media NNS
d'affaires NN									d'affaires NN
Perfumes NNPS									Perfumes NNPS
grandparents NNS								grandparents NNS
CRAF-Cassini NNP								CRAF-Cassini NNP
turne VB									turne VB
mega-hit JJ NN									mega-hit JJ NN
demon NN									demon NN
lilting JJ JJ|VBG VBG								lilting JJ JJ|VBG VBG
bleakly RB									bleakly RB
postulated VBN JJ								postulated VBN JJ
one-story JJ									one-story JJ
blocked VBN JJ VBD								blocked VBN JJ VBD
haughtiness NN									haughtiness NN
funds-service JJ								funds-service JJ
Lespinasse NNP									Lespinasse NNP
CFM56-3C NN									CFM56-3C NN
Depositary NNP JJ								Depositary NNP JJ
president-finance NN								president-finance NN
admires VBZ									admires VBZ
madly RB									madly RB
breeders NNS									breeders NNS
dials NNS VBZ									dials NNS VBZ
compound NN JJ VB VBP								compound NN JJ VB VBP
forward RB JJ NN VB								forward RB JJ NN VB
refinement NN									refinement NN
recontamination NN								recontamination NN
multimedia NNS									multimedia NNS
Tangible JJ									Tangible JJ
secularized VBN									secularized VBN
Scrub VB									Scrub VB
influx NN									influx NN
gravitational JJ								gravitational JJ
design... :									design... :
O'Brien's NNP									O'Brien's NNP
indelible JJ									indelible JJ
Flour NN									Flour NN
Elcotel NNP									Elcotel NNP
Larger JJR									Larger JJR
nurture... :									nurture... :
Principals NNS									Principals NNS
flattery NN									flattery NN
seven-week JJ									seven-week JJ
undiluted JJ									undiluted JJ
barrio NN									barrio NN
knockoffs NNS									knockoffs NNS
Circulations NNP								Circulations NNP
significant JJ									significant JJ
devising VBG									devising VBG
Gupta NNP									Gupta NNP
dissatisfactions NNS								dissatisfactions NNS
Nautilus NNP JJ									Nautilus NNP JJ
Colmer NNP									Colmer NNP
Rima NNP									Rima NNP
Ormat NNP									Ormat NNP
setbacks NNS									setbacks NNS
tipped VBD VBN									tipped VBD VBN
divergent JJ									divergent JJ
enthalpy NN									enthalpy NN
autos NNS									autos NNS
unsatisfied JJ									unsatisfied JJ
installing VBG									installing VBG
piteous JJ									piteous JJ
Operating-system JJ								Operating-system JJ
Cerv NNP									Cerv NNP
wholes NNS									wholes NNS
relativist NN									relativist NN
electronic-measuring JJ								electronic-measuring JJ
reparations NNS									reparations NNS
feuding VBG NN									feuding VBG NN
Moniuszko NNP									Moniuszko NNP
Primaxin NNP									Primaxin NNP
ineffably RB									ineffably RB
Mullins NNP									Mullins NNP
norske NNP									norske NNP
Gar-Dene NNP									Gar-Dene NNP
great JJ RB									great JJ RB
ENG NNP										ENG NNP
midwestern JJ									midwestern JJ
Beverages NNP NNS NNPS								Beverages NNP NNS NNPS
puffers NNS									puffers NNS
ozone-exposed JJ								ozone-exposed JJ
physiotherapist NN								physiotherapist NN
window-shopping NN								window-shopping NN
turret NN JJ									turret NN JJ
easygoing JJ									easygoing JJ
coconut-containing JJ								coconut-containing JJ
ennumerated VBD									ennumerated VBD
Volgograd NNP									Volgograd NNP
bluntly RB									bluntly RB
McGinley NNP									McGinley NNP
B.B. NNP									B.B. NNP
Southlake NNP									Southlake NNP
symbolists NNS									symbolists NNS
ologies NNS									ologies NNS
Ungrateful JJ									Ungrateful JJ
Cincinnati-based JJ								Cincinnati-based JJ
Icahn NNP									Icahn NNP
minarets NNS									minarets NNS
campaign-finance JJ								campaign-finance JJ
Mylan NNP									Mylan NNP
methanol-powered JJ								methanol-powered JJ
solitude NN									solitude NN
Imai NNP									Imai NNP
steak NN									steak NN
Thomas NNP NNPS									Thomas NNP NNPS
huckstering VBG									huckstering VBG
Patmore NNP									Patmore NNP
Arkhipov NNP									Arkhipov NNP
sinuousness NN									sinuousness NN
Cresswell NNP									Cresswell NNP
mid-1981 CD									mid-1981 CD
Zeal NNP									Zeal NNP
traffic-systems NNS								traffic-systems NNS
reaffirms VBZ									reaffirms VBZ
mugs NNS									mugs NNS
J/NNP.A. NN VB									J/NNP.A. NN VB
Immediately RB									Immediately RB
cross-examination NN								cross-examination NN
Garden NNP									Garden NNP
Declines NNS									Declines NNS
Saleh NNP									Saleh NNP
luncheon-meat NN								luncheon-meat NN
aflame JJ									aflame JJ
leaks NNS									leaks NNS
Glocester NNP									Glocester NNP
Crisp NNP									Crisp NNP
unmask VB									unmask VB
Catskills NNPS									Catskills NNPS
fillies NNS									fillies NNS
Hettinger NNP									Hettinger NNP
stared VBD VBN									stared VBD VBN
scurrilous JJ									scurrilous JJ
brooding VBG JJ NN								brooding VBG JJ NN
profiling VBG									profiling VBG
Praxis NNP									Praxis NNP
chastity NN									chastity NN
agleam JJ									agleam JJ
Airlie NNP									Airlie NNP
punctually RB									punctually RB
requiring VBG									requiring VBG
beholder NN									beholder NN
Marxists NNPS									Marxists NNPS
pooched VBD									pooched VBD
less-than-alarming JJ								less-than-alarming JJ
catapulting VBG									catapulting VBG
uneasy JJ									uneasy JJ
binuclear JJ									binuclear JJ
ebulliently RB									ebulliently RB
Pic NNP										Pic NNP
RJR-Macdonald NNP								RJR-Macdonald NNP
Hovis NNP									Hovis NNP
shooters NNS									shooters NNS
therapist NN									therapist NN
safety-related JJ								safety-related JJ
'Tahiti NNP									'Tahiti NNP
bloodthirsty JJ									bloodthirsty JJ
Earle NNP									Earle NNP
Female JJ									Female JJ
fisherman NN									fisherman NN
graft-riddled JJ								graft-riddled JJ
trading-fraud NN								trading-fraud NN
untenanted JJ									untenanted JJ
greets VBZ									greets VBZ
Corey NNP									Corey NNP
MD-80s NNS									MD-80s NNS
Kilduff NNP									Kilduff NNP
two-mile JJ									two-mile JJ
Godfrey NNP									Godfrey NNP
Kensington NNP									Kensington NNP
Newly RB									Newly RB
heated VBN JJ VBD								heated VBN JJ VBD
postcard NN									postcard NN
Erath NNP									Erath NNP
Rowlands NNP									Rowlands NNP
athletics NNS									athletics NNS
Malaysia NNP NN									Malaysia NNP NN
musing VBG									musing VBG
argot NN									argot NN
grinned VBD									grinned VBD
multiple-column JJ								multiple-column JJ
chlorpromazine NN								chlorpromazine NN
Matsunaga NNP									Matsunaga NNP
reinstitution NN								reinstitution NN
stresses NNS VBZ								stresses NNS VBZ
Lombardo NNP									Lombardo NNP
telecast NN									telecast NN
finite JJ NN									finite JJ NN
apology NN									apology NN
Dennison NNP									Dennison NNP
Greeniaus NNP									Greeniaus NNP
Tech-Sym NNP									Tech-Sym NNP
car-parking JJ									car-parking JJ
Fads NNS									Fads NNS
uncommitted JJ									uncommitted JJ
world-oriented JJ								world-oriented JJ
N.C. NNP									N.C. NNP
flushes VBZ									flushes VBZ
Aegis-class JJ									Aegis-class JJ
Kawasaki NNP									Kawasaki NNP
Jericho NNP									Jericho NNP
de-iodination NN								de-iodination NN
Exhibited VBN									Exhibited VBN
Teter NNP									Teter NNP
Monica NNP									Monica NNP
\*\*\* SYM									\*\*\* SYM
pictorially RB									pictorially RB
Inventor NNP									Inventor NNP
reattached VBN									reattached VBN
consulting-firm NN								consulting-firm NN
Rosty NNP									Rosty NNP
decor NN									decor NN
genial JJ									genial JJ
receives VBZ									receives VBZ
hatchet-faced JJ								hatchet-faced JJ
striking JJ VBG									striking JJ VBG
chassis NN NNS									chassis NN NNS
gangplank NN									gangplank NN
Lobl NNP									Lobl NNP
Settlements NNP NNS								Settlements NNP NNS
Cr NNP										Cr NNP
crewmen NNS									crewmen NNS
pliers NNS									pliers NNS
Luehrs NNP									Luehrs NNP
interviewer NN									interviewer NN
Bruck NNP									Bruck NNP
steadfastly RB									steadfastly RB
A321s NNS									A321s NNS
high-profit JJ									high-profit JJ
launder VB									launder VB
Sancken NNP									Sancken NNP
publishing NN JJ VBG								publishing NN JJ VBG
Lydall NNP									Lydall NNP
chitchat NN									chitchat NN
IS VBZ										IS VBZ
two-percentage-point JJ								two-percentage-point JJ
applicability NN								applicability NN
chord NN									chord NN
Hangman NNP									Hangman NNP
overemphasize VB								overemphasize VB
plain-vanilla NN								plain-vanilla NN
officials NNS									officials NNS
PW-4000 NN									PW-4000 NN
Damn VB JJ									Damn VB JJ
Wooten NNP									Wooten NNP
Exploration NNP NN								Exploration NNP NN
Dish NNP									Dish NNP
reincorporated VBN								reincorporated VBN
Operation NNP NN								Operation NNP NN
console VB VBP									console VB VBP
Barstow NNP									Barstow NNP
posture NN VBP									posture NN VBP
Ovcharenko NNP									Ovcharenko NNP
Pittenger NNP									Pittenger NNP
songwriters NNS									songwriters NNS
said'let's NNS									said'let's NNS
Jacobs NNP									Jacobs NNP
Epicurean JJ									Epicurean JJ
non-discrimination NN								non-discrimination NN
aftershocks NNS									aftershocks NNS
flattest JJS									flattest JJS
yen-denominated JJ								yen-denominated JJ
Psyche NNP									Psyche NNP
happen VB VBP									happen VB VBP
Fiedler NNP									Fiedler NNP
picture-postcard NN								picture-postcard NN
chrome NN									chrome NN
handle VB NN VBP								handle VB NN VBP
civility NN									civility NN
MHz NNS										MHz NNS
soprano NN JJ									soprano NN JJ
Triggering VBG									Triggering VBG
Booth NNP									Booth NNP
boll NN										boll NN
argues... :									argues... :
superieure NN									superieure NN
Trackdown NNP									Trackdown NNP
dummy JJ NN									dummy JJ NN
predators NNS									predators NNS
mythologies NNS									mythologies NNS
Brasstown NNP									Brasstown NNP
mistrust NN VB									mistrust NN VB
pressed VBN VBD									pressed VBN VBD
lacheln FW									lacheln FW
debonair JJ									debonair JJ
crouch NN VB									crouch NN VB
Bonett NNP									Bonett NNP
finer JJR									finer JJR
nonunion JJ									nonunion JJ
Ciriaco NNP									Ciriaco NNP
special-purpose JJ								special-purpose JJ
well-stated JJ VBN								well-stated JJ VBN
videocassette NN								videocassette NN
extricate VB									extricate VB
broached VBN									broached VBN
rousing JJ NN									rousing JJ NN
glacial JJ									glacial JJ
Vescos NNPS									Vescos NNPS
tomes NNS									tomes NNS
Yen NNP										Yen NNP
alternative... :								alternative... :
Grannon NNP									Grannon NNP
sales. NNS									sales. NNS
squires NNS									squires NNS
Regency NNP NN									Regency NNP NN
Sticking NNP									Sticking NNP
grander JJR RBR									grander JJR RBR
Legs NNS									Legs NNS
USN NNP										USN NNP
unobserved JJ									unobserved JJ
enthusiast NN									enthusiast NN
Pissocra NNP									Pissocra NNP
Phi NNP										Phi NNP
attactive JJ									attactive JJ
Lvovna NNP									Lvovna NNP
White-haired JJ									White-haired JJ
lagging VBG JJ NN								lagging VBG JJ NN
LVI NNP										LVI NNP
Dual JJ										Dual JJ
survive VB VBP									survive VB VBP
Regarded VBN									Regarded VBN
baseball NN									baseball NN
structures NNS VBZ								structures NNS VBZ
TXO NNP										TXO NNP
Arrington NNP									Arrington NNP
Herrick NNP									Herrick NNP
facsimiles NNS									facsimiles NNS
artistas NNS									artistas NNS
standardized JJ VBN								standardized JJ VBN
blurt NN VBP									blurt NN VBP
rebated VBN									rebated VBN
cigarette-vending JJ								cigarette-vending JJ
Adjusters NNS									Adjusters NNS
Timbers NNP									Timbers NNP
Auditorium NNP									Auditorium NNP
Tribunal NNP									Tribunal NNP
design NN VB VBP								design NN VB VBP
fear NN VB VBP									fear NN VB VBP
scratch NN VB VBP								scratch NN VB VBP
Harperner NNP									Harperner NNP
propounded VBD									propounded VBD
Konheim NNP									Konheim NNP
vaccine-related JJ								vaccine-related JJ
Shopping NNP VBG NN								Shopping NNP VBG NN
tippee NN									tippee NN
Darlene NNP									Darlene NNP
Beginners NNS									Beginners NNS
bulldoze VB									bulldoze VB
Mace NNP									Mace NNP
willling VBG									willling VBG
Discrimination NNP								Discrimination NNP
lunched VBN									lunched VBN
Hirschey NNP									Hirschey NNP
Stocks\/Mutual NNP								Stocks\/Mutual NNP
counsels VBZ									counsels VBZ
Stallings NNP									Stallings NNP
hard-to-fit JJ									hard-to-fit JJ
bona FW JJ									bona FW JJ
reposition VB									reposition VB
Differ VBP									Differ VBP
factors NNS VBZ									factors NNS VBZ
Declaration NNP NN								Declaration NNP NN
Broader JJR									Broader JJR
evangelists NNS									evangelists NNS
tobacco-growing JJ								tobacco-growing JJ
Eh UH NNP									Eh UH NNP
benevolent JJ									benevolent JJ
Friday-the-13th JJ NN								Friday-the-13th JJ NN
arrearages NNS									arrearages NNS
Bangemann NNP									Bangemann NNP
proteases NNS									proteases NNS
trifle NN JJ RB VB								trifle NN JJ RB VB
government-securities NNS JJ							government-securities NNS JJ
passenger-mile NN								passenger-mile NN
Zimet NNP									Zimet NNP
government-managed JJ								government-managed JJ
Balinese NNP									Balinese NNP
Steen NNP									Steen NNP
Chanos NNP									Chanos NNP
Celsius NNP									Celsius NNP
brilliantly RB									brilliantly RB
M\/A-Com NNP									M\/A-Com NNP
self-prescribed JJ								self-prescribed JJ
condescending JJ VBG								condescending JJ VBG
Mich. NNP									Mich. NNP
vine-crisscrossed JJ								vine-crisscrossed JJ
murmur NN VB									murmur NN VB
plotting VBG NN									plotting VBG NN
Reich NNP									Reich NNP
megaquestions NNS								megaquestions NNS
less-indomitable JJ								less-indomitable JJ
unpredictably RB								unpredictably RB
bracing VBG NN									bracing VBG NN
Hoaps NNP									Hoaps NNP
Lousie NNP									Lousie NNP
volition NN									volition NN
hostess NN									hostess NN
Lefevre NNP									Lefevre NNP
South-East NNP									South-East NNP
came VBD									came VBD
Sabine NNP									Sabine NNP
worn-faced JJ									worn-faced JJ
high-coupon JJ									high-coupon JJ
shake VB NN VBP									shake VB NN VBP
equally RB									equally RB
rigidity NN									rigidity NN
steal VB VBP									steal VB VBP
bronzy-green-gold JJ								bronzy-green-gold JJ
Grenfell NNP									Grenfell NNP
do-gooder JJ NN									do-gooder JJ NN
mainframe NN JJ									mainframe NN JJ
thereafter RB									thereafter RB
socialize VB									socialize VB
most-owned JJ									most-owned JJ
trial-book JJ									trial-book JJ
Falmouth NNP									Falmouth NNP
Value NNP NN									Value NNP NN
over-spent JJ									over-spent JJ
Text NN										Text NN
badly RB									badly RB
non-publishers NNS								non-publishers NNS
dissection NN									dissection NN
alarmism NN									alarmism NN
mirth NN									mirth NN
emission-control JJ								emission-control JJ
relaunch VB									relaunch VB
rate-making JJ									rate-making JJ
intimidated VBN									intimidated VBN
independence NN									independence NN
three-spoked JJ									three-spoked JJ
partially RB									partially RB
amounting VBG									amounting VBG
Supply NNP NN									Supply NNP NN
Suemeg NNP									Suemeg NNP
Dongen NNP									Dongen NNP
Schreyer NNP									Schreyer NNP
magnates NNS									magnates NNS
Survanta NNP									Survanta NNP
bowling-league NN								bowling-league NN
FIG NNP										FIG NNP
R.,Iowa NNP									R.,Iowa NNP
lusty JJ									lusty JJ
radiant JJ									radiant JJ
precipice NN									precipice NN
tuberculosis NN									tuberculosis NN
playboy NN									playboy NN
bridgework NN									bridgework NN
conclusive JJ									conclusive JJ
Poach VB									Poach VB
Appraisers NNPS									Appraisers NNPS
mysticism NN									mysticism NN
taps NNS VBZ									taps NNS VBZ
unhocked VBN									unhocked VBN
bay NN										bay NN
Description NNP									Description NNP
devised VBN VBD									devised VBN VBD
Dain-sponsored JJ								Dain-sponsored JJ
Farra NNP									Farra NNP
LD NN										LD NN
Tired JJ VBN									Tired JJ VBN
Sirowitz NNP									Sirowitz NNP
noticeably RB									noticeably RB
ably RB										ably RB
listings NNS									listings NNS
excoriated VBD VBN								excoriated VBD VBN
inequity NN									inequity NN
near-left NN									near-left NN
left-centerfield JJ								left-centerfield JJ
effluent NN JJ									effluent NN JJ
seventy-five-foot JJ								seventy-five-foot JJ
miasma NN									miasma NN
Godkin NNP									Godkin NNP
memory-expansion JJ								memory-expansion JJ
hits NNS VBZ									hits NNS VBZ
rotationally RB									rotationally RB
trademarks NNS									trademarks NNS
pallid JJ									pallid JJ
concentrating VBG								concentrating VBG
muffed VBD VBN									muffed VBD VBN
parishes NNS									parishes NNS
positive JJ NN									positive JJ NN
misery NN									misery NN
unventilated VBN								unventilated VBN
full JJ RB									full JJ RB
continues VBZ									continues VBZ
Porta NNP									Porta NNP
Warsaw NNP									Warsaw NNP
Enthusiastically RB								Enthusiastically RB
Wilber NNP									Wilber NNP
untied VBD									untied VBD
Tallchief NNP									Tallchief NNP
masterminding VBG NN								masterminding VBG NN
chained VBD VBN JJ								chained VBD VBN JJ
beetles NNS									beetles NNS
Quoting VBG									Quoting VBG
Beheading VBG									Beheading VBG
Reeves-type JJ									Reeves-type JJ
devalued VBD VBN								devalued VBD VBN
fish... :									fish... :
conspiracy NN									conspiracy NN
Bazaar NNP									Bazaar NNP
thyroidal JJ									thyroidal JJ
Paying VBG									Paying VBG
hover VB VBP									hover VB VBP
Dallas NNP									Dallas NNP
quartets NNS									quartets NNS
Vibrometer NN									Vibrometer NN
non-itemized JJ									non-itemized JJ
NMB NNP										NMB NNP
hardness NN									hardness NN
transversus NN									transversus NN
tensed VBD									tensed VBD
package-delivery JJ								package-delivery JJ
dollop NN									dollop NN
Powell NNP									Powell NNP
affirmative-action NN								affirmative-action NN
self-definition NN								self-definition NN
quietly RB									quietly RB
RICOing NN									RICOing NN
positionsthat NN								positionsthat NN
jet NN VBP									jet NN VBP
renews VBZ									renews VBZ
puckering VBG									puckering VBG
Kenton NNP									Kenton NNP
manicured VBN									manicured VBN
prevailed VBD VBN								prevailed VBD VBN
pay-out NN									pay-out NN
commoditize VB									commoditize VB
robotic JJ									robotic JJ
Catalog NNP NN									Catalog NNP NN
biopesticide NN									biopesticide NN
intelligentsia NN NNS								intelligentsia NN NNS
Zhitzhakli NNP									Zhitzhakli NNP
MRC NNP										MRC NNP
Stopping VBG									Stopping VBG
Italtel NN									Italtel NN
Springerville NNP								Springerville NNP
Loantech NNP									Loantech NNP
Lehn NNP									Lehn NNP
venture NN VBP JJ VB								venture NN VBP JJ VB
ecology NN									ecology NN
proto-oncogenes NN								proto-oncogenes NN
apace RB									apace RB
amorphously RB									amorphously RB
dessert NN									dessert NN
literalness NN									literalness NN
recorders NNS									recorders NNS
Gauchos NNS									Gauchos NNS
minor-sport NN									minor-sport NN
Figlewski NNP									Figlewski NNP
Gump NNP									Gump NNP
Housman NNP									Housman NNP
sentient JJ NN									sentient JJ NN
sparsely RB									sparsely RB
microtonal JJ									microtonal JJ
repayments NNS									repayments NNS
Shotgun-type JJ									Shotgun-type JJ
cemeteries NNS									cemeteries NNS
hallway NN									hallway NN
Fresenius NNP									Fresenius NNP
Stopped VBN									Stopped VBN
Upset VBN									Upset VBN
Cuoco NNP									Cuoco NNP
moons NNS									moons NNS
Oneita NNP									Oneita NNP
midfield NN									midfield NN
sobbed VBD VBN									sobbed VBD VBN
dervish-like JJ									dervish-like JJ
chore NN									chore NN
Stedt NNP									Stedt NNP
head-on RB JJ NN								head-on RB JJ NN
ignite VB									ignite VB
Bubenik NNP									Bubenik NNP
end-zone NN									end-zone NN
top-heavy JJ									top-heavy JJ
hurricane-ravaged JJ								hurricane-ravaged JJ
interdiction NN									interdiction NN
arbitrarily RB									arbitrarily RB
herald VB VBP									herald VB VBP
Czar NNP									Czar NNP
pulpits NNS									pulpits NNS
Toth NNP									Toth NNP
balance NN VBP JJ RB VB								balance NN VBP JJ RB VB
presidential-primary NN								presidential-primary NN
co-ordinates VBZ								co-ordinates VBZ
fishing NN VBG JJ								fishing NN VBG JJ
tab NN										tab NN
mid-1979 NN									mid-1979 NN
second-worst JJ									second-worst JJ
recalculation NN								recalculation NN
Definitive JJ									Definitive JJ
probability NN									probability NN
Roles NNS									Roles NNS
consolidations NNS								consolidations NNS
Horn NNP NN									Horn NNP NN
brown-edged JJ									brown-edged JJ
Pivot NNP									Pivot NNP
samurai FW NN									samurai FW NN
Trying VBG NNP									Trying VBG NNP
non-residents NNS								non-residents NNS
waltzing VBG									waltzing VBG
outguessing VBG									outguessing VBG
Denison NNP									Denison NNP
sausage-grinder NN								sausage-grinder NN
world-amid IN									world-amid IN
anti-Soviet JJ									anti-Soviet JJ
judgements NNS									judgements NNS
arrogate VB									arrogate VB
Taizo NNP									Taizo NNP
proprieties NNS									proprieties NNS
semesters NNS									semesters NNS
recycle VB									recycle VB
Reynolds NNP									Reynolds NNP
conceit NN									conceit NN
Seek NNP VBP									Seek NNP VBP
Prince NNP NN									Prince NNP NN
Femmes NNP									Femmes NNP
Long-term JJ NNP								Long-term JJ NNP
fines NNS NN									fines NNS NN
drive NN VBP VB									drive NN VBP VB
Lyceum NNP									Lyceum NNP
Reunification NN NNP								Reunification NN NNP
Pacemakers NNPS									Pacemakers NNPS
revenue-raisers NNS								revenue-raisers NNS
half-faced JJ									half-faced JJ
chemotherapy NN									chemotherapy NN
fiercely RB									fiercely RB
Retirement NNP NN								Retirement NNP NN
Response NNP NN									Response NNP NN
resignations NNS								resignations NNS
Rainy NNP									Rainy NNP
gasolines NNS									gasolines NNS
Loesser NNP									Loesser NNP
business... :									business... :
eighty-three CD									eighty-three CD
Hedges NNP									Hedges NNP
manganese NN									manganese NN
pastime NN									pastime NN
stairwells NNS									stairwells NNS
quarry NN									quarry NN
arrangements NNS								arrangements NNS
fitness NN									fitness NN
pinhead NN									pinhead NN
action-packed JJ								action-packed JJ
Vortex NNP NN									Vortex NNP NN
arming NN									arming NN
anti-lock JJ									anti-lock JJ
falsifying VBG									falsifying VBG
Sainted NNP									Sainted NNP
polyols NNS NN									polyols NNS NN
Baroque JJ NNP									Baroque JJ NNP
multi-agency JJ NN								multi-agency JJ NN
adjustable-rate JJ								adjustable-rate JJ
sleep-disorder JJ								sleep-disorder JJ
Crain NNP									Crain NNP
thump NN VB									thump NN VB
Swed NNP									Swed NNP
Jubal NNP									Jubal NNP
Vadim NNP									Vadim NNP
three-dimensional JJ								three-dimensional JJ
high-priced JJ									high-priced JJ
Cozumel NNP									Cozumel NNP
riverside NN									riverside NN
biopsy NN									biopsy NN
Guardsmen NNPS									Guardsmen NNPS
calmer JJR									calmer JJR
eight-times JJ									eight-times JJ
remanded VBD VBN								remanded VBD VBN
Veltri NNP									Veltri NNP
co-major NN									co-major NN
Intouch NNP									Intouch NNP
pro-tem JJ									pro-tem JJ
academics NNS									academics NNS
January-March NNP								January-March NNP
co-star NN									co-star NN
IT PRP										IT PRP
arms-export JJ									arms-export JJ
carcass NN									carcass NN
asbestosis NN									asbestosis NN
un-aided JJ									un-aided JJ
nudge VB NN									nudge VB NN
Barberton NNP									Barberton NNP
Mazzera NNP									Mazzera NNP
Succession NN NNP								Succession NN NNP
honeymooning NN									honeymooning NN
CWP NNP										CWP NNP
M&A NNP NN									M&A NNP NN
arguably RB									arguably RB
SS-25s NNPS									SS-25s NNPS
lots NNS									lots NNS
retching VBG NN									retching VBG NN
Prudhoe NNP									Prudhoe NNP
tax-free. JJ									tax-free. JJ
shelve VB									shelve VB
parts-suppliers NNS								parts-suppliers NNS
clock NN VBP									clock NN VBP
Specter NNP NN									Specter NNP NN
menstruation JJ									menstruation JJ
flying-mount NN									flying-mount NN
Raymond NNP									Raymond NNP
private-sector JJ NN								private-sector JJ NN
Christrian NNP									Christrian NNP
shipped VBN JJ VBD								shipped VBN JJ VBD
USO NNP										USO NNP
C.W. NNP									C.W. NNP
model-year JJ									model-year JJ
allocating VBG NN								allocating VBG NN
deflationist NN									deflationist NN
Schnitz NNP									Schnitz NNP
well-baby JJ									well-baby JJ
valued VBN JJ VBD								valued VBN JJ VBD
bureaucratic JJ									bureaucratic JJ
Aptitude NNP									Aptitude NNP
one-product NN									one-product NN
Toubro NNP									Toubro NNP
fieldmice NN									fieldmice NN
criteria NNS									criteria NNS
budget-reduction JJ								budget-reduction JJ
Fatima NNP									Fatima NNP
epilogue NN									epilogue NN
overestimates VBZ								overestimates VBZ
Sansom NNP									Sansom NNP
wide-grip JJ									wide-grip JJ
reply NN VB VBP									reply NN VB VBP
Langeland NNP									Langeland NNP
Guppy NNP									Guppy NNP
purging VBG NN									purging VBG NN
devisee NN									devisee NN
Mysterious JJ NNP								Mysterious JJ NNP
Unitarians NNPS NNP								Unitarians NNPS NNP
Honotassa NNP									Honotassa NNP
Cybex NNP									Cybex NNP
gunbarrel NN									gunbarrel NN
obey VB VBP									obey VB VBP
straight-talking JJ								straight-talking JJ
steam NN									steam NN
fracases NNS									fracases NNS
boarder NN									boarder NN
Nylev NNP									Nylev NNP
to'women's NNS									to'women's NNS
smuggle VB									smuggle VB
Eskridge NNP									Eskridge NNP
soft-looking JJ									soft-looking JJ
Naftalis NNP									Naftalis NNP
hatchet NN									hatchet NN
advancements NNS								advancements NNS
gore VB										gore VB
closer JJR JJ RB RBR								closer JJR JJ RB RBR
refining NN VBG									refining NN VBG
encyclopedias NNS								encyclopedias NNS
rented VBN JJ VBD								rented VBN JJ VBD
Americans NNPS NNP NNS VBP							Americans NNPS NNP NNS VBP
Madama NNP									Madama NNP
one-month-old JJ								one-month-old JJ
Rolette NNP									Rolette NNP
Tenure NN									Tenure NN
Gholamreza NNP									Gholamreza NNP
arrogantly RB									arrogantly RB
centrifugal JJ									centrifugal JJ
push-offs NNS									push-offs NNS
hairier JJR									hairier JJR
pie-in-the-sky JJ NN								pie-in-the-sky JJ NN
cultivated VBN JJ VBD								cultivated VBN JJ VBD
saber-toothed JJ								saber-toothed JJ
pilots NNS									pilots NNS
Macintosh NNP									Macintosh NNP
Express NNP JJ NN								Express NNP JJ NN
astray RB									astray RB
Danish JJ NNP									Danish JJ NNP
Freudenberger NNP								Freudenberger NNP
intentionally RB								intentionally RB
straw-and-mud JJ								straw-and-mud JJ
all-exclusive JJ								all-exclusive JJ
Interstate\/Johnson NNP								Interstate\/Johnson NNP
reapportion VBP									reapportion VBP
Rajiv NNP									Rajiv NNP
bucket NN									bucket NN
syllables NNS									syllables NNS
gene-copying JJ									gene-copying JJ
headings NNS									headings NNS
a.k.a. JJ									a.k.a. JJ
contrive VB									contrive VB
Lung-cancer NN									Lung-cancer NN
botanist NN									botanist NN
eyelid NN									eyelid NN
Fence-line JJ									Fence-line JJ
Hahnemann NNP									Hahnemann NNP
Butter NN									Butter NN
Industries NNPS NNP NNS								Industries NNPS NNP NNS
airline-acquisition JJ								airline-acquisition JJ
bachelors NNS									bachelors NNS
Often RB NNP									Often RB NNP
four-stroke JJ									four-stroke JJ
collectivization NN								collectivization NN
Inheritance NN									Inheritance NN
custom-die NN									custom-die NN
mealie-meal NN									mealie-meal NN
guess VBP NN VB									guess VBP NN VB
Goldfein NNP									Goldfein NNP
openers NNS									openers NNS
second-grader NN								second-grader NN
thunk NN									thunk NN
Gays NNS									Gays NNS
siting NN									siting NN
warrant NN VBP VB								warrant NN VBP VB
privacy NN									privacy NN
bundle NN VB									bundle NN VB
Korn\/Ferry NNP									Korn\/Ferry NNP
nepotism NN									nepotism NN
fences NNS									fences NNS
rung VBN NN									rung VBN NN
DevelopMate NNP									DevelopMate NNP
lids NNS									lids NNS
Eagleton-Newark NNP								Eagleton-Newark NNP
Eldred NNP									Eldred NNP
Tort NNP									Tort NNP
Hydrogen NN									Hydrogen NN
grumble VBP VB									grumble VBP VB
Clients NNS									Clients NNS
roemer NN									roemer NN
goodnight NN									goodnight NN
maul VB										maul VB
impracticable JJ								impracticable JJ
guideposts NNS									guideposts NNS
cowering VBG									cowering VBG
Sanjay NNP									Sanjay NNP
sculptures NNS									sculptures NNS
variously RB									variously RB
Vocational NNP JJ								Vocational NNP JJ
technology-transfer NN								technology-transfer NN
litigious JJ									litigious JJ
briquettes NNS									briquettes NNS
disadvantages NNS								disadvantages NNS
Konowitch NNP									Konowitch NNP
birth NN									birth NN
vain JJ RB									vain JJ RB
concretistic JJ									concretistic JJ
McElroy NNP									McElroy NNP
hearths NNS									hearths NNS
mainframe-manufacturing NN							mainframe-manufacturing NN
Centrex NNP									Centrex NNP
Bertie NNP									Bertie NNP
Solloway NNP									Solloway NNP
thesis NN									thesis NN
knock-out JJ									knock-out JJ
sighing VBG									sighing VBG
Urstadt NNP									Urstadt NNP
Quilted NNP									Quilted NNP
Geo. NNP									Geo. NNP
Shultis NNP									Shultis NNP
macaroni NNS NN									macaroni NNS NN
ebullient JJ									ebullient JJ
Soundview NNP									Soundview NNP
re-assumed VBN									re-assumed VBN
busload NN									busload NN
Elements NNS NNPS								Elements NNS NNPS
ENI NNP										ENI NNP
Cunin NNP									Cunin NNP
scouting VBG									scouting VBG
fluorescein-labeled JJ								fluorescein-labeled JJ
Leaves NNS									Leaves NNS
pickings NNS NN									pickings NNS NN
Maggie NNP									Maggie NNP
pi NN										pi NN
anti-cancer JJ									anti-cancer JJ
Awake NNP									Awake NNP
Naturally RB									Naturally RB
E.O. NNP									E.O. NNP
Thomson NNP NN									Thomson NNP NN
Shann NNP									Shann NNP
Cumbancheros NNP								Cumbancheros NNP
rewarded VBN VBD								rewarded VBN VBD
interwoven VBN VBD								interwoven VBN VBD
gibe NN										gibe NN
Leopold NNP									Leopold NNP
uninspired JJ									uninspired JJ
Inquisitor-General NNP								Inquisitor-General NNP
call VB JJ NN VBP								call VB JJ NN VBP
protective JJ NN								protective JJ NN
catastrophic-health JJ NN							catastrophic-health JJ NN
unlatch VB									unlatch VB
monoclonal-antibody NN								monoclonal-antibody NN
computer-assisted JJ								computer-assisted JJ
Exclusive JJ									Exclusive JJ
silkily RB									silkily RB
Takushoku NNP									Takushoku NNP
pre-crash JJ									pre-crash JJ
belong VB VBP JJ								belong VB VBP JJ
non-party JJ									non-party JJ
isotropic JJ									isotropic JJ
Dimes NNP									Dimes NNP
lecturers NNS									lecturers NNS
unmistakable JJ									unmistakable JJ
Sorbus NNP									Sorbus NNP
Persianesque JJ									Persianesque JJ
tarpaulins NNS									tarpaulins NNS
puts VBZ NNS									puts VBZ NNS
recently RB									recently RB
poem NN										poem NN
piston-brake NN									piston-brake NN
bodyworkers NNS									bodyworkers NNS
Vaikule NNP									Vaikule NNP
Richter NNP JJR									Richter NNP JJR
measurements NNS								measurements NNS
bondsman NN									bondsman NN
causal JJ									causal JJ
--including IN VBG								--including IN VBG
Soliz NNP									Soliz NNP
fixations NNS									fixations NNS
Pastor NNP									Pastor NNP
maddening JJ VBG								maddening JJ VBG
locus NN									locus NN
worthier JJR									worthier JJR
recover VB VBP									recover VB VBP
Setting VBG									Setting VBG
broadening VBG NN								broadening VBG NN
zest NN										zest NN
change-ringing NN								change-ringing NN
tonal JJ									tonal JJ
electricals NNS									electricals NNS
plug-in JJ									plug-in JJ
Government-owned JJ								Government-owned JJ
Progress NN NNP									Progress NN NNP
single-cell JJ									single-cell JJ
superior JJ NN									superior JJ NN
Mundo NNP									Mundo NNP
homelands NNS									homelands NNS
saucy JJ									saucy JJ
Pie NNP										Pie NNP
Minera NNP									Minera NNP
hisself PRP									hisself PRP
Arseneault NNP									Arseneault NNP
Parella NNP									Parella NNP
blossom VB JJ NN								blossom VB JJ NN
editorialist NN									editorialist NN
non-communists NNS								non-communists NNS
Damp JJ										Damp JJ
forte NN									forte NN
Transatlantic NNP								Transatlantic NNP
Wondering VBG									Wondering VBG
Iveco NNP									Iveco NNP
progess NN									progess NN
two-record JJ									two-record JJ
environmentally RB								environmentally RB
fugual JJ									fugual JJ
how WRB										how WRB
Reserved NNP VBN								Reserved NNP VBN
jubilantly RB									jubilantly RB
Brizola NNP									Brizola NNP
bed NN VB VBP									bed NN VB VBP
bemoaning VBG									bemoaning VBG
lawlessness NN									lawlessness NN
refocusing NN VBG								refocusing NN VBG
monologues NNS									monologues NNS
smog-ridden JJ									smog-ridden JJ
rip-roaring JJ									rip-roaring JJ
FFr1 NNP									FFr1 NNP
Willows NNS									Willows NNS
rip VB NN									rip VB NN
tobacco-product JJ								tobacco-product JJ
chelas NNS									chelas NNS
sitters NNS									sitters NNS
Seattle-Northwest NNP								Seattle-Northwest NNP
brown-coal NN									brown-coal NN
Bloch NNP									Bloch NNP
decelerated VBN									decelerated VBN
yearlings NNS									yearlings NNS
block-trading NN								block-trading NN
immoralities NNS								immoralities NNS
selectivity NN									selectivity NN
ilk NN										ilk NN
Sosuke NNP									Sosuke NNP
malice NN									malice NN
roaring VBG JJ NN								roaring VBG JJ NN
Tabit NNP									Tabit NNP
outcast NN									outcast NN
towering JJ VBG									towering JJ VBG
segments NNS									segments NNS
Group-of-Seven NN								Group-of-Seven NN
likened VBD VBN									likened VBD VBN
Spaced NNP									Spaced NNP
curriculum NN									curriculum NN
lopsided JJ									lopsided JJ
Mutchin NNP									Mutchin NNP
Beretta NNP									Beretta NNP
Dorens NNP									Dorens NNP
Lessing NNP									Lessing NNP
unpegged JJ									unpegged JJ
Picks VBZ									Picks VBZ
bonded VBN JJ									bonded VBN JJ
two-year-old JJ NN								two-year-old JJ NN
McGroarty NNP									McGroarty NNP
searchers NNS									searchers NNS
Musically RB									Musically RB
hard JJ RB									hard JJ RB
Desheng NNP									Desheng NNP
take-out NN									take-out NN
deeds NNS VBZ									deeds NNS VBZ
residents NNS									residents NNS
Georgi NNP									Georgi NNP
Jurong NNP									Jurong NNP
maturation NN									maturation NN
toconsolidated VBN								toconsolidated VBN
survivals NNS									survivals NNS
stopper NN									stopper NN
napkins NNS									napkins NNS
pods NNS									pods NNS
Steep NNP									Steep NNP
Sanson NNP									Sanson NNP
displacement NN									displacement NN
Augustine NNP									Augustine NNP
putter NN									putter NN
ever-greater JJ									ever-greater JJ
lien NN										lien NN
Bead NN										Bead NN
persevere VB VBP								persevere VB VBP
shudder VB VBP									shudder VB VBP
Sainte-Chapelle NNP								Sainte-Chapelle NNP
escaping VBG									escaping VBG
filled VBN JJ VBD								filled VBN JJ VBD
disappoints VBZ									disappoints VBZ
tower NN VB									tower NN VB
retail-sized JJ									retail-sized JJ
feat NN										feat NN
Differential JJ									Differential JJ
millon NN									millon NN
Officers NNS NNPS NN NNP							Officers NNS NNPS NN NNP
midshipmen NNS									midshipmen NNS
customization NN								customization NN
relied VBN VB VBD								relied VBN VB VBD
PageAmerica NNP									PageAmerica NNP
magnet NN									magnet NN
Sega NNP									Sega NNP
WIN NNP										WIN NNP
Elizabeth NNP									Elizabeth NNP
mother-of-pearl JJ NN								mother-of-pearl JJ NN
Teschner NNP									Teschner NNP
closes VBZ NNS NN								closes VBZ NNS NN
LTV NNP										LTV NNP
Mizell NNP									Mizell NNP
noncontract JJ									noncontract JJ
Shawmut NNP									Shawmut NNP
Lennon NNP									Lennon NNP
Horsham NNP									Horsham NNP
medal NN									medal NN
discomfited JJ									discomfited JJ
impromptu JJ NN									impromptu JJ NN
Lafayette NNP NN								Lafayette NNP NN
arousing VBG									arousing VBG
mandated VBN VBD								mandated VBN VBD
litigated VBN									litigated VBN
Bellini NNP NNS									Bellini NNP NNS
Komsomol NNP									Komsomol NNP
manly JJ									manly JJ
reflectors NNS									reflectors NNS
conventioneers NNS								conventioneers NNS
but... :									but... :
buy-outs NNS									buy-outs NNS
Mikie NNP									Mikie NNP
ill-advised JJ									ill-advised JJ
converters NNS									converters NNS
varies VBZ									varies VBZ
my PRP$ UH PRP JJ								my PRP$ UH PRP JJ
fluoropolymer NN								fluoropolymer NN
handmaiden NN									handmaiden NN
bloodbath NN									bloodbath NN
Volvo-Renault NNP								Volvo-Renault NNP
Nuit NNP									Nuit NNP
collects VBZ									collects VBZ
Jukes NNP									Jukes NNP
mismatch NN									mismatch NN
buzz NN JJ VB									buzz NN JJ VB
Traits NNP									Traits NNP
USP NNP										USP NNP
inter-company JJ								inter-company JJ
Graciela NNP									Graciela NNP
Ct NNP										Ct NNP
receded VBD VBN									receded VBD VBN
Approach NNP									Approach NNP
outstrip VB									outstrip VB
legend NN									legend NN
Hooked VBD									Hooked VBD
volatile JJ									volatile JJ
Amarillo NNP									Amarillo NNP
guest NN JJ									guest NN JJ
Ligachev NNP									Ligachev NNP
Blankenship NNP									Blankenship NNP
convicted VBN VBD								convicted VBN VBD
visual JJ									visual JJ
roadbed NN									roadbed NN
stairway NN									stairway NN
vacationer NN									vacationer NN
Disapproval NN									Disapproval NN
Hackettstown NNP								Hackettstown NNP
chemical-arms-control JJ							chemical-arms-control JJ
Intra-European JJ								Intra-European JJ
Willowbridge NNP								Willowbridge NNP
crushing VBG JJ NN								crushing VBG JJ NN
mouthful NN									mouthful NN
dust NN VB VBP									dust NN VB VBP
port-side JJ									port-side JJ
occasionally RB									occasionally RB
Lumbera NNP									Lumbera NNP
Ex-Cub JJ									Ex-Cub JJ
Hockey NNP									Hockey NNP
Associate NNP JJ NN								Associate NNP JJ NN
flower-inscribed JJ								flower-inscribed JJ
schematically RB								schematically RB
Rosalco NNP									Rosalco NNP
old-line JJ NN									old-line JJ NN
McCann NNP									McCann NNP
conforms VBZ									conforms VBZ
low-moisture JJ									low-moisture JJ
Parliamentarians NNP								Parliamentarians NNP
Northbrook NNP									Northbrook NNP
entrant NN									entrant NN
Feng-hsiung NNP									Feng-hsiung NNP
gazing VBG									gazing VBG
A-26 CD										A-26 CD
dropoff NN									dropoff NN
Mechanicsburg NNP								Mechanicsburg NNP
pre-World-War JJ								pre-World-War JJ
wrestling VBG NN								wrestling VBG NN
directionally RB								directionally RB
wanders VBZ									wanders VBZ
ratios NNS									ratios NNS
second-consecutive JJ								second-consecutive JJ
dammed VBD									dammed VBD
Ponkob NNP									Ponkob NNP
Test-preparation JJ								Test-preparation JJ
Canadian-U.S. JJ								Canadian-U.S. JJ
Manigat NNP									Manigat NNP
extortion NN									extortion NN
one-of-a-kind JJ								one-of-a-kind JJ
toymakers NNS									toymakers NNS
supremacy NN									supremacy NN
Raheem NNP									Raheem NNP
Cahners NNP									Cahners NNP
Robertsons NNPS									Robertsons NNPS
JP NNP										JP NNP
flood-control JJ								flood-control JJ
unrealized JJ									unrealized JJ
Austin NNP									Austin NNP
Hollins NNP									Hollins NNP
faze VB										faze VB
Integraph NNP									Integraph NNP
Moines NNP									Moines NNP
newsboy NN									newsboy NN
Illusion NNP									Illusion NNP
spook VBP									spook VBP
befouled VBN									befouled VBN
Priestess NNP									Priestess NNP
Beecham NNP									Beecham NNP
before-tax JJ									before-tax JJ
accepted VBN VBN|JJ VBD JJ							accepted VBN VBN|JJ VBD JJ
schemes NNS									schemes NNS
bonkers JJ									bonkers JJ
teammate NN									teammate NN
exchanged VBN VBD								exchanged VBN VBD
Eppner NNP									Eppner NNP
Currently RB NNP								Currently RB NNP
'I'm VBP NN									'I'm VBP NN
Moeller NNP									Moeller NNP
facility NN									facility NN
Spendthrift NNP									Spendthrift NNP
intactible JJ									intactible JJ
spread-out JJ									spread-out JJ
thermometer NN									thermometer NN
R-Bergen NNP									R-Bergen NNP
Wickcliffe NNP									Wickcliffe NNP
Practice NNP NN									Practice NNP NN
Significantly RB								Significantly RB
Severence NNP									Severence NNP
country NN									country NN
Despite IN									Despite IN
Robles NNP									Robles NNP
stop-payment NN									stop-payment NN
stationary JJ									stationary JJ
addiction NN									addiction NN
sloping VBG JJ									sloping VBG JJ
clays NNS									clays NNS
Sattig NNP									Sattig NNP
Krasnik NNP									Krasnik NNP
Bershad NNP									Bershad NNP
sea-horses NNS									sea-horses NNS
non-Swedish JJ									non-Swedish JJ
licentiousness NN								licentiousness NN
less-perfectly RBR								less-perfectly RBR
calm JJ NN VB									calm JJ NN VB
Savimbi NNP									Savimbi NNP
FII NNP										FII NNP
caches NNS									caches NNS
pre-Punic JJ									pre-Punic JJ
jocks NNS									jocks NNS
roofing NN									roofing NN
agendas NNS									agendas NNS
Levki NNP									Levki NNP
unhusked VBN									unhusked VBN
dwelled VBN									dwelled VBN
Teach VBP									Teach VBP
owned VBN VBD JJ								owned VBN VBD JJ
putt NN VB									putt NN VB
tomato-red NN									tomato-red NN
fully-diluted JJ								fully-diluted JJ
non-contact JJ									non-contact JJ
December NNP									December NNP
self-perceived JJ								self-perceived JJ
half-starved JJ									half-starved JJ
extrapolate VB									extrapolate VB
Plea NN										Plea NN
Wirth NNP									Wirth NNP
mid-1990 CD NN									mid-1990 CD NN
Asean JJ									Asean JJ
Farina NNP									Farina NNP
Asarco NNP									Asarco NNP
creditworthiness NN								creditworthiness NN
Canelo NNP									Canelo NNP
spirituals NNS									spirituals NNS
kick-offs NNS									kick-offs NNS
KK NNP										KK NNP
mid-1986 NN									mid-1986 NN
electroreality NN								electroreality NN
LaSalle NNP									LaSalle NNP
copied VBN VBD									copied VBN VBD
So-Ho NNP									So-Ho NNP
showgirls NNS									showgirls NNS
spent VBD JJ VBN								spent VBD JJ VBN
informer JJ									informer JJ
Gandhi NNP									Gandhi NNP
bear-like JJ									bear-like JJ
do-or-die JJ									do-or-die JJ
formed VBN VBD JJ								formed VBN VBD JJ
Lobo NNP									Lobo NNP
nectaries NNS									nectaries NNS
eclipses NNS									eclipses NNS
nosedived VBD									nosedived VBD
uncertainties NNS								uncertainties NNS
shipping VBG NN									shipping VBG NN
'' '' VBD SYM NN								'' '' VBD SYM NN
Christ-like JJ									Christ-like JJ
stephanotis NN									stephanotis NN
sapling NN									sapling NN
name-plating JJ									name-plating JJ
prohibit VB VBP									prohibit VB VBP
Dares NNP									Dares NNP
Salamander NNP									Salamander NNP
lever NN									lever NN
riddled VBN JJ									riddled VBN JJ
reduce VB VBP									reduce VB VBP
matinals FW									matinals FW
housing-construction NN								housing-construction NN
Disk NN										Disk NN
rustler-hunter NN								rustler-hunter NN
bumming VBG									bumming VBG
mats NNS									mats NNS
one-liners NNS									one-liners NNS
polishing VBG NN VBG|NN								polishing VBG NN VBG|NN
Nucor NNP									Nucor NNP
gut-flattening JJ								gut-flattening JJ
clattering VBG									clattering VBG
value-story JJ									value-story JJ
topography NN									topography NN
oughta MD NN									oughta MD NN
Kinnock NNP									Kinnock NNP
Evans-Black NNP									Evans-Black NNP
Metrocorp NNP									Metrocorp NNP
off-the-shelf JJ								off-the-shelf JJ
Strobel NNP									Strobel NNP
MicroAge NNP									MicroAge NNP
Publicly RB									Publicly RB
scholar-businessman NN								scholar-businessman NN
stonemason NN									stonemason NN
dominate VB VBP									dominate VB VBP
bolo NN										bolo NN
hindering VBG JJ								hindering VBG JJ
Fixit NNP									Fixit NNP
refugee NN									refugee NN
Pasha NNP									Pasha NNP
inserts NNS									inserts NNS
Heavily RB									Heavily RB
Rover NNP									Rover NNP
motorists NNS									motorists NNS
fifty-nine CD									fifty-nine CD
skipping VBG									skipping VBG
Fe NNP										Fe NNP
Lumina NNP									Lumina NNP
timing NN VBG									timing NN VBG
bio-assay NN									bio-assay NN
Maitland NNP									Maitland NNP
erasable JJ									erasable JJ
File NN VB									File NN VB
Facilitatory JJ									Facilitatory JJ
bee NN										bee NN
Benediction NNP									Benediction NNP
unleavened JJ									unleavened JJ
Reacting VBG									Reacting VBG
McChicken NNP									McChicken NNP
manhours NNS									manhours NNS
Unused JJ									Unused JJ
Ong NNP										Ong NNP
source NN									source NN
inescapable JJ									inescapable JJ
firewater NN									firewater NN
radiomen NNS									radiomen NNS
evaluates VBZ									evaluates VBZ
non-warranty NN									non-warranty NN
Disaffiliation NN								Disaffiliation NN
aborigines NNS									aborigines NNS
Goodbody NNP									Goodbody NNP
treasurers NNS									treasurers NNS
unabatingly RB									unabatingly RB
relentlessly RB									relentlessly RB
vigor NN									vigor NN
Cracklin NNP									Cracklin NNP
hare NN										hare NN
supercolliding VBG								supercolliding VBG
entails VBZ									entails VBZ
Fooled VBN									Fooled VBN
Nibelungenlied NNP								Nibelungenlied NNP
Schroeder NNP									Schroeder NNP
variable-rate JJ								variable-rate JJ
closet NN									closet NN
unblemished JJ									unblemished JJ
Hints NNS									Hints NNS
Shamu NNP									Shamu NNP
Marley NNP									Marley NNP
tad NN RB									tad NN RB
Scottish NNP JJ									Scottish NNP JJ
waterside NN									waterside NN
Unconstitutional JJ								Unconstitutional JJ
illustrations NNS								illustrations NNS
license NN VBP VB								license NN VBP VB
McInroy NNP									McInroy NNP
bete JJ										bete JJ
Dryfoos NNP									Dryfoos NNP
ill JJ NNS NN RB								ill JJ NNS NN RB
interpret VB VBP								interpret VB VBP
Mylar NNP									Mylar NNP
Stalag NNP									Stalag NNP
bishopry NN									bishopry NN
shifters NNS									shifters NNS
Fogler NNP									Fogler NNP
Buries VBZ									Buries VBZ
Detectives NNP									Detectives NNP
AgResource NNP									AgResource NNP
powertrain NN									powertrain NN
evenutally RB									evenutally RB
liquefied VBN									liquefied VBN
Palatine NNP									Palatine NNP
Analytic NNP									Analytic NNP
ostinatos NNS									ostinatos NNS
chronicler NN									chronicler NN
dislodge VB									dislodge VB
operator NN									operator NN
jewel-bright RB									jewel-bright RB
Baltimore-Washington NNP							Baltimore-Washington NNP
ellipses NNS									ellipses NNS
strips NNS VBZ									strips NNS VBZ
soldering JJ VBG								soldering JJ VBG
death-backed JJ									death-backed JJ
Andrena NNP									Andrena NNP
derelicts NNS									derelicts NNS
Mach NN										Mach NN
Stena-Tiphook NNP								Stena-Tiphook NNP
Bante NNP									Bante NNP
out-group NN									out-group NN
Sutermeister NNP								Sutermeister NNP
Annualized VBN JJ								Annualized VBN JJ
annoys VBZ									annoys VBZ
bond NN JJ									bond NN JJ
Scotia-McLeod NNP								Scotia-McLeod NNP
sews VBZ									sews VBZ
casino-hotel NN NN|JJ								casino-hotel NN NN|JJ
quill-pen JJ									quill-pen JJ
sworn VBN JJ									sworn VBN JJ
oil-covered JJ									oil-covered JJ
airlock NN									airlock NN
considerable JJ									considerable JJ
revenue-losing JJ								revenue-losing JJ
Polyphosphates NNS								Polyphosphates NNS
blander JJR									blander JJR
flng VB										flng VB
Mayne NNP									Mayne NNP
month-earlier JJ								month-earlier JJ
sunshiny JJ									sunshiny JJ
barest JJS									barest JJS
vigorous JJ									vigorous JJ
Table NN NNP									Table NN NNP
Colzani NNP									Colzani NNP
chewed VBD VBN									chewed VBD VBN
Sinkula NNP									Sinkula NNP
GEC NNP										GEC NNP
Pines NNP									Pines NNP
traffickers NNS									traffickers NNS
Hammerton NNP									Hammerton NNP
turbans NNS									turbans NNS
Source:New NNP									Source:New NNP
parity NN									parity NN
Heller\ NNP									Heller\ NNP
bathed VBN VBD									bathed VBN VBD
Congratulations NNS UH								Congratulations NNS UH
non-direct JJ									non-direct JJ
fast-forward JJ									fast-forward JJ
mutates VBZ									mutates VBZ
CityFed NNP									CityFed NNP
Goldwyn NNP									Goldwyn NNP
Legislating VBG									Legislating VBG
accelerated VBN JJ VBD								accelerated VBN JJ VBD
Computer-generated JJ								Computer-generated JJ
pullback NN									pullback NN
Towle NNP									Towle NNP
Stockhausen NNP									Stockhausen NNP
half-owned JJ									half-owned JJ
madrigaling NN									madrigaling NN
teachings NNS									teachings NNS
Goldenthal NNP									Goldenthal NNP
Hoenlein NNP									Hoenlein NNP
Francaise NNP									Francaise NNP
Crunch VB NN									Crunch VB NN
cryptic JJ									cryptic JJ
platforms NNS									platforms NNS
afterthought NN									afterthought NN
expressive JJ									expressive JJ
all-over IN									all-over IN
marionettes NNS									marionettes NNS
Chorrillos NNP									Chorrillos NNP
longitudinal JJ									longitudinal JJ
staged VBD VBN									staged VBD VBN
DEAE-cellulose-treated NN							DEAE-cellulose-treated NN
ship-to-surface NN								ship-to-surface NN
Revivals NNS									Revivals NNS
aspens NNS									aspens NNS
sound NN JJ RB VB VBP VBZ							sound NN JJ RB VB VBP VBZ
mid-1991 CD NN									mid-1991 CD NN
debut NN VB VBP									debut NN VB VBP
hero-worship NN									hero-worship NN
Cosmetic NNP									Cosmetic NNP
rancher NN									rancher NN
Shape NNP NN									Shape NNP NN
mid-1987 NN CD									mid-1987 NN CD
raw-sugar JJ									raw-sugar JJ
wheellike JJ									wheellike JJ
previous-month JJ								previous-month JJ
domicile NN									domicile NN
Sternenberg NNP									Sternenberg NNP
preisolated VBN									preisolated VBN
Imam NNP									Imam NNP
many-bodied JJ									many-bodied JJ
Durrell NNP									Durrell NNP
DTF NN										DTF NN
salt-fractionation NN								salt-fractionation NN
disturbing JJ VBG								disturbing JJ VBG
Mail-order NN									Mail-order NN
Ballhaus NNP									Ballhaus NNP
availabilities NNS								availabilities NNS
credit-services NNS								credit-services NNS
blazer NN									blazer NN
global-funds JJ									global-funds JJ
roughish JJ									roughish JJ
look-see NN									look-see NN
Mayors NNS									Mayors NNS
Advisor NNP									Advisor NNP
Althea NNP									Althea NNP
Agri NNP									Agri NNP
Scot NNP NN									Scot NNP NN
fault-tolerant JJ								fault-tolerant JJ
Pershare JJ									Pershare JJ
minutes NNS									minutes NNS
mechanics NNS									mechanics NNS
Kleinwort NNP									Kleinwort NNP
Sassy NNP JJ									Sassy NNP JJ
a'show VB									a'show VB
light-bulb NN									light-bulb NN
imperilled VBN									imperilled VBN
year-'round JJ NN								year-'round JJ NN
Lippmann NNP									Lippmann NNP
full-banded JJ									full-banded JJ
sausage NN									sausage NN
spasms NNS									spasms NNS
turning VBG JJ NN								turning VBG JJ NN
Swinging VBG									Swinging VBG
concentration NN								concentration NN
circumscribed JJ								circumscribed JJ
gentian NN									gentian NN
cheap-wine JJ									cheap-wine JJ
clerics NNS									clerics NNS
repackage VB									repackage VB
chops NNS									chops NNS
solid JJ NN RB									solid JJ NN RB
bastion NN									bastion NN
operina NN									operina NN
appetizer NN									appetizer NN
Pantasaph NNP									Pantasaph NNP
cachet NN									cachet NN
sewers NNS									sewers NNS
IV NNP										IV NNP
criticisms NNS									criticisms NNS
rates NNS VBZ									rates NNS VBZ
experiences NNS VBZ								experiences NNS VBZ
ethyl NN									ethyl NN
Micelles NNS									Micelles NNS
Rawson NNP									Rawson NNP
Laurene NNP									Laurene NNP
yelps NNS									yelps NNS
gelatin-like JJ									gelatin-like JJ
chronicles VBZ NNS								chronicles VBZ NNS
uptake NN									uptake NN
kedgeree NN									kedgeree NN
monkeys NNS									monkeys NNS
accounting-rules JJ								accounting-rules JJ
Telesystems NNP NNS								Telesystems NNP NNS
holiday-season JJ NN								holiday-season JJ NN
--forcing JJ									--forcing JJ
pry VB										pry VB
dovetails VBZ									dovetails VBZ
The'lock-in JJ									The'lock-in JJ
Smith-Kline NNP									Smith-Kline NNP
predatory JJ									predatory JJ
Diligence NNP									Diligence NNP
lances NNS									lances NNS
Purloined NNP									Purloined NNP
volunteerism NN									volunteerism NN
contingencies NNS								contingencies NNS
Nagelvoort NNP									Nagelvoort NNP
Gums NNS									Gums NNS
PAN NNP										PAN NNP
lonelier RBR									lonelier RBR
gut NN VB									gut NN VB
maddeningly RB									maddeningly RB
multiplicity NN									multiplicity NN
mantlepiece NN									mantlepiece NN
Succeed NNP									Succeed NNP
Carreon NNP									Carreon NNP
Forerunner NNP									Forerunner NNP
horsemen NNS									horsemen NNS
Conn NNP									Conn NNP
Sousa NNP									Sousa NNP
subjecting VBG									subjecting VBG
taunted VBD VBN									taunted VBD VBN
Ohbayashi NNP NNS								Ohbayashi NNP NNS
Anlage NNP									Anlage NNP
elastomers NNS									elastomers NNS
Orthopedic NNP									Orthopedic NNP
cafeteria-style JJ								cafeteria-style JJ
unleashing VBG NN								unleashing VBG NN
perpetuated VBN									perpetuated VBN
Senorita NNP									Senorita NNP
'`` ``										'`` ``
Konzerthaus NNP									Konzerthaus NNP
mutterings NNS									mutterings NNS
Movements NNS									Movements NNS
mailing NN VBG									mailing NN VBG
deferred VBN VBD JJ								deferred VBN VBD JJ
brokered JJ VBD VBN								brokered JJ VBD VBN
riveting VBG JJ									riveting VBG JJ
summoned VBN VBD								summoned VBN VBD
Centennial NNP									Centennial NNP
pupated VBN									pupated VBN
prelude NN									prelude NN
polarization NN									polarization NN
yardage NN									yardage NN
operator-services NNS								operator-services NNS
Gyllensten NNP									Gyllensten NNP
fuel-guzzling JJ								fuel-guzzling JJ
sidelining VBG									sidelining VBG
Lazar NNP									Lazar NNP
blubber NN									blubber NN
plus CC IN JJ NN RB								plus CC IN JJ NN RB
Randall NNP									Randall NNP
relieved VBN VBD JJ								relieved VBN VBD JJ
homogenized VBN									homogenized VBN
Homeric NNP JJ									Homeric NNP JJ
ineffectiveness NN								ineffectiveness NN
pills NNS									pills NNS
rubies NNS									rubies NNS
surveillance NN									surveillance NN
calculating VBG JJ NN								calculating VBG JJ NN
soybean-meal NN									soybean-meal NN
Summers NNP									Summers NNP
gurgle NN									gurgle NN
Alamein NNP									Alamein NNP
Homer NNP									Homer NNP
fund NN VBP VB									fund NN VBP VB
recreational-vehicle NN JJ							recreational-vehicle NN JJ
Scotch NNP JJ NN								Scotch NNP JJ NN
cleanse VB									cleanse VB
Caspita NNP									Caspita NNP
engagingly RB									engagingly RB
hindsight NN									hindsight NN
melt-textured JJ								melt-textured JJ
romancers NNS									romancers NNS
peering VBG									peering VBG
eighty-four CD									eighty-four CD
defecting VBG									defecting VBG
fatal JJ									fatal JJ
Oil-field NN									Oil-field NN
subscribers NNS									subscribers NNS
recognizes VBZ									recognizes VBZ
Egan NNP									Egan NNP
Haynie NNP									Haynie NNP
emigrating VBG									emigrating VBG
adventurously RB								adventurously RB
antisocial JJ									antisocial JJ
silver NN JJ JJR								silver NN JJ JJR
Finalists NNS									Finalists NNS
overtures NNS									overtures NNS
philosophized VBD								philosophized VBD
paradigm NN									paradigm NN
matt NN										matt NN
saw-horse NN									saw-horse NN
dismembering VBG								dismembering VBG
hedonistic JJ									hedonistic JJ
sobered VBN VBD									sobered VBN VBD
Ripplemeyer NNP									Ripplemeyer NNP
Sport NNP NN									Sport NNP NN
Seen VBN									Seen VBN
Solna NNP									Solna NNP
greenhouses NNS									greenhouses NNS
Drunk JJ NNP									Drunk JJ NNP
nudes NNS									nudes NNS
relief NN									relief NN
clamshells NNS									clamshells NNS
Easily RB									Easily RB
Peaceable NNP JJ								Peaceable NNP JJ
extra-thick JJ									extra-thick JJ
Steer VB									Steer VB
joyless JJ									joyless JJ
permission NN									permission NN
mortgage-securities JJ								mortgage-securities JJ
unnerving VBG JJ								unnerving VBG JJ
residues NNS									residues NNS
obstruction NN									obstruction NN
emancipate VB									emancipate VB
interferes VBZ									interferes VBZ
print-out JJ									print-out JJ
Iverson NNP									Iverson NNP
Notably RB									Notably RB
fixes NNS									fixes NNS
DSL NNP										DSL NNP
Important JJ NNP								Important JJ NNP
infestation NN									infestation NN
Thin JJ NNP									Thin JJ NNP
poignantly RB									poignantly RB
op NNP NN									op NNP NN
bushwhackin JJ									bushwhackin JJ
Ichi NNP									Ichi NNP
Container NNP									Container NNP
Painters NNS									Painters NNS
tiger NN									tiger NN
Welko NNP									Welko NNP
Varani NNP									Varani NNP
TWX NNP										TWX NNP
NME NNP										NME NNP
Raisa NNP									Raisa NNP
industrialize VB								industrialize VB
franchisor NN									franchisor NN
surrealistic JJ									surrealistic JJ
hermeneutics NN									hermeneutics NN
Ek NNP										Ek NNP
acute JJ NN									acute JJ NN
mind-numbing JJ									mind-numbing JJ
Canada-U.S. NNP									Canada-U.S. NNP
Suns NNPS NNS									Suns NNPS NNS
Philistines NNPS								Philistines NNPS
Napoleonic JJ									Napoleonic JJ
participant NN									participant NN
widowhood NN									widowhood NN
Yin-Yang NNP									Yin-Yang NNP
implant NN VB									implant NN VB
MacWeek NNP									MacWeek NNP
lower-priority JJ								lower-priority JJ
berserk JJ RB									berserk JJ RB
Teller NNP NN									Teller NNP NN
jocose JJ									jocose JJ
horrified VBN JJ								horrified VBN JJ
Montaigne NNP									Montaigne NNP
Calpers NNP									Calpers NNP
afflictions NNS									afflictions NNS
Heart-measuring JJ								Heart-measuring JJ
clique NN									clique NN
non-Mexican JJ									non-Mexican JJ
forklifts NNS									forklifts NNS
UTL JJ										UTL JJ
car-parts JJ									car-parts JJ
mid-1992 NN									mid-1992 NN
Pushing VBG									Pushing VBG
medical-practice NN								medical-practice NN
Clapping VBG									Clapping VBG
Salem NNP									Salem NNP
beauty-idiom NN									beauty-idiom NN
meritless JJ									meritless JJ
Pupil NN									Pupil NN
mid-1988 CD NN									mid-1988 CD NN
Nahas NNP									Nahas NNP
puffery NN									puffery NN
enticements NNS									enticements NNS
price-cutting NN JJ								price-cutting NN JJ
superimpose VB VBP								superimpose VB VBP
Manzanec NNP									Manzanec NNP
professedly RB									professedly RB
Lonnie NNP									Lonnie NNP
skirts NNS VBZ									skirts NNS VBZ
Guerin NNP									Guerin NNP
deliver VB VBP									deliver VB VBP
Borax NNP									Borax NNP
Kikuyu NNP									Kikuyu NNP
sawing NN									sawing NN
internationalizing VBG								internationalizing VBG
lion's-head NN									lion's-head NN
Dworkin NNP									Dworkin NNP
Polyanka NNP									Polyanka NNP
Forgoing VBG									Forgoing VBG
ostentatious JJ									ostentatious JJ
pharmacist NN									pharmacist NN
aping VBG									aping VBG
Easton NNP									Easton NNP
idleness NN									idleness NN
Blue-chips NNS									Blue-chips NNS
Method NN									Method NN
Chef NNP									Chef NNP
intellectus FW									intellectus FW
Angelina NNP									Angelina NNP
f'ovuh VB									f'ovuh VB
seisho FW									seisho FW
valor NN									valor NN
tae FW										tae FW
Play NNP NN VB									Play NNP NN VB
registrant NN									registrant NN
Wednesdays NNS NNPS								Wednesdays NNS NNPS
vulture NN									vulture NN
institutional JJ								institutional JJ
republics NNS									republics NNS
LaFalce NNP									LaFalce NNP
bone NN										bone NN
ranches NNS									ranches NNS
Colonel NNP NN									Colonel NNP NN
Dingell-Waxman NNP								Dingell-Waxman NNP
Feess NNP									Feess NNP
corporates NNS									corporates NNS
dispossessed VBN JJ								dispossessed VBN JJ
record-keeping NN JJ								record-keeping NN JJ
Judeo-Christian JJ								Judeo-Christian JJ
order-processing JJ								order-processing JJ
once-distinct JJ								once-distinct JJ
silken JJ									silken JJ
Menem NNP									Menem NNP
self-dictate NN									self-dictate NN
Chairmen NNS									Chairmen NNS
leered VBD									leered VBD
hurdled VBD									hurdled VBD
twice RB JJ									twice RB JJ
Cagayan NNP									Cagayan NNP
toxicology NN									toxicology NN
Euphoria NNP									Euphoria NNP
queued JJ									queued JJ
amelioration NN									amelioration NN
Volk NNP									Volk NNP
Monroe NNP									Monroe NNP
international-operations NNS							international-operations NNS
Buckles NNP									Buckles NNP
matrix NN									matrix NN
Philippine-studies NN								Philippine-studies NN
histrionics NNS									histrionics NNS
middle-range JJ									middle-range JJ
reverential JJ									reverential JJ
in-office JJ									in-office JJ
Ababa NNP									Ababa NNP
FHP NNP										FHP NNP
indifference NN									indifference NN
TV-Cable NNP									TV-Cable NNP
hiring VBG NN									hiring VBG NN
bakeries NNS									bakeries NNS
Cavalli NNP									Cavalli NNP
Squadron NNP									Squadron NNP
courage NN									courage NN
upland JJ RB									upland JJ RB
car-owners NNS									car-owners NNS
morass NN									morass NN
Leagues NNPS									Leagues NNPS
Selkirkers NNS									Selkirkers NNS
reoffering VBG NN								reoffering VBG NN
non-violent JJ									non-violent JJ
Wako NNP									Wako NNP
gorged VBD									gorged VBD
Already RB									Already RB
Beacon NNP									Beacon NNP
overreaches VBZ									overreaches VBZ
Chilmark NNP									Chilmark NNP
the'magic JJ									the'magic JJ
newsroom NN									newsroom NN
Goldang UH									Goldang UH
J.T. NNP									J.T. NNP
appointed VBN JJ VBD								appointed VBN JJ VBD
Hunting NN									Hunting NN
inversion NN									inversion NN
billionnaire NN									billionnaire NN
ghastly JJ									ghastly JJ
spirited JJ VBN									spirited JJ VBN
kolkhozes NNS									kolkhozes NNS
Stock-market NN									Stock-market NN
Ga NNP										Ga NNP
Bayne NNP									Bayne NNP
stirringly RB									stirringly RB
Needs NNS									Needs NNS
pre-consumption NN								pre-consumption NN
Lock NNP									Lock NNP
Roman NNP JJ NNPS								Roman NNP JJ NNPS
crime\/comedy NN								crime\/comedy NN
Peebles NNP									Peebles NNP
Garrick NNP									Garrick NNP
waffled VBD VBN									waffled VBD VBN
MB NNP										MB NNP
Purnick NNP									Purnick NNP
Leming NNP									Leming NNP
prophesied VBD VBN								prophesied VBD VBN
erected VBN VBD									erected VBN VBD
Goriot NNP									Goriot NNP
instrument NN									instrument NN
DM100 CD									DM100 CD
slowed VBD VBN									slowed VBD VBN
Guide NNP NN									Guide NNP NN
raiding VBG NN									raiding VBG NN
near-Balkanization NN								near-Balkanization NN
glares VBZ									glares VBZ
Steamship NNP									Steamship NNP
roomed VBD									roomed VBD
Superstate NNP									Superstate NNP
Seimei NNP									Seimei NNP
Denied VBN									Denied VBN
exclamation NN									exclamation NN
undergirding NN									undergirding NN
modus FW									modus FW
Probing VBG									Probing VBG
drought-seared JJ								drought-seared JJ
sonny-boy NN									sonny-boy NN
Sanraku NNP									Sanraku NNP
Holleran NNP									Holleran NNP
Tack-solder VB									Tack-solder VB
aforementioned JJ VBN								aforementioned JJ VBN
Sophias NNP									Sophias NNP
Braunreuther NNP								Braunreuther NNP
Sushi NN									Sushi NN
Maxxam NNP									Maxxam NNP
amounted VBD VBN								amounted VBD VBN
Detente NN									Detente NN
breathe VB VBP									breathe VB VBP
lesions NNS									lesions NNS
Bogner NNP									Bogner NNP
Buffets NNS									Buffets NNS
nausea NN									nausea NN
steels NNS									steels NNS
Unitas NNP									Unitas NNP
pavement NN									pavement NN
alleviates VBZ									alleviates VBZ
Taster NNP									Taster NNP
Northfield NNP									Northfield NNP
hound NN									hound NN
non-market NN									non-market NN
Underberg NNP									Underberg NNP
Laundered VBN									Laundered VBN
forth RB RP									forth RB RP
department\/office NN								department\/office NN
pre-marital JJ									pre-marital JJ
minced VBN									minced VBN
sportin VBG									sportin VBG
partook VBP									partook VBP
singers NNS									singers NNS
Zurkuhlen NNP									Zurkuhlen NNP
Soapy JJ									Soapy JJ
financier NN									financier NN
Latham NNP									Latham NNP
passageway NN									passageway NN
disputable JJ									disputable JJ
Greif NNP									Greif NNP
Marlborough NNP									Marlborough NNP
Mudge NNP									Mudge NNP
Twinsburg NNP									Twinsburg NNP
half-brothers NNS								half-brothers NNS
Transportation NNP NN								Transportation NNP NN
Physician NN NNP								Physician NN NNP
Kucharski NNP									Kucharski NNP
interprovincial JJ								interprovincial JJ
clockwork NN									clockwork NN
slighting VBG									slighting VBG
Rill NNP									Rill NNP
Ten-year JJ									Ten-year JJ
butchering NN									butchering NN
cancellations NNS								cancellations NNS
gweilos FW									gweilos FW
Block NNP NN									Block NNP NN
Crosser NNP									Crosser NNP
negligent JJ									negligent JJ
panorama NN									panorama NN
aim NN VBP VB									aim NN VBP VB
strung VBN VBD									strung VBN VBD
Cyclades NNS									Cyclades NNS
agriculturals NNS								agriculturals NNS
InterVoice NNP									InterVoice NNP
ganglion NN									ganglion NN
portray VB VBP									portray VB VBP
Steven NNP									Steven NNP
Nowhere RB									Nowhere RB
impugning VBG									impugning VBG
chambre FW									chambre FW
dollar-related JJ								dollar-related JJ
great-grandfather NN								great-grandfather NN
Quest NNP									Quest NNP
DM2,300 CD									DM2,300 CD
Cabria NNP									Cabria NNP
million-member JJ								million-member JJ
smoke-filled JJ									smoke-filled JJ
greed NN									greed NN
Homes NNP NNS NNPS								Homes NNP NNS NNPS
Consolidation NN								Consolidation NN
mid-1989 NN									mid-1989 NN
Rolled VBN									Rolled VBN
Kroller-Muller NNP								Kroller-Muller NNP
rumble NN VBP									rumble NN VBP
Lease NNP NN									Lease NNP NN
CPTs NNS									CPTs NNS
Schraffts NNP									Schraffts NNP
Modrow NNP									Modrow NNP
unburned JJ									unburned JJ
unlovely JJ									unlovely JJ
societal JJ									societal JJ
gates NNS VBZ									gates NNS VBZ
thallium NN									thallium NN
P\/E NNP									P\/E NNP
Sevigny NNP									Sevigny NNP
initiatiors NNS									initiatiors NNS
Capote NNP									Capote NNP
confidante NN									confidante NN
Neal NNP									Neal NNP
Anselm NNP									Anselm NNP
Tray NNP									Tray NNP
cheated VBN JJ VBD								cheated VBN JJ VBD
mulatto NN									mulatto NN
treacherous JJ									treacherous JJ
apparition NN									apparition NN
Madame NNP NN									Madame NNP NN
prominently RB									prominently RB
horrifyingly RB									horrifyingly RB
slow-building JJ								slow-building JJ
Dams NNS									Dams NNS
softball NN									softball NN
rump NN JJ									rump NN JJ
repositories NNS								repositories NNS
linking VBG NN									linking VBG NN
Klamath NNP									Klamath NNP
indisposed JJ									indisposed JJ
lasted VBD VBN									lasted VBD VBN
widths NNS									widths NNS
co-worker NN									co-worker NN
inpatient NN									inpatient NN
lower-growth JJ									lower-growth JJ
L.L. NNP									L.L. NNP
relativity NN									relativity NN
Mrads NNS									Mrads NNS
quarts NNS									quarts NNS
floc NN										floc NN
seventy-foot JJ									seventy-foot JJ
Dennehy NNP									Dennehy NNP
cookbooks NNS									cookbooks NNS
Avondale NNP									Avondale NNP
readjust VB									readjust VB
Chiba NNP									Chiba NNP
gynecology NN									gynecology NN
jail NN VB									jail NN VB
Schlossberg NNP									Schlossberg NNP
colonic JJ									colonic JJ
light-industrial JJ								light-industrial JJ
Atherton NNP									Atherton NNP
ingot NN									ingot NN
rubber-stamped JJ								rubber-stamped JJ
Kabul NNP									Kabul NNP
market-making NN JJ								market-making NN JJ
Instructors NNS									Instructors NNS
persuasion NN									persuasion NN
Kloske NNP									Kloske NNP
baptisms NNS									baptisms NNS
plight NN									plight NN
Geocentricism NN								Geocentricism NN
Skeoch NNP									Skeoch NNP
autobiography NN								autobiography NN
factory NN JJ									factory NN JJ
yeah UH NN									yeah UH NN
technologically RB								technologically RB
joints NNS									joints NNS
Bacchus NNP									Bacchus NNP
Temple-Inland NNP								Temple-Inland NNP
Feralloys NNP									Feralloys NNP
Gentlemen NNS NNP								Gentlemen NNS NNP
necks NNS									necks NNS
Robie NNP									Robie NNP
nothin NN VBG									nothin NN VBG
bewilders VBZ									bewilders VBZ
tasty JJ									tasty JJ
amphetamines NNS								amphetamines NNS
self-crimination NN								self-crimination NN
Dec. NNP NN VB									Dec. NNP NN VB
leaky JJ									leaky JJ
quick-service JJ								quick-service JJ
Tillich NNP									Tillich NNP
alarmist JJ									alarmist JJ
afflict VB									afflict VB
Anti-Ballistic-Missile JJ							Anti-Ballistic-Missile JJ
appointee NN									appointee NN
morning-frightened JJ								morning-frightened JJ
divan-like JJ									divan-like JJ
Skulls NNS									Skulls NNS
hyping VBG NN									hyping VBG NN
Greensboro NNP									Greensboro NNP
now-shuttered JJ								now-shuttered JJ
dosed VBN VBD									dosed VBN VBD
negroes NNPS									negroes NNPS
decisive JJ									decisive JJ
importance NN									importance NN
Oooo UH										Oooo UH
B.C. NN FW NNP									B.C. NN FW NNP
Ruanda-Urundi NNP								Ruanda-Urundi NNP
guarantees NNS VBZ								guarantees NNS VBZ
Connaught NNP NN								Connaught NNP NN
Sabha NNP									Sabha NNP
DSM NNP										DSM NNP
Packaging NNP NN								Packaging NNP NN
already-strained JJ								already-strained JJ
Nykvist NNP									Nykvist NNP
hometown NN JJ									hometown NN JJ
tamper VB									tamper VB
Sequa NNP									Sequa NNP
policymaking JJ									policymaking JJ
Ibaraki NNP									Ibaraki NNP
fullbacking VBG									fullbacking VBG
unsalted JJ									unsalted JJ
self-righteousness NN								self-righteousness NN
Inmates NNS NNPS								Inmates NNS NNPS
Malacca NNP									Malacca NNP
Egalitarianism NNP								Egalitarianism NNP
kilobytes NNS									kilobytes NNS
Fellowship NNP NN								Fellowship NNP NN
conditioners NNS								conditioners NNS
preying VBG									preying VBG
pinch NN VB									pinch NN VB
deleted VBN VBD									deleted VBN VBD
hyper-trader NN									hyper-trader NN
earnings-forecast JJ								earnings-forecast JJ
too-naked JJ									too-naked JJ
punnished VBD VBN								punnished VBD VBN
Jacoby NNP									Jacoby NNP
question NN VB VBP								question NN VB VBP
Ohga NNP									Ohga NNP
magisterially RB								magisterially RB
Catching VBG									Catching VBG
Plumrose NNP									Plumrose NNP
breeds NNS VBZ									breeds NNS VBZ
aryl NN										aryl NN
mainline JJ NN									mainline JJ NN
EPA NNP										EPA NNP
aboveground JJ									aboveground JJ
Invest VB NNP VBP								Invest VB NNP VBP
holler VB									holler VB
Bottega NNP									Bottega NNP
ahs UH										ahs UH
transaminase NN									transaminase NN
thermocouples NNS								thermocouples NNS
businessman NN									businessman NN
remote-control JJ								remote-control JJ
Satisfying VBG									Satisfying VBG
Sherren NNP									Sherren NNP
go-around NN									go-around NN
stock-option NN JJ								stock-option NN JJ
Daly NNP									Daly NNP
color-field JJ									color-field JJ
Soups NNP									Soups NNP
arsenals NNS									arsenals NNS
defected VBD VBN								defected VBD VBN
foolhardy JJ									foolhardy JJ
S.S.R. NNP									S.S.R. NNP
controversy-prone JJ								controversy-prone JJ
Keane NNP									Keane NNP
predominately RB								predominately RB
Hubbard NNP									Hubbard NNP
El NNP										El NNP
Kippur NNP									Kippur NNP
deficit-ridden JJ								deficit-ridden JJ
Soothing VBG									Soothing VBG
Arbogast NNP									Arbogast NNP
beg VBP VB									beg VBP VB
Dictation NN									Dictation NN
choking VBG JJ NN								choking VBG JJ NN
Rescues NNS									Rescues NNS
caged VBN									caged VBN
surfactants NNS									surfactants NNS
Chemcat NNP									Chemcat NNP
managing VBG JJ NN								managing VBG JJ NN
Nogol NNP									Nogol NNP
Q. NNP										Q. NNP
shirtsleeve NN									shirtsleeve NN
sprinkle VB NN VBP								sprinkle VB NN VBP
Compaore NNP									Compaore NNP
Peterhouse NNP									Peterhouse NNP
spoon NN									spoon NN
othe JJ										othe JJ
less-than-altruistic JJ								less-than-altruistic JJ
talents NNS									talents NNS
UVB NN										UVB NN
quelling NN VBG									quelling NN VBG
Katzenjammer NNP								Katzenjammer NNP
debt-relief NN									debt-relief NN
slicing VBG									slicing VBG
outcome NN									outcome NN
coltish JJ									coltish JJ
lobule NN									lobule NN
analogues NNS									analogues NNS
bobbles NNS									bobbles NNS
swiftly RB									swiftly RB
Buffett NNP									Buffett NNP
worth-while JJ									worth-while JJ
too-shiny JJ									too-shiny JJ
crow NN VB									crow NN VB
sugar-coated JJ									sugar-coated JJ
absentmindedly RB								absentmindedly RB
subsiding VBG									subsiding VBG
lifeline NN									lifeline NN
N.D. NNP									N.D. NNP
Promise NNP									Promise NNP
Prayer NNP NN									Prayer NNP NN
reef NN										reef NN
translator NN									translator NN
Heyford NNP									Heyford NNP
Corrections NNP NNPS NNS							Corrections NNP NNPS NNS
unavoidably RB									unavoidably RB
Sentelle NNP									Sentelle NNP
Mortimer NNP									Mortimer NNP
Eve NNP										Eve NNP
Jesse NNP									Jesse NNP
autobiographical JJ								autobiographical JJ
sailorly RB									sailorly RB
Rolex NNP									Rolex NNP
Kassem NNP									Kassem NNP
impugned VBN									impugned VBN
electrosurgical JJ								electrosurgical JJ
Gas-cooled JJ									Gas-cooled JJ
Peeter NNP									Peeter NNP
Hornung NNP									Hornung NNP
X-rays NNS									X-rays NNS
razor-thin JJ									razor-thin JJ
Inauguration NNP NN								Inauguration NNP NN
half-staff JJ									half-staff JJ
Shepherds NNPS									Shepherds NNPS
muscle-shaping JJ								muscle-shaping JJ
Entrekin NNP									Entrekin NNP
greatcoat NN									greatcoat NN
Kyzyl NNP									Kyzyl NNP
cigaret NN									cigaret NN
Gallitzin NNP									Gallitzin NNP
Tastes NNPS NNS									Tastes NNPS NNS
winter NN									winter NN
footballs NNS									footballs NNS
DowBrands NNP									DowBrands NNP
Southdown NNP									Southdown NNP
paide VBN									paide VBN
molasses NN									molasses NN
diplomatic JJ									diplomatic JJ
Rainbow NNP									Rainbow NNP
sweethearts NNS									sweethearts NNS
Galanter NNP									Galanter NNP
expenditure NN									expenditure NN
MacDonald NNP									MacDonald NNP
clipboard NN									clipboard NN
conferring VBG									conferring VBG
sharkskin NN									sharkskin NN
Lovingly RB									Lovingly RB
strafing VBG									strafing VBG
busing VBG									busing VBG
vicissitudes NNS								vicissitudes NNS
shrouding VBG									shrouding VBG
Endeavor VB NNP									Endeavor VB NNP
water-balance NN								water-balance NN
pacers NNS									pacers NNS
eternity NN									eternity NN
headstands NNS									headstands NNS
full-on JJ									full-on JJ
shrouded VBN VBD								shrouded VBN VBD
Lamy-Lutti NNP									Lamy-Lutti NNP
Strident JJ									Strident JJ
trawler NN									trawler NN
Pierce NNP VB									Pierce NNP VB
Ala. NNP									Ala. NNP
Reduction NNP NN								Reduction NNP NN
ex-Tory NN									ex-Tory NN
autocracy NN									autocracy NN
Poachers NNS									Poachers NNS
drama NN									drama NN
Git VB										Git VB
Edley NNP									Edley NNP
rays NNS									rays NNS
one-half NN CD JJ								one-half NN CD JJ
Mendell NNP									Mendell NNP
viz. NN										viz. NN
VNR NNP										VNR NNP
faultlines NNS									faultlines NNS
fiscally RB									fiscally RB
Brahms NNP									Brahms NNP
complainant NN									complainant NN
psychologist NN									psychologist NN
radius NN									radius NN
air-tickets NNS									air-tickets NNS
koan FW										koan FW
unstimulated JJ									unstimulated JJ
bootlegging NN									bootlegging NN
EOG NNP										EOG NNP
Yes UH NN RB NNP								Yes UH NN RB NNP
taping NN VBG									taping NN VBG
borough NN									borough NN
Vihon NNP									Vihon NNP
Regulative JJ									Regulative JJ
Milford NNP									Milford NNP
Okuma NNP									Okuma NNP
bandied VBN									bandied VBN
danger NN									danger NN
USS NNP										USS NNP
Delicious NNP									Delicious NNP
Opposite IN JJ									Opposite IN JJ
Preparation NN NNP								Preparation NN NNP
grays NNS									grays NNS
magnification NN								magnification NN
sparking VBG									sparking VBG
Gansevoort NNP									Gansevoort NNP
Early-retirement NN								Early-retirement NN
Weekes NNP									Weekes NNP
MC NNP										MC NNP
Eichler NNP									Eichler NNP
Villard NNP									Villard NNP
fall-outs NNS									fall-outs NNS
gregarious JJ									gregarious JJ
DTH NNP										DTH NNP
Frankly RB NNP									Frankly RB NNP
KangaROOS NNP									KangaROOS NNP
limited-partnership NN JJ							limited-partnership NN JJ
S$ $										S$ $
Korean-American JJ NNP								Korean-American JJ NNP
alternates VBZ NNS								alternates VBZ NNS
Marathon NNP									Marathon NNP
reacquire VB									reacquire VB
turboprop NN									turboprop NN
unencumbered JJ									unencumbered JJ
vegetation NN									vegetation NN
chose VBD									chose VBD
Whittlesey NNP									Whittlesey NNP
Buckman NNP									Buckman NNP
Capable JJ									Capable JJ
Haworth NNP									Haworth NNP
Friendly NNP									Friendly NNP
penny NN									penny NN
Carena NNP									Carena NNP
Goals NNPS									Goals NNPS
Palestinians NNPS								Palestinians NNPS
transmogrified VBD VBN								transmogrified VBD VBN
thefts NNS									thefts NNS
gluttons NNS									gluttons NNS
outfits NN NNS									outfits NN NNS
talked VBD VBN									talked VBD VBN
profligate JJ									profligate JJ
self-expression NN								self-expression NN
Doolin NNP									Doolin NNP
sidesteps VBZ									sidesteps VBZ
officialdom NN									officialdom NN
check-ups NNS									check-ups NNS
Benson NNP									Benson NNP
knew VBD									knew VBD
rim-fires NNS NN								rim-fires NNS NN
Pergolesi NNP									Pergolesi NNP
pitilessly RB									pitilessly RB
Money-fund NN JJ								Money-fund NN JJ
Ethical NNP									Ethical NNP
Made VBN NNP VB									Made VBN NNP VB
intimidates VBZ									intimidates VBZ
confront VB VBP									confront VB VBP
rail-car NN									rail-car NN
Jacki NNP									Jacki NNP
Kai-shek NNP									Kai-shek NNP
donning VBG									donning VBG
Porta-Potti NNP									Porta-Potti NNP
reminisced VBD VBN								reminisced VBD VBN
Glendora NNP									Glendora NNP
Hendry NNP									Hendry NNP
Dakota NNP									Dakota NNP
hard-to-get JJ									hard-to-get JJ
citric JJ									citric JJ
snout NN									snout NN
platted VBN									platted VBN
Coronado NNP									Coronado NNP
Susie NNP NN									Susie NNP NN
pre-selected VBN JJ								pre-selected VBN JJ
Sihanouk NNP									Sihanouk NNP
blacked-in JJ									blacked-in JJ
overweighted VBN								overweighted VBN
extinguished VBN								extinguished VBN
butlers NNS									butlers NNS
resettable JJ									resettable JJ
Journal\/Europe NNP								Journal\/Europe NNP
Boost VB VBP NNP								Boost VB VBP NNP
Toodle NNP									Toodle NNP
degrees NNS									degrees NNS
shutters NNS									shutters NNS
recast VB									recast VB
husband-wife JJ									husband-wife JJ
four-page JJ									four-page JJ
Definite JJ									Definite JJ
cane NN										cane NN
PAP NNP										PAP NNP
non-deductible JJ								non-deductible JJ
eight-inch JJ									eight-inch JJ
irremediable JJ									irremediable JJ
uneconomic JJ									uneconomic JJ
robed VBN									robed VBN
high-fiber JJ									high-fiber JJ
cockpits NNS									cockpits NNS
high-current JJ									high-current JJ
untarnished JJ									untarnished JJ
respiration... :								respiration... :
humilation NN									humilation NN
inter-American JJ								inter-American JJ
sunbaked JJ									sunbaked JJ
Maximilian NNP									Maximilian NNP
fertilizations NNS								fertilizations NNS
expediency NN									expediency NN
Walk VB VBP NN									Walk VB VBP NN
spy-chasing NN									spy-chasing NN
Donaghy NNP									Donaghy NNP
Legion NNP									Legion NNP
Hugoton NNP									Hugoton NNP
Crossman NNP									Crossman NNP
tales NNS									tales NNS
Wire NNP NN									Wire NNP NN
clutches NNS VBZ								clutches NNS VBZ
Kennametal NNP									Kennametal NNP
pounce VB									pounce VB
freeman NN									freeman NN
summer-holiday JJ								summer-holiday JJ
arms-sales JJ									arms-sales JJ
unsuspected JJ									unsuspected JJ
mid-1995 NN									mid-1995 NN
escheat NN									escheat NN
ethers NNS									ethers NNS
barometer NN									barometer NN
muzzle NN VB									muzzle NN VB
Duty-Free NNP									Duty-Free NNP
Fights NNS									Fights NNS
perspiring JJ									perspiring JJ
guitar-twanging JJ								guitar-twanging JJ
larger-than-expected JJ								larger-than-expected JJ
narcotics NNS NN								narcotics NNS NN
epicycles NNS									epicycles NNS
Martyn NNP									Martyn NNP
areaways NNS									areaways NNS
Thyroglobulin NN								Thyroglobulin NN
Touring VBG NN									Touring VBG NN
unequally RB									unequally RB
mini-studio NN									mini-studio NN
Whipple NNP									Whipple NNP
pinch-hitter NN									pinch-hitter NN
Populaire NNP									Populaire NNP
general JJ NN									general JJ NN
Coupled VBN									Coupled VBN
Meinders NNP									Meinders NNP
twitched VBD									twitched VBD
regulators NNS VBZ								regulators NNS VBZ
relics NNS									relics NNS
IX CD										IX CD
meditating VBG									meditating VBG
corpses NNS									corpses NNS
endorsing VBG NN								endorsing VBG NN
DiCara NNP									DiCara NNP
hasps NNS									hasps NNS
first-period JJ									first-period JJ
Vern NNP									Vern NNP
anti-abortion JJ NN								anti-abortion JJ NN
Toss VB										Toss VB
Cascades NNP									Cascades NNP
WestAir NNP									WestAir NNP
Impose VB									Impose VB
wonderful JJ									wonderful JJ
test-marketed VBD VBN JJ							test-marketed VBD VBN JJ
Leche NNP									Leche NNP
clozapine NN									clozapine NN
Galipault NNP									Galipault NNP
searchlight NN									searchlight NN
micrograms NNS									micrograms NNS
respite NN									respite NN
Hen NN										Hen NN
Kanin NNP									Kanin NNP
decoy NN									decoy NN
Mack NNP									Mack NNP
Lichtenstein NNP								Lichtenstein NNP
non-staple JJ									non-staple JJ
Thence RB									Thence RB
echelon NN									echelon NN
dietary JJ									dietary JJ
Tiphook NNP									Tiphook NNP
hyper JJ									hyper JJ
homosexuals NNS									homosexuals NNS
ticker NN									ticker NN
uneconomical JJ									uneconomical JJ
terms NNS VBZ									terms NNS VBZ
dealership NN									dealership NN
Territories NNP NNPS								Territories NNP NNPS
communal JJ									communal JJ
nosebag NN									nosebag NN
Drums NNS									Drums NNS
Parks NNP NNPS NNS								Parks NNP NNPS NNS
unreconstructed JJ								unreconstructed JJ
Bolshevism NNP									Bolshevism NNP
oratorical JJ									oratorical JJ
Dirt NN										Dirt NN
Odetics NNP									Odetics NNP
clarifications NNS								clarifications NNS
tar-soaked JJ									tar-soaked JJ
detached VBN JJ VBD								detached VBN JJ VBD
Metruh NNP									Metruh NNP
animized VBN									animized VBN
don't's NNS									don't's NNS
Capitalism NN NNP								Capitalism NN NNP
anaconda NN									anaconda NN
Theaters NNS									Theaters NNS
Suominen NNP									Suominen NNP
dreamlike JJ									dreamlike JJ
Somewhere RB NNP NN								Somewhere RB NNP NN
Special JJ NNP									Special JJ NNP
kingpin NN									kingpin NN
Scarface NNP									Scarface NNP
Vries NNP									Vries NNP
impounded VBN									impounded VBN
crutches NNS									crutches NNS
inflationary JJ									inflationary JJ
Tones NNPS									Tones NNPS
anciently RB									anciently RB
Samba NNP									Samba NNP
styling NN VBG									styling NN VBG
sales-building JJ								sales-building JJ
jewels NNS									jewels NNS
Dr NNP										Dr NNP
sharpness NN									sharpness NN
Fontainbleau NNP								Fontainbleau NNP
League-sponsored JJ								League-sponsored JJ
January NNP									January NNP
pyschiatrist NN									pyschiatrist NN
high-protein JJ									high-protein JJ
maggot-covered JJ								maggot-covered JJ
Wheelock NNP									Wheelock NNP
specially-designated JJ								specially-designated JJ
alerts VBZ NNS									alerts VBZ NNS
Toronado NNP									Toronado NNP
antibody-based JJ								antibody-based JJ
Gienow NNP									Gienow NNP
Annuities NNS									Annuities NNS
three-meter-high JJ								three-meter-high JJ
Discovering VBG									Discovering VBG
Aljian NNP									Aljian NNP
promoter NN									promoter NN
multi-colored JJ								multi-colored JJ
indicative JJ									indicative JJ
Markoe NNP									Markoe NNP
Azoff NNP									Azoff NNP
Sochi NNP									Sochi NNP
ladle NN									ladle NN
malted VBN									malted VBN
Northerners NNPS NNS								Northerners NNPS NNS
Cook NNP NN VB									Cook NNP NN VB
sync NN										sync NN
influenza-pneumonia JJ								influenza-pneumonia JJ
Archbishop NNP									Archbishop NNP
Bledsoe NNP									Bledsoe NNP
hounded VBD									hounded VBD
splashes VBZ NNS								splashes VBZ NNS
Mundt NNP									Mundt NNP
implementing VBG								implementing VBG
computer-aided-software-engineering NN						computer-aided-software-engineering NN
Campeau-unit JJ									Campeau-unit JJ
influent JJ NN									influent JJ NN
McLoughlin NNP									McLoughlin NNP
specification NN								specification NN
Boucheron NNP									Boucheron NNP
splash NN									splash NN
Domitian NNP									Domitian NNP
enterprises NNS									enterprises NNS
self-referential JJ								self-referential JJ
Floyd NNP									Floyd NNP
Benjamin NNP									Benjamin NNP
Takakura NNP									Takakura NNP
luxury-car NN JJ								luxury-car NN JJ
tag NN VB									tag NN VB
teleology NN									teleology NN
Korneyeva NNP									Korneyeva NNP
cupboard NN									cupboard NN
Renaissance-style JJ								Renaissance-style JJ
doctor-originated JJ								doctor-originated JJ
or CC NNP									or CC NNP
charlatans NNS									charlatans NNS
metamorphic JJ									metamorphic JJ
Jeri NNP									Jeri NNP
presumes VBZ									presumes VBZ
unpopular JJ									unpopular JJ
daintily RB									daintily RB
claptrap NN									claptrap NN
tailspin NN									tailspin NN
mc. NN										mc. NN
Chevaline NNP									Chevaline NNP
seekingly RB									seekingly RB
Bayreuth NNP									Bayreuth NNP
Dorgen NNP									Dorgen NNP
Nonsmokers NNP									Nonsmokers NNP
postulates NNS									postulates NNS
three-front JJ									three-front JJ
Christopoulos NNP								Christopoulos NNP
Tory NNP JJ									Tory NNP JJ
circulatory JJ									circulatory JJ
CW-capable JJ									CW-capable JJ
ceasing VBG									ceasing VBG
extrovert NN									extrovert NN
recalls VBZ NNS									recalls VBZ NNS
Fragin NNP									Fragin NNP
Nofzinger NNP									Nofzinger NNP
KN NNP										KN NNP
floppy-tie JJ									floppy-tie JJ
etymological JJ									etymological JJ
Ares NNP									Ares NNP
beseech VBP									beseech VBP
logically RB									logically RB
bar-buddy NN									bar-buddy NN
popularized VBN VBD								popularized VBN VBD
newspaper NN									newspaper NN
Brightman NNP									Brightman NNP
Bramante NNP									Bramante NNP
thumb-sucking NN								thumb-sucking NN
misapprehension NN								misapprehension NN
H.M.S. NNP									H.M.S. NNP
householder NN									householder NN
whitetail NN									whitetail NN
rollickingly RB									rollickingly RB
Ciba-Geigy\ JJ									Ciba-Geigy\ JJ
creditcard NN									creditcard NN
Linvure NNP									Linvure NNP
side-step VBP									side-step VBP
Soleil NNP									Soleil NNP
Unruh NNP									Unruh NNP
Tammany NNP									Tammany NNP
Broadcasters NNS NNP NNPS							Broadcasters NNS NNP NNPS
EMS NNP										EMS NNP
glows NNS									glows NNS
barnsful NN									barnsful NN
Thaxters NNPS									Thaxters NNPS
Ultra NNP									Ultra NNP
Raft NN NNP									Raft NN NNP
looped VBD									looped VBD
Issue NN NNP VB									Issue NN NNP VB
Czerny NNP									Czerny NNP
elasticity NN									elasticity NN
Until IN NNP									Until IN NNP
Tropics NNPS									Tropics NNPS
at-bats NNS									at-bats NNS
pre-cast JJ									pre-cast JJ
durables NNS									durables NNS
terrain NN									terrain NN
Increases NNS VBZ								Increases NNS VBZ
bogeyed VBD									bogeyed VBD
Houston-Dallas JJ								Houston-Dallas JJ
sagging VBG JJ NN VBG|JJ							sagging VBG JJ NN VBG|JJ
payroll-paring JJ								payroll-paring JJ
vincit FW									vincit FW
Hashimoto NNP									Hashimoto NNP
Chabrier NNP									Chabrier NNP
Voyagers. NNPS									Voyagers. NNPS
Superslim NNP									Superslim NNP
pretty-much JJ									pretty-much JJ
constituting VBG								constituting VBG
Chadli NNP									Chadli NNP
Kahiltna NNP									Kahiltna NNP
Luth NNP									Luth NNP
Caffedrine NNP									Caffedrine NNP
off-road JJ									off-road JJ
Loeb NNP									Loeb NNP
cash-hungry JJ									cash-hungry JJ
Aquitaine NNP									Aquitaine NNP
by-election NN JJ								by-election NN JJ
bioequivalent JJ								bioequivalent JJ
intendant NN									intendant NN
Unemployment NN NNP								Unemployment NN NNP
unacquainted VBN								unacquainted VBN
Waters NNP									Waters NNP
Euronotes NNS									Euronotes NNS
super-headache NN								super-headache NN
circuit NN									circuit NN
Bearings NNP									Bearings NNP
Castlegar NNP									Castlegar NNP
Berridge NNP									Berridge NNP
after-dinner JJ									after-dinner JJ
Gastineau NNP									Gastineau NNP
supplied VBN VBD								supplied VBN VBD
defect NN VB									defect NN VB
Gaisman NNP									Gaisman NNP
riverfront NN									riverfront NN
magnetism NN									magnetism NN
flames NNS									flames NNS
Yet RB RB|CC CC									Yet RB RB|CC CC
orchard NN									orchard NN
anti-Turkish JJ									anti-Turkish JJ
Haber NNP									Haber NNP
Argus NNP									Argus NNP
Foamed NNP									Foamed NNP
last-gasp JJ									last-gasp JJ
Ghoreyeb NNP									Ghoreyeb NNP
coziness NN									coziness NN
Alsagoray NNP									Alsagoray NNP
Sarason NNP									Sarason NNP
UST NNP										UST NNP
FreudToy NNP									FreudToy NNP
police NN VB NNS								police NN VB NNS
Elderly JJ									Elderly JJ
delphic JJ									delphic JJ
Hattie NNP									Hattie NNP
wittingly RB									wittingly RB
greenly RB									greenly RB
Handling VBG									Handling VBG
Orvil NNP									Orvil NNP
tolls NNS									tolls NNS
Watling NNP									Watling NNP
Numb JJ										Numb JJ
trembled VBD									trembled VBD
Eurocommercial JJ								Eurocommercial JJ
year-over-year JJ								year-over-year JJ
Failing VBG									Failing VBG
constitutionality NN								constitutionality NN
judiciary NN JJ									judiciary NN JJ
D-marks NNS									D-marks NNS
louder JJR RB RBR								louder JJR RB RBR
Mediterranean-inspired JJ							Mediterranean-inspired JJ
trampling VBG NN								trampling VBG NN
dual-trading NN									dual-trading NN
Diaghileff NNP									Diaghileff NNP
Stakes NNP NNS									Stakes NNP NNS
Caracas NNP									Caracas NNP
well-behaved JJ									well-behaved JJ
disorderliness NN								disorderliness NN
floe NN										floe NN
frowns VBZ									frowns VBZ
pasting VBG NN									pasting VBG NN
Souphanouvong NNP								Souphanouvong NNP
Scotland NNP									Scotland NNP
minibars NNS									minibars NNS
exasperate VB									exasperate VB
Beethoven NNP									Beethoven NNP
Station NNP									Station NNP
winners NNS									winners NNS
new-found JJ									new-found JJ
quarterbacks NNS								quarterbacks NNS
roomful NN									roomful NN
showman NN									showman NN
overinsistent JJ								overinsistent JJ
lunging VBG									lunging VBG
Berthold NNP									Berthold NNP
complementary JJ								complementary JJ
Sary-Shagan NNP									Sary-Shagan NNP
school-age JJ									school-age JJ
repentant JJ									repentant JJ
Credietbank NNP									Credietbank NNP
Round NNP JJ NN									Round NNP JJ NN
higher-level JJ									higher-level JJ
remittances NNS									remittances NNS
caveats NNS									caveats NNS
inns NNS									inns NNS
misses VBZ NNS									misses VBZ NNS
cab NN										cab NN
relict NN									relict NN
sequence NN									sequence NN
Oranges NNPS NNS								Oranges NNPS NNS
facilitate VB VBP								facilitate VB VBP
references NNS									references NNS
three-body JJ									three-body JJ
likening VBG									likening VBG
mailgram NN									mailgram NN
Lowndes NNP									Lowndes NNP
clam NN VBP									clam NN VBP
sputter VB VBP									sputter VB VBP
preferred-dividend JJ								preferred-dividend JJ
entourage NN									entourage NN
triple-Crated JJ								triple-Crated JJ
impressively RB									impressively RB
contract-food NN								contract-food NN
Kron NNP									Kron NNP
Pay-Per-View NNP								Pay-Per-View NNP
Wall NNP NN NNS									Wall NNP NN NNS
anomic JJ									anomic JJ
promotes VBZ									promotes VBZ
shopkeeper NN									shopkeeper NN
directories NNS									directories NNS
Foiles NNP									Foiles NNP
burying VBG									burying VBG
merchantbanking NN								merchantbanking NN
telecommunication NN								telecommunication NN
recommendatons NNS								recommendatons NNS
McMillin NNP									McMillin NNP
lawns NNS									lawns NNS
Messner NNP									Messner NNP
Industrialistes NNP								Industrialistes NNP
over-ambition NN								over-ambition NN
Suckow NNP									Suckow NNP
overseas JJ NN RB								overseas JJ NN RB
Tesoro NNP									Tesoro NNP
Zalles NNP									Zalles NNP
attics NNS									attics NNS
semiannually RB									semiannually RB
wood-grained JJ									wood-grained JJ
fund-raising NN JJ								fund-raising NN JJ
Frisch NNP									Frisch NNP
nest NN VBP									nest NN VBP
mail-sorting VBG								mail-sorting VBG
impacted VBN JJ									impacted VBN JJ
lies VBZ NNS									lies VBZ NNS
pennystock NN									pennystock NN
souls NNS									souls NNS
longitudes NNS									longitudes NNS
third-largest JJ								third-largest JJ
Beesemyers NNP									Beesemyers NNP
GDL NNP										GDL NNP
mismanagement NN								mismanagement NN
Vero NNP									Vero NNP
tootley-toot-tootled VBN							tootley-toot-tootled VBN
Fryar NNP									Fryar NNP
n'th JJ										n'th JJ
Anchorite NN									Anchorite NN
Orbis NNP									Orbis NNP
perfect JJ									perfect JJ
Guerrillas NNS NNPS								Guerrillas NNS NNPS
WHX NNP										WHX NNP
Thankful JJ									Thankful JJ
Parental JJ									Parental JJ
scenery NN									scenery NN
stables NNS									stables NNS
Gotta VB NNP									Gotta VB NNP
saying VBG NN									saying VBG NN
Roomberg NNP									Roomberg NNP
IgG NNP										IgG NNP
zoom VB										zoom VB
Ventura NNP									Ventura NNP
cruel JJ									cruel JJ
Herod NNP									Herod NNP
bulks VBZ									bulks VBZ
mistakenly RB									mistakenly RB
Burroughs-Wellcome NNP								Burroughs-Wellcome NNP
W-2s NNS									W-2s NNS
metal-products NNS								metal-products NNS
solvent JJ NN									solvent JJ NN
Coeditors NNS									Coeditors NNS
palmed VBD									palmed VBD
Volatility NN									Volatility NN
cannisters NNS									cannisters NNS
unambiguity NN									unambiguity NN
Langner NNP									Langner NNP
way-out JJ									way-out JJ
Relatively RB									Relatively RB
Fahd NNP									Fahd NNP
tax-driven JJ									tax-driven JJ
unmistakably RB									unmistakably RB
multibilliondollar JJ								multibilliondollar JJ
emigrants NNS									emigrants NNS
Podgers NNS									Podgers NNS
three-game JJ									three-game JJ
velour NN									velour NN
proportionately RB								proportionately RB
Union NNP JJ NN									Union NNP JJ NN
Centrally RB									Centrally RB
microscope NN									microscope NN
aerogenes NNS									aerogenes NNS
bridgeheads NNS									bridgeheads NNS
federal-formula JJ								federal-formula JJ
Excluded VBN									Excluded VBN
ambiance NN									ambiance NN
lecture NN VBP VB								lecture NN VBP VB
heavy-handed JJ									heavy-handed JJ
E.P. NN										E.P. NN
royalty-free JJ									royalty-free JJ
narrow-minded JJ								narrow-minded JJ
unfetter VB									unfetter VB
Fireside NNP									Fireside NNP
sharers NNS									sharers NNS
Stanger NNP									Stanger NNP
Surely RB									Surely RB
strippers NNS									strippers NNS
sniper NN									sniper NN
Tree NNP NN									Tree NNP NN
Kira NNP									Kira NNP
Falwell-like JJ									Falwell-like JJ
grandchildren NNS								grandchildren NNS
candles NNS									candles NNS
ministers NNS									ministers NNS
Duffus NNP									Duffus NNP
Abiomed NNP									Abiomed NNP
bonzes NNS									bonzes NNS
twenty-five-year-old JJ								twenty-five-year-old JJ
Fremont NNP									Fremont NNP
publications NNS								publications NNS
Cool JJ VB NNP									Cool JJ VB NNP
rails NNS VBZ									rails NNS VBZ
Havel NNP									Havel NNP
Civic NNP JJ									Civic NNP JJ
Yaklin NNP									Yaklin NNP
Glowering VBG									Glowering VBG
undulate VB VBP									undulate VB VBP
two-seat JJ									two-seat JJ
Adaptation NN									Adaptation NN
square-mile JJ									square-mile JJ
Edmar NNP									Edmar NNP
Payton NNP									Payton NNP
bleacher-type JJ								bleacher-type JJ
rhythms NNS									rhythms NNS
EPC NNP										EPC NNP
fringe NN JJ									fringe NN JJ
outgrip VB									outgrip VB
gether VB									gether VB
plutonium-based JJ								plutonium-based JJ
MRI NNP										MRI NNP
Kazakh NNP									Kazakh NNP
lower-cost JJ JJR								lower-cost JJ JJR
faster-growing JJR								faster-growing JJR
Resignedly RB									Resignedly RB
Communist-led JJ								Communist-led JJ
cladding NN									cladding NN
coupler NN									coupler NN
benefactors NNS									benefactors NNS
yawl NN										yawl NN
Cho-Liang NNP									Cho-Liang NNP
Rowan NNP									Rowan NNP
National NNP NNPS JJ								National NNP NNPS JJ
shrewish JJ									shrewish JJ
Pollin NNP									Pollin NNP
inter-relationships NNS								inter-relationships NNS
U.S.-Soviet JJ NNP								U.S.-Soviet JJ NNP
income-tax NN JJ								income-tax NN JJ
consderations NNS								consderations NNS
aqueducts NNS									aqueducts NNS
instrument-jammed JJ								instrument-jammed JJ
Rosalind NNP									Rosalind NNP
butcher NN									butcher NN
last-second JJ									last-second JJ
ostracized VBN									ostracized VBN
quotes NNS VBZ									quotes NNS VBZ
woodwork NN									woodwork NN
Bio-Response NNP								Bio-Response NNP
bureacracy NN									bureacracy NN
Visibility NN									Visibility NN
interment NN									interment NN
Insinuations NNS								Insinuations NNS
statute NN									statute NN
Frawley NNP									Frawley NNP
Yokich NNP									Yokich NNP
Ds NNS										Ds NNS
Mission NNP NN									Mission NNP NN
innovative JJ									innovative JJ
deli NNS									deli NNS
Lyphomed NNP									Lyphomed NNP
Y-gyro NN									Y-gyro NN
treasury-management NN								treasury-management NN
anti-Noriega JJ									anti-Noriega JJ
home-shopping NN								home-shopping NN
iconoclasm NN									iconoclasm NN
Biochemistry NNP								Biochemistry NNP
myths NNS									myths NNS
Bisiewicz NNP									Bisiewicz NNP
Hymn NN NNP									Hymn NN NNP
Stirling NNP									Stirling NNP
marketing-data NNS								marketing-data NNS
Supporting VBG									Supporting VBG
fractured VBN JJ VBD								fractured VBN JJ VBD
yearend NN									yearend NN
McCutchen NNP									McCutchen NNP
gram NN										gram NN
Wacoal NNP									Wacoal NNP
Sergei NNP									Sergei NNP
turgid JJ									turgid JJ
News\/Retrieval NNP								News\/Retrieval NNP
Kurland NNP									Kurland NNP
side NN VBP JJ RB VB								side NN VBP JJ RB VB
Schoch NNP									Schoch NNP
Tempest NNP									Tempest NNP
Cairoli NNP									Cairoli NNP
Mortar NNP NN									Mortar NNP NN
OEX NNP										OEX NNP
radiopharmaceutical JJ								radiopharmaceutical JJ
Maged NNP									Maged NNP
disciplined VBN VBD JJ								disciplined VBN VBD JJ
Haldeman NNP									Haldeman NNP
Raise VB NNP									Raise VB NNP
Economy NNP NN									Economy NNP NN
liquor-crazed JJ								liquor-crazed JJ
Django NNP									Django NNP
Uh-huh UH									Uh-huh UH
vaccinating VBG									vaccinating VBG
Kornick NNP									Kornick NNP
Mitsukoshi NNP									Mitsukoshi NNP
morally RB									morally RB
proneness NN									proneness NN
academies NNS									academies NNS
rewrite VB NN									rewrite VB NN
tongue-in-cheek JJ RB								tongue-in-cheek JJ RB
re-enact VB									re-enact VB
Hironaka NNP									Hironaka NNP
zealous JJ									zealous JJ
Texas-Louisiana NNP								Texas-Louisiana NNP
allocation NN									allocation NN
mawkish JJ									mawkish JJ
blemishes NNS									blemishes NNS
Scrivener NNP									Scrivener NNP
os NN										os NN
Bacarella NNP									Bacarella NNP
Providing VBG									Providing VBG
Axioms NNS									Axioms NNS
nimbler JJR									nimbler JJR
linguistically RB								linguistically RB
crabapple NN									crabapple NN
En NNP IN									En NNP IN
retraining NN VBG								retraining NN VBG
alongside IN RB									alongside IN RB
declaring VBG									declaring VBG
Toto NNP									Toto NNP
demoted VBN VBD									demoted VBN VBD
pleadings NNS									pleadings NNS
traditionalism NN								traditionalism NN
stealthy JJ									stealthy JJ
mammary JJ									mammary JJ
Beadle NNP									Beadle NNP
Poorer JJR									Poorer JJR
X-MP NNP									X-MP NNP
crazing VBG									crazing VBG
Preferably RB									Preferably RB
Vancouver NNP									Vancouver NNP
invalids NNS									invalids NNS
favorably RB									favorably RB
Tumazos NNP									Tumazos NNP
nominees NNS									nominees NNS
uni-directional JJ								uni-directional JJ
Orchestral NNP									Orchestral NNP
Lloyds NNP									Lloyds NNP
Stokely NNP									Stokely NNP
Standard-Times NNP								Standard-Times NNP
Rabbi NNP									Rabbi NNP
pantomime NN VBP								pantomime NN VBP
Jolivet NNP									Jolivet NNP
Creditors NNS									Creditors NNS
unpicturesque JJ								unpicturesque JJ
catfish NN									catfish NN
birthrate NN									birthrate NN
indulging VBG									indulging VBG
plucking VBG									plucking VBG
precincts NNS									precincts NNS
Mother NNP NN									Mother NNP NN
public-audit JJ									public-audit JJ
firestorm NN									firestorm NN
Mendoza NNP									Mendoza NNP
calligraphy NN									calligraphy NN
Tankers NNS									Tankers NNS
browning VBG									browning VBG
tragedies NNS									tragedies NNS
compensated VBN VBD								compensated VBN VBD
downside NN JJ									downside NN JJ
Charmer NNP									Charmer NNP
rawhide NN									rawhide NN
Corollas NNPS									Corollas NNPS
Beaux NNP									Beaux NNP
bleary JJ									bleary JJ
stain-resistant JJ								stain-resistant JJ
Geico NNP									Geico NNP
Morover JJR									Morover JJR
Confederations NNPS								Confederations NNPS
Hilder NNP									Hilder NNP
sprinting VBG									sprinting VBG
Wildenstein NNP									Wildenstein NNP
ripple NN VB VBP JJ								ripple NN VB VBP JJ
rimless JJ									rimless JJ
dilatation NN									dilatation NN
Barletta NNP									Barletta NNP
errant JJ									errant JJ
leather-hard JJ									leather-hard JJ
bolt NN VB									bolt NN VB
consultancy NN									consultancy NN
grated VBD JJ									grated VBD JJ
weeknight NN									weeknight NN
ticket NN									ticket NN
investigative-reporting NN							investigative-reporting NN
realty NN									realty NN
communists NNS									communists NNS
subsequently RB									subsequently RB
Muffling VBG									Muffling VBG
decked VBN									decked VBN
Aral'sk NNP									Aral'sk NNP
outnumber VBP									outnumber VBP
Gephardtian JJ									Gephardtian JJ
sick JJ										sick JJ
Streets NNP NNPS								Streets NNP NNPS
Southey NNP									Southey NNP
Hanson NNP									Hanson NNP
Venezuelan JJ NNP								Venezuelan JJ NNP
Muscle NN NNP									Muscle NN NNP
Benninger NNP									Benninger NNP
clan NN										clan NN
Groups NNS NNPS NNP								Groups NNS NNPS NNP
Sharpe NNP									Sharpe NNP
luxuriosly-upholstered JJ							luxuriosly-upholstered JJ
low-sudsing JJ									low-sudsing JJ
Learn VB NNP									Learn VB NNP
lipsticks NNS									lipsticks NNS
caricatured VBN									caricatured VBN
Ivan NNP									Ivan NNP
Rodman NNP									Rodman NNP
tooth-paste NN									tooth-paste NN
stores. NN									stores. NN
Wow UH										Wow UH
billon NN									billon NN
dimensioning JJ VBG								dimensioning JJ VBG
HARD JJ										HARD JJ
susceptors NNS									susceptors NNS
Bronfmans NNP NNS								Bronfmans NNP NNS
pre-Reagan JJ									pre-Reagan JJ
pontificate VB									pontificate VB
forefathers NNS									forefathers NNS
lulled VBN									lulled VBN
manias NNS									manias NNS
well-capitalized JJ								well-capitalized JJ
enrollment NN									enrollment NN
Matsushita NNP									Matsushita NNP
Create VB									Create VB
throughout IN RB								throughout IN RB
unresponsive JJ									unresponsive JJ
S.I. NNP									S.I. NNP
minimums NNS									minimums NNS
Beauclerk NNP									Beauclerk NNP
Macaulay NNP									Macaulay NNP
vitiates VBZ									vitiates VBZ
tidiness NN									tidiness NN
untenured VBN									untenured VBN
seeking VBG									seeking VBG
elfin JJ									elfin JJ
Banerian NNP									Banerian NNP
Sa-Duk NNP									Sa-Duk NNP
Part-time JJ									Part-time JJ
Guidi NNP									Guidi NNP
surface-analyzer NN								surface-analyzer NN
Anwar NN									Anwar NN
pushups NNS									pushups NNS
Newbury NNP									Newbury NNP
Grohl NNP									Grohl NNP
high-VAT JJ									high-VAT JJ
evils NNS									evils NNS
ansuh VB									ansuh VB
Norall NNP									Norall NNP
Plaumann NNP									Plaumann NNP
copra NN									copra NN
Pelican NNP									Pelican NNP
Rapoport NNP									Rapoport NNP
Below IN RB									Below IN RB
Consideration NN								Consideration NN
scabbed VBN									scabbed VBN
whispering VBG NN								whispering VBG NN
stiffs NNS									stiffs NNS
cube NN										cube NN
relevance NN									relevance NN
bettered VBD									bettered VBD
ME PRP										ME PRP
Statements NNS									Statements NNS
snipes VBZ									snipes VBZ
Sievers NNP									Sievers NNP
Fra NNP										Fra NNP
twitching VBG									twitching VBG
Spotlight NNP									Spotlight NNP
Rattigan NNP									Rattigan NNP
impassioned JJ									impassioned JJ
maestro NN									maestro NN
sizes NNS VBZ									sizes NNS VBZ
couples NNS									couples NNS
centrifuged VBN									centrifuged VBN
lower-income JJ JJR								lower-income JJ JJR
Expects NNS VBZ									Expects NNS VBZ
Lucia NNP									Lucia NNP
gypsies NNS									gypsies NNS
Hebert NNP									Hebert NNP
Howdy UH									Howdy UH
Beebe NNP									Beebe NNP
within IN RB									within IN RB
breakthrough NN									breakthrough NN
Freed VBN JJ NNP								Freed VBN JJ NNP
Moscow-allied JJ								Moscow-allied JJ
classiest JJS									classiest JJS
nonconvertible JJ								nonconvertible JJ
fern-like JJ									fern-like JJ
reinforcements NNS								reinforcements NNS
arm-rise NN									arm-rise NN
fourteen CD									fourteen CD
Aziz NNP									Aziz NNP
delegations NNS									delegations NNS
Legislation NN NNP								Legislation NN NNP
WHY WRB										WHY WRB
falsehood NN									falsehood NN
Collections NNS									Collections NNS
reprisals NNS									reprisals NNS
lefthanders NNS									lefthanders NNS
gas-tax-increasing JJ								gas-tax-increasing JJ
bustling JJ VBG									bustling JJ VBG
energizing VBG									energizing VBG
Princeton\/Newport-like JJ							Princeton\/Newport-like JJ
heelsthe DT									heelsthe DT
frequencies NNS									frequencies NNS
swiftest JJS									swiftest JJS
Mathematically RB								Mathematically RB
Gliedman NNP									Gliedman NNP
Chrysler NNP									Chrysler NNP
Cuisinarts NNPS									Cuisinarts NNPS
MacLean NNP									MacLean NNP
verifiable JJ									verifiable JJ
outscored VBD									outscored VBD
Honan NNP									Honan NNP
Speculative JJ									Speculative JJ
Ghiberti NNP									Ghiberti NNP
Boston-based JJ									Boston-based JJ
Norwell NNP									Norwell NNP
extractors NNS									extractors NNS
sidled VBD									sidled VBD
recreate VB VBP									recreate VB VBP
Device NN NNP									Device NN NNP
domestic-made JJ								domestic-made JJ
Uzi-model JJ									Uzi-model JJ
shades NNS									shades NNS
Debates NNS									Debates NNS
more-powerful JJR								more-powerful JJR
crowbait NN									crowbait NN
Regions NNS NNPS								Regions NNS NNPS
Loosli NNP									Loosli NNP
grillework NN									grillework NN
ham-handed JJ									ham-handed JJ
pre-suspension JJ								pre-suspension JJ
secants NNS									secants NNS
Austrian-Argentine JJ								Austrian-Argentine JJ
authoritative JJ								authoritative JJ
manuals NNS									manuals NNS
Loco NNP									Loco NNP
re-investment NN								re-investment NN
Telefonica NNP									Telefonica NNP
Jansenist NNP									Jansenist NNP
four-week JJ									four-week JJ
Dahlen NNP									Dahlen NNP
obsoleted VBN									obsoleted VBN
DSP NNP										DSP NNP
unmolested JJ									unmolested JJ
Textbook NN									Textbook NN
salons NNS									salons NNS
Bolivian JJ									Bolivian JJ
protesters NNS									protesters NNS
Declares VBZ									Declares VBZ
Grandsire NNP									Grandsire NNP
Machine-vision JJ								Machine-vision JJ
disillusionment NN								disillusionment NN
pulverize VB									pulverize VB
tax-fraud NN									tax-fraud NN
Stature NN									Stature NN
urethane NN									urethane NN
apologetic JJ									apologetic JJ
Herdman NNP									Herdman NNP
shimmy VB VBP									shimmy VB VBP
birthcontrol NN									birthcontrol NN
audits NN NNS									audits NN NNS
despoiled VBN									despoiled VBN
Abdullah NNP									Abdullah NNP
Pringle NNP									Pringle NNP
McGann NNP									McGann NNP
subjectively RB									subjectively RB
cloth-of-gold NN								cloth-of-gold NN
cerebrated VBN									cerebrated VBN
Changyi NNP									Changyi NNP
producin VBG									producin VBG
Seabrook NNP									Seabrook NNP
sixty-day JJ									sixty-day JJ
outraged VBN JJ VBD								outraged VBN JJ VBD
glide VB VBP									glide VB VBP
sharecrop NN									sharecrop NN
brotherism NN									brotherism NN
Swiveling VBG									Swiveling VBG
Magee NNP									Magee NNP
tax-reduction NN								tax-reduction NN
For IN CC NNP									For IN CC NNP
TROs NNS									TROs NNS
president-engineering NN|NN							president-engineering NN|NN
gemlike JJ									gemlike JJ
Exocet NNP									Exocet NNP
identifiers NNS									identifiers NNS
Wallingford NNP									Wallingford NNP
repetitive JJ									repetitive JJ
House NNP JJ NN									House NNP JJ NN
Millstein NNP									Millstein NNP
subtlety NN									subtlety NN
Propriety NN									Propriety NN
Cy NNP										Cy NNP
receding VBG									receding VBG
smashing JJ NN VBG								smashing JJ NN VBG
toilet NN									toilet NN
point-spread JJ									point-spread JJ
burglar NN									burglar NN
examine VB VBP									examine VB VBP
Dixieland NNP NN								Dixieland NNP NN
recorded-music JJ								recorded-music JJ
producer-price JJ NN								producer-price JJ NN
Milstar NNP									Milstar NNP
failure NN									failure NN
nicotine-free JJ								nicotine-free JJ
semblance NN									semblance NN
Suor FW										Suor FW
killings NNS									killings NNS
Neodata NNP									Neodata NNP
attending VBG									attending VBG
impatience NN									impatience NN
rehabilitations NNS								rehabilitations NNS
moontrack NN									moontrack NN
inhomogeneous JJ								inhomogeneous JJ
saloon NN									saloon NN
drug-dealing JJ NN								drug-dealing JJ NN
editions NNS									editions NNS
Southland NNP									Southland NNP
syndicator NN									syndicator NN
electricity-industry NN								electricity-industry NN
cultivates VBZ									cultivates VBZ
Jalaalwalikraam NNP								Jalaalwalikraam NNP
Nigger NN									Nigger NN
remark NN VB									remark NN VB
feed NN VB VBD VBP								feed NN VB VBD VBP
evade VB									evade VB
compulsively RB									compulsively RB
dissidents NNS									dissidents NNS
Greenback NNP									Greenback NNP
altitudes NNS									altitudes NNS
bonus NN									bonus NN
Cricket NNP									Cricket NNP
Stanford NNP NN									Stanford NNP NN
campmate NN									campmate NN
redo VB										redo VB
poet NN										poet NN
accelerates VBZ									accelerates VBZ
journal NN									journal NN
Chicago-centric JJ								Chicago-centric JJ
MD-82s NNPS									MD-82s NNPS
pianists NNS									pianists NNS
considerably RB									considerably RB
anomie FW									anomie FW
Requiem NNP									Requiem NNP
Bebe NNP									Bebe NNP
diagnostics NNS									diagnostics NNS
vitae NN									vitae NN
scrimmaged VBD									scrimmaged VBD
Representatives NNPS NNP NNS							Representatives NNPS NNP NNS
Gargery NNP									Gargery NNP
calculation NN									calculation NN
unwieldy JJ									unwieldy JJ
Supervisor NNP									Supervisor NNP
Cal-Neva NNP									Cal-Neva NNP
constrictor NN									constrictor NN
Communication NNP NN								Communication NNP NN
Glavin NNP									Glavin NNP
Ranging VBG									Ranging VBG
Sometime RB									Sometime RB
Attali NNP									Attali NNP
perilla NN									perilla NN
canto FW NN									canto FW NN
pressure-sensing JJ								pressure-sensing JJ
arrays NNS									arrays NNS
Shaevitz NNP									Shaevitz NNP
Af-inch JJ									Af-inch JJ
squalls NNS									squalls NNS
tanked VBN									tanked VBN
session NN									session NN
U-2 NNP										U-2 NNP
traditionalist NN JJ								traditionalist NN JJ
lionesses NNS									lionesses NNS
Sweathouse NN									Sweathouse NN
dissected VBD VBN								dissected VBD VBN
Canepa NNP									Canepa NNP
Blocked VBN									Blocked VBN
Longtime JJ NN									Longtime JJ NN
travel-services NNS								travel-services NNS
inconsiderable JJ								inconsiderable JJ
Pt. NN										Pt. NN
Unique JJ									Unique JJ
drapers NNS									drapers NNS
Retail JJ NNP									Retail JJ NNP
woodworm NN									woodworm NN
decimated VBN VBD								decimated VBN VBD
Deanna NNP									Deanna NNP
integrators NNS									integrators NNS
intervened VBD VBN								intervened VBD VBN
federal JJ									federal JJ
Faustian JJ									Faustian JJ
guiltless JJ									guiltless JJ
flog VB										flog VB
monicker JJR									monicker JJR
Forward NNP									Forward NNP
maximum JJ NN									maximum JJ NN
Hakko NNP									Hakko NNP
Frequency NNP									Frequency NNP
Heeding VBG									Heeding VBG
sirloin NN									sirloin NN
technocrats NNS									technocrats NNS
Sees VBZ NNP									Sees VBZ NNP
frambesia NN									frambesia NN
auto-market NN									auto-market NN
Espre NNP									Espre NNP
Pothier NNP									Pothier NNP
sightseers NNS									sightseers NNS
hastily-summoned JJ								hastily-summoned JJ
iron-rod JJ									iron-rod JJ
minority-internship JJ								minority-internship JJ
avec NNP FW									avec NNP FW
seasons NNS									seasons NNS
barnyard NN									barnyard NN
Migs NNS									Migs NNS
Pancrazio NNP									Pancrazio NNP
Soba FW										Soba FW
insurance-company NN JJ								insurance-company NN JJ
audivi FW									audivi FW
Excellent JJ									Excellent JJ
Bulow NNP									Bulow NNP
Steinhart NNP									Steinhart NNP
interpretations NNS								interpretations NNS
Schroer NNP									Schroer NNP
growled VBD									growled VBD
This DT NNP									This DT NNP
crippled VBN JJ VBD								crippled VBN JJ VBD
againt NN									againt NN
Equipment NNP NN								Equipment NNP NN
McCurry NNP									McCurry NNP
slangy-confidential JJ								slangy-confidential JJ
Jessye NNP									Jessye NNP
NLO NNP										NLO NNP
Finks NNP									Finks NNP
zero-sum JJ									zero-sum JJ
Defections NNS									Defections NNS
re-open VB									re-open VB
buy-and-hold JJ CD								buy-and-hold JJ CD
vowing VBG									vowing VBG
Buckley NNP									Buckley NNP
concessionaires NNS								concessionaires NNS
Apartment NN NNP								Apartment NN NNP
dementia NN									dementia NN
portal NN									portal NN
customer-account NN								customer-account NN
priestly JJ									priestly JJ
M&H NNP										M&H NNP
forecasters NNS									forecasters NNS
vindicate VB									vindicate VB
retailed VBN									retailed VBN
Hurray NNP									Hurray NNP
Hillary NNP									Hillary NNP
out-of-step JJ									out-of-step JJ
regulatory JJ									regulatory JJ
rice-processing JJ								rice-processing JJ
Intelligent NNP JJ								Intelligent NNP JJ
Cavallo NNP									Cavallo NNP
tektite NN									tektite NN
hark VBP									hark VBP
segregated VBN VBD JJ								segregated VBN VBD JJ
touched VBD VBN									touched VBD VBN
Bluntly RB									Bluntly RB
B.t.u. NN									B.t.u. NN
clouding NN									clouding NN
pitiful JJ									pitiful JJ
Batman NNP									Batman NNP
near-Communists NNS								near-Communists NNS
humanizing VBG									humanizing VBG
repress VB									repress VB
Buddy NNP									Buddy NNP
Voell NNP									Voell NNP
chatty JJ									chatty JJ
disinclination NN								disinclination NN
Parkways NNP NNPS								Parkways NNP NNPS
attacks NNS VBZ									attacks NNS VBZ
lieu NN FW IN									lieu NN FW IN
--how WRB									--how WRB
before IN RB RP									before IN RB RP
praising VBG									praising VBG
Esher NNP									Esher NNP
Cristiani NNP									Cristiani NNP
wariness NN									wariness NN
dustin VBG									dustin VBG
deductive JJ									deductive JJ
Harbanse NNP									Harbanse NNP
Southmark-sponsored JJ								Southmark-sponsored JJ
Hillerich NNP									Hillerich NNP
Jelinski NNP									Jelinski NNP
televisions NNS									televisions NNS
Executives NNS NNP NNPS								Executives NNS NNP NNPS
parquet NN									parquet NN
MacReady NNP									MacReady NNP
U.S.-grown JJ									U.S.-grown JJ
isolating VBG JJ								isolating VBG JJ
perpetuates VBZ									perpetuates VBZ
corpsman NN									corpsman NN
Tempter NNP									Tempter NNP
CRs NNS										CRs NNS
Ameritas NNP									Ameritas NNP
full-bodied JJ									full-bodied JJ
BOND NN										BOND NN
Haven NNP									Haven NNP
Perritt NNP									Perritt NNP
zillions NNS									zillions NNS
Richstone NNP									Richstone NNP
Getulio NNP									Getulio NNP
Embryogen NNP									Embryogen NNP
anthropological JJ								anthropological JJ
particularity NN								particularity NN
punning VBG									punning VBG
Carat NNP									Carat NNP
most-influential JJ								most-influential JJ
wellknown JJ NN									wellknown JJ NN
Momentum NN									Momentum NN
homely JJ									homely JJ
Griffith NNP									Griffith NNP
Norio NNP									Norio NNP
Eagleburger NNP									Eagleburger NNP
delineated VBN									delineated VBN
kiddie NN									kiddie NN
Grinned VBD									Grinned VBD
erratic JJ									erratic JJ
Scrum NNP									Scrum NNP
semantics NNS									semantics NNS
holiday NN									holiday NN
Demagogues NNS									Demagogues NNS
disastrously RB									disastrously RB
hosannas NNS									hosannas NNS
innately RB									innately RB
Alagoas NNP									Alagoas NNP
Enjoying VBG									Enjoying VBG
Pebworth NNP									Pebworth NNP
Apology NNP									Apology NNP
Euro-consumers NNPS								Euro-consumers NNPS
Kali VBP									Kali VBP
Guns NNS NNP									Guns NNS NNP
money-wise JJ									money-wise JJ
guy NN										guy NN
Dividend NN NNP									Dividend NN NNP
unobtrusively RB								unobtrusively RB
task NN VB									task NN VB
unexamined JJ									unexamined JJ
Macmillan\/McGraw-Hill NNP							Macmillan\/McGraw-Hill NNP
firefighting NN									firefighting NN
discussant NN									discussant NN
Appellate NNP									Appellate NNP
we-Japanese JJ									we-Japanese JJ
occupation-as NN|IN								occupation-as NN|IN
craved VBN VBD									craved VBN VBD
First-section JJ								First-section JJ
drive-yourself JJ								drive-yourself JJ
Koyata NNP									Koyata NNP
lopes VBZ									lopes VBZ
customer-cost NN								customer-cost NN
bull-roaring JJ									bull-roaring JJ
Mertle NNP									Mertle NNP
Pratt NNP									Pratt NNP
hopefully RB									hopefully RB
c-reflects VBZ									c-reflects VBZ
quasi-parliamentary\/judicial JJ						quasi-parliamentary\/judicial JJ
networks NNS VBZ								networks NNS VBZ
bystander NN									bystander NN
Bertin NNP									Bertin NNP
airstrips NNS									airstrips NNS
indeed RB UH									indeed RB UH
--which WDT IN									--which WDT IN
deformed JJ VBN									deformed JJ VBN
weakness NN									weakness NN
weirdo NN									weirdo NN
yawn NN VB									yawn NN VB
filth NN									filth NN
Bridgewater NNP									Bridgewater NNP
reauthorized VBN								reauthorized VBN
Hintz NNP									Hintz NNP
MF NNP										MF NNP
victory NN									victory NN
patrons... :									patrons... :
supply-sider NN									supply-sider NN
dumps VBZ NNS									dumps VBZ NNS
dashing VBG JJ									dashing VBG JJ
pigeons NNS									pigeons NNS
clefts NNS									clefts NNS
Strongheart NNP									Strongheart NNP
Launder NNP									Launder NNP
carbines NNS									carbines NNS
Shupe NNP									Shupe NNP
emergency-medical JJ								emergency-medical JJ
Semmelman NNP									Semmelman NNP
direct-sum NN									direct-sum NN
brainchild NN									brainchild NN
defiles VBZ									defiles VBZ
Agro NNP									Agro NNP
Finkbiner NNP									Finkbiner NNP
kegs NNS									kegs NNS
billets NNS									billets NNS
Naess NNP									Naess NNP
Kochola NNP									Kochola NNP
irrespective RB									irrespective RB
one-two JJ									one-two JJ
Taxation NNP NN									Taxation NNP NN
disabling VBG									disabling VBG
Alwin NNP									Alwin NNP
immigrant NN JJ									immigrant NN JJ
Omaha NNP NN									Omaha NNP NN
refuses VBZ									refuses VBZ
Metronic NNP									Metronic NNP
Torrence NNP									Torrence NNP
underscoring VBG								underscoring VBG
Sales NNS NNP NNPS								Sales NNS NNP NNPS
Statehood NNP NN								Statehood NNP NN
rallied VBD VBN									rallied VBD VBN
hushed JJ									hushed JJ
distinguishable JJ								distinguishable JJ
yellowed VBN									yellowed VBN
durable-goods NNS								durable-goods NNS
Puddingstone NNP								Puddingstone NNP
neurasthenic NN									neurasthenic NN
re NN										re NN
uncombable JJ									uncombable JJ
suited VBN VBD									suited VBN VBD
assembly NN									assembly NN
reedbuck NN									reedbuck NN
Cessna NNP									Cessna NNP
pitiless JJ									pitiless JJ
Permit VB									Permit VB
isolationism NN									isolationism NN
absented VBD									absented VBD
ensured VBD									ensured VBD
Veblen NNP									Veblen NNP
Schechter NNP									Schechter NNP
regalia NNS									regalia NNS
true-false JJ									true-false JJ
Pressed VBN									Pressed VBN
Lattimer NNP									Lattimer NNP
cheesecloth NN									cheesecloth NN
poured-in-place VBN								poured-in-place VBN
parley NN VB									parley NN VB
lace NN										lace NN
thyroid NN									thyroid NN
consumers NNS									consumers NNS
Neglected NNP									Neglected NNP
Menderes NNP									Menderes NNP
gold-mining-company JJ								gold-mining-company JJ
oil-producing JJ NN								oil-producing JJ NN
Capitalist NNP									Capitalist NNP
objected VBD VBN								objected VBD VBN
Sverdlovsk NNP									Sverdlovsk NNP
germinated JJ									germinated JJ
extracurricular JJ								extracurricular JJ
Investcorp NNP									Investcorp NNP
judicious JJ									judicious JJ
Dragon NNP									Dragon NNP
undressing VBG NN								undressing VBG NN
red-flag VB									red-flag VB
mistaken VBN JJ									mistaken VBN JJ
Squires NNP									Squires NNP
mollycoddle NN									mollycoddle NN
die-up NN									die-up NN
Snelling NNP									Snelling NNP
targeted VBN VBD JJ								targeted VBN VBD JJ
per-year JJ									per-year JJ
entomologist NN									entomologist NN
relabeling VBG									relabeling VBG
Fleckenstein NNP								Fleckenstein NNP
Federalist NNP JJ								Federalist NNP JJ
DUF NN										DUF NN
Ai- NNP										Ai- NNP
Gonzales NNP									Gonzales NNP
Al-Faqih NNP									Al-Faqih NNP
rearguard NN									rearguard NN
redemption NN									redemption NN
hand-level JJ									hand-level JJ
counter-apparatus NN								counter-apparatus NN
Oh-the-pain-of-it UH								Oh-the-pain-of-it UH
Persuading VBG									Persuading VBG
gluttony NN									gluttony NN
Talbot NNP									Talbot NNP
Evegeni NNP									Evegeni NNP
whimsical JJ									whimsical JJ
extinguisher NN									extinguisher NN
diesel NN JJ									diesel NN JJ
Survive VB									Survive VB
top-of-the-line JJ								top-of-the-line JJ
flatlands NNS									flatlands NNS
input NN									input NN
customer-inventory JJ								customer-inventory JJ
Pan-American JJ									Pan-American JJ
stop-gap JJ									stop-gap JJ
United NNP VBN JJ								United NNP VBN JJ
nonfarm JJ									nonfarm JJ
non-GM JJ									non-GM JJ
Estonian-language JJ								Estonian-language JJ
steely JJ									steely JJ
seagulls NNS									seagulls NNS
Scratch NN									Scratch NN
Russell NNP									Russell NNP
injects VBZ									injects VBZ
eradicating VBG									eradicating VBG
prolixity NN									prolixity NN
scuba NN									scuba NN
Junk-Bond NN									Junk-Bond NN
prepping VBG									prepping VBG
instructive JJ									instructive JJ
skeet NN									skeet NN
crystallite NN									crystallite NN
verged VBD									verged VBD
Brigantine NNP									Brigantine NNP
shipments NNS									shipments NNS
Hewitt NNP									Hewitt NNP
Oregon NNP NN									Oregon NNP NN
quickening VBG									quickening VBG
Factors NNS NNP									Factors NNS NNP
manicures VBZ									manicures VBZ
Chica NNP									Chica NNP
Montgolfier NNP									Montgolfier NNP
Pyszkiewicz NNP									Pyszkiewicz NNP
infants NNS									infants NNS
unveiled VBD JJ VBN								unveiled VBD JJ VBN
country-development NN								country-development NN
Needy NNP NNS									Needy NNP NNS
Scrapiron NNP									Scrapiron NNP
installed VBN JJ VBD								installed VBN JJ VBD
candidacy NN									candidacy NN
gosh UH										gosh UH
big-large NN									big-large NN
telegrams NNS VBZ								telegrams NNS VBZ
Consortium NNP NN								Consortium NNP NN
around... :									around... :
aflatoxin NN									aflatoxin NN
descending VBG									descending VBG
Westhampton NNP									Westhampton NNP
Euro-playing JJ									Euro-playing JJ
Plainview NNP									Plainview NNP
Descendants NNS									Descendants NNS
cowhands NNS									cowhands NNS
eye-filling JJ									eye-filling JJ
foxholes NNS									foxholes NNS
scorecard NN									scorecard NN
bartering NN									bartering NN
miswritten JJ									miswritten JJ
Liberties NNPS NNP								Liberties NNPS NNP
Fill VB VBP									Fill VB VBP
Hostess NNP									Hostess NNP
Denver-based JJ NNP								Denver-based JJ NNP
Boots NNP NNS									Boots NNP NNS
clap NN										clap NN
IL-2 NNP									IL-2 NNP
archaeological JJ								archaeological JJ
Itoiz NNP									Itoiz NNP
Zagaria NNP									Zagaria NNP
Equally RB									Equally RB
Reinstatement NN								Reinstatement NN
Shipyards NNP NNPS								Shipyards NNP NNPS
Raptopoulos NNP									Raptopoulos NNP
out-of-bounds JJ								out-of-bounds JJ
Africans NNPS NNP								Africans NNPS NNP
zero-gravity JJ									zero-gravity JJ
court... :									court... :
basketball NN									basketball NN
yrs NNS										yrs NNS
hawing VBG									hawing VBG
anaplasmosis NN									anaplasmosis NN
top-rated JJ									top-rated JJ
coolheaded JJ									coolheaded JJ
Du NNP										Du NNP
low-end JJ NN									low-end JJ NN
no-good-bums NNS								no-good-bums NNS
ornithologist NN								ornithologist NN
Swelling JJ VBG									Swelling JJ VBG
Schlemmer NNP									Schlemmer NNP
Bragg NNP									Bragg NNP
insubordinate JJ								insubordinate JJ
Slow JJ VB									Slow JJ VB
pun NN										pun NN
queasiness NN									queasiness NN
Year-to-date JJ									Year-to-date JJ
ten-foot JJ									ten-foot JJ
Radiant JJ									Radiant JJ
Playboy NNP									Playboy NNP
Macmillan NNP									Macmillan NNP
aerobics NN NNS									aerobics NN NNS
megalomania NN									megalomania NN
nonflammable JJ									nonflammable JJ
Beal NNP									Beal NNP
elegant JJ									elegant JJ
Sea-road NN									Sea-road NN
Gauer NNP									Gauer NNP
Kinsey NNP									Kinsey NNP
Milbank NNP									Milbank NNP
XFI NNP										XFI NNP
sq. JJ										sq. JJ
jacked VBD VBN									jacked VBD VBN
Goupil NNP									Goupil NNP
student NN									student NN
off-key JJ									off-key JJ
comment VB VBP NN								comment VB VBP NN
radiation-protection JJ								radiation-protection JJ
bilevel JJ									bilevel JJ
d'Avignon NNP									d'Avignon NNP
Yew NNP NN									Yew NNP NN
obtaining VBG									obtaining VBG
soloists NNS									soloists NNS
brace NN VB VBP									brace NN VB VBP
fine-point JJ									fine-point JJ
whisking VBG									whisking VBG
plowshares NNS									plowshares NNS
Type NN NNP									Type NN NNP
overdrawn JJ									overdrawn JJ
shorthand NN									shorthand NN
supposed VBN JJ VBD								supposed VBN JJ VBD
wood-products NNS								wood-products NNS
USW NNP										USW NNP
blocker NN									blocker NN
stifles VBZ									stifles VBZ
ciphers NNS									ciphers NNS
simplest JJS									simplest JJS
foundering VBG JJ								foundering VBG JJ
debilitating JJ									debilitating JJ
preconditioned VBD VBN								preconditioned VBD VBN
particulate JJ									particulate JJ
balance-of-payments NNS JJ							balance-of-payments NNS JJ
pointedly RB									pointedly RB
Bearman NNP									Bearman NNP
Proceeding VBG									Proceeding VBG
bears VBZ NNS									bears VBZ NNS
resented VBD VBN								resented VBD VBN
say'wow VB									say'wow VB
impair VB NN									impair VB NN
spur-of-the-moment JJ								spur-of-the-moment JJ
baguette FW									baguette FW
Jennings NNP									Jennings NNP
bison NN									bison NN
Shrinking VBG									Shrinking VBG
Bumblebees NNS NNPS								Bumblebees NNS NNPS
numinous JJ									numinous JJ
ocarina NN									ocarina NN
Conyers NNP									Conyers NNP
inescapably RB									inescapably RB
bartender NN									bartender NN
Probes NNPS									Probes NNPS
Fina NNP									Fina NNP
million-plus JJ NNS NN								million-plus JJ NNS NN
barbell NN									barbell NN
unformed JJ									unformed JJ
Sierras NNPS									Sierras NNPS
plaque NN									plaque NN
overstraining NN								overstraining NN
disembodied JJ									disembodied JJ
Quietly RB									Quietly RB
Gannon NNP									Gannon NNP
Sewage NNP									Sewage NNP
somnambulism NN									somnambulism NN
absentee JJ NN									absentee JJ NN
preliminaries NNS								preliminaries NNS
battery-operated JJ NN								battery-operated JJ NN
fuselage NN									fuselage NN
Distances NNS									Distances NNS
Aeronautics NNP									Aeronautics NNP
cholecystokinin NN								cholecystokinin NN
shivers NNS									shivers NNS
air NN VB VBN VBP								air NN VB VBN VBP
sacraments NNS									sacraments NNS
Skrunda NNP									Skrunda NNP
mini-mafia NN									mini-mafia NN
civilize VB									civilize VB
leukemia NN									leukemia NN
portends VBZ									portends VBZ
thirsted VBN									thirsted VBN
Venture NNP NN									Venture NNP NN
fielders NNS									fielders NNS
'Does VBZ									'Does VBZ
Ecology NN NNP									Ecology NN NNP
shame NN VB									shame NN VB
art-filled JJ									art-filled JJ
editorialize VB									editorialize VB
Anheuser NNP									Anheuser NNP
hierarchies NNS									hierarchies NNS
emigration NN									emigration NN
burnings NNS									burnings NNS
Agius NNP									Agius NNP
reek VBP NN									reek VBP NN
parochial JJ									parochial JJ
drubbing NN									drubbing NN
McCarthyite JJ									McCarthyite JJ
Duck NNP NN									Duck NNP NN
tailing VBG									tailing VBG
mannerisms NNS									mannerisms NNS
self-managing JJ								self-managing JJ
particulars NNS									particulars NNS
Weisbord NNP									Weisbord NNP
seq NN										seq NN
foulest JJS									foulest JJS
Sixty CD									Sixty CD
mismeasurement NN								mismeasurement NN
Glossy JJ									Glossy JJ
Burgeoning VBG									Burgeoning VBG
broadened VBN VBD								broadened VBN VBD
towards IN									towards IN
Idea FW NN									Idea FW NN
Kleiman NNP									Kleiman NNP
ABG-Semca NNP									ABG-Semca NNP
Vorontsov NNP									Vorontsov NNP
Wheels NNP									Wheels NNP
Bucks NNP									Bucks NNP
constitution NN									constitution NN
worst-performing JJ								worst-performing JJ
Kossuth NNP									Kossuth NNP
triglycerides NNS								triglycerides NNS
Canada-Newfoundland NNP								Canada-Newfoundland NNP
Balance NNP									Balance NNP
elucidation NN									elucidation NN
outlived VBN VBD								outlived VBN VBD
ghostlike JJ									ghostlike JJ
overgenerous JJ									overgenerous JJ
incompetent JJ									incompetent JJ
single-home JJ									single-home JJ
downplay VB									downplay VB
roomier JJR									roomier JJR
reluctant JJ									reluctant JJ
Fishing NNP NN									Fishing NNP NN
irradiation NN									irradiation NN
Glazer-Fine NNP									Glazer-Fine NNP
insurance-claims NNS								insurance-claims NNS
Denny NNP									Denny NNP
blue-chip JJ NNP NN								blue-chip JJ NNP NN
road-shy JJ									road-shy JJ
present JJ VBP RB|JJ NN RB VB							present JJ VBP RB|JJ NN RB VB
documentary NN JJ								documentary NN JJ
Ebury NNP									Ebury NNP
grading VBG NN									grading VBG NN
Samurai NNP									Samurai NNP
luckily RB									luckily RB
shuld MD									shuld MD
military-electronics NNS							military-electronics NNS
L.M. NNP									L.M. NNP
Wiseman NNP									Wiseman NNP
Cocktail NN									Cocktail NN
Clairton NNP									Clairton NNP
instigator NN									instigator NN
nook NN										nook NN
Iosola NNP									Iosola NNP
summer-long JJ									summer-long JJ
Referring VBG									Referring VBG
Bogle NNP									Bogle NNP
dwelling NN VBG									dwelling NN VBG
Literary NNP JJ									Literary NNP JJ
debt-repayment NN								debt-repayment NN
state-chartered JJ								state-chartered JJ
Culvers NNPS									Culvers NNPS
soft-drink NN JJ								soft-drink NN JJ
services-repair NN								services-repair NN
groggy JJ									groggy JJ
spots... :									spots... :
last-resort JJ									last-resort JJ
dell NN										dell NN
Wyser-Pratte NNP								Wyser-Pratte NNP
sizing NN									sizing NN
convenants NNS									convenants NNS
Maruwa NNP									Maruwa NNP
radar. NN									radar. NN
rearranging VBG									rearranging VBG
bridle NN									bridle NN
bank-looting JJ									bank-looting JJ
B70 NN										B70 NN
monosyllables NNS								monosyllables NNS
pencils NNS VBZ									pencils NNS VBZ
Mach't FW									Mach't FW
securites NNS									securites NNS
Marmee NNP									Marmee NNP
offshoot NN									offshoot NN
Fitness NNP									Fitness NNP
concurrence NN									concurrence NN
Menet NNP									Menet NNP
Shietz NNP									Shietz NNP
divided VBN VBD JJ								divided VBN VBD JJ
Kestner NNP									Kestner NNP
today NN JJ RB									today NN JJ RB
Ridgefield NNP									Ridgefield NNP
outsized JJ									outsized JJ
blanks NNS									blanks NNS
Navy NNP NN									Navy NNP NN
Converts NNS									Converts NNS
Deloitte-Touche NNP								Deloitte-Touche NNP
Hoover NNP									Hoover NNP
Traviata NNP									Traviata NNP
Schotter NNP									Schotter NNP
Her PRP$ PRP PRP$R								Her PRP$ PRP PRP$R
B.D. NNP									B.D. NNP
Feedlots NNS									Feedlots NNS
smaller JJR RBR									smaller JJR RBR
Soupy JJ									Soupy JJ
Topton NNP									Topton NNP
brutalized VBN JJ								brutalized VBN JJ
inshore JJ RB									inshore JJ RB
Excision NN									Excision NN
motionless JJ									motionless JJ
drowsy JJ									drowsy JJ
Alastor NNP									Alastor NNP
Spinco NNP									Spinco NNP
MG NNP										MG NNP
twopoint NN									twopoint NN
millstones NNS									millstones NNS
hyperemia NN									hyperemia NN
longhorns NNS									longhorns NNS
inaccurate JJ									inaccurate JJ
utopia NN									utopia NN
Teachers NNPS NNP NNS								Teachers NNPS NNP NNS
secretly RB									secretly RB
Evenings RB									Evenings RB
schedule NN VB VBP								schedule NN VB VBP
Kunkel NNP									Kunkel NNP
Reiser NNP									Reiser NNP
unviable JJ									unviable JJ
transferrable JJ								transferrable JJ
fair-use JJ									fair-use JJ
secession NN									secession NN
parallels NNS VBZ								parallels NNS VBZ
Famous-Barr NNP									Famous-Barr NNP
folksongs NNS									folksongs NNS
Bankhead NNP									Bankhead NNP
welling VBG									welling VBG
Paos NNPS									Paos NNPS
Near IN JJ NNP									Near IN JJ NNP
waitin NN									waitin NN
Avery NNP									Avery NNP
hormone NN									hormone NN
once-indomitable JJ								once-indomitable JJ
lewdly RB									lewdly RB
take-away JJ									take-away JJ
Mesirov NNP									Mesirov NNP
Tuscany NNP									Tuscany NNP
Sonar NN									Sonar NN
shacks NNS									shacks NNS
endearment NN									endearment NN
manor NN									manor NN
castings NNS									castings NNS
hiccup NN									hiccup NN
Concordes NNP									Concordes NNP
Oher NNP									Oher NNP
anti-inflationary JJ								anti-inflationary JJ
rf NN										rf NN
meteoric JJ									meteoric JJ
mingled VBD VBN JJ								mingled VBD VBN JJ
simmering VBG									simmering VBG
aquifers NNS									aquifers NNS
Argonauts NNPS									Argonauts NNPS
fossilized JJ									fossilized JJ
Japanese-style JJ								Japanese-style JJ
Harrity NNP									Harrity NNP
show-down NN									show-down NN
alveolar NN JJ									alveolar NN JJ
Chaseman NNP									Chaseman NNP
phoenix NN									phoenix NN
bel FW										bel FW
small-investor NN								small-investor NN
Paulah NNP									Paulah NNP
Benes NNP									Benes NNP
Ha NNP UH									Ha NNP UH
deep-space JJ									deep-space JJ
toll-road NN									toll-road NN
bureau-sponsored JJ								bureau-sponsored JJ
Sweeneys NNPS NNP								Sweeneys NNPS NNP
Crafton-Preyer NNP								Crafton-Preyer NNP
Lennox NNP									Lennox NNP
NB NNP										NB NNP
Ring NNP NN									Ring NNP NN
Tandem NNP									Tandem NNP
treasury NN									treasury NN
huge JJ										huge JJ
sweatshirt NN									sweatshirt NN
clubhouse NN									clubhouse NN
job-hunting JJ									job-hunting JJ
Fitzgerald NNP									Fitzgerald NNP
draped VBD JJ VBN								draped VBD JJ VBN
brown-paper JJ									brown-paper JJ
Star-Spangled NNP JJ								Star-Spangled NNP JJ
Ptachia NNP									Ptachia NNP
Chodorow NNP									Chodorow NNP
Hatchet NNP									Hatchet NNP
once-unprofitable JJ								once-unprofitable JJ
Pomham NNP									Pomham NNP
snoring VBG NN									snoring VBG NN
sort NN RB VB VBP								sort NN RB VB VBP
post-game JJ									post-game JJ
Film NNP									Film NNP
Trusthouse NNP									Trusthouse NNP
quartz NN									quartz NN
N.E. NNP									N.E. NNP
motivate VB VBP									motivate VB VBP
foreshortening VBG								foreshortening VBG
presser NN									presser NN
iconoclast NN									iconoclast NN
vaults NNS									vaults NNS
coppery JJ NN									coppery JJ NN
soybeans NNS									soybeans NNS
Henrietta NNP									Henrietta NNP
mulls VBZ									mulls VBZ
Ottoman NNP									Ottoman NNP
cords NNS									cords NNS
penurious JJ									penurious JJ
Johnny NNP									Johnny NNP
Newkirk NNP									Newkirk NNP
Invercalt NNP									Invercalt NNP
paper-littered JJ								paper-littered JJ
centralization NN								centralization NN
waltz NN VB									waltz NN VB
dared VBD VBN									dared VBD VBN
Somebody NN NNP									Somebody NN NNP
harm NN VB VBP									harm NN VB VBP
competitive-analysis JJ								competitive-analysis JJ
forthrightly RB									forthrightly RB
straight JJ RB									straight JJ RB
Furthermore RB									Furthermore RB
Benchmark JJ									Benchmark JJ
jig NN										jig NN
bestubbled JJ									bestubbled JJ
Simpkins NNP									Simpkins NNP
Brinson NNP									Brinson NNP
sedate JJ									sedate JJ
Kipp NNP									Kipp NNP
foreign-entry-limit JJ								foreign-entry-limit JJ
wallflower NN									wallflower NN
diatribe NN									diatribe NN
Makers NNPS NNP NNS								Makers NNPS NNP NNS
brutally RB									brutally RB
Stephan NNP									Stephan NNP
I\ NNP										I\ NNP
Beam NNP									Beam NNP
Aruba NNP									Aruba NNP
Pinkie NN									Pinkie NN
James-the-Less NNP								James-the-Less NNP
launch-vehicle NN								launch-vehicle NN
Privacy NN									Privacy NN
ugliness NN									ugliness NN
Street-inspired JJ								Street-inspired JJ
forsaken VBN									forsaken VBN
Mrs. NNP									Mrs. NNP
Cornell-Dubilier NNP								Cornell-Dubilier NNP
audiophiles NNS									audiophiles NNS
legged JJ									legged JJ
Hanauer NNP									Hanauer NNP
apologies NNS									apologies NNS
startups NNS									startups NNS
sha MD										sha MD
Grumble NNP									Grumble NNP
international-money-markets NN							international-money-markets NN
cleverly RB									cleverly RB
tenets NNS									tenets NNS
Chem NNP									Chem NNP
looks VBZ NNS NN								looks VBZ NNS NN
cartoons NNS									cartoons NNS
family-oriented JJ								family-oriented JJ
Carnochan NNP									Carnochan NNP
bolder JJR									bolder JJR
computer-distributed JJ								computer-distributed JJ
humorists NNS									humorists NNS
Restructure VBP									Restructure VBP
wing-shooting NN								wing-shooting NN
plated VBN									plated VBN
exchanger NN									exchanger NN
securities-industry NN JJ							securities-industry NN JJ
affectation NN									affectation NN
Comenico NNP									Comenico NNP
plunging VBG NN									plunging VBG NN
Sighing VBG									Sighing VBG
literal JJ									literal JJ
importunities NNS								importunities NNS
ritorno FW									ritorno FW
riddling VBG									riddling VBG
Sharon NNP									Sharon NNP
Lumia NNP									Lumia NNP
Hasseltine NNP									Hasseltine NNP
meditated VBD									meditated VBD
reclamation NN									reclamation NN
caregivers NNS									caregivers NNS
soured VBD VBN JJ								soured VBD VBN JJ
Gillespie NNP									Gillespie NNP
lob-scuse NN									lob-scuse NN
USX NNP										USX NNP
higher-caliber JJR								higher-caliber JJR
laundromat NN									laundromat NN
camp NN VB									camp NN VB
half-full JJ									half-full JJ
Gardiner NNP									Gardiner NNP
chumminess NN									chumminess NN
Martoche NNP									Martoche NNP
Nagin NNP									Nagin NNP
casualty NN									casualty NN
ever-so-Oxonian JJ								ever-so-Oxonian JJ
fundraising VBG NN								fundraising VBG NN
mistrusted VBD VBN JJ								mistrusted VBD VBN JJ
shipsets NNS									shipsets NNS
legislature NN									legislature NN
elections NNS									elections NNS
alter-ego NN									alter-ego NN
Whittier NNP									Whittier NNP
beach-head NN									beach-head NN
periscopes NNS									periscopes NNS
Amazon NNP									Amazon NNP
prudence NN									prudence NN
favore FW									favore FW
mailrooms NNS									mailrooms NNS
misunderstood VBN VBD								misunderstood VBN VBD
tartly RB									tartly RB
reel NN VBP VB									reel NN VBP VB
offences NNS									offences NNS
Joneses NNPS									Joneses NNPS
tensile JJ									tensile JJ
Hoxan NNP									Hoxan NNP
sleuth NN									sleuth NN
Ica NN										Ica NN
Tallahassee NNP									Tallahassee NNP
battle-shattered JJ								battle-shattered JJ
vainly RB									vainly RB
Euro-watches NNS								Euro-watches NNS
Gtech NNP									Gtech NNP
Concertante NNP									Concertante NNP
self-deceptions NNS								self-deceptions NNS
correctional JJ									correctional JJ
Tatzel NNP									Tatzel NNP
righted VBN									righted VBN
Residential NNP JJ								Residential NNP JJ
Blackberry NNP									Blackberry NNP
beauteous JJ									beauteous JJ
IIcx NNP									IIcx NNP
low-interest JJ									low-interest JJ
paperboy NN									paperboy NN
Espectador NNP									Espectador NNP
Tache NNP									Tache NNP
defection NN									defection NN
Mosnier NN									Mosnier NN
sinking VBG VBG|NN JJ NN							sinking VBG VBG|NN JJ NN
bells NNS									bells NNS
Honda NNP NN									Honda NNP NN
goitrogens NNS									goitrogens NNS
disobey VB									disobey VB
woefully RB									woefully RB
safe-driving JJ									safe-driving JJ
Poised NNP									Poised NNP
Plug-in JJ									Plug-in JJ
Mulligatawny NNP								Mulligatawny NNP
outlast VB									outlast VB
Sha. NNP									Sha. NNP
executive NN JJ									executive NN JJ
waterflows NNS									waterflows NNS
product-inspection JJ								product-inspection JJ
confiscatory JJ									confiscatory JJ
five-and-twenty JJ								five-and-twenty JJ
Blossom NNP									Blossom NNP
tonight RB NN									tonight RB NN
Oglethorpe NNP									Oglethorpe NNP
amortization NN									amortization NN
text-ordered JJ									text-ordered JJ
toast NN VB									toast NN VB
tipper NN									tipper NN
illustrator NN									illustrator NN
Shylockian JJ									Shylockian JJ
Arbeitskommando NNP								Arbeitskommando NNP
Lysol NNP									Lysol NNP
Pfiefer NNP									Pfiefer NNP
extra-sensory JJ								extra-sensory JJ
hairline NN									hairline NN
Become VB									Become VB
minincomputer JJR								minincomputer JJR
credit-card NN JJ								credit-card NN JJ
constituency NN									constituency NN
Evaluating VBG									Evaluating VBG
low-back-pain JJ								low-back-pain JJ
Brady NNP									Brady NNP
quintuple RB VB									quintuple RB VB
Pantasote NNP									Pantasote NNP
outdistanced VBD VBN								outdistanced VBD VBN
self-tilth NN									self-tilth NN
now-famous JJ									now-famous JJ
Reaction NN									Reaction NN
Q3 CD										Q3 CD
Ulyate NNP									Ulyate NNP
sweet-shrub NN									sweet-shrub NN
signals NNS VBZ									signals NNS VBZ
indelibly RB									indelibly RB
loss-plagued JJ									loss-plagued JJ
inflation-wary JJ								inflation-wary JJ
symbols NNS									symbols NNS
Kolakowski NNP									Kolakowski NNP
stunts NNS									stunts NNS
Toalster NNP									Toalster NNP
racists NNS									racists NNS
Starpointe NNP									Starpointe NNP
Policeman NNP									Policeman NNP
Vevey NNP									Vevey NNP
Stenhachs NNPS									Stenhachs NNPS
pagers NNS									pagers NNS
Galan NNP									Galan NNP
esteem NN									esteem NN
carnal JJ									carnal JJ
child-bearing NN								child-bearing NN
inherit VB VBP									inherit VB VBP
Thomson-CSF NNP									Thomson-CSF NNP
Roaring NNP									Roaring NNP
GDP NNP										GDP NNP
Bogdan NNP									Bogdan NNP
confidants NNS									confidants NNS
president\/national-government NN						president\/national-government NN
occured VBD									occured VBD
wrong-headed JJ									wrong-headed JJ
Alden NNP									Alden NNP
sucking VBG NN									sucking VBG NN
discourses NNS									discourses NNS
Gorbachev NNP									Gorbachev NNP
Ewe NNP										Ewe NNP
Goverman NNP									Goverman NNP
Wise NNP JJ									Wise NNP JJ
Framingham NNP									Framingham NNP
tours NNS VBZ									tours NNS VBZ
Urich NNP									Urich NNP
Arrow NNP									Arrow NNP
pinstripe-suited JJ								pinstripe-suited JJ
Lanston NNP									Lanston NNP
Tabb NNP									Tabb NNP
marksman NN									marksman NN
McManus NNP									McManus NNP
Fruehauf NNP									Fruehauf NNP
non-advertising JJ								non-advertising JJ
X-rated JJ									X-rated JJ
enlightenment NN								enlightenment NN
hash NN VB VBP									hash NN VB VBP
ontologically RB								ontologically RB
cronyism NN									cronyism NN
pro-investment JJ								pro-investment JJ
Parc NNP									Parc NNP
ducked VBD									ducked VBD
invasion NN									invasion NN
I'm-coming-down-your-throat JJ							I'm-coming-down-your-throat JJ
decapitalize VBP								decapitalize VBP
Tredyffrin NNP									Tredyffrin NNP
Diversification NN								Diversification NN
Periodically RB									Periodically RB
long-banned JJ									long-banned JJ
entrepreneurship NN								entrepreneurship NN
Cichan NNP									Cichan NNP
foreign-affairs NNS								foreign-affairs NNS
pre-trading JJ									pre-trading JJ
HAD VBD										HAD VBD
U.K.-based JJ									U.K.-based JJ
populations NNS									populations NNS
Carmichael NNP									Carmichael NNP
Ruhnau NNP									Ruhnau NNP
shall MD									shall MD
Napkins NNS									Napkins NNS
nets NNS VBZ									nets NNS VBZ
rat-a-tat-tat JJ								rat-a-tat-tat JJ
Forty-three CD									Forty-three CD
Marlin NNP									Marlin NNP
LM NNP										LM NNP
bloodiest JJS									bloodiest JJS
Reserves NNS NNPS NNP								Reserves NNS NNPS NNP
Toney NNP									Toney NNP
stereotype NN									stereotype NN
Tots NNP NNPS									Tots NNP NNPS
Ashenberg NNP									Ashenberg NNP
Sony-Columbia JJ NNP								Sony-Columbia JJ NNP
R. NNP										R. NNP
single-B-minus JJ NNP NN							single-B-minus JJ NNP NN
tangency NN									tangency NN
bleats NNS									bleats NNS
presses NNS VBZ									presses NNS VBZ
prophesies VBZ									prophesies VBZ
Hindes NNP									Hindes NNP
Neas NNP									Neas NNP
cross-connect JJ								cross-connect JJ
giggled VBD VBN									giggled VBD VBN
nozzles NNS									nozzles NNS
initiator NN									initiator NN
credible JJ									credible JJ
Guardia NNP									Guardia NNP
heater NN									heater NN
Benet NNP									Benet NNP
brine NN									brine NN
Index-related JJ								Index-related JJ
moribund JJ									moribund JJ
capably RB									capably RB
structural-adjustment JJ NN							structural-adjustment JJ NN
homogenous JJ									homogenous JJ
exchanges NNS VBZ								exchanges NNS VBZ
flotation-type JJ								flotation-type JJ
Overextension NN								Overextension NN
saith VBZ VB									saith VBZ VB
Asilomar NNP									Asilomar NNP
Gasse NNP									Gasse NNP
to'life NN									to'life NN
Dist NNP									Dist NNP
Haumd NNP									Haumd NNP
divestiture NN									divestiture NN
race-based JJ									race-based JJ
Berson NNP									Berson NNP
Osram NNP									Osram NNP
disseminated VBN								disseminated VBN
hydrolysis NN									hydrolysis NN
Galaxy NN									Galaxy NN
trembling VBG JJ								trembling VBG JJ
battlefield-electronic JJ							battlefield-electronic JJ
capitals NNS									capitals NNS
Lucie NNP									Lucie NNP
incentive-spurred JJ								incentive-spurred JJ
Govs. NNP									Govs. NNP
high-ranking JJ									high-ranking JJ
transducers NNS									transducers NNS
Rahn NNP									Rahn NNP
recognizable JJ									recognizable JJ
Menelaus NNP									Menelaus NNP
obverse NN									obverse NN
semi-annually RB								semi-annually RB
rebates NNS									rebates NNS
feminists NNS									feminists NNS
Thirty-fourth NNP								Thirty-fourth NNP
unanswered JJ									unanswered JJ
Suez-Hungary NNP								Suez-Hungary NNP
turns VBZ NNS									turns VBZ NNS
correspondents NNS								correspondents NNS
Trimble NNP									Trimble NNP
Cirillo NNP									Cirillo NNP
Rensselaerwyck NNP								Rensselaerwyck NNP
randomness NN									randomness NN
drug-bill NN									drug-bill NN
Kandahar NNP									Kandahar NNP
Volcker NNP									Volcker NNP
Halcion NNP NN									Halcion NNP NN
hyperemic JJ									hyperemic JJ
interpreted VBN VBD								interpreted VBN VBD
Pin VB										Pin VB
cite VBP VB									cite VBP VB
WLF NNP										WLF NNP
Morel NNP									Morel NNP
municipally RB									municipally RB
precisely RB									precisely RB
stranger NN JJR									stranger NN JJR
sixty-five-mile JJ								sixty-five-mile JJ
vibrations NNS									vibrations NNS
lunches NNS									lunches NNS
IL-4 NN										IL-4 NN
Hubert NNP									Hubert NNP
Zombie NNP									Zombie NNP
non-Fed JJ									non-Fed JJ
beheaded VBD									beheaded VBD
Sicily NNP									Sicily NNP
Impersonal JJ									Impersonal JJ
optimal JJ									optimal JJ
babbled VBD									babbled VBD
volcanic JJ									volcanic JJ
Salina NNP									Salina NNP
deleterious JJ									deleterious JJ
drowned VBN JJ VBD								drowned VBN JJ VBD
Squats NNS									Squats NNS
Custer NNP									Custer NNP
outstretched VBN								outstretched VBN
unlocks VBZ									unlocks VBZ
France. NNP									France. NNP
Peony NNP									Peony NNP
Ono NNP										Ono NNP
booths NNS									booths NNS
drug-sales NNS									drug-sales NNS
Yilin NNP									Yilin NNP
sightseeing NN									sightseeing NN
wastes NNS VBZ									wastes NNS VBZ
stillness NN									stillness NN
doer NN										doer NN
ornament NN									ornament NN
roved VBD									roved VBD
wing-tip JJ									wing-tip JJ
engines NNS									engines NNS
busily RB									busily RB
Maurer NNP									Maurer NNP
Italian JJ NNP									Italian JJ NNP
streamlined JJ VBD VBN								streamlined JJ VBD VBN
Senese NNP									Senese NNP
denting VBG									denting VBG
Articles NNPS NNS								Articles NNPS NNS
unrealism NN									unrealism NN
dia. NN JJ									dia. NN JJ
Xenia NNP									Xenia NNP
Fails NNS VBZ									Fails NNS VBZ
ultra-modern JJ									ultra-modern JJ
blades NNS									blades NNS
Hemmed VBN									Hemmed VBN
reader NN									reader NN
widening VBG NN									widening VBG NN
landau NN									landau NN
puzzlement NN									puzzlement NN
mandates NNS VBZ								mandates NNS VBZ
responsively RB									responsively RB
materialized VBD VBN								materialized VBD VBN
Hatless JJ									Hatless JJ
Bean NNP									Bean NNP
certified VBN JJ								certified VBN JJ
adds VBZ									adds VBZ
populists NNS									populists NNS
Relocation NNP									Relocation NNP
Habib NNP									Habib NNP
Bundy NNP									Bundy NNP
disparities NNS									disparities NNS
penny-wise JJ									penny-wise JJ
Wanders NNP									Wanders NNP
agonize VB VBP									agonize VB VBP
bi-monthly JJ									bi-monthly JJ
Bankhaus NNP									Bankhaus NNP
anthers NNS									anthers NNS
Pitt NNP									Pitt NNP
driftnet NN									driftnet NN
Chen NNP									Chen NNP
NC NNP										NC NNP
shipper NN									shipper NN
Eurotempo NNP									Eurotempo NNP
poor-performing JJ								poor-performing JJ
campus NN									campus NN
withering VBG JJ								withering VBG JJ
bulls NNS									bulls NNS
six-hour JJ									six-hour JJ
Wagner NNP									Wagner NNP
Karangelen NNP									Karangelen NNP
after-tax JJ NN									after-tax JJ NN
erythropoietin NN								erythropoietin NN
absinthe NN									absinthe NN
perspiration NN									perspiration NN
warmly RB									warmly RB
colchicum NN									colchicum NN
Propylaea NNP									Propylaea NNP
Traficant NNP									Traficant NNP
gift-giving NN JJ								gift-giving NN JJ
responsibilities NNS								responsibilities NNS
Schemes NNS									Schemes NNS
puerile JJ									puerile JJ
program-trade JJ								program-trade JJ
detectors NNS									detectors NNS
Ankeny NNP									Ankeny NNP
satisfied VBN VBD VBN|JJ JJ							satisfied VBN VBD VBN|JJ JJ
wondered VBD VBN								wondered VBD VBN
devises VBZ									devises VBZ
Westbound NNP									Westbound NNP
Behind IN NNP RB								Behind IN NNP RB
designing VBG									designing VBG
Jacoboski NNP									Jacoboski NNP
eardrums NNS									eardrums NNS
Ubermenschen NNPS								Ubermenschen NNPS
called'low JJ									called'low JJ
gnawed VBD									gnawed VBD
Wachtel NNP									Wachtel NNP
Rolodexes NNPS									Rolodexes NNPS
enamels NNS									enamels NNS
section NN , NNP								section NN , NNP
Country NNP NN									Country NNP NN
irrational JJ									irrational JJ
rough-and-tumble JJ								rough-and-tumble JJ
Rocco NNP									Rocco NNP
coward NN									coward NN
drug-store NN									drug-store NN
MacNamara NNP									MacNamara NNP
Weart NNP									Weart NNP
high-growth JJ NN								high-growth JJ NN
Lumex NNP									Lumex NNP
earnings-limit JJ								earnings-limit JJ
softest JJS									softest JJS
peculiarly RB									peculiarly RB
Sonora NN NNP									Sonora NN NNP
pup NN										pup NN
phobic-like JJ									phobic-like JJ
inconsistent JJ									inconsistent JJ
munch VB									munch VB
Missouri-Illinois NNP								Missouri-Illinois NNP
Ferris NNP									Ferris NNP
gristmill NN									gristmill NN
strikes NNS VBZ									strikes NNS VBZ
Taikisha NNP									Taikisha NNP
labor-backed JJ									labor-backed JJ
Intek NNP									Intek NNP
hurried VBD VBN JJ								hurried VBD VBN JJ
marrying VBG									marrying VBG
Earls NNP									Earls NNP
liquefies VBZ									liquefies VBZ
galled VBN									galled VBN
Acting-President NNP								Acting-President NNP
Marguerite NNP									Marguerite NNP
terror-stricken JJ								terror-stricken JJ
Basement NN									Basement NN
Agua NNP									Agua NNP
October-December NNP								October-December NNP
Idec NNP									Idec NNP
shim VB										shim VB
Continuum NN									Continuum NN
subscribe VB VBP								subscribe VB VBP
Weyerhaeuser NNP JJR								Weyerhaeuser NNP JJR
pension-minded JJ								pension-minded JJ
varying VBG JJ									varying VBG JJ
stagnating VBG									stagnating VBG
notebook-size JJ								notebook-size JJ
OIF NNP										OIF NNP
Wheaties-box JJ									Wheaties-box JJ
meltdown NN JJ									meltdown NN JJ
cognate JJ									cognate JJ
Buccaneers NNS									Buccaneers NNS
Laotians NNS									Laotians NNS
Included VBN JJ									Included VBN JJ
accident NN									accident NN
edits VBZ									edits VBZ
Host NNP NN									Host NNP NN
aisle NN									aisle NN
mercenaries NNS									mercenaries NNS
shoplifting NN									shoplifting NN
penthouse NN									penthouse NN
infiltrate VB									infiltrate VB
stock NN VBP JJ VB								stock NN VBP JJ VB
screeching VBG JJ								screeching VBG JJ
cytoplasm NN									cytoplasm NN
cross-trading NN								cross-trading NN
Scratching VBG									Scratching VBG
bedridden JJ									bedridden JJ
Waltch NNP									Waltch NNP
Cosgrove-Meurer NNP								Cosgrove-Meurer NNP
gamekeeper NN									gamekeeper NN
Resisting VBG									Resisting VBG
saucepan NN									saucepan NN
Leath NNP									Leath NNP
Ebrahim NNP									Ebrahim NNP
atom NN										atom NN
Gaming NNP NN									Gaming NNP NN
Patch NNP NN									Patch NNP NN
steel-quota NN									steel-quota NN
anti-government JJ NN								anti-government JJ NN
Large-package JJ								Large-package JJ
deliberating VBG								deliberating VBG
industry-supported JJ								industry-supported JJ
Intermediate NNP JJ								Intermediate NNP JJ
Plouf NNP									Plouf NNP
offshore JJ RB									offshore JJ RB
Zhijie NNP									Zhijie NNP
starting VBG JJ NN								starting VBG JJ NN
Erwin NNP									Erwin NNP
Sankai NNP									Sankai NNP
DRI\/McGraw NNP									DRI\/McGraw NNP
Flick NN NNP									Flick NN NNP
abstractions NNS								abstractions NNS
Discouragement NN								Discouragement NN
Hazeltine NNP									Hazeltine NNP
Crab NNP									Crab NNP
person NN									person NN
Calisto NNP									Calisto NNP
ketorolac NNP									ketorolac NNP
Assemblyman NNP									Assemblyman NNP
Inacio NNP									Inacio NNP
gunfire NN									gunfire NN
ladder NN									ladder NN
stares NNS									stares NNS
Refugee NNP									Refugee NNP
courageous JJ									courageous JJ
superhuman JJ									superhuman JJ
investment-management NN JJ							investment-management NN JJ
meditation NN									meditation NN
uncensored JJ									uncensored JJ
guaranty NN									guaranty NN
drunkard NN									drunkard NN
Wells NNP									Wells NNP
vaccination NN									vaccination NN
abusable JJ									abusable JJ
LXI NNP										LXI NNP
heavy-weight JJ									heavy-weight JJ
travel-agency NN								travel-agency NN
technician NN									technician NN
periodical NN									periodical NN
housekeeping NN									housekeeping NN
prudently RB									prudently RB
hair-trigger JJ									hair-trigger JJ
behemoth NN									behemoth NN
dunks VBZ									dunks VBZ
world-renowned JJ								world-renowned JJ
equestrians NNS									equestrians NNS
dispensing VBG NN								dispensing VBG NN
unspoiled JJ									unspoiled JJ
mudwagon NN									mudwagon NN
bulky JJ									bulky JJ
chemical-weapon NN								chemical-weapon NN
digest VB NN									digest VB NN
shooed VBN									shooed VBN
upstate JJ RB									upstate JJ RB
stoppages NNS									stoppages NNS
Grammophon NNP									Grammophon NNP
cuddled VBD									cuddled VBD
round-the-world JJ								round-the-world JJ
Enchaine NNP									Enchaine NNP
Petitioner NN									Petitioner NN
superlative JJ									superlative JJ
Backhaus NNP									Backhaus NNP
superconcentrates NNS								superconcentrates NNS
tart JJ NN									tart JJ NN
Desegregation NN NNP								Desegregation NN NNP
neurosurgeon NN									neurosurgeon NN
reds NNS									reds NNS
McCloy NNP									McCloy NNP
beheld VBD									beheld VBD
Tempos NNS									Tempos NNS
LeCompte NNP									LeCompte NNP
Columbiana NNP									Columbiana NNP
probabilistic JJ								probabilistic JJ
reserve-draining JJ								reserve-draining JJ
License NN									License NN
Stressed-out JJ									Stressed-out JJ
emitting VBG									emitting VBG
bench NN VB									bench NN VB
entertainment NN								entertainment NN
non-medical JJ									non-medical JJ
Diary NNP									Diary NNP
Tien NNP									Tien NNP
fishermen NNS									fishermen NNS
secured VBN VBD JJ								secured VBN VBD JJ
whence WRB									whence WRB
liquidate VB									liquidate VB
Cosby NNP									Cosby NNP
Satrum NNP									Satrum NNP
explore VB VBP									explore VB VBP
chucking VBG									chucking VBG
Cartagena NNP									Cartagena NNP
shriek NN VB									shriek NN VB
armoire NN									armoire NN
Bacterial JJ									Bacterial JJ
Willens NNP									Willens NNP
Two-month JJ									Two-month JJ
politicized VBN JJ								politicized VBN JJ
Ionic JJ									Ionic JJ
hesitated VBD VBN								hesitated VBD VBN
rocklike JJ									rocklike JJ
Fraser NNP									Fraser NNP
Tonawanda NNP									Tonawanda NNP
all-terrain JJ									all-terrain JJ
Nielson NNP									Nielson NNP
orthographic JJ									orthographic JJ
Steelworkers NNPS NNP								Steelworkers NNPS NNP
Charisma NNP									Charisma NNP
undulating JJ									undulating JJ
startlingly RB									startlingly RB
determinability NN								determinability NN
acrobatics NNS									acrobatics NNS
oftentimes RB									oftentimes RB
advocacy NN									advocacy NN
Quickview NNP									Quickview NNP
placard NN									placard NN
fortiori FW									fortiori FW
detours NNS									detours NNS
Rabat NNP									Rabat NNP
occidental JJ									occidental JJ
midsummer NN									midsummer NN
Indies NNPS NNP									Indies NNPS NNP
durations NNS									durations NNS
'Wadoo UH									'Wadoo UH
Chicago-area JJ									Chicago-area JJ
index-options NNS								index-options NNS
Carlzon NNP									Carlzon NNP
altitude-azimuth-mounted JJ							altitude-azimuth-mounted JJ
Mignott NNP									Mignott NNP
freight-jumper NN								freight-jumper NN
multibank NN									multibank NN
furnish VB VBP									furnish VB VBP
dangled VBD VBN									dangled VBD VBN
entitling VBG									entitling VBG
dicendi FW									dicendi FW
plinking JJ									plinking JJ
Carwood NNP									Carwood NNP
notebooks NNS									notebooks NNS
pr NN										pr NN
Middenstandsbank NNP								Middenstandsbank NNP
Spots NNS									Spots NNS
noninflationary JJ								noninflationary JJ
satellite-linked JJ								satellite-linked JJ
reverse-reverse JJ								reverse-reverse JJ
personalized VBN JJ								personalized VBN JJ
mistakes NNS VBZ								mistakes NNS VBZ
drug-infested JJ								drug-infested JJ
squashed JJ VBN									squashed JJ VBN
Colonia NNP									Colonia NNP
E.T.C NNP									E.T.C NNP
self-serve NN									self-serve NN
subcontractors NNS								subcontractors NNS
Saull NNP									Saull NNP
no-driving JJ									no-driving JJ
Biological JJ NNP								Biological JJ NNP
bestioles NNS									bestioles NNS
reliever NN									reliever NN
shark-infested JJ								shark-infested JJ
Schwarzwaldklinik NNP								Schwarzwaldklinik NNP
Cryptic JJ									Cryptic JJ
steed NN									steed NN
Yasutomi NNP									Yasutomi NNP
duty NN										duty NN
iodinating VBG									iodinating VBG
telegraph NN VBP VB								telegraph NN VBP VB
does VBZ									does VBZ
fabric NN									fabric NN
maya FW										maya FW
proviso NN									proviso NN
lilies NNS									lilies NNS
DaPuzzo NNP									DaPuzzo NNP
disciplines NNS									disciplines NNS
Lust NNP									Lust NNP
Abramowitz NNP									Abramowitz NNP
caused VBN VBD									caused VBN VBD
wormwood NN									wormwood NN
Michigan NNP JJ									Michigan NNP JJ
Point NNP JJ NN									Point NNP JJ NN
January-August NNP								January-August NNP
auburn JJ									auburn JJ
Automobiles NNS NNPS								Automobiles NNS NNPS
figurative JJ									figurative JJ
imaginary JJ NN									imaginary JJ NN
gavottes NNS									gavottes NNS
alarm NN VB									alarm NN VB
Rancher NNP									Rancher NNP
hairs NNS									hairs NNS
kisha FW									kisha FW
self-censorship NN								self-censorship NN
Merry-Go-Round NNP								Merry-Go-Round NNP
connectors NNS									connectors NNS
Albacore NNP									Albacore NNP
double-entendre NN								double-entendre NN
unsatisfying JJ									unsatisfying JJ
much-talked-about JJ								much-talked-about JJ
comet's-tail NN									comet's-tail NN
noisemakers NNS									noisemakers NNS
Thorn-EMI NNP									Thorn-EMI NNP
malignant JJ									malignant JJ
torpedo VB NN									torpedo VB NN
surrealism NN									surrealism NN
Perestroika FW									Perestroika FW
steoreotyped JJ									steoreotyped JJ
precision-timing NN								precision-timing NN
mealtime NN									mealtime NN
blasphemies NNS									blasphemies NNS
re-elected VBN JJ VBD								re-elected VBN JJ VBD
reminisces VBZ									reminisces VBZ
illiquidity NN									illiquidity NN
panelists NNS									panelists NNS
boundary NN									boundary NN
fumbled VBD									fumbled VBD
Minutes NNPS NNP NNS								Minutes NNPS NNP NNS
thunderous JJ									thunderous JJ
Semmel NNP									Semmel NNP
electrical-products NNS								electrical-products NNS
detrimental JJ									detrimental JJ
Robin NNP									Robin NNP
Fonstein NNP									Fonstein NNP
Sausage NNP NN									Sausage NNP NN
Geoffrey NNP									Geoffrey NNP
Turning VBG NNP									Turning VBG NNP
behind-the-scenes JJ								behind-the-scenes JJ
tam FW										tam FW
Hoffmann-LaRoche NNP								Hoffmann-LaRoche NNP
brassiere NN									brassiere NN
painted-in NN									painted-in NN
Geer NNP									Geer NNP
right-to-counsel JJ								right-to-counsel JJ
painstakingly RB								painstakingly RB
rent-controlled JJ								rent-controlled JJ
Frisco NNP									Frisco NNP
reusable JJ									reusable JJ
MacLellan NNP									MacLellan NNP
Orvis NNP									Orvis NNP
Dallasites NNPS									Dallasites NNPS
hygienic JJ									hygienic JJ
jousting VBG									jousting VBG
Dorsch NNP									Dorsch NNP
Sanger-Harris NNP								Sanger-Harris NNP
Stoic NNP JJ									Stoic NNP JJ
common JJ NN									common JJ NN
Safety-Kleen NNP								Safety-Kleen NNP
crazily RB									crazily RB
Kylberg NNP									Kylberg NNP
S* NNP										S* NNP
continously RB									continously RB
Find VB VBP									Find VB VBP
Schering NNP									Schering NNP
participate VB VBP								participate VB VBP
bath-supplies NNS								bath-supplies NNS
Ragu NNP									Ragu NNP
naysay VB									naysay VB
high-wage JJ									high-wage JJ
Deborah NNP									Deborah NNP
Wang NNP									Wang NNP
MIPS-based JJ									MIPS-based JJ
compensates VBZ									compensates VBZ
Intel NNP									Intel NNP
Soak VB										Soak VB
exercisable JJ									exercisable JJ
overstating VBG									overstating VBG
Baskin-Robbins NNP								Baskin-Robbins NNP
'Poltergeist NN									'Poltergeist NN
Guadalupes NNPS									Guadalupes NNPS
Michelin\ NNP									Michelin\ NNP
Bar-H NNP									Bar-H NNP
Eventually RB									Eventually RB
sell-through NN									sell-through NN
liberally RB									liberally RB
cynical JJ									cynical JJ
haste NN									haste NN
Towne NNP									Towne NNP
Molten JJ									Molten JJ
spirit-gum NN									spirit-gum NN
onrush NN									onrush NN
mothballs NNS									mothballs NNS
wobbled VBD VBN									wobbled VBD VBN
Shillong NNP									Shillong NNP
hillsides NNS									hillsides NNS
Porto NNP									Porto NNP
ragged JJ									ragged JJ
Trek NNP									Trek NNP
tetragonal JJ									tetragonal JJ
squid NN									squid NN
be'your NN									be'your NN
down-and-out JJ									down-and-out JJ
Coor NNP									Coor NNP
Nuf RB										Nuf RB
Pollock NNP									Pollock NNP
fended VBD VBN									fended VBD VBN
Brascade NNP									Brascade NNP
Stock-Index NN									Stock-Index NN
pidgin NN JJ									pidgin NN JJ
fastest-growing JJ JJS NN							fastest-growing JJ JJS NN
speak-easy NN									speak-easy NN
locusts NNS									locusts NNS
Alisarda NNP									Alisarda NNP
Mockowiczes NNPS								Mockowiczes NNPS
super-status JJ									super-status JJ
Share NN NNP VB									Share NN NNP VB
latitudes NNS									latitudes NNS
conservancy NN									conservancy NN
shin NN										shin NN
Papp NNP									Papp NNP
craft NN VB									craft NN VB
ditto NN									ditto NN
caricatures NNS									caricatures NNS
Mailing NNP VBG									Mailing NNP VBG
misadventures NNS								misadventures NNS
shortcake NN									shortcake NN
Prelude NNP									Prelude NNP
deposited VBN VBD								deposited VBN VBD
belatedly RB									belatedly RB
tastefully RB									tastefully RB
clods NNS									clods NNS
meteorites NNS									meteorites NNS
tissue NN									tissue NN
runs VBZ NNS									runs VBZ NNS
signboards NNS									signboards NNS
somnolence NN									somnolence NN
wasting VBG JJ NN								wasting VBG JJ NN
Venturi NNP									Venturi NNP
tiers NNS									tiers NNS
spurns VBZ									spurns VBZ
Kogan NNP									Kogan NNP
well-endowed JJ									well-endowed JJ
laminate NN JJ									laminate NN JJ
Ian NNP										Ian NNP
transportation-where NN|WRB							transportation-where NN|WRB
bunch NN									bunch NN
noon NN										noon NN
Kapnek NNP									Kapnek NNP
jackets NNS									jackets NNS
legalization NN									legalization NN
wide-cut JJ									wide-cut JJ
counterman NN									counterman NN
Huppert NNP									Huppert NNP
get-along JJ									get-along JJ
triple-a JJ									triple-a JJ
renter NN									renter NN
Land-based JJ									Land-based JJ
speckled JJ									speckled JJ
cut-rate JJ									cut-rate JJ
Mountains NNPS NNP								Mountains NNPS NNP
High-end JJ									High-end JJ
Goodrich NNP									Goodrich NNP
discimination NN								discimination NN
Saabye NNP									Saabye NNP
maneuvered VBD VBN								maneuvered VBD VBN
bleak JJ NN									bleak JJ NN
Sentence NN									Sentence NN
drapery NN									drapery NN
inquest NN									inquest NN
treelike JJ									treelike JJ
polyproplene NN									polyproplene NN
self-control NN									self-control NN
condemns VBZ									condemns VBZ
Gainesville NNP									Gainesville NNP
Confair NNP									Confair NNP
Jerrold NNP									Jerrold NNP
Guido NNP									Guido NNP
Jardine NNP									Jardine NNP
squabbled VBD VBN								squabbled VBD VBN
Computing VBG NNP								Computing VBG NNP
subduing VBG									subduing VBG
purify VB VBP									purify VB VBP
Lauritsen NNP									Lauritsen NNP
drinks NNS VBZ									drinks NNS VBZ
Ciba NNP									Ciba NNP
Dwight NNP									Dwight NNP
hyper-competitive JJ								hyper-competitive JJ
bring VB VBP									bring VB VBP
revised VBN VBD JJ								revised VBN VBD JJ
beatniks NNS									beatniks NNS
hues NNS									hues NNS
Harvester NNP									Harvester NNP
expanse NN JJ									expanse NN JJ
Caygill NNP									Caygill NNP
Portsmouth NNP									Portsmouth NNP
nonliterary JJ									nonliterary JJ
mule NN										mule NN
flashing VBG NN									flashing VBG NN
half-reached VBD								half-reached VBD
relieves VBZ									relieves VBZ
shoulders NNS									shoulders NNS
phase-one JJ									phase-one JJ
tenses NNS									tenses NNS
Abraham NNP									Abraham NNP
Jaycee NNP									Jaycee NNP
Drug NNP NN									Drug NNP NN
Hodosh NNP									Hodosh NNP
VAXstation NNP									VAXstation NNP
B'nai NNP									B'nai NNP
S.J. NNP									S.J. NNP
non-time NN									non-time NN
non-newspaper JJ								non-newspaper JJ
dweller NN									dweller NN
cockier JJR									cockier JJR
parsing VBG NN									parsing VBG NN
naught NN									naught NN
self-absorbed JJ								self-absorbed JJ
toniest JJS									toniest JJS
WMB NNP										WMB NNP
ConAgra NNP									ConAgra NNP
gravitates VBZ									gravitates VBZ
oilworkers NNS									oilworkers NNS
Raymont NNP									Raymont NNP
Barbour NNP									Barbour NNP
Quincy NNP									Quincy NNP
Gerlinger NNP									Gerlinger NNP
lift VB NN VBP									lift VB NN VBP
ankle NN									ankle NN
Pechora NNP									Pechora NNP
jowls NNS									jowls NNS
illusionary JJ									illusionary JJ
Water-soluble JJ								Water-soluble JJ
Turandot NNP									Turandot NNP
three-to-five-year-olds NNS							three-to-five-year-olds NNS
front-line JJ NN								front-line JJ NN
eased VBD VBN									eased VBD VBN
erase VB									erase VB
Hajime NNP									Hajime NNP
Deliver VB									Deliver VB
Invacare NNP									Invacare NNP
hesitating VBG									hesitating VBG
semiconductors NNS VBZ								semiconductors NNS VBZ
barristers NNS									barristers NNS
Slack NNP									Slack NNP
Investor NNP NN									Investor NNP NN
homogeneity NN									homogeneity NN
XJ6 NNP CD									XJ6 NNP CD
Corazon NNP									Corazon NNP
exporters NNS									exporters NNS
Olivetti NNP									Olivetti NNP
Tyndall NNP									Tyndall NNP
Bieber NNP									Bieber NNP
laser-surgery NN								laser-surgery NN
farms NNS VBZ									farms NNS VBZ
pertain VBP VB									pertain VBP VB
ServantCor NNP NN								ServantCor NNP NN
Somewhat RB									Somewhat RB
conventional JJ									conventional JJ
Memoir NN									Memoir NN
Libertines NNS									Libertines NNS
green JJ NN VB									green JJ NN VB
Vulture NN									Vulture NN
Guzman NNP									Guzman NNP
empires NNS									empires NNS
shutdowns NNS									shutdowns NNS
statism NN									statism NN
encountered VBN VBD								encountered VBN VBD
utterances NNS									utterances NNS
GDR NNP										GDR NNP
I.A. NN										I.A. NN
Santamaria NNP									Santamaria NNP
Torino NNP									Torino NNP
moral JJ NN									moral JJ NN
cashed VBD VBN									cashed VBD VBN
sky-carving JJ									sky-carving JJ
hefty JJ									hefty JJ
culte FW									culte FW
hugh JJ										hugh JJ
Pillay NNP									Pillay NNP
stock-specialist JJ								stock-specialist JJ
Apparently RB									Apparently RB
Gunmen NNS									Gunmen NNS
marginal JJ									marginal JJ
kidnappers NNS									kidnappers NNS
overruns NNS									overruns NNS
precepts NNS									precepts NNS
Statue NNP									Statue NNP
discounting NN VBG|NN VBG							discounting NN VBG|NN VBG
lightening VBG									lightening VBG
memory-pictures NNS								memory-pictures NNS
ravaging VBG									ravaging VBG
Hartnett NNP									Hartnett NNP
British-born JJ									British-born JJ
Syndic NNP									Syndic NNP
ox NN										ox NN
Oresme NNP									Oresme NNP
stays VBZ NNS									stays VBZ NNS
wordlessly RB									wordlessly RB
Aeromexico NNP									Aeromexico NNP
Dilly NNP									Dilly NNP
seige NN									seige NN
vegetable NN									vegetable NN
pre-natal JJ									pre-natal JJ
Weevil NNP									Weevil NNP
lamps NNS									lamps NNS
nit-picky JJ									nit-picky JJ
babies NNS									babies NNS
history-reenactment NN								history-reenactment NN
Weidman NNP									Weidman NNP
Minero NNP									Minero NNP
gaily RB									gaily RB
reclining VBG JJ								reclining VBG JJ
skull-bashings NNS								skull-bashings NNS
garish JJ									garish JJ
harp NN VB									harp NN VB
bibulous JJ									bibulous JJ
Pellegrini NNP									Pellegrini NNP
non-airline JJ NN								non-airline JJ NN
Doron NNP									Doron NNP
Lilac NNP									Lilac NNP
Holston NNP									Holston NNP
Greenhill NNP									Greenhill NNP
Chevy NNP NN									Chevy NNP NN
sailed VBD VBN									sailed VBD VBN
co-plaintiff NN									co-plaintiff NN
Declarative JJ									Declarative JJ
Talks NNS NNPS									Talks NNS NNPS
focused-factory JJ								focused-factory JJ
buggies NNS									buggies NNS
agitating VBG									agitating VBG
Erected VBN									Erected VBN
Nonsexist NNP									Nonsexist NNP
statisticians NNS								statisticians NNS
jaggedly RB									jaggedly RB
non-high JJ									non-high JJ
odd-sounding JJ									odd-sounding JJ
Zuni NNP									Zuni NNP
KerrMcGee NNP									KerrMcGee NNP
viewership NN									viewership NN
shaving NN VBG									shaving NN VBG
conceptualizing VBG								conceptualizing VBG
forum NN									forum NN
Siebern NNP									Siebern NNP
Statesman NNP									Statesman NNP
Fathi NNP									Fathi NNP
Excluding VBG NNP								Excluding VBG NNP
Lefferts NNP									Lefferts NNP
nation-wide JJ									nation-wide JJ
correlations NNS								correlations NNS
metals-stock NN									metals-stock NN
Dozens NNS									Dozens NNS
rutted JJ									rutted JJ
Danchin NNP									Danchin NNP
Tires NNS NNPS									Tires NNS NNPS
Underwear NN									Underwear NN
put-upon JJ									put-upon JJ
zoot NN										zoot NN
technique NN									technique NN
Deepak NNP									Deepak NNP
U.N.-monitored JJ								U.N.-monitored JJ
misappropriating VBG								misappropriating VBG
noninstitutionalized JJ								noninstitutionalized JJ
bono FW										bono FW
hyperbole NN									hyperbole NN
abstention NN									abstention NN
weightings NNS									weightings NNS
Flemings NNP NNPS								Flemings NNP NNPS
Antler NNP									Antler NNP
Junk-holders NNS								Junk-holders NNS
partings NNS									partings NNS
Springdale NNP									Springdale NNP
Pip NNP										Pip NNP
Strassner NNP									Strassner NNP
ninety CD									ninety CD
excited VBN JJ VBD								excited VBN JJ VBD
solar-radiation NN								solar-radiation NN
mistreatment NN									mistreatment NN
loafed VBD									loafed VBD
ever-successful JJ								ever-successful JJ
undertakings NNS								undertakings NNS
Nepal NNP									Nepal NNP
affix VB									affix VB
index-arbitrage NN JJ								index-arbitrage NN JJ
doubleheader NN									doubleheader NN
potency NN									potency NN
Fine NNP JJ NNPS								Fine NNP JJ NNPS
Sportin VBG									Sportin VBG
malingering VBG									malingering VBG
meal NN										meal NN
Brauer NNP									Brauer NNP
NOC NNP										NOC NNP
values NNS VBZ									values NNS VBZ
viaduct NN									viaduct NN
oppposes VBZ									oppposes VBZ
Combustion NNP									Combustion NNP
untidy JJ									untidy JJ
lyophilized VBN									lyophilized VBN
abomination NN									abomination NN
Photonics NNP									Photonics NNP
first-level JJ									first-level JJ
space-science NN								space-science NN
constitute VBP VB								constitute VBP VB
inferno NN									inferno NN
retied VBD									retied VBD
w-i-d-e NN									w-i-d-e NN
cams NNS									cams NNS
unfilled JJ									unfilled JJ
Descriptive JJ									Descriptive JJ
Joking VBG									Joking VBG
hate VBP NN VB									hate VBP NN VB
Azucena NNP									Azucena NNP
approximation NN								approximation NN
publicity-seeking JJ								publicity-seeking JJ
tan JJ NN									tan JJ NN
observers NNS									observers NNS
inset NN									inset NN
filler NN									filler NN
terraced VBN									terraced VBN
Gonzalez NNP									Gonzalez NNP
Multiplexers NNS								Multiplexers NNS
Ascent NNP									Ascent NNP
Visualize VB									Visualize VB
Hurok NNP									Hurok NNP
Cadesi NNP									Cadesi NNP
Rodriguez NNP									Rodriguez NNP
forestalled VBN									forestalled VBN
Charlotte NNP									Charlotte NNP
Chambre NNP									Chambre NNP
puffs VBZ									puffs VBZ
stammered VBD									stammered VBD
aeterna FW									aeterna FW
Undergraduates NNS								Undergraduates NNS
annoying JJ NN									annoying JJ NN
machine NN									machine NN
sunrise NN									sunrise NN
outdid VBD									outdid VBD
Texaco NNP									Texaco NNP
sterno-cleido NN								sterno-cleido NN
non-propagandistic JJ								non-propagandistic JJ
Appalachia NNP									Appalachia NNP
seethe VB VBP									seethe VB VBP
resisted VBN VBD								resisted VBN VBD
Elgin NNP									Elgin NNP
long-suspected JJ								long-suspected JJ
deportations NNS								deportations NNS
limousine NN									limousine NN
allocable JJ									allocable JJ
Oil-tool NN									Oil-tool NN
Check-List NNP									Check-List NNP
iron-poor JJ									iron-poor JJ
rescission NN									rescission NN
rebuff NN									rebuff NN
Rawlins NNP									Rawlins NNP
midday NN RB									midday NN RB
Transports NNS									Transports NNS
Volstead JJ NNP									Volstead JJ NNP
koinonia NN									koinonia NN
bereft JJ VBN									bereft JJ VBN
blue-glazed JJ									blue-glazed JJ
secularism NN									secularism NN
Seib NNP									Seib NNP
Ermanno NNP									Ermanno NNP
Ramirez NNP									Ramirez NNP
forsakes VBZ									forsakes VBZ
mugging NN									mugging NN
bottlenecks NNS									bottlenecks NNS
yaws NNS									yaws NNS
weir NN										weir NN
five-person JJ									five-person JJ
Weston NNP									Weston NNP
gnomelike JJ									gnomelike JJ
straighten VB									straighten VB
decadence NN									decadence NN
Al-Rowas NNP									Al-Rowas NNP
toned VBN									toned VBN
figural JJ									figural JJ
wine-making NN JJ								wine-making NN JJ
runt NN										runt NN
Ellwood NNP									Ellwood NNP
ale NN										ale NN
leans VBZ									leans VBZ
ink NN										ink NN
Linking VBG									Linking VBG
Boy-Lady NNP									Boy-Lady NNP
Wolfgang NNP									Wolfgang NNP
apples NNS JJ									apples NNS JJ
hearse NN									hearse NN
based. VBN									based. VBN
registrations NNS								registrations NNS
Boadicea NNP									Boadicea NNP
Sangamon NNP									Sangamon NNP
metal-working JJ								metal-working JJ
Ishtar NNP									Ishtar NNP
abusive JJ									abusive JJ
blacks NNS NNPS									blacks NNS NNPS
marque NN									marque NN
deliberate JJ VB								deliberate JJ VB
low-water NN JJ									low-water NN JJ
Hooker NNP									Hooker NNP
limited-time JJ									limited-time JJ
corrugated JJ VBN								corrugated JJ VBN
Hambrecht NNP									Hambrecht NNP
wanna VB VBP									wanna VB VBP
hotel-restaurant NN								hotel-restaurant NN
Woolsey NNP									Woolsey NNP
runways NNS									runways NNS
Verloop NNP									Verloop NNP
difference NN									difference NN
Evidently RB									Evidently RB
Lalauries NNPS									Lalauries NNPS
oxide NN									oxide NN
Herzenberg NNP									Herzenberg NNP
baggage NN									baggage NN
incomplete JJ									incomplete JJ
lead-zinc JJ									lead-zinc JJ
enervating VBG									enervating VBG
Factory NN NNP									Factory NN NNP
pickpocket NN									pickpocket NN
Penney NNP NN									Penney NNP NN
optical-disk JJ									optical-disk JJ
Proteins NNPS									Proteins NNPS
Mignanelli NNP									Mignanelli NNP
Miyagi NNP									Miyagi NNP
buying VBG NN JJ VBG|NN								buying VBG NN JJ VBG|NN
Piepsam NNP									Piepsam NNP
linen-covered JJ								linen-covered JJ
C'un NNP									C'un NNP
Paperhouse NNP									Paperhouse NNP
populate VB VBP									populate VB VBP
Provenza NNP									Provenza NNP
Tannenbaum NNP									Tannenbaum NNP
cathodoluminescent JJ								cathodoluminescent JJ
witha NN									witha NN
Yamatake-Honeywell NNP								Yamatake-Honeywell NNP
thorns NNS									thorns NNS
forts NNS									forts NNS
Overwhelming JJ									Overwhelming JJ
Import NN									Import NN
Wish VB VBP NNP									Wish VB VBP NNP
riddles NNS									riddles NNS
misappropriation NN								misappropriation NN
Buenos NNP									Buenos NNP
Oops UH										Oops UH
Toxic JJ									Toxic JJ
Saltonstall NNP									Saltonstall NNP
imprecise JJ									imprecise JJ
red-tailed JJ									red-tailed JJ
undergraduate JJ NNP NN								undergraduate JJ NNP NN
consternation NN								consternation NN
preclude VB VBP									preclude VB VBP
hospital NN									hospital NN
pleasant JJ									pleasant JJ
NE NNP										NE NNP
amazement NN									amazement NN
unstressed JJ									unstressed JJ
Negroes NNPS NNP NNS								Negroes NNPS NNP NNS
Allou NNP									Allou NNP
Yiddish NNP JJ									Yiddish NNP JJ
Burritt NNP									Burritt NNP
Kooks NNPS									Kooks NNPS
Elmgrove NNP									Elmgrove NNP
terra FW NN									terra FW NN
Dugan\/Farley NNP								Dugan\/Farley NNP
Houk NNP									Houk NNP
shapely JJ									shapely JJ
hot-honey JJ									hot-honey JJ
doctoring NN									doctoring NN
Runnan NNP									Runnan NNP
Commands NNS									Commands NNS
Saloojee NNP									Saloojee NNP
Novametrix NNP									Novametrix NNP
formula NN									formula NN
boiling VBG NN									boiling VBG NN
Terry NNP									Terry NNP
pistols NNS									pistols NNS
By-the-Book JJ									By-the-Book JJ
disappointment NN								disappointment NN
Over-chilling NN								Over-chilling NN
beriberi NN									beriberi NN
Angrist NNP									Angrist NNP
sowed VBD									sowed VBD
troughed VBD									troughed VBD
eradication NN									eradication NN
recession-proof JJ								recession-proof JJ
radiate VB VBP									radiate VB VBP
slapped VBD VBN									slapped VBD VBN
aglimmering VBG									aglimmering VBG
Rathbone NNP									Rathbone NNP
Greetings NNP NNS								Greetings NNP NNS
Jascha NNP									Jascha NNP
unself-conscious JJ								unself-conscious JJ
Meech NNP									Meech NNP
Ancinec NNP									Ancinec NNP
admission NN									admission NN
impressing VBG									impressing VBG
Binomial NN									Binomial NN
rooters NNS									rooters NNS
Pravo NNP									Pravo NNP
sexy JJ										sexy JJ
Scotian NNP									Scotian NNP
simulated VBN JJ								simulated VBN JJ
equilibrated VBN								equilibrated VBN
Zulu NNP									Zulu NNP
diamond-shaped JJ								diamond-shaped JJ
Bishopsgate NNP									Bishopsgate NNP
direct-seller NN								direct-seller NN
sachems NNS									sachems NNS
neoliberal JJ									neoliberal JJ
fester VB									fester VB
engage VB VBP									engage VB VBP
ornithological JJ								ornithological JJ
Neisse NNP									Neisse NNP
provision NN									provision NN
gas-guzzling JJ									gas-guzzling JJ
lugged VBD VBN									lugged VBD VBN
productions NNS									productions NNS
Lippens NNP									Lippens NNP
he-man NN									he-man NN
adrift RB									adrift RB
cursing VBG NN									cursing VBG NN
Margaux NNP									Margaux NNP
research-and-development NN JJ							research-and-development NN JJ
Rink NNP									Rink NNP
Cowboys-owned JJ								Cowboys-owned JJ
Haarlem NNP									Haarlem NNP
overflowing VBG									overflowing VBG
inching VBG									inching VBG
snows NNS VBZ									snows NNS VBZ
Choking VBG									Choking VBG
year NN JJ									year NN JJ
in-home JJ									in-home JJ
porcelains NNS									porcelains NNS
Howie NNP									Howie NNP
Commerzbank NNP									Commerzbank NNP
dumpy JJ									dumpy JJ
sunspot NN									sunspot NN
businessmen NNS									businessmen NNS
Segall NNP									Segall NNP
Multiphastic NNP								Multiphastic NNP
Johnson NNP									Johnson NNP
copier NN									copier NN
mocked VBN VBD									mocked VBN VBD
Population NNP NN								Population NNP NN
tolylene NN									tolylene NN
overlaps VBZ									overlaps VBZ
element NN									element NN
Boren NNP									Boren NNP
Adios-Rena NNP									Adios-Rena NNP
treadmill NN									treadmill NN
four-count JJ									four-count JJ
Aldrich NNP									Aldrich NNP
Garza NNP									Garza NNP
Neuhaus NNP									Neuhaus NNP
former JJ NN									former JJ NN
Outcome NN									Outcome NN
Walt NNP									Walt NNP
serratus NN									serratus NN
Swiftly RB									Swiftly RB
fronds NNS									fronds NNS
second-level JJ									second-level JJ
Gherlein NNP									Gherlein NNP
diversity NN									diversity NN
raked VBD VBN									raked VBD VBN
Nikon NNP									Nikon NNP
Claimants NNPS									Claimants NNPS
romanticizing NN								romanticizing NN
snail-like JJ									snail-like JJ
forthcoming JJ VBG								forthcoming JJ VBG
polyethylene NN									polyethylene NN
shivery JJ									shivery JJ
reneged VBD									reneged VBD
fibrosis NN									fibrosis NN
italics NNS									italics NNS
callous JJ									callous JJ
Pardon NN VB									Pardon NN VB
Neck NNP									Neck NNP
Leatherneck NNP									Leatherneck NNP
swagger NN									swagger NN
Spaces NNPS									Spaces NNPS
pygmies NNS									pygmies NNS
FIT NNP										FIT NNP
Dame-Michigan NNP								Dame-Michigan NNP
plummeting VBG									plummeting VBG
fecundity NN									fecundity NN
Szolds NNPS NNP									Szolds NNPS NNP
Ernest NNP									Ernest NNP
Pueri FW									Pueri FW
Ironside NNP									Ironside NNP
disown VB									disown VB
recouping VBG									recouping VBG
cysts NNS									cysts NNS
actually RB									actually RB
Rousseau NNP									Rousseau NNP
political-action JJ								political-action JJ
time-proven JJ									time-proven JJ
Shegog NNP									Shegog NNP
PCM NNP										PCM NNP
Twigs NNS									Twigs NNS
Stevie NNP									Stevie NNP
Constant JJ NN									Constant JJ NN
uneventfully RB									uneventfully RB
Marketed VBN									Marketed VBN
tipping VBG NN									tipping VBG NN
Fairview NNP									Fairview NNP
Philinte NNP									Philinte NNP
Charitable JJ									Charitable JJ
vital JJ									vital JJ
kickbacks NNS									kickbacks NNS
crispy JJ									crispy JJ
matrimony NN									matrimony NN
dangerous JJ									dangerous JJ
Mynheer NNP									Mynheer NNP
Equestrian NNP									Equestrian NNP
seventy-four CD									seventy-four CD
monochromatic JJ								monochromatic JJ
Imrene NNP									Imrene NNP
stereo NN JJ									stereo NN JJ
nondefense JJ NN								nondefense JJ NN
Throws VBZ									Throws VBZ
alliance NN									alliance NN
Gatoil NNP									Gatoil NNP
Falconry NNP									Falconry NNP
properties NNS									properties NNS
filles FW									filles FW
dumpster NN									dumpster NN
Fritzie NNP									Fritzie NNP
exceeds VBZ									exceeds VBZ
apogee NN									apogee NN
Impco NNP									Impco NNP
non-lethal JJ									non-lethal JJ
chockfull JJ									chockfull JJ
Nyiregyhaza NNP									Nyiregyhaza NNP
Walpole NNP									Walpole NNP
moisturizer NN									moisturizer NN
relies VBZ									relies VBZ
contradistinction NN								contradistinction NN
molesting VBG									molesting VBG
electroplated VBN								electroplated VBN
Honfed NNP									Honfed NNP
Glover NNP									Glover NNP
mouths NNS									mouths NNS
attributable JJ									attributable JJ
one-in-four JJ									one-in-four JJ
inconvenience NN								inconvenience NN
Horatio NNP									Horatio NNP
triphenylphosphine NN								triphenylphosphine NN
percentages NNS									percentages NNS
Dornier NNP									Dornier NNP
landmark NN JJ									landmark NN JJ
bewitched VBN									bewitched VBN
reshuffling VBG NN								reshuffling VBG NN
Nagayama NNP									Nagayama NNP
subminimum JJ NN								subminimum JJ NN
Fahrenheit NNP NN								Fahrenheit NNP NN
mastodons NNS									mastodons NNS
springs NNS VBZ									springs NNS VBZ
Hoffer NNP									Hoffer NNP
ultimate JJ									ultimate JJ
Fox NNP										Fox NNP
bestial JJ									bestial JJ
Borough NNP									Borough NNP
belligerence NN									belligerence NN
ionizing VBG									ionizing VBG
enactments NNS									enactments NNS
Tawes NNP									Tawes NNP
trade-offs NNS NN								trade-offs NNS NN
Hiram NNP									Hiram NNP
seven-member JJ									seven-member JJ
tiremaker NN									tiremaker NN
unbleached JJ									unbleached JJ
accusation NN									accusation NN
computer-systems NNS								computer-systems NNS
Reviewing VBG									Reviewing VBG
Cicero NNP									Cicero NNP
Heenan NNP									Heenan NNP
seconds NNS									seconds NNS
re-entering VBG									re-entering VBG
Leonard NNP NN									Leonard NNP NN
draw-down NN									draw-down NN
regarding VBG									regarding VBG
impelled VBN VBD								impelled VBN VBD
canvassing VBG									canvassing VBG
Ex-Presidents NNS								Ex-Presidents NNS
short-sellers NNS								short-sellers NNS
Dahlia NNP									Dahlia NNP
Glow NNP									Glow NNP
f-As IN NNP NNS									f-As IN NNP NNS
transience NN									transience NN
wardens NNS									wardens NNS
Market-research NN								Market-research NN
rhetoric NN									rhetoric NN
ship NN VBP VB									ship NN VBP VB
peels VBZ									peels VBZ
afoot RB JJ									afoot RB JJ
Laurent NNP									Laurent NNP
abundant JJ									abundant JJ
grandstander NN									grandstander NN
unacceptable JJ									unacceptable JJ
Bromley NNP									Bromley NNP
Furiouser RBR									Furiouser RBR
on-and-off JJ									on-and-off JJ
you-know-what NN								you-know-what NN
highest-pitched JJ								highest-pitched JJ
wielded VBN VBD									wielded VBN VBD
Booty NN									Booty NN
semifinalists NNS								semifinalists NNS
unpublished JJ									unpublished JJ
Compassion NNP									Compassion NNP
phonemics NNS									phonemics NNS
retelling NN									retelling NN
drunk-and-disorderlies NNS							drunk-and-disorderlies NNS
simultaneous JJ									simultaneous JJ
fishing-boat NN									fishing-boat NN
wiretap NN									wiretap NN
simple JJ NN									simple JJ NN
Donning VBG									Donning VBG
Catania NNP									Catania NNP
Flugleasing NNP									Flugleasing NNP
rebounds VBZ NNS								rebounds VBZ NNS
economist NN									economist NN
Black-and-white JJ								Black-and-white JJ
chess NN									chess NN
affordable JJ									affordable JJ
owner NN									owner NN
Presidency NNP NN								Presidency NNP NN
atop IN										atop IN
scruff NN									scruff NN
grossing VBG									grossing VBG
byproduct NN									byproduct NN
shopping-center NN JJ								shopping-center NN JJ
elsewhere RB NN									elsewhere RB NN
Geisha NN									Geisha NN
Butlers NNPS									Butlers NNPS
Rail NNP NN									Rail NNP NN
Sherrie NNP									Sherrie NNP
Righteous JJ									Righteous JJ
breaths NNS									breaths NNS
irons NNS VBZ									irons NNS VBZ
Calif. NNP									Calif. NNP
seed-bearing JJ									seed-bearing JJ
spanking JJ NN									spanking JJ NN
landed VBD VBN									landed VBD VBN
yttrium-containing JJ								yttrium-containing JJ
naughtier JJR									naughtier JJR
insurability NN									insurability NN
front-desk NN JJ								front-desk NN JJ
rapist NN									rapist NN
Greenland NNP									Greenland NNP
pupates VBZ									pupates VBZ
hardware-maintenance NN								hardware-maintenance NN
legitimized VBN									legitimized VBN
tabled VBN									tabled VBN
tickled VBD VBN									tickled VBD VBN
Myth NNP									Myth NNP
irredeemable JJ									irredeemable JJ
life-and-death JJ								life-and-death JJ
perversely RB									perversely RB
Philo NNP									Philo NNP
two-weeks JJ									two-weeks JJ
usurpation NN									usurpation NN
stager NN									stager NN
Civil NNP JJ									Civil NNP JJ
Vlasi NNP									Vlasi NNP
Lightweight JJ									Lightweight JJ
PBS NNP										PBS NNP
Gettleman NNP									Gettleman NNP
Zemlya NNP									Zemlya NNP
near-unanimous JJ								near-unanimous JJ
Philanthropic NNP								Philanthropic NNP
low-priced JJ									low-priced JJ
majoritarian JJ									majoritarian JJ
greenest JJS									greenest JJS
delays NNS VBZ									delays NNS VBZ
filtering VBG NN								filtering VBG NN
Asch NNP									Asch NNP
Gurla NNP									Gurla NNP
smallish JJ									smallish JJ
lack NN VB VBP									lack NN VB VBP
Versicherungs NNP								Versicherungs NNP
J.V. NNP									J.V. NNP
archives NNS									archives NNS
uselessly RB									uselessly RB
pocketbook NN									pocketbook NN
Collectively RB									Collectively RB
she PRP										she PRP
devoid JJ									devoid JJ
great-grandmother NN								great-grandmother NN
Trettien NNP									Trettien NNP
Percentage NN									Percentage NN
Freeman NNP									Freeman NNP
do-nothing JJ									do-nothing JJ
lower-than-forecast JJ								lower-than-forecast JJ
Katharina NNP									Katharina NNP
nameplate NN									nameplate NN
Dixons NNP									Dixons NNP
taunting VBG NN									taunting VBG NN
Citibank NNP									Citibank NNP
Seiki NNP									Seiki NNP
bogey NN									bogey NN
Voltaire NNP									Voltaire NNP
shimming NN									shimming NN
General NNP JJ									General NNP JJ
Geoffrie NNP									Geoffrie NNP
contribued VBD									contribued VBD
warded VBN									warded VBN
constructions NNS								constructions NNS
road NN										road NN
Conservationists NNS								Conservationists NNS
exchange-rate NN JJ								exchange-rate NN JJ
Lanny NNP									Lanny NNP
Gettinger NNP									Gettinger NNP
blanching VBG NN								blanching VBG NN
upstart NN JJ									upstart NN JJ
glomerular JJ									glomerular JJ
Nitto NNP									Nitto NNP
cluttered VBN JJ								cluttered VBN JJ
bassoon NN									bassoon NN
Weinberg NNP									Weinberg NNP
Motsoaledi NNP									Motsoaledi NNP
Minnesotan NNP									Minnesotan NNP
Franciso NNP									Franciso NNP
bonfire NN									bonfire NN
dried-out JJ									dried-out JJ
cheater NN									cheater NN
citizens NNS									citizens NNS
Solly NNP									Solly NNP
book NN VB									book NN VB
hub NN										hub NN
copies NNS									copies NNS
Dicke NNP									Dicke NNP
low-VAT JJ									low-VAT JJ
canals NNS									canals NNS
Echelon NNP									Echelon NNP
Dietary JJ									Dietary JJ
Silesia NNP									Silesia NNP
Lunch NN NNP									Lunch NN NNP
skimming VBG NN									skimming VBG NN
propagation NN									propagation NN
pseudosocialism NN								pseudosocialism NN
Orbe NNP									Orbe NNP
artistically RB									artistically RB
argue VBP VB									argue VBP VB
scolded VBN									scolded VBN
Departures NNP									Departures NNP
month-to-month JJ								month-to-month JJ
Kellar NNP									Kellar NNP
Ice NNP NN									Ice NNP NN
Bucky NNP									Bucky NNP
barefooted JJ									barefooted JJ
earmarking VBG									earmarking VBG
He PRP NNP									He PRP NNP
Kingpin NN									Kingpin NN
bulk-mail NN									bulk-mail NN
nondrying JJ									nondrying JJ
yongst JJS									yongst JJS
defaults NNS VBZ								defaults NNS VBZ
consisting VBG									consisting VBG
media-related JJ								media-related JJ
Five-O NNP									Five-O NNP
Seashore NNP									Seashore NNP
Kirkland NNP									Kirkland NNP
Sant'Angelo NNP									Sant'Angelo NNP
Lines-Trans NNP									Lines-Trans NNP
famines NNS									famines NNS
lieder JJ NN									lieder JJ NN
Worth-based JJ									Worth-based JJ
supplier NN									supplier NN
Beech NNP									Beech NNP
Segnar NNP									Segnar NNP
Heavy-coated JJ									Heavy-coated JJ
half-understood JJ								half-understood JJ
less-than-amicable JJ								less-than-amicable JJ
Stephenson NNP									Stephenson NNP
projectors NNS									projectors NNS
cores NNS									cores NNS
Keiyo NNP									Keiyo NNP
disseminates VBZ								disseminates VBZ
submission NN									submission NN
interception NN									interception NN
Bozeman NNP									Bozeman NNP
Cucamonga NNP									Cucamonga NNP
eliminations NNS								eliminations NNS
Obstacles NNS									Obstacles NNS
Nicodemus NNP									Nicodemus NNP
marrieds NNS									marrieds NNS
solipsism NN									solipsism NN
hurdles NNS									hurdles NNS
upsets NNS VBZ									upsets NNS VBZ
phone-company NN								phone-company NN
non-dramas NNS									non-dramas NNS
cereals NNS									cereals NNS
Amici FW									Amici FW
manuscript NN									manuscript NN
Kisscorni NNP									Kisscorni NNP
inalienable JJ									inalienable JJ
Saunder NNP									Saunder NNP
Steinkrauss NNP									Steinkrauss NNP
se FW IN NN PRP									se FW IN NN PRP
amply RB									amply RB
Adjusted NNP VBN JJ								Adjusted NNP VBN JJ
searing VBG JJ									searing VBG JJ
makings NNS									makings NNS
Infrequently RB									Infrequently RB
Crumb NNP									Crumb NNP
Interfinancial NNP								Interfinancial NNP
madness NN									madness NN
Bear NNP JJ NN									Bear NNP JJ NN
Gloves NNP									Gloves NNP
overthrow VB NN									overthrow VB NN
inhospitable JJ									inhospitable JJ
Ibbotson NNP									Ibbotson NNP
describe VB VBP									describe VB VBP
beast NN									beast NN
curing VBG NN									curing VBG NN
nieces NNS									nieces NNS
willinge JJ									willinge JJ
Chapman NNP NN									Chapman NNP NN
Carolco NNP									Carolco NNP
ill-defined JJ									ill-defined JJ
Spencerian JJ									Spencerian JJ
Severa NNP									Severa NNP
Pro-Family NNP									Pro-Family NNP
deathwatch NN									deathwatch NN
ballards NNS									ballards NNS
general-practice JJ								general-practice JJ
crossings NNS									crossings NNS
resumption NN									resumption NN
Cher NNP									Cher NNP
Recalls VBZ									Recalls VBZ
savers\/investors NNS								savers\/investors NNS
Deadlock NN									Deadlock NN
propensity NN									propensity NN
discredited VBN JJ								discredited VBN JJ
Week-e NN									Week-e NN
Ferdinando NNP									Ferdinando NNP
squint VBP									squint VBP
editing NN VBG									editing NN VBG
protrusion NN									protrusion NN
imminence NN									imminence NN
intervenes VBZ									intervenes VBZ
Janes NNPS									Janes NNPS
wheelchair NN									wheelchair NN
SeaFest\/JAC NNP								SeaFest\/JAC NNP
cow-man NN									cow-man NN
disbelieve VB									disbelieve VB
Ripa NNP NN									Ripa NNP NN
rent-free JJ									rent-free JJ
sun-burned JJ									sun-burned JJ
revolutionized VBD VBN								revolutionized VBD VBN
restock VB									restock VB
Franciscans NNP NNS NNPS							Franciscans NNP NNS NNPS
quantitatively RB								quantitatively RB
Keegan NNP									Keegan NNP
cosmical JJ									cosmical JJ
staring VBG									staring VBG
Belshazzar NNP									Belshazzar NNP
self-victimized JJ								self-victimized JJ
highway-construction JJ								highway-construction JJ
near-irrelevant JJ								near-irrelevant JJ
Twenty-two CD									Twenty-two CD
waffles NNS									waffles NNS
hawked VBD VBN									hawked VBD VBN
fast-moving JJ NNP								fast-moving JJ NNP
unamended JJ									unamended JJ
Fing NNP									Fing NNP
Classroom NNP									Classroom NNP
white-columned JJ								white-columned JJ
materializes VBZ								materializes VBZ
kayoed VBN									kayoed VBN
mean VB VBP JJ NN								mean VB VBP JJ NN
foundling NN									foundling NN
deliberation NN									deliberation NN
vacuumed VBD									vacuumed VBD
awaken VB VBP									awaken VB VBP
ballpark NN									ballpark NN
adhesion NN									adhesion NN
Zachau NNP									Zachau NNP
--like IN									--like IN
mini-Prohibition NNP								mini-Prohibition NNP
Alienated NNP									Alienated NNP
rationalizing VBG								rationalizing VBG
State-Local NNP									State-Local NNP
whistling VBG									whistling VBG
Stairs NNP									Stairs NNP
Hormats NNP									Hormats NNP
accretions NNS									accretions NNS
amen UH										amen UH
Deficiency NNP									Deficiency NNP
Heron NNP									Heron NNP
DSW NN										DSW NN
obeisant JJ									obeisant JJ
Confident JJ									Confident JJ
Gwen NNP									Gwen NNP
mail-fraud NN									mail-fraud NN
Severna NNP									Severna NNP
dimers NNS									dimers NNS
declare VB VBP									declare VB VBP
Haag NNP									Haag NNP
sperm NN									sperm NN
non-scientist JJ								non-scientist JJ
midlevel JJ									midlevel JJ
Fortescue NNP									Fortescue NNP
Corsicas NNS									Corsicas NNS
swimming VBG JJ NN								swimming VBG JJ NN
Whitten NNP									Whitten NNP
liter NN									liter NN
Maurine NNP									Maurine NNP
mantel NN									mantel NN
Hours NNS									Hours NNS
loping VBG									loping VBG
CenTrust NNP									CenTrust NNP
Excelsior NNP									Excelsior NNP
Contemporary NNP JJ								Contemporary NNP JJ
Ghana NNP NN									Ghana NNP NN
Steudler NNP									Steudler NNP
computerizing VBG								computerizing VBG
Palmatier NNP									Palmatier NNP
canting JJ									canting JJ
Tour NNP NN									Tour NNP NN
Circuit NNP NN									Circuit NNP NN
land-locked JJ									land-locked JJ
bacteria-free JJ								bacteria-free JJ
Burmans NNPS									Burmans NNPS
shaped VBN VBD JJ								shaped VBN VBD JJ
revenues NNS									revenues NNS
--George NNP									--George NNP
payouts NNS									payouts NNS
sobering VBG JJ									sobering VBG JJ
fixture NN									fixture NN
bestow VB									bestow VB
capitalistic JJ									capitalistic JJ
straighter JJR RBR								straighter JJR RBR
chest NN									chest NN
lambskin NN									lambskin NN
Cannell NNP									Cannell NNP
Rimanelli NNP									Rimanelli NNP
insubordination NN								insubordination NN
Ilka NNP									Ilka NNP
Brevard NNP									Brevard NNP
Foy NNP										Foy NNP
Forstmann NNP									Forstmann NNP
scribble VB									scribble VB
Orchard NNP									Orchard NNP
Norma NNP									Norma NNP
yuh PRP										yuh PRP
Loose NNP JJ									Loose NNP JJ
Bertrand NNP									Bertrand NNP
authentically RB								authentically RB
conformitarianism NN								conformitarianism NN
interpolation NN								interpolation NN
Shafroth NNP									Shafroth NNP
stages NNS VBZ									stages NNS VBZ
Dicello NNP									Dicello NNP
rapidity NN									rapidity NN
workout NN									workout NN
Bressler NNP									Bressler NNP
gripped VBD VBN									gripped VBD VBN
single-payment JJ								single-payment JJ
lifesize JJ									lifesize JJ
physically RB									physically RB
Manningham NNP									Manningham NNP
recliner NN									recliner NN
agreed-upon IN JJ								agreed-upon IN JJ
Uniroyal\ NNP									Uniroyal\ NNP
insulated VBN . JJ								insulated VBN . JJ
oz NN										oz NN
Rae NNP										Rae NNP
Aquacutie NNP									Aquacutie NNP
castoff JJ									castoff JJ
outface VB									outface VB
awaited VBD JJ VBN								awaited VBD JJ VBN
high-grade JJ									high-grade JJ
mercifully RB									mercifully RB
Anschluss FW NNP								Anschluss FW NNP
Carmine NNP									Carmine NNP
Porum NNP									Porum NNP
Bull NNP NN									Bull NNP NN
rebuttals NNS									rebuttals NNS
Rufus NNP									Rufus NNP
RoadRailer NNP									RoadRailer NNP
Arsenio NNP									Arsenio NNP
Abingdon NNP									Abingdon NNP
off-field JJ									off-field JJ
Allow VB									Allow VB
pre-kindergarten NN								pre-kindergarten NN
Puget NNP									Puget NNP
Borg-Warner NNP									Borg-Warner NNP
Woodbridge NNP									Woodbridge NNP
housebreakers NNS								housebreakers NNS
offers VBZ NNS NN								offers VBZ NNS NN
Dostoevski NNP									Dostoevski NNP
surrealist JJ									surrealist JJ
ProBody NNP									ProBody NNP
homeward RB									homeward RB
pragmatism NN									pragmatism NN
Airports NNP NNS								Airports NNP NNS
Winners NNS									Winners NNS
screwed VBN VBD									screwed VBN VBD
unlikely JJ RB									unlikely JJ RB
leading-edge JJ									leading-edge JJ
freak NN VBP									freak NN VBP
Ancel NNP									Ancel NNP
Shoichi NNP									Shoichi NNP
tap VB NN VBP									tap VB NN VBP
Kanner NNP									Kanner NNP
vehicle-making JJ								vehicle-making JJ
Kane NNP									Kane NNP
seventh-consecutive JJ								seventh-consecutive JJ
Brandenburg NNP									Brandenburg NNP
absorbent JJ									absorbent JJ
allowable JJ									allowable JJ
Vivaldi NNP									Vivaldi NNP
N.F. NNP									N.F. NNP
incautious JJ									incautious JJ
troop NN VBP									troop NN VBP
Ukrainian JJ NNP								Ukrainian JJ NNP
assimilating VBG								assimilating VBG
one-ship JJ									one-ship JJ
high-speed JJ									high-speed JJ
Piloting VBG									Piloting VBG
supplies NNS VBZ								supplies NNS VBZ
preserve VB VBP NN								preserve VB VBP NN
calumniated VBN									calumniated VBN
befell VBD									befell VBD
eastward RB									eastward RB
slower JJR RBR									slower JJR RBR
once-sporadic JJ								once-sporadic JJ
feel VB VBP NN									feel VB VBP NN
heating NN VBG									heating NN VBG
time-zone JJ									time-zone JJ
reassert VB									reassert VB
prognosticator NN								prognosticator NN
unlike IN JJ NN									unlike IN JJ NN
Britisher NNP									Britisher NNP
Thayer NNP									Thayer NNP
minimill NN									minimill NN
pancake NN									pancake NN
trembles VBZ									trembles VBZ
anesthetics NNS									anesthetics NNS
icebound JJ									icebound JJ
Bierbower NNP									Bierbower NNP
domesticates VBZ								domesticates VBZ
fuel-injected JJ								fuel-injected JJ
Stoeckel NNP									Stoeckel NNP
Arabian-American NNP								Arabian-American NNP
disdain NN VBP VB								disdain NN VBP VB
Borge NNP									Borge NNP
Unitel NNP									Unitel NNP
Papa-san NNP									Papa-san NNP
Wilderness NN NNP								Wilderness NN NNP
unadited JJ VBN									unadited JJ VBN
lyrics NNS									lyrics NNS
OTC-market JJ									OTC-market JJ
Varner NNP									Varner NNP
sixth JJ RB									sixth JJ RB
customer NN									customer NN
Desmond NNP									Desmond NNP
image-making NN JJ								image-making NN JJ
ground-support JJ								ground-support JJ
Spanish-born JJ									Spanish-born JJ
Horrigan NNP									Horrigan NNP
restoration NN									restoration NN
higher-rate JJ									higher-rate JJ
Ajax NNP									Ajax NNP
caretaker NN									caretaker NN
hands-on JJ									hands-on JJ
counter-intelligence JJ								counter-intelligence JJ
isolation NN									isolation NN
Pius NNP									Pius NNP
balustrade NN									balustrade NN
book-buying JJ									book-buying JJ
more-open JJ									more-open JJ
animal-health NN								animal-health NN
Perfect JJ NNP									Perfect JJ NNP
toadies NNS									toadies NNS
transoceanic JJ									transoceanic JJ
conductor NN									conductor NN
Samar NNP									Samar NNP
Semenov NNP									Semenov NNP
pretty-good-rated JJ								pretty-good-rated JJ
fractures NNS VBZ								fractures NNS VBZ
Slosberg NNP									Slosberg NNP
jockeys NNS									jockeys NNS
Jong NNP									Jong NNP
rocket-like JJ									rocket-like JJ
severly RB									severly RB
Mencius NNP									Mencius NNP
Nauman NNP									Nauman NNP
Kyocera NNP									Kyocera NNP
insatiable JJ									insatiable JJ
canned JJ VBN									canned JJ VBN
waterfront NN									waterfront NN
Larsen NNP									Larsen NNP
platter JJ NN									platter JJ NN
Hachette NNP									Hachette NNP
allowed VBN JJ VB VBD								allowed VBN JJ VB VBD
Weary JJ NNP									Weary JJ NNP
bespectacled JJ									bespectacled JJ
PDI NNP										PDI NNP
Dagens NNP									Dagens NNP
swallowed VBN VBD								swallowed VBN VBD
curricula NNS									curricula NNS
Contacted VBN									Contacted VBN
snagging VBG									snagging VBG
Sleepinal NNP									Sleepinal NNP
Mooney NNP									Mooney NNP
perform VB VBP									perform VB VBP
Concludes VBZ									Concludes VBZ
fundamantalist NN								fundamantalist NN
cogently RB									cogently RB
belly NN RB									belly NN RB
tripled VBN VBD									tripled VBN VBD
bathroom NN									bathroom NN
fork-lift NN									fork-lift NN
deflator NN									deflator NN
performers NNS									performers NNS
Monmouth NNP									Monmouth NNP
payable JJ									payable JJ
calf's-foot NN									calf's-foot NN
Roller NNP									Roller NNP
depositing VBG									depositing VBG
Lecture NNP									Lecture NNP
bid-wanted JJ									bid-wanted JJ
Warnaco NNP									Warnaco NNP
no-smoking JJ									no-smoking JJ
Corton-Charlemagne NNP								Corton-Charlemagne NNP
prosoma NN									prosoma NN
null-type JJ									null-type JJ
Surgeons NNPS NNS								Surgeons NNPS NNS
wildcat NN JJ									wildcat NN JJ
Taubman NNP									Taubman NNP
claw NN										claw NN
deplore VB									deplore VB
Ports NNP NNS									Ports NNP NNS
Wachter NNP									Wachter NNP
Copp NNP									Copp NNP
Jiangsu NNP									Jiangsu NNP
branching VBG NN								branching VBG NN
Rainwater NNP									Rainwater NNP
reupholstering VBG								reupholstering VBG
Holly NNP									Holly NNP
bracket NN									bracket NN
interpreter NN									interpreter NN
aerospace-industry NN								aerospace-industry NN
sinfulness NN									sinfulness NN
it'controlled PRP|JJ								it'controlled PRP|JJ
dynamics NNS									dynamics NNS
microscopy NN									microscopy NN
pajama NN									pajama NN
cooperative-care JJ								cooperative-care JJ
sub-minimum JJ									sub-minimum JJ
denomination NN									denomination NN
hard-currency NN JJ								hard-currency NN JJ
maye MD										maye MD
alma JJ NN									alma JJ NN
low-voltage JJ									low-voltage JJ
Rhythms NNPS									Rhythms NNPS
Skye NNP									Skye NNP
Shari NNP									Shari NNP
non-Germans NNS									non-Germans NNS
teaspoonfuls NNS								teaspoonfuls NNS
bets NNS									bets NNS
nudism NN									nudism NN
irregularity NN									irregularity NN
--the JJ CD DT NNP								--the JJ CD DT NNP
Huron NNP									Huron NNP
Wolder NNP									Wolder NNP
Schwada NNP									Schwada NNP
elated JJ VBN									elated JJ VBN
Common-law JJ									Common-law JJ
Janet NNP									Janet NNP
Aromatiques NNP									Aromatiques NNP
lamechians NNS									lamechians NNS
Blasingame NNP									Blasingame NNP
Ad-Unit NN									Ad-Unit NN
Bianco NNP									Bianco NNP
Aiken NNP									Aiken NNP
Aj. NNP										Aj. NNP
streamliner NN									streamliner NN
inexplicable JJ									inexplicable JJ
Very RB NNP JJ									Very RB NNP JJ
ecstatic JJ NN									ecstatic JJ NN
funded VBN VBD JJ								funded VBN VBD JJ
visa NN										visa NN
Solutions NNPS NNS								Solutions NNPS NNS
sew VB VBP									sew VB VBP
Crotale JJ									Crotale JJ
cruelest JJS									cruelest JJS
Asbury NNP									Asbury NNP
Heathrow NNP									Heathrow NNP
Pity NNP VB									Pity NNP VB
avoided VBN JJ VBD								avoided VBN JJ VBD
eatings NNS									eatings NNS
sci-fi JJ NN									sci-fi JJ NN
Butcher NNP									Butcher NNP
Ches NNP									Ches NNP
cotter NN									cotter NN
Excludes VBZ NNS								Excludes VBZ NNS
arcade NN									arcade NN
Readings NNS									Readings NNS
Kirov NNP									Kirov NNP
Automated NNP VBN								Automated NNP VBN
five-block JJ									five-block JJ
incautiously RB									incautiously RB
Addition NN									Addition NN
gaiters NNS									gaiters NNS
Missy NNP									Missy NNP
Statute NN									Statute NN
convulsed VBD									convulsed VBD
Nazi NNP JJ									Nazi NNP JJ
Ath. NNP									Ath. NNP
Sky-god NNP									Sky-god NNP
cape NN										cape NN
Fri NNP										Fri NNP
mountainsides NNS								mountainsides NNS
Harford NNP									Harford NNP
sandwiched VBN VBD								sandwiched VBN VBD
conflict-ridden JJ								conflict-ridden JJ
biker NN									biker NN
Advani NNP									Advani NNP
Oral NNP									Oral NNP
Inferiority NN									Inferiority NN
inboard JJ RB									inboard JJ RB
Tristan NNP FW NN								Tristan NNP FW NN
misguided JJ VBN								misguided JJ VBN
freedoms NNS									freedoms NNS
darlings NNS									darlings NNS
Chiat NNP									Chiat NNP
jinx NN										jinx NN
O'Herron NNP									O'Herron NNP
infect VB									infect VB
Core NNP JJ									Core NNP JJ
quota NN									quota NN
sourdough JJ NN									sourdough JJ NN
Ishida NNP									Ishida NNP
capital-gains-tax JJ								capital-gains-tax JJ
brink NN									brink NN
redheads NNS									redheads NNS
hath VBZ									hath VBZ
Shifte NNP									Shifte NNP
Long-haul JJ									Long-haul JJ
U-turn NN									U-turn NN
goodwill NN									goodwill NN
federal-state JJ NN								federal-state JJ NN
greenfield NN									greenfield NN
passerby NN									passerby NN
queues NNS									queues NNS
dormant JJ									dormant JJ
NewsHour NNP									NewsHour NNP
hard-boiled JJ									hard-boiled JJ
snick NN									snick NN
motor-drive JJ									motor-drive JJ
Kirk NNP									Kirk NNP
inbreeding VBG NN								inbreeding VBG NN
lowered VBD VBN JJ								lowered VBD VBN JJ
Remarque NNP									Remarque NNP
rains NNS VBZ									rains NNS VBZ
weld VB NN									weld VB NN
Hardart NNP									Hardart NNP
Lorca NNP									Lorca NNP
Vivian NNP									Vivian NNP
double-B-minus\ NN								double-B-minus\ NN
Brookland NNP									Brookland NNP
Stuck-up NN									Stuck-up NN
operational JJ									operational JJ
credit-backing NN								credit-backing NN
epoch NN									epoch NN
Embedded VBN									Embedded VBN
stock-exchange NN								stock-exchange NN
headlined VBN VBD								headlined VBN VBD
pyramid-shaped JJ								pyramid-shaped JJ
Consolo NNP									Consolo NNP
suavity NN									suavity NN
beneficiaries NNS								beneficiaries NNS
Paterson NNP									Paterson NNP
impersonations NNS								impersonations NNS
Dutchess NNP									Dutchess NNP
prolonged VBN VBD JJ								prolonged VBN VBD JJ
Loral NNP JJ									Loral NNP JJ
recognizably RB									recognizably RB
polyether-type JJ								polyether-type JJ
World-Telegram NNP								World-Telegram NNP
Picon NNP									Picon NNP
gorges NNS VBZ									gorges NNS VBZ
Felice NNP									Felice NNP
nonetheless RB									nonetheless RB
Mike NNP									Mike NNP
overstated VBN VBD								overstated VBN VBD
divisional JJ									divisional JJ
birthmark NN									birthmark NN
codification NN									codification NN
substance-abusing JJ								substance-abusing JJ
dystrophy NN									dystrophy NN
Language NN NNP									Language NN NNP
essential JJ NN									essential JJ NN
Catfish NNP									Catfish NNP
air-charter JJ									air-charter JJ
tenderness NN									tenderness NN
Relationships NNPS NNS								Relationships NNPS NNS
crags NNS									crags NNS
layer NN									layer NN
kinder JJR									kinder JJR
machinegun NN									machinegun NN
Miners NNP									Miners NNP
Woonsocket NNP									Woonsocket NNP
Klauer NNP									Klauer NNP
autumn NN									autumn NN
necrosis NN									necrosis NN
Konikow NNP									Konikow NNP
Rain NNP NN									Rain NNP NN
clutch NN VBP VB								clutch NN VBP VB
Quindlen NNP									Quindlen NNP
quarter-million-dollar JJ							quarter-million-dollar JJ
mimics NNS VBZ									mimics NNS VBZ
pre-Han NNP									pre-Han NNP
Ruderman NNP									Ruderman NNP
Son-of-DAT NNP									Son-of-DAT NNP
officiate VB									officiate VB
Spokesman NNP									Spokesman NNP
quadric NN JJ									quadric NN JJ
Jadwiga NNP									Jadwiga NNP
phlegm NN									phlegm NN
causeway NN									causeway NN
Segur NNP									Segur NNP
typhoon NN									typhoon NN
computer-integrated JJ								computer-integrated JJ
navigator NN									navigator NN
struggle NN VBP VB								struggle NN VBP VB
victoriously RB									victoriously RB
assailed VBN VBD								assailed VBN VBD
shutoff NN									shutoff NN
clay-like JJ									clay-like JJ
tailgate NN									tailgate NN
cash-or-shares JJ								cash-or-shares JJ
--meal NN									--meal NN
animals NNS									animals NNS
hogging VBG									hogging VBG
Tappan NNP									Tappan NNP
tryouts NNS									tryouts NNS
Ida NNP										Ida NNP
retroactivity NN								retroactivity NN
drought-shriveled JJ								drought-shriveled JJ
bully NN VBP VB									bully NN VBP VB
anti-army JJ									anti-army JJ
English-Dutch JJ								English-Dutch JJ
marshmallow NN									marshmallow NN
west-to-east RB									west-to-east RB
Maronite JJ									Maronite JJ
Monorail NNP									Monorail NNP
schillings NNS									schillings NNS
six-fold RB									six-fold RB
bookcase NN									bookcase NN
Dugan NNP									Dugan NNP
falcons NNS									falcons NNS
Strong-earnings NNS								Strong-earnings NNS
ho-hum JJ									ho-hum JJ
intestine NN									intestine NN
rejuvenated VBN JJ								rejuvenated VBN JJ
white-topped JJ									white-topped JJ
Romania NNP									Romania NNP
Strieber NNP									Strieber NNP
verifying VBG									verifying VBG
Moonie NN									Moonie NN
Divi NNP									Divi NNP
reward NN VB VBP								reward NN VB VBP
Ties NNPS NNS									Ties NNPS NNS
Crane NNP									Crane NNP
Wal-Mart NNP									Wal-Mart NNP
much-awaited JJ									much-awaited JJ
Slims NNPS NNP									Slims NNPS NNP
Seeking VBG									Seeking VBG
Ashman NNP									Ashman NNP
obstructive JJ									obstructive JJ
taxing VBG JJ NN								taxing VBG JJ NN
putty-like JJ									putty-like JJ
squabbling NN VBG								squabbling NN VBG
Bacillus NN FW									Bacillus NN FW
Soviet-style JJ									Soviet-style JJ
cash-only JJ									cash-only JJ
cancer-suppressors NNS								cancer-suppressors NNS
formations NNS									formations NNS
forbids VBZ									forbids VBZ
ingratitoode NN									ingratitoode NN
Bantu NNP									Bantu NNP
Others NNS NNPS NNP								Others NNS NNPS NNP
boom NN VB									boom NN VB
Idols NNS									Idols NNS
Official JJ NNP									Official JJ NNP
Jonni NNP									Jonni NNP
dog-and-pony NN									dog-and-pony NN
secularist NN									secularist NN
Malpractice NN									Malpractice NN
Luette NNP									Luette NNP
instantaneous JJ								instantaneous JJ
Early RB NNP JJ									Early RB NNP JJ
flop NN VBP VB									flop NN VBP VB
Bankruptcy NNP NN								Bankruptcy NNP NN
Maestro NNP NN									Maestro NNP NN
Bereuter NNP									Bereuter NNP
amount NN VB VBP								amount NN VB VBP
seminarian NN									seminarian NN
inn NN										inn NN
Couples NNS NNP									Couples NNS NNP
Newhart NNP									Newhart NNP
foresight NN									foresight NN
mediocrity NN									mediocrity NN
Specimens NNS									Specimens NNS
Wathen NNP									Wathen NNP
assembling VBG NN								assembling VBG NN
carving VBG									carving VBG
frequency-control JJ								frequency-control JJ
pseudo-scientific JJ								pseudo-scientific JJ
reformers NNS									reformers NNS
Sympathy NN NNP									Sympathy NN NNP
Zuercher NNP									Zuercher NNP
reuniting VBG									reuniting VBG
Khomeini NNP									Khomeini NNP
inkling NN									inkling NN
item-veto JJ VB									item-veto JJ VB
sludge-covered JJ								sludge-covered JJ
southpaw NN									southpaw NN
concordant JJ									concordant JJ
recrimination NN								recrimination NN
Siberian JJ									Siberian JJ
endogamy NN									endogamy NN
synonyms NNS									synonyms NNS
wind-blown JJ									wind-blown JJ
Logic NNP NN									Logic NNP NN
inter-exchange JJ								inter-exchange JJ
suspicions NNS									suspicions NNS
Riely NNP									Riely NNP
meteoritic JJ									meteoritic JJ
airport NN									airport NN
water-purity NN									water-purity NN
frenziedly RB									frenziedly RB
gay-bashing JJ									gay-bashing JJ
ropers NNS									ropers NNS
talker NN									talker NN
coffees NNS									coffees NNS
consumed VBN VBD								consumed VBN VBD
crowing VBG NN									crowing VBG NN
labs NNS									labs NNS
worn-out JJ									worn-out JJ
Shu-tt VB									Shu-tt VB
lows NNS									lows NNS
Androgyny NN									Androgyny NN
non-monopolistic JJ								non-monopolistic JJ
anachronisms NNS								anachronisms NNS
irrepressible JJ								irrepressible JJ
Tokyo NNP									Tokyo NNP
Evaluation NN NNP								Evaluation NN NNP
feds NNS									feds NNS
unpatriotic JJ									unpatriotic JJ
keyless JJ									keyless JJ
Baxley NNP									Baxley NNP
end-product NN									end-product NN
Leary NNP									Leary NNP
Rundfunk NNP									Rundfunk NNP
capital-to-asset NN JJ								capital-to-asset NN JJ
sub-markets NNS									sub-markets NNS
Latest JJS									Latest JJS
Fournier NNP									Fournier NNP
Olivares NNP									Olivares NNP
Nagle NNP									Nagle NNP
Pyrrhic JJ									Pyrrhic JJ
Teleprompter NNP								Teleprompter NNP
trestle NN									trestle NN
craven JJ									craven JJ
considerations NNS								considerations NNS
Ghazel NNP									Ghazel NNP
Eckhardt NNP									Eckhardt NNP
reading NN VBG									reading NN VBG
appellate-litigation NN|JJ							appellate-litigation NN|JJ
obedient JJ									obedient JJ
ponied VBD									ponied VBD
relives VBZ									relives VBZ
Beat NNP NN VB									Beat NNP NN VB
demolishing VBG									demolishing VBG
verifiably RB									verifiably RB
Japanese-American JJ								Japanese-American JJ
revolutions NNS									revolutions NNS
Aaa JJ										Aaa JJ
bikes NNS									bikes NNS
enlighten VB									enlighten VB
Pitz NNP									Pitz NNP
weirdy NN									weirdy NN
Katharine NNP									Katharine NNP
Chet NNP									Chet NNP
Anglian JJ									Anglian JJ
Itoh NNP									Itoh NNP
Belzbergs NNPS									Belzbergs NNPS
non-writers NNS									non-writers NNS
considering VBG									considering VBG
Lichtblau NNP									Lichtblau NNP
druggers NNS									druggers NNS
adults NNS									adults NNS
no-growth JJ NN									no-growth JJ NN
condoned VBN VBD								condoned VBN VBD
fictive JJ									fictive JJ
post-merger JJ									post-merger JJ
Jerral NNP									Jerral NNP
Agnelli-related JJ								Agnelli-related JJ
Features NNPS									Features NNPS
counterbalance VB NN								counterbalance VB NN
tightrope NN									tightrope NN
high-blood-pressure JJ								high-blood-pressure JJ
retailer NN									retailer NN
Lauber NNP									Lauber NNP
disused JJ									disused JJ
restroom NN									restroom NN
throats NNS									throats NNS
incessant JJ									incessant JJ
bananas NNS									bananas NNS
Serra NNP									Serra NNP
S. NNP										S. NNP
sex NN VB									sex NN VB
Darin NNP									Darin NNP
L.P.V NNP									L.P.V NNP
Podufaly NNP									Podufaly NNP
Johnson-Merck NNP								Johnson-Merck NNP
Soap NNP NN									Soap NNP NN
Resident NNP									Resident NNP
Successive JJ									Successive JJ
Goffstein NNP									Goffstein NNP
Failure NN									Failure NN
Receave VBP									Receave VBP
correlate VB VBP								correlate VB VBP
attentions NNS									attentions NNS
risk-takers NNS									risk-takers NNS
Rilwanu NNP									Rilwanu NNP
explorations NNS								explorations NNS
prosper VB									prosper VB
greedier JJR									greedier JJR
swayed VBD VBN									swayed VBD VBN
sensibilities NNS								sensibilities NNS
thinking VBG VBG|NN JJ NN							thinking VBG VBG|NN JJ NN
pasture NN JJ VB								pasture NN JJ VB
Casbah NNP									Casbah NNP
Wentworth NNP									Wentworth NNP
D-5 NNP CD									D-5 NNP CD
privatize VB									privatize VB
Alloy NN									Alloy NN
docudramas NNS									docudramas NNS
charities NNS									charities NNS
Hibernia NNP									Hibernia NNP
Grev. NNP									Grev. NNP
Hawthorne NNP NN								Hawthorne NNP NN
Maple NNP JJ NN									Maple NNP JJ NN
non-supervisory JJ								non-supervisory JJ
synthetics NNS									synthetics NNS
megabillion NN									megabillion NN
keg NN										keg NN
Journal NNP NN									Journal NNP NN
arch-rival JJ NN								arch-rival JJ NN
assail VB									assail VB
Durenberger NNP									Durenberger NNP
strive VB VBP									strive VB VBP
humanism NN									humanism NN
Pastures NNS									Pastures NNS
outwardly RB .									outwardly RB .
e-Ames NNP									e-Ames NNP
outrages NNS									outrages NNS
demolished VBN VBD								demolished VBN VBD
reverberated VBN VBD								reverberated VBN VBD
code-related JJ									code-related JJ
Gerald NNP									Gerald NNP
Chapin NNP									Chapin NNP
NH NNP										NH NNP
McWilliams NNP									McWilliams NNP
curved JJ VBN									curved JJ VBN
Seisakusho NNP									Seisakusho NNP
vests NNS									vests NNS
rotor NN									rotor NN
Least JJS									Least JJS
Session NN									Session NN
octoroon NN									octoroon NN
scarlet JJ									scarlet JJ
hoard NN VB VBP									hoard NN VB VBP
hepatitis NN NNP								hepatitis NN NNP
PCP NNP										PCP NNP
Garanti NNP									Garanti NNP
DataTimes NNP									DataTimes NNP
all-paper JJ NN									all-paper JJ NN
survivors NNS									survivors NNS
disdainful JJ									disdainful JJ
pre-cooked JJ									pre-cooked JJ
painstaking JJ									painstaking JJ
anti-intellectualism JJ NN							anti-intellectualism JJ NN
conservatives NNS								conservatives NNS
Zionism NNP									Zionism NNP
daubed VBD									daubed VBD
thiouracil NN									thiouracil NN
Federal NNP JJ									Federal NNP JJ
Churning NN									Churning NN
CF66 NN										CF66 NN
Clothiers NNP NNPS								Clothiers NNP NNPS
Parichy NNP									Parichy NNP
gains NNS NN VBZ								gains NNS NN VBZ
Platform NN									Platform NN
defying VBG									defying VBG
Maximum NNP JJ									Maximum NNP JJ
halogen NN									halogen NN
Rearding VBG									Rearding VBG
myosin NN									myosin NN
Indigo NNP									Indigo NNP
Wheeland NNP									Wheeland NNP
installer NN									installer NN
sponged VBD VBN									sponged VBD VBN
Tearle NNP									Tearle NNP
helping VBG NN									helping VBG NN
E.R. NNP									E.R. NNP
diskettes NNS									diskettes NNS
heavy-industry NN								heavy-industry NN
Hey UH NNP									Hey UH NNP
hairy JJ									hairy JJ
Universe NNP NN									Universe NNP NN
Personally RB									Personally RB
symmetric JJ									symmetric JJ
Esrey NNP									Esrey NNP
Seasons NNPS									Seasons NNPS
Inaugural NNP JJ NN								Inaugural NNP JJ NN
Jolt NNP VB									Jolt NNP VB
malapropism NN									malapropism NN
cuff-like JJ									cuff-like JJ
politicos NNS									politicos NNS
Ambushes NNS									Ambushes NNS
erupt VB VBP									erupt VB VBP
punster NN									punster NN
linkups NNS									linkups NNS
Kang NNP									Kang NNP
co-ordinator NN									co-ordinator NN
mafia NN									mafia NN
sulfur-dioxide NN								sulfur-dioxide NN
hauntingly RB									hauntingly RB
Kita NNP									Kita NNP
long-hair JJ									long-hair JJ
Listeners NNS									Listeners NNS
buffer NN VB									buffer NN VB
NMR NNP										NMR NNP
remotely RB									remotely RB
sickened VBN VBD JJ								sickened VBN VBD JJ
shaky JJ									shaky JJ
Klan NNP									Klan NNP
Overture NNP									Overture NNP
orthorhombic JJ									orthorhombic JJ
Restless JJ									Restless JJ
service-connected JJ								service-connected JJ
sanctioning VBG									sanctioning VBG
Phineas NNP									Phineas NNP
interrelations NNS								interrelations NNS
Klinsky NNP									Klinsky NNP
encircling VBG									encircling VBG
Yankees-Brooklyn NNP								Yankees-Brooklyn NNP
anti-liquor JJ									anti-liquor JJ
Discretion NN									Discretion NN
Lucite NNP									Lucite NNP
pumped VBN VBD									pumped VBN VBD
malnourishment NN								malnourishment NN
Loen NNP									Loen NNP
company NN									company NN
Balmer NNP									Balmer NNP
Pit NN										Pit NN
garbled VBN									garbled VBN
successors NNS									successors NNS
bettering VBG									bettering VBG
Folgers NNP									Folgers NNP
freckled JJ									freckled JJ
DUN NNP										DUN NNP
Pitiful NNP									Pitiful NNP
incapable JJ NN									incapable JJ NN
girlish JJ									girlish JJ
Rag NNP										Rag NNP
doses NNS									doses NNS
Ukiah NNP									Ukiah NNP
ad-supported JJ									ad-supported JJ
patriarchate NN									patriarchate NN
Inter NNP									Inter NNP
Purchases NNS NNPS								Purchases NNS NNPS
Magnolias NNS									Magnolias NNS
Glo NNP										Glo NNP
abound VBP VB									abound VBP VB
Attacks VBZ NNS									Attacks VBZ NNS
giveaways NNS									giveaways NNS
frailest JJS									frailest JJS
nationalized VBD VBN JJ								nationalized VBD VBN JJ
Foglio NNP									Foglio NNP
errata NNS									errata NNS
realignment NN									realignment NN
steel-hulled JJ									steel-hulled JJ
radiations NNS									radiations NNS
curtly RB									curtly RB
Anointing VBG									Anointing VBG
asset-growth NN									asset-growth NN
cents-a-unit JJ									cents-a-unit JJ
Yurochka NNP									Yurochka NNP
framework NN									framework NN
Awarding VBG									Awarding VBG
guitars NNS									guitars NNS
cripples NNS									cripples NNS
boon NN JJ									boon NN JJ
Mnuchin NNP									Mnuchin NNP
Sesit NNP									Sesit NNP
service-industry JJ NN								service-industry JJ NN
tar NN										tar NN
Chattanooga NNP									Chattanooga NNP
unrestrictedly RB								unrestrictedly RB
Daiei NNP									Daiei NNP
--considered VBN								--considered VBN
inflating VBG									inflating VBG
nonoperating VBG JJ NN								nonoperating VBG JJ NN
Joni NNP									Joni NNP
venerable-but-much-derided JJ							venerable-but-much-derided JJ
disliked VBD JJ VBN								disliked VBD JJ VBN
misted VBD									misted VBD
golden-crusted JJ								golden-crusted JJ
L.A NNP										L.A NNP
Hocke NNP									Hocke NNP
Dalles NNP									Dalles NNP
reignited VBD VBN								reignited VBD VBN
souk NN										souk NN
Siebert NNP									Siebert NNP
ruddiness NN									ruddiness NN
Compared VBN									Compared VBN
establishments NNS								establishments NNS
blacking NN									blacking NN
adding VBG NN									adding VBG NN
up-jutting JJ									up-jutting JJ
millionths-of-a-second JJ							millionths-of-a-second JJ
iodide-concentrating JJ								iodide-concentrating JJ
ellipsis NN									ellipsis NN
editor-in-chief NN								editor-in-chief NN
golds NNS									golds NNS
Voiture NNP									Voiture NNP
shotguns NNS									shotguns NNS
unstanched VBN									unstanched VBN
Bernini NNP									Bernini NNP
infallibility NN								infallibility NN
centrality NN									centrality NN
manse NN									manse NN
parisology NN									parisology NN
Ventilation NN NNP								Ventilation NN NNP
stagnation NN									stagnation NN
observed VBN JJ VBD								observed VBN JJ VBD
Feiner NNP									Feiner NNP
non-Cocom JJ									non-Cocom JJ
Allied NNP JJ									Allied NNP JJ
once-popular JJ									once-popular JJ
dourly RB									dourly RB
spacing NN JJ									spacing NN JJ
Holiday NNP									Holiday NNP
Kamm NNP									Kamm NNP
ever-swelling JJ								ever-swelling JJ
Hart-Scott-Rodino NNP JJ							Hart-Scott-Rodino NNP JJ
Feeney NNP									Feeney NNP
thinners NNS									thinners NNS
Parioli NNP									Parioli NNP
clay NN										clay NN
Peepy NNP									Peepy NNP
centre NN									centre NN
Porsche-like JJ									Porsche-like JJ
janitors NNS									janitors NNS
strangled VBN JJ								strangled VBN JJ
press-ganged JJ									press-ganged JJ
Stoicism NN									Stoicism NN
cages NNS									cages NNS
Viscount NNP									Viscount NNP
centrifugation NN								centrifugation NN
Coates NNP									Coates NNP
the'soft JJ									the'soft JJ
open-bank JJ									open-bank JJ
diagonal JJ									diagonal JJ
outlawry NN									outlawry NN
Coordinated VBN									Coordinated VBN
Floral NNP									Floral NNP
diuretics NNS									diuretics NNS
electing VBG									electing VBG
Assumption NN									Assumption NN
waitresses NNS									waitresses NNS
Dare VB										Dare VB
meats NNS									meats NNS
Capacity NN									Capacity NN
maninstays NNS									maninstays NNS
G.J. NNP									G.J. NNP
exists VBZ									exists VBZ
shalt VB									shalt VB
Autocracies NNPS								Autocracies NNPS
psychical JJ									psychical JJ
president\/public JJ								president\/public JJ
Wastewater NNP									Wastewater NNP
fortifications NNS								fortifications NNS
fifteen-mile JJ									fifteen-mile JJ
agreed VBD VBN JJ								agreed VBD VBN JJ
scoped NN									scoped NN
solar-power JJ									solar-power JJ
Jewish JJ NNP									Jewish JJ NNP
undaunted JJ									undaunted JJ
settled VBD VBN JJ VB								settled VBD VBN JJ VB
Grande-Bretagne FW NNP								Grande-Bretagne FW NNP
Beau NNP									Beau NNP
characteristically RB								characteristically RB
silver-bearded JJ								silver-bearded JJ
Shenzhen NNP									Shenzhen NNP
non-cumulative JJ								non-cumulative JJ
physics NN NNS									physics NN NNS
world-at-large NN								world-at-large NN
clothesbrush NN									clothesbrush NN
Victory NNP NN									Victory NNP NN
zoo NN										zoo NN
youthful JJ									youthful JJ
sweet-faced JJ									sweet-faced JJ
Bay-front JJ									Bay-front JJ
threshhold NN									threshhold NN
Mechanized VBN JJ								Mechanized VBN JJ
perfectability NN								perfectability NN
Hemorrhage NNP									Hemorrhage NNP
Hausman NNP									Hausman NNP
Larsson NNP									Larsson NNP
whittled VBN									whittled VBN
interregnum NN									interregnum NN
painting NN VBG									painting NN VBG
Insilco NNP									Insilco NNP
Petaluma NNP									Petaluma NNP
bouquets NNS									bouquets NNS
Lamborghini NNP									Lamborghini NNP
demo NN										demo NN
curiosity NN									curiosity NN
Wirtz NNP									Wirtz NNP
waffling VBG JJ NN								waffling VBG JJ NN
Refuses VBZ									Refuses VBZ
coronary JJ									coronary JJ
expedite VB									expedite VB
hue NN										hue NN
gagged VBN VBD									gagged VBN VBD
non-democratic JJ								non-democratic JJ
Angers NNP									Angers NNP
Barbecued JJ									Barbecued JJ
quarrels NNS VBZ								quarrels NNS VBZ
outfielder NN									outfielder NN
long-lived JJ									long-lived JJ
Oran NNP									Oran NNP
jowly JJ									jowly JJ
Volz NNP									Volz NNP
Phils NNPS									Phils NNPS
unfocused JJ									unfocused JJ
proclamation NN									proclamation NN
unshelled VBN									unshelled VBN
Accor NNP									Accor NNP
Loran NNP									Loran NNP
Tektronix NNP									Tektronix NNP
erecting VBG									erecting VBG
Bergman NNP									Bergman NNP
Picop NNP									Picop NNP
Proverbs NNS									Proverbs NNS
Japanese-South NNP								Japanese-South NNP
Semmes NNP									Semmes NNP
LS NNP										LS NNP
Simulator NNP									Simulator NNP
Ich FW										Ich FW
wearin VBG									wearin VBG
fiscal-fourth JJ								fiscal-fourth JJ
long-view JJ									long-view JJ
Nyunt NNP									Nyunt NNP
misdemeanor NN									misdemeanor NN
Anthology NNP									Anthology NNP
whole JJ NN RP									whole JJ NN RP
Regalia NNP									Regalia NNP
Overturf NNP									Overturf NNP
billion-dollar JJ								billion-dollar JJ
Attermann NNP									Attermann NNP
Spinelli NNP									Spinelli NNP
Finsbury NNP									Finsbury NNP
Thyroid NN									Thyroid NN
Dissect VB									Dissect VB
firecrackers NNS								firecrackers NNS
neo-classicism NN								neo-classicism NN
Decanting VBG									Decanting VBG
western JJ									western JJ
childrens NNS									childrens NNS
Talmud NNP									Talmud NNP
greet VB VBP									greet VB VBP
Schoeppner NNP									Schoeppner NNP
l'Ange NNP									l'Ange NNP
S.K. NNP									S.K. NNP
slacking VBG									slacking VBG
recently-filed JJ								recently-filed JJ
irised VBN									irised VBN
Needham NNP									Needham NNP
cortex NN									cortex NN
Nipponese JJ									Nipponese JJ
Christmas-tree JJ								Christmas-tree JJ
prison NN VB									prison NN VB
midnight NN RB									midnight NN RB
monopolies NNS									monopolies NNS
Merill NNP									Merill NNP
deafening VBG JJ								deafening VBG JJ
Consequences NNS								Consequences NNS
Bendix\/King NNP								Bendix\/King NNP
dropped VBD VBN									dropped VBD VBN
statist JJ									statist JJ
Subgroups NNS									Subgroups NNS
liveliest JJS									liveliest JJS
tattoo NN									tattoo NN
all-round JJ									all-round JJ
Photograph NN NNP								Photograph NN NNP
pestering VBG									pestering VBG
Sasebo NNP									Sasebo NNP
snuffboxes NNS									snuffboxes NNS
property-tax JJ									property-tax JJ
Suliman NNP									Suliman NNP
faulted VBN VBD									faulted VBN VBD
Thanksgiving NNP								Thanksgiving NNP
Jacob NNP									Jacob NNP
abnormality NN									abnormality NN
shit NN										shit NN
Haementeria FW									Haementeria FW
cabin-crew NNS									cabin-crew NNS
supposedly RB									supposedly RB
contrarians NNS									contrarians NNS
entanglement NN									entanglement NN
gross-income NN									gross-income NN
whole-house JJ									whole-house JJ
disappeared VBD VBN								disappeared VBD VBN
Musique NNP									Musique NNP
Giannini NNP									Giannini NNP
Funston NNP									Funston NNP
Belth NNP									Belth NNP
reacquainted VBN								reacquainted VBN
hot-line NN									hot-line NN
anthem NN									anthem NN
portability NN									portability NN
contents NNS									contents NNS
contentions NNS									contentions NNS
lithe JJ									lithe JJ
utopianism NN									utopianism NN
baseballight NN									baseballight NN
Ten-year-old NNP JJ								Ten-year-old NNP JJ
eromonga FW									eromonga FW
beeping VBG NN									beeping VBG NN
near-monopoly NN JJ								near-monopoly NN JJ
Streep NNP									Streep NNP
Curcio NNP									Curcio NNP
Rudnick NNP									Rudnick NNP
confidence-crusher NN								confidence-crusher NN
bobbin-to-cone JJ								bobbin-to-cone JJ
off-duty JJ									off-duty JJ
Alicia NNP									Alicia NNP
Alaskan JJ NNP									Alaskan JJ NNP
Falvey NNP									Falvey NNP
cross-licensing NN JJ								cross-licensing NN JJ
Westerly NNP									Westerly NNP
cost-efficiency NN								cost-efficiency NN
overseen VBN NN									overseen VBN NN
species NN NNS									species NN NNS
two-tiered JJ									two-tiered JJ
Racism NN NNP									Racism NN NNP
ecumenicists NNS								ecumenicists NNS
Spielberg NNP									Spielberg NNP
iodination NN									iodination NN
undergoing VBG									undergoing VBG
Infants NNS									Infants NNS
book-to-bill JJ NN								book-to-bill JJ NN
self-reform NN									self-reform NN
discounts NNS VBZ								discounts NNS VBZ
hearing-impaired VBN								hearing-impaired VBN
buffetings NNS									buffetings NNS
integrated-circuit JJ								integrated-circuit JJ
rightful JJ									rightful JJ
bullion NN									bullion NN
Conlon NNP									Conlon NNP
Quebeckers NNPS									Quebeckers NNPS
Solebury NNP									Solebury NNP
hirelings NNS									hirelings NNS
gray JJ NN									gray JJ NN
free-enterprise NN								free-enterprise NN
Grappely NNP									Grappely NNP
DeGol NNP									DeGol NNP
caught VBN VBD									caught VBN VBD
Scholarship NN NNP								Scholarship NN NNP
regi FW										regi FW
Bogart NNP									Bogart NNP
local-control JJ								local-control JJ
Giants NNP NNS NNPS								Giants NNP NNS NNPS
beer-cooling VBG								beer-cooling VBG
Accumaster NNP									Accumaster NNP
Severe JJ NNP									Severe JJ NNP
non-bank JJ									non-bank JJ
kibbutz NN									kibbutz NN
yielding-Mediterranian-woman JJ							yielding-Mediterranian-woman JJ
established VBN JJ VBD								established VBN JJ VBD
uninterested JJ									uninterested JJ
coming-out JJ									coming-out JJ
Osborne NNP									Osborne NNP
unplanned JJ									unplanned JJ
Riepe NNP									Riepe NNP
prophet NN									prophet NN
wronged VBN JJ									wronged VBN JJ
Hez NNP NN									Hez NNP NN
robes NNS									robes NNS
sic RB FW VB									sic RB FW VB
Drum NNP									Drum NNP
Park NNP NN VB									Park NNP NN VB
distrusts VBZ									distrusts VBZ
pilot NN JJ VB									pilot NN JJ VB
passivity NN									passivity NN
outlooks NNS									outlooks NNS
outweigh VBP VB									outweigh VBP VB
Marcmann NNP									Marcmann NNP
CalFed NNP									CalFed NNP
Volunteer NNP									Volunteer NNP
belly-up JJ RB									belly-up JJ RB
worked VBD VBN									worked VBD VBN
hereafter RB									hereafter RB
recount VB NN									recount VB NN
fondled VBN									fondled VBN
drank VBD									drank VBD
Accept VB									Accept VB
Okayama NNP									Okayama NNP
C-S NNP										C-S NNP
Darwen NNP									Darwen NNP
acquittal NN									acquittal NN
NMS NNP										NMS NNP
Leave VB									Leave VB
stunned VBD VBN JJ								stunned VBD VBN JJ
pleasurable JJ									pleasurable JJ
food-industry NN								food-industry NN
McLelland NNP									McLelland NNP
mumbled VBD VBN									mumbled VBD VBN
congratulatory JJ								congratulatory JJ
Ibn NNP										Ibn NNP
dartboard NN									dartboard NN
reprice VB									reprice VB
musket NN									musket NN
pinched VBN VBD JJ								pinched VBN VBD JJ
Bund NN										Bund NN
Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai NNP								Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai NNP
Elegant NNP									Elegant NNP
nonwhite JJ									nonwhite JJ
Tonka NNP									Tonka NNP
Victoire NNP									Victoire NNP
last-minute JJ NN								last-minute JJ NN
Student NNP NN									Student NNP NN
Comment NN NNP									Comment NN NNP
U.S.S.R. NNP									U.S.S.R. NNP
Rake NN NNP									Rake NN NNP
predictor NN									predictor NN
wolves NNS									wolves NNS
Yumiko NNP									Yumiko NNP
Stronach NNP									Stronach NNP
crafting VBG									crafting VBG
yuk NN										yuk NN
Ardito-Barletta NNP								Ardito-Barletta NNP
demonstrations NNS								demonstrations NNS
Raikes NNP									Raikes NNP
Countrywide NNP									Countrywide NNP
Morrell NNP									Morrell NNP
puffy JJ									puffy JJ
get-rich-quick JJ								get-rich-quick JJ
Ticketron NNP									Ticketron NNP
Noufou NNP									Noufou NNP
individualistic JJ								individualistic JJ
re-emerge VB									re-emerge VB
Splenomegaly NN									Splenomegaly NN
thorny JJ									thorny JJ
over-the-air JJ									over-the-air JJ
soul NN										soul NN
al-Assad NNP									al-Assad NNP
embroidery NN									embroidery NN
stubborn JJ									stubborn JJ
Harlan-Marcia NNP								Harlan-Marcia NNP
Ticonderoga NNP									Ticonderoga NNP
Phibro NNP									Phibro NNP
bunco NN									bunco NN
Suspension NNP									Suspension NNP
Asea NNP									Asea NNP
substitutions NNS								substitutions NNS
hard-pressed JJ									hard-pressed JJ
census NN									census NN
Synchronized VBN								Synchronized VBN
gantlet NN									gantlet NN
ratio NN									ratio NN
cubism NN									cubism NN
Kimbolton NNP									Kimbolton NNP
underemployed JJ								underemployed JJ
Yale-Army NNP									Yale-Army NNP
cans NNS VBZ									cans NNS VBZ
Torrio-Capone JJ								Torrio-Capone JJ
ERC NNP										ERC NNP
semi-automatic JJ								semi-automatic JJ
say-because IN									say-because IN
Matsuura NNP									Matsuura NNP
hailed VBD VBN									hailed VBD VBN
low-caliber NN									low-caliber NN
scammers NNS									scammers NNS
lawful JJ									lawful JJ
Pandelli NNP									Pandelli NNP
Mullerin NNP									Mullerin NNP
less-profitable JJ								less-profitable JJ
lasciviously RB									lasciviously RB
reassess VB NN									reassess VB NN
Shivers NNP									Shivers NNP
pragmatist NN									pragmatist NN
prevailin NN									prevailin NN
observations NNS								observations NNS
Hid NNP										Hid NNP
Hubermann NNP									Hubermann NNP
Constraints NNS									Constraints NNS
Howe NNP									Howe NNP
flashback NN									flashback NN
non-crisis JJ									non-crisis JJ
old-style JJ									old-style JJ
pruta NN									pruta NN
Depew NNP									Depew NNP
Collor NNP									Collor NNP
national-service JJ NN								national-service JJ NN
Bede NNP									Bede NNP
menarches NNS									menarches NNS
Ferranti NNP NNS								Ferranti NNP NNS
freethinkers NNS								freethinkers NNS
Lully NNP									Lully NNP
athletes NNS									athletes NNS
Californian NN JJ NNP								Californian NN JJ NNP
Isler NNP									Isler NNP
supposes VBZ									supposes VBZ
overzealousness NN								overzealousness NN
hectic JJ									hectic JJ
gutted VBN VBD									gutted VBN VBD
palm-lined JJ									palm-lined JJ
Harkinson NNP									Harkinson NNP
skiing NN VBG									skiing NN VBG
Averell NNP									Averell NNP
Delacre NNP									Delacre NNP
acrimony NN									acrimony NN
training. NN									training. NN
Towards NNP IN									Towards NNP IN
re-creactions NNS								re-creactions NNS
emblems NNS									emblems NNS
Vitalie NNP									Vitalie NNP
chimney NN									chimney NN
lab NN										lab NN
securities-investment JJ							securities-investment JJ
capital-markets JJ								capital-markets JJ
ghost-busting NN								ghost-busting NN
Avant-garde NN									Avant-garde NN
S.p NNP										S.p NNP
gleeful JJ									gleeful JJ
Wonder NNP NN VBP								Wonder NNP NN VBP
n't RB NNP									n't RB NNP
numenous JJ									numenous JJ
Mayor NNP NN									Mayor NNP NN
forty CD									forty CD
Liipfert NNP									Liipfert NNP
familial JJ									familial JJ
hydroelectric JJ								hydroelectric JJ
Present JJ NN RB VB NNP								Present JJ NN RB VB NNP
Lureen NNP									Lureen NNP
Luckily RB									Luckily RB
green-bugs NN									green-bugs NN
nonbusiness NN									nonbusiness NN
Tsai NNP									Tsai NNP
addictive JJ									addictive JJ
Hernando NNP									Hernando NNP
Macy NNP									Macy NNP
hand-woven VBN NN								hand-woven VBN NN
declarations NNS								declarations NNS
BancNewEngland NNP								BancNewEngland NNP
once-cozy JJ									once-cozy JJ
prosecutors NNS									prosecutors NNS
plasma NN									plasma NN
BONO FW										BONO FW
ensnared VBN									ensnared VBN
Soda NNP									Soda NNP
scabs NNS									scabs NNS
Ripe NNP									Ripe NNP
November\ JJ									November\ JJ
Bamberger NNP									Bamberger NNP
Sharps NNP									Sharps NNP
Cleanth NNP									Cleanth NNP
persistently RB									persistently RB
beats VBZ NNS									beats VBZ NNS
fervors NNS									fervors NNS
housing-assistance JJ								housing-assistance JJ
Prozac NNP									Prozac NNP
Streetspeak NNP VB								Streetspeak NNP VB
base-runner NN									base-runner NN
Fink NNP									Fink NNP
Stein NNP									Stein NNP
Disabilities NNP NNPS								Disabilities NNP NNPS
clotted JJ									clotted JJ
Saville NNP									Saville NNP
solarheated JJ									solarheated JJ
Pencils NNS									Pencils NNS
breathy JJ									breathy JJ
Literaturnaya NNP								Literaturnaya NNP
Antonio-based JJ								Antonio-based JJ
enclosing VBG									enclosing VBG
mopped VBD VBN									mopped VBD VBN
With IN NNP									With IN NNP
Compliance NNP NN								Compliance NNP NN
blaze NN VB VBP									blaze NN VB VBP
Bitting NNP									Bitting NNP
Carrel NNP									Carrel NNP
Divided VBN									Divided VBN
odd-lot JJ CD									odd-lot JJ CD
church-state NN JJ								church-state NN JJ
border NN									border NN
buckle VB NN									buckle VB NN
alarmingly RB									alarmingly RB
hesitation NN									hesitation NN
pettinesses NNS									pettinesses NNS
Sault NNP									Sault NNP
nonmythological JJ								nonmythological JJ
spookiest JJS									spookiest JJS
Inada NNP									Inada NNP
Negroid JJ									Negroid JJ
Nedlloyd NNP									Nedlloyd NNP
Breuer NNP									Breuer NNP
Smaller JJR									Smaller JJR
steel NN JJ									steel NN JJ
briefs NNS									briefs NNS
Essar NNP									Essar NNP
Baches NNPS									Baches NNPS
dysentery NN									dysentery NN
Seltzer NNP									Seltzer NNP
over-simplification NN								over-simplification NN
Nevertheless RB									Nevertheless RB
buffet NN VB VBP								buffet NN VB VBP
foreclosure NN									foreclosure NN
Barbee NNP									Barbee NNP
car-industry NN									car-industry NN
Adventurers NNS									Adventurers NNS
unamused VBN									unamused VBN
assimilation NN									assimilation NN
Brisk JJ									Brisk JJ
spilling VBG NN									spilling VBG NN
Beck NNP									Beck NNP
communications-network JJ							communications-network JJ
horse-drawn JJ									horse-drawn JJ
potentiality NN									potentiality NN
Peripherals NNPS NNP								Peripherals NNPS NNP
Actor-Crooner NNP								Actor-Crooner NNP
service-sector JJ								service-sector JJ
crazy-wonderful JJ								crazy-wonderful JJ
unanimous JJ									unanimous JJ
compare VB VBP NN								compare VB VBP NN
snowy JJ									snowy JJ
Loraine NNP									Loraine NNP
Bosak NNP									Bosak NNP
perspective NN JJ								perspective NN JJ
untrained JJ									untrained JJ
Talmo NNP									Talmo NNP
bore\ VBP									bore\ VBP
sportswear NN									sportswear NN
Mager NNP									Mager NNP
hazards NNS									hazards NNS
Dreamers NNS NNPS								Dreamers NNS NNPS
Fearless NNP JJ									Fearless NNP JJ
Welling NNP									Welling NNP
Capra NNP									Capra NNP
litter NN VBP									litter NN VBP
Jacky NNP									Jacky NNP
prescribing VBG									prescribing VBG
preemployment NN								preemployment NN
deification NN									deification NN
longevity NN									longevity NN
desegregate VB									desegregate VB
Tactical NNP									Tactical NNP
slicker NN									slicker NN
Seattle-First NNP								Seattle-First NNP
well-cared-for JJ								well-cared-for JJ
nerve-cell JJ									nerve-cell JJ
can MD NN VB									can MD NN VB
Active JJ NNP									Active JJ NNP
recital NN									recital NN
ductwork NN									ductwork NN
update VB VBP NN								update VB VBP NN
fritters NNS									fritters NNS
departmentalizing VBG								departmentalizing VBG
TransmancheLink NNP								TransmancheLink NNP
acknowledged VBD VBN JJ								acknowledged VBD VBN JJ
flanking VBG									flanking VBG
Armbro NNP									Armbro NNP
Malcolm NNP NN									Malcolm NNP NN
disrupts VBZ									disrupts VBZ
Reinaldo NNP									Reinaldo NNP
civilians NNS									civilians NNS
Akron NNP									Akron NNP
relevancy NN									relevancy NN
fog-enshrouded JJ								fog-enshrouded JJ
Items NNS									Items NNS
Ayub NNP									Ayub NNP
overheard VBN VBD								overheard VBN VBD
Brahm NNP									Brahm NNP
attorneys NNS									attorneys NNS
Cruzan NNP									Cruzan NNP
Phoenix NNP									Phoenix NNP
Nineteenth-century JJ								Nineteenth-century JJ
revenue-raising JJ NN								revenue-raising JJ NN
interfacial JJ									interfacial JJ
beer-runners NNS								beer-runners NNS
tourists NNS									tourists NNS
Caprice NNP									Caprice NNP
oldies NNS									oldies NNS
a-raising VBG									a-raising VBG
electronic-publishing JJ							electronic-publishing JJ
Discrepancies NNS								Discrepancies NNS
refuted VBD VBN									refuted VBD VBN
Shoulder NN									Shoulder NN
voice-processing JJ								voice-processing JJ
Geier NNP									Geier NNP
aborted JJ VBD VBN								aborted JJ VBD VBN
roommate NN									roommate NN
out... :									out... :
loveliest JJS									loveliest JJS
Encore NNP									Encore NNP
Nakajima NNP									Nakajima NNP
bottomed VBN VBD								bottomed VBN VBD
whitened JJ VBD									whitened JJ VBD
profusely RB									profusely RB
Revelation NNP NN								Revelation NNP NN
prescriptions NNS								prescriptions NNS
scorers NNS									scorers NNS
Crystallography NNP								Crystallography NNP
photos NNS									photos NNS
mull VB										mull VB
Non-residential JJ								Non-residential JJ
actuators NNS									actuators NNS
Presser NN									Presser NN
boasts VBZ									boasts VBZ
bebop NN									bebop NN
hooking VBG									hooking VBG
employee-health NN								employee-health NN
glasses NNS									glasses NNS
Foulds NNP									Foulds NNP
Ashley NNP									Ashley NNP
melon NN									melon NN
trijets NNS									trijets NNS
McCrady NNP									McCrady NNP
Stoecker NNP									Stoecker NNP
paralysis NN									paralysis NN
Lissa NNP									Lissa NNP
drawing-rooms NNS								drawing-rooms NNS
unsaddling VBG									unsaddling VBG
crucial JJ									crucial JJ
spin-off NN JJ									spin-off NN JJ
martyrdom NN									martyrdom NN
escritoire NN									escritoire NN
clustering VBG NN								clustering VBG NN
Rosalie NNP									Rosalie NNP
incinerator NN									incinerator NN
moors NNS									moors NNS
untrue JJ									untrue JJ
deer-are-long-legged-rats-with-big-ears JJ					deer-are-long-legged-rats-with-big-ears JJ
wasteland NN									wasteland NN
HAL NNP										HAL NNP
Scraps NNS									Scraps NNS
Heyman NNP									Heyman NNP
gridlock NN									gridlock NN
crisis-oriented JJ								crisis-oriented JJ
sashayed VBD									sashayed VBD
MO NNP										MO NNP
vane NN										vane NN
prostrate JJ									prostrate JJ
franking NN VBG									franking NN VBG
non-smokers NNS									non-smokers NNS
juniors NNS									juniors NNS
Galax NNP									Galax NNP
Comroe NNP									Comroe NNP
Bechhofer NNP									Bechhofer NNP
pyknotic JJ									pyknotic JJ
blundered VBD VBN								blundered VBD VBN
stored VBN VBD									stored VBN VBD
Solon NNP									Solon NNP
gallery NN									gallery NN
unconsolidated JJ VBD VBN							unconsolidated JJ VBD VBN
requesting VBG									requesting VBG
Cerinvest NNP									Cerinvest NNP
discount-movie JJ								discount-movie JJ
thickness NN									thickness NN
tight JJ RB									tight JJ RB
surround VBP VB									surround VBP VB
brewing NN VBG									brewing NN VBG
saved VBN VBD									saved VBN VBD
donate VB VBP									donate VB VBP
'60s NNS CD									'60s NNS CD
poaching VBG									poaching VBG
resulted VBD VBN								resulted VBD VBN
shrimping NN									shrimping NN
thatched-roof JJ								thatched-roof JJ
triple-crown JJ									triple-crown JJ
lying VBG NN									lying VBG NN
Remembrance NN NNP								Remembrance NN NNP
abominable JJ									abominable JJ
Everest NNP									Everest NNP
dignity NN									dignity NN
Kalikow NNP NN									Kalikow NNP NN
kitty-cornered JJ								kitty-cornered JJ
Multiples NNPS									Multiples NNPS
Reidy NNP									Reidy NNP
Boatyards NNS									Boatyards NNS
abutments NNS									abutments NNS
uncritical JJ									uncritical JJ
Interlochen NNP									Interlochen NNP
Bloc NNP									Bloc NNP
alundum NN									alundum NN
touches NNS VBZ									touches NNS VBZ
Off-Road NNP									Off-Road NNP
Households NNS									Households NNS
Fail NNP									Fail NNP
right-handed JJ									right-handed JJ
T-34 NN										T-34 NN
HCA NNP										HCA NNP
Lavery NNP									Lavery NNP
Dignitaries NNS									Dignitaries NNS
gym NN										gym NN
Schuster NNP									Schuster NNP
pro-Reagan JJ									pro-Reagan JJ
Knowledgeable JJ								Knowledgeable JJ
forty-two CD									forty-two CD
veldt NN									veldt NN
a'junk-junk JJ									a'junk-junk JJ
Literal JJ									Literal JJ
EPO NNP										EPO NNP
Ruysch NNP									Ruysch NNP
scandal-ridden JJ								scandal-ridden JJ
operator-assisted JJ								operator-assisted JJ
quote VB VBP NN									quote VB VBP NN
Hi UH NNP									Hi UH NNP
Yards NNP									Yards NNP
cant NN										cant NN
impaction NN									impaction NN
joint-return JJ									joint-return JJ
NJ NNP										NJ NNP
hard-to-please JJ								hard-to-please JJ
consanguineous JJ								consanguineous JJ
brotherhood NN									brotherhood NN
Isles NNP NNPS									Isles NNP NNPS
transoms NNS									transoms NNS
unacceptably RB									unacceptably RB
geologists NNS									geologists NNS
optimists NNS									optimists NNS
Phoenicians NNS									Phoenicians NNS
Ragalyi NNP									Ragalyi NNP
swollen JJ VBN									swollen JJ VBN
experimentations NNS								experimentations NNS
gin-and-tonics NNS								gin-and-tonics NNS
reaped VBN VBD									reaped VBN VBD
permanent-insurance JJ								permanent-insurance JJ
imperfectly RB									imperfectly RB
munificence NN									munificence NN
legitimizes VBZ									legitimizes VBZ
fenders NNS									fenders NNS
cheating NN VBG									cheating NN VBG
grates NNS									grates NNS
FMC NNP										FMC NNP
disease-resistance JJ								disease-resistance JJ
tree-lined JJ									tree-lined JJ
Carlisle NNP									Carlisle NNP
accomplices NNS									accomplices NNS
optronics NN									optronics NN
tanker NN									tanker NN
Stephens NNP									Stephens NNP
periphery NN									periphery NN
collosal JJ									collosal JJ
artistic JJ									artistic JJ
soaps NNS									soaps NNS
Lucio NNP									Lucio NNP
Tensile JJ									Tensile JJ
Sacco NNP									Sacco NNP
tugging VBG									tugging VBG
irony NN									irony NN
writeoffs NNS									writeoffs NNS
again RB									again RB
bankers NNS									bankers NNS
Trinkaus NNP									Trinkaus NNP
ungratified JJ									ungratified JJ
precooked VBN									precooked VBN
idealism NN									idealism NN
four-hour JJ									four-hour JJ
libelous JJ									libelous JJ
restorability NN								restorability NN
Mossberg JJ NNP									Mossberg JJ NNP
name-drops VBZ									name-drops VBZ
easel NN									easel NN
health-club JJ NN								health-club JJ NN
docilely RB									docilely RB
tat VB										tat VB
enervation NN									enervation NN
permissive JJ									permissive JJ
expect VBP VB IN								expect VBP VB IN
disquiet NN									disquiet NN
squalor NN									squalor NN
communications NNS NN								communications NNS NN
unconquerable JJ								unconquerable JJ
outleaped VBD									outleaped VBD
irredeemably RB									irredeemably RB
brethren NNS									brethren NNS
vise NN										vise NN
bluebook NN									bluebook NN
Basham NNP									Basham NNP
scrutin FW									scrutin FW
recondite JJ									recondite JJ
Malapai NNP									Malapai NNP
refuel VB									refuel VB
Bleckner NNP									Bleckner NNP
Verbindungstechnik NNP								Verbindungstechnik NNP
scrub VB JJ NN									scrub VB JJ NN
Vegas-based JJ									Vegas-based JJ
Id NN										Id NN
interrogators NNS								interrogators NNS
flour NN									flour NN
autistic JJ									autistic JJ
reality-based JJ								reality-based JJ
mazes NNS									mazes NNS
hell-raising NN									hell-raising NN
Tonight NNP NN RB								Tonight NNP NN RB
decry VB VBP									decry VB VBP
commented VBD VBN								commented VBD VBN
blowup NN									blowup NN
improvident JJ									improvident JJ
five-game JJ									five-game JJ
straitjacket NN									straitjacket NN
reinterpreted VBN								reinterpreted VBN
figger VBP									figger VBP
strategist NN									strategist NN
Wanted VBN NNP									Wanted VBN NNP
expletive NN									expletive NN
covered VBN JJ VBD								covered VBN JJ VBD
looms VBZ NNS									looms VBZ NNS
Centocor NNP									Centocor NNP
penetrations NNS								penetrations NNS
cleanup NN									cleanup NN
centerfielder NN								centerfielder NN
cost-finding JJ									cost-finding JJ
shepherded VBD									shepherded VBD
merciful JJ									merciful JJ
consecration NN									consecration NN
wonderbars NNS									wonderbars NNS
Alokut NNP									Alokut NNP
Seiko NNP									Seiko NNP
quarter-point NN JJ								quarter-point NN JJ
pinochle NN									pinochle NN
PBX NNP										PBX NNP
wife\/mother NN									wife\/mother NN
Clancy NNP									Clancy NNP
discomfort NN									discomfort NN
fifty-fifty JJ									fifty-fifty JJ
Kinsley NNP									Kinsley NNP
Mascotte NNP									Mascotte NNP
share-purchase NN								share-purchase NN
kwhr NN										kwhr NN
Pedersen NNP									Pedersen NNP
equity-purchase JJ NN								equity-purchase JJ NN
sunnier JJR									sunnier JJR
Loyalties NNS									Loyalties NNS
J.W. NNP									J.W. NNP
gory JJ										gory JJ
protested VBD VBN								protested VBD VBN
Cinemax NNP									Cinemax NNP
ethics-related JJ								ethics-related JJ
accused VBN VBD JJ NN								accused VBN VBD JJ NN
ascendancy NN									ascendancy NN
Everybody NN NNP								Everybody NN NNP
Whitrow NNP									Whitrow NNP
Knudson NNP									Knudson NNP
descriptions NNS								descriptions NNS
Breakers NNP NNPS								Breakers NNP NNPS
exclusion NN									exclusion NN
missive NN									missive NN
cleft NN VBN									cleft NN VBN
impression NN									impression NN
aftermaths NNS									aftermaths NNS
Herger NNP									Herger NNP
touchstone NN									touchstone NN
Rudner NNP									Rudner NNP
jaded JJ VBN									jaded JJ VBN
seizures NNS									seizures NNS
Pesqueira NNP									Pesqueira NNP
Biosite NNP									Biosite NNP
bondmarket NN									bondmarket NN
questioners NNS									questioners NNS
teetered VBD									teetered VBD
mislaid VBN									mislaid VBN
certifies VBZ									certifies VBZ
Darla NNP									Darla NNP
rallies NNS VBZ									rallies NNS VBZ
preliminarily RB								preliminarily RB
Kingdom-based JJ								Kingdom-based JJ
Markham NNP									Markham NNP
endangered-species NNS								endangered-species NNS
desperately RB									desperately RB
unabridged JJ									unabridged JJ
squire NN									squire NN
Collision NNP									Collision NNP
Centrale NNP									Centrale NNP
Reintroducing VBG								Reintroducing VBG
bromides NNS									bromides NNS
Spitler NNP									Spitler NNP
compulsion NN									compulsion NN
Formosan JJ									Formosan JJ
The'takeover JJR								The'takeover JJR
embargos NNS									embargos NNS
Korobytsin NNP									Korobytsin NNP
Surrey NNP									Surrey NNP
crisp JJ NN									crisp JJ NN
fiasco NN									fiasco NN
market-by-market JJ								market-by-market JJ
self-insured JJ VBN								self-insured JJ VBN
ensures VBZ									ensures VBZ
Multiplying VBG									Multiplying VBG
Tyre NNP									Tyre NNP
Quayle NNP									Quayle NNP
frequented VBD VBN								frequented VBD VBN
Toot-toot UH									Toot-toot UH
Lagrange NNP									Lagrange NNP
Dismissing VBG									Dismissing VBG
ever'body NN									ever'body NN
Georgeson NNP									Georgeson NNP
combos NNS									combos NNS
Clabir NNP									Clabir NNP
Kinnard NNP									Kinnard NNP
visages NNS									visages NNS
Probe NNP									Probe NNP
hug NN VB VBP									hug NN VB VBP
Schoolmarm NN									Schoolmarm NN
Launch NN VB									Launch NN VB
numbering VBG NN								numbering VBG NN
sidearms NNS									sidearms NNS
Lena NNP									Lena NNP
obfuscations NNS								obfuscations NNS
consumption-tax NN								consumption-tax NN
Pepcid NNP									Pepcid NNP
Arabs NNPS NNS									Arabs NNPS NNS
satisfies VBZ NNS								satisfies VBZ NNS
pro-Communist JJ NNP								pro-Communist JJ NNP
provisional JJ									provisional JJ
varnishes NNS									varnishes NNS
unforseen JJ NN									unforseen JJ NN
Degas NNP									Degas NNP
Thiokol NNP									Thiokol NNP
unilateralism NN								unilateralism NN
discreetly RB									discreetly RB
newly RB JJ									newly RB JJ
innovators... :									innovators... :
hand-tool NN									hand-tool NN
grunting VBG									grunting VBG
grandma NN									grandma NN
nonviolent JJ									nonviolent JJ
just-picked JJ									just-picked JJ
Gannett NNP									Gannett NNP
boycott NN VB VBP								boycott NN VB VBP
Thatcherite JJ									Thatcherite JJ
drearier RBR									drearier RBR
Alcoa NNP									Alcoa NNP
thiihng NN									thiihng NN
October NNP									October NNP
market-monitoring JJ								market-monitoring JJ
hand-blower NN									hand-blower NN
Steinkuehler NNP								Steinkuehler NNP
Artie NNP									Artie NNP
MSP NNP										MSP NNP
Rebates NNS									Rebates NNS
riffle VB									riffle VB
flaunts VBZ									flaunts VBZ
Trenchard NNP									Trenchard NNP
grottoes NNS									grottoes NNS
OKC NNP										OKC NNP
Carberry NNP									Carberry NNP
entry-limited JJ								entry-limited JJ
Corvettes NNS									Corvettes NNS
Godwin NNP									Godwin NNP
unaltered JJ									unaltered JJ
fender-benders NNS								fender-benders NNS
Pillsbury NNP									Pillsbury NNP
bombard VB									bombard VB
Tarnoff NNP									Tarnoff NNP
Alamos NNP									Alamos NNP
Recording NNP NN								Recording NNP NN
contesting VBG									contesting VBG
Sonnenschein NNP								Sonnenschein NNP
Microscopically RB								Microscopically RB
Lakeland NNP									Lakeland NNP
Hoxa NNP									Hoxa NNP
knite NN									knite NN
divider NN									divider NN
touts VBZ									touts VBZ
citadels NNS									citadels NNS
Pembina NNP									Pembina NNP
combat-trained JJ								combat-trained JJ
NPD NNP										NPD NNP
guided VBN VBD JJ								guided VBN VBD JJ
U.S.-German JJ									U.S.-German JJ
athlete-s NN									athlete-s NN
Taft-Hartley NNP								Taft-Hartley NNP
yesterday NN RB									yesterday NN RB
Boorstyn NNP									Boorstyn NNP
turnips NNS									turnips NNS
headmaster NN									headmaster NN
owl-shaped JJ									owl-shaped JJ
Prospective JJ									Prospective JJ
hearth NN									hearth NN
copybooks NNS									copybooks NNS
agitation NN									agitation NN
word-for-word JJ								word-for-word JJ
Engines NNPS NNP NNS								Engines NNPS NNP NNS
Thamnophis NNS									Thamnophis NNS
whelk NN									whelk NN
boulevards NNS									boulevards NNS
lotteries NNS									lotteries NNS
Teerlink NNP									Teerlink NNP
Toughest NNP									Toughest NNP
shortterm JJ									shortterm JJ
Ziff-Davis NNP									Ziff-Davis NNP
Galoob NNP									Galoob NNP
Willow NNP									Willow NNP
cheerfulness NN									cheerfulness NN
Vegetables NNS									Vegetables NNS
messieurs FW									messieurs FW
bleat NN VBP									bleat NN VBP
McCormack NNP									McCormack NNP
Shin-Daiwa NNP									Shin-Daiwa NNP
motorscooters NNS								motorscooters NNS
collarbone NN									collarbone NN
brainwashing NN									brainwashing NN
Bengt NNP									Bengt NNP
eventualities NNS								eventualities NNS
irreversibility NN								irreversibility NN
Goa NNP										Goa NNP
repellent JJ NN									repellent JJ NN
booth NN									booth NN
barroom NN									barroom NN
discontinuous JJ								discontinuous JJ
relaunched VBN									relaunched VBN
efficiencies NNS								efficiencies NNS
unalloyed JJ									unalloyed JJ
Meistersinger NNP								Meistersinger NNP
Melton NNP									Melton NNP
Transmission NNP NN								Transmission NNP NN
fifteen CD									fifteen CD
grabbing VBG NN									grabbing VBG NN
profit-staggering JJ								profit-staggering JJ
health-food NN									health-food NN
PCS NNP										PCS NNP
bedspread NN									bedspread NN
wander VB VBP									wander VB VBP
educations NNS									educations NNS
Lascar NNP									Lascar NNP
browsing VBG NN									browsing VBG NN
boors NNS									boors NNS
nerves NNS									nerves NNS
synonymy NN									synonymy NN
unannounced JJ									unannounced JJ
B.F. NNP									B.F. NNP
Section NN NNP									Section NN NNP
rate-watchers NNS								rate-watchers NNS
Bracken NNP									Bracken NNP
Dionigi NNP									Dionigi NNP
cito FW										cito FW
homogenization NN								homogenization NN
markers NNS									markers NNS
Kamp NNP									Kamp NNP
Preseault NNP									Preseault NNP
Galilee NNP									Galilee NNP
Go VB NNP									Go VB NNP
Intervention NN NNP								Intervention NN NNP
Ciao FW										Ciao FW
Thatcherism NNP									Thatcherism NNP
affronting VBG									affronting VBG
trouser NN									trouser NN
Pasquale NNP									Pasquale NNP
MP NNP										MP NNP
dismemberment NN								dismemberment NN
Locker-room NN									Locker-room NN
basketball-cutback NN								basketball-cutback NN
censorial JJ									censorial JJ
Strikes NNS									Strikes NNS
excise NN JJ VB									excise NN JJ VB
conciseness NN									conciseness NN
Headley NNP									Headley NNP
athletic-shoe JJ NN								athletic-shoe JJ NN
frankfurter NN									frankfurter NN
tethers NNS									tethers NNS
Ibos NNP									Ibos NNP
daguerreotypes NNS								daguerreotypes NNS
recession-free JJ								recession-free JJ
enmity NN									enmity NN
Formerly RB									Formerly RB
home-plate NN									home-plate NN
aspirant NN									aspirant NN
fanciful JJ									fanciful JJ
chirping VBG NN									chirping VBG NN
Alltel NNP									Alltel NNP
hobbies NNS									hobbies NNS
gyms NNS									gyms NNS
buckaroos NNS									buckaroos NNS
ice-filled JJ									ice-filled JJ
unpleasant JJ									unpleasant JJ
hesitates VBZ									hesitates VBZ
merchandise-trade JJ								merchandise-trade JJ
sideboards NNS									sideboards NNS
acid-rain NN JJ									acid-rain NN JJ
Aril NNP									Aril NNP
extra-nasty JJ									extra-nasty JJ
Mitre NNP									Mitre NNP
Jess NNP									Jess NNP
client-service JJ NN								client-service JJ NN
Varying JJ VBG									Varying JJ VBG
persuasive JJ									persuasive JJ
two-evening JJ									two-evening JJ
synthesis NN									synthesis NN
Raj NNP										Raj NNP
likeliest JJS									likeliest JJS
exploiting VBG									exploiting VBG
bridge-financing JJ								bridge-financing JJ
Weldon NNP									Weldon NNP
crests NNS									crests NNS
Summer NNP NN NNPS								Summer NNP NN NNPS
Legislative NNP									Legislative NNP
media-spending JJ								media-spending JJ
overseer NN									overseer NN
Grohowski NNP									Grohowski NNP
untie VB									untie VB
country-life JJ									country-life JJ
glacier NN									glacier NN
senilis NNS									senilis NNS
Chex NNP									Chex NNP
Fighters NNP									Fighters NNP
colloidal JJ									colloidal JJ
Latter-day JJ									Latter-day JJ
Kansallis NNP									Kansallis NNP
ninety-nine CD									ninety-nine CD
carbonates NNS									carbonates NNS
dearest JJS									dearest JJS
soldiering NN									soldiering NN
cubs NNS									cubs NNS
chlorine NN									chlorine NN
busters NNS									busters NNS
multi-billion-dollar JJ								multi-billion-dollar JJ
Kuan NNP									Kuan NNP
Augustus NNP									Augustus NNP
unction NN									unction NN
militant JJ									militant JJ
Bakery NNP									Bakery NNP
Norville NNP									Norville NNP
Goodchild NNP									Goodchild NNP
Republican-controlled JJ							Republican-controlled JJ
Merrimack NNP									Merrimack NNP
powerboat NN									powerboat NN
Skandinaviska NNP								Skandinaviska NNP
Gunfire NN									Gunfire NN
money-laundering NN								money-laundering NN
clubrooms NNS									clubrooms NNS
Playwrights NNP									Playwrights NNP
Allegheny NNP									Allegheny NNP
pursuing VBG NN									pursuing VBG NN
triangles NNS									triangles NNS
Hayden NNP									Hayden NNP
meat NN										meat NN
diverticulitis NN								diverticulitis NN
Duff NNP									Duff NNP
acumen NN									acumen NN
Unsuspecting JJ									Unsuspecting JJ
Streeters NNP NNS								Streeters NNP NNS
Tetley NNP									Tetley NNP
value NN VBP VB									value NN VBP VB
Barba NNP									Barba NNP
Accardo NNP									Accardo NNP
Modzelewski NNP									Modzelewski NNP
Tisch NNP									Tisch NNP
resealed VBN									resealed VBN
Herrmann NNP									Herrmann NNP
appropriateness NN								appropriateness NN
KLM-controlled JJ								KLM-controlled JJ
unwary JJ									unwary JJ
Piazza NNP FW									Piazza NNP FW
Zollinger-Ellison NNP								Zollinger-Ellison NNP
undercurrent NN									undercurrent NN
sporting-goods NNS JJ								sporting-goods NNS JJ
Includes VBZ NNS								Includes VBZ NNS
castorbeans NNS									castorbeans NNS
victor NN									victor NN
admonishments NNS								admonishments NNS
erotic JJ									erotic JJ
Lovington NNP									Lovington NNP
navigate VB									navigate VB
lad NN										lad NN
Biotechnical NNP								Biotechnical NNP
Tewfik NNP									Tewfik NNP
MiG-23 NNP									MiG-23 NNP
tired VBN JJ VBD								tired VBN JJ VBD
Arthritis NNP									Arthritis NNP
Earns VBZ									Earns VBZ
Bufton NNP									Bufton NNP
Poelker NNP									Poelker NNP
placate VB									placate VB
correspondent\/news NNS								correspondent\/news NNS
sobbing VBG									sobbing VBG
unexecuted VBN									unexecuted VBN
less-advanced JJ|JJR								less-advanced JJ|JJR
robe NN										robe NN
Heiko NNP									Heiko NNP
Jerell NNP									Jerell NNP
insurmountable JJ								insurmountable JJ
state-directed JJ								state-directed JJ
interruptions NNS								interruptions NNS
Inmate NNP									Inmate NNP
prepayment NN									prepayment NN
GET VB										GET VB
beckoning VBG NN								beckoning VBG NN
lower-than-expected JJ								lower-than-expected JJ
self-unloading JJ								self-unloading JJ
OF IN										OF IN
foretell VB									foretell VB
shallower JJR									shallower JJR
Secured JJ									Secured JJ
neared VBD VBN									neared VBD VBN
divides VBZ									divides VBZ
sentence-structure JJ								sentence-structure JJ
Interiors NNS									Interiors NNS
craves VBZ									craves VBZ
Constructeurs NNP								Constructeurs NNP
Telesphere NNP NN								Telesphere NNP NN
milk-chocolate JJ								milk-chocolate JJ
Dolores NNP NNS									Dolores NNP NNS
glittering VBG									glittering VBG
brushcut NN									brushcut NN
mid-September NNP NN								mid-September NNP NN
midseason NN									midseason NN
eyebrow NN									eyebrow NN
snob-clannish JJ								snob-clannish JJ
venomous JJ									venomous JJ
crippling JJ VBG								crippling JJ VBG
! .										! .
Pretender NN									Pretender NN
discern VB VBP									discern VB VBP
FundTrust NNP									FundTrust NNP
sparingly RB									sparingly RB
non-disabled JJ NN								non-disabled JJ NN
disposal NN									disposal NN
Byer-Rolnick NNP								Byer-Rolnick NNP
deductibles NNS									deductibles NNS
wishful JJ									wishful JJ
Bancorp. NNP									Bancorp. NNP
Currency NN NNP									Currency NN NNP
equatorial JJ									equatorial JJ
PDN NNP										PDN NNP
around IN RB RP RB|RP								around IN RB RP RB|RP
jolts NNS									jolts NNS
hydrophobia NN									hydrophobia NN
apotheosis NN									apotheosis NN
Naren NNP									Naren NNP
auditors NNS									auditors NNS
pillaged VBD									pillaged VBD
Northwood NNP									Northwood NNP
remains VBZ NNS									remains VBZ NNS
Keansburg NNP									Keansburg NNP
ditty NN									ditty NN
well-intentioned JJ								well-intentioned JJ
dazzlingly RB									dazzlingly RB
Amador NNP									Amador NNP
ponderous JJ									ponderous JJ
blended JJ VBD VBN								blended JJ VBD VBN
storming VBG									storming VBG
Binghamton NNP									Binghamton NNP
broad-nibbed JJ									broad-nibbed JJ
across-the-board JJ NN RB							across-the-board JJ NN RB
deleting VBG									deleting VBG
Tonio NNP									Tonio NNP
Wishes NNS									Wishes NNS
huh UH										huh UH
drug-interdiction NN JJ								drug-interdiction NN JJ
Dulude NNP									Dulude NNP
Hard-hitting JJ									Hard-hitting JJ
psychopathic JJ									psychopathic JJ
Poker NN NNP									Poker NN NNP
potions NNS									potions NNS
Travellers NNS									Travellers NNS
conditions NNS									conditions NNS
Gevergeyev NNP									Gevergeyev NNP
inconveniently RB								inconveniently RB
Duel NNP									Duel NNP
rhododendron NN									rhododendron NN
twentieth-century JJ NN								twentieth-century JJ NN
Lautenberg NNP									Lautenberg NNP
robustness NN									robustness NN
PA NNP										PA NNP
Kurlak NNP									Kurlak NNP
inexplicably RB									inexplicably RB
mingles VBZ									mingles VBZ
croaking NN									croaking NN
PFC NNP										PFC NNP
precipitating VBG								precipitating VBG
Seventeen CD NNP								Seventeen CD NNP
fostered VBN VBD								fostered VBN VBD
affirmation NN									affirmation NN
lanky JJ									lanky JJ
suites NNS									suites NNS
maze NN										maze NN
Chico NNP									Chico NNP
steepness NN									steepness NN
Techniques NNPS									Techniques NNPS
yelled VBD VBN									yelled VBD VBN
Berniece NNP									Berniece NNP
Simsbury NNP									Simsbury NNP
Gastronomes NNS									Gastronomes NNS
takings NNS									takings NNS
aggregations NNS								aggregations NNS
oleomargarine NN								oleomargarine NN
state-controlled JJ								state-controlled JJ
handlebars NNS									handlebars NNS
reactionary JJ NN								reactionary JJ NN
Kevin NNP									Kevin NNP
property\ JJ									property\ JJ
erroneous JJ									erroneous JJ
multilevel JJ									multilevel JJ
roles NNS									roles NNS
O*/NNP&M NN									O*/NNP&M NN
cap NN VBP VB									cap NN VBP VB
ex-marine NN									ex-marine NN
pivot JJ NN VB									pivot JJ NN VB
Mid-Atlantic NN									Mid-Atlantic NN
Samper NNP									Samper NNP
Mandina NNP									Mandina NNP
accesory NN									accesory NN
careened VBD									careened VBD
cross-pollinated VBN								cross-pollinated VBN
manufactured... :								manufactured... :
retailing NN VBG								retailing NN VBG
Campbelll NNP									Campbelll NNP
reexamine VB									reexamine VB
Justine NNP									Justine NNP
Hemingway NNP									Hemingway NNP
heartless JJ									heartless JJ
problem-solving JJ NN								problem-solving JJ NN
Siddeley NNP									Siddeley NNP
unreality NN									unreality NN
self-policing JJ								self-policing JJ
velocities NNS									velocities NNS
smelts NNS									smelts NNS
Rocketdyne NNP									Rocketdyne NNP
Spokeswomen NNS									Spokeswomen NNS
ombudsman NN									ombudsman NN
blinks VBZ									blinks VBZ
pounds NNS VBZ									pounds NNS VBZ
oversees VBZ									oversees VBZ
Nguyen NNP									Nguyen NNP
ceilings NNS									ceilings NNS
Kempner NNP									Kempner NNP
hymselfe NN									hymselfe NN
Rhone-Poulenc NNP								Rhone-Poulenc NNP
Recapitulation NNP								Recapitulation NNP
interest NN VBP VB								interest NN VBP VB
video-viewing JJ								video-viewing JJ
pinkish-white JJ								pinkish-white JJ
rodders NNS									rodders NNS
rainy JJ									rainy JJ
Maxus NNP									Maxus NNP
invitations NNS									invitations NNS
ancestor NN									ancestor NN
Miami NNP									Miami NNP
squabbles NNS									squabbles NNS
Fain NNP									Fain NNP
zoologist NN									zoologist NN
Sotela NNP									Sotela NNP
rhythm NN									rhythm NN
sun-tanned JJ									sun-tanned JJ
Bregman NNP									Bregman NNP
FFr27.68 NN									FFr27.68 NN
extracts NNS VBZ								extracts NNS VBZ
Lengwin NNP									Lengwin NNP
financial-services NNS JJ NN							financial-services NNS JJ NN
Quiney NNP									Quiney NNP
pulling VBG									pulling VBG
queue NN									queue NN
compensatory JJ									compensatory JJ
first-aid NN									first-aid NN
thinness NN									thinness NN
revoked VBN									revoked VBN
compress VB									compress VB
vegetative JJ									vegetative JJ
handkerchiefs NNS								handkerchiefs NNS
tax-payment NN									tax-payment NN
grease-removal JJ								grease-removal JJ
beer-guzzling JJ								beer-guzzling JJ
sacredness NN									sacredness NN
tourism NN									tourism NN
Codevilla NNP									Codevilla NNP
smear NN									smear NN
peacetime NN									peacetime NN
is,'hey NN									is,'hey NN
commendations NNS								commendations NNS
problems NNS									problems NNS
cross-purposes NNS								cross-purposes NNS
transporting VBG NN								transporting VBG NN
roundtrip NN									roundtrip NN
Instances NNS									Instances NNS
anti-cholesterol JJ								anti-cholesterol JJ
Pawtuxet NNP									Pawtuxet NNP
criminally RB									criminally RB
unit-labor JJ									unit-labor JJ
throaty JJ									throaty JJ
Pfeiffer NNP									Pfeiffer NNP
matron NN									matron NN
Cynical JJ									Cynical JJ
Street NNP NN									Street NNP NN
gold-based JJ									gold-based JJ
Searching VBG									Searching VBG
flout VB									flout VB
Faint JJ									Faint JJ
autism NN									autism NN
California-backed JJ								California-backed JJ
Patriarca NNP									Patriarca NNP
mixture NN									mixture NN
Enemy NN NNP									Enemy NN NNP
underperformers NNS								underperformers NNS
Venerable NNP									Venerable NNP
humanist JJ NN									humanist JJ NN
Fu NNP NN									Fu NNP NN
Matais NNP									Matais NNP
buffered VBN VBD								buffered VBN VBD
yummy JJ NN									yummy JJ NN
Winkler NNP									Winkler NNP
whipcracking NN									whipcracking NN
Colombian JJ NNP								Colombian JJ NNP
Nestle NNP									Nestle NNP
procreation NN									procreation NN
employee-contributed JJ								employee-contributed JJ
manual JJ NN									manual JJ NN
one-stop JJ									one-stop JJ
bankruptcies NNS								bankruptcies NNS
The'separatist NN								The'separatist NN
conservatively-cravated JJ							conservatively-cravated JJ
supplicating VBG								supplicating VBG
nimble JJ									nimble JJ
disconcertingly RB								disconcertingly RB
log-house NN									log-house NN
timelier JJR									timelier JJR
Mile NNP									Mile NNP
enchanting JJ									enchanting JJ
pvt NN										pvt NN
Mcdonald NNP									Mcdonald NNP
acne NN										acne NN
C-V NNP										C-V NNP
computer-market JJ								computer-market JJ
Mahal NNP									Mahal NNP
non-confrontational JJ								non-confrontational JJ
HCC NNP										HCC NNP
shams NNS									shams NNS
Yakkety NNP									Yakkety NNP
revisited VBD VBN								revisited VBD VBN
U.S.-Canada NNP									U.S.-Canada NNP
unilateralist JJ								unilateralist JJ
representation NN								representation NN
rejuvenates VBZ									rejuvenates VBZ
draper NN									draper NN
leased VBN VBD JJ								leased VBN VBD JJ
CTAs NNS									CTAs NNS
Filofax NNP									Filofax NNP
season NN									season NN
solicited VBD JJ VBN								solicited VBD JJ VBN
Healthco NNP									Healthco NNP
nudist JJ									nudist JJ
Spanish-speaking JJ								Spanish-speaking JJ
blaming VBG									blaming VBG
Jackets NNS									Jackets NNS
Villanova NNP									Villanova NNP
self-effacement NN								self-effacement NN
chairwoman NN									chairwoman NN
cousin-wife NN									cousin-wife NN
nahce JJ									nahce JJ
projects NNS VBZ								projects NNS VBZ
Headline NNP									Headline NNP
Theorists NNS									Theorists NNS
four-games-to-one JJ								four-games-to-one JJ
insulins NNS									insulins NNS
skilled JJ VBN									skilled JJ VBN
producer-consumer JJ								producer-consumer JJ
cubists NNS									cubists NNS
Geocryology NNP									Geocryology NNP
Miles NNP									Miles NNP
Finn NNP									Finn NNP
agriproducts NNS								agriproducts NNS
apostolic JJ									apostolic JJ
hydrophobic JJ									hydrophobic JJ
long-planned JJ									long-planned JJ
Rak NNP										Rak NNP
annuity NN									annuity NN
Biologique NNP									Biologique NNP
baby-food JJ									baby-food JJ
continuation NN									continuation NN
semi-private JJ									semi-private JJ
well-informed JJ								well-informed JJ
earthquake NN									earthquake NN
offended VBN JJ VBD								offended VBN JJ VBD
RB&H NNP									RB&H NNP
left-wing JJ									left-wing JJ
shuffling VBG NN								shuffling VBG NN
acknowleged VBD									acknowleged VBD
arrogance NN									arrogance NN
Revised NNP VBN									Revised NNP VBN
specialty NN JJ									specialty NN JJ
paddles NNS									paddles NNS
senioritatis FW									senioritatis FW
O'Sullivan NNP									O'Sullivan NNP
Florican-My NNP									Florican-My NNP
advertisement NN								advertisement NN
often RB									often RB
Francesca NNP									Francesca NNP
embassies NNS									embassies NNS
Reliable NNP									Reliable NNP
Manya NNP									Manya NNP
potted JJ VBN									potted JJ VBN
Manpower NNP									Manpower NNP
inject VB VBP									inject VB VBP
streamside NN									streamside NN
Haan NNP									Haan NNP
Brush-off NN NNP								Brush-off NN NNP
helium-4 CD NN									helium-4 CD NN
Israeli\/Palestinian JJ								Israeli\/Palestinian JJ
Stover NNP									Stover NNP
Batchelor NNP									Batchelor NNP
High NNP JJ RB									High NNP JJ RB
Monteath NNP									Monteath NNP
terse JJ									terse JJ
hydrated JJ									hydrated JJ
cue-phrase NN									cue-phrase NN
Druse JJ									Druse JJ
absentia FW									absentia FW
swells NNS VBZ									swells NNS VBZ
tabacs NNS									tabacs NNS
DWG NNP										DWG NNP
Fleischer NNP									Fleischer NNP
Ilkka NNP									Ilkka NNP
volume-wine JJ									volume-wine JJ
sexology NN									sexology NN
Eagles NNP NNPS									Eagles NNP NNPS
paleocortical JJ								paleocortical JJ
hardly RB									hardly RB
stifle VB									stifle VB
cipher VB									cipher VB
repeatedly RB									repeatedly RB
speckles NNS									speckles NNS
Westerns NNS									Westerns NNS
foreign-investor NN								foreign-investor NN
rattled VBN JJ VBD								rattled VBN JJ VBD
chairman-elect NN								chairman-elect NN
overpaying VBG									overpaying VBG
Dortmund NNP									Dortmund NNP
Tullio NNP									Tullio NNP
deposition NN									deposition NN
Triad NNP									Triad NNP
Hodel NNP									Hodel NNP
Ninety-Two NNP									Ninety-Two NNP
Kuvin NNP									Kuvin NNP
poly-unsaturated JJ								poly-unsaturated JJ
Sharp NNP JJ									Sharp NNP JJ
administering VBG								administering VBG
NL NNP										NL NNP
pistons NNS									pistons NNS
Grande NNP FW									Grande NNP FW
hammered VBN VBD								hammered VBN VBD
Hasbro NNP									Hasbro NNP
Homeless NNP JJ									Homeless NNP JJ
suffered VBD VBN								suffered VBD VBN
Boardwalk NNP									Boardwalk NNP
pens NNS									pens NNS
four-sided JJ									four-sided JJ
juggle VB									juggle VB
uniforms NNS									uniforms NNS
Tokyu NNP									Tokyu NNP
Vons NNPS									Vons NNPS
transacted VBN									transacted VBN
Padres NNPS NNP									Padres NNPS NNP
disturbance NN									disturbance NN
Karnes NNP									Karnes NNP
customer-oriented JJ								customer-oriented JJ
readily RB									readily RB
favors VBZ NNS									favors VBZ NNS
Antietam NNP									Antietam NNP
newfound JJ									newfound JJ
Jansky NNP									Jansky NNP
awake JJ RB VB									awake JJ RB VB
Tommy NNP									Tommy NNP
Henrik NNP									Henrik NNP
thinnest JJS									thinnest JJS
lingua FW									lingua FW
knee-deep JJ									knee-deep JJ
Choreographed VBN								Choreographed VBN
half-clad JJ									half-clad JJ
giggles NNS									giggles NNS
homestead NN									homestead NN
L-shaped JJ									L-shaped JJ
plaids NNS									plaids NNS
Maguire NNP									Maguire NNP
cut-to-a-familiar-pattern JJ							cut-to-a-familiar-pattern JJ
Primakov NNP									Primakov NNP
apprehending VBG								apprehending VBG
export-driven JJ								export-driven JJ
dimes NNS									dimes NNS
Gerber NNP									Gerber NNP
cm. NN										cm. NN
avoidable JJ									avoidable JJ
Flowering NN									Flowering NN
groupings NNS									groupings NNS
Selections NNS									Selections NNS
'Yes UH										'Yes UH
mortgage NN VB									mortgage NN VB
Protestant NNP JJ NN								Protestant NNP JJ NN
Gleeson NNP									Gleeson NNP
jockeying VBG NN								jockeying VBG NN
Myerson NNP									Myerson NNP
Staffordshire NNP								Staffordshire NNP
If IN										If IN
Jessy NNP									Jessy NNP
squeamish JJ									squeamish JJ
three-year-old JJ NN								three-year-old JJ NN
Evry NNP									Evry NNP
Lewellyn NNP									Lewellyn NNP
hast VBP									hast VBP
Traxel NNP									Traxel NNP
Martens NNP									Martens NNP
Town NNP NN									Town NNP NN
fees NNS									fees NNS
Ralphs NNP									Ralphs NNP
Vikings NNPS NNP								Vikings NNPS NNP
Boonton NNP									Boonton NNP
June. NN									June. NN
pull-down JJ									pull-down JJ
Monier NNP									Monier NNP
sleuthing NN									sleuthing NN
eine FW										eine FW
Dyazide NNP									Dyazide NNP
ridges NNS									ridges NNS
interspecies NNS								interspecies NNS
everywhere RB									everywhere RB
Submarines NNS									Submarines NNS
tranquilizing JJ								tranquilizing JJ
Harvard NNP NN									Harvard NNP NN
levis NNS									levis NNS
heir-designate NN								heir-designate NN
Gomel NNP									Gomel NNP
chromatic JJ									chromatic JJ
rob VB VBP									rob VB VBP
British-American NNP JJ								British-American NNP JJ
Borrowers NNS									Borrowers NNS
researchers NNS									researchers NNS
papier-mache NN									papier-mache NN
Messengers NNPS									Messengers NNPS
laboratory-supply JJ								laboratory-supply JJ
rapping NN VBG									rapping NN VBG
time-servers NNS								time-servers NNS
illusiveness NN									illusiveness NN
Shaving NNP VBG									Shaving NNP VBG
non-arbitrage JJ								non-arbitrage JJ
bisque NN									bisque NN
uninsurable JJ									uninsurable JJ
deploring VBG									deploring VBG
pell-mell NN									pell-mell NN
de-facto JJ									de-facto JJ
straightaway NN RB								straightaway NN RB
boos NNS									boos NNS
often-disparaged JJ								often-disparaged JJ
pitting VBG									pitting VBG
Synthelabo NNP									Synthelabo NNP
base-metals NNS									base-metals NNS
Condominium NNP									Condominium NNP
Weighing VBG									Weighing VBG
automotive-emissions-testing JJ							automotive-emissions-testing JJ
re-creations NNS								re-creations NNS
enamel NN									enamel NN
stitching NN									stitching NN
Sulaiman NNP									Sulaiman NNP
condensate NN									condensate NN
Omnicare NNP									Omnicare NNP
Morey NNP									Morey NNP
absense NN									absense NN
Customarily RB									Customarily RB
non-figurative JJ								non-figurative JJ
imitators NNS									imitators NNS
soup NN VB									soup NN VB
distinction NN									distinction NN
Chem-Con NNP									Chem-Con NNP
Lvov NNP									Lvov NNP
well-documented JJ								well-documented JJ
T-37 NN										T-37 NN
debt-limit NN									debt-limit NN
Rollie NNP									Rollie NNP
nicknamed VBN VBD								nicknamed VBN VBD
Secretary-General NNP								Secretary-General NNP
doubted VBD VBN									doubted VBD VBN
preachers NNS									preachers NNS
flight-control NN								flight-control NN
generational JJ									generational JJ
Strong JJ NNP									Strong JJ NNP
picks VBZ NNS									picks VBZ NNS
Espinosa NNP									Espinosa NNP
sowered VBD									sowered VBD
modestly RB									modestly RB
Beecher NNP									Beecher NNP
once-bustling JJ								once-bustling JJ
Daytona NNP									Daytona NNP
aqua-lung NN									aqua-lung NN
Finns NNPS									Finns NNPS
gladiator NN									gladiator NN
Inferno NN NNP									Inferno NN NNP
soundly RB									soundly RB
Wilberforce NNP									Wilberforce NNP
gallus-snapping JJ								gallus-snapping JJ
blushed VBD VBN									blushed VBD VBN
ever-vigilant JJ								ever-vigilant JJ
Schimberg NNP									Schimberg NNP
construction-industry NN							construction-industry NN
steep JJ NN									steep JJ NN
Chernishev NNP									Chernishev NNP
paternalistic JJ								paternalistic JJ
clumsily RB									clumsily RB
personified VBN VBD								personified VBN VBD
iron-handed JJ									iron-handed JJ
lowliest JJS									lowliest JJS
Zionist JJ									Zionist JJ
Machine NNP NN									Machine NNP NN
Sunrise NNP									Sunrise NNP
drapes NNS									drapes NNS
porcupine NN									porcupine NN
brad NN										brad NN
Salton NNP									Salton NNP
dragooned VBD									dragooned VBD
Bayou NNP									Bayou NNP
waddlers NNS									waddlers NNS
wide-shouldered JJ								wide-shouldered JJ
Salim NNP									Salim NNP
Prudential-Bache NNP								Prudential-Bache NNP
Drifts NNS NNP									Drifts NNS NNP
smoldering VBG									smoldering VBG
Billions NNS									Billions NNS
and\ CC										and\ CC
military-style JJ								military-style JJ
Sweazey NNP									Sweazey NNP
tightens VBZ									tightens VBZ
Railbikes NNS									Railbikes NNS
Concurrent JJ									Concurrent JJ
strafe FW VB									strafe FW VB
jacket NN									jacket NN
familiar JJ NN									familiar JJ NN
simulates VBZ									simulates VBZ
Mekong NNP									Mekong NNP
movie-making NN									movie-making NN
anti-outsider NN								anti-outsider NN
complacently RB									complacently RB
cued VBD									cued VBD
Conant NNP									Conant NNP
Gehl NNP									Gehl NNP
Gunnar NNP									Gunnar NNP
Amcore NNP									Amcore NNP
Shelters NNPS									Shelters NNPS
sulphur NN									sulphur NN
leaded-glass JJ									leaded-glass JJ
undertow NN									undertow NN
kicked VBD VBN									kicked VBD VBN
Traveler NNP									Traveler NNP
ion NN										ion NN
confirmation NN									confirmation NN
Lindskog NNP									Lindskog NNP
incompleteness NN								incompleteness NN
Chez NNP									Chez NNP
hurries VBZ									hurries VBZ
Livestock NN NNP								Livestock NN NNP
refuge NN									refuge NN
setback NN									setback NN
committeewoman NN								committeewoman NN
turnkey NN									turnkey NN
Item-Categories NNPS								Item-Categories NNPS
Klute NNP									Klute NNP
most-livable JJS								most-livable JJS
manuevering NN VBG								manuevering NN VBG
bony JJ										bony JJ
Quinton NNP									Quinton NNP
VandenBerg NNP									VandenBerg NNP
Eye NNP NN									Eye NNP NN
Bowenized VBN									Bowenized VBN
superficially RB								superficially RB
Nomination NN									Nomination NN
recede VBP VB									recede VBP VB
wracked VBN VBD									wracked VBN VBD
slimed VBN									slimed VBN
terraces NNS									terraces NNS
coterie NN									coterie NN
Runways NNS									Runways NNS
higher-ranking JJ								higher-ranking JJ
shooter NN									shooter NN
drape NN VB									drape NN VB
policy NN									policy NN
weasel NN									weasel NN
Filipinos NNPS NNS								Filipinos NNPS NNS
gunpoint NN									gunpoint NN
Baggage NN									Baggage NN
Hondo NNP									Hondo NNP
politico-plaintiffs NNS								politico-plaintiffs NNS
Rhu-beb-ni-ice NN								Rhu-beb-ni-ice NN
Batibot NNP									Batibot NNP
Ferlenghetti NNP								Ferlenghetti NNP
fooling VBG NN									fooling VBG NN
half-smile NN									half-smile NN
Byler NNP									Byler NNP
cornering VBG									cornering VBG
ultracentrifugation NN								ultracentrifugation NN
pre-clinical JJ									pre-clinical JJ
reserving VBG									reserving VBG
confined VBN JJ VBD								confined VBN JJ VBD
Automax NNP									Automax NNP
understandings NNS								understandings NNS
Nissans NNPS									Nissans NNPS
Conception NNP									Conception NNP
plates NNS									plates NNS
safely RB									safely RB
Hemmer NNP									Hemmer NNP
Iijima NNP									Iijima NNP
elucidative JJ									elucidative JJ
recoil NN VBP									recoil NN VBP
fashions NNS VBZ								fashions NNS VBZ
dogs NNS VBZ									dogs NNS VBZ
skein NN									skein NN
more-general JJ									more-general JJ
outworn JJ									outworn JJ
assumed VBN VBD JJ								assumed VBN VBD JJ
Where WRB NNP									Where WRB NNP
donnybrook NN									donnybrook NN
Gabele NNP									Gabele NNP
English-dialogue JJ								English-dialogue JJ
not-A NN									not-A NN
showmen NNS									showmen NNS
single-A-minus JJ NN								single-A-minus JJ NN
Forecast NNP NN									Forecast NNP NN
Prothro NNP									Prothro NNP
unshielded VBN									unshielded VBN
Magruder NNP									Magruder NNP
protestations NNS								protestations NNS
protocols NNS									protocols NNS
Dostoevsky NNP									Dostoevsky NNP
around-the-clock JJ								around-the-clock JJ
Planar NNP									Planar NNP
F100-PW-200 NNP									F100-PW-200 NNP
eyeglasses NNS									eyeglasses NNS
non-convertible JJ								non-convertible JJ
February NNP									February NNP
producer\/director NN								producer\/director NN
best-laid JJ									best-laid JJ
Go-Go NN									Go-Go NN
night-time JJ									night-time JJ
batted VBD VBN									batted VBD VBN
two-seaters JJ NNS								two-seaters JJ NNS
Tift NNP									Tift NNP
margined VBN									margined VBN
information-technology JJ							information-technology JJ
platinum NN									platinum NN
inking NN									inking NN
unprotected JJ									unprotected JJ
cilia NNS									cilia NNS
Formula NN									Formula NN
Amaral NNP									Amaral NNP
Styka NNP									Styka NNP
Nunn-McCurdy NNP								Nunn-McCurdy NNP
dishonesty NN									dishonesty NN
management-by-objective NN							management-by-objective NN
unattainable JJ NN								unattainable JJ NN
Russel NNP									Russel NNP
lobbying VBG JJ NN								lobbying VBG JJ NN
Nunn NNP									Nunn NNP
fought VBD VBN									fought VBD VBN
Chief NNP JJ NN									Chief NNP JJ NN
ERG NNP										ERG NNP
palpable JJ									palpable JJ
quizzical JJ									quizzical JJ
damaging JJ VBG									damaging JJ VBG
catered VBD JJ									catered VBD JJ
switching VBG NN VBG|NN								switching VBG NN VBG|NN
warden NN									warden NN
MTM NNP										MTM NNP
habitants NNS									habitants NNS
morphology NN									morphology NN
promptings NNS									promptings NNS
cagey JJ									cagey JJ
Caucusing VBG									Caucusing VBG
democrats NNS									democrats NNS
wharves NNS									wharves NNS
testify VB VBP									testify VB VBP
leaps NNS VBZ									leaps NNS VBZ
Rocha NNP									Rocha NNP
Lend VB NNP									Lend VB NNP
shuttering VBG									shuttering VBG
Wozzek NNP									Wozzek NNP
pee-wee JJ									pee-wee JJ
drugstore NN									drugstore NN
Percussion NNP									Percussion NNP
diagnosable JJ									diagnosable JJ
crystallize VB									crystallize VB
repulsed VBN									repulsed VBN
Suresh NNP									Suresh NNP
Hinzack NNP									Hinzack NNP
ownership NN									ownership NN
subsurface JJ									subsurface JJ
MR NNP										MR NNP
meaty JJ									meaty JJ
Simplot NNP									Simplot NNP
perturbed JJ VBD VBN								perturbed JJ VBD VBN
line-centered NN								line-centered NN
share-repurchase JJ								share-repurchase JJ
crestfallen JJ									crestfallen JJ
Candace NNP									Candace NNP
inimitable JJ									inimitable JJ
Sock VB										Sock VB
Wedel NNP									Wedel NNP
Mullaney NNP									Mullaney NNP
Duffy NNP									Duffy NNP
throughput NN									throughput NN
inorganic JJ									inorganic JJ
sandwiches NNS									sandwiches NNS
inner-city JJ NN								inner-city JJ NN
instruct VB VBP									instruct VB VBP
olds NNS									olds NNS
Cursing VBG									Cursing VBG
near-strangers NNS								near-strangers NNS
Scambio NNP									Scambio NNP
Pugh UH NNP									Pugh UH NNP
back-office NN JJ								back-office NN JJ
great-great-grandfather NN							great-great-grandfather NN
). SYM NN )|. .									). SYM NN )|. .
MD-90s NNS									MD-90s NNS
expressionistic JJ								expressionistic JJ
daybed NN									daybed NN
Roukema NNP									Roukema NNP
valuing VBG									valuing VBG
outstanding JJ									outstanding JJ
anti-personality JJ								anti-personality JJ
Panels NNS									Panels NNS
resorted VBN									resorted VBN
teach VB VBP									teach VB VBP
letup NN									letup NN
silversmith NN									silversmith NN
Gollich NNP									Gollich NNP
Ejaculated VBD									Ejaculated VBD
acknowledges VBZ								acknowledges VBZ
exerpts NNS									exerpts NNS
picking VBG NN									picking VBG NN
Bumbry NNP									Bumbry NNP
Drilling NNP NN									Drilling NNP NN
uremia NN									uremia NN
cials NNS									cials NNS
designations NNS								designations NNS
Middleness NN									Middleness NN
clothed VBN									clothed VBN
downcast JJ									downcast JJ
Cemetery NNP NN									Cemetery NNP NN
payout NN									payout NN
blood-filled JJ									blood-filled JJ
psyllium-fortified JJ								psyllium-fortified JJ
feet NNS NN									feet NNS NN
Seventy-fourth NNP								Seventy-fourth NNP
Brochures NNS									Brochures NNS
Lutz NNP									Lutz NNP
non-subcommittee JJ								non-subcommittee JJ
Winner NNP									Winner NNP
K.J.P. NNP									K.J.P. NNP
stockholdings NNS								stockholdings NNS
Troup NNP									Troup NNP
bordering VBG									bordering VBG
Mouchet NNP									Mouchet NNP
export-license JJ NN								export-license JJ NN
Italics NNS									Italics NNS
bib NN										bib NN
Nidal NNP									Nidal NNP
Ord NNP										Ord NNP
light-year NN									light-year NN
dangles VBZ									dangles VBZ
promissory JJ									promissory JJ
Suggestion NNP									Suggestion NNP
brutalities NNS									brutalities NNS
Telenet NNP									Telenet NNP
right-hander NN									right-hander NN
confirmed VBD VBN JJ								confirmed VBD VBN JJ
omissions NNS									omissions NNS
pugnacious JJ									pugnacious JJ
Cossiga NNP									Cossiga NNP
roam VB VBP									roam VB VBP
flanged VBN									flanged VBN
HBJ NNP										HBJ NNP
Repression NN									Repression NN
ad-rate NN									ad-rate NN
dares VBZ									dares VBZ
whacking VBG									whacking VBG
anti-AIDS JJ									anti-AIDS JJ
Nunzio NNP									Nunzio NNP
tea NN										tea NN
spooned VBD									spooned VBD
Johnson-era NN									Johnson-era NN
Koepf NNP									Koepf NNP
be-that VB									be-that VB
Policemen NNS NNPS								Policemen NNS NNPS
mercury NN									mercury NN
unstated JJ									unstated JJ
Woodward NNP RB									Woodward NNP RB
Tipping NN									Tipping NN
overstates VBZ									overstates VBZ
non-Dow NNP									non-Dow NNP
decisis FW									decisis FW
bloat NN									bloat NN
boot NN VB									boot NN VB
Newsom NNP									Newsom NNP
spurted VBD VBN									spurted VBD VBN
new-model JJ NN									new-model JJ NN
local-government JJ								local-government JJ
popularity NN									popularity NN
Secomerica NNP									Secomerica NNP
pasha NN									pasha NN
virtuosity NN									virtuosity NN
Xiang NNP									Xiang NNP
McIntyre NNP									McIntyre NNP
infielder NN									infielder NN
flow NN VBP VB									flow NN VBP VB
Hastert NNP									Hastert NNP
sl UH										sl UH
Czechoslovakia NNP								Czechoslovakia NNP
Rowell NNP									Rowell NNP
T-38 NN										T-38 NN
hair-growing JJ									hair-growing JJ
Misdemeanors NNS								Misdemeanors NNS
warningly RB									warningly RB
galaxies NNS									galaxies NNS
satellite-dish NN								satellite-dish NN
Wireless NNP									Wireless NNP
bloods NNS									bloods NNS
Menton NNP									Menton NNP
didn't VBD									didn't VBD
fillings NNS									fillings NNS
seismographs NNS								seismographs NNS
diversified JJ VBD VBN								diversified JJ VBD VBN
Koninklijke NNP									Koninklijke NNP
endow VB VBP									endow VB VBP
briskness NN									briskness NN
hugs NNS									hugs NNS
Pyrometer NNP									Pyrometer NNP
beyond-normal JJ								beyond-normal JJ
atypical JJ									atypical JJ
once-private JJ									once-private JJ
Gephardt NNP									Gephardt NNP
OH NN										OH NN
ex-employees NNS								ex-employees NNS
forbid VB VBP UH								forbid VB VBP UH
Springs NNP NNS NNPS								Springs NNP NNS NNPS
silhouette NN									silhouette NN
Mahan NNP									Mahan NNP
Pate NNP									Pate NNP
hints NNS VBZ									hints NNS VBZ
Markese NNP									Markese NNP
dreaded VBN VBD JJ								dreaded VBN VBD JJ
credibly RB									credibly RB
MiG-26 NNP									MiG-26 NNP
car NN										car NN
soft-landing JJ									soft-landing JJ
four-page-a-minute JJ								four-page-a-minute JJ
two-hundredths NNS								two-hundredths NNS
Burford NNP NN									Burford NNP NN
Dark NNP JJ									Dark NNP JJ
pedestrian JJ NN								pedestrian JJ NN
Seconds NNS									Seconds NNS
Ariz. NNP									Ariz. NNP
propellants NNS									propellants NNS
higher-priced JJ JJR								higher-priced JJ JJR
throat NN									throat NN
recollected VBD									recollected VBD
sorbed VBN									sorbed VBN
ednedayose NN									ednedayose NN
freshly RB									freshly RB
Reaching VBG									Reaching VBG
Znaniye NNP									Znaniye NNP
Harlequins NNPS									Harlequins NNPS
Hornbeck NNP									Hornbeck NNP
propaganda NN									propaganda NN
Fullerton NNP									Fullerton NNP
Vyacheslav NNP									Vyacheslav NNP
self-discovery NN								self-discovery NN
Hilprecht NNP									Hilprecht NNP
Statuto NN									Statuto NN
establishes VBZ									establishes VBZ
Afro-Asian NNP									Afro-Asian NNP
# #										# #
HIV-1 NNP									HIV-1 NNP
Rexroth NNP									Rexroth NNP
federally RB									federally RB
earlier-expressed JJ								earlier-expressed JJ
Bausch NNP									Bausch NNP
Anti-Wrinkle NNP								Anti-Wrinkle NNP
lumen NN									lumen NN
McKinsey NNP									McKinsey NNP
Hall-Mills NNP									Hall-Mills NNP
ESB NNP										ESB NNP
unacknowledged JJ								unacknowledged JJ
hurting VBG									hurting VBG
double-wing JJ									double-wing JJ
tri-state JJ									tri-state JJ
Akros NNP									Akros NNP
sympathique FW									sympathique FW
Yin NNP										Yin NNP
Chiefs NNPS NNP									Chiefs NNPS NNP
apprehended VBN									apprehended VBN
valiant JJ									valiant JJ
tentacle NN									tentacle NN
dejeuners FW									dejeuners FW
Yalobusha NNP									Yalobusha NNP
disavowed VBD									disavowed VBD
Pre-trial JJ									Pre-trial JJ
tusks NNS									tusks NNS
defocusing VBG									defocusing VBG
newsreel NN									newsreel NN
Puerto NNP NNS JJ								Puerto NNP NNS JJ
employee-incentive NN								employee-incentive NN
Whitefish NNP									Whitefish NNP
re-emphasizing VBG								re-emphasizing VBG
Scotia NNP									Scotia NNP
perfectionism NN								perfectionism NN
strike-force NN									strike-force NN
Felske NNP									Felske NNP
table NN VB									table NN VB
prenatal JJ RB									prenatal JJ RB
fiercest JJS									fiercest JJS
pines NNS									pines NNS
Sansui NNP									Sansui NNP
flinch VB									flinch VB
frighteningly RB								frighteningly RB
Gobbee NNP									Gobbee NNP
past-oriented JJ								past-oriented JJ
montmorillonites NNS								montmorillonites NNS
ground-truck NN									ground-truck NN
Graduate-student NN								Graduate-student NN
begging VBG NN									begging VBG NN
Everett NNP									Everett NNP
Attendance NN									Attendance NN
ghostbusters NNS								ghostbusters NNS
God NNP UH									God NNP UH
devouring VBG									devouring VBG
Catskill NNP JJ									Catskill NNP JJ
embouchure NN									embouchure NN
shrift NN									shrift NN
transforms VBZ									transforms VBZ
child-parent JJ									child-parent JJ
Half-year JJ									Half-year JJ
Pigeon NNP									Pigeon NNP
antibacterial JJ								antibacterial JJ
university-funded JJ								university-funded JJ
Memphis NNP NNS									Memphis NNP NNS
athletic JJ									athletic JJ
abhor VB									abhor VB
Vienna NNP JJ NN								Vienna NNP JJ NN
O'Neill's NNP									O'Neill's NNP
sforzando NN									sforzando NN
exciter NN									exciter NN
parvenus NNS									parvenus NNS
Politan NNP									Politan NNP
glinted VBD									glinted VBD
intermarket JJ NN								intermarket JJ NN
cash-squeeze NN									cash-squeeze NN
castigating VBG									castigating VBG
fickleness NN									fickleness NN
renting VBG NN									renting VBG NN
Hoboken NNP									Hoboken NNP
pool-equipment NN								pool-equipment NN
pro-rated JJ									pro-rated JJ
Rennell NNP									Rennell NNP
Stelco NNP NN									Stelco NNP NN
Tribal NNP JJ									Tribal NNP JJ
loafers NNS									loafers NNS
motherly JJ									motherly JJ
withdrawal NN									withdrawal NN
first-eight JJ									first-eight JJ
arrests NNS									arrests NNS
Luxco NNP									Luxco NNP
Pandick NNP									Pandick NNP
duped VBN									duped VBN
sheet-rolling VBG								sheet-rolling VBG
Widowers NNS									Widowers NNS
mentors NNS									mentors NNS
Buente NNP									Buente NNP
allurement NN									allurement NN
shape NN VBP VB									shape NN VBP VB
Romeo NNP									Romeo NNP
knowledge NN									knowledge NN
Yazov NNP									Yazov NNP
tropical-fruit NN								tropical-fruit NN
hairspray NN									hairspray NN
knit VBN JJ NN VB								knit VBN JJ NN VB
Selecting VBG									Selecting VBG
Vesuvio NNP									Vesuvio NNP
well RB VBP JJ NN VB UH								well RB VBP JJ NN VB UH
automotive-product NN								automotive-product NN
Woodbury NNP									Woodbury NNP
proprieter NN									proprieter NN
Haussmann NNP									Haussmann NNP
diamond-studded NN								diamond-studded NN
voluntary JJ									voluntary JJ
interested JJ VBD VBN								interested JJ VBD VBN
productivity-share NN								productivity-share NN
water-authority NN								water-authority NN
know\/no NN									know\/no NN
Field NNP NN									Field NNP NN
savings-and-loans JJ								savings-and-loans JJ
xylophones NNS									xylophones NNS
leapt VBD									leapt VBD
benefited VBD VBN								benefited VBD VBN
Moulinex NNP									Moulinex NNP
once-sacred JJ									once-sacred JJ
sassy JJ									sassy JJ
Ethocyn NNP									Ethocyn NNP
spot NN JJ VB VBP								spot NN JJ VB VBP
clambered VBD									clambered VBD
photographing VBG NN								photographing VBG NN
Pencil NNP NN VB								Pencil NNP NN VB
parceled VBN									parceled VBN
punished VBN									punished VBN
Lewin NNP									Lewin NNP
revises VBZ									revises VBZ
athlete-student NN								athlete-student NN
Bonfire NN NNP									Bonfire NN NNP
Mayfair NNP									Mayfair NNP
Absolute JJ									Absolute JJ
quorum NN									quorum NN
underdressed JJ									underdressed JJ
loving JJ VBG									loving JJ VBG
chromium-plated JJ								chromium-plated JJ
gasoline NN									gasoline NN
Poland NNP									Poland NNP
postage-stamp NN								postage-stamp NN
large-capital CD								large-capital CD
Simultaneously RB								Simultaneously RB
Ram NNP										Ram NNP
Law-enforcement JJ NN								Law-enforcement JJ NN
Ca. NNP										Ca. NNP
Cadnetix NNP									Cadnetix NNP
cytolysis NN									cytolysis NN
Monarque FW									Monarque FW
thwarting VBG									thwarting VBG
twice-a-year JJ									twice-a-year JJ
Olshan NNP									Olshan NNP
Envigado NNP									Envigado NNP
book-breaking JJ								book-breaking JJ
secessionists NNS								secessionists NNS
uncorrected JJ									uncorrected JJ
handicrafts NNS									handicrafts NNS
Janlori NNP									Janlori NNP
double-meaning NN								double-meaning NN
LX NNP										LX NNP
swordfish NN									swordfish NN
lithographic JJ									lithographic JJ
Kazan NNP									Kazan NNP
yellowing VBG									yellowing VBG
unaccompanied JJ								unaccompanied JJ
fender NN									fender NN
have VBP JJ NN VB VBN								have VBP JJ NN VB VBN
Greenville NNP									Greenville NNP
Brancato NNP									Brancato NNP
Kann NNP									Kann NNP
Essentially RB									Essentially RB
tax NN VB VBP									tax NN VB VBP
flooring NN									flooring NN
mayonnaise NN									mayonnaise NN
Marseilles NNP									Marseilles NNP
oversaw VBD VB									oversaw VBD VB
figured VBD JJ VBN								figured VBD JJ VBN
Decentralization NN								Decentralization NN
Meinckian NNP									Meinckian NNP
overlong JJ									overlong JJ
Worldscope NNP									Worldscope NNP
Urraca NNP									Urraca NNP
Premark NNP									Premark NNP
walkers NNS									walkers NNS
durable JJ									durable JJ
Villamiel NNP									Villamiel NNP
Unwinding VBG									Unwinding VBG
ensure VB VBP									ensure VB VBP
wraith-like JJ									wraith-like JJ
idealist NN									idealist NN
Khartoum NNP									Khartoum NNP
wire-haired JJ									wire-haired JJ
Spaghetti NNP									Spaghetti NNP
purifying VBG									purifying VBG
colloquium NN									colloquium NN
sustained VBN VBD JJ								sustained VBN VBD JJ
Specialists NNS									Specialists NNS
handscrolls NNS									handscrolls NNS
Sleepers NNP									Sleepers NNP
flat-headed JJ									flat-headed JJ
excrete VB									excrete VB
foreclose VB									foreclose VB
calfskin NN									calfskin NN
homer NN VB									homer NN VB
options-trading JJ								options-trading JJ
rheumatic JJ									rheumatic JJ
freakishly RB									freakishly RB
Kashing NNP									Kashing NNP
Jaclyn NNP									Jaclyn NNP
sturdiest JJS									sturdiest JJS
gallstones NNS									gallstones NNS
Bradford-White NNP								Bradford-White NNP
lag VB NN VBP JJ								lag VB NN VBP JJ
product-registration NN								product-registration NN
Tax-exempts NNS									Tax-exempts NNS
Murilo NNP									Murilo NNP
gimmick-ridden JJ								gimmick-ridden JJ
Xiaobo NNP									Xiaobo NNP
franks NNS									franks NNS
anchoring VBG									anchoring VBG
MS NNP										MS NNP
no-goal NN									no-goal NN
fuchsia NN									fuchsia NN
single-barrel JJ								single-barrel JJ
Yoshi NNP									Yoshi NNP
Withhold VB									Withhold VB
powwow NN									powwow NN
monocytogenes FW								monocytogenes FW
Istanbul NNP									Istanbul NNP
thrash VB									thrash VB
corniest JJS									corniest JJS
sport NN JJ VBP									sport NN JJ VBP
Aeneid NNP									Aeneid NNP
drunk JJ NN VBN									drunk JJ NN VBN
semiempirical JJ								semiempirical JJ
soliticitations NNS								soliticitations NNS
wholesome JJ									wholesome JJ
data-collection NN								data-collection NN
near-complete JJ								near-complete JJ
tenderly RB									tenderly RB
intricate JJ									intricate JJ
beardown JJ									beardown JJ
steer VB NN VBP									steer VB NN VBP
notify VB VBP									notify VB VBP
interest-bearing JJ								interest-bearing JJ
ringed JJ VBN									ringed JJ VBN
collateral NN JJ								collateral NN JJ
showgrounds NNS									showgrounds NNS
Ore NNP										Ore NNP
Editing NN									Editing NN
Cartier NNP									Cartier NNP
wholesale JJ NN									wholesale JJ NN
unbalanced JJ VBN								unbalanced JJ VBN
bethought VB									bethought VB
blebs NNS									blebs NNS
reddened VBD VB									reddened VBD VB
Tamil NNP									Tamil NNP
sour JJ VBP NN RB VB								sour JJ VBP NN RB VB
parliament NN									parliament NN
belt-driven JJ									belt-driven JJ
Potala NNP									Potala NNP
invalid JJ NN NNS								invalid JJ NN NNS
large-deposit JJ								large-deposit JJ
Staring VBG									Staring VBG
divested VBN JJ VBD								divested VBN JJ VBD
infirmary NN									infirmary NN
slackjawed VBN									slackjawed VBN
backtracking NN VBG								backtracking NN VBG
Corolla NNP									Corolla NNP
Bruckmann NNP									Bruckmann NNP
Admissions NNP NNPS								Admissions NNP NNPS
tree-huggers NNS								tree-huggers NNS
grieving VBG									grieving VBG
and CC VBP JJ RB NNP								and CC VBP JJ RB NNP
Klass NNP									Klass NNP
Williamstown NNP								Williamstown NNP
refile VB									refile VB
post-retirement JJ								post-retirement JJ
Chapters NNS									Chapters NNS
pre-Sterling JJ									pre-Sterling JJ
Maximizing VBG									Maximizing VBG
three-cornered JJ								three-cornered JJ
Gerstacker NNP									Gerstacker NNP
Developing VBG NNP								Developing VBG NNP
Portuguese-language JJ								Portuguese-language JJ
Creamette NNP									Creamette NNP
teaching NN NN|VBG VBG								teaching NN NN|VBG VBG
Hanshin NNP									Hanshin NNP
Cutbacks NNP									Cutbacks NNP
unendurable JJ									unendurable JJ
Euro-beach NN JJ								Euro-beach NN JJ
Stepanovich NNP									Stepanovich NNP
triplets NNS									triplets NNS
pupil NN									pupil NN
Triomphe NNP									Triomphe NNP
Dwyer NNP									Dwyer NNP
Owego NNP									Owego NNP
Copy NNP VBP NN									Copy NNP VBP NN
Luechtefeld NNP									Luechtefeld NNP
mendacity NN									mendacity NN
Dogumenti FW									Dogumenti FW
Wiry JJ										Wiry JJ
silliness NN									silliness NN
Rockaways NNPS									Rockaways NNPS
MacIsaacs NNP									MacIsaacs NNP
Morrow NNP									Morrow NNP
cyclosporine NN JJ								cyclosporine NN JJ
Lorde NNP									Lorde NNP
folksy JJ									folksy JJ
excites VBZ									excites VBZ
vegetable-protein NN								vegetable-protein NN
rod NN										rod NN
forbearance NN									forbearance NN
Aah UH										Aah UH
dovetail VBP VB									dovetail VBP VB
steelmaking NN VBG								steelmaking NN VBG
cubist JJ									cubist JJ
transmissions NNS								transmissions NNS
ornamental JJ									ornamental JJ
Perch NNP									Perch NNP
Phase-2 NN									Phase-2 NN
borax NN									borax NN
Resolute NNP									Resolute NNP
unwaveringly RB									unwaveringly RB
Movement NNP NN									Movement NNP NN
ripen VBP									ripen VBP
edition NN									edition NN
Klinico NNP									Klinico NNP
Inevitably RB									Inevitably RB
Littleton NNP									Littleton NNP
Ille NNP									Ille NNP
plentiful JJ									plentiful JJ
objecting VBG									objecting VBG
Wesker NNP									Wesker NNP
Payouts NNS									Payouts NNS
Fixture NNP									Fixture NNP
anticoagulation NN								anticoagulation NN
whiteness NN									whiteness NN
cachexia FW									cachexia FW
Wimpys NNP									Wimpys NNP
inquisitiveness NN								inquisitiveness NN
Towns NNP NNS									Towns NNP NNS
Lubell NNP									Lubell NNP
Piller NNP									Piller NNP
parroting VBG									parroting VBG
Prices NNS NNP									Prices NNS NNP
twice-around JJ									twice-around JJ
acidity NN									acidity NN
bewitching VBG									bewitching VBG
Europalia NNP									Europalia NNP
causes NNS VBZ									causes NNS VBZ
first-ever JJ									first-ever JJ
truck-bed NN									truck-bed NN
Zwei NNP									Zwei NNP
Gripped VBN									Gripped VBN
officious JJ									officious JJ
Exterminatin VBG								Exterminatin VBG
Status NN NNP									Status NN NNP
Warriors NNP NNPS								Warriors NNP NNPS
Tsao NNP									Tsao NNP
Mobile NNP JJ									Mobile NNP JJ
Israelites NNPS									Israelites NNPS
incoherence NN									incoherence NN
Patel NNP									Patel NNP
Darius NNP									Darius NNP
progressing VBG									progressing VBG
Courter... :									Courter... :
query NN									query NN
advisable JJ									advisable JJ
targeting VBG VBG|NN NN								targeting VBG VBG|NN NN
merger-law NN									merger-law NN
weakwilled JJ									weakwilled JJ
centers NNS VBZ									centers NNS VBZ
Inflammatory JJ									Inflammatory JJ
carbine NN									carbine NN
Habla NNP									Habla NNP
erasers NNS									erasers NNS
nation-states NN								nation-states NN
Screwed JJ									Screwed JJ
thrift-holding JJ								thrift-holding JJ
Nissan NNP NN									Nissan NNP NN
aku FW										aku FW
aridity NN									aridity NN
senate NN									senate NN
recommending VBG								recommending VBG
Miyoshi NNP									Miyoshi NNP
house-painting JJ								house-painting JJ
infidelity NN									infidelity NN
Want VB VBP									Want VB VBP
Corn NN NNP									Corn NN NNP
Refinements NNS									Refinements NNS
Corne NNP									Corne NNP
vilified VBN									vilified VBN
ken NN										ken NN
internationalization NN								internationalization NN
I.R.S. NNP									I.R.S. NNP
credibility NN									credibility NN
accountants NNS									accountants NNS
Tack NN										Tack NN
Resources NNPS NNP NNS								Resources NNPS NNP NNS
anti-Kabul JJ									anti-Kabul JJ
Benin NNP									Benin NNP
Collecting NNP									Collecting NNP
Quadrex NNP									Quadrex NNP
skyjackers NNS									skyjackers NNS
Gobain NNP									Gobain NNP
proposing VBG									proposing VBG
needs VBZ NNS VBP VB								needs VBZ NNS VBP VB
dangle VB									dangle VB
Seventy-seven JJ								Seventy-seven JJ
th DT NN									th DT NN
aerobic JJ									aerobic JJ
VTC NNP										VTC NNP
Raitt NNP									Raitt NNP
Spicer NNP									Spicer NNP
Heating NN NNP VBG								Heating NN NNP VBG
Exceed VBD									Exceed VBD
commonplace JJ NN								commonplace JJ NN
inattention NN									inattention NN
Chestnuts NNS									Chestnuts NNS
tumbled VBD VBN JJ								tumbled VBD VBN JJ
$ $										$ $
Ethiopians NNPS NNS								Ethiopians NNPS NNS
politique FW									politique FW
Bapepam NNP									Bapepam NNP
guide NN VBP VB									guide NN VBP VB
patterns NNS									patterns NNS
Shepherd NNP									Shepherd NNP
portend VBP VB									portend VBP VB
burning VBG JJ NN								burning VBG JJ NN
football NN									football NN
delighted VBN JJ VBD								delighted VBN JJ VBD
adequacy NN									adequacy NN
Laughlin NNP									Laughlin NNP
Continuity NN									Continuity NN
devalue VB									devalue VB
old-timers NNS JJ								old-timers NNS JJ
ducts NNS									ducts NNS
splints NNS									splints NNS
frenzy-free JJ									frenzy-free JJ
Casassa NNP									Casassa NNP
Vitulli NNP									Vitulli NNP
localized JJ VBN								localized JJ VBN
Sidewalks NNPS									Sidewalks NNPS
Johns-Manville NNP								Johns-Manville NNP
non-absorbent JJ								non-absorbent JJ
deliberative JJ									deliberative JJ
sushi NN FW									sushi NN FW
chronologically RB								chronologically RB
inflation NN									inflation NN
inflows NNS									inflows NNS
filings NNS									filings NNS
rim-fire JJ NN									rim-fire JJ NN
seduction NN									seduction NN
Brain NN NNP									Brain NN NNP
Takaezu NNP									Takaezu NNP
extraordinary JJ NN								extraordinary JJ NN
back-issue JJ									back-issue JJ
panicked VBD VBN JJ								panicked VBD VBN JJ
wielder NN									wielder NN
bright-looking JJ								bright-looking JJ
word-processing NN NNS								word-processing NN NNS
climaxed VBD VBN								climaxed VBD VBN
derrick NN									derrick NN
income-paying JJ								income-paying JJ
aquifer NN									aquifer NN
Thacher NNP									Thacher NNP
social JJ NN									social JJ NN
open-meeting JJ									open-meeting JJ
Deloitte NNP									Deloitte NNP
boundless JJ									boundless JJ
Ackermann NNP									Ackermann NNP
Riverview NNP									Riverview NNP
Burdened VBN									Burdened VBN
anchoritism NN									anchoritism NN
pinging VBG									pinging VBG
Chris-Craft NNP									Chris-Craft NNP
Chaffey NNP									Chaffey NNP
HCF NNP										HCF NNP
Englund NNP									Englund NNP
expressionless JJ								expressionless JJ
soapy JJ									soapy JJ
absorption NN									absorption NN
Cereal NN NNP									Cereal NN NNP
service-type JJ									service-type JJ
Allowed VBN NNP									Allowed VBN NNP
New-York NNP									New-York NNP
Platter NNP									Platter NNP
focally RB									focally RB
manufacturers NNS								manufacturers NNS
communes NNS									communes NNS
startup NN JJ									startup NN JJ
free-world JJ									free-world JJ
spoonfuls NNS									spoonfuls NNS
channel-zapping JJ								channel-zapping JJ
commandant NN									commandant NN
responsibility NN								responsibility NN
imperturbable JJ								imperturbable JJ
deathward RB									deathward RB
Bagneaux NNP									Bagneaux NNP
Weslock NNP									Weslock NNP
Bortel NNP									Bortel NNP
outlawing VBG									outlawing VBG
boatels NNS									boatels NNS
broadly RB									broadly RB
block NN VBP JJ VB								block NN VBP JJ VB
Played VBN									Played VBN
hampers VBZ									hampers VBZ
excite VB									excite VB
Kano NNP									Kano NNP
Haestier NNP									Haestier NNP
sixth-grade JJ									sixth-grade JJ
administratively RB								administratively RB
assurances NNS									assurances NNS
Sinhalese-dominated JJ								Sinhalese-dominated JJ
quest NN									quest NN
full-sized JJ									full-sized JJ
five-seventeen JJ								five-seventeen JJ
Minitruck NN									Minitruck NN
unfastened VBD									unfastened VBD
wartorn NN									wartorn NN
forwarded VBN									forwarded VBN
homes NNS									homes NNS
Ran VBD										Ran VBD
anti-ballistic-missile JJ							anti-ballistic-missile JJ
Wildcat NNP									Wildcat NNP
overregulated JJ VBN								overregulated JJ VBN
headlines NNS									headlines NNS
reportorial JJ									reportorial JJ
interventions NNS								interventions NNS
MedChem NNP									MedChem NNP
Beef NN NNP									Beef NN NNP
inveterate JJ									inveterate JJ
neighbors NNS									neighbors NNS
Storyteller NNP NN								Storyteller NNP NN
lease NN VBP VB									lease NN VBP VB
copiously RB									copiously RB
Bourke-White NNP								Bourke-White NNP
purposively RB									purposively RB
Jockey NNP									Jockey NNP
cheerful JJ									cheerful JJ
negotiated VBN JJ VBD								negotiated VBN JJ VBD
undisrupted JJ									undisrupted JJ
permitted VBN JJ VBD								permitted VBN JJ VBD
cosmos NN									cosmos NN
Magic NNP JJ									Magic NNP JJ
v.d NNP										v.d NNP
doctrinaire JJ NN								doctrinaire JJ NN
Energies NNP NNPS								Energies NNP NNPS
Magi NNP									Magi NNP
cults NNS									cults NNS
Gorboduc NNP									Gorboduc NNP
Velasco NNP									Velasco NNP
woolgather VB									woolgather VB
averse JJ									averse JJ
avarice NN									avarice NN
Lucerne NNP									Lucerne NNP
drooping VBG									drooping VBG
Borie NNP									Borie NNP
hawk-faced JJ									hawk-faced JJ
non-accruing JJ									non-accruing JJ
Jansz. NNP									Jansz. NNP
bore VBD VBP JJ NN VB								bore VBD VBP JJ NN VB
Parametric NNP									Parametric NNP
Hazzard NNP									Hazzard NNP
HIV\ NNP									HIV\ NNP
taunt NN VB									taunt NN VB
pirouette NN									pirouette NN
hand-to-hand JJ NN								hand-to-hand JJ NN
retranslated VBN								retranslated VBN
cannonball NN									cannonball NN
trick... :									trick... :
Toagosei NNP									Toagosei NNP
trade-magazine JJ								trade-magazine JJ
saponins NNS									saponins NNS
Taylors NNPS									Taylors NNPS
McCullers NNP									McCullers NNP
Doobie NNP									Doobie NNP
Delloye NNP									Delloye NNP
Middlefield NNP									Middlefield NNP
burglarproof JJ									burglarproof JJ
mantic JJ									mantic JJ
oriented-polypropylene JJ							oriented-polypropylene JJ
Ohio-chartered JJ								Ohio-chartered JJ
torpor NN									torpor NN
cut-off JJ									cut-off JJ
Optima NNP									Optima NNP
erratically RB									erratically RB
expatriates NNS									expatriates NNS
Phase-3 NN									Phase-3 NN
jumping VBG NN									jumping VBG NN
initiatve NN									initiatve NN
uttermost JJ									uttermost JJ
thrilled VBN JJ VBD								thrilled VBN JJ VBD
Fair NNP JJ NN									Fair NNP JJ NN
Economidis NNP									Economidis NNP
executive-model JJ								executive-model JJ
million-dollar-plus JJ								million-dollar-plus JJ
Claiming VBG									Claiming VBG
cold-rolled JJ									cold-rolled JJ
Brunswick NNP									Brunswick NNP
elitists NNS									elitists NNS
schoolwork NN									schoolwork NN
Trib NNP									Trib NNP
Biomet NNP									Biomet NNP
slime NN									slime NN
Bays NNP									Bays NNP
xxxx NN										xxxx NN
selectiveness NN								selectiveness NN
Cronin NNP									Cronin NNP
redemptive JJ									redemptive JJ
Capps NNP									Capps NNP
Campaneris NNP									Campaneris NNP
J.X. NNP									J.X. NNP
field-based JJ									field-based JJ
frothier RBR									frothier RBR
like IN JJ NN VB VBP								like IN JJ NN VB VBP
sho UH										sho UH
Garpian JJ									Garpian JJ
thriving VBG JJ									thriving VBG JJ
Hallucigenia NNP								Hallucigenia NNP
haul NN VB									haul NN VB
Meador NNP									Meador NNP
strivings NNS									strivings NNS
reprisal NN									reprisal NN
woolly-headed JJ								woolly-headed JJ
Psychoanalytic NNP								Psychoanalytic NNP
recollection NN									recollection NN
Mayhap RB									Mayhap RB
abounded VBD									abounded VBD
Banana NNP									Banana NNP
Neff NNP									Neff NNP
Sulzberger NNP									Sulzberger NNP
Loewenson NNP									Loewenson NNP
Batangas NNP									Batangas NNP
unutterably RB									unutterably RB
mooing VBG									mooing VBG
M-1 NNP NN									M-1 NNP NN
Araby NNP									Araby NNP
Office. NNP									Office. NNP
Howl NNP									Howl NNP
Montevideo NNP									Montevideo NNP
Cartesian JJ									Cartesian JJ
Episcopalians NNPS								Episcopalians NNPS
Corroborating VBG								Corroborating VBG
gratuitous JJ									gratuitous JJ
implementation NN								implementation NN
evaluations NNS									evaluations NNS
abolitionists NNS								abolitionists NNS
disconnect VB									disconnect VB
lower-wage JJ									lower-wage JJ
nearby JJ RB									nearby JJ RB
recession NN									recession NN
back-room NN									back-room NN
Pyxis NNP									Pyxis NNP
rechargeable JJ									rechargeable JJ
Eurydice NNP									Eurydice NNP
brag VB VBP NN									brag VB VBP NN
beatnik NN									beatnik NN
Benchley NNP									Benchley NNP
Hodge NNP									Hodge NNP
earrings NNS									earrings NNS
nose NN VB									nose NN VB
canter'neath VBP|IN								canter'neath VBP|IN
Duriron NNP									Duriron NNP
pashas NNS									pashas NNS
monstrous JJ									monstrous JJ
Corbin NN									Corbin NN
compromise NN JJ VB								compromise NN JJ VB
Hired JJ VBN									Hired JJ VBN
Raton NNP									Raton NNP
Guitar NNP									Guitar NNP
Rama NNP									Rama NNP
livability NN									livability NN
SKr205 NNS									SKr205 NNS
constructed VBN VBD								constructed VBN VBD
soups NNS									soups NNS
filmed VBN VBD JJ								filmed VBN VBD JJ
whined VBD									whined VBD
bauble NN									bauble NN
unseal VB									unseal VB
FLN NNP										FLN NNP
Urien NNP									Urien NNP
Necesarily NNP									Necesarily NNP
Tracy-Locke NNP									Tracy-Locke NNP
bleed VB VBP									bleed VB VBP
retarded JJ NN									retarded JJ NN
pipers NNS									pipers NNS
Hamrick NNP									Hamrick NNP
shrubs NNS									shrubs NNS
cloddishness NN									cloddishness NN
brightened VBD VBN								brightened VBD VBN
Fleming NNP									Fleming NNP
MC68030 NNP									MC68030 NNP
FDA-regulated JJ								FDA-regulated JJ
jurisdictional JJ								jurisdictional JJ
Costar NNP									Costar NNP
Mobilia NNP									Mobilia NNP
problem-the JJ									problem-the JJ
preferring VBG									preferring VBG
Undead NN									Undead NN
stateroom NN									stateroom NN
deathbed NN									deathbed NN
Euro-ashtrays NNS								Euro-ashtrays NNS
Achilles NNP									Achilles NNP
suitability NN									suitability NN
MobiTel NNP									MobiTel NNP
forsake VB									forsake VB
authorizations NNS								authorizations NNS
MSU NNP										MSU NNP
G-R-H NNP									G-R-H NNP
capo NN										capo NN
enhanced VBN VBD JJ								enhanced VBN VBD JJ
teutonic JJ									teutonic JJ
vioiln NN									vioiln NN
consumer NN									consumer NN
gymnastics NNS									gymnastics NNS
schoolgirl NN									schoolgirl NN
objections NNS									objections NNS
Abba NNP									Abba NNP
Position NN VB									Position NN VB
a'back-to-basics JJ								a'back-to-basics JJ
acetonemia NN									acetonemia NN
linebacker NN									linebacker NN
cat NN										cat NN
hemorrhaged VBN									hemorrhaged VBN
Roark NNP									Roark NNP
one-tenth JJ CD NN								one-tenth JJ CD NN
unveiling VBG NN								unveiling VBG NN
spearhead VB NN									spearhead VB NN
Domestically RB									Domestically RB
violators NNS									violators NNS
Cici NNP									Cici NNP
scion NN									scion NN
toner NN									toner NN
unmeshed JJ									unmeshed JJ
moldable JJ									moldable JJ
valve NN									valve NN
await VB VBP									await VB VBP
hypocritical JJ									hypocritical JJ
six-inch JJ									six-inch JJ
Animals NNS NNPS NNP								Animals NNS NNPS NNP
outpacing VBG									outpacing VBG
unshakeable JJ									unshakeable JJ
Fragment NN									Fragment NN
Conner NNP									Conner NNP
libeled VBN									libeled VBN
concealment NN									concealment NN
localities NNS									localities NNS
Figura NNP									Figura NNP
Durwood NNP									Durwood NNP
dwarfed VBN VBD									dwarfed VBN VBD
U.S.-Israel-Egyptian JJ								U.S.-Israel-Egyptian JJ
intercorporate JJ								intercorporate JJ
Patriarch NNP									Patriarch NNP
pieced VBN									pieced VBN
Agriculture NNP NN								Agriculture NNP NN
Sung-il NNP									Sung-il NNP
Swiss-German JJ									Swiss-German JJ
Shippey NNP									Shippey NNP
thistles NNS									thistles NNS
Falcons NNS NNPS								Falcons NNS NNPS
Distance NNP									Distance NNP
Amusement NN									Amusement NN
Prize-winning JJ								Prize-winning JJ
reliables NNS									reliables NNS
Manthey NNP									Manthey NNP
wealthy JJ NNS									wealthy JJ NNS
overproduction NN								overproduction NN
Monticello NNP NN								Monticello NNP NN
gangway NN									gangway NN
Seoul-Moscow NNP								Seoul-Moscow NNP
synergy NN									synergy NN
shantytown NN									shantytown NN
Fowler NNP									Fowler NNP
endows VBZ									endows VBZ
L.P. NNP NN									L.P. NNP NN
Conlow NNP									Conlow NNP
wider-body JJR									wider-body JJR
Gastronomie NNP									Gastronomie NNP
Grimes NNP									Grimes NNP
Planck NNP									Planck NNP
nice JJ										nice JJ
duplicate VB JJ									duplicate VB JJ
subjective JJ									subjective JJ
Coupling VBG									Coupling VBG
tax-software NN									tax-software NN
luncheons NNS									luncheons NNS
mortages NNS									mortages NNS
parading VBG									parading VBG
Open-flame JJ									Open-flame JJ
rescind VB									rescind VB
Lante NNP									Lante NNP
neurological JJ									neurological JJ
MacroChem NNP									MacroChem NNP
MacPherson NNP									MacPherson NNP
U.S.Japan JJ									U.S.Japan JJ
Brambles NNP									Brambles NNP
intergrated-steel NN								intergrated-steel NN
damned JJ VBN RB								damned JJ VBN RB
understaffs VBZ									understaffs VBZ
lengthwise RB JJ								lengthwise RB JJ
Leng NNP									Leng NNP
citizen NN									citizen NN
eases VBZ									eases VBZ
flown VBN									flown VBN
Zweig NNP									Zweig NNP
banter NN									banter NN
card NN										card NN
boycotted VBN									boycotted VBN
Engel NNP									Engel NNP
compressed VBN VBD								compressed VBN VBD
financing NN JJ VBG								financing NN JJ VBG
Hillsboro NNP									Hillsboro NNP
Statistique NNP									Statistique NNP
aseptic JJ									aseptic JJ
Kindertotenlieder FW								Kindertotenlieder FW
Wayne NNP									Wayne NNP
piece NN FW VB									piece NN FW VB
bisexual JJ									bisexual JJ
Week-r NN									Week-r NN
bear-market NN									bear-market NN
sigh NN VBP									sigh NN VBP
saber NN									saber NN
T-45 NNP									T-45 NNP
impressionistic JJ								impressionistic JJ
aesthetics NNS									aesthetics NNS
scorched JJ VBD									scorched JJ VBD
Osborn NNP									Osborn NNP
middling JJ									middling JJ
acolyte NN									acolyte NN
reversible JJ									reversible JJ
poke NN VB									poke NN VB
Gorgeous NNP									Gorgeous NNP
humorist NN									humorist NN
rarity NN									rarity NN
Bruhn NNP									Bruhn NNP
tremors NNS									tremors NNS
launch-pad JJ									launch-pad JJ
Plympton NNP									Plympton NNP
McCarty NNP									McCarty NNP
Securities NNPS NNP NNS VBP							Securities NNPS NNP NNS VBP
BetaWest NNP									BetaWest NNP
election NN									election NN
Carving NN									Carving NN
Sangyo NNP									Sangyo NNP
Inward NNP									Inward NNP
Rolaids NNP									Rolaids NNP
B.G. NNP									B.G. NNP
Vanguard NNP									Vanguard NNP
Most-Favored JJS								Most-Favored JJS
boom-boom-boom JJ								boom-boom-boom JJ
fuzzed VBD VBN									fuzzed VBD VBN
casings NNS									casings NNS
MiG-29 NNP									MiG-29 NNP
revenue NN									revenue NN
freaked VBN									freaked VBN
anti-U.S. JJ									anti-U.S. JJ
atheism NN									atheism NN
Solicitor NNP									Solicitor NNP
macrocrystalline NN								macrocrystalline NN
Zorro NNP									Zorro NNP
convalescing VBG								convalescing VBG
Stenhach NNP									Stenhach NNP
highways NNS JJ									highways NNS JJ
Cepeda NNP									Cepeda NNP
nostalgia NN									nostalgia NN
Airport NNP									Airport NNP
Plus-one JJ									Plus-one JJ
Pestillo NNP									Pestillo NNP
centralize VB									centralize VB
self-deceived JJ								self-deceived JJ
airline-hostess NN								airline-hostess NN
blurting VBG									blurting VBG
Dash NNP NN									Dash NNP NN
ruse NN										ruse NN
% NN JJ VB SYM									% NN JJ VB SYM
goals NNS									goals NNS
Alyce NNP									Alyce NNP
romanticized VBN								romanticized VBN
helmsman NN									helmsman NN
Outpatient NN NNP								Outpatient NN NNP
Bosch NNP									Bosch NNP
York-area JJ									York-area JJ
bedsprings NNS									bedsprings NNS
Taschereau NNP									Taschereau NNP
Loew NNP									Loew NNP
Double-Figure NNP								Double-Figure NNP
Salins NNP									Salins NNP
cancel VB NN									cancel VB NN
acacia NN									acacia NN
cornflake-size JJ								cornflake-size JJ
electrogalvanized JJ VBN							electrogalvanized JJ VBN
budge VB									budge VB
allnight JJ									allnight JJ
Jets NNP NNS									Jets NNP NNS
dynamic JJ NN									dynamic JJ NN
credit-worthy JJ								credit-worthy JJ
elicits VBZ									elicits VBZ
ee-faket NN									ee-faket NN
couldn't MD									couldn't MD
Rutan NNP									Rutan NNP
Belton NNP									Belton NNP
bored VBN JJ VBD								bored VBN JJ VBD
detector NN									detector NN
asters NNS									asters NNS
unforgivable JJ									unforgivable JJ
sniff VB									sniff VB
Reading NNP NN VBG								Reading NNP NN VBG
Galahad NNP									Galahad NNP
Capri NNP									Capri NNP
weapons-grade JJ								weapons-grade JJ
indiscriminantly RB								indiscriminantly RB
Elizabethans NNS								Elizabethans NNS
FMI NNP										FMI NNP
Falb NNP									Falb NNP
marrow NN									marrow NN
executive-only JJ								executive-only JJ
disburden VB									disburden VB
declasse JJ									declasse JJ
gleefully RB									gleefully RB
excelled VBD VBN								excelled VBD VBN
solidly RB									solidly RB
five-home-run JJ								five-home-run JJ
Doing NNP VBG									Doing NNP VBG
Eckhard NNP									Eckhard NNP
determining VBG JJ NN								determining VBG JJ NN
sensationalizing VBG								sensationalizing VBG
agro-chemicals NNS								agro-chemicals NNS
Britain-dominated JJ								Britain-dominated JJ
boost VB NN VBP									boost VB NN VBP
erection NN									erection NN
pre-margin JJ									pre-margin JJ
Kimball NNP									Kimball NNP
bends NNS VBZ									bends NNS VBZ
fastened VBN VBD								fastened VBN VBD
lithotripsy NN									lithotripsy NN
multisided JJ									multisided JJ
stoppage NN									stoppage NN
woes NNS VBZ									woes NNS VBZ
dooming VBG									dooming VBG
yachting NN									yachting NN
clauses NNS									clauses NNS
qua FW										qua FW
spotting VBG VBG|NN								spotting VBG VBG|NN
Rifle NNP NN									Rifle NNP NN
Taking VBG NNP									Taking VBG NNP
soonest JJS									soonest JJS
cross-legged JJ									cross-legged JJ
Norcen NNP									Norcen NNP
consumes VBZ									consumes VBZ
Slug VB										Slug VB
computational JJ								computational JJ
N.H. NNP									N.H. NNP
Sammye NNP									Sammye NNP
golfers... :									golfers... :
predilections NNS								predilections NNS
dished VBD									dished VBD
plumped VBD									plumped VBD
Elders NNP NNS NNPS								Elders NNP NNS NNPS
discernable JJ									discernable JJ
Grandis NNP									Grandis NNP
Afrikaaner NNP									Afrikaaner NNP
Bananas NNS									Bananas NNS
washload NN									washload NN
Silone NNP									Silone NNP
Sweetener NNP									Sweetener NNP
key-someone NN									key-someone NN
advertising-conscious JJ							advertising-conscious JJ
DeRita NNP									DeRita NNP
computer-generated JJ								computer-generated JJ
computerized JJ NN VB VBN							computerized JJ NN VB VBN
single-handed JJ								single-handed JJ
pizzicato NN									pizzicato NN
Commonwealth NNP NN								Commonwealth NNP NN
ruefully RB									ruefully RB
tariffs NNS NNPS								tariffs NNS NNPS
Path NNP NN									Path NNP NN
smothered VBD VBN JJ								smothered VBD VBN JJ
vouchers NNS									vouchers NNS
Governali NNP									Governali NNP
codetermines VBZ								codetermines VBZ
Dexter NNP									Dexter NNP
well-cemented JJ								well-cemented JJ
Pasture NNP									Pasture NNP
acquitted VBN VBD								acquitted VBN VBD
infarct NN									infarct NN
Savin NNP									Savin NNP
Serpentine NNP									Serpentine NNP
Mountain NNP NN									Mountain NNP NN
Negative JJ									Negative JJ
Founding NNP VBG								Founding NNP VBG
jewelers NNS									jewelers NNS
detect VB VBP									detect VB VBP
Darn VB										Darn VB
conglomerate NN JJ								conglomerate NN JJ
muddling VBG									muddling VBG
co-hero NN									co-hero NN
docile JJ									docile JJ
brah FW										brah FW
Stuttgart NNP									Stuttgart NNP
chalked VBN VBD									chalked VBN VBD
Maruzen NNP									Maruzen NNP
Hagood NNP									Hagood NNP
Giving VBG									Giving VBG
dealer-to-dealer JJ NN								dealer-to-dealer JJ NN
Furey NNP									Furey NNP
work-in-progress NN								work-in-progress NN
devours VBZ									devours VBZ
Live-In NN									Live-In NN
Hollsworth NNP									Hollsworth NNP
Nu-Med NNP									Nu-Med NNP
requests NNS VBZ								requests NNS VBZ
Romer NNP									Romer NNP
cuckoos NNS									cuckoos NNS
Borja NNP									Borja NNP
Babble NN									Babble NN
Wharton NNP									Wharton NNP
third-class JJ									third-class JJ
Ozick NNP									Ozick NNP
Guccione NNP									Guccione NNP
malign JJ									malign JJ
Imboden NNP									Imboden NNP
Bancroft NNP									Bancroft NNP
unities NNS									unities NNS
once-a-day JJ									once-a-day JJ
Org NNP										Org NNP
Artemisia NNP									Artemisia NNP
vinyl-products NNS								vinyl-products NNS
Rowswell NNP									Rowswell NNP
flippant JJ									flippant JJ
parks NNS									parks NNS
janitor NN									janitor NN
intra-EC JJ									intra-EC JJ
drums NNS									drums NNS
perishable JJ									perishable JJ
outlaws NNS									outlaws NNS
unprepared JJ									unprepared JJ
Dowex-2-chloride NN NNP								Dowex-2-chloride NN NNP
coxcombs NNS									coxcombs NNS
avert VB									avert VB
Ratners NNP									Ratners NNP
Roche NNP									Roche NNP
Cornel NNP									Cornel NNP
Chaplin NNP									Chaplin NNP
pilot-dominated JJ								pilot-dominated JJ
Scarlet NNP									Scarlet NNP
Jovanovich NNP									Jovanovich NNP
observer NN									observer NN
Jesus NNP NN UH									Jesus NNP NN UH
Sixty-five JJ CD								Sixty-five JJ CD
Leesona NNP									Leesona NNP
Homemakers NNP									Homemakers NNP
brownish JJ									brownish JJ
tones NNS									tones NNS
Taffner NNP									Taffner NNP
repatriated VBN									repatriated VBN
Recklessly RB									Recklessly RB
Orioles NNP NNPS								Orioles NNP NNPS
headquarters NN NNS								headquarters NN NNS
Defying VBG									Defying VBG
Perzio-Biroli NNP								Perzio-Biroli NNP
disinclined VBN JJ								disinclined VBN JJ
bankrolled VBD VBN								bankrolled VBD VBN
Helping VBG									Helping VBG
electronic-transaction JJ							electronic-transaction JJ
superagent NN									superagent NN
Brake NNP									Brake NNP
Dept. NNP									Dept. NNP
confectioner NN									confectioner NN
five-hundred-year-old JJ							five-hundred-year-old JJ
Kerschner NNP									Kerschner NNP
Yoshio NNP									Yoshio NNP
cabinets NNS									cabinets NNS
strangles VBZ									strangles VBZ
hum NN VB									hum NN VB
Homma NNP									Homma NNP
incumbent-protection JJ								incumbent-protection JJ
Schweitzers NNPS								Schweitzers NNPS
Heine NNP									Heine NNP
Pacholik NNP									Pacholik NNP
Grigoli NNP									Grigoli NNP
Joshua NNP									Joshua NNP
compassionate JJ								compassionate JJ
Kravis NNP									Kravis NNP
Doordarshan NNP									Doordarshan NNP
facsimile NN JJ									facsimile NN JJ
borrowed VBN VBD JJ								borrowed VBN VBD JJ
unimpressed JJ									unimpressed JJ
outlook NN									outlook NN
Corp NNP									Corp NNP
Padget NNP									Padget NNP
muskadell NN									muskadell NN
Beech-Nut NNP									Beech-Nut NNP
O'Connor's NNP									O'Connor's NNP
Cares VBZ									Cares VBZ
Toshiichi NNP									Toshiichi NNP
Conseco NNP									Conseco NNP
hats NNS									hats NNS
multi-crystal JJ								multi-crystal JJ
coding NN									coding NN
AutoPacific NNP									AutoPacific NNP
first-year JJ									first-year JJ
overruling VBG									overruling VBG
Borten NNP									Borten NNP
unwraps VBZ									unwraps VBZ
Cornell NNP									Cornell NNP
seven-concert JJ								seven-concert JJ
kickback NN									kickback NN
itty-bitty JJ									itty-bitty JJ
estuarian NN									estuarian NN
Achievement NNP									Achievement NNP
methodically RB									methodically RB
Haas NNP									Haas NNP
mousse NN									mousse NN
Mahe NNP									Mahe NNP
transmutation NN								transmutation NN
desulfurization NN								desulfurization NN
Trout NNP									Trout NNP
Freida NNP									Freida NNP
budged VBD VBN									budged VBD VBN
OKI NNP										OKI NNP
outer-space NN									outer-space NN
time-delay JJ									time-delay JJ
Company NNP NN									Company NNP NN
waging VBG									waging VBG
Mentor NNP									Mentor NNP
Jayark NNP									Jayark NNP
finessed VBD VBN								finessed VBD VBN
cellar NN									cellar NN
Monsky NNP									Monsky NNP
livelier JJR									livelier JJR
provisioned VBN									provisioned VBN
triumphant JJ									triumphant JJ
carrier-current JJ								carrier-current JJ
passed VBN VBD									passed VBN VBD
sniffed VBD									sniffed VBD
landfall NN									landfall NN
pouch NN									pouch NN
transcended VBD									transcended VBD
Dream-Next NNP									Dream-Next NNP
disrupt VB VBP									disrupt VB VBP
Gaston NNP									Gaston NNP
expeditions NNS									expeditions NNS
indigenous JJ									indigenous JJ
Rinker NNP									Rinker NNP
tourist NN									tourist NN
uninvolved JJ									uninvolved JJ
InterNorth NNP									InterNorth NNP
clogs VBZ									clogs VBZ
hawker NN									hawker NN
Hockney NNP									Hockney NNP
misapplied VBN									misapplied VBN
revisionist JJ									revisionist JJ
Ho NNP UH									Ho NNP UH
Stafford NNP									Stafford NNP
NP NNP										NP NNP
care NN VB VBP									care NN VB VBP
three-men-and-a-helper JJ							three-men-and-a-helper JJ
scenics NNS									scenics NNS
Mommor NNP									Mommor NNP
kanji FW									kanji FW
Pre-shaped JJ									Pre-shaped JJ
burrowed VBD									burrowed VBD
Arkoma NNP									Arkoma NNP
malformed JJ									malformed JJ
Gandalf NNP									Gandalf NNP
Aldomet NNP									Aldomet NNP
holocaust NN									holocaust NN
Raydiola NNP									Raydiola NNP
Stephen NNP									Stephen NNP
Edouard NNP									Edouard NNP
off-shore JJ									off-shore JJ
Presently RB									Presently RB
ultra JJ									ultra JJ
drovers NNS									drovers NNS
issue NN VBP VB									issue NN VBP VB
Cote NNP									Cote NNP
browbeaten VBN									browbeaten VBN
Dillard NNP									Dillard NNP
top-yielding JJ									top-yielding JJ
Rios NNP									Rios NNP
until IN									until IN
bevor FW									bevor FW
reliving NN VBG									reliving NN VBG
glimmers NNS									glimmers NNS
Enos NNP									Enos NNP
Brockway NNP									Brockway NNP
Dalbar NNP									Dalbar NNP
Corvus NNP									Corvus NNP
hurls VBZ									hurls VBZ
Gog NNP										Gog NNP
defense-budget NN								defense-budget NN
antiphonal JJ									antiphonal JJ
ganging VBG									ganging VBG
edible JJ									edible JJ
radiography NN									radiography NN
supposing VBG									supposing VBG
embargo NN VB									embargo NN VB
Latowski NNP									Latowski NNP
monologue NN									monologue NN
specify VB VBP									specify VB VBP
incentive-buoyed JJ								incentive-buoyed JJ
despatch NN									despatch NN
Tareytown NNP									Tareytown NNP
freckles NNS									freckles NNS
govern VB VBP									govern VB VBP
supernatant JJ									supernatant JJ
evidencing VBG									evidencing VBG
HAS VBZ										HAS VBZ
one-industry JJ									one-industry JJ
unbearable JJ									unbearable JJ
Deacon NNP									Deacon NNP
so RB CC FW IN									so RB CC FW IN
Rexall NNP									Rexall NNP
Beachfront NNP									Beachfront NNP
landes NNS									landes NNS
Manned NNP VBN									Manned NNP VBN
Dicks NNP									Dicks NNP
Nujoma NNP									Nujoma NNP
patriots NNS									patriots NNS
news NN NNS									news NN NNS
Tabs NNS									Tabs NNS
tables NNS									tables NNS
six-cent-a-share JJ								six-cent-a-share JJ
hypothetically RB								hypothetically RB
deprogrammings NNS								deprogrammings NNS
slavery NN									slavery NN
fracture NN									fracture NN
Cawley NNP									Cawley NNP
socializing VBG									socializing VBG
rainbow-hued JJ									rainbow-hued JJ
industrial-gases JJ								industrial-gases JJ
clothe VB									clothe VB
baubles NNS									baubles NNS
benefit-seeking NN								benefit-seeking NN
Part NN NNP									Part NN NNP
postman NN									postman NN
atmospheres NNS									atmospheres NNS
flange NN									flange NN
Sable NNP									Sable NNP
well-advised JJ									well-advised JJ
encylopedia NN									encylopedia NN
unearned JJ									unearned JJ
PW-2000 NN									PW-2000 NN
demythologize VB								demythologize VB
Imbrium NNP									Imbrium NNP
liked VBD VBN									liked VBD VBN
monitoring NN VBG|NN VBG							monitoring NN VBG|NN VBG
Vienne NNP									Vienne NNP
sackings NNS									sackings NNS
Watervliet NNP									Watervliet NNP
production-cost NN								production-cost NN
Bacteria NNS									Bacteria NNS
triples NNS VBZ									triples NNS VBZ
billowing VBG									billowing VBG
Amiga NNP									Amiga NNP
godfather NN									godfather NN
dislikes VBZ NN NNS								dislikes VBZ NN NNS
Sizzling JJ									Sizzling JJ
Young-Jin NNP									Young-Jin NNP
Danaher NNP									Danaher NNP
justifications NNS								justifications NNS
price-stabilizing JJ								price-stabilizing JJ
disoriented VBN JJ								disoriented VBN JJ
three-dimentional JJ								three-dimentional JJ
self-destructed VBD								self-destructed VBD
Settled VBN									Settled VBN
War-related JJ									War-related JJ
anti-A NNP									anti-A NNP
Proskauer NNP									Proskauer NNP
Physics NNP NN									Physics NNP NN
Ozanne NNP									Ozanne NNP
washouts NNS									washouts NNS
sinus NN									sinus NN
necrotic JJ									necrotic JJ
manumission NN									manumission NN
bonding VBG NN									bonding VBG NN
tenterhooks NNS									tenterhooks NNS
state-subsidized JJ								state-subsidized JJ
afloat RB									afloat RB
Viag NNP									Viag NNP
Fillmore NNP									Fillmore NNP
Amiel NNP									Amiel NNP
Joshual NNP									Joshual NNP
Cayman NNP									Cayman NNP
tinning VBG									tinning VBG
employing VBG									employing VBG
observes VBZ									observes VBZ
maiden NN JJ									maiden NN JJ
dens NNS									dens NNS
Psithyrus NNP									Psithyrus NNP
Ladies NNP NNS NNPS								Ladies NNP NNS NNPS
round NN IN JJ VBP RB VB							round NN IN JJ VBP RB VB
fraudulent JJ									fraudulent JJ
Guber-Peter NNP									Guber-Peter NNP
polybutenes NNS									polybutenes NNS
Slobodin NNP									Slobodin NNP
stylish JJ									stylish JJ
nostalgic JJ									nostalgic JJ
treasuries NNS									treasuries NNS
configuration NN								configuration NN
defenders NNS									defenders NNS
Chronometer NNP									Chronometer NNP
Arafat NNP									Arafat NNP
amid IN										amid IN
agreeement NN									agreeement NN
ceiling NN									ceiling NN
oversee VB									oversee VB
Rap NN										Rap NN
multi-phase JJ									multi-phase JJ
golfs NNS									golfs NNS
Tranquility NN NNP								Tranquility NN NNP
problem NN									problem NN
Crump NNP									Crump NNP
PF NNP										PF NNP
one-stooler NN									one-stooler NN
gentleman NN									gentleman NN
timetables NNS									timetables NNS
trade-clearing JJ								trade-clearing JJ
Abe NNP										Abe NNP
muni NN JJ NNS									muni NN JJ NNS
Hillyard NNP									Hillyard NNP
hounding VBG									hounding VBG
Bairnco NNP									Bairnco NNP
scampering VBG									scampering VBG
likelier JJR									likelier JJR
rotundity NN									rotundity NN
criticism NN									criticism NN
holistic JJ									holistic JJ
imputation NN									imputation NN
defense-suppression NN								defense-suppression NN
Flier NN									Flier NN
Judges NNS NNPS NNP								Judges NNS NNPS NNP
chronicle NN									chronicle NN
project NN VB VBP								project NN VB VBP
defective JJ									defective JJ
Euro-son NN									Euro-son NN
Luvs NNPS									Luvs NNPS
flimsies NNS									flimsies NNS
Hindenburg NNP									Hindenburg NNP
Pati FW										Pati FW
& CC NNP SYM									& CC NNP SYM
fountain-falls NNS								fountain-falls NNS
bargain-buying JJ								bargain-buying JJ
Efficiency NN									Efficiency NN
Final-hour JJ									Final-hour JJ
Peery NNP									Peery NNP
settlers NNS									settlers NNS
muttering VBG NN|VBG								muttering VBG NN|VBG
hurricane-hit JJ								hurricane-hit JJ
Solow NNP									Solow NNP
Western JJ NN NNP								Western JJ NN NNP
diskette NN									diskette NN
tumble NN VB									tumble NN VB
pre-Easter JJ									pre-Easter JJ
Leggett NNP									Leggett NNP
sudden JJ									sudden JJ
undermining VBG									undermining VBG
remakes NNS									remakes NNS
paramagnet NN									paramagnet NN
Kochitov NNP									Kochitov NNP
coconuts NNS									coconuts NNS
myofibrils NNS									myofibrils NNS
easy-going JJ									easy-going JJ
Eurotunnel NNP									Eurotunnel NNP
pickup NN JJ									pickup NN JJ
Lansing NNP									Lansing NNP
Slickers NNPS									Slickers NNPS
Viareggio NNP									Viareggio NNP
tutored VBN									tutored VBN
offset VB JJ VBD VBN VBP							offset VB JJ VBD VBN VBP
foal NN										foal NN
super-user NN									super-user NN
roundhouse NN									roundhouse NN
Volzhsky NNP									Volzhsky NNP
contemporize VB									contemporize VB
Fyffes NNP									Fyffes NNP
deployable JJ									deployable JJ
Sept.1 NNP									Sept.1 NNP
Milk NN NNP									Milk NN NNP
O'Meara NNP									O'Meara NNP
terrain-marring JJ								terrain-marring JJ
Oopsie NNP									Oopsie NNP
Equimark NNP									Equimark NNP
Agrobacterium NN								Agrobacterium NN
Bums NNS									Bums NNS
miles-per-hour JJ								miles-per-hour JJ
Gute FW										Gute FW
Nut NNP										Nut NNP
alleviate VB VBP								alleviate VB VBP
infringed VBD VBN								infringed VBD VBN
possibilities NNS								possibilities NNS
union NN JJ									union NN JJ
Freie NNP									Freie NNP
floor-covering NN								floor-covering NN
Tsar NNP									Tsar NNP
thermodynamic JJ								thermodynamic JJ
Urmstom NNP									Urmstom NNP
Curtiss-Wright NNP								Curtiss-Wright NNP
Y-cell NN NNP									Y-cell NN NNP
skepticism NN									skepticism NN
formula-based JJ								formula-based JJ
third-straight JJ								third-straight JJ
absorbers NNS									absorbers NNS
flopped VBD VBN									flopped VBD VBN
six-months NNS									six-months NNS
aggravating VBG JJ								aggravating VBG JJ
Species NNP NNPS								Species NNP NNPS
gold-leaf JJ NN									gold-leaf JJ NN
three-dimensionality NN								three-dimensionality NN
precipitated VBD VBN								precipitated VBD VBN
Allso RB									Allso RB
fanatics NNS									fanatics NNS
ARAL-88 NNP									ARAL-88 NNP
journalistically RB								journalistically RB
women's-rights JJ								women's-rights JJ
Utilities NNP NNS NNPS								Utilities NNP NNS NNPS
Voorhes NNP									Voorhes NNP
inventiveness NN								inventiveness NN
Ramtron NNP									Ramtron NNP
value-oriented JJ								value-oriented JJ
stemmed VBD VBN									stemmed VBD VBN
Quick NNP RB JJ									Quick NNP RB JJ
Hyannis NNP									Hyannis NNP
Bullion NNP									Bullion NNP
academically RB									academically RB
Galicians NNPS									Galicians NNPS
ebbs VBZ									ebbs VBZ
deletions NNS									deletions NNS
insurance-reform JJ NN								insurance-reform JJ NN
Economists NNS NNP NNPS								Economists NNS NNP NNPS
thirst NN									thirst NN
holier-than-thou JJ								holier-than-thou JJ
Mandarin NNP JJ									Mandarin NNP JJ
sippers NNS									sippers NNS
common-share JJ									common-share JJ
lads NNS									lads NNS
civic JJ									civic JJ
Kolsrud NNP									Kolsrud NNP
tee NN VBP									tee NN VBP
PDT NNP										PDT NNP
Peyrelongue NNP									Peyrelongue NNP
Wussler NNP									Wussler NNP
chortling VBG									chortling VBG
Yamane NNP									Yamane NNP
admittees NNS									admittees NNS
nosed VBD									nosed VBD
lovelies NNS									lovelies NNS
filling VBG NN									filling VBG NN
bombarded VBD VBN								bombarded VBD VBN
Canadians NNPS NNS								Canadians NNPS NNS
Kibbutz NNP									Kibbutz NNP
extraordinarily RB								extraordinarily RB
economize VB									economize VB
Paso NNP									Paso NNP
Ledge NN NNP									Ledge NN NNP
unsustainable JJ								unsustainable JJ
Claeson NNP									Claeson NNP
white-shoe JJ									white-shoe JJ
Prophet NNP									Prophet NNP
Rodale NNP									Rodale NNP
decentralizing VBG								decentralizing VBG
dispositions NNS								dispositions NNS
non-invasive JJ									non-invasive JJ
propulsion NN									propulsion NN
Tribe NNP NN									Tribe NNP NN
spokespersons NNS								spokespersons NNS
Sponge NNP									Sponge NNP
earth-colored JJ								earth-colored JJ
Gaslight NN									Gaslight NN
Lebow NNP									Lebow NNP
operating VBG JJ NN								operating VBG JJ NN
NBC-owned JJ									NBC-owned JJ
smacks VBZ									smacks VBZ
norm NN										norm NN
Stunned VBN									Stunned VBN
leash NN									leash NN
picky JJ									picky JJ
personifies VBZ									personifies VBZ
passers-by NNS									passers-by NNS
wrested VBD VBN									wrested VBD VBN
Westminster NNP									Westminster NNP
totally RB									totally RB
stomping VBG NN									stomping VBG NN
premium-priced JJ								premium-priced JJ
heat-resistant JJ								heat-resistant JJ
Nuns NNPS									Nuns NNPS
Oct.13 NNP									Oct.13 NNP
ramrod-straight JJ								ramrod-straight JJ
hard-come-by JJ									hard-come-by JJ
Sanaa NNP									Sanaa NNP
crayons NNS									crayons NNS
Ernie NNP									Ernie NNP
Avalon NNP									Avalon NNP
paratroops NNS									paratroops NNS
Cohodes NNP									Cohodes NNP
international-capital JJ							international-capital JJ
Unam NNP									Unam NNP
solid-fueled JJ									solid-fueled JJ
impiety NN									impiety NN
Joon NNP									Joon NNP
Leni NNP									Leni NNP
Burbank NNP									Burbank NNP
passenger-transportation JJ							passenger-transportation JJ
shapes NNS VBZ									shapes NNS VBZ
L-P NNP										L-P NNP
healthcare NN									healthcare NN
Syncor NNP									Syncor NNP
declivity NN									declivity NN
scants VBZ									scants VBZ
Jozef NNP									Jozef NNP
Talon NNP									Talon NNP
Pryce NNP									Pryce NNP
kowtow VB									kowtow VB
pathological JJ									pathological JJ
U.M.T. NN									U.M.T. NN
evangelicals NNS								evangelicals NNS
triplet NN									triplet NN
Frazier NNP									Frazier NNP
overshadowing VBG								overshadowing VBG
tablet NN									tablet NN
Fredrick NNP									Fredrick NNP
Snuggle NNP									Snuggle NNP
Glasser NNP									Glasser NNP
raise VB VBP NN									raise VB VBP NN
suprise NN									suprise NN
scarcely RB									scarcely RB
superlunary JJ									superlunary JJ
smock NN									smock NN
Wittgreen NNP									Wittgreen NNP
cosec NN									cosec NN
band-wagon JJ									band-wagon JJ
much-smaller JJ									much-smaller JJ
minded VBD VBN									minded VBD VBN
harmonies NNS									harmonies NNS
red-figured JJ									red-figured JJ
MediVision NNP									MediVision NNP
Uerkesh NNP									Uerkesh NNP
Uniconer NNP									Uniconer NNP
honorary JJ									honorary JJ
ignorance NN									ignorance NN
still-new JJ									still-new JJ
refolded VBD									refolded VBD
frock NN									frock NN
Kissinger NNP									Kissinger NNP
intelligence NN									intelligence NN
taut JJ RB									taut JJ RB
Equitec NNP NN									Equitec NNP NN
likee VB									likee VB
furbishing NN									furbishing NN
preoccupied VBN JJ								preoccupied VBN JJ
enunciated VBD									enunciated VBD
shredding VBG									shredding VBG
Ornette NNP									Ornette NNP
Eurocell NNP									Eurocell NNP
lacy JJ										lacy JJ
Canadian-fisheries NNS								Canadian-fisheries NNS
Elemer NNP									Elemer NNP
anti-B NNP									anti-B NNP
Gunther NNP									Gunther NNP
stateless JJ									stateless JJ
newt NN										newt NN
Feick NNP									Feick NNP
longitude NN									longitude NN
Bettner NNP									Bettner NNP
travelogues NNS									travelogues NNS
presented VBN VBD								presented VBN VBD
pluses NNS									pluses NNS
spread NN VBD VBN VBP JJ VB							spread NN VBD VBN VBP JJ VB
Kasparov NNP									Kasparov NNP
half-gourd NN									half-gourd NN
goofiness NN									goofiness NN
bleaching VBG									bleaching VBG
invoking VBG									invoking VBG
Goh NNP										Goh NNP
Wilde NNP									Wilde NNP
shovels NNS									shovels NNS
Nobody NN NNP									Nobody NN NNP
guilty JJ RB									guilty JJ RB
Pitchers NNS									Pitchers NNS
Morphophonemic JJ								Morphophonemic JJ
noncommunist NN									noncommunist NN
Mar. NNP									Mar. NNP
rabbi NN NNS									rabbi NN NNS
roar NN VB									roar NN VB
prior-approval JJ								prior-approval JJ
Automatic NNP JJ								Automatic NNP JJ
unspeakable JJ									unspeakable JJ
Deauville NNP									Deauville NNP
bargains NNS VBZ								bargains NNS VBZ
tobacco-juice NN								tobacco-juice NN
wohd NN										wohd NN
monthly JJ NN RB								monthly JJ NN RB
glutted VBN JJ									glutted VBN JJ
five-and-dime JJ NN								five-and-dime JJ NN
Nathan NNP									Nathan NNP
rental-car NN									rental-car NN
alky NN										alky NN
harborside NN									harborside NN
technology-licensing JJ								technology-licensing JJ
acoustically RB									acoustically RB
ecliptic NN JJ									ecliptic NN JJ
no-tax JJ									no-tax JJ
meditative JJ									meditative JJ
e.g. FW NN									e.g. FW NN
boosted VBD VBN									boosted VBD VBN
songbook NN									songbook NN
transference NN									transference NN
Bahar NNP									Bahar NNP
excoriate VB									excoriate VB
Cavour NNP									Cavour NNP
overhears VBZ									overhears VBZ
equal-opportunity NN								equal-opportunity NN
racers NNS									racers NNS
assayed VBN									assayed VBN
Fields NNP NNPS NNS								Fields NNP NNPS NNS
craters NNS									craters NNS
Berteros NNPS									Berteros NNPS
theatricals NNS									theatricals NNS
Gulbuddin NNP									Gulbuddin NNP
emancipation NN									emancipation NN
E.T. NNP									E.T. NNP
dent NN VB									dent NN VB
muddy JJ									muddy JJ
Oases NNS									Oases NNS
underwritings NNS								underwritings NNS
highway NN									highway NN
Galileo NNP NN									Galileo NNP NN
Bashaw NNP									Bashaw NNP
windstorm NN									windstorm NN
divulge VB									divulge VB
public-asset JJ									public-asset JJ
Feebly RB									Feebly RB
pratfalls NNS									pratfalls NNS
Flies NNS									Flies NNS
Finot NNP									Finot NNP
savored VBD VBN									savored VBD VBN
history-making JJ								history-making JJ
automobile-parts JJ								automobile-parts JJ
Dines NNP									Dines NNP
autofluorescence NN								autofluorescence NN
impress VB NN VBP								impress VB NN VBP
sp NN										sp NN
hutch NN									hutch NN
harmonic JJ									harmonic JJ
proudly RB									proudly RB
learn VB VBP									learn VB VBP
pregnancies NNS									pregnancies NNS
waddles VBZ									waddles VBZ
sangaree NN									sangaree NN
protester NN									protester NN
spray NN VB									spray NN VB
student-athlete NN								student-athlete NN
maquiladora NN									maquiladora NN
bond-price JJ									bond-price JJ
excellence NN FW								excellence NN FW
Odd-lot JJ									Odd-lot JJ
orbit NN VB									orbit NN VB
exogamy NN									exogamy NN
cabinet NN JJ									cabinet NN JJ
thankless JJ									thankless JJ
banana-exporting JJ								banana-exporting JJ
long-overdue JJ									long-overdue JJ
treasure-trove NN								treasure-trove NN
representative NN JJ								representative NN JJ
Pediatric NNP									Pediatric NNP
Customer-access NN								Customer-access NN
ill-disposed JJ									ill-disposed JJ
creationism NN									creationism NN
Commentators NNS								Commentators NNS
Enzytech NNP									Enzytech NNP
f-Includes VBZ									f-Includes VBZ
Casca NN									Casca NN
Me-210 NNP JJ									Me-210 NNP JJ
Lewis NNP									Lewis NNP
Latchford NNP									Latchford NNP
smelled VBD VBN									smelled VBD VBN
trainers NNS									trainers NNS
glimmer NN									glimmer NN
builds VBZ									builds VBZ
prettiness NN									prettiness NN
yearnings NNS									yearnings NNS
Congresses NNS									Congresses NNS
order-matching NNS								order-matching NNS
Schlitz NNP									Schlitz NNP
crystallization NN								crystallization NN
Auxiliaries NNPS NNP								Auxiliaries NNPS NNP
Pechiney NNP									Pechiney NNP
R.I.-based JJ									R.I.-based JJ
Bering NNP									Bering NNP
fittings NNS									fittings NNS
sociable JJ									sociable JJ
foam NN VB VBP									foam NN VB VBP
Compare VB VBP									Compare VB VBP
Summerfolk NNP									Summerfolk NNP
additionally RB									additionally RB
expirations NNS									expirations NNS
spreader NN									spreader NN
absolutely RB									absolutely RB
below IN RB									below IN RB
Mill NNP									Mill NNP
Milbankes NNPS									Milbankes NNPS
Hazards NNS									Hazards NNS
earned-income NN								earned-income NN
Kelli NNP									Kelli NNP
D'Urbervilles NNP								D'Urbervilles NNP
briny JJ									briny JJ
Shinpan NNP									Shinpan NNP
settler NN									settler NN
longer-lived JJ									longer-lived JJ
let's-make-your-house-our-club JJ						let's-make-your-house-our-club JJ
bloody JJ									bloody JJ
Him PRP NNP									Him PRP NNP
OLE NNP										OLE NNP
whittle VBP									whittle VBP
Giorgios NNP									Giorgios NNP
inundations NNS									inundations NNS
Moderating VBG									Moderating VBG
admonished VBD									admonished VBD
cruising VBG NN									cruising VBG NN
Thielsch NNP									Thielsch NNP
Rauscher NNP									Rauscher NNP
gauge NN VB									gauge NN VB
Recital NNP									Recital NNP
hooting JJ									hooting JJ
Filipino NNP JJ NN								Filipino NNP JJ NN
reptile NN									reptile NN
Tacit NNP									Tacit NNP
cozier JJR									cozier JJR
howdy UH									howdy UH
freed VBN JJ VBD								freed VBN JJ VBD
one-thirty RB									one-thirty RB
reipublicae FW									reipublicae FW
Zel NNP										Zel NNP
scads NNS									scads NNS
marginalizing VBG								marginalizing VBG
unheroic JJ									unheroic JJ
canard NN									canard NN
sufferd VBN									sufferd VBN
fates NNS									fates NNS
Nagamo NNP									Nagamo NNP
Isaly NNP									Isaly NNP
sea-beach NN									sea-beach NN
CFM56 NN									CFM56 NN
castigation NN									castigation NN
obstinacy NN									obstinacy NN
lak IN										lak IN
ETA NNP										ETA NNP
Reasoner NNP									Reasoner NNP
humanity NN									humanity NN
Annalee NNP									Annalee NNP
obliquely RB									obliquely RB
dextrous JJ									dextrous JJ
Corr NNP									Corr NNP
Foreclosures NNS								Foreclosures NNS
Aborted JJ									Aborted JJ
control-room NN									control-room NN
biscotti NNS									biscotti NNS
Boisbriant NNP									Boisbriant NNP
objectionable JJ								objectionable JJ
unpalatable JJ									unpalatable JJ
Emcee NNP									Emcee NNP
exile NN VB									exile NN VB
PlanEcon NNP									PlanEcon NNP
emits VBZ									emits VBZ
Date NN NNP									Date NN NNP
hoodlums NNS									hoodlums NNS
Taco NNP									Taco NNP
shoddy JJ									shoddy JJ
oratorio NN									oratorio NN
G.L. NNP									G.L. NNP
cop-killer JJ									cop-killer JJ
plundering NN									plundering NN
Darman NNP									Darman NNP
Glasses NNS									Glasses NNS
Hanfsaengl NNP									Hanfsaengl NNP
music-loving JJ									music-loving JJ
Bellarosa NNP									Bellarosa NNP
murmuring VBG									murmuring VBG
high-technological JJ								high-technological JJ
landlubber NN									landlubber NN
Walter NNP									Walter NNP
expediting VBG									expediting VBG
plutocratic JJ									plutocratic JJ
big JJ RB|JJ									big JJ RB|JJ
colon-cancer NN									colon-cancer NN
information-system JJ								information-system JJ
quinine NN									quinine NN
home-run JJ NN									home-run JJ NN
impeccable JJ									impeccable JJ
sponges NNS									sponges NNS
Conforming NN									Conforming NN
light-water JJ									light-water JJ
Peggy NNP									Peggy NNP
Crucial JJ									Crucial JJ
M-4 NNP										M-4 NNP
escapist JJ									escapist JJ
decompression NN								decompression NN
QB NNP										QB NNP
cross-top JJ									cross-top JJ
HBO NNP										HBO NNP
Boykins NNP									Boykins NNP
rasps NNS									rasps NNS
Ohio NNP									Ohio NNP
Douce NNP									Douce NNP
pitifully RB									pitifully RB
culpable JJ									culpable JJ
Sprague NNP									Sprague NNP
yapping VBG									yapping VBG
Appropriation NNP								Appropriation NNP
dropper NN									dropper NN
replays NNS									replays NNS
Critically RB									Critically RB
Goodson NNP									Goodson NNP
droppers NNS									droppers NNS
insightful JJ									insightful JJ
Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm NNP							Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm NNP
Rothschild NNP									Rothschild NNP
Pierluigi NNP									Pierluigi NNP
Ballroom NNP									Ballroom NNP
Duties NNP NNS									Duties NNP NNS
Juniors NNS JJ NNPS								Juniors NNS JJ NNPS
amplifiers NNS									amplifiers NNS
bratwurst NN									bratwurst NN
Bengals-Browns JJ								Bengals-Browns JJ
coal-fired JJ									coal-fired JJ
Exact JJ									Exact JJ
Gallery NNP NN									Gallery NNP NN
incipient JJ									incipient JJ
Brewing NNP									Brewing NNP
simulation NN									simulation NN
bunching VBG									bunching VBG
Conflict NN									Conflict NN
colleges NNS									colleges NNS
subsidence NN									subsidence NN
Jules NNP									Jules NNP
life... :									life... :
two-product JJ									two-product JJ
anti-homosexual JJ								anti-homosexual JJ
Enthusiasts NNS									Enthusiasts NNS
multinational JJ								multinational JJ
erned VBD									erned VBD
Vogel NNP									Vogel NNP
Bicycling NNP									Bicycling NNP
house NN VBP VB									house NN VBP VB
Dignity NNP NN									Dignity NNP NN
rolled-up JJ									rolled-up JJ
extended VBN VBD JJ								extended VBN VBD JJ
Lemma NN									Lemma NN
Wedged VBN									Wedged VBN
Touches VBZ									Touches VBZ
spiraled VBD									spiraled VBD
E&J NNP										E&J NNP
Restrictive JJ									Restrictive JJ
Blendax NNP									Blendax NNP
Mikoyan NNP									Mikoyan NNP
Russes NNP									Russes NNP
lurched VBD									lurched VBD
foremost JJ RB									foremost JJ RB
Murderers NNS									Murderers NNS
Bush-Salinas NNP								Bush-Salinas NNP
Felten NNP									Felten NNP
Chestnut NNP NN									Chestnut NNP NN
Donaldson NNP									Donaldson NNP
lawn-feeding JJ									lawn-feeding JJ
nonevent NN									nonevent NN
bluster NN VB									bluster NN VB
Beairsto NNP									Beairsto NNP
doin VBG									doin VBG
Consuming VBG									Consuming VBG
quasi-tax JJ									quasi-tax JJ
Prototypes NNS									Prototypes NNS
MSX NNP										MSX NNP
convinced VBN VBN|JJ VBD JJ							convinced VBN VBN|JJ VBD JJ
Shaefer NNP									Shaefer NNP
sodas NNS									sodas NNS
parenthood NN									parenthood NN
Britain-U.S. JJ									Britain-U.S. JJ
beamed VBN									beamed VBN
Justino NNP									Justino NNP
Airlines NNPS NNP NNS								Airlines NNPS NNP NNS
neighbor NN									neighbor NN
travels VBZ NNS									travels VBZ NNS
kaffeeklatsch FW								kaffeeklatsch FW
upside RB JJ NN									upside RB JJ NN
omnibus JJ NN									omnibus JJ NN
cavorting VBG NN								cavorting VBG NN
sculptors NNS									sculptors NNS
single-adjudicator JJ								single-adjudicator JJ
O*/NNP&Y NN									O*/NNP&Y NN
cortical JJ									cortical JJ
Okura NNP									Okura NNP
predawn JJ									predawn JJ
union-company JJ								union-company JJ
felonies NNS									felonies NNS
rush NN VB VBP									rush NN VB VBP
restorative JJ									restorative JJ
Friedrichs NNP									Friedrichs NNP
conjunctions NNS								conjunctions NNS
Jeane NNP									Jeane NNP
gritty-eyed JJ									gritty-eyed JJ
Radiosterilization NN								Radiosterilization NN
Faulkner NNP									Faulkner NNP
creamed VBN									creamed VBN
felicitous JJ									felicitous JJ
markets NNS VBZ									markets NNS VBZ
rectangles NNS									rectangles NNS
NPL NNP										NPL NNP
Sprinkel NNP									Sprinkel NNP
Exit NN										Exit NN
suborbital JJ									suborbital JJ
Aca NNP										Aca NNP
backgrounds NNS									backgrounds NNS
Neisse-Oder NNP									Neisse-Oder NNP
bugler NN									bugler NN
Einsteinian JJ									Einsteinian JJ
bludgeon VB NN									bludgeon VB NN
galley NN									galley NN
Bankers NNPS NNP NNS								Bankers NNPS NNP NNS
matter NN VBP VB								matter NN VBP VB
subgross JJ									subgross JJ
painkiller NN									painkiller NN
Halis NNP									Halis NNP
third-ranking JJ								third-ranking JJ
Trevor NNP									Trevor NNP
muffins NNS									muffins NNS
L'incoronazione FW								L'incoronazione FW
energy-adjusted JJ								energy-adjusted JJ
Merrimac NNP									Merrimac NNP
Catastrophe NN NNP								Catastrophe NN NNP
milliamperes NNS								milliamperes NNS
bylaw NN									bylaw NN
empiricism NN									empiricism NN
Spokesmen NNS NNP								Spokesmen NNS NNP
Clinical NNP JJ									Clinical NNP JJ
twentieth JJ									twentieth JJ
inti NN										inti NN
Trial NN NNP									Trial NN NNP
Margeotes NNP NNS								Margeotes NNP NNS
Benton NNP									Benton NNP
the'individuals NNS								the'individuals NNS
Lexington-based JJ								Lexington-based JJ
I.D. NN										I.D. NN
Clifford NNP									Clifford NNP
Polar NNP									Polar NNP
Figure NN VB NNP								Figure NN VB NNP
food-scare NN									food-scare NN
appealing JJ VBG								appealing JJ VBG
third-ranked JJ									third-ranked JJ
Jurors NNP NNS									Jurors NNP NNS
short-changing JJ NN								short-changing JJ NN
NRA NNP										NRA NNP
co-chairperson NN								co-chairperson NN
Hersh NNP									Hersh NNP
priests NNS									priests NNS
Something NN NNP								Something NN NNP
gradually RB									gradually RB
Covered JJ									Covered JJ
negotiable JJ									negotiable JJ
heavy-truck NN NNS								heavy-truck NN NNS
Sankei NNP									Sankei NNP
Rachwalski NNP									Rachwalski NNP
Krakowiak NNP									Krakowiak NNP
Branman NNP									Branman NNP
adjusts VBZ									adjusts VBZ
Songau NNP									Songau NNP
fillip NN									fillip NN
chambermaids NNS								chambermaids NNS
credit-line NN									credit-line NN
mourning VBG NN									mourning VBG NN
Taming VBG									Taming VBG
hand-filed JJ									hand-filed JJ
settles VBZ									settles VBZ
Contempt NN									Contempt NN
property\/casualty NN								property\/casualty NN
hilarity NN									hilarity NN
beneficially RB									beneficially RB
non-conformists NNS								non-conformists NNS
gallantry NN									gallantry NN
stadiums NNS									stadiums NNS
breaching VBG									breaching VBG
trespassing NN VBG								trespassing NN VBG
pollsters NNS									pollsters NNS
Chiriqui NNP									Chiriqui NNP
nonfood NN									nonfood NN
versed VBN									versed VBN
J/NNP.I. JJ									J/NNP.I. JJ
Tijd NNP									Tijd NNP
re-set VB									re-set VB
Softsoap NNP									Softsoap NNP
glaringly RB									glaringly RB
Kincannon NNP									Kincannon NNP
Merton NNP									Merton NNP
Aniseikonic JJ									Aniseikonic JJ
Kiss VB										Kiss VB
Accused NNP JJ									Accused NNP JJ
follow VB VBP									follow VB VBP
Testa NNP									Testa NNP
inventories NNS									inventories NNS
Kerlone NNP									Kerlone NNP
suction NN									suction NN
punts NNS									punts NNS
McCaffrey NNP									McCaffrey NNP
utterance NN									utterance NN
buddy NN									buddy NN
monolithic JJ									monolithic JJ
oil-recycling NN								oil-recycling NN
immunoelectrophoresis NN							immunoelectrophoresis NN
ArgoSystems NNPS								ArgoSystems NNPS
Pfc. NNP									Pfc. NNP
Javier NNP									Javier NNP
reexamining VBG									reexamining VBG
soars NNS									soars NNS
destruction NN									destruction NN
etch VB										etch VB
buffoons NNS									buffoons NNS
alumnae NNS									alumnae NNS
Wyeth-Ayerst NNP								Wyeth-Ayerst NNP
Strehler NNP									Strehler NNP
adaptability NN									adaptability NN
Dvorak NNP									Dvorak NNP
noncorrosive JJ									noncorrosive JJ
ballfields NNS									ballfields NNS
Changeable JJ									Changeable JJ
Sejm NNP									Sejm NNP
Gypsum NNP									Gypsum NNP
Babbitt NNP									Babbitt NNP
mister NN									mister NN
MiG-29s NNS									MiG-29s NNS
riverbanks NNS									riverbanks NNS
augmented VBN JJ VBD								augmented VBN JJ VBD
weighting NN									weighting NN
unimportant JJ									unimportant JJ
Rifkin NNP									Rifkin NNP
Ob-Irtysh NNP									Ob-Irtysh NNP
archivist NN									archivist NN
Kevlar NNP									Kevlar NNP
car-dealers NNS									car-dealers NNS
Galantuomo NNP									Galantuomo NNP
Non-`` ``									Non-`` ``
Drunkenness NN									Drunkenness NN
Sampson NNP									Sampson NNP
haven NN									haven NN
Olszewskiof NNP									Olszewskiof NNP
Sergio NNP									Sergio NNP
now-infamous JJ									now-infamous JJ
partnered VBN									partnered VBN
Gold-backed JJ									Gold-backed JJ
Flippo NNP									Flippo NNP
say:'none NN									say:'none NN
foreign-aid NN JJ								foreign-aid NN JJ
carat NN									carat NN
high-energy JJ									high-energy JJ
thermostats NNS									thermostats NNS
Justices NNPS NNP								Justices NNPS NNP
Jordan\/Zalaznick NNP								Jordan\/Zalaznick NNP
sq JJ										sq JJ
meekly RB									meekly RB
deletion NN									deletion NN
reflexes NNS									reflexes NNS
progression NN									progression NN
Subsequent JJ									Subsequent JJ
fervently RB									fervently RB
Candlelight NNP NN								Candlelight NNP NN
ponies NNS									ponies NNS
Chris NNP									Chris NNP
ragtime NN									ragtime NN
Il FW NNP									Il FW NNP
Grandma NNP NN									Grandma NNP NN
orgone NN									orgone NN
whipsaw JJ NN VB								whipsaw JJ NN VB
goodies NNS									goodies NNS
Materials NNPS NNP NNS								Materials NNPS NNP NNS
Glue NN										Glue NN
caps NNS VBZ									caps NNS VBZ
Vaseretic NNP									Vaseretic NNP
lagoons NNS									lagoons NNS
porcelain NN									porcelain NN
auto-loaders NNS								auto-loaders NNS
Clarion NNP									Clarion NNP
Linguistic JJ									Linguistic JJ
Isadora NNP									Isadora NNP
U. NNP										U. NNP
well-guarded JJ									well-guarded JJ
Abbe NNP									Abbe NNP
current-delivery NN								current-delivery NN
Kasten NNP									Kasten NNP
Darlington NNP									Darlington NNP
Hustead NNP									Hustead NNP
pamphlets NNS									pamphlets NNS
do-good JJ									do-good JJ
chatting VBG									chatting VBG
six-gallon JJ									six-gallon JJ
Supportive JJ									Supportive JJ
upriver JJ									upriver JJ
Fredric NNP									Fredric NNP
becalmed JJ									becalmed JJ
Nymex NNP									Nymex NNP
hearts NNS									hearts NNS
re-enactment NN									re-enactment NN
save-the-wildlife JJ								save-the-wildlife JJ
Health-care JJ									Health-care JJ
modifications NNS								modifications NNS
yearning NN VBG									yearning NN VBG
Meadow NNP									Meadow NNP
Sprouted VBN									Sprouted VBN
derailments NNS									derailments NNS
medical-benefits NNS								medical-benefits NNS
arbitration-eligibility NN							arbitration-eligibility NN
stippled JJ									stippled JJ
Tensing NNP									Tensing NNP
acquisition-proof JJ								acquisition-proof JJ
Oil-related JJ									Oil-related JJ
gullibility NN									gullibility NN
Norwegians NNPS									Norwegians NNPS
Pricey JJ									Pricey JJ
starker JJR									starker JJR
pizzerias NNS									pizzerias NNS
hitters NNS									hitters NNS
B-As IN NNP									B-As IN NNP
streamed VBD VBN								streamed VBD VBN
antiquarian JJ									antiquarian JJ
Plews NNP									Plews NNP
pressed-paper JJ								pressed-paper JJ
profane JJ									profane JJ
concept NN									concept NN
Informal JJ									Informal JJ
Strangfeld NNP									Strangfeld NNP
Flexibility NN									Flexibility NN
WPA NNP										WPA NNP
Sikorski NNP									Sikorski NNP
Hoylake\ JJ									Hoylake\ JJ
levity NN									levity NN
Kekisheva NNP									Kekisheva NNP
Darwinism NNP									Darwinism NNP
GE\ NNP										GE\ NNP
travelers NNS									travelers NNS
rinse NN VB									rinse NN VB
ignored VBN VBD									ignored VBN VBD
fiber-producing JJ								fiber-producing JJ
haltingly RB									haltingly RB
Acarbose NNP									Acarbose NNP
paused VBD VBN									paused VBD VBN
unto IN RP									unto IN RP
From IN NNP									From IN NNP
homers NNS									homers NNS
jurisconsults NNS								jurisconsults NNS
writings NNS									writings NNS
McQueen NNP									McQueen NNP
leotards NNS									leotards NNS
sales NNS JJ VBZ								sales NNS JJ VBZ
intra-uterine JJ								intra-uterine JJ
Massell NNP									Massell NNP
Choong NNP									Choong NNP
wrap-up JJ									wrap-up JJ
adjectival JJ									adjectival JJ
roams VBZ									roams VBZ
Blohm NNP									Blohm NNP
Practically RB									Practically RB
accretion NN									accretion NN
Randol NNP									Randol NNP
Carolinians NNPS								Carolinians NNPS
palamedes NN									palamedes NN
Communion NNP									Communion NNP
Fifteen CD									Fifteen CD
osteoporosis NN									osteoporosis NN
tension NN									tension NN
one-man JJ									one-man JJ
Aslacton NNP									Aslacton NNP
ani JJ										ani JJ
curves NNS									curves NNS
package-sorting NN								package-sorting NN
proposition NN									proposition NN
delineate VB									delineate VB
( (										( (
pentagon NN									pentagon NN
mg. NN										mg. NN
interjects VBZ									interjects VBZ
gasps NNS									gasps NNS
Cimabue NNP									Cimabue NNP
mumbles VBZ									mumbles VBZ
Pugo NNP									Pugo NNP
pinches NNS									pinches NNS
Hindle NNP									Hindle NNP
Kant NNP									Kant NNP
Canandaigua NNP									Canandaigua NNP
ex-furniture JJ									ex-furniture JJ
Brazilians NNPS NNS								Brazilians NNPS NNS
hasty JJ									hasty JJ
prominence NN									prominence NN
lunch-hour NN									lunch-hour NN
Galen NNP									Galen NNP
mycobacteria NN									mycobacteria NN
Entering NNP									Entering NNP
Mercer-Meidinger-Hansen NNP							Mercer-Meidinger-Hansen NNP
embroider VBP VB								embroider VBP VB
Hack NNP									Hack NNP
recited VBD									recited VBD
germinate VBP									germinate VBP
cancels VBZ									cancels VBZ
spree NN									spree NN
yield-management NN								yield-management NN
Sesame NNP NN									Sesame NNP NN
Scholastica NNP									Scholastica NNP
stuffy JJ									stuffy JJ
forced VBN JJ VBD								forced VBN JJ VBD
Winnie NNP									Winnie NNP
cautiousness NN									cautiousness NN
Domicilium NNP									Domicilium NNP
product-liability JJ NN								product-liability JJ NN
resembled VBD									resembled VBD
affords VBZ									affords VBZ
roi FW										roi FW
societies NNS									societies NNS
Taurus NNP									Taurus NNP
Pater NNP									Pater NNP
Trovatore NNP									Trovatore NNP
subcommittee NN									subcommittee NN
loony JJ									loony JJ
cataracts NNS									cataracts NNS
galvanizing VBG NN								galvanizing VBG NN
self-interest NN JJ								self-interest NN JJ
Altron NNP									Altron NNP
ascetic NN									ascetic NN
revaluing NN									revaluing NN
clothesline NN									clothesline NN
Barber NNP NN									Barber NNP NN
veined JJ									veined JJ
belly-flopped VBD								belly-flopped VBD
natural JJ NN									natural JJ NN
mnemonic JJ									mnemonic JJ
head NN JJ RB VB VBP								head NN JJ RB VB VBP
Farrell NNP									Farrell NNP
once-loyal JJ									once-loyal JJ
oxytetracycline NN								oxytetracycline NN
handout NN									handout NN
poked VBD VBN									poked VBD VBN
birdcage NN									birdcage NN
Salle NNP									Salle NNP
forthrightness NN								forthrightness NN
cuff NN VB									cuff NN VB
liberal-arts NNS								liberal-arts NNS
Rollin NNP									Rollin NNP
Decision NNP NN									Decision NNP NN
Nozze FW									Nozze FW
caustic JJ									caustic JJ
Chien NNP FW									Chien NNP FW
bemaddening VBG									bemaddening VBG
fingerprint NN									fingerprint NN
downgradings NNS								downgradings NNS
nonverbally RB									nonverbally RB
torrent NN									torrent NN
milliliter NN									milliliter NN
dustbin NN									dustbin NN
Scala NNP									Scala NNP
electronic-warfare NN								electronic-warfare NN
foraging NN VBG									foraging NN VBG
Gustaf NNP									Gustaf NNP
sports NNS VBZ									sports NNS VBZ
psycho-physiology NN								psycho-physiology NN
syndciated VBN									syndciated VBN
needy JJ NNS									needy JJ NNS
Hermitage NNP									Hermitage NNP
Ossad NNP									Ossad NNP
Glacier NNP									Glacier NNP
suspicion NN									suspicion NN
lifestyles NNS									lifestyles NNS
Callender NNP									Callender NNP
Farvel-Topsy NNP								Farvel-Topsy NNP
Spanish JJ NNP NNPS								Spanish JJ NNP NNPS
booklets NNS									booklets NNS
industrial-services JJ								industrial-services JJ
Sippl NNP									Sippl NNP
soundproof JJ									soundproof JJ
retaliating VBG									retaliating VBG
Severs NNP									Severs NNP
drunks NNS									drunks NNS
commutator-like JJ								commutator-like JJ
Ferdinand NNP									Ferdinand NNP
Patience NN									Patience NN
stress-temperature JJ								stress-temperature JJ
Epistles NNPS									Epistles NNPS
self-plagiarisms NNS								self-plagiarisms NNS
safe-cracking JJ								safe-cracking JJ
Wilcher NNP									Wilcher NNP
besiegers NNS									besiegers NNS
Trig NNP									Trig NNP
Accounting NNP VBG NN								Accounting NNP VBG NN
boots NNS									boots NNS
Parkhouse NNP									Parkhouse NNP
salary-pool NN									salary-pool NN
stockbuilding VBG								stockbuilding VBG
docudrama NN									docudrama NN
compatriots NNS									compatriots NNS
synthetic JJ NN									synthetic JJ NN
fortunately RB									fortunately RB
Gator JJ									Gator JJ
assumptions NNS									assumptions NNS
coughing VBG NN									coughing VBG NN
Sigma NNP									Sigma NNP
disintegrate VB									disintegrate VB
worker NN									worker NN
shepherding VBG									shepherding VBG
prepurchase JJ									prepurchase JJ
greenhouse NN									greenhouse NN
Comics NNPS									Comics NNPS
Carew NNP									Carew NNP
mass-transit NN									mass-transit NN
city NN										city NN
evensong NN									evensong NN
low-sulfur JJ									low-sulfur JJ
perchance RB									perchance RB
upstairs NN RB JJ								upstairs NN RB JJ
Ignore VB									Ignore VB
Dismal JJ									Dismal JJ
Francesco NNP									Francesco NNP
Unification NNP									Unification NNP
Wichterle NNP									Wichterle NNP
jewelery NN									jewelery NN
glow-in-the-dark JJ								glow-in-the-dark JJ
remoter JJR									remoter JJR
extruded VBN JJ									extruded VBN JJ
homefolk NN									homefolk NN
capitol NN									capitol NN
molting VBG									molting VBG
heterogeneity NN								heterogeneity NN
Mutual-fund JJ NN								Mutual-fund JJ NN
steers VBZ NNS									steers VBZ NNS
fee-producing JJ NN								fee-producing JJ NN
herpetology NN									herpetology NN
feasts NNS									feasts NNS
then-biggest JJ									then-biggest JJ
crocked JJ									crocked JJ
nondescriptly RB								nondescriptly RB
refill NN VB									refill NN VB
Allies NNPS NNP NNS								Allies NNPS NNP NNS
Investments NNPS NNP NNS							Investments NNPS NNP NNS
ed. NN										ed. NN
first-nine-month JJ								first-nine-month JJ
MX NNP										MX NNP
investment-area JJ								investment-area JJ
spendthrifts NNS								spendthrifts NNS
Utrecht NNP									Utrecht NNP
flows NNS VBZ									flows NNS VBZ
Deatherage NNP									Deatherage NNP
semitrance NN									semitrance NN
balding JJ VBG									balding JJ VBG
reducing VBG NN									reducing VBG NN
Massey-Ferguson NNP								Massey-Ferguson NNP
shocks NNS VBZ									shocks NNS VBZ
perils NNS									perils NNS
sin NN VBP VB									sin NN VBP VB
post-production NN JJ								post-production NN JJ
egalitarian JJ									egalitarian JJ
Redskins NNPS									Redskins NNPS
nudity NN									nudity NN
Halliburton NNP NN								Halliburton NNP NN
lung-function JJ								lung-function JJ
--teetering VBG									--teetering VBG
homey JJ									homey JJ
firewood NN									firewood NN
media NNS NN									media NNS NN
Ferrara NNP									Ferrara NNP
natural-gas-pipeline JJ								natural-gas-pipeline JJ
Waikikians NNPS									Waikikians NNPS
goofing VBG									goofing VBG
Guth NNP									Guth NNP
punishments NNS									punishments NNS
separated VBN JJ VBD VBP							separated VBN JJ VBD VBP
twenties NNS									twenties NNS
habitable JJ									habitable JJ
agrees VBZ									agrees VBZ
entree NN FW									entree NN FW
scopes NNS									scopes NNS
quaint JJ									quaint JJ
imaginings NNS									imaginings NNS
tipple VBP									tipple VBP
Tudor-style JJ									Tudor-style JJ
insulating VBG JJ NN								insulating VBG JJ NN
Fredrico NNP									Fredrico NNP
pileup NN									pileup NN
yellow-green JJ									yellow-green JJ
thoroughgoing JJ								thoroughgoing JJ
Plantago NN									Plantago NN
praiseworthy JJ									praiseworthy JJ
categorically RB								categorically RB
overlook VB VBP									overlook VB VBP
epileptics NNS									epileptics NNS
droped VBD									droped VBD
infant-formula NN								infant-formula NN
Harrington NNP									Harrington NNP
asbestos NN									asbestos NN
Komsomolskaya NNP								Komsomolskaya NNP
Remains NNS									Remains NNS
fire-colored JJ									fire-colored JJ
losses... :									losses... :
Decisions NNS									Decisions NNS
Oranjemund NNP									Oranjemund NNP
stirrup-guard NN								stirrup-guard NN
Janson NNP									Janson NNP
NS NNP										NS NNP
paydirt NN									paydirt NN
Sheindlin NNP									Sheindlin NNP
Berlusconi NNP									Berlusconi NNP
Cort NNP									Cort NNP
sweetheart NN JJ								sweetheart NN JJ
gutter NN									gutter NN
Coche-Dury NNP									Coche-Dury NNP
markings NNS									markings NNS
consumer-product JJ NN								consumer-product JJ NN
T4 CD NNP									T4 CD NNP
Todman NNP									Todman NNP
Witt NNP									Witt NNP
chisels NNS									chisels NNS
bullish JJ									bullish JJ
Omnicom NNP									Omnicom NNP
Rotman NNP									Rotman NNP
Decoma NNP									Decoma NNP
studiously RB									studiously RB
post-secondary JJ								post-secondary JJ
uncivil JJ									uncivil JJ
well-equipped JJ								well-equipped JJ
subpar JJ									subpar JJ
Sposato NNP									Sposato NNP
sixty CD									sixty CD
interferon NN									interferon NN
postmark NN									postmark NN
Gerbig NNP									Gerbig NNP
apartheid NN									apartheid NN
Frontage NN									Frontage NN
accuser NN									accuser NN
Heylin NNP									Heylin NNP
instinctively RB								instinctively RB
bucks NNS VBZ									bucks NNS VBZ
pseudo-feeling NN								pseudo-feeling NN
slippers NNS									slippers NNS
adroitness NN									adroitness NN
Distally RB									Distally RB
que FW										que FW
Restaurants NNP NNPS NNS							Restaurants NNP NNPS NNS
Whose WP$									Whose WP$
Districts NNS NNPS								Districts NNS NNPS
harsher JJR RBR									harsher JJR RBR
Random NNP JJ									Random NNP JJ
Cinematographer NN								Cinematographer NN
high-tech JJ NN									high-tech JJ NN
plant-vaccine JJ								plant-vaccine JJ
Carthage FW									Carthage FW
Beckwith NNP									Beckwith NNP
toughing VBG									toughing VBG
currency-options NNS								currency-options NNS
reshaped VBN VBD								reshaped VBN VBD
chain-reaction NN								chain-reaction NN
cardiovascular JJ								cardiovascular JJ
Ohkuma NNP									Ohkuma NNP
Cappy NNP									Cappy NNP
multimillion-pound-per-year JJ							multimillion-pound-per-year JJ
forecasts NNS VBZ								forecasts NNS VBZ
Mechanix NNP									Mechanix NNP
Standard NNP JJ NN								Standard NNP JJ NN
instability NN									instability NN
oppose VB NNPS VBP								oppose VB NNPS VBP
second-in-command NN								second-in-command NN
Bonniers NNP									Bonniers NNP
Saving VBG NNP									Saving VBG NNP
lung-tissue JJ									lung-tissue JJ
gossips NNS VBZ									gossips NNS VBZ
Zen NNP										Zen NNP
computer-aided JJ								computer-aided JJ
avid JJ										avid JJ
Rall NNP									Rall NNP
Theoretically RB								Theoretically RB
smokeless JJ									smokeless JJ
joyfully RB									joyfully RB
high-price JJ									high-price JJ
Afternoon UH									Afternoon UH
pouring VBG									pouring VBG
Aldermen NNS									Aldermen NNS
creatively RB									creatively RB
suffrage NN									suffrage NN
contained VBD VBN JJ								contained VBD VBN JJ
cost-to-benefit JJ								cost-to-benefit JJ
bidder NN									bidder NN
Carrie NNP									Carrie NNP
continuous JJ									continuous JJ
issued VBN VBD JJ								issued VBN VBD JJ
Freeze NN									Freeze NN
Harbor\/Save NNP								Harbor\/Save NNP
marketers NNS									marketers NNS
reconstructions NNS								reconstructions NNS
audiocassettes NNS								audiocassettes NNS
March NNP									March NNP
Spruill NNP									Spruill NNP
offender NN									offender NN
Amendments NNPS NNS								Amendments NNPS NNS
porter NN									porter NN
unintentionally RB								unintentionally RB
bloodshot JJ									bloodshot JJ
Virgilia NNP									Virgilia NNP
preponderantly RB								preponderantly RB
creationist JJ									creationist JJ
criminologist NN								criminologist NN
diktat JJ									diktat JJ
Ilyushin NN									Ilyushin NN
Batchelder NNP									Batchelder NNP
criticality NN									criticality NN
darkened VBD VBN JJ								darkened VBD VBN JJ
J.Y. NNP									J.Y. NNP
Pulling VBG									Pulling VBG
Serieuses NNP									Serieuses NNP
Swim NNP									Swim NNP
Mahayana NNP									Mahayana NNP
'50's CD									'50's CD
Sardinia NNP									Sardinia NNP
mutually RB									mutually RB
all-out JJ									all-out JJ
outstripping VBG								outstripping VBG
Deluge NN									Deluge NN
epitomized VBN VBD								epitomized VBN VBD
Access NN NNP									Access NN NNP
Castillo NNP									Castillo NNP
riffs NNS									riffs NNS
Estimating VBG									Estimating VBG
Tourism NNP NN									Tourism NNP NN
forming VBG NN									forming VBG NN
soupy JJ									soupy JJ
Brideshead NNP									Brideshead NNP
after-run JJ									after-run JJ
Trecker NNP									Trecker NNP
wishywashy NN									wishywashy NN
Remarketers NNS									Remarketers NNS
Fogelson NNP									Fogelson NNP
Sonet NNP									Sonet NNP
DM200 CD									DM200 CD
Locked VBN									Locked VBN
inharmonious JJ									inharmonious JJ
Architects NNS NNPS								Architects NNS NNPS
pectorals NNS									pectorals NNS
MIG-1 JJ									MIG-1 JJ
predominated VBD								predominated VBD
Bleier NNP									Bleier NNP
mid-August NNP NN								mid-August NNP NN
entractes NNS									entractes NNS
hemorrhages NNS									hemorrhages NNS
Menenendez NNP									Menenendez NNP
lend-lease JJ									lend-lease JJ
prior-day JJ									prior-day JJ
peeping VBG									peeping VBG
six-cent JJ									six-cent JJ
note NN JJ VBP VB NN|VB								note NN JJ VBP VB NN|VB
Rwanda NNP									Rwanda NNP
atmospheric JJ									atmospheric JJ
rolling VBG JJ NN								rolling VBG JJ NN
highway-safety NN								highway-safety NN
future-time JJ									future-time JJ
Endure VBP									Endure VBP
Amdura NNP									Amdura NNP
slugging VBG									slugging VBG
Mainliner-Highland NNP								Mainliner-Highland NNP
barnstormer NN									barnstormer NN
period NN									period NN
discouraging VBG JJ								discouraging VBG JJ
shareholder-rights JJ NNS							shareholder-rights JJ NNS
sufferer NN									sufferer NN
sonar NN									sonar NN
Pollare NNP									Pollare NNP
commodity NN									commodity NN
swarthy JJ									swarthy JJ
Mimi NNP									Mimi NNP
master-race NN									master-race NN
gassing NN									gassing NN
Leonato NNP									Leonato NNP
crackdowns NNS									crackdowns NNS
Tendered JJ									Tendered JJ
refrigerated VBN JJ								refrigerated VBN JJ
reinvent VB									reinvent VB
Miullo NNP									Miullo NNP
Houtz NNP									Houtz NNP
virulent JJ									virulent JJ
astrophysicist NN								astrophysicist NN
Chinese-style JJ								Chinese-style JJ
Attakapas NNP									Attakapas NNP
Mexico-based JJ									Mexico-based JJ
Dadaism NNP									Dadaism NNP
demur VBP									demur VBP
asymmetry NN									asymmetry NN
talkin VBG NN									talkin VBG NN
pupils NNS									pupils NNS
gun-slinging JJ									gun-slinging JJ
circularity NN									circularity NN
Ward NNP									Ward NNP
Irretrievably RB								Irretrievably RB
accelerator NN									accelerator NN
uh UH										uh UH
Collection NNP NN								Collection NNP NN
single-minded JJ								single-minded JJ
Dorset NNP									Dorset NNP
Gatos NNP									Gatos NNP
ire NN										ire NN
Blaming VBG									Blaming VBG
clamping VBG									clamping VBG
stirrings NNS									stirrings NNS
Guatemalan JJ NNP								Guatemalan JJ NNP
Myung NNP									Myung NNP
redoubling VBG									redoubling VBG
) )										) )
WayMar NNP									WayMar NNP
Carmelites NNPS NNS								Carmelites NNPS NNS
Diebel NNP									Diebel NNP
Skilled JJ									Skilled JJ
booing VBG									booing VBG
standout NN									standout NN
punchers NNS									punchers NNS
surly JJ									surly JJ
lucid JJ									lucid JJ
glimmering VBG									glimmering VBG
Norms NNS									Norms NNS
Halle NNP									Halle NNP
state-plan JJ									state-plan JJ
Annuity NNP									Annuity NNP
simply RB JJ									simply RB JJ
LIKE IN										LIKE IN
Foley NNP									Foley NNP
mild-voiced JJ									mild-voiced JJ
octogenarians NNS								octogenarians NNS
tight-turn JJ									tight-turn JJ
low-wage JJ									low-wage JJ
Seveso NNP									Seveso NNP
suspiciously RB									suspiciously RB
gabardine NN									gabardine NN
Saudis NNPS VBP									Saudis NNPS VBP
Riger NNP									Riger NNP
earliest JJS RBS								earliest JJS RBS
LaGuardia NNP									LaGuardia NNP
hypersonic JJ									hypersonic JJ
depravities NNS									depravities NNS
cancer NN									cancer NN
snared VBN									snared VBN
reagent NN									reagent NN
Stengel NNP									Stengel NNP
Medieval NNP JJ									Medieval NNP JJ
Selection NN									Selection NN
Countach NNP									Countach NNP
disposed VBN JJ VBD								disposed VBN JJ VBD
hitting-pitching JJ								hitting-pitching JJ
fun-in-the-sun JJ								fun-in-the-sun JJ
Dilthey NNP									Dilthey NNP
infringe VB VBP									infringe VB VBP
triumphantly RB									triumphantly RB
sutures NNS									sutures NNS
fuse NN VB									fuse NN VB
adminstration NN								adminstration NN
dyed VBN									dyed VBN
reticent JJ									reticent JJ
Messenger NNP NN								Messenger NNP NN
Maid NNP									Maid NNP
pen-and-pencil JJ								pen-and-pencil JJ
Upsala NNP									Upsala NNP
corporate-coverage JJ								corporate-coverage JJ
snapshot NN									snapshot NN
Tascher NNP									Tascher NNP
then-current JJ									then-current JJ
semi-catatonic JJ								semi-catatonic JJ
Trappist JJ									Trappist JJ
OMB NNP										OMB NNP
profit-sharing NN JJ NNS							profit-sharing NN JJ NNS
sharpens VBZ									sharpens VBZ
Allied-Signal NNP								Allied-Signal NNP
juste FW									juste FW
cosmetics-industry NN								cosmetics-industry NN
Sovran NNP									Sovran NNP
Corrigan NNP									Corrigan NNP
Weirton NNP									Weirton NNP
delectation NN									delectation NN
Nordyke NNP									Nordyke NNP
marketings NNS									marketings NNS
heavy-crude NN									heavy-crude NN
survivalists NNS								survivalists NNS
NRC NNP										NRC NNP
Style NNP NN									Style NNP NN
no-loads NNS									no-loads NNS
Winnipeg NNP									Winnipeg NNP
nine-tenths NNS									nine-tenths NNS
anatomic JJ									anatomic JJ
winging VBG									winging VBG
Lunge NNP									Lunge NNP
accuses VBZ									accuses VBZ
Dirksen NNP									Dirksen NNP
atheist JJ NN									atheist JJ NN
decade NN									decade NN
batten NN									batten NN
lotion NN									lotion NN
Schubert NNP									Schubert NNP
superceded VBD VBN								superceded VBD VBN
ripens VBZ									ripens VBZ
empty-handed JJ									empty-handed JJ
Smith-Colmer NNP								Smith-Colmer NNP
Preparedness NN									Preparedness NN
sown VBN									sown VBN
Russia NNP NN									Russia NNP NN
detects VBZ									detects VBZ
Gauloises NNP NNPS								Gauloises NNP NNPS
week-to-week JJ									week-to-week JJ
Adventists NNP									Adventists NNP
nicknames NNS									nicknames NNS
phrased VBN VBD									phrased VBN VBD
artless JJ									artless JJ
resource-use NN									resource-use NN
amp NN										amp NN
Work-outs NNS									Work-outs NNS
Backward NNP									Backward NNP
Miami-Madrid NNP								Miami-Madrid NNP
Vouillemont NNP									Vouillemont NNP
Caravaggio NNP									Caravaggio NNP
pole NN										pole NN
william NN									william NN
traversing VBG									traversing VBG
riders NNS									riders NNS
gout NN										gout NN
Readily RB									Readily RB
Spadafora NNP									Spadafora NNP
reaper NN									reaper NN
Shokubai NNP									Shokubai NNP
doted VBN									doted VBN
cesium-137 NN									cesium-137 NN
submissive JJ									submissive JJ
heat-denatured JJ								heat-denatured JJ
bailing VBG NN									bailing VBG NN
Kadonada NNP									Kadonada NNP
Humana NNP									Humana NNP
Unwilling JJ									Unwilling JJ
fluxes NNS									fluxes NNS
Toscanini NNP									Toscanini NNP
overstretch VB									overstretch VB
ultrasound NN									ultrasound NN
tamer JJR									tamer JJR
best-known JJ JJS								best-known JJ JJS
desolate JJ									desolate JJ
misfortunes NNS									misfortunes NNS
low-tax NN									low-tax NN
Overlords NNPS									Overlords NNPS
irresistible JJ									irresistible JJ
radionic JJ									radionic JJ
wears VBZ									wears VBZ
tape-delay NN									tape-delay NN
focus-group JJ									focus-group JJ
invasive JJ									invasive JJ
insolvent JJ NN									insolvent JJ NN
preferment NN									preferment NN
integrals NNS									integrals NNS
F-14s NNS									F-14s NNS
Pass NNP VB									Pass NNP VB
perilously RB									perilously RB
Sweepstakes NNP									Sweepstakes NNP
Bamford NNP									Bamford NNP
Functionally RB									Functionally RB
Eldest JJS									Eldest JJS
Stena NNP									Stena NNP
Zapala NNP									Zapala NNP
oedipal JJ									oedipal JJ
Bracknell NNP									Bracknell NNP
inspecting VBG									inspecting VBG
Scottish-born JJ								Scottish-born JJ
employerpaid JJ									employerpaid JJ
Mind VB NN NNP									Mind VB NN NNP
Prufrock NNP									Prufrock NNP
incise VB									incise VB
Steelers NNP									Steelers NNP
keyboard NN									keyboard NN
Corner NNP NN									Corner NNP NN
unlined JJ									unlined JJ
Garbutt NNP									Garbutt NNP
Toonker NNP									Toonker NNP
vocalism NN									vocalism NN
grimmest JJS									grimmest JJS
longshoreman NN									longshoreman NN
unsatisfactory JJ								unsatisfactory JJ
Rat NNP										Rat NNP
we'uns NNS									we'uns NNS
Loewe NNP									Loewe NNP
Idex NNP									Idex NNP
cavalry NN									cavalry NN
smiling VBG JJ NN								smiling VBG JJ NN
engagements NNS									engagements NNS
infrared JJ NN									infrared JJ NN
Biovest NNP									Biovest NNP
C.O.G. NNP									C.O.G. NNP
gaudy JJ									gaudy JJ
sidestepped VBD VBN								sidestepped VBD VBN
cleared VBN VBD									cleared VBN VBD
triple-B-minus NNP JJ								triple-B-minus NNP JJ
reimbursement NN								reimbursement NN
Stockbrokers NNS NNP								Stockbrokers NNS NNP
Balzac NNP									Balzac NNP
deviants NNS									deviants NNS
Processors NNPS									Processors NNPS
premediated JJ									premediated JJ
Hingham NNP									Hingham NNP
Rapping VBG									Rapping VBG
drug-policy NN									drug-policy NN
Epinalers NNPS									Epinalers NNPS
measurement NN									measurement NN
MTU NNP										MTU NNP
underbrush NN									underbrush NN
Pushkin NNP									Pushkin NNP
Thurmond NNP									Thurmond NNP
excerpts NNS									excerpts NNS
Hip NN										Hip NN
sign NN VBP VB									sign NN VBP VB
constructing VBG								constructing VBG
Market-based JJ									Market-based JJ
overturns VBZ									overturns VBZ
shaking VBG NN									shaking VBG NN
Campenhout NNP									Campenhout NNP
Revitalization NNP								Revitalization NNP
Paine NNP									Paine NNP
tonic NN									tonic NN
tramping VBG									tramping VBG
outward-projecting JJ								outward-projecting JJ
popularize VB									popularize VB
Houghton NNP									Houghton NNP
barter NN									barter NN
MIG-2 JJ									MIG-2 JJ
arrow NN									arrow NN
Forsan FW									Forsan FW
Clausen NNP									Clausen NNP
menopause NN									menopause NN
separate JJ VBP VB								separate JJ VBP VB
thatt IN									thatt IN
Seydoux NNP									Seydoux NNP
saver NN									saver NN
brucellosis NN									brucellosis NN
entrepreneurial JJ								entrepreneurial JJ
dominance NN									dominance NN
blender NN									blender NN
Electro-Optics NNP								Electro-Optics NNP
weatherbeaten JJ								weatherbeaten JJ
vitreous-china NN								vitreous-china NN
Lipner NNP									Lipner NNP
Slocum NNP									Slocum NNP
Flushing-Main NNP								Flushing-Main NNP
Hoylake NNP									Hoylake NNP
ski-industry NN									ski-industry NN
intriguingly RB									intriguingly RB
unreimbursed VBN								unreimbursed VBN
Nux NN										Nux NN
spinneret NN									spinneret NN
rode VBD									rode VBD
censured VBD VBN								censured VBD VBN
rebelliously RB									rebelliously RB
late-comers NNS									late-comers NNS
barrow NN									barrow NN
Packaged-goods NNS								Packaged-goods NNS
objection NN									objection NN
spherules NNS									spherules NNS
sparkled VBD									sparkled VBD
Costco NNP									Costco NNP
mockery NN									mockery NN
Pilgrimage NNP									Pilgrimage NNP
Ayatollah NNP									Ayatollah NNP
Chim NNP									Chim NNP
sling NN									sling NN
Legitimate JJ									Legitimate JJ
Pre-refunded JJ									Pre-refunded JJ
anti-cartel JJ									anti-cartel JJ
symposiums NNS									symposiums NNS
enamored JJ									enamored JJ
Racal NNP									Racal NNP
operating-system JJ NN								operating-system JJ NN
waived VBN VBD									waived VBN VBD
Pereira NNP									Pereira NNP
Characterizing VBG								Characterizing VBG
Weerasinghe NNP									Weerasinghe NNP
submarine-based JJ								submarine-based JJ
outdoorsman NN									outdoorsman NN
Raikin NNP									Raikin NNP
scrutinizing VBG								scrutinizing VBG
Irian NNP									Irian NNP
Carey NNP									Carey NNP
Crawford NNP									Crawford NNP
on-stage JJ									on-stage JJ
discipline NN VB VBP								discipline NN VB VBP
microeconomics NNS								microeconomics NNS
Matsushita-owned JJ								Matsushita-owned JJ
Automobile NNP NN								Automobile NNP NN
haggling VBG NN									haggling VBG NN
exteriors NNS									exteriors NNS
condolences NNS									condolences NNS
Morin NNP									Morin NNP
Sulphur NN NNP									Sulphur NN NNP
depending VBG									depending VBG
Karate NN NNP									Karate NN NNP
equalizers NNS									equalizers NNS
Ware NNP									Ware NNP
Krug NNP NN									Krug NNP NN
Amadou-Mahtar NNP								Amadou-Mahtar NNP
photographs NNS VBZ								photographs NNS VBZ
Hiroyuki NNP									Hiroyuki NNP
tabernacles NNS									tabernacles NNS
morning-glory NN								morning-glory NN
direct-steelmaking NN								direct-steelmaking NN
parameters NNS									parameters NNS
larder NN									larder NN
stores NNS VBZ									stores NNS VBZ
heliports NNS									heliports NNS
Turnkey NNP									Turnkey NNP
low-duty JJ									low-duty JJ
internalized VBN								internalized VBN
rheumatism NN									rheumatism NN
line-fragments NN								line-fragments NN
peanut NN JJ									peanut NN JJ
buy-now JJ									buy-now JJ
sift VB VBP									sift VB VBP
overbillings NNS								overbillings NNS
Autumnal JJ									Autumnal JJ
deathless JJ									deathless JJ
Gurkhas NNP									Gurkhas NNP
dessier VB									dessier VB
generic JJ									generic JJ
multiple-year JJ								multiple-year JJ
bench... :									bench... :
incubating VBG									incubating VBG
smidgins NNS									smidgins NNS
centrifuge NN									centrifuge NN
Shooter NNP									Shooter NNP
blocs NNS									blocs NNS
Metromedia-ITT NNP								Metromedia-ITT NNP
B-movie NN									B-movie NN
review NN VB VBP								review NN VB VBP
defense-appropriations JJ							defense-appropriations JJ
Honors NNP NNS									Honors NNP NNS
tassels NNS									tassels NNS
leaches NNS									leaches NNS
wealthiest JJS									wealthiest JJS
podiums NNS									podiums NNS
videotaped VBN VBD								videotaped VBN VBD
Ahoy NNP									Ahoy NNP
EQU NN										EQU NN
hotbed NN									hotbed NN
warmth NN									warmth NN
Blaydon NNP									Blaydon NNP
Lethcoe NNP									Lethcoe NNP
mid-20 CD									mid-20 CD
tangential JJ									tangential JJ
fails VBZ NNS									fails VBZ NNS
Julia NNP									Julia NNP
inquired VBD VBN								inquired VBD VBN
Tournament NNP NN								Tournament NNP NN
legislated VBN VBD								legislated VBN VBD
contagion NN									contagion NN
brightener NN									brightener NN
transluscent JJ									transluscent JJ
P.A. NN										P.A. NN
Dart NNP									Dart NNP
Gericault NNP									Gericault NNP
skippering VBG									skippering VBG
rock NN JJ VB VBP								rock NN JJ VB VBP
idiocies NNS									idiocies NNS
Rosenstein NNP									Rosenstein NNP
Regiment NNP									Regiment NNP
negotiates VBZ									negotiates VBZ
carried VBD VBN									carried VBD VBN
viva FW NN									viva FW NN
tax-free JJ									tax-free JJ
bran NN										bran NN
Breakfast NN NNP								Breakfast NN NNP
Cleaning VBG NN									Cleaning VBG NN
Molson NNP									Molson NNP
minimum-wage NN									minimum-wage NN
Tenderfoot NN									Tenderfoot NN
Ganessa NNP									Ganessa NNP
unassailable JJ									unassailable JJ
Tonkin NNP									Tonkin NNP
situated VBN									situated VBN
luckiest JJS									luckiest JJS
competent JJ									competent JJ
Bosco NNP									Bosco NNP
Autozam NNP									Autozam NNP
Inca NNP JJ									Inca NNP JJ
city-trading NN									city-trading NN
neon-lit JJ									neon-lit JJ
breakfast-table NN								breakfast-table NN
pickins NNS									pickins NNS
music-entertainment NN								music-entertainment NN
Fridays NNPS NNP NNS								Fridays NNPS NNP NNS
Newts NNP									Newts NNP
multicolored JJ									multicolored JJ
unseat VB									unseat VB
framers NNS									framers NNS
liaison NN JJ									liaison NN JJ
Terminal NNP JJ									Terminal NNP JJ
Poulenc NNP									Poulenc NNP
Rogers NNP									Rogers NNP
hypnotized VBN									hypnotized VBN
case NN VB									case NN VB
Tacker NNP									Tacker NNP
Marquess NNP									Marquess NNP
tularemia NN									tularemia NN
actinometer NN									actinometer NN
QE NNP										QE NNP
Powers NNP									Powers NNP
swallowing VBG									swallowing VBG
Fledgling NN									Fledgling NN
* SYM , :									* SYM , :
eighteen CD									eighteen CD
confines NNS									confines NNS
nitwits NNS									nitwits NNS
post-minimalist JJ								post-minimalist JJ
Malapi NNP									Malapi NNP
Archangel NNP									Archangel NNP
Lemme VB									Lemme VB
Cuddles NNP									Cuddles NNP
unrestrained JJ									unrestrained JJ
Cantwell NNP									Cantwell NNP
super-exciting JJ								super-exciting JJ
uprising NN									uprising NN
quake-related JJ								quake-related JJ
extinguishment NN								extinguishment NN
red-tape NN									red-tape NN
Reformation NNP NN								Reformation NNP NN
margin-calls NNS								margin-calls NNS
Keller NNP									Keller NNP
tyrannize VB									tyrannize VB
tenders NNS									tenders NNS
heart-warming JJ								heart-warming JJ
lima NN										lima NN
shuns VBZ									shuns VBZ
Puhl NNP									Puhl NNP
Boniface NNP									Boniface NNP
low-temperature JJ NN								low-temperature JJ NN
Datacrime NNP									Datacrime NNP
Voting NNP VBG NN								Voting NNP VBG NN
Drye NNP									Drye NNP
carbon-monoxide NN								carbon-monoxide NN
Telmex NNP									Telmex NNP
Halma NNP									Halma NNP
positional JJ									positional JJ
Mistsubishi NNP									Mistsubishi NNP
Drenched JJ									Drenched JJ
Near-term JJ									Near-term JJ
Connie NNP									Connie NNP
sloshed VBD									sloshed VBD
dismayed VBN JJ									dismayed VBN JJ
deference NN									deference NN
hemorrhaging VBG JJ NN								hemorrhaging VBG JJ NN
visit NN VB VBP									visit NN VB VBP
leadoff NN									leadoff NN
Mikhail NNP									Mikhail NNP
MPl NNP										MPl NNP
Past JJ IN NN RB NNP								Past JJ IN NN RB NNP
defer VB									defer VB
nitrogen-mustard JJ								nitrogen-mustard JJ
reciprocity NN									reciprocity NN
European-made JJ								European-made JJ
Asilone NNP									Asilone NNP
Shorting NN VBG									Shorting NN VBG
misplacing VBG									misplacing VBG
holders NNS									holders NNS
Album NN NNP									Album NN NNP
interestingly RB								interestingly RB
bevy NN										bevy NN
sip NN										sip NN
Connery NNP									Connery NNP
glacier-like JJ									glacier-like JJ
corralling VBG									corralling VBG
rubdowns NNS									rubdowns NNS
pro-abortion JJ									pro-abortion JJ
Define VB									Define VB
zotl NN										zotl NN
encyclopedia NN									encyclopedia NN
Friedrich NNP									Friedrich NNP
rectangle NN									rectangle NN
scuff VB									scuff VB
Mine NNP PRP JJ									Mine NNP PRP JJ
bumpers NNS									bumpers NNS
Iwai NNP									Iwai NNP
Isadore NNP									Isadore NNP
crack-induced JJ								crack-induced JJ
OmegaSource NNP									OmegaSource NNP
Conferences NNPS NNP NNS							Conferences NNPS NNP NNS
guillotine NN									guillotine NN
Gesamtkunstwerke FW								Gesamtkunstwerke FW
Sultan NNP									Sultan NNP
DuCharme NNP									DuCharme NNP
Huricane NNP									Huricane NNP
Chirac NNP									Chirac NNP
bathtub NN									bathtub NN
reactivity NN									reactivity NN
post-June JJ									post-June JJ
lacked VBD VBN									lacked VBD VBN
hookups NNS									hookups NNS
experimenters NNS								experimenters NNS
manholes NNS									manholes NNS
Months NNS									Months NNS
jams NNS									jams NNS
patch NN VB									patch NN VB
Airfones NNS									Airfones NNS
aficionado NN									aficionado NN
rattler NN									rattler NN
Mercury NNP									Mercury NNP
waking VBG JJ									waking VBG JJ
ornamented VBN									ornamented VBN
overdue JJ									overdue JJ
octogenaraians NNS								octogenaraians NNS
squirt NN									squirt NN
unbridled JJ									unbridled JJ
flick NN									flick NN
persecuted VBN									persecuted VBN
Wendy NNP NN									Wendy NNP NN
intra-administration JJ								intra-administration JJ
tantrum NN									tantrum NN
Committeeman NNP								Committeeman NNP
vociferously RB									vociferously RB
Addington NNP									Addington NNP
deluged VBN VBD									deluged VBN VBD
saves VBZ									saves VBZ
drama-filled JJ									drama-filled JJ
curdling VBG									curdling VBG
quarterback NN									quarterback NN
Lankford NNP									Lankford NNP
Mittag NNP									Mittag NNP
Ramada NNP									Ramada NNP
overlooks VBZ									overlooks VBZ
Takanashi NNP									Takanashi NNP
cigars NNS									cigars NNS
non-members NNS									non-members NNS
Councilwoman NNP								Councilwoman NNP
Piazzo NNP									Piazzo NNP
wells NNS									wells NNS
understatement NN								understatement NN
monacle NN									monacle NN
Redford NNP									Redford NNP
Waltham NNP									Waltham NNP
Brazilian JJ NNP								Brazilian JJ NNP
Pouilly-Fuisse NNP								Pouilly-Fuisse NNP
increased VBN JJ VB VBD VBN|JJ							increased VBN JJ VB VBD VBN|JJ
Noskova NNP									Noskova NNP
BE&K NNP									BE&K NNP
tripolyphosphate NN								tripolyphosphate NN
avalanche NN									avalanche NN
PGH NNP										PGH NNP
wave-particle NN								wave-particle NN
surveyed VBN VBD								surveyed VBN VBD
Varvara NNP									Varvara NNP
Feldstein NNP									Feldstein NNP
lapsing VBG									lapsing VBG
Kurabo NNP									Kurabo NNP
Polimotor NNP									Polimotor NNP
explosions NNS									explosions NNS
aphorisms NNS									aphorisms NNS
Zimmer NNP									Zimmer NNP
papillary JJ									papillary JJ
lifestyle NN									lifestyle NN
Bluebonnet NNP									Bluebonnet NNP
full-length JJ NN								full-length JJ NN
MTV NNP										MTV NNP
buddies NNS									buddies NNS
C'mon VB UH									C'mon VB UH
debt-for-environment NN								debt-for-environment NN
bayly NN									bayly NN
youngest JJS									youngest JJS
Cargo NNP									Cargo NNP
recharge NN									recharge NN
nearer JJR IN RBR								nearer JJR IN RBR
less-than-robust JJ								less-than-robust JJ
resource-wasting JJ								resource-wasting JJ
ineptness NN									ineptness NN
jiving VBG									jiving VBG
Been VBN NNP									Been VBN NNP
consisently RB									consisently RB
Humulin NNP									Humulin NNP
Riese NNP									Riese NNP
ticketed VBN									ticketed VBN
on-board JJ									on-board JJ
Appell NNP									Appell NNP
diary NN									diary NN
dynamo NN									dynamo NN
kelp NN										kelp NN
instalments NNS									instalments NNS
Vietnamese-backed JJ								Vietnamese-backed JJ
gloating VBG									gloating VBG
roughcast NN									roughcast NN
civilian-aircraft NN								civilian-aircraft NN
awkwardness NN									awkwardness NN
government-subsidized JJ							government-subsidized JJ
Sawnders NNP									Sawnders NNP
plasmodium NN									plasmodium NN
Strawberry NNP									Strawberry NNP
off-limits JJ									off-limits JJ
fish-export JJ									fish-export JJ
fatally RB									fatally RB
abeyance NN									abeyance NN
Chin NNP NN									Chin NNP NN
Nesconset NNP									Nesconset NNP
Freston NNP									Freston NNP
ionic JJ									ionic JJ
once-stately JJ									once-stately JJ
D'Amours NNP									D'Amours NNP
shipyard NN									shipyard NN
Kaster NNP									Kaster NNP
perplex VBP VB									perplex VBP VB
premises NNS NN									premises NNS NN
dammit UH VB									dammit UH VB
eked VBD VBN									eked VBD VBN
baroness NN									baroness NN
Schroll NNP									Schroll NNP
bellyfull NN									bellyfull NN
Amendment NNP NN								Amendment NNP NN
scanty JJ									scanty JJ
vans NNS									vans NNS
guides NNS VBZ									guides NNS VBZ
heretics NNS									heretics NNS
U-I NNP										U-I NNP
NU NNP										NU NNP
Pathe NNP									Pathe NNP
Exporting NNP									Exporting NNP
spectra NNS									spectra NNS
examiners NNS									examiners NNS
Valiant NNP									Valiant NNP
quibble VB									quibble VB
Colonna NNP									Colonna NNP
crackdown NN									crackdown NN
Miklos NNP									Miklos NNP
Adjoining VBG									Adjoining VBG
Nagano NNP									Nagano NNP
RU-486 NNP NN									RU-486 NNP NN
Intergovernmental NNP								Intergovernmental NNP
revolution NN									revolution NN
Shimson NNP									Shimson NNP
creedal JJ									creedal JJ
feather-bedding NN								feather-bedding NN
dictating VBG NN								dictating VBG NN
Carmelite JJ									Carmelite JJ
upper-middle-income JJ NN							upper-middle-income JJ NN
.Not RB										.Not RB
vividly RB									vividly RB
'Lady NN									'Lady NN
deny VB VBP									deny VB VBP
squiggly RB									squiggly RB
inevitability NN								inevitability NN
compresses NNS VBZ								compresses NNS VBZ
surmised VBD VBN								surmised VBD VBN
car-market JJ NN								car-market JJ NN
springboard NN									springboard NN
Dookiyoon NNP									Dookiyoon NNP
Merion NNP									Merion NNP
sauna NN									sauna NN
Sarawak NNP									Sarawak NNP
Eisenberg NNP									Eisenberg NNP
Georgano NNP									Georgano NNP
Begging VBG									Begging VBG
state-court NN									state-court NN
clean-burning JJ								clean-burning JJ
tax-writing JJ									tax-writing JJ
Suzanne NNP									Suzanne NNP
wireline JJ									wireline JJ
Cavarretta NNP									Cavarretta NNP
Tampering VBG									Tampering VBG
store-brand JJ									store-brand JJ
spots NNS VBZ									spots NNS VBZ
rimmed JJ VBD									rimmed JJ VBD
column-shaped JJ								column-shaped JJ
contemplating VBG								contemplating VBG
W\/O NNP									W\/O NNP
Jetta NNP									Jetta NNP
squirms VBZ									squirms VBZ
yeller JJ									yeller JJ
st NN										st NN
reassigned VBN VBD								reassigned VBN VBD
leakage NN									leakage NN
Angevine NNP									Angevine NNP
chewing VBG JJ NN								chewing VBG JJ NN
encyclopedic JJ									encyclopedic JJ
central-district JJ								central-district JJ
Ahern NNP									Ahern NNP
Knox-like JJ									Knox-like JJ
Feltes NNP									Feltes NNP
doubter NN									doubter NN
Taittinger NNP									Taittinger NNP
windowless JJ									windowless JJ
white-coated JJ									white-coated JJ
bamboozled VBN									bamboozled VBN
Epes NNP									Epes NNP
Mellal NNP									Mellal NNP
habitat NN									habitat NN
keepsakes NNS									keepsakes NNS
Io NNP										Io NNP
future-day JJ									future-day JJ
water-line NN									water-line NN
LaGow NNP									LaGow NNP
less-complicated JJ								less-complicated JJ
adaptor NN									adaptor NN
enthusiastically RB								enthusiastically RB
point NN VBP RB VB								point NN VBP RB VB
pre-cooled JJ									pre-cooled JJ
independents NNS								independents NNS
equalizer NN									equalizer NN
pathless JJ									pathless JJ
Stone-Consolidated NNP								Stone-Consolidated NNP
Rales NNP									Rales NNP
loyalty NN									loyalty NN
pony-tailed JJ									pony-tailed JJ
embodiments NNS									embodiments NNS
cellars NNS									cellars NNS
slow-spending JJ								slow-spending JJ
full-size JJ									full-size JJ
half-brother NN									half-brother NN
peanut-butter NN								peanut-butter NN
O'Neil NNP									O'Neil NNP
warm-red JJ									warm-red JJ
fill-in JJ									fill-in JJ
Unitil NNP									Unitil NNP
preoccupies VBZ									preoccupies VBZ
Evangelicalism NNP								Evangelicalism NNP
refine VB									refine VB
eyeteeth NNS									eyeteeth NNS
interposed VBN									interposed VBN
bathing NN VBG									bathing NN VBG
weighs VBZ									weighs VBZ
work-study JJ NN								work-study JJ NN
Lymington NNP									Lymington NNP
vacillation NN									vacillation NN
postmarks NNS									postmarks NNS
hula NN										hula NN
robin NN									robin NN
Compensation NNP NN								Compensation NNP NN
Censorship NN									Censorship NN
fact-bound JJ									fact-bound JJ
endured VBD VBN									endured VBD VBN
to TO RB									to TO RB
shunt NN									shunt NN
Tigre NNP									Tigre NNP
HealthVest NNP JJS								HealthVest NNP JJS
scrimp VB									scrimp VB
Kara NNP									Kara NNP
president\/chief NN								president\/chief NN
Plekhanov NNP									Plekhanov NNP
Engineering NNP NN								Engineering NNP NN
explosion NN									explosion NN
Gorman NNP									Gorman NNP
pyrophosphate NN								pyrophosphate NN
crus NN										crus NN
breakups NNS									breakups NNS
Analysts NNS NNP								Analysts NNS NNP
probity NN									probity NN
single-B-plus JJ								single-B-plus JJ
forwarders NNS									forwarders NNS
Brains NNS									Brains NNS
deformational JJ								deformational JJ
Accompanied VBN									Accompanied VBN
three-day JJ									three-day JJ
now-defunct JJ NNP								now-defunct JJ NNP
fashionable JJ NN								fashionable JJ NN
stepson NN									stepson NN
Ace NNP NN									Ace NNP NN
reclaiming VBG									reclaiming VBG
straitjacketed JJ								straitjacketed JJ
Edgardo NN									Edgardo NN
alimony NN									alimony NN
limb NN										limb NN
Anatole NNP									Anatole NNP
Padgett NNP									Padgett NNP
profiting VBG									profiting VBG
towne NN									towne NN
shrivel VB									shrivel VB
professed VBD VBN JJ								professed VBD VBN JJ
rattles VBZ									rattles VBZ
millionaires NNS								millionaires NNS
panned VBN VBD									panned VBN VBD
Dalkon NNP									Dalkon NNP
herring NN									herring NN
Sonia NNP									Sonia NNP
Fry VB										Fry VB
Kronenberger NNP								Kronenberger NNP
wheare WRB									wheare WRB
give-away JJ									give-away JJ
Lothson NNP									Lothson NNP
chattily RB									chattily RB
Admiralty NN									Admiralty NN
Observing VBG									Observing VBG
anarchical JJ									anarchical JJ
lady NN										lady NN
blustery JJ									blustery JJ
Hating VBG									Hating VBG
cross-fertilization NN								cross-fertilization NN
abbreviated JJ									abbreviated JJ
artery-pulmonary NN								artery-pulmonary NN
methodologies NNS								methodologies NNS
yet-another JJ									yet-another JJ
evacuated VBN									evacuated VBN
sumptuous JJ									sumptuous JJ
next JJ IN RB									next JJ IN RB
global-warming JJ								global-warming JJ
curettage NN									curettage NN
Ffortescue NNP									Ffortescue NNP
Tact NN										Tact NN
horn-rimmed JJ									horn-rimmed JJ
hawkers NNS									hawkers NNS
Cafritz NNP									Cafritz NNP
amours FW									amours FW
circuitous JJ									circuitous JJ
Durable JJ									Durable JJ
witnessing VBG									witnessing VBG
Walkers NNPS NNS								Walkers NNPS NNS
Buaford NNP									Buaford NNP
Pittsburgh NNP									Pittsburgh NNP
deathly JJ									deathly JJ
share NN VBP JJ VB								share NN VBP JJ VB
Elias NNP									Elias NNP
Husky NNP JJ									Husky NNP JJ
punishes VBZ									punishes VBZ
Self NNP NN									Self NNP NN
dirtiest JJS									dirtiest JJS
wreaths NNS									wreaths NNS
closures NNS									closures NNS
Conrades NNP									Conrades NNP
Dylan-influenced JJ								Dylan-influenced JJ
quaver NN									quaver NN
dismounts VBZ									dismounts VBZ
Throwing VBG									Throwing VBG
narco NN									narco NN
overleveraging VBG								overleveraging VBG
Ke NNP										Ke NNP
marital JJ									marital JJ
Paperboard NNP NN								Paperboard NNP NN
passel NN									passel NN
across-the-board-cuts NNS							across-the-board-cuts NNS
concepts NNS									concepts NNS
team NN VB VBP									team NN VB VBP
Cannistraro NNP									Cannistraro NNP
Transparent JJ									Transparent JJ
Jannsen NNP									Jannsen NNP
garage NN VBP									garage NN VBP
Hebron NNP									Hebron NNP
concern NN VBP VB								concern NN VBP VB
ally NN VB									ally NN VB
quintets NNS									quintets NNS
broker-dealer NN JJ NN|JJ							broker-dealer NN JJ NN|JJ
reorganization NN								reorganization NN
resonant JJ									resonant JJ
lip-sucking NN									lip-sucking NN
Youngstown NNP									Youngstown NNP
Ferron NNP									Ferron NNP
Whitbread NNP									Whitbread NNP
efficiently RB									efficiently RB
Off-price JJ									Off-price JJ
Bittker NNP									Bittker NNP
Png NNP										Png NNP
Sebastian NNP									Sebastian NNP
Mosettig NNP									Mosettig NNP
'A NN										'A NN
anti-discrimination JJ NN							anti-discrimination JJ NN
Teagarden NNP									Teagarden NNP
+ SYM NN									+ SYM NN
Scale NNP									Scale NNP
Bahrenburg NNP									Bahrenburg NNP
five-speed JJ									five-speed JJ
peacocks NNS									peacocks NNS
chickens NNS									chickens NNS
bias NN										bias NN
Lucius NNP									Lucius NNP
Wildlife NNP NN									Wildlife NNP NN
Honeysuckle NNP									Honeysuckle NNP
abstaining VBG									abstaining VBG
Leno NNP									Leno NNP
caterer NN									caterer NN
Saint-Geours NNP								Saint-Geours NNP
turf-hungry JJ									turf-hungry JJ
Sanjiv NNP									Sanjiv NNP
reunion NN									reunion NN
Rabia NNP									Rabia NNP
chews NNS									chews NNS
computer-guided JJ								computer-guided JJ
Swiggett NNP									Swiggett NNP
Avianca NNP									Avianca NNP
SunAmerica NNP									SunAmerica NNP
truthful JJ									truthful JJ
trinket NN									trinket NN
Gagliardini NNP									Gagliardini NNP
reptilian JJ									reptilian JJ
taxi NN										taxi NN
Democratic JJ NN NNP								Democratic JJ NN NNP
melodies NNS									melodies NNS
Invalid NNP									Invalid NNP
Ives NNP									Ives NNP
pants-legs NN									pants-legs NN
potter NN									potter NN
undershirt NN									undershirt NN
Cray NNP									Cray NNP
Noted JJ									Noted JJ
interdependence NN								interdependence NN
Network-access JJ								Network-access JJ
Standards NNPS NNP								Standards NNPS NNP
enforcing VBG									enforcing VBG
Petipa-Tschaikowsky NNP								Petipa-Tschaikowsky NNP
scents NNS									scents NNS
McShane NNP									McShane NNP
Tanzman NNP									Tanzman NNP
staging VBG NN									staging VBG NN
oval JJ NN									oval JJ NN
RA NNP										RA NNP
.10.07 CD									.10.07 CD
NEWT NN										NEWT NN
warchest NN									warchest NN
'Preventive JJ									'Preventive JJ
wrenched VBD VBN								wrenched VBD VBN
Vivien NNP									Vivien NNP
Manzi NNP									Manzi NNP
high-priority JJ								high-priority JJ
farmhands NNS									farmhands NNS
SKr20 NNS									SKr20 NNS
Whichever WDT									Whichever WDT
intended VBN VBD JJ								intended VBN VBD JJ
dreaming VBG NN									dreaming VBG NN
Victorians NNS NNPS								Victorians NNS NNPS
liberalized VBN JJ VBD								liberalized VBN JJ VBD
adipic JJ									adipic JJ
haves NNS									haves NNS
Kanoff NNP									Kanoff NNP
Xiaoping NNP									Xiaoping NNP
spectator NN									spectator NN
judicially RB									judicially RB
one-on-one JJ RB								one-on-one JJ RB
synchronizers NNS								synchronizers NNS
restricted VBN JJ VBD								restricted VBN JJ VBD
Grands NNP									Grands NNP
church-goers NNS								church-goers NNS
all-time JJ									all-time JJ
non-Soviet JJ									non-Soviet JJ
allot VB									allot VB
sonogram NN									sonogram NN
office NN									office NN
Award NNP NN									Award NNP NN
Edition NNP									Edition NNP
slack JJ VB NN									slack JJ VB NN
Rand NNP									Rand NNP
Continentals NNS								Continentals NNS
low-base-price JJ								low-base-price JJ
Noah NNP									Noah NNP
Adventures NNS NNP NNPS								Adventures NNS NNP NNPS
small-town JJ									small-town JJ
mostly RB JJ									mostly RB JJ
foamed-core JJ									foamed-core JJ
born VBN									born VBN
floutingly RB									floutingly RB
Automobili NNP									Automobili NNP
bich NN										bich NN
non-working JJ									non-working JJ
hot-dipped JJ									hot-dipped JJ
Underclass JJ NNS								Underclass JJ NNS
L.P NNP										L.P NNP
sack NN VB									sack NN VB
underway RB JJ									underway RB JJ
Vietnamese JJ NNP NNS NNPS							Vietnamese JJ NNP NNS NNPS
neoconservative JJ								neoconservative JJ
single-level JJ									single-level JJ
blushes NNS									blushes NNS
drive-through JJ								drive-through JJ
nibs NNS									nibs NNS
detention NN									detention NN
blocks NNS VBZ									blocks NNS VBZ
paraxial JJ									paraxial JJ
compass NN VB									compass NN VB
coal-fire JJ									coal-fire JJ
free-standing JJ								free-standing JJ
center-field NN									center-field NN
Rolls NNP NN									Rolls NNP NN
rejuvenate VB									rejuvenate VB
orthodoxy NN									orthodoxy NN
contortionists NNS								contortionists NNS
skillet NN									skillet NN
meek JJ										meek JJ
Malamud NNP									Malamud NNP
contingency-fee JJ								contingency-fee JJ
visitations NNS									visitations NNS
fullback NN									fullback NN
Championship NNP								Championship NNP
Mankiewicz NNP									Mankiewicz NNP
better-paying JJ								better-paying JJ
microwavable JJ									microwavable JJ
Hickey NNP									Hickey NNP
first-bracket NN								first-bracket NN
Centers NNPS NNP VBZ								Centers NNPS NNP VBZ
striding VBG									striding VBG
anti-foreign JJ									anti-foreign JJ
zippers NNS									zippers NNS
Chip-o NNP									Chip-o NNP
wittily RB									wittily RB
raspy NN									raspy NN
lap NN VBP									lap NN VBP
Weiler NNP									Weiler NNP
sheered VBD									sheered VBD
gynecologists NNS								gynecologists NNS
MVL NNP										MVL NNP
sensuality NN									sensuality NN
pit-run JJ									pit-run JJ
Ostpolitik NNP									Ostpolitik NNP
rein VB NN									rein VB NN
milling NN VBG									milling NN VBG
adverse JJ									adverse JJ
high-leverage JJ								high-leverage JJ
Abitibi-Price NNP								Abitibi-Price NNP
pursue VB VBP									pursue VB VBP
hangar NN									hangar NN
Anastasio NNP									Anastasio NNP
carelessness NN									carelessness NN
Kwame NNP									Kwame NNP
Herscu NNP									Herscu NNP
Klaus NNP									Klaus NNP
assortments NNS									assortments NNS
Yuzek NNP									Yuzek NNP
militate VB									militate VB
thickens VBZ									thickens VBZ
anti-epileptic JJ								anti-epileptic JJ
biophysical JJ									biophysical JJ
quests NNS									quests NNS
base-metal NN									base-metal NN
Seagull NNP									Seagull NNP
Toyo NNP									Toyo NNP
sitcoms NNS									sitcoms NNS
scatterbrained JJ								scatterbrained JJ
Konstantin NNP									Konstantin NNP
readying VBG									readying VBG
chronology NN									chronology NN
preoccupy VBP									preoccupy VBP
weight NN VB									weight NN VB
Cambodian JJ									Cambodian JJ
Sunset NNP									Sunset NNP
Ballon NNP									Ballon NNP
farther RB RBR									farther RB RBR
lilac JJ									lilac JJ
Sheeran NNP									Sheeran NNP
photography NN									photography NN
Forget VB NNP									Forget VB NNP
Drexler NNP									Drexler NNP
Hu NNP										Hu NNP
appellant FW									appellant FW
talks NNS VBZ									talks NNS VBZ
usability NN									usability NN
allusion NN									allusion NN
tax-overhaul JJ NN								tax-overhaul JJ NN
NV NNP										NV NNP
Lovejoy NNP									Lovejoy NNP
kinesthetically RB								kinesthetically RB
buffaloes NNS									buffaloes NNS
kingdom NN									kingdom NN
offenders NNS									offenders NNS
Groben NNP									Groben NNP
Kenan NNP									Kenan NNP
zigzagging VBG									zigzagging VBG
Burning VBG NN NNP								Burning VBG NN NNP
grandly RB									grandly RB
Stillwater NNP									Stillwater NNP
well-suited JJ									well-suited JJ
tensions NNS									tensions NNS
Substantial JJ									Substantial JJ
Vanden NNP									Vanden NNP
Ariz NNP									Ariz NNP
Breuners NNP NNPS								Breuners NNP NNPS
Charcoal NN									Charcoal NN
thriller NN									thriller NN
space-shuttle NN								space-shuttle NN
business-migration NN								business-migration NN
tires NNS VBZ									tires NNS VBZ
Gene-splicing NN								Gene-splicing NN
LeFevre NNP									LeFevre NNP
novelistic JJ									novelistic JJ
misapplication NN								misapplication NN
laptops NNS									laptops NNS
conclude VB VBP									conclude VB VBP
Donnelly NNP									Donnelly NNP
chanceries NNS									chanceries NNS
multipactor NN									multipactor NN
Inflows NNS									Inflows NNS
Takayama NNP									Takayama NNP
Shippin VB									Shippin VB
hut NN										hut NN
assumes VBZ									assumes VBZ
accidental JJ									accidental JJ
aeronautical JJ									aeronautical JJ
Kanon NNP									Kanon NNP
readmitted VBN									readmitted VBN
Saints NNP NNPS									Saints NNP NNPS
franchising NN VBG								franchising NN VBG
Ambigua NNP									Ambigua NNP
solution NN									solution NN
bandwidth NN									bandwidth NN
whammo UH									whammo UH
dervish NN									dervish NN
Suchard NNP									Suchard NNP
Fractions NNS									Fractions NNS
governs VBZ									governs VBZ
Ilyushins NNPS									Ilyushins NNPS
drugless JJ									drugless JJ
vilifies VBZ									vilifies VBZ
HDI NNP										HDI NNP
propellant NN									propellant NN
loops NNS VBZ									loops NNS VBZ
scavengers NNS									scavengers NNS
Janis NNP									Janis NNP
Brinkman NNP									Brinkman NNP
deer-killing NN									deer-killing NN
Nibble NNP									Nibble NNP
liquidity-enhancing JJ								liquidity-enhancing JJ
invoke VB									invoke VB
halfways RB									halfways RB
sickly-tolerant JJ								sickly-tolerant JJ
sourcing NN VBG									sourcing NN VBG
firmed VBD VBN									firmed VBD VBN
fellow-countryman NN								fellow-countryman NN
Ruckert NNP									Ruckert NNP
Deacons NNS									Deacons NNS
SKr225 NNS									SKr225 NNS
hunched VBN VBD JJ								hunched VBN VBD JJ
senior-level JJ									senior-level JJ
leases NNS VBZ									leases NNS VBZ
offering-price JJ								offering-price JJ
twinges NNS									twinges NNS
government-owned JJ								government-owned JJ
turnpike NN									turnpike NN
wristwatch NN									wristwatch NN
Fledermaus NNP									Fledermaus NNP
e.g NN FW									e.g NN FW
Broadly RB									Broadly RB
windless JJ									windless JJ
Appleton NNP									Appleton NNP
company-operated JJ								company-operated JJ
oleanders NNS									oleanders NNS
fridge NN									fridge NN
jogger NN									jogger NN
Argyros NNP									Argyros NNP
Conservatory NNP								Conservatory NNP
Favorite NNP JJ									Favorite NNP JJ
Equal NNP JJ									Equal NNP JJ
containerboard NN								containerboard NN
sterile JJ									sterile JJ
Achenbaum NNP									Achenbaum NNP
more-generic JJ									more-generic JJ
Horseman NN									Horseman NN
unexplainable JJ								unexplainable JJ
slippery JJ									slippery JJ
long-term`` ``									long-term`` ``
melioration NN									melioration NN
Winnick NNP									Winnick NNP
frozen VBN JJ									frozen VBN JJ
last-round JJ									last-round JJ
Surprise NN NNP									Surprise NN NNP
recuperating VBG								recuperating VBG
kicker NN									kicker NN
eight-year JJ									eight-year JJ
Draw-file NN VB									Draw-file NN VB
Montreal-Toronto JJ								Montreal-Toronto JJ
ESL NNP										ESL NNP
cross-investment JJ NN								cross-investment JJ NN
Ming NNP									Ming NNP
Sopsaisana NNP									Sopsaisana NNP
anvil NN									anvil NN
regroup VB VBP									regroup VB VBP
climaxes NNS									climaxes NNS
Pittsburg NNP									Pittsburg NNP
Green-labeled JJ								Green-labeled JJ
idyll NN									idyll NN
robs VBZ									robs VBZ
directness NN									directness NN
suspensions NNS									suspensions NNS
rebuke VB NN									rebuke VB NN
bead-like JJ									bead-like JJ
favour NN									favour NN
viselike JJ									viselike JJ
journey NN VB									journey NN VB
supplanted VBN									supplanted VBN
Integra-A NNP									Integra-A NNP
anti-flag-burning JJ								anti-flag-burning JJ
OME NNP										OME NNP
Lundy NNP									Lundy NNP
Fame NNP NN									Fame NNP NN
Ignition NN									Ignition NN
tintype NN									tintype NN
Nutritious JJ									Nutritious JJ
Prebon NNP									Prebon NNP
Schuler NNP									Schuler NNP
optimality NN									optimality NN
Bruccoli NNP									Bruccoli NNP
epochal JJ									epochal JJ
Stoll NNP									Stoll NNP
personal-spending NN								personal-spending NN
lulls NNS VBZ									lulls NNS VBZ
compressor-manufacturing JJ							compressor-manufacturing JJ
Emeryville NNP									Emeryville NNP
Ruschkowski NNP									Ruschkowski NNP
impassible JJ									impassible JJ
longstrained VBN								longstrained VBN
Gon VBG										Gon VBG
clothes NNS									clothes NNS
Renzas NNP									Renzas NNP
Strother NNP									Strother NNP
Birgitta NNP									Birgitta NNP
magnolia NN NNS									magnolia NN NNS
Swift NNP									Swift NNP
recapitulate VB									recapitulate VB
galvanic JJ									galvanic JJ
cared VBD VBN									cared VBD VBN
split-fingered JJ								split-fingered JJ
Jumping VBG UH									Jumping VBG UH
brandished VBD									brandished VBD
self-regulator NN								self-regulator NN
beverages NNS									beverages NNS
Runner NNP									Runner NNP
blindsided VBN JJ								blindsided VBN JJ
robbers NNS									robbers NNS
hearty JJ									hearty JJ
Listed VBN JJ									Listed VBN JJ
inkstand NN									inkstand NN
Hutchison NNP									Hutchison NNP
excavating VBG									excavating VBG
affirmative JJ NN								affirmative JJ NN
Serafin NNP									Serafin NNP
breaking VBG JJ NN								breaking VBG JJ NN
braided JJ VBN									braided JJ VBN
re-regulation NN								re-regulation NN
Ceartaine JJ									Ceartaine JJ
long-life JJ									long-life JJ
monsters NNS									monsters NNS
Galveston NNP									Galveston NNP
Gomez NNP									Gomez NNP
Li'l JJ										Li'l JJ
wholly RB									wholly RB
toxic JJ NN									toxic JJ NN
Sieux NNP									Sieux NNP
lubricated VBN									lubricated VBN
contentious JJ									contentious JJ
emphysema NN									emphysema NN
sir NN UH									sir NN UH
batter NN VB									batter NN VB
celebrators NNS									celebrators NNS
spectrometer NN									spectrometer NN
'Have VB									'Have VB
Nitze NNP									Nitze NNP
Gregory NNP									Gregory NNP
Aware JJ									Aware JJ
kooks NNS									kooks NNS
Pre-College NNP									Pre-College NNP
strangulation NN								strangulation NN
mucky JJ									mucky JJ
Threatened VBD									Threatened VBD
fermented VBN									fermented VBN
Beep NNP NN									Beep NNP NN
Gelb NNP									Gelb NNP
vacated VBN VBD									vacated VBN VBD
furnace NN									furnace NN
terry NN									terry NN
a-GM NNP									a-GM NNP
rococo JJ NN									rococo JJ NN
Pty. NNP									Pty. NNP
Haase NNP									Haase NNP
Drury NNP									Drury NNP
urinals NNS									urinals NNS
university-trained JJ								university-trained JJ
Essen NNP									Essen NNP
Zigarlick NNP									Zigarlick NNP
year-long JJ									year-long JJ
Messiaen NNP									Messiaen NNP
third-floor JJ									third-floor JJ
taunts NNS									taunts NNS
discredit VB NN									discredit VB NN
headlining VBG									headlining VBG
Rifkind NNP									Rifkind NNP
rhinotracheitis NN								rhinotracheitis NN
Chip NNP NN									Chip NNP NN
temporary-help JJ NN								temporary-help JJ NN
Claridge NNP									Claridge NNP
power-hungry JJ									power-hungry JJ
Curzio NNP									Curzio NNP
Movies NNP NNS									Movies NNP NNS
wring VB									wring VB
anatomically RB									anatomically RB
Newsote NNP									Newsote NNP
, , JJ NN UH									, , JJ NN UH
Mezzogiorno NNP									Mezzogiorno NNP
Dousman NNP									Dousman NNP
scorcher NN									scorcher NN
Thom NNP									Thom NNP
Malvenius NNP									Malvenius NNP
sawmill NN									sawmill NN
into IN RP									into IN RP
Milka NNP									Milka NNP
trade-preparatory NN								trade-preparatory NN
admittances NNS									admittances NNS
pre-med JJ									pre-med JJ
Krause NNP									Krause NNP
Raw JJ										Raw JJ
heaviness NN									heaviness NN
neuritis NN									neuritis NN
ligands NNS									ligands NNS
cooped JJ NN VBN								cooped JJ NN VBN
Fire NNP NN									Fire NNP NN
pepperoni NNS									pepperoni NNS
virtual JJ									virtual JJ
preprivatization NN								preprivatization NN
Elanco NNP									Elanco NNP
Christophers NNPS								Christophers NNPS
predominates VBZ								predominates VBZ
Units NNP NNPS NNS								Units NNP NNPS NNS
national-treasure JJ								national-treasure JJ
milquetoast NN									milquetoast NN
MacKinnon NNP									MacKinnon NNP
CoAdvil NNP									CoAdvil NNP
inspire VB VBP									inspire VB VBP
retaliation NN									retaliation NN
Quacks NNS									Quacks NNS
end-run NN									end-run NN
Jarrett NNP									Jarrett NNP
all-employee JJ									all-employee JJ
outlays NNS									outlays NNS
adoptees NNS									adoptees NNS
evolutionary JJ									evolutionary JJ
La NNP FW									La NNP FW
deprived VBN VBN|JJ VBD								deprived VBN VBN|JJ VBD
Karcher NNP									Karcher NNP
expedition NN									expedition NN
Berton NNP									Berton NNP
warped VBN JJ									warped VBN JJ
Muniz NNP									Muniz NNP
qui FW										qui FW
parliamentarians NNS								parliamentarians NNS
Ragsdale NNP									Ragsdale NNP
prolonging VBG									prolonging VBG
ascetics NNS									ascetics NNS
Yancey-6 NN									Yancey-6 NN
Volume NN NNP									Volume NN NNP
sedimentary JJ									sedimentary JJ
egg-on-the-face JJ								egg-on-the-face JJ
groin NN									groin NN
exhibited VBN VBD								exhibited VBN VBD
His PRP$ NNP									His PRP$ NNP
nociceptive JJ									nociceptive JJ
Body-building JJ								Body-building JJ
unrolled JJ									unrolled JJ
matsyendra NN									matsyendra NN
--Of IN										--Of IN
American-style JJ								American-style JJ
Calaveras NNS									Calaveras NNS
procreative JJ									procreative JJ
statistician NN									statistician NN
lunar JJ									lunar JJ
B'dikkat's NNS									B'dikkat's NNS
thermometry NN									thermometry NN
necromantic JJ									necromantic JJ
suffocating VBG JJ								suffocating VBG JJ
Planners NNS NNPS NNP								Planners NNS NNPS NNP
earnings NNS NN									earnings NNS NN
elephant-like JJ								elephant-like JJ
test-preparation JJ								test-preparation JJ
humiliating JJ									humiliating JJ
Farrells NNPS									Farrells NNPS
Testifies VBZ									Testifies VBZ
Ada NNP										Ada NNP
somatostatin NN									somatostatin NN
mouthing VBG									mouthing VBG
landscaped VBN JJ								landscaped VBN JJ
perked VBD VBN									perked VBD VBN
dyed-in-the-wool JJ								dyed-in-the-wool JJ
troublesome JJ									troublesome JJ
dBase NNP									dBase NNP
sublicense NN									sublicense NN
Mercedes-Benz NNP								Mercedes-Benz NNP
pre-eminent JJ									pre-eminent JJ
well-fitted JJ									well-fitted JJ
Prawiro NNP									Prawiro NNP
registration NN									registration NN
demonstrating VBG								demonstrating VBG
Mareb NNP									Mareb NNP
handouts NNS									handouts NNS
operation NN									operation NN
veto-proof JJ									veto-proof JJ
paleness NN									paleness NN
limped VBD VBN									limped VBD VBN
tremendously RB									tremendously RB
presto RB									presto RB
Wealthy NNP									Wealthy NNP
twigs NNS									twigs NNS
sporty JJ									sporty JJ
south RB JJ NN									south RB JJ NN
epicurean NN									epicurean NN
fastener NN									fastener NN
snowball NN VB									snowball NN VB
gosaimasu FW									gosaimasu FW
remorse NN									remorse NN
apprehend VB									apprehend VB
Loewi NNP									Loewi NNP
compulsives NNS									compulsives NNS
sustainability NN								sustainability NN
Staley NNP									Staley NNP
BanPonce NNP									BanPonce NNP
Lapin FW									Lapin FW
imploring VBG									imploring VBG
magic-practicing JJ								magic-practicing JJ
mega JJ										mega JJ
Sonic JJ									Sonic JJ
campsites NNS									campsites NNS
homo-hatred NN									homo-hatred NN
Flag NN										Flag NN
Ellison NNP									Ellison NNP
Research-and-development NN							Research-and-development NN
Rise NN NNP VBP VB								Rise NN NNP VBP VB
NSA NNP										NSA NNP
sours VBZ									sours VBZ
Aikin NNP									Aikin NNP
well-stuffed JJ									well-stuffed JJ
slumlord NN									slumlord NN
enhances VBZ									enhances VBZ
policy-setting JJ								policy-setting JJ
infused VBN									infused VBN
maintainence NN									maintainence NN
skirting VBG									skirting VBG
school-improvement JJ NN							school-improvement JJ NN
Milwaukee NNP									Milwaukee NNP
currents NNS									currents NNS
observation NN									observation NN
SeaEscape NNP									SeaEscape NNP
sufferers NNS									sufferers NNS
cash NN VB									cash NN VB
Routo-Jig NN									Routo-Jig NN
investment-house NN								investment-house NN
gret JJ										gret JJ
capacity-expansion JJ NN							capacity-expansion JJ NN
college-sports NNS JJ								college-sports NNS JJ
Cray*/NNP-3 CD									Cray*/NNP-3 CD
intruded VBN VBD								intruded VBN VBD
Citizen NNP NN									Citizen NNP NN
Hamburg NNP									Hamburg NNP
stock-repurchase JJ								stock-repurchase JJ
doweling NN									doweling NN
smoothest JJS									smoothest JJS
Teflon NNP									Teflon NNP
gossipy JJ									gossipy JJ
torrid JJ									torrid JJ
utero NN									utero NN
sociologically RB								sociologically RB
f'r IN										f'r IN
lapel NN									lapel NN
short-seller NN									short-seller NN
Revlon NNP NN									Revlon NNP NN
expiration NN									expiration NN
Dorsey NNP									Dorsey NNP
vicious JJ									vicious JJ
Officielle NNP									Officielle NNP
Paini NNP									Paini NNP
Grange NNP									Grange NNP
hotel-management NN								hotel-management NN
Knightfall NNP									Knightfall NNP
entreat VB									entreat VB
maidens NNS									maidens NNS
brushbacks NNS									brushbacks NNS
Ballard NNP									Ballard NNP
stylistically RB								stylistically RB
Comtes NNP									Comtes NNP
hawk NN VBP VB									hawk NN VBP VB
Shrugged VBN									Shrugged VBN
spectators NNS									spectators NNS
shod JJ										shod JJ
Aspilia NN									Aspilia NN
CFC-11 NN									CFC-11 NN
construction NN									construction NN
fertilization NN								fertilization NN
accelerometers NNS								accelerometers NNS
undelivered JJ									undelivered JJ
Stickler NN									Stickler NN
Revenue NN NNP									Revenue NN NNP
Slo-Flo NNP									Slo-Flo NNP
NW NNP										NW NNP
affiliated VBN JJ								affiliated VBN JJ
moguls NNS									moguls NNS
competitions NNS								competitions NNS
fetal-vulnerability JJ								fetal-vulnerability JJ
adjusters NNS									adjusters NNS
honorific NN									honorific NN
annual JJ NN									annual JJ NN
T8 NNP										T8 NNP
Eppel NNP									Eppel NNP
Magten NNP									Magten NNP
Bangkok-Rangoon NNP								Bangkok-Rangoon NNP
Deterrent NN									Deterrent NN
uproar NN									uproar NN
sprawl NN VBP VB								sprawl NN VBP VB
E&P NNP										E&P NNP
prescient JJ									prescient JJ
Deere NNP									Deere NNP
Boardman NNP									Boardman NNP
Valladolid NNP									Valladolid NNP
Metallgesellschaft NNP NN							Metallgesellschaft NNP NN
Bengali JJ NNP									Bengali JJ NNP
beginners NNS									beginners NNS
Nye NNP										Nye NNP
torrents NNS									torrents NNS
stuffing VBG NN									stuffing VBG NN
foci NNS									foci NNS
Defensive JJ									Defensive JJ
RNAs NNS									RNAs NNS
Merkel NNP									Merkel NNP
Generalizations NNS								Generalizations NNS
soft-cookie NN									soft-cookie NN
Minh NNP									Minh NNP
covenant NN									covenant NN
neighbourhood NN								neighbourhood NN
dere NN										dere NN
Brinkley NNP									Brinkley NNP
tumbler NN									tumbler NN
booty NN									booty NN
big-souled JJ									big-souled JJ
Dynamic NNP									Dynamic NNP
fighting VBG VBG|NN JJ NN							fighting VBG VBG|NN JJ NN
anti-cigarette JJ								anti-cigarette JJ
Greek-Danish NNP								Greek-Danish NNP
Kelman NNP									Kelman NNP
splayed VBD									splayed VBD
elementary-school JJ								elementary-school JJ
grogginess NN									grogginess NN
bamboo NN									bamboo NN
recreating VBG									recreating VBG
ethics NNS NN									ethics NNS NN
Remics NNS NNPS									Remics NNS NNPS
post-modernism NN								post-modernism NN
figures NNS VBZ									figures NNS VBZ
recharged VBN									recharged VBN
obfuscation NN									obfuscation NN
Barbera NNP									Barbera NNP
Ogallala NNP									Ogallala NNP
oath NN										oath NN
Die-hard JJ									Die-hard JJ
Gabelli NNP									Gabelli NNP
unjustly RB									unjustly RB
tooling VBG NN									tooling VBG NN
fancifully RB									fancifully RB
equipped VBN JJ VBD								equipped VBN JJ VBD
festivities NNS									festivities NNS
sleepwalkers NNS								sleepwalkers NNS
ransacked VBN VBD								ransacked VBN VBD
Identification NNP								Identification NNP
Japanese-Americans NNPS NNS							Japanese-Americans NNPS NNS
Carolinian NNP									Carolinian NNP
aiding VBG									aiding VBG
anti-smoking JJ									anti-smoking JJ
OR CC										OR CC
undeserved JJ									undeserved JJ
borrower NN									borrower NN
raised VBN VBD JJ								raised VBN VBD JJ
corridors NNS									corridors NNS
Crupi NNP									Crupi NNP
unconstitutional JJ								unconstitutional JJ
complaints NNS									complaints NNS
civil JJ									civil JJ
exertions NNS									exertions NNS
After-the-fact JJ								After-the-fact JJ
Dominant JJ NNP									Dominant JJ NNP
snakestrike NN									snakestrike NN
rehabilitating VBG								rehabilitating VBG
Ilford NNP									Ilford NNP
Strindberg NNP									Strindberg NNP
Eighteenth-century JJ								Eighteenth-century JJ
encampment NN									encampment NN
Welsh NNP JJ									Welsh NNP JJ
crumble VB									crumble VB
mountainside NN									mountainside NN
Wolcyrz NNP									Wolcyrz NNP
pressman NN									pressman NN
Quemoy NNP									Quemoy NNP
re-declared VBD									re-declared VBD
Smetek NNP									Smetek NNP
Taek NNP									Taek NNP
Robbie NNP									Robbie NNP
Fredrik NNP									Fredrik NNP
FPA NNP										FPA NNP
Britannia NNP									Britannia NNP
Breton NNP									Breton NNP
interrupt VB VBP								interrupt VB VBP
Ibias NNP									Ibias NNP
polyether NN									polyether NN
dappled JJ									dappled JJ
Paul NNP									Paul NNP
Giblen NNP									Giblen NNP
newscaster NN									newscaster NN
fine-tune VB									fine-tune VB
tagged VBN VBD JJ								tagged VBN VBD JJ
guardedly RB									guardedly RB
Gingrich NNP									Gingrich NNP
gratify VB									gratify VB
far-out JJ									far-out JJ
beer-drinker NN									beer-drinker NN
Tariffs NNPS NNP								Tariffs NNPS NNP
Existence NN									Existence NN
Karches NNP									Karches NNP
paramagnetic JJ									paramagnetic JJ
palpably RB									palpably RB
indecision NN									indecision NN
Julie NNP									Julie NNP
Belorussian NNP									Belorussian NNP
super-experiment NN								super-experiment NN
Words NNS NNPS									Words NNS NNPS
semi-special JJ									semi-special JJ
duffel NN									duffel NN
Panamanians NNS NNPS								Panamanians NNS NNPS
PM NNP										PM NNP
Vose NNP									Vose NNP
distal JJ									distal JJ
large-screen JJ									large-screen JJ
reinforcement NN								reinforcement NN
Biondi NNP									Biondi NNP
nonrecourse JJ									nonrecourse JJ
V. NNP CC IN									V. NNP CC IN
directly RB									directly RB
sloppiness NN									sloppiness NN
flattering JJ									flattering JJ
Chafic NNP									Chafic NNP
fee-for-service JJ								fee-for-service JJ
box-sized JJ									box-sized JJ
Tomilson NNP									Tomilson NNP
beheading NN VBG								beheading NN VBG
asked... :									asked... :
retouching NN									retouching NN
Sheraton-Pan NNP								Sheraton-Pan NNP
three-page JJ									three-page JJ
disarmament NN									disarmament NN
hair-relaxer NN									hair-relaxer NN
upturned JJ									upturned JJ
guiltiness NN									guiltiness NN
distinctive JJ									distinctive JJ
Schleiermacher NNP								Schleiermacher NNP
Mutton NNP									Mutton NNP
outbound JJ									outbound JJ
lassitude NN									lassitude NN
averted VBN VBD									averted VBN VBD
flat-topped JJ									flat-topped JJ
protuberance NN									protuberance NN
Fall NNP NN VB									Fall NNP NN VB
weaning VBG									weaning VBG
lunch NN VB									lunch NN VB
Affaires NNP									Affaires NNP
Campania NNP									Campania NNP
Commentary NNP									Commentary NNP
Adios-On NNP									Adios-On NNP
neo-populist JJ									neo-populist JJ
Japanese-based JJ								Japanese-based JJ
electricians NNS								electricians NNS
traders NNS									traders NNS
Kruk NNP									Kruk NNP
addressed VBN JJ VBD								addressed VBN JJ VBD
Three-month JJ									Three-month JJ
picnic NN									picnic NN
detracted VBN									detracted VBN
stupor NN									stupor NN
Hammarskjold NNP								Hammarskjold NNP
Route NNP IN NN									Route NNP IN NN
Blot NNP									Blot NNP
scarecrowish JJ									scarecrowish JJ
repassed VBN									repassed VBN
liken VBP									liken VBP
trousers-pockets NNS								trousers-pockets NNS
purposeless JJ									purposeless JJ
promotional JJ									promotional JJ
IMF-guided JJ									IMF-guided JJ
Dismounting VBG									Dismounting VBG
woodpecker NN									woodpecker NN
Inexpensive JJ									Inexpensive JJ
Trim VB NN NNP VBP								Trim VB NN NNP VBP
tardiness NN									tardiness NN
temperaments NNS								temperaments NNS
high-sounding JJ								high-sounding JJ
repatriate VB VBP								repatriate VB VBP
uppercut NN									uppercut NN
Phenolic JJ									Phenolic JJ
beech NN									beech NN
adhesive JJ NN									adhesive JJ NN
black-white JJ									black-white JJ
Cost NN NNP									Cost NN NNP
Clanahan NNP									Clanahan NNP
contemplation NN								contemplation NN
Vranian NNP									Vranian NNP
Majesties NNPS									Majesties NNPS
Rax NNP										Rax NNP
FMR NNP										FMR NNP
unagi FW									unagi FW
Ayala NNP									Ayala NNP
spectre NN									spectre NN
Outlook NN NNP									Outlook NN NNP
prostitution NN									prostitution NN
Buechel NNP									Buechel NNP
non-productive JJ								non-productive JJ
nattily RB									nattily RB
incite VB VBP									incite VB VBP
Piccadilly NNP JJ								Piccadilly NNP JJ
disbursed VBN VBD								disbursed VBN VBD
Keath NNP									Keath NNP
Tortillas NNPS									Tortillas NNPS
Unoccupied JJ									Unoccupied JJ
dachshounds NNS									dachshounds NNS
singleness NN									singleness NN
Obligingly RB									Obligingly RB
amici FW									amici FW
-$ $										-$ $
absolutes NNS									absolutes NNS
Gaither NNP									Gaither NNP
Euro-jogging JJ									Euro-jogging JJ
resource NN									resource NN
represent VB VBP								represent VB VBP
specialty-chemical NN								specialty-chemical NN
physician-reimbursement JJ							physician-reimbursement JJ
Hamer NNP									Hamer NNP
Bogacheva NNP									Bogacheva NNP
workbenches NNS									workbenches NNS
Whiteman NNP									Whiteman NNP
buccolic JJ									buccolic JJ
Lived VBD									Lived VBD
vocalist NN									vocalist NN
Oshinsky NNP									Oshinsky NNP
liposomes NNS									liposomes NNS
synthesized VBN									synthesized VBN
ready-to-wear JJ								ready-to-wear JJ
forgetful JJ									forgetful JJ
bagel NN									bagel NN
Darwin NNP									Darwin NNP
slabs NNS									slabs NNS
ninth-circuit JJ								ninth-circuit JJ
ringer NN									ringer NN
demise NN									demise NN
- :										- :
perk JJ VB									perk JJ VB
interviews NNS VBZ								interviews NNS VBZ
analytical-instruments JJ							analytical-instruments JJ
long-term JJ NN RB NNS								long-term JJ NN RB NNS
defunded VBN									defunded VBN
Viacom NNP									Viacom NNP
air-launched JJ									air-launched JJ
Stressed VBN									Stressed VBN
nodular JJ									nodular JJ
Offutt NNP									Offutt NNP
rainout NN									rainout NN
flied VBD									flied VBD
nuclear-tipped JJ								nuclear-tipped JJ
Vice NNP NN									Vice NNP NN
outrageously RB									outrageously RB
ferromagnetic JJ								ferromagnetic JJ
dined VBD VBN									dined VBD VBN
ardent JJ									ardent JJ
Thatcher NNP									Thatcher NNP
coolants NNS									coolants NNS
conserve VB									conserve VB
Magdalena NNP									Magdalena NNP
Crucians NNPS									Crucians NNPS
rummaged VBD									rummaged VBD
Milt NNP									Milt NNP
beefore IN									beefore IN
sundials NNS									sundials NNS
afoul RB									afoul RB
exceptional JJ									exceptional JJ
Tourist NNP NN									Tourist NNP NN
CFC-12 NN NNP									CFC-12 NN NNP
Cree NNP									Cree NNP
Wish-List NN									Wish-List NN
frigates NNS									frigates NNS
reinvestigating VBG								reinvestigating VBG
Hodges NNP									Hodges NNP
beckon VBP VB									beckon VBP VB
devotional JJ									devotional JJ
Christmastime NNP								Christmastime NNP
overmedicated VBN								overmedicated VBN
sows VBZ NNS									sows VBZ NNS
bar'l NN									bar'l NN
post-surgery JJ									post-surgery JJ
intensified VBN VBD JJ								intensified VBN VBD JJ
pay-per-view JJ									pay-per-view JJ
tumbles VBZ NNS									tumbles VBZ NNS
Wander-Years NNP								Wander-Years NNP
Veritrac NNP									Veritrac NNP
impostor NN									impostor NN
Dorian NNP									Dorian NNP
past. NN									past. NN
kindle VB									kindle VB
institutionalized VBN JJ							institutionalized VBN JJ
tongs NNS									tongs NNS
winches NNS									winches NNS
dairies NNS									dairies NNS
chimed VBD									chimed VBD
cutthroat JJ									cutthroat JJ
hauled VBD VBN									hauled VBD VBN
pitfall NN									pitfall NN
spirits NNS									spirits NNS
thirty CD									thirty CD
Sofitel NNP									Sofitel NNP
Drovers NNS									Drovers NNS
Taff NNP									Taff NNP
polymerase NN									polymerase NN
lime NN										lime NN
Reb NN										Reb NN
fast-spreading JJ								fast-spreading JJ
Dortch NNP									Dortch NNP
shy JJ NN RB VB VBP								shy JJ NN RB VB VBP
estates NNS									estates NNS
culled VBN									culled VBN
alcoholic-beverage NN								alcoholic-beverage NN
withheld VBN VBD								withheld VBN VBD
screaming VBG JJ NN								screaming VBG JJ NN
telepathy NN									telepathy NN
shoe NN										shoe NN
self-insure VBP									self-insure VBP
assuage VB									assuage VB
Nehf NNP									Nehf NNP
bin NN										bin NN
microchip NN JJ									microchip NN JJ
year-end NN JJ RB								year-end NN JJ RB
electrical-safety JJ								electrical-safety JJ
binary JJ									binary JJ
Krasnow NNP									Krasnow NNP
impotence NN									impotence NN
dollars... :									dollars... :
tilt-rotor JJ									tilt-rotor JJ
hours NNS VBZ									hours NNS VBZ
ovarian JJ									ovarian JJ
audio-specialty NN								audio-specialty NN
Agura NNP									Agura NNP
ascertain VB									ascertain VB
tough-looking JJ								tough-looking JJ
Chromium NN									Chromium NN
Jeremy NNP									Jeremy NNP
presenter NN									presenter NN
stylist NN									stylist NN
backslapping VBG								backslapping VBG
Bretherick NNP									Bretherick NNP
Cousin NNP NN									Cousin NNP NN
clairvoyance NN									clairvoyance NN
Having VBG NNP									Having VBG NNP
ions NNS									ions NNS
imaginations NNS								imaginations NNS
doubling VBG NN									doubling VBG NN
receptivity NN									receptivity NN
Northeast NNP JJ NN								Northeast NNP JJ NN
Slavery NN NNP									Slavery NN NNP
Pod NNP										Pod NNP
Jiffy-Couch-a-Bed NNP								Jiffy-Couch-a-Bed NNP
Rosenbaum NNP									Rosenbaum NNP
Clothestime NNP									Clothestime NNP
instant-credit NN								instant-credit NN
Creators NNS									Creators NNS
Baubles NNPS									Baubles NNPS
Andee NNP									Andee NNP
Jeux FW										Jeux FW
Seymour NNP									Seymour NNP
leaping VBG JJ|VBG								leaping VBG JJ|VBG
loose JJ RB VB RB|RP								loose JJ RB VB RB|RP
saintly JJ									saintly JJ
nationhood NN									nationhood NN
coat... :									coat... :
Sunshine NNP									Sunshine NNP
pegging VBG									pegging VBG
bide VB										bide VB
Jordonelle NNP									Jordonelle NNP
HK$ $										HK$ $
C-12 NN										C-12 NN
Honey NNP NN									Honey NNP NN
admirals NNS									admirals NNS
Rolexes NNPS									Rolexes NNPS
consecutive JJ									consecutive JJ
similarity NN									similarity NN
premium-food NN									premium-food NN
larger-capitalization JJ							larger-capitalization JJ
infringes VBZ									infringes VBZ
pickups NNS									pickups NNS
Filene NNP									Filene NNP
unbearably RB									unbearably RB
telecines NNS									telecines NNS
Hamburgers NNP NNS								Hamburgers NNP NNS
Mardi NNP									Mardi NNP
Tolubeyev NNP									Tolubeyev NNP
sermon NN									sermon NN
DDG-51 NNP									DDG-51 NNP
canners NNS									canners NNS
SunGard NNP									SunGard NNP
offsets VBZ NNS									offsets VBZ NNS
barbecue NN VB									barbecue NN VB
L'Turu NNP									L'Turu NNP
Ferrari NNP									Ferrari NNP
Lippincott NNP									Lippincott NNP
addressee NN									addressee NN
XA2000 NNP									XA2000 NNP
Morrison NNP									Morrison NNP
wafer NN									wafer NN
Hnilica NNP									Hnilica NNP
allow VB VBP									allow VB VBP
correspondent NN								correspondent NN
gown NN										gown NN
remissions NNS									remissions NNS
caro FW										caro FW
insensitivity NN								insensitivity NN
sanctorum FW									sanctorum FW
folkish JJ									folkish JJ
publishing-group JJ								publishing-group JJ
indoor JJ									indoor JJ
strikingly RB									strikingly RB
dole VB NN VBP									dole VB NN VBP
footbridge NN									footbridge NN
Lawyer NNP									Lawyer NNP
interrupted VBN JJ VBD								interrupted VBN JJ VBD
neighbours NNS									neighbours NNS
impressive JJ									impressive JJ
fruitfully RB									fruitfully RB
shootin VBG									shootin VBG
computer-reservation JJ NN							computer-reservation JJ NN
deadliness NN									deadliness NN
Bouillaire NNP									Bouillaire NNP
AjA NNP										AjA NNP
plunked VBD									plunked VBD
governments NNS									governments NNS
theaf NN									theaf NN
impurities NNS									impurities NNS
modesty NN									modesty NN
interval NN									interval NN
truest JJS									truest JJS
bombast NN									bombast NN
chevre NN									chevre NN
Deeper JJR									Deeper JJR
Problem NNP									Problem NNP
snapshots NNS									snapshots NNS
allege VBP VB									allege VBP VB
compulsive JJ									compulsive JJ
extols VBZ									extols VBZ
L'orchestre NNP									L'orchestre NNP
Fiering NNP									Fiering NNP
coating NN VBG									coating NN VBG
mists NNS									mists NNS
Plaskett NNP									Plaskett NNP
ESN NN										ESN NN
Project NNP NN									Project NNP NN
Mitchel NNP									Mitchel NNP
Dass FW										Dass FW
Beer NN NNP									Beer NN NNP
illness NN									illness NN
Cambodians NNPS									Cambodians NNPS
La. NNP										La. NNP
subcontractor NN								subcontractor NN
excorciate VB									excorciate VB
Barbie NNP									Barbie NNP
Geld NNP									Geld NNP
Dappertutto NNP									Dappertutto NNP
derived VBN VBD									derived VBN VBD
Thoughts NNP NNPS								Thoughts NNP NNPS
insulation NN									insulation NN
L.R. NNP									L.R. NNP
beauty NN									beauty NN
key JJ NN VB									key JJ NN VB
handkerchief NN									handkerchief NN
fleeting JJ									fleeting JJ
tragicomic JJ NN								tragicomic JJ NN
Seko NNP									Seko NNP
Panama-incorporated JJ								Panama-incorporated JJ
gold-card-carrying JJ								gold-card-carrying JJ
great-uncles NNS								great-uncles NNS
Alumni NNPS									Alumni NNPS
Schuman NNP									Schuman NNP
vocal\ JJ									vocal\ JJ
Souza NNP									Souza NNP
Aluminium NNP									Aluminium NNP
hardship NN									hardship NN
devoutly RB									devoutly RB
Pinky NNP									Pinky NNP
Anglophobia NN									Anglophobia NN
Sandberg NNP									Sandberg NNP
Armond NNP									Armond NNP
Rita NNP									Rita NNP
wrack NN VBP									wrack NN VBP
Administration NNP NN								Administration NNP NN
milder JJR									milder JJR
Obispo NNP									Obispo NNP
Oilers NNP NNPS									Oilers NNP NNPS
Nuell NNP									Nuell NNP
acutely RB									acutely RB
casualties NNS									casualties NNS
anti-business JJ								anti-business JJ
highwayman NN									highwayman NN
diffusely RB									diffusely RB
logistics-computer NN								logistics-computer NN
Jackson NNP									Jackson NNP
Point-Pepperell NNP								Point-Pepperell NNP
Fallen NNP JJ									Fallen NNP JJ
Slackened VBN									Slackened VBN
weary JJ									weary JJ
XR4Ti NNP									XR4Ti NNP
Player NNP NN									Player NNP NN
debunked VBN									debunked VBN
Additive NN									Additive NN
Messerschmitt-Boelkow NNP							Messerschmitt-Boelkow NNP
antibodies NNS									antibodies NNS
naturally RB									naturally RB
Internaional NNP								Internaional NNP
disperse VB									disperse VB
Britannic JJ									Britannic JJ
ten-day JJ									ten-day JJ
semiconductor NN								semiconductor NN
Lords NNPS NNP NNS								Lords NNPS NNP NNS
cremation NN									cremation NN
plutonium NN									plutonium NN
irresistibly RB									irresistibly RB
Wartzman NNP									Wartzman NNP
exclusive JJ NN									exclusive JJ NN
sit VB FW VBP									sit VB FW VBP
dissatisfaction NN								dissatisfaction NN
Schmedel NNP									Schmedel NNP
hectares NNS									hectares NNS
DC-9 JJ NN NNP									DC-9 JJ NN NNP
soldier NN									soldier NN
unimpeachable JJ								unimpeachable JJ
Straightened VBN								Straightened VBN
proportionality NN								proportionality NN
auto-dealer NN									auto-dealer NN
entry-level JJ									entry-level JJ
option-based JJ									option-based JJ
unfunded JJ									unfunded JJ
horseplay NN									horseplay NN
Repertory NNP									Repertory NNP
exerted VBN VBD									exerted VBN VBD
film-festival NN								film-festival NN
travails NNS									travails NNS
Bartholow NNP									Bartholow NNP
amending VBG									amending VBG
Ambler NNP									Ambler NNP
ports NNS									ports NNS
Marco NNP									Marco NNP
well-entrenched JJ								well-entrenched JJ
Late-night JJ									Late-night JJ
powerplants NNS									powerplants NNS
Y-cells NNS									Y-cells NNS
garlic NN									garlic NN
lounged VBD									lounged VBD
sea-food NN									sea-food NN
Benelli NNP									Benelli NNP
indexation NN									indexation NN
palmtop NN									palmtop NN
Orden NNP									Orden NNP
payers NNS									payers NNS
Lillehammer NNP									Lillehammer NNP
centerfold NN									centerfold NN
sharpshooters NNS								sharpshooters NNS
fulfilled VBN VBD								fulfilled VBN VBD
state-owned JJ									state-owned JJ
Lindemann NNP									Lindemann NNP
vocational-advancement JJ							vocational-advancement JJ
Filling VBG NNP									Filling VBG NNP
shakily RB									shakily RB
Ah-ah UH									Ah-ah UH
savings-type JJ									savings-type JJ
stress-producing JJ								stress-producing JJ
Rube NNP									Rube NNP
Barbanell NNP									Barbanell NNP
cameraman NN									cameraman NN
material NN JJ									material NN JJ
portent NN									portent NN
GHR NNP										GHR NNP
ribonucleic JJ									ribonucleic JJ
Carthago FW									Carthago FW
adult-training JJ								adult-training JJ
Patricia NNP									Patricia NNP
Responsible JJ									Responsible JJ
majestic JJ									majestic JJ
attarcks NNS									attarcks NNS
ski NN JJ VB VBP								ski NN JJ VB VBP
wondering VBG NN								wondering VBG NN
pheasants NNS									pheasants NNS
Narragansett NNP								Narragansett NNP
repatriating VBG								repatriating VBG
Sartre NNP									Sartre NNP
dupes VBZ									dupes VBZ
junkholders NNS									junkholders NNS
Parvenu NNP									Parvenu NNP
Maniffature NNP									Maniffature NNP
latching VBG									latching VBG
nitrofurantoin NN								nitrofurantoin NN
export-oriented JJ								export-oriented JJ
modulations NNS									modulations NNS
junkyard NN									junkyard NN
Lyaki NNP									Lyaki NNP
retirees NNS									retirees NNS
outgrow VB									outgrow VB
pre-planning NN									pre-planning NN
friendliness NN									friendliness NN
Wants VBZ									Wants VBZ
dense JJ									dense JJ
Deportees NNS									Deportees NNS
booked VBN VBD									booked VBN VBD
untraditional JJ								untraditional JJ
Eppelmann NNP									Eppelmann NNP
Nietzsche NNP									Nietzsche NNP
Houdini NNP									Houdini NNP
emanating VBG									emanating VBG
cues NNS									cues NNS
um FW UH PRP									um FW UH PRP
Ter-Arutunian NNP								Ter-Arutunian NNP
Totally RB									Totally RB
battle-cry NN									battle-cry NN
three-power JJ									three-power JJ
broccoli NNS									broccoli NNS
missy NN									missy NN
Scali NNP									Scali NNP
Doubt NN VBP									Doubt NN VBP
Partisans NNS									Partisans NNS
McCaskill NNP									McCaskill NNP
fast-grossing JJ								fast-grossing JJ
blackening NN									blackening NN
Javanese JJ									Javanese JJ
Eliminate VB									Eliminate VB
Evzone NNP									Evzone NNP
Andress NNP									Andress NNP
plague NN VB VBP								plague NN VB VBP
Vivier NNP									Vivier NNP
Kare NNP									Kare NNP
Anadarko NNP									Anadarko NNP
calmly RB									calmly RB
Dread NNP									Dread NNP
N.J. NNP									N.J. NNP
dimension NN VB									dimension NN VB
Cuddeford NNP									Cuddeford NNP
Takuma NNP									Takuma NNP
conclusions NNS									conclusions NNS
Rome-based JJ									Rome-based JJ
Birgit NNP									Birgit NNP
Marlon NNP									Marlon NNP
Whiteley NNP									Whiteley NNP
serological JJ									serological JJ
gift NN										gift NN
intercept NN VBP VB								intercept NN VBP VB
musically RB									musically RB
cross-section NN								cross-section NN
Bevmark NNP									Bevmark NNP
computer-unit JJ								computer-unit JJ
'D NNP										'D NNP
Datas NNP									Datas NNP
scions NNS									scions NNS
dislocated JJ									dislocated JJ
veridical JJ									veridical JJ
Stennett NNP									Stennett NNP
anticipatory JJ									anticipatory JJ
Pantera NNP									Pantera NNP
Improvements NNP NNS								Improvements NNP NNS
yellows NNS									yellows NNS
danseur FW									danseur FW
deficitcutting NN								deficitcutting NN
headboard NN									headboard NN
Pilsudski NNP									Pilsudski NNP
vitally RB									vitally RB
xylem NN									xylem NN
Loren NNP									Loren NNP
Libel NNP									Libel NNP
awaits VBZ									awaits VBZ
valves NNS									valves NNS
blandly RB									blandly RB
kerchiefed JJ									kerchiefed JJ
have... :									have... :
tangent JJ NN									tangent JJ NN
Kroczek NNP									Kroczek NNP
bioinsecticides NNS								bioinsecticides NNS
shuffle NN VB VBP								shuffle NN VB VBP
fabricated VBN VBD JJ								fabricated VBN VBD JJ
sub-chiefdom NN									sub-chiefdom NN
publicity-shy JJ								publicity-shy JJ
ancestry NN									ancestry NN
weeping VBG NN									weeping VBG NN
haranguing VBG									haranguing VBG
forethought NN									forethought NN
Londontowne NNP									Londontowne NNP
mouthpiece NN									mouthpiece NN
intensive-care JJ NN								intensive-care JJ NN
gratis JJ RB									gratis JJ RB
'Christian JJ									'Christian JJ
reinvestigation NN								reinvestigation NN
Gladden NNP									Gladden NNP
amide NN									amide NN
d'entretenir FW									d'entretenir FW
coarseness NN									coarseness NN
whiner NN									whiner NN
meticulously RB									meticulously RB
D.A. NNP NN									D.A. NNP NN
co-sponsored VBD JJ VBN								co-sponsored VBD JJ VBN
. . RP										. . RP
investable JJ									investable JJ
wide-scale JJ									wide-scale JJ
ulcerated JJ									ulcerated JJ
Cambria NNP									Cambria NNP
libertarians NNS								libertarians NNS
Controller NNP									Controller NNP
NSC NNP										NSC NNP
bio NN JJ									bio NN JJ
Camelot NNP									Camelot NNP
RD NNP										RD NNP
ring-labeled JJ									ring-labeled JJ
avoids VBZ									avoids VBZ
costliest JJS									costliest JJS
Rican-American NNP								Rican-American NNP
--William NNP									--William NNP
charmingly RB									charmingly RB
bas-relief NN									bas-relief NN
ten CD										ten CD
Monthly NNP JJ									Monthly NNP JJ
Lecky NNP									Lecky NNP
voltmeter NN									voltmeter NN
spewing VBG									spewing VBG
freight-forwarding JJ								freight-forwarding JJ
Beringer NNP									Beringer NNP
dampened VBD VBN								dampened VBD VBN
Wycombe NNP									Wycombe NNP
inoperative JJ									inoperative JJ
hutments NNS									hutments NNS
avocado NN									avocado NN
cold-weather JJ									cold-weather JJ
litle JJ NN									litle JJ NN
Poe NNP										Poe NNP
Nakazato NNP									Nakazato NNP
brackish JJ									brackish JJ
beneficial JJ									beneficial JJ
Infamous NNP									Infamous NNP
Thortec NNP									Thortec NNP
Lens NNP									Lens NNP
end-of-season JJ								end-of-season JJ
Leaseway NNP									Leaseway NNP
Corney NNP									Corney NNP
carp VBP NN									carp VBP NN
reinvigorated VBN								reinvigorated VBN
steel-stock NN									steel-stock NN
Rottosei NNP									Rottosei NNP
Wrecking NN									Wrecking NN
fine-tuned JJ									fine-tuned JJ
Highway NNP NN									Highway NNP NN
hobble VB									hobble VB
Saatchi NNP NNS									Saatchi NNP NNS
rationing NN									rationing NN
scarce JJ									scarce JJ
Ithaca NNP NN									Ithaca NNP NN
orifices NNS									orifices NNS
comfortable JJ NN								comfortable JJ NN
Boris NNP									Boris NNP
heretofore-accepted JJ								heretofore-accepted JJ
African-Americans NNPS								African-Americans NNPS
suspicious JJ									suspicious JJ
Vander NNP									Vander NNP
Thornton NNP NN									Thornton NNP NN
Ballantine\/Del NNP								Ballantine\/Del NNP
withholds VBZ									withholds VBZ
rat-a-tat-tatty JJ								rat-a-tat-tatty JJ
White-collar JJ									White-collar JJ
livable JJ									livable JJ
politely RB									politely RB
uninsured JJ									uninsured JJ
scintillating JJ								scintillating JJ
vigilantism NN									vigilantism NN
ape NN										ape NN
associate JJ VBP NN VB								associate JJ VBP NN VB
Soviet-finished JJ								Soviet-finished JJ
irk VB										irk VB
low*/JJ-tech NN									low*/JJ-tech NN
Guzzi NNP									Guzzi NNP
squirmy JJ									squirmy JJ
terror NN									terror NN
Duracell NNP									Duracell NNP
Sioux NNP NNPS									Sioux NNP NNPS
Daignault NNP									Daignault NNP
replenishment NN								replenishment NN
Cabinet NNP NN									Cabinet NNP NN
Sanctuary NNP									Sanctuary NNP
Otterlo NNP									Otterlo NNP
screenings NNS									screenings NNS
decidedly RB									decidedly RB
Oliveira NNP									Oliveira NNP
AjB NNP										AjB NNP
stepped-up JJ									stepped-up JJ
Ravenscroft NNP									Ravenscroft NNP
Playes NNP									Playes NNP
Malloy NNP									Malloy NNP
Pontiac NNP									Pontiac NNP
Professor NNP									Professor NNP
centum NN									centum NN
princpal NN									princpal NN
unfinished JJ									unfinished JJ
crane NN VB									crane NN VB
amulet NN									amulet NN
asbestos-containing JJ								asbestos-containing JJ
Communistic JJ									Communistic JJ
Chopin NNP									Chopin NNP
Vida NNP									Vida NNP
heal VB										heal VB
lapped VBD VBN									lapped VBD VBN
away RB RB|RP RP								away RB RB|RP RP
dueled VBD									dueled VBD
Kakuei NNP									Kakuei NNP
two-wheel JJ									two-wheel JJ
reconditioning VBG								reconditioning VBG
meandered VBD									meandered VBD
Rennie NNP									Rennie NNP
Almighty NNP									Almighty NNP
substantiated JJ								substantiated JJ
counter-trend JJ								counter-trend JJ
currently RB JJ									currently RB JJ
Xomen-E5 NNP									Xomen-E5 NNP
Romero NNP									Romero NNP
CreditWatch NNP									CreditWatch NNP
idols NNS									idols NNS
rehabilitation NN								rehabilitation NN
Willett NNP									Willett NNP
Goldome NNP									Goldome NNP
Massachusetts NNP								Massachusetts NNP
salesmanship NN									salesmanship NN
Ruffians NNS									Ruffians NNS
Twinkies NNPS									Twinkies NNPS
early JJ JJ|RB RB								early JJ JJ|RB RB
traditional JJ									traditional JJ
Orel NNP									Orel NNP
medalist NN									medalist NN
abduction NN									abduction NN
Courier-Journal NNP								Courier-Journal NNP
underrate VB									underrate VB
typewriter NN									typewriter NN
Whittle NNP NN									Whittle NNP NN
WON VBP										WON VBP
Inadequate JJ									Inadequate JJ
Doppler NNP									Doppler NNP
gnarled JJ									gnarled JJ
Cove NNP									Cove NNP
aviation NN									aviation NN
Challenger NNP									Challenger NNP
long-term-oriented JJ								long-term-oriented JJ
woodgraining NN									woodgraining NN
freight-bums NNS								freight-bums NNS
convinces VBZ									convinces VBZ
remitting VBG									remitting VBG
inspection NN									inspection NN
leering VBG JJ									leering VBG JJ
light-headed JJ									light-headed JJ
logic NN									logic NN
Trio NNP									Trio NNP
involuntarily RB								involuntarily RB
resorcinol NN JJ								resorcinol NN JJ
Lyneses NNP									Lyneses NNP
tri-motor NN									tri-motor NN
room-rate JJ									room-rate JJ
overbilling VBG									overbilling VBG
minicrash NN									minicrash NN
Transcat NNP									Transcat NNP
queuing VBG									queuing VBG
epitomizes VBZ									epitomizes VBZ
tall-oil JJ									tall-oil JJ
Colnaghi NNP									Colnaghi NNP
predominating VBG								predominating VBG
unnecessarily RB								unnecessarily RB
minefield NN									minefield NN
Courbet NNP									Courbet NNP
Constantinos NNP								Constantinos NNP
meadows NNS									meadows NNS
thread NN									thread NN
exorcise VB									exorcise VB
acquiesce VB									acquiesce VB
fraction NN									fraction NN
stirke NN									stirke NN
Is VBZ NNP									Is VBZ NNP
Including VBG NNP								Including VBG NNP
two-drug JJ									two-drug JJ
Chadbourne NNP									Chadbourne NNP
merged VBN JJ VBD								merged VBN JJ VBD
switch-hitter NN								switch-hitter NN
hamlet NN									hamlet NN
trooper NN									trooper NN
pro-Gorbachev JJ								pro-Gorbachev JJ
audible JJ									audible JJ
revelations NNS									revelations NNS
vaguely RB									vaguely RB
laboratories NNS								laboratories NNS
sportiest JJS									sportiest JJS
Cambrex NNP									Cambrex NNP
accusers NNS									accusers NNS
provisioning VBG NN								provisioning VBG NN
mystic JJ NN									mystic JJ NN
O'Donovan NNP									O'Donovan NNP
Meyer NNP									Meyer NNP
Histadrut NNP									Histadrut NNP
photocopiers NNS								photocopiers NNS
demonstration NN								demonstration NN
Kong-based JJ NNP								Kong-based JJ NNP
Remic-related JJ								Remic-related JJ
Athenians NNPS									Athenians NNPS
brat NN										brat NN
six-foot JJ									six-foot JJ
Stone NNP									Stone NNP
yellow-bellied JJ								yellow-bellied JJ
Houston-Galveston NNP								Houston-Galveston NNP
Diodati NNP									Diodati NNP
uncongenial JJ									uncongenial JJ
Ludie NNP									Ludie NNP
coin-operated JJ								coin-operated JJ
market-share JJ NN								market-share JJ NN
Dhabi NNP									Dhabi NNP
drug-free JJ									drug-free JJ
counter-drill VB								counter-drill VB
recuperation NN									recuperation NN
Barco NNP									Barco NNP
procedural JJ									procedural JJ
gentle JJ VB									gentle JJ VB
one-thousand-zloty JJ								one-thousand-zloty JJ
data\ JJ									data\ JJ
Dixie NNP									Dixie NNP
flagellated VBN									flagellated VBN
GHS NNP										GHS NNP
presentments NNS								presentments NNS
kid NN VB									kid NN VB
rookies NNS									rookies NNS
anti-union JJ									anti-union JJ
quakes NNS									quakes NNS
Massey NNP									Massey NNP
concert NN									concert NN
reestablish VB									reestablish VB
Leon NNP									Leon NNP
early-retirement NN JJ								early-retirement NN JJ
winless JJ									winless JJ
Sauter\/Piller\/Percelay NNP							Sauter\/Piller\/Percelay NNP
Braves NNP NNPS									Braves NNP NNPS
V-1 NNP										V-1 NNP
fossil JJ NN									fossil JJ NN
cask NN										cask NN
grew VBD VBN									grew VBD VBN
Rigid JJ									Rigid JJ
Shahon NNP									Shahon NNP
biggest JJS RBS									biggest JJS RBS
impeccably RB									impeccably RB
Bathyran NNP									Bathyran NNP
duplications NNS								duplications NNS
'pache NN									'pache NN
half-city NN									half-city NN
Biologico NNP									Biologico NNP
court-length JJ									court-length JJ
pallor NN									pallor NN
crux NN										crux NN
skylight NN									skylight NN
transcending VBG								transcending VBG
Arab-Israeli JJ									Arab-Israeli JJ
junior-high JJ									junior-high JJ
poll NN JJ VB									poll NN JJ VB
Nissei NNP									Nissei NNP
darin JJ									darin JJ
Lucky NNP JJ									Lucky NNP JJ
Puttnam NNP									Puttnam NNP
recond VBD									recond VBD
PGM NNP										PGM NNP
grand-jury NN JJ								grand-jury NN JJ
multipartisan JJ								multipartisan JJ
rowed VBD									rowed VBD
gambling NN VBG									gambling NN VBG
pigpens NNS									pigpens NNS
make-up NN									make-up NN
inattentive JJ									inattentive JJ
Maytag NNP									Maytag NNP
early-morning JJ NN								early-morning JJ NN
Sonja NNP									Sonja NNP
Winooski NNP									Winooski NNP
fragmentary JJ RB								fragmentary JJ RB
slumber NN									slumber NN
Leech NNP									Leech NNP
Neblett NNP									Neblett NNP
semifinished VBN								semifinished VBN
Kepler NNP									Kepler NNP
legalized VBN									legalized VBN
troughs NNS									troughs NNS
alloy NN									alloy NN
Motion-picture JJ								Motion-picture JJ
alternative-operator NN								alternative-operator NN
fifth-highest JJ								fifth-highest JJ
Yokohama NNP									Yokohama NNP
or'you're NN									or'you're NN
mores NNS									mores NNS
Heartburn NNP									Heartburn NNP
Snakes NNS									Snakes NNS
sky-reaching JJ									sky-reaching JJ
Kelley NNP									Kelley NNP
Jai NNP										Jai NNP
maple NN JJ									maple NN JJ
ex-officio JJ NN								ex-officio JJ NN
Travels NNP NNS									Travels NNP NNS
Omnibus NN									Omnibus NN
Challenges NNPS NNS VBZ								Challenges NNPS NNS VBZ
Postal NNP JJ									Postal NNP JJ
Comission NNP									Comission NNP
suggest VBP VB									suggest VBP VB
Santayana NNP									Santayana NNP
nuances NNS									nuances NNS
Entertaining NNP								Entertaining NNP
merely RB									merely RB
sports-related JJ								sports-related JJ
Add VB										Add VB
Markets NNPS NNP NNS								Markets NNPS NNP NNS
Modesto NNP									Modesto NNP
VH-1 NNP									VH-1 NNP
underpinnings NNS								underpinnings NNS
aback RB									aback RB
Thrice RB									Thrice RB
Rul. NNP									Rul. NNP
un FW NN									un FW NN
more-stringent JJ JJR								more-stringent JJ JJR
disagree VBP VB									disagree VBP VB
modification NN									modification NN
vitamin NN									vitamin NN
air-traffic-control NN								air-traffic-control NN
Vinson NNP									Vinson NNP
quality NN JJ JJ|NN								quality NN JJ JJ|NN
tear VB VBP NN									tear VB VBP NN
Cradle NNP									Cradle NNP
incubation NN									incubation NN
reasonable JJ									reasonable JJ
least JJS RBS JJ								least JJS RBS JJ
plenary JJ									plenary JJ
disadvantageous JJ								disadvantageous JJ
MVP NNP										MVP NNP
pieces NNS									pieces NNS
D.C NNP										D.C NNP
permeating VBG									permeating VBG
Melamed NNP									Melamed NNP
then-dress JJ									then-dress JJ
materials-related JJ								materials-related JJ
keyboards NNS									keyboards NNS
Rudoff NNP									Rudoff NNP
BroadBeach NNP									BroadBeach NNP
Renata NNP									Renata NNP
phobias NNS									phobias NNS
non-amortizing JJ								non-amortizing JJ
chide VB VBP									chide VB VBP
waists NNS									waists NNS
diplomacy NN									diplomacy NN
Combses NNPS									Combses NNPS
Lent NNP VBN									Lent NNP VBN
gesticulating VBG								gesticulating VBG
Roast VB									Roast VB
halides NNS									halides NNS
Darvon NNP									Darvon NNP
level-headed JJ									level-headed JJ
scurried VBD									scurried VBD
gorging VBG									gorging VBG
gauged VBN VBD									gauged VBN VBD
socialites NNS									socialites NNS
families NNS									families NNS
weave VB NN									weave VB NN
Volker NNP									Volker NNP
book-entry JJ									book-entry JJ
Costello NNP									Costello NNP
Orr NNP										Orr NNP
Romaniuk NNP									Romaniuk NNP
bulged VBD									bulged VBD
Montle NNP									Montle NNP
co-opting NN									co-opting NN
eschewed VBN									eschewed VBN
Stringer NNP									Stringer NNP
nimbly RB									nimbly RB
antics NNS									antics NNS
Tamarijn NNP									Tamarijn NNP
natives NNS									natives NNS
company-paid JJ									company-paid JJ
Conoco NNP									Conoco NNP
orienting VBG									orienting VBG
Pepinsky NNP									Pepinsky NNP
Magdalene NNP									Magdalene NNP
borer NN									borer NN
adminstrative JJ								adminstrative JJ
startled VBN VBD JJ								startled VBN VBD JJ
hinterlands NNS									hinterlands NNS
playground NN									playground NN
Sauvignon NNP									Sauvignon NNP
Miriam NNP									Miriam NNP
competition NN									competition NN
Laventhol NNP									Laventhol NNP
Alsatian NNP									Alsatian NNP
anti-social JJ									anti-social JJ
mouthpieces NNS									mouthpieces NNS
constituents NNS								constituents NNS
librarian NN									librarian NN
Burton NNP									Burton NNP
Analogously RB									Analogously RB
commissar NN									commissar NN
streamer NN									streamer NN
rediscover VB									rediscover VB
over-all JJ									over-all JJ
Rim-Fire JJ									Rim-Fire JJ
Parliamentary JJ								Parliamentary JJ
off-year JJ									off-year JJ
insights NNS									insights NNS
Balcerowicz NNP									Balcerowicz NNP
fourfold RB JJ									fourfold RB JJ
traumas NNS									traumas NNS
longshoremen NNS								longshoremen NNS
/ NN JJ										/ NN JJ
Pensacola NNP									Pensacola NNP
Sherry NNP NN									Sherry NNP NN
breezier JJR									breezier JJR
Beet NNP									Beet NNP
overfill VB									overfill VB
humanize VB									humanize VB
inter FW IN									inter FW IN
disclosure NN									disclosure NN
HDM NNP										HDM NNP
flue NN										flue NN
sex-education NN								sex-education NN
Pinscher NN									Pinscher NN
de-emphasized VBN								de-emphasized VBN
Parent NNP NN									Parent NNP NN
Noam NNP									Noam NNP
compel VB									compel VB
Aristide NNP									Aristide NNP
Diaghilev NNP									Diaghilev NNP
tablets NNS									tablets NNS
withholding-tax JJ								withholding-tax JJ
suppressants NNS								suppressants NNS
Triple-A NNP JJ									Triple-A NNP JJ
detergency NN									detergency NN
Katsanos NNP									Katsanos NNP
eversteadier JJ									eversteadier JJ
code-named VBN NNP JJ								code-named VBN NNP JJ
Teito NNP									Teito NNP
Matagorda NNP									Matagorda NNP
Speeches NNS									Speeches NNS
Sextuor NNP									Sextuor NNP
Fluorescence NN									Fluorescence NN
Contracts NNS NNPS								Contracts NNS NNPS
print-shop NN									print-shop NN
highfalutin JJ									highfalutin JJ
gabbling VBG									gabbling VBG
less-obvious JJ									less-obvious JJ
Basses NNPS									Basses NNPS
Yankees-Mets JJ									Yankees-Mets JJ
Matlowsky NNP									Matlowsky NNP
Orem NNP									Orem NNP
equipmwent-leasing NN								equipmwent-leasing NN
spout NN VBP									spout NN VBP
Halstead NNP									Halstead NNP
pleasantness NN									pleasantness NN
chuckled VBD									chuckled VBD
empower VBP									empower VBP
co-inventors NNS								co-inventors NNS
mega-resorts NNS								mega-resorts NNS
Gilbert NNP									Gilbert NNP
Hires NNP									Hires NNP
booster NN									booster NN
collegial JJ									collegial JJ
shark NN									shark NN
Pitney-Bowes NNP								Pitney-Bowes NNP
cruise-ship NN JJ								cruise-ship NN JJ
mid-season NN									mid-season NN
diligence NN									diligence NN
Shuwa NNP									Shuwa NNP
Shingles NNS									Shingles NNS
carousing NN									carousing NN
aircraft-engine JJ NN								aircraft-engine JJ NN
Meyerbeer NNP									Meyerbeer NNP
monomer NN									monomer NN
purloined VBN									purloined VBN
softened VBD VBN JJ								softened VBD VBN JJ
Reason NNP NN									Reason NNP NN
cynics NNS									cynics NNS
PHH NNP										PHH NNP
Svensk NNP									Svensk NNP
McBride NNP									McBride NNP
ESP NNP										ESP NNP
parastatals NNS									parastatals NNS
overwhelmingly RB								overwhelmingly RB
Vyquest NNP									Vyquest NNP
Chicago-Warsaw NNP								Chicago-Warsaw NNP
contract NN VB VBP								contract NN VB VBP
five-cylinder JJ								five-cylinder JJ
Moluccas NNP									Moluccas NNP
carbon-14 NN									carbon-14 NN
resembles VBZ									resembles VBZ
custom-chip JJ									custom-chip JJ
movements NNS									movements NNS
understanding NN VBG JJ								understanding NN VBG JJ
spurts NNS VBZ									spurts NNS VBZ
Bellman NNP									Bellman NNP
sleeping VBG NN VBG|NN								sleeping VBG NN VBG|NN
Heretic NN									Heretic NN
five-foot-wide JJ								five-foot-wide JJ
Gauntlett NNP									Gauntlett NNP
chick NN									chick NN
Tandy NNP VB									Tandy NNP VB
Health NNP NN									Health NNP NN
rediscovered VBN								rediscovered VBN
Pickford NNP									Pickford NNP
Materialism NN									Materialism NN
Pasley NNP									Pasley NNP
Salish NNP									Salish NNP
Composers NNPS									Composers NNPS
noninterest JJ									noninterest JJ
dishes NNS VBZ									dishes NNS VBZ
oil-field NN JJ									oil-field NN JJ
Mail NNP NN									Mail NNP NN
reckoning NN VBG								reckoning NN VBG
libertarian JJ									libertarian JJ
slowing VBG NN									slowing VBG NN
Flumenbaum NNP									Flumenbaum NNP
finalists NNS									finalists NNS
retraced VBD									retraced VBD
both DT PDT CC CD								both DT PDT CC CD
blocky JJ									blocky JJ
Hooch NNP									Hooch NNP
experimentally RB								experimentally RB
green-lipped JJ									green-lipped JJ
rooming VBG									rooming VBG
Chastened VBN									Chastened VBN
Menlo NNP									Menlo NNP
Copperman NNP									Copperman NNP
playback NN									playback NN
tuna NN										tuna NN
Arkhangelsk NNP									Arkhangelsk NNP
Concept NNP									Concept NNP
Typing NN									Typing NN
Revolutionary NNP								Revolutionary NNP
peaceable JJ									peaceable JJ
annual-income NN								annual-income NN
Ramo NNP									Ramo NNP
all-automatic JJ								all-automatic JJ
Kokoschka NNP									Kokoschka NNP
Overnight RB									Overnight RB
Strategic NNP JJ								Strategic NNP JJ
Capwell NNP									Capwell NNP
honed VBN JJ									honed VBN JJ
nineteen CD									nineteen CD
important JJ									important JJ
bibs NNS									bibs NNS
adieu FW									adieu FW
tinplated VBN									tinplated VBN
container NN									container NN
toll-tele-phone JJ								toll-tele-phone JJ
little JJ RB									little JJ RB
permanant JJ									permanant JJ
Costantine NNP									Costantine NNP
one-megabit JJ									one-megabit JJ
biggest-ever JJ									biggest-ever JJ
abridging VBG									abridging VBG
intercrisis NN									intercrisis NN
freescrip NN									freescrip NN
Prop. NNP									Prop. NNP
scamper VBP									scamper VBP
forties NNS CD									forties NNS CD
M.I.T.-trained JJ								M.I.T.-trained JJ
knob NN										knob NN
feeling NN VBG									feeling NN VBG
Yellow-pages NN									Yellow-pages NN
University NNP NN								University NNP NN
HCS NNP										HCS NNP
super-majority JJ NN								super-majority JJ NN
Pullings NNP									Pullings NNP
revelatory JJ									revelatory JJ
communities NNS									communities NNS
shucks UH NNS									shucks UH NNS
Ballot NN									Ballot NN
LIMB NN										LIMB NN
Tension NN									Tension NN
Thalbergs NNPS									Thalbergs NNPS
Kathleen NNP									Kathleen NNP
HealthCare NNP									HealthCare NNP
Beyer NNP									Beyer NNP
Lorlyn NNP									Lorlyn NNP
extruder NN									extruder NN
exiled VBN VBD JJ								exiled VBN VBD JJ
hangovers NNS									hangovers NNS
It PRP NNP									It PRP NNP
small-cap JJ									small-cap JJ
Disgruntled JJ									Disgruntled JJ
robbery NN									robbery NN
military JJ NN									military JJ NN
Minster NNP									Minster NNP
milllion NN									milllion NN
Rossilini NNP									Rossilini NNP
bas-reliefs NNS									bas-reliefs NNS
double-valued JJ								double-valued JJ
flaunt-your-wealth JJ								flaunt-your-wealth JJ
self-image NN									self-image NN
awed VBN JJ									awed VBN JJ
spiritless JJ									spiritless JJ
suppressant NN									suppressant NN
exonerated VBN VBD								exonerated VBN VBD
Book-of-the-Month NNP								Book-of-the-Month NNP
Holewinski NNP									Holewinski NNP
Platonica FW									Platonica FW
Time-Olivette NNP								Time-Olivette NNP
videotapes NNS									videotapes NNS
lunatic JJ									lunatic JJ
labyrinth NN									labyrinth NN
kilogram NN									kilogram NN
Democratic-style JJ								Democratic-style JJ
completely-restored JJ								completely-restored JJ
unlacing VBG									unlacing VBG
skewed VBN VBD JJ								skewed VBN VBD JJ
unflappable JJ									unflappable JJ
Reichhold NNP									Reichhold NNP
Weede NNP									Weede NNP
Sell VB NNP									Sell VB NNP
furs NNS									furs NNS
plots NNS VBZ									plots NNS VBZ
leopards NNS									leopards NNS
legislates VBZ									legislates VBZ
distractions NNS								distractions NNS
spousal JJ									spousal JJ
Mityukh NNP									Mityukh NNP
Flanders NNP									Flanders NNP
Natural NNP JJ NN								Natural NNP JJ NN
Truman NNP NN									Truman NNP NN
microcassette NN								microcassette NN
teas NNS									teas NNS
Herry NNP									Herry NNP
Haruki NNP									Haruki NNP
ALLY NN										ALLY NN
tt NN										tt NN
Debussy NNP									Debussy NNP
Bertoia NNP									Bertoia NNP
separates VBZ									separates VBZ
Sperling NNP									Sperling NNP
pelvic JJ NN									pelvic JJ NN
Transgenics NNP									Transgenics NNP
T-72 NN										T-72 NN
Ashikaga NNP									Ashikaga NNP
Jo NNP										Jo NNP
jist RB										jist RB
sluggishness NN									sluggishness NN
Dravo NNP									Dravo NNP
caption NN									caption NN
waterway NN									waterway NN
Grindlay NNP									Grindlay NNP
Tulane NNP									Tulane NNP
bores NNS VBZ									bores NNS VBZ
most-valuable-player NN								most-valuable-player NN
Heresy NNP									Heresy NNP
Ade NNP										Ade NNP
out-moded JJ									out-moded JJ
captivating JJ VBG								captivating JJ VBG
hydrides NNS									hydrides NNS
Pitman NNP									Pitman NNP
interpretor NN									interpretor NN
passes VBZ NNS									passes VBZ NNS
throttling VBG									throttling VBG
Allemands NNP									Allemands NNP
PIC NNP										PIC NNP
spreads VBZ NNS									spreads VBZ NNS
animate JJ									animate JJ
seething VBG JJ									seething VBG JJ
talky JJ									talky JJ
neural JJ									neural JJ
frolics NNS									frolics NNS
pituitary-gland NN								pituitary-gland NN
F-20s NNPS									F-20s NNPS
nondiscretionary JJ								nondiscretionary JJ
index-arbitrage-related JJ							index-arbitrage-related JJ
broadside JJ NN RB								broadside JJ NN RB
desertion NN									desertion NN
Ivey NNP									Ivey NNP
trove NN									trove NN
rockstrewn NN									rockstrewn NN
dry-eyed JJ									dry-eyed JJ
export-boosting JJ								export-boosting JJ
Dave NNP JJ									Dave NNP JJ
mainly RB									mainly RB
stirrup NN									stirrup NN
logical JJ									logical JJ
midwinter NN									midwinter NN
G.N. NNP									G.N. NNP
Percy NNP									Percy NNP
sovereigns NNS									sovereigns NNS
antennae NNS									antennae NNS
mincing VBG									mincing VBG
unsold JJ									unsold JJ
gradient NN JJ									gradient NN JJ
Landers NNP									Landers NNP
tossers NNS									tossers NNS
Southgate NNP									Southgate NNP
Veraguas NNP									Veraguas NNP
disparaging VBG									disparaging VBG
Estimate NNP VB									Estimate NNP VB
severely RB									severely RB
midtown JJ NN									midtown JJ NN
Yetnikoff NNP									Yetnikoff NNP
steamship NN									steamship NN
promenades NNS									promenades NNS
Wilcke NNP									Wilcke NNP
a'muddle VB									a'muddle VB
fourth-generation JJ								fourth-generation JJ
Bunks NNS									Bunks NNS
sniffs VBZ									sniffs VBZ
iridescent JJ									iridescent JJ
faked VBN VBD									faked VBN VBD
dad NN										dad NN
Clinic NNP									Clinic NNP
Capitol NNP NN									Capitol NNP NN
quandary NN									quandary NN
Medusa NN									Medusa NN
tech NN										tech NN
loopy JJ									loopy JJ
Yair NNP									Yair NNP
Fraternal NNP									Fraternal NNP
Zurn NNP									Zurn NNP
dead-weight JJ									dead-weight JJ
leave VB NN VBP									leave VB NN VBP
gradations NNS									gradations NNS
Algonquin NNP									Algonquin NNP
Percussive NNP									Percussive NNP
Fun NNP										Fun NNP
Ecological NNP									Ecological NNP
cabaret-like JJ									cabaret-like JJ
unvaryingly RB									unvaryingly RB
German-made JJ									German-made JJ
attachments NNS									attachments NNS
Foamy NNP									Foamy NNP
Saturated JJ									Saturated JJ
creamer NN									creamer NN
microprocessor-based JJ								microprocessor-based JJ
militantly RB									militantly RB
representives NNS								representives NNS
Mitsu NNP									Mitsu NNP
Songs NNPS NNS									Songs NNPS NNS
bedpost NN									bedpost NN
growling VBG									growling VBG
Committeemen NNS								Committeemen NNS
encumbered VBN									encumbered VBN
anythin NN									anythin NN
poisoned VBN VBD								poisoned VBN VBD
Feeder NN									Feeder NN
custom-fit VB									custom-fit VB
laundered VBN VBD								laundered VBN VBD
textile-trade JJ								textile-trade JJ
Seaga NNP									Seaga NNP
far-fetched JJ									far-fetched JJ
Thor NNP									Thor NNP
Virgilio NNP									Virgilio NNP
Madonna NNP									Madonna NNP
no-hit JJ									no-hit JJ
exaggerating VBG								exaggerating VBG
Bolstered VBN									Bolstered VBN
calendar NN									calendar NN
Kasavubu NNP									Kasavubu NNP
Prapas NNP									Prapas NNP
Scana NNP									Scana NNP
physician NN									physician NN
politic JJ NN									politic JJ NN
couching VBG									couching VBG
justification NN								justification NN
Hondurans NNS									Hondurans NNS
Warm JJ										Warm JJ
scriptural JJ									scriptural JJ
impoverished JJ VBN								impoverished JJ VBN
deep-seated JJ									deep-seated JJ
Apropos RB									Apropos RB
aptly RB									aptly RB
Pesticide NNP									Pesticide NNP
Arvind NNP									Arvind NNP
current-coupon JJ								current-coupon JJ
multi NNS									multi NNS
energy-industry NN								energy-industry NN
patrols NNS									patrols NNS
Informed VBN									Informed VBN
Buxtehude NNP									Buxtehude NNP
constitutional JJ								constitutional JJ
Roeser NNP									Roeser NNP
Conradie NNP									Conradie NNP
Le NNP FW									Le NNP FW
exemplary JJ									exemplary JJ
Visitors NNS NNP NNPS								Visitors NNS NNP NNPS
Salaam FW									Salaam FW
encounters NNS VBZ								encounters NNS VBZ
antsy JJ RB									antsy JJ RB
cowboy NN									cowboy NN
hauteur NN									hauteur NN
lactate NN									lactate NN
Serial JJ NNP									Serial JJ NNP
laughed VBD VBN									laughed VBD VBN
Serve VB									Serve VB
Darlin NNP									Darlin NNP
boosts NNS VBZ									boosts NNS VBZ
enzymes NNS									enzymes NNS
Miller-Studds NNP								Miller-Studds NNP
finale NN									finale NN
suffocation NN									suffocation NN
barbers NNS									barbers NNS
humiliation NN									humiliation NN
savors NNS									savors NNS
city-bred JJ									city-bred JJ
softies NNS									softies NNS
Hawes NNP									Hawes NNP
Wolverton NNP									Wolverton NNP
Bullish JJ NNP									Bullish JJ NNP
Buyer NNP									Buyer NNP
Outbreaks NNS									Outbreaks NNS
HFC NNP										HFC NNP
Bridgeton NNP									Bridgeton NNP
Hagerty NNP									Hagerty NNP
Blois NNP									Blois NNP
pseudynom NN									pseudynom NN
overexploited JJ								overexploited JJ
cheapens VBZ									cheapens VBZ
Telford-made JJ									Telford-made JJ
hanged VBN VBD									hanged VBN VBD
distributable JJ								distributable JJ
Faith NNP NN									Faith NNP NN
Melrose NNP									Melrose NNP
humanistic JJ									humanistic JJ
ZBB NNP										ZBB NNP
suffers VBZ									suffers VBZ
Hippie NNP									Hippie NNP
C-20 NNP									C-20 NNP
Ginza NN NNP									Ginza NN NNP
DeMoss NNP									DeMoss NNP
we PRP VBP									we PRP VBP
Parti NNP									Parti NNP
mayor NN									mayor NN
capital-to-assets JJ NNS							capital-to-assets JJ NNS
charge-excess NN								charge-excess NN
mincemeat NN									mincemeat NN
Yuppie NNP NN									Yuppie NNP NN
Enimont NNP									Enimont NNP
Ballou NNP									Ballou NNP
ambassador NN									ambassador NN
well-connected JJ								well-connected JJ
tireless JJ									tireless JJ
mosaics NNS									mosaics NNS
Hatton NNP									Hatton NNP
eight-by-ten JJ									eight-by-ten JJ
Gossips NNS									Gossips NNS
SA NNP										SA NNP
gentlemen NNS									gentlemen NNS
gassings NNS									gassings NNS
dealer NN									dealer NN
replicating VBG									replicating VBG
kooky JJ									kooky JJ
grey JJ NN									grey JJ NN
discount... :									discount... :
tiering NN									tiering NN
Shicoff NNP									Shicoff NNP
Hurry VB									Hurry VB
strophe NN									strophe NN
Riserva NNP									Riserva NNP
extendible JJ									extendible JJ
Rifles NNS									Rifles NNS
Automation NNP									Automation NNP
Smoke NNP									Smoke NNP
Maggot NNP									Maggot NNP
volens FW									volens FW
Naturam FW									Naturam FW
refuse-littered JJ								refuse-littered JJ
overgrazing NN									overgrazing NN
stein NN									stein NN
detachable JJ									detachable JJ
housed VBN VBD									housed VBN VBD
Dimly RB									Dimly RB
Minorco NNP									Minorco NNP
public-land JJ									public-land JJ
harvested VBN									harvested VBN
Summit NNP NN									Summit NNP NN
realization NN									realization NN
hypotheses NNS									hypotheses NNS
philological JJ									philological JJ
Bulgarian JJ NNP								Bulgarian JJ NNP
pilgrims NNS									pilgrims NNS
ramrod-stiff JJ									ramrod-stiff JJ
super-strict JJ									super-strict JJ
determinism NN									determinism NN
MPs NNS										MPs NNS
Assonance NN									Assonance NN
Schoenfeld NNP									Schoenfeld NNP
packaging NN VBG								packaging NN VBG
Radiopasteurization NN								Radiopasteurization NN
nuclear-industry NN								nuclear-industry NN
Chrysler-Plymouth NNP								Chrysler-Plymouth NNP
wonderment NN									wonderment NN
convulsion NN									convulsion NN
Carpenter NNP									Carpenter NNP
mastoideus NN									mastoideus NN
steadying JJ									steadying JJ
cigar-chomping JJ								cigar-chomping JJ
Turben NNP									Turben NNP
Saxton NNP									Saxton NNP
lecher NN									lecher NN
mantle NN									mantle NN
touching VBG JJ NN								touching VBG JJ NN
tattooed VBN									tattooed VBN
equaling VBG									equaling VBG
Louis-Dreyfus NNP								Louis-Dreyfus NNP
reshapes VBZ									reshapes VBZ
make-believe NN									make-believe NN
brisk JJ									brisk JJ
Unity NNP									Unity NNP
Earth NNP NN									Earth NNP NN
tricked VBN									tricked VBN
Brand NN NNP									Brand NN NNP
leniency NN									leniency NN
sport-utility JJ								sport-utility JJ
Interlake NNP									Interlake NNP
ratiocinating JJ								ratiocinating JJ
Dropouts NNS									Dropouts NNS
Clayton NNP									Clayton NNP
Englewood NNP									Englewood NNP
budget NN VB									budget NN VB
Overriding NN									Overriding NN
multilocation NN								multilocation NN
unsealing NN									unsealing NN
Arpino NNP									Arpino NNP
Providence NNP NN								Providence NNP NN
cuckoo-bumblebee NN								cuckoo-bumblebee NN
unsuitability NN								unsuitability NN
elites NNS									elites NNS
Earth-quake NN									Earth-quake NN
detoxify VB									detoxify VB
Advertising\/San NNP								Advertising\/San NNP
cowling NN									cowling NN
transfused VBN									transfused VBN
Peeping NNP									Peeping NNP
he-goes-or-I-go JJ								he-goes-or-I-go JJ
Rolling NNP									Rolling NNP
kif NN										kif NN
crucially RB									crucially RB
hay-fever NN									hay-fever NN
Lifeguard NN									Lifeguard NN
Merhige NNP									Merhige NNP
overtaking VBG									overtaking VBG
dithering VBG									dithering VBG
Scollard NNP									Scollard NNP
wedlock NN									wedlock NN
open-air JJ									open-air JJ
viewed VBN VBD									viewed VBN VBD
Gunner NNP									Gunner NNP
dictation NN									dictation NN
hagglings NNS									hagglings NNS
Clearance NN									Clearance NN
Sietsma NNP									Sietsma NNP
likes VBZ NNS NN								likes VBZ NNS NN
slow-selling JJ									slow-selling JJ
taxpayer-related JJ								taxpayer-related JJ
Wellesley NNP									Wellesley NNP
worker-owned JJ									worker-owned JJ
rpm NN										rpm NN
Kysor NNP									Kysor NNP
HEI NNP										HEI NNP
Steady JJ									Steady JJ
native-born JJ									native-born JJ
Wash NNP									Wash NNP
throes NNS									throes NNS
items NNS VBZ									items NNS VBZ
signatories NNS									signatories NNS
Asia NNP NN									Asia NNP NN
Pressure NN NNP									Pressure NN NNP
Golly UH									Golly UH
consolidated JJ VBD VBN								consolidated JJ VBD VBN
laid VBN VBD									laid VBN VBD
Folonari NNP									Folonari NNP
small-car NN									small-car NN
millilon NN									millilon NN
duodenal JJ									duodenal JJ
Soviet-Western NNP								Soviet-Western NNP
far-right JJ									far-right JJ
budget$ $									budget$ $
hauls NNS VBZ									hauls NNS VBZ
cars NNS									cars NNS
Rapatee NNP									Rapatee NNP
tilling VBG									tilling VBG
iteration NN									iteration NN
Ebensburg NNP NN								Ebensburg NNP NN
polymerizations NNS								polymerizations NNS
U.S.-U.S.S.R. NNP								U.S.-U.S.S.R. NNP
Cretaceous NNP JJ								Cretaceous NNP JJ
post-midnight JJ								post-midnight JJ
non-elderly JJ									non-elderly JJ
reground JJ									reground JJ
breakfasted VBD									breakfasted VBD
adjudicate VB									adjudicate VB
space-defense JJ								space-defense JJ
Priscilla NNP									Priscilla NNP
marginal-rate NN								marginal-rate NN
Crocodile NNP									Crocodile NNP
Skeptics NNS NNP								Skeptics NNS NNP
hyperplasia NN									hyperplasia NN
Absent-minded JJ								Absent-minded JJ
unpretentious JJ								unpretentious JJ
Hurst NNP									Hurst NNP
Muzak NNP									Muzak NNP
dogmatic JJ									dogmatic JJ
neatest JJS									neatest JJS
Taiwan NNP									Taiwan NNP
Corash NNP									Corash NNP
shepherds NNS									shepherds NNS
Weimar NNP									Weimar NNP
Takashimaya NNP									Takashimaya NNP
Creole NNP									Creole NNP
tear-soaked JJ									tear-soaked JJ
desire NN VBP VB								desire NN VBP VB
Wazir NNP									Wazir NNP
Idje NNP									Idje NNP
Governed JJ									Governed JJ
Order NNP NN									Order NNP NN
hell-fire NN									hell-fire NN
Tavoy NNP									Tavoy NNP
interloper NN									interloper NN
hotline NN									hotline NN
Landesco NNP									Landesco NNP
Awakening NNP									Awakening NNP
height-to-diameter NN								height-to-diameter NN
Biologics NNP									Biologics NNP
respectability NN								respectability NN
story-book NN									story-book NN
picturesque JJ NN								picturesque JJ NN
revitalize VB									revitalize VB
drawbridge NN									drawbridge NN
microorganisms NNS								microorganisms NNS
rust NN VB									rust NN VB
squashing VBG									squashing VBG
manila JJ									manila JJ
dawned VBD									dawned VBD
Appelbaum NNP									Appelbaum NNP
underperforming VBG VBG|JJ JJ							underperforming VBG VBG|JJ JJ
buttoned VBN									buttoned VBN
consumer-driven JJ								consumer-driven JJ
positioned VBN VBD JJ								positioned VBN VBD JJ
Emmaus NNP									Emmaus NNP
yellowish JJ									yellowish JJ
thrills NNS VBZ									thrills NNS VBZ
Chelmsford NNP									Chelmsford NNP
eclairs NNS									eclairs NNS
enrollees NNS									enrollees NNS
adjourning NN VBG								adjourning NN VBG
horse-steak NN									horse-steak NN
Larkspur NNP									Larkspur NNP
Osric NNP									Osric NNP
exaltation NN									exaltation NN
PQ NN										PQ NN
Knecht NNP									Knecht NNP
Rank NNP NN									Rank NNP NN
two-dimensional JJ								two-dimensional JJ
reduction NN									reduction NN
Reginald NNP									Reginald NNP
Hartweger NNP									Hartweger NNP
Rite NNP									Rite NNP
Kwang NNP									Kwang NNP
Pincian NNP									Pincian NNP
bids... :									bids... :
half-cocked JJ									half-cocked JJ
Ente NNP									Ente NNP
flounce VBP									flounce VBP
Things NNS NNP									Things NNS NNP
continuingly RB									continuingly RB
electronic JJ									electronic JJ
chance NN JJ VB VBP								chance NN JJ VB VBP
Verbal JJ NNP									Verbal JJ NNP
hypothetical JJ									hypothetical JJ
Shanties NNPS									Shanties NNPS
domestic-airline NN								domestic-airline NN
repatriation NN									repatriation NN
Westmore NNP									Westmore NNP
deception NN									deception NN
Caters NNP									Caters NNP
Atheist NNP									Atheist NNP
littering NN									littering NN
Crucible NNP									Crucible NNP
Nickelodeon NNP									Nickelodeon NNP
somnolent JJ									somnolent JJ
duels NNS									duels NNS
fiscal-first JJ									fiscal-first JJ
Clarita NNP									Clarita NNP
non-management JJ NN								non-management JJ NN
one-pound-or-so JJ								one-pound-or-so JJ
American-China NNP								American-China NNP
don't-con-me JJ									don't-con-me JJ
boom-or-bust JJ									boom-or-bust JJ
tax-evasion NN									tax-evasion NN
delicious JJ									delicious JJ
sought VBD VBN									sought VBD VBN
Bursts VBZ									Bursts VBZ
walruses NNS									walruses NNS
governor NN									governor NN
Wister NNP									Wister NNP
forty-five CD JJ								forty-five CD JJ
William NNP									William NNP
natured JJ									natured JJ
yards NNS									yards NNS
disposes VBZ									disposes VBZ
citron JJ									citron JJ
remotest JJS									remotest JJS
one-shot JJ									one-shot JJ
syrups NNS									syrups NNS
Zia NNP										Zia NNP
Hastings NNP									Hastings NNP
dissension NN									dissension NN
duffer NN									duffer NN
wisps NNS									wisps NNS
indulgence NN									indulgence NN
foaming NN VBG									foaming NN VBG
Claiborne NNP									Claiborne NNP
Southon NNP									Southon NNP
saturate VB									saturate VB
Buttrick NNP									Buttrick NNP
Wechsler NNP									Wechsler NNP
masonry NN									masonry NN
Weekly NNP JJ									Weekly NNP JJ
lasting VBG JJ									lasting VBG JJ
Bavarian JJ									Bavarian JJ
Bauser NNP									Bauser NNP
Aug. NNP									Aug. NNP
sinners NNS									sinners NNS
predomination NN								predomination NN
brags VBZ NNS									brags VBZ NNS
emergency-claims NNS								emergency-claims NNS
goaded VBD VBN									goaded VBD VBN
U.S.-Japan JJ NNP								U.S.-Japan JJ NNP
Bryson NNP									Bryson NNP
complex-valued JJ								complex-valued JJ
freer JJR									freer JJR
borrows VBZ									borrows VBZ
aloofness NN									aloofness NN
Newsprint NN									Newsprint NN
taller JJR RBR									taller JJR RBR
Write VB									Write VB
subcontracts NNS								subcontracts NNS
Main NNP JJ									Main NNP JJ
woven-root JJ									woven-root JJ
biosynthesized VBN								biosynthesized VBN
Buffton NNP									Buffton NNP
Philippe NNP									Philippe NNP
Slogan NNP									Slogan NNP
Peabody NNP									Peabody NNP
Antiques NNPS									Antiques NNPS
Oedipal JJ									Oedipal JJ
noses NNS									noses NNS
court-ordered JJ								court-ordered JJ
Azalea NNP									Azalea NNP
VA-backed JJ									VA-backed JJ
truckers NNS									truckers NNS
Jose NNP									Jose NNP
refinancing NN VBG								refinancing NN VBG
Front-runners NNS								Front-runners NNS
capture VB VBP NN								capture VB VBP NN
stratospheric JJ								stratospheric JJ
orate VB									orate VB
excavation NN									excavation NN
job NN										job NN
translating VBG NN								translating VBG NN
immersed VBN VBD								immersed VBN VBD
Cavalry NNP NN									Cavalry NNP NN
fiscal-third JJ									fiscal-third JJ
Smiling VBG									Smiling VBG
low-income JJ NN								low-income JJ NN
intense JJ									intense JJ
dinner NN									dinner NN
power-company NN								power-company NN
synthesizer NN									synthesizer NN
enormously RB									enormously RB
Serve-Air NNP									Serve-Air NNP
Risk NN NNP									Risk NN NNP
mildew NN									mildew NN
defend VB VBP									defend VB VBP
preachiness NN									preachiness NN
doggerel NN									doggerel NN
overinclusion NN								overinclusion NN
detriments NNS									detriments NNS
Knapp NNP									Knapp NNP
Keynesians NNPS									Keynesians NNPS
Wansley NNP									Wansley NNP
excuse NN VBP VB								excuse NN VBP VB
takeoffs NNS									takeoffs NNS
absurd JJ									absurd JJ
cannery NN									cannery NN
typewriters NNS									typewriters NNS
Ferraro NNP									Ferraro NNP
Lanier NNP									Lanier NNP
sudsing NN									sudsing NN
reagents NNS									reagents NNS
polo NN										polo NN
aligned VBN JJ									aligned VBN JJ
high-ceilinged JJ								high-ceilinged JJ
Shaking VBG									Shaking VBG
heavy-armed JJ									heavy-armed JJ
eerily RB									eerily RB
Beckstrom NNP									Beckstrom NNP
Cablevision NNP									Cablevision NNP
short-selling NN JJ								short-selling NN JJ
subpoena NN FW VB								subpoena NN FW VB
sensual JJ									sensual JJ
young-skewing JJ								young-skewing JJ
placebo NN									placebo NN
Wunderman NNP									Wunderman NNP
Stoneman NNP									Stoneman NNP
NRL NNP										NRL NNP
intensifier NN									intensifier NN
dissipate VB									dissipate VB
substantiates VBZ								substantiates VBZ
Virus NN									Virus NN
ignores VBZ									ignores VBZ
Duffield NNP									Duffield NNP
Catholicism NNP									Catholicism NNP
dismissal NN									dismissal NN
organics NNS									organics NNS
wakefulness NN									wakefulness NN
fathered VBD									fathered VBD
Arne NNP									Arne NNP
rigidities NNS									rigidities NNS
U.K NNP										U.K NNP
martial JJ									martial JJ
coexist VB VBP									coexist VB VBP
Religion NN NNP									Religion NN NNP
Stabat NNP									Stabat NNP
better-safe-than JJ								better-safe-than JJ
repatriations NNS								repatriations NNS
Sondheim NNP									Sondheim NNP
million-common NN								million-common NN
Dismay NN									Dismay NN
not-so-subtly RB								not-so-subtly RB
Underneath IN NN								Underneath IN NN
pavane NN									pavane NN
myelofibrosis NN								myelofibrosis NN
tryst NN									tryst NN
F-16s NNPS									F-16s NNPS
Phosphate NNP									Phosphate NNP
standbys NNS									standbys NNS
Magnificent JJ									Magnificent JJ
gettin VBG									gettin VBG
Ma NNP FW									Ma NNP FW
impetigo NN									impetigo NN
skyscraper NN									skyscraper NN
Vote NN VB									Vote NN VB
affirmed VBD VBN								affirmed VBD VBN
Daremblum NNP									Daremblum NNP
sturgeon NN									sturgeon NN
six CD LS									six CD LS
opposed VBN JJ VBD								opposed VBN JJ VBD
potentials NNS									potentials NNS
Prizes NNPS NNP									Prizes NNPS NNP
replaced VBN VBD								replaced VBN VBD
Minn NNP									Minn NNP
Kegham NNP									Kegham NNP
contaminating VBG								contaminating VBG
high-paying JJ									high-paying JJ
Citation NNP									Citation NNP
philology NN									philology NN
C-17 NNP NN									C-17 NNP NN
probe NN VBP VB									probe NN VBP VB
Oso NNP										Oso NNP
Balkanized JJ									Balkanized JJ
publicity-conscious JJ								publicity-conscious JJ
just-rejuvenated JJ								just-rejuvenated JJ
C-130 NN									C-130 NN
Flores NNP									Flores NNP
somewhere RB NN									somewhere RB NN
defined VBN JJ VBD								defined VBN JJ VBD
youngsters NNS									youngsters NNS
Jawaharlal NNP									Jawaharlal NNP
geologic JJ									geologic JJ
Sample NN NNP									Sample NN NNP
Mexico-United NNP								Mexico-United NNP
Wuer NNP									Wuer NNP
great-nieces NNS								great-nieces NNS
refrigeration NN								refrigeration NN
recites VBZ									recites VBZ
rivaled VBD									rivaled VBD
schooled VBN									schooled VBN
Hanao NNP									Hanao NNP
indignity NN									indignity NN
Stepanova NNP									Stepanova NNP
synthesizes VBZ									synthesizes VBZ
pond NN										pond NN
endorsements NNS								endorsements NNS
Magnatek NNP									Magnatek NNP
inspections NNS									inspections NNS
Oxford NNP									Oxford NNP
Olathe NNP									Olathe NNP
Jeans NNPS									Jeans NNPS
conditioning NN VBG								conditioning NN VBG
complain VBP VB									complain VBP VB
crying VBG NN									crying VBG NN
cart NN VBP VB									cart NN VBP VB
annuities NNS									annuities NNS
Valdez NNP									Valdez NNP
coning NN									coning NN
Taxes NNS									Taxes NNS
then-president JJ								then-president JJ
Gods NNP NNS									Gods NNP NNS
Kroening NNP									Kroening NNP
averts VBZ									averts VBZ
top-management JJ NN								top-management JJ NN
bilge NN									bilge NN
four-fold JJ RB									four-fold JJ RB
Guild NNP									Guild NNP
theory-teaching VBG								theory-teaching VBG
Cott NNP									Cott NNP
Generic NNP									Generic NNP
Superstation NNP								Superstation NNP
Planes NNS									Planes NNS
hereunto RB									hereunto RB
unimpeachably RB								unimpeachably RB
Demented JJ									Demented JJ
twelve-year JJ									twelve-year JJ
censures NNS									censures NNS
Bible NNP JJ NN									Bible NNP JJ NN
transacting VBG									transacting VBG
sparkles VBZ									sparkles VBZ
sharecroppers NNS								sharecroppers NNS
matching-fund JJ								matching-fund JJ
Proefrock NNP									Proefrock NNP
Brawley NNP									Brawley NNP
penetrated VBN VBD								penetrated VBN VBD
MorningStar NNP									MorningStar NNP
Waterways NNS									Waterways NNS
upbeat JJ NN									upbeat JJ NN
sturdy JJ									sturdy JJ
money-maker NN									money-maker NN
Zielinski NNP									Zielinski NNP
choring NN|VBG									choring NN|VBG
Earthlings NNS									Earthlings NNS
banister NN									banister NN
Smalling NNP									Smalling NNP
quo FW WDT NN									quo FW WDT NN
Tingley NNP									Tingley NNP
quieting VBG									quieting VBG
Button NNP									Button NNP
innocuous JJ									innocuous JJ
pricier JJR									pricier JJR
pro-consumer JJ NN								pro-consumer JJ NN
Ronald NNP									Ronald NNP
Briton NNP NN									Briton NNP NN
Ednee NNP									Ednee NNP
Alberta NNP									Alberta NNP
sauerkraut NN									sauerkraut NN
dancing NN VBG									dancing NN VBG
abashed JJ									abashed JJ
demographically RB								demographically RB
subsidize VB VBP								subsidize VB VBP
revisit VB NN									revisit VB NN
Greaney NNP									Greaney NNP
grid NN										grid NN
individualists NNS								individualists NNS
miscalculations NNS								miscalculations NNS
Carried VBN									Carried VBN
discreet JJ									discreet JJ
deep-rooted JJ									deep-rooted JJ
heap NN										heap NN
Cortlandt NNP									Cortlandt NNP
mainstream NN JJ RB								mainstream NN JJ RB
absorptive JJ									absorptive JJ
arsonist NN									arsonist NN
transpirating VBG								transpirating VBG
ceramic JJ									ceramic JJ
injection-molded JJ								injection-molded JJ
herded VBN VBD									herded VBN VBD
cheerleaders NNS								cheerleaders NNS
Vientiane NNP									Vientiane NNP
keener JJR									keener JJR
Chiat\/Day NNP NN								Chiat\/Day NNP NN
nannies NNS									nannies NNS
Patent NNP NN									Patent NNP NN
Business NNP NN									Business NNP NN
Producer NN NNP									Producer NN NNP
exhibits NNS VBZ								exhibits NNS VBZ
law NN										law NN
Twenty-nine CD									Twenty-nine CD
Liaison NNP									Liaison NNP
Kerrville NNP									Kerrville NNP
Acceptable JJ									Acceptable JJ
pancreatitis NN									pancreatitis NN
apple-tree NN									apple-tree NN
alluvial JJ									alluvial JJ
recalling VBG NN								recalling VBG NN
well-born JJ									well-born JJ
pitiable JJ									pitiable JJ
WCRS\/Boston NNP								WCRS\/Boston NNP
increases NNS VBZ								increases NNS VBZ
Kweisi NNP									Kweisi NNP
litigator NN									litigator NN
Alternately RB									Alternately RB
uncovered VBN VBD JJ								uncovered VBN VBD JJ
capos NNS									capos NNS
lahk IN										lahk IN
anonymity NN									anonymity NN
line NN VBP RB VB								line NN VBP RB VB
Reg NNP										Reg NNP
corporate-earnings NNS								corporate-earnings NNS
brandishes VBZ									brandishes VBZ
sniveling VBG									sniveling VBG
ellipsoid NN									ellipsoid NN
unattached JJ VBN								unattached JJ VBN
hot-tempered JJ									hot-tempered JJ
Riggs NNP									Riggs NNP
incentive-maximizing JJ								incentive-maximizing JJ
Wurtzel NNP									Wurtzel NNP
phenomenological JJ								phenomenological JJ
Cherokees NNPS									Cherokees NNPS
metabolites NNS									metabolites NNS
Tenders NNS									Tenders NNS
nonpoisonous JJ									nonpoisonous JJ
recumbent JJ									recumbent JJ
Tris NNP NNS									Tris NNP NNS
surging VBG JJ									surging VBG JJ
frees VBZ									frees VBZ
SKr29 NNS									SKr29 NNS
militated VBN									militated VBN
Surety NNP									Surety NNP
in-jokes NNS									in-jokes NNS
bibliographical JJ								bibliographical JJ
Bronislaw NNP									Bronislaw NNP
bugging NN									bugging NN
captaincy NN									captaincy NN
Dycom NNP									Dycom NNP
tv NN										tv NN
pistoleers NNS									pistoleers NNS
Syria NNP									Syria NNP
chemical-and-resource JJ							chemical-and-resource JJ
insomniacs NNS									insomniacs NNS
Lumiere NNP									Lumiere NNP
disdaining VBG									disdaining VBG
fibrous JJ									fibrous JJ
wiping VBG									wiping VBG
recreation NN									recreation NN
Crisanti NNP									Crisanti NNP
chameleons NNS									chameleons NNS
nicer JJR									nicer JJR
Abbas NNP									Abbas NNP
pronouncing JJ VBG								pronouncing JJ VBG
Daylight NNP									Daylight NNP
Schaffner NNP									Schaffner NNP
ginger NN									ginger NN
ant NN										ant NN
Worldwide NNP									Worldwide NNP
scaled-down JJ									scaled-down JJ
rotated VBN VBD									rotated VBN VBD
honey-in-the-sun JJ								honey-in-the-sun JJ
detracts VBZ									detracts VBZ
operations NNS									operations NNS
ground-cargo NN									ground-cargo NN
Salespeople NNS									Salespeople NNS
rerun-sales NNS									rerun-sales NNS
atheists NNS									atheists NNS
Herberet NNP									Herberet NNP
Stiles NNP									Stiles NNP
seductive JJ									seductive JJ
lavished VBD VBN								lavished VBD VBN
Brakes NNS									Brakes NNS
Holders NNS NNP									Holders NNS NNP
Brassbound NNP									Brassbound NNP
mitre NN									mitre NN
Richardson-Smith NNP								Richardson-Smith NNP
Orissa NNP									Orissa NNP
Statistical NNP JJ								Statistical NNP JJ
Pauley NNP									Pauley NNP
verses NNS									verses NNS
Copernicus NNP									Copernicus NNP
Bumpers NNP									Bumpers NNP
,. SYM										,. SYM
fraudulently RB									fraudulently RB
mailman NN									mailman NN
large-typeface NN								large-typeface NN
Groom NNP									Groom NNP
Fang NNP									Fang NNP
Baltimore-based JJ								Baltimore-based JJ
Wizard NNP NN									Wizard NNP NN
rot NN VB									rot NN VB
Boismassif NNP									Boismassif NNP
amanuensis NN									amanuensis NN
Canfor NNP									Canfor NNP
profoundest JJS									profoundest JJS
exponentially RB								exponentially RB
Robinsonville NNP								Robinsonville NNP
country-and-Western JJ								country-and-Western JJ
Comparative JJ									Comparative JJ
reigniting VBG									reigniting VBG
tax-revision JJ									tax-revision JJ
dentist NN									dentist NN
Communism NNP NN								Communism NNP NN
Britannica NNP									Britannica NNP
thirsty JJ									thirsty JJ
credit-discrimination NN							credit-discrimination NN
Terminals NNS									Terminals NNS
incidentally RB									incidentally RB
Harassment NN									Harassment NN
misty JJ									misty JJ
actuarially RB									actuarially RB
Tipton NNP									Tipton NNP
protectionism NN								protectionism NN
brewing-assets NNS								brewing-assets NNS
most-recommended-issues JJ							most-recommended-issues JJ
dome NN										dome NN
Wilmot NNP									Wilmot NNP
all-consuming JJ								all-consuming JJ
knoe VB										knoe VB
Deluged VBN									Deluged VBN
maget NN									maget NN
foreword NN									foreword NN
magnetic-tape JJ NN								magnetic-tape JJ NN
Kravitz NNP									Kravitz NNP
Yoshiro NNP									Yoshiro NNP
W. NNP NN									W. NNP NN
Cherkasov NNP									Cherkasov NNP
a-Totals NNS LS|NNS								a-Totals NNS LS|NNS
ferment NN									ferment NN
archeological JJ								archeological JJ
Loftier JJR									Loftier JJR
Thermoforming VBG								Thermoforming VBG
customs-clearance NN								customs-clearance NN
Serum NN									Serum NN
interstices NNS									interstices NNS
debt-burdened JJ								debt-burdened JJ
messages NNS									messages NNS
jailed VBN VBD JJ								jailed VBN VBD JJ
much-watched JJ									much-watched JJ
Frothingham NNP									Frothingham NNP
Bouchard NNP									Bouchard NNP
sinuous JJ									sinuous JJ
chimiques FW									chimiques FW
fragmented JJ VBN								fragmented JJ VBN
huddling VBG									huddling VBG
appall VBP									appall VBP
restate VB									restate VB
intensely RB									intensely RB
earns VBZ									earns VBZ
Chappaqua NNP									Chappaqua NNP
anchorite NN									anchorite NN
Britain NNP									Britain NNP
Internationalist NNP								Internationalist NNP
olestra NN									olestra NN
landscapes NNS									landscapes NNS
Advancers NNS									Advancers NNS
Drug-industry JJ								Drug-industry JJ
diabetics NNS									diabetics NNS
destroying VBG									destroying VBG
ramming VBG									ramming VBG
eighty-fifth JJ									eighty-fifth JJ
self-mastery NN									self-mastery NN
Ridley NNP									Ridley NNP
tracings NNS									tracings NNS
whoop NN									whoop NN
assessories NNS									assessories NNS
temptations NNS									temptations NNS
folds NNS VBZ									folds NNS VBZ
non-user NN									non-user NN
NRM NNP										NRM NNP
Debonnie NNP									Debonnie NNP
housebreaking NN								housebreaking NN
ingested VBD VBN								ingested VBD VBN
bypass VB NN									bypass VB NN
Jeopardy NNP NN									Jeopardy NNP NN
cost-efficient JJ								cost-efficient JJ
acquisiton NN									acquisiton NN
uprisings NNS									uprisings NNS
ambiguities NNS									ambiguities NNS
fruitful JJ									fruitful JJ
Langford NNP									Langford NNP
Heads NNS NNPS									Heads NNS NNPS
disrepute NN									disrepute NN
tackiest JJS									tackiest JJS
Hamey NNP									Hamey NNP
demotion NN									demotion NN
Melvin NNP									Melvin NNP
Schimmel NNP									Schimmel NNP
centrally RB									centrally RB
broken-down JJ									broken-down JJ
Falwell-Robertson NNP								Falwell-Robertson NNP
tightest JJS RBS								tightest JJS RBS
Planet NNP NN									Planet NNP NN
Ploys NNS									Ploys NNS
gentile NN JJ									gentile NN JJ
emboldened VBN VBD								emboldened VBN VBD
sick-building JJ								sick-building JJ
lieutenant NN									lieutenant NN
Spectra NNS NNP									Spectra NNS NNP
mammoth JJ									mammoth JJ
rethought JJ									rethought JJ
unit-price NN									unit-price NN
tabbed VBD									tabbed VBD
Cockerel NNP									Cockerel NNP
reinsure VB									reinsure VB
Hotels NNPS NNP NNS								Hotels NNPS NNP NNS
clearer JJR RBR									clearer JJR RBR
Chester NNP									Chester NNP
signpost NN									signpost NN
brokerage-house NN								brokerage-house NN
Lapides NNP									Lapides NNP
Oneok NNP									Oneok NNP
professes VBZ									professes VBZ
timbered JJ									timbered JJ
B.J. NNP									B.J. NNP
Motorcycle NNP									Motorcycle NNP
natural-foods NNS								natural-foods NNS
shrillness NN									shrillness NN
ballast NN									ballast NN
contemporaneous JJ								contemporaneous JJ
age-discrimination JJ NN							age-discrimination JJ NN
fecund JJ									fecund JJ
neutralism NN									neutralism NN
pauses VBZ NNS									pauses VBZ NNS
Offensive NNP NN								Offensive NNP NN
poker NN									poker NN
Rambo NNP									Rambo NNP
glowering VBG									glowering VBG
wanta VB									wanta VB
tugboat NN									tugboat NN
Centerre NNP									Centerre NNP
creasingly RB									creasingly RB
one-yen JJ									one-yen JJ
Vitzhum NNP									Vitzhum NNP
Chewing VBG									Chewing VBG
high-salaried JJ								high-salaried JJ
vegetarian JJ									vegetarian JJ
Shandong NNP									Shandong NNP
recapitalized VBN								recapitalized VBN
soulless JJ									soulless JJ
chieftain NN									chieftain NN
Intertan NNP									Intertan NNP
affiliates NNS VBZ								affiliates NNS VBZ
hubbub NN									hubbub NN
SC NNP										SC NNP
Limitation NNP									Limitation NNP
Send VB NNP									Send VB NNP
Plebian JJ									Plebian JJ
estuaries NNS									estuaries NNS
Habitat NNP									Habitat NNP
DM850-a-month JJ								DM850-a-month JJ
much-beloved JJ									much-beloved JJ
injured VBN VBD JJ								injured VBN VBD JJ
went VBD VBN									went VBD VBN
straight-armed VBD								straight-armed VBD
foundation-stone NN								foundation-stone NN
======================================ll NN					======================================ll NN
leatherbound JJ NN								leatherbound JJ NN
abandoning VBG									abandoning VBG
Directed VBN NNP								Directed VBN NNP
mobility NN									mobility NN
Loyalty NN NNP									Loyalty NN NNP
Blackjack NNP									Blackjack NNP
jumping-off JJ									jumping-off JJ
fucken JJ									fucken JJ
Cellars NNP									Cellars NNP
pest-control JJ									pest-control JJ
anomalies NNS									anomalies NNS
trading-account JJ								trading-account JJ
double-deck JJ VB								double-deck JJ VB
Boies NNP									Boies NNP
sawed-off JJ									sawed-off JJ
issuer NN									issuer NN
alreadeh RB									alreadeh RB
Beaux-Arts NNP									Beaux-Arts NNP
Koran NNP									Koran NNP
exterminating VBG								exterminating VBG
Spirito NNP FW									Spirito NNP FW
Communisn NN									Communisn NN
surmises NNS									surmises NNS
Unsecured JJ									Unsecured JJ
forces NNS VBZ									forces NNS VBZ
'Channel NN									'Channel NN
Kelly NNP									Kelly NNP
Liber NNP									Liber NNP
collimated VBN									collimated VBN
airways NNS									airways NNS
Spector NNP									Spector NNP
Rounding VBG									Rounding VBG
Daybreak NNP									Daybreak NNP
Assemble VB									Assemble VB
deadlocked VBN JJ								deadlocked VBN JJ
cramp NN									cramp NN
Bathing NN VBG									Bathing NN VBG
Thou PRP									Thou PRP
potato-supplier NN								potato-supplier NN
barefoot RB JJ									barefoot RB JJ
Andel NNP									Andel NNP
deeming VBG									deeming VBG
walkways NNS									walkways NNS
Stolzenbach NNP									Stolzenbach NNP
Sacrifice NN NNP								Sacrifice NN NNP
resolutely RB									resolutely RB
schism NN									schism NN
Drinking VBG									Drinking VBG
Ethane NN									Ethane NN
Vikes NNPS									Vikes NNPS
tarnished VBN JJ VBD								tarnished VBN JJ VBD
blow-up NN									blow-up NN
Firm NN JJ NNP									Firm NN JJ NNP
Motorized NNP									Motorized NNP
Catherall NNP									Catherall NNP
Shawl NN									Shawl NN
meet VB VBP NN									meet VB VBP NN
Jam NNP										Jam NNP
Walters NNP									Walters NNP
investment-linked JJ								investment-linked JJ
coroner NN									coroner NN
Sutz NNP									Sutz NNP
Stems NNS									Stems NNS
concluded VBD VBN								concluded VBD VBN
raptures NNS									raptures NNS
Vilgrain NNP									Vilgrain NNP
ogling VBG									ogling VBG
Zey PRP										Zey PRP
Armonk NNP									Armonk NNP
Tagg NNP									Tagg NNP
Sekel NNP									Sekel NNP
Stepson NNP									Stepson NNP
Locker NNP									Locker NNP
scrivener NN									scrivener NN
rhinoceros NN									rhinoceros NN
ratepayers NNS									ratepayers NNS
Kerr-Mills NNP									Kerr-Mills NNP
spiked JJ VBN									spiked JJ VBN
lordship NN									lordship NN
passenger-tire JJ								passenger-tire JJ
Magma NNP									Magma NNP
chrysotile NN									chrysotile NN
whammy NN									whammy NN
providing VBG IN								providing VBG IN
Reichmann NNP									Reichmann NNP
Spreading NNP									Spreading NNP
good-by UH RB									good-by UH RB
four-inch JJ									four-inch JJ
harshest JJS									harshest JJS
lax JJ										lax JJ
kernels NNS									kernels NNS
destructive JJ									destructive JJ
faint JJ NN VB									faint JJ NN VB
tangere JJ									tangere JJ
carrying VBG JJ NN								carrying VBG JJ NN
director NN									director NN
Adolphus NNP									Adolphus NNP
Statehouse NN									Statehouse NN
classed VBN									classed VBN
Herring NNP									Herring NNP
computer-maker NN								computer-maker NN
formidable JJ FW								formidable JJ FW
Feb. NNP NN									Feb. NNP NN
self-flagellation NN								self-flagellation NN
landlords NNS									landlords NNS
slopping VBG									slopping VBG
enemy NN									enemy NN
vasa NN										vasa NN
sleepily RB									sleepily RB
myth-making VBG NN								myth-making VBG NN
Fujimoto NNP									Fujimoto NNP
fuming VBG									fuming VBG
loudly RB									loudly RB
pitching VBG NN									pitching VBG NN
accessed VBN									accessed VBN
keno JJ										keno JJ
phrases NNS									phrases NNS
Witnesses NNS NNPS								Witnesses NNS NNPS
Grunfeld NNP									Grunfeld NNP
frequent JJ VBP VB								frequent JJ VBP VB
Broadcasting NNP VBG NN								Broadcasting NNP VBG NN
cement-truck JJ									cement-truck JJ
creditors NNS									creditors NNS
mobile-telecommunications NNS							mobile-telecommunications NNS
Corot NNP									Corot NNP
utmost JJ NN									utmost JJ NN
harmony NN									harmony NN
breasts NNS									breasts NNS
connected VBN JJ VBD								connected VBN JJ VBD
X-tend NN									X-tend NN
human-robot NN									human-robot NN
progressive JJ NN								progressive JJ NN
bowing VBG									bowing VBG
Siegfried NNP									Siegfried NNP
grovels VBZ									grovels VBZ
Catatonia NNP									Catatonia NNP
carrier NN									carrier NN
tune NN VB VBP									tune NN VB VBP
Boal NNP									Boal NNP
Publishers NNPS NNP NNS								Publishers NNPS NNP NNS
New-home JJ									New-home JJ
Ballantine NNP									Ballantine NNP
Concern NN									Concern NN
betray VB VBP									betray VB VBP
U.S.-owned JJ									U.S.-owned JJ
freezer NN									freezer NN
re-arguing VBG									re-arguing VBG
Rolls-Royce NNP									Rolls-Royce NNP
deferent NN									deferent NN
vying VBG									vying VBG
doorknob NN									doorknob NN
hulk NN										hulk NN
simplifying VBG									simplifying VBG
Machiguenga NNP									Machiguenga NNP
nine-game JJ									nine-game JJ
screened VBN VBD								screened VBN VBD
not-so-new JJ									not-so-new JJ
sneaked VBD VBN									sneaked VBD VBN
Crosson NNP									Crosson NNP
ennui NN									ennui NN
outdoor-maintenance NN								outdoor-maintenance NN
docked VBN									docked VBN
hide-out JJ NN									hide-out JJ NN
Procepe NNP									Procepe NNP
Moet-Hennessy NNP								Moet-Hennessy NNP
Yorkshire-based JJ								Yorkshire-based JJ
miles NNS									miles NNS
apostates NNS									apostates NNS
LeMans NNP									LeMans NNP
Reunion NNP									Reunion NNP
Lola NNP									Lola NNP
drunkenly RB									drunkenly RB
ensuring VBG									ensuring VBG
Norwest NNP									Norwest NNP
crank VB NN									crank VB NN
Posts VBZ NNP									Posts VBZ NNP
pronunciation NN								pronunciation NN
fun-filled JJ									fun-filled JJ
Decorators NNP									Decorators NNP
slimy JJ									slimy JJ
Certainly RB									Certainly RB
marrowbones NNS									marrowbones NNS
Galena NNP									Galena NNP
wohaw NN									wohaw NN
psychiatrist NN									psychiatrist NN
nineteenth-century JJ								nineteenth-century JJ
figurehead NN									figurehead NN
Bengals NNPS									Bengals NNPS
rosters NNS									rosters NNS
testing NN VBG VBG|NN								testing NN VBG VBG|NN
conversation NN									conversation NN
Jr NNP										Jr NNP
reaccelerating VBG								reaccelerating VBG
cards NNS									cards NNS
Pressing VBG									Pressing VBG
remainder NN									remainder NN
ATMs NNS									ATMs NNS
unhelpful JJ									unhelpful JJ
Upson NNP									Upson NNP
profits-optimism JJ								profits-optimism JJ
PS NNP										PS NNP
Gribin NNP									Gribin NNP
patented VBN VBD JJ								patented VBN VBD JJ
exorcism NN									exorcism NN
Catalina NNP									Catalina NNP
religionists NNS								religionists NNS
aunt NN										aunt NN
Cathay NNP									Cathay NNP
Listen VB NNP									Listen VB NNP
scudding VBG									scudding VBG
time-line NN									time-line NN
Make VB VBP NN NNP								Make VB VBP NN NNP
Sayegh NNP									Sayegh NNP
teenager NN									teenager NN
long-opposed JJ									long-opposed JJ
public-television NN								public-television NN
Colorcoat NNP									Colorcoat NNP
sibling NN									sibling NN
part-time JJ RB									part-time JJ RB
Tenderloin NNP									Tenderloin NNP
Aurora NNP									Aurora NNP
Swansea NNP									Swansea NNP
lukewarm JJ									lukewarm JJ
sighs VBZ NNS									sighs VBZ NNS
hurricane-wracked JJ								hurricane-wracked JJ
deep-discount JJ								deep-discount JJ
ratified VBD VBN								ratified VBD VBN
Boca NNP									Boca NNP
Parichy-Hamm NNP								Parichy-Hamm NNP
Hisao NNP									Hisao NNP
Sacred NNP									Sacred NNP
lemmings NNS									lemmings NNS
spotlight NN VB									spotlight NN VB
triad NN JJ									triad NN JJ
whole-word JJ									whole-word JJ
price'tres NN									price'tres NN
protections NNS									protections NNS
sharp JJ									sharp JJ
hobos NNS									hobos NNS
cashews NNS									cashews NNS
satisfactory JJ									satisfactory JJ
peers NNS VBZ									peers NNS VBZ
grisly JJ									grisly JJ
adjustment NN									adjustment NN
Mille NNP									Mille NNP
Environmentalism NNP NN								Environmentalism NNP NN
Fish NNP NN									Fish NNP NN
Swearingen NNP									Swearingen NNP
near-certain JJ									near-certain JJ
pokes VBZ									pokes VBZ
public-housing JJ NN								public-housing JJ NN
Program-Trading JJ								Program-Trading JJ
Corruption NN NNP								Corruption NN NNP
Claytor NNP									Claytor NNP
Xoma NNP									Xoma NNP
aspersions NNS									aspersions NNS
Winterhalder NNP								Winterhalder NNP
Leny NNP									Leny NNP
hemosiderin NN									hemosiderin NN
contemplative JJ								contemplative JJ
'I PRP NN VB									'I PRP NN VB
trickling VBG									trickling VBG
mighta MD|VB									mighta MD|VB
stabbed VBD VBN									stabbed VBD VBN
telephone-information NN							telephone-information NN
doll NN										doll NN
Hungarian JJ NNP								Hungarian JJ NNP
rehearsing VBG									rehearsing VBG
Loveless NNP									Loveless NNP
Crash NNP NN									Crash NNP NN
stupefyingly RB									stupefyingly RB
warmup NN									warmup NN
Zapotec JJ									Zapotec JJ
exaggeration NN									exaggeration NN
French-language JJ								French-language JJ
lbs NNS										lbs NNS
Drawn VBN									Drawn VBN
savings NNS NN									savings NNS NN
wrenches NNS VBZ								wrenches NNS VBZ
Overland NNP									Overland NNP
full-page JJ									full-page JJ
expeditious JJ									expeditious JJ
Skopas NNP									Skopas NNP
Amundsen NNP									Amundsen NNP
disqualify VB									disqualify VB
turn-of-the-century JJ								turn-of-the-century JJ
hearing NN VBG									hearing NN VBG
badness NN									badness NN
Adverse JJ									Adverse JJ
Milling NNP									Milling NNP
Maslyukov NNP									Maslyukov NNP
Ashkhabad NNP									Ashkhabad NNP
a'mea FW									a'mea FW
Marcel NNP									Marcel NNP
random-access JJ								random-access JJ
issues NNS VBZ									issues NNS VBZ
Yale NNP NN									Yale NNP NN
shack-up JJ									shack-up JJ
Administrative NNP JJ								Administrative NNP JJ
picture NN VB VBP								picture NN VB VBP
storage-case NN									storage-case NN
miscommunication NN								miscommunication NN
Mono-unsaturated JJ								Mono-unsaturated JJ
headrest NN									headrest NN
Donics NNP									Donics NNP
Chromatography NN NNP								Chromatography NN NNP
albeit IN RB									albeit IN RB
Campground NNP									Campground NNP
hurricane-prone JJ								hurricane-prone JJ
DeGroot NNP									DeGroot NNP
darted VBD									darted VBD
NTC NNP										NTC NNP
Farther RB									Farther RB
Idaho-based JJ									Idaho-based JJ
anatomy NN									anatomy NN
Philippi NNP									Philippi NNP
bouncing VBG NN									bouncing VBG NN
Misconceptions NNS								Misconceptions NNS
Reprints NNS									Reprints NNS
strain NN VB VBP								strain NN VB VBP
acre NN										acre NN
Webern NNP									Webern NNP
enjoys VBZ									enjoys VBZ
shrill JJ									shrill JJ
imprinted VBN									imprinted VBN
Maersk NNP									Maersk NNP
ambulatory JJ									ambulatory JJ
applicable JJ									applicable JJ
inborn JJ									inborn JJ
swiveling VBG									swiveling VBG
blazon VB									blazon VB
bedding NN									bedding NN
Kingdom NNP NN									Kingdom NNP NN
tarmac NN									tarmac NN
hear VB VBP									hear VB VBP
AWAY RP										AWAY RP
much-revised JJ									much-revised JJ
Curteis NNP									Curteis NNP
Halls NNP									Halls NNP
obnoxious JJ									obnoxious JJ
lesser-known JJ									lesser-known JJ
proverty NN									proverty NN
propriety NN									propriety NN
celluloids NNS									celluloids NNS
tradedistorting JJ								tradedistorting JJ
metrazol NN									metrazol NN
Gustav NNP									Gustav NNP
V-6 NNP JJ NN									V-6 NNP JJ NN
protectionist JJ NN								protectionist JJ NN
million CD JJ									million CD JJ
organification NN								organification NN
Stalin NNP									Stalin NNP
TSH-treated JJ									TSH-treated JJ
long-tenured JJ									long-tenured JJ
Laptops NNS									Laptops NNS
glistened VBD									glistened VBD
Negas NNP									Negas NNP
Jouvet NNP									Jouvet NNP
missiles NNS									missiles NNS
Describing VBG									Describing VBG
Stainless NNP JJ								Stainless NNP JJ
laser-read JJ									laser-read JJ
paradise NN									paradise NN
single-A-1-plus NNP								single-A-1-plus NNP
Laptev NNP									Laptev NNP
Cosma NNP									Cosma NNP
debentures NNS									debentures NNS
cancer-causing JJ								cancer-causing JJ
Winzer NNP									Winzer NNP
chairman-designate NNP								chairman-designate NNP
Dervish NN									Dervish NN
Credit NNP NN FW								Credit NNP NN FW
Abt NNP										Abt NNP
soddenly RB									soddenly RB
foreknowledge NN								foreknowledge NN
Essex NNP									Essex NNP
encamp VB									encamp VB
Webster\ NNP									Webster\ NNP
pre-approved JJ VBN								pre-approved JJ VBN
condense VB									condense VB
carries VBZ NNS									carries VBZ NNS
Mc NNP										Mc NNP
destigmatization NN								destigmatization NN
Jurgen NNP									Jurgen NNP
Nonmagical NNP									Nonmagical NNP
Medtronic NNP									Medtronic NNP
impinging VBG									impinging VBG
greenback NN									greenback NN
freezes VBZ NNS									freezes VBZ NNS
Masque NNP									Masque NNP
formidable-appearing JJ								formidable-appearing JJ
obsession NN									obsession NN
SD NNP										SD NNP
bioengineer VB									bioengineer VB
saxophone NN									saxophone NN
Gerard NNP									Gerard NNP
price-reform JJ									price-reform JJ
flexicoker NN									flexicoker NN
Off-Track NNP									Off-Track NNP
unrehearsed JJ									unrehearsed JJ
Pummeled VBN									Pummeled VBN
ingratiating JJ									ingratiating JJ
Musician NN									Musician NN
Application NNP NN								Application NNP NN
unite VB VBP									unite VB VBP
unhesitant JJ									unhesitant JJ
Commissioned VBN								Commissioned VBN
racial JJ									racial JJ
Jan NNP										Jan NNP
meterological JJ								meterological JJ
Reflections NNP									Reflections NNP
untenable JJ									untenable JJ
downstream RB JJ								downstream RB JJ
Taney NNP									Taney NNP
attitude NN									attitude NN
Sterile NNP									Sterile NNP
waiver NN									waiver NN
stored-up JJ									stored-up JJ
Aloha NNP									Aloha NNP
Genetics NNP NNPS								Genetics NNP NNPS
Titan NNP									Titan NNP
Evanston NNP									Evanston NNP
Surprised VBN									Surprised VBN
Adi NNP										Adi NNP
Byronic JJ									Byronic JJ
not-so-trivial JJ								not-so-trivial JJ
tongue-thrusting NN								tongue-thrusting NN
self-esteem NN									self-esteem NN
Markus NNP									Markus NNP
Ifo NNP										Ifo NNP
deprivation NN									deprivation NN
lengthening VBG									lengthening VBG
erawhere NN									erawhere NN
Mnemosyne NNP									Mnemosyne NNP
propositioned VBD								propositioned VBD
corks NNS									corks NNS
phase-out NN JJ									phase-out NN JJ
potentially RB									potentially RB
June-to-September NNP								June-to-September NNP
Throneberry NNP									Throneberry NNP
lay VBD VBP JJ VB								lay VBD VBP JJ VB
conveyed VBD VBN								conveyed VBD VBN
Josh NNP									Josh NNP
unoriginal JJ									unoriginal JJ
scrounge VBP VB									scrounge VBP VB
frequency NN									frequency NN
non-partisan JJ									non-partisan JJ
Chekhovian JJ									Chekhovian JJ
fifty-dollar JJ									fifty-dollar JJ
eighty-sixth JJ									eighty-sixth JJ
MIG-1\ JJ									MIG-1\ JJ
Treasure NNP NN									Treasure NNP NN
Industriale NNP									Industriale NNP
Journey NNP									Journey NNP
LLerena NNP									LLerena NNP
Hemant NNP									Hemant NNP
D-Mass. NNP									D-Mass. NNP
suddenly RB									suddenly RB
excellent JJ									excellent JJ
Gilgore NNP									Gilgore NNP
heiress NN									heiress NN
Peres NNP									Peres NNP
Disregarding VBG								Disregarding VBG
Portugal NNP									Portugal NNP
pool-care JJ									pool-care JJ
hull NN										hull NN
overcollected JJ								overcollected JJ
magistrate NN									magistrate NN
equipment NN									equipment NN
drumsticks NNS									drumsticks NNS
front-seat NN									front-seat NN
India-born JJ									India-born JJ
sieve NN									sieve NN
Welborn NNP									Welborn NNP
blindfold NN									blindfold NN
postmen NNS									postmen NNS
Clothes NNS NNPS								Clothes NNS NNPS
Wheatley NNP									Wheatley NNP
Sheila NNP									Sheila NNP
Dialogue NNP									Dialogue NNP
apartment NN									apartment NN
Karl NNP JJ									Karl NNP JJ
Bunker NNP									Bunker NNP
Poirot NNP									Poirot NNP
Destroyer NN									Destroyer NN
mosaic-like JJ									mosaic-like JJ
volcanos NNS									volcanos NNS
Patil NNP									Patil NNP
eleventh-hour JJ								eleventh-hour JJ
non-person NN									non-person NN
Quennell NNP									Quennell NNP
world-view NN									world-view NN
Robbers NNS									Robbers NNS
Benita NNP									Benita NNP
trichloroacetic JJ								trichloroacetic JJ
counter-culture JJ								counter-culture JJ
Fur NNP NN									Fur NNP NN
lags VBZ NNS									lags VBZ NNS
Macfarlane NNP									Macfarlane NNP
co-insurance JJ NN								co-insurance JJ NN
reset NN VBN JJ VB								reset NN VBN JJ VB
Pergamon NNP									Pergamon NNP
Waymire NNP									Waymire NNP
Loews NNP									Loews NNP
time-hotels NNS									time-hotels NNS
incongruous JJ									incongruous JJ
flirted VBD VBN									flirted VBD VBN
pullouts NNS									pullouts NNS
performance-sharing JJ								performance-sharing JJ
WRC NNP										WRC NNP
spiffing JJ									spiffing JJ
gyro NN										gyro NN
sight NN VB									sight NN VB
raved VBD									raved VBD
Lois NNP									Lois NNP
where WRB									where WRB
structurally RB									structurally RB
self-evident JJ									self-evident JJ
poise NN									poise NN
arouse VB VBP									arouse VB VBP
Holtzman NNP									Holtzman NNP
jumpsuits NN									jumpsuits NN
balm-of-Gilead NN								balm-of-Gilead NN
envisioning VBG									envisioning VBG
investment-insurance NN								investment-insurance NN
Hoyt NNP									Hoyt NNP
culminated VBD VBN								culminated VBD VBN
launched VBN VBD VB								launched VBN VBD VB
Fortress NNP									Fortress NNP
E-1 CD										E-1 CD
Hirey NNP									Hirey NNP
waistcoat NN									waistcoat NN
labor-shortage NN								labor-shortage NN
Ajinomoto NNP									Ajinomoto NNP
Income NNP NN									Income NNP NN
Hungary-Suez NNP								Hungary-Suez NNP
abnormally RB									abnormally RB
Furnace NN									Furnace NN
impartiality NN									impartiality NN
fur-piece NN									fur-piece NN
procedurally RB									procedurally RB
honorariums NNS									honorariums NNS
Pains NNS									Pains NNS
chest-high JJ									chest-high JJ
indefinite JJ NN								indefinite JJ NN
crevice NN									crevice NN
Okasan NNP									Okasan NNP
Reprinted VBN									Reprinted VBN
Vienot NNP									Vienot NNP
prayerbooks NNS									prayerbooks NNS
chief JJ NN									chief JJ NN
claims NNS VBZ									claims NNS VBZ
parliamentarian NN								parliamentarian NN
boss NN										boss NN
intruder NN									intruder NN
McWhinney NNP									McWhinney NNP
negligible JJ									negligible JJ
GIS NNP										GIS NNP
then-Vice NNP JJ								then-Vice NNP JJ
contamination NN								contamination NN
snorkle NN									snorkle NN
fourteen-team JJ								fourteen-team JJ
blenders NNS									blenders NNS
hard-disk NN JJ									hard-disk NN JJ
like-minded JJ									like-minded JJ
Buoy NNP									Buoy NNP
relapse NN									relapse NN
puzzling JJ VBG									puzzling JJ VBG
Cautiously RB									Cautiously RB
crocketed JJ									crocketed JJ
crusts NNS									crusts NNS
typifying VBG									typifying VBG
Soviet-bloc JJ									Soviet-bloc JJ
Nikonov NNP									Nikonov NNP
pong NN										pong NN
big-town JJ									big-town JJ
utility NN JJ									utility NN JJ
bond-equivalent JJ NN								bond-equivalent JJ NN
Macksey NNP									Macksey NNP
now... :									now... :
less-polluting JJ								less-polluting JJ
Inspire NNP									Inspire NNP
Jeannie NNP									Jeannie NNP
accomodations NNS								accomodations NNS
folk-dance NN									folk-dance NN
Marble NNP									Marble NNP
Dukakis NNP									Dukakis NNP
tally NN VBP VB									tally NN VBP VB
highs NNS									highs NNS
Mishkin NNP									Mishkin NNP
baronial JJ									baronial JJ
spoiling VBG									spoiling VBG
Outlays NNS									Outlays NNS
Gluck NNP									Gluck NNP
perfect-attendance NN								perfect-attendance NN
pseudo-thinking NN								pseudo-thinking NN
silver-gray JJ									silver-gray JJ
dictatorship NN									dictatorship NN
appellate JJ NN									appellate JJ NN
Beauchamps NNPS									Beauchamps NNPS
preside VB									preside VB
praise NN VBP VB								praise NN VBP VB
coping VBG NN									coping VBG NN
quantify VB									quantify VB
delaying VBG JJ NN|VBG								delaying VBG JJ NN|VBG
Starkey NNP									Starkey NNP
antismoking JJ									antismoking JJ
Placer NNP									Placer NNP
propulsive JJ									propulsive JJ
Healthdyne NNP									Healthdyne NNP
stabilized VBN VBD								stabilized VBN VBD
Moses NNP NNS									Moses NNP NNS
solemnity NN									solemnity NN
viciousness NN									viciousness NN
kyat NN										kyat NN
--twice RB									--twice RB
inequities NNS									inequities NNS
Exclaimed VBD									Exclaimed VBD
Scolatti NNP									Scolatti NNP
galleys NNS									galleys NNS
Camerino NNP									Camerino NNP
Persian NNP JJ									Persian NNP JJ
bred VBN VBD									bred VBN VBD
Savior NNP NN									Savior NNP NN
mattered VBD VBN								mattered VBD VBN
proselytizing VBG NN								proselytizing VBG NN
expiating VBG									expiating VBG
consolidates VBZ								consolidates VBZ
fabricates VBZ									fabricates VBZ
fissionable JJ									fissionable JJ
reportage NN									reportage NN
headstrong JJ									headstrong JJ
tarpapered JJ									tarpapered JJ
troup NN									troup NN
shrunken JJ VBN									shrunken JJ VBN
Obligations NNS									Obligations NNS
Bradsby NNP									Bradsby NNP
us PRP										us PRP
Shawn NNP									Shawn NNP
matters NNS VBZ									matters NNS VBZ
--some DT									--some DT
malfunctions NNS								malfunctions NNS
toxin NN									toxin NN
iodoprotein NN									iodoprotein NN
Hurts VBZ									Hurts VBZ
functionalism NN								functionalism NN
Spam NNP									Spam NNP
sky-tapping JJ									sky-tapping JJ
courant FW									courant FW
U.N NNP										U.N NNP
Gell NNP									Gell NNP
Lantz NNP									Lantz NNP
Outsiders NNS									Outsiders NNS
Protracted JJ									Protracted JJ
Zinser NNP									Zinser NNP
purchased VBN JJ VBD								purchased VBN JJ VBD
cease-fire NN JJ								cease-fire NN JJ
Parry NNP									Parry NNP
how-to JJ									how-to JJ
preceeded VBN									preceeded VBN
safe JJ NN									safe JJ NN
Schoeneman NNP									Schoeneman NNP
bandwagon NN									bandwagon NN
Sidoti NNP									Sidoti NNP
Chateauvallon NNP								Chateauvallon NNP
Mortality NN									Mortality NN
voice-recognition NN								voice-recognition NN
emanation NN									emanation NN
deadness NN									deadness NN
noting VBG									noting VBG
statehood NN									statehood NN
shopped VBN VBD									shopped VBN VBD
jetliner NN									jetliner NN
breakeven JJ NN									breakeven JJ NN
busiest JJS									busiest JJS
colorblindness NN								colorblindness NN
Celtics NNPS NNP								Celtics NNPS NNP
E.W. NNP									E.W. NNP
workin VBG									workin VBG
transpiration NN								transpiration NN
U.S.-dominated JJ								U.S.-dominated JJ
deprives VBZ									deprives VBZ
Edwin NNP NNPS									Edwin NNP NNPS
Banner NNP NN									Banner NNP NN
olim FW										olim FW
small-capitalization JJ								small-capitalization JJ
landowner NN									landowner NN
Quigley NNP									Quigley NNP
loitering NN VBG								loitering NN VBG
Canseco NNP									Canseco NNP
defined-benefit JJ								defined-benefit JJ
carting VBG									carting VBG
Kingwood NNP									Kingwood NNP
planeload NN									planeload NN
comfortably RB									comfortably RB
lining VBG NN									lining VBG NN
gunboats NNS									gunboats NNS
spice NN VBP VB									spice NN VBP VB
Julio NNP									Julio NNP
Courtney NNP									Courtney NNP
PG-13 NN									PG-13 NN
multibillion JJ									multibillion JJ
suppressed VBN JJ VBD								suppressed VBN JJ VBD
chalky JJ									chalky JJ
Tango NNP									Tango NNP
probl'y RB									probl'y RB
interrupts VBZ									interrupts VBZ
expansionism NN									expansionism NN
neglected VBN JJ VBD								neglected VBN JJ VBD
precrash JJ									precrash JJ
species-dependent JJ								species-dependent JJ
Y.W.C.A. NNP									Y.W.C.A. NNP
UniFirst NNP									UniFirst NNP
Fibreboard NNP									Fibreboard NNP
Carla NNP									Carla NNP
home-improvement NN JJ								home-improvement NN JJ
fifth-straight JJ								fifth-straight JJ
partner-notification NN								partner-notification NN
Cal. NN										Cal. NN
take-up JJ									take-up JJ
polyethers NNS									polyethers NNS
selling VBG NN JJ								selling VBG NN JJ
waives VBZ									waives VBZ
Cassandras NNPS									Cassandras NNPS
foolish JJ									foolish JJ
Omani JJ									Omani JJ
digestible JJ									digestible JJ
variability NN									variability NN
crawlspace NN									crawlspace NN
shelf-life NN									shelf-life NN
Pardus NNP									Pardus NNP
discount-brokerage NN								discount-brokerage NN
Hubba UH									Hubba UH
fee-related JJ									fee-related JJ
Borland NNP									Borland NNP
AmBase NNP									AmBase NNP
sniffy JJ									sniffy JJ
positions NNS VBZ								positions NNS VBZ
masseuses NNS									masseuses NNS
Maidens NNPS									Maidens NNPS
seedbed NN									seedbed NN
Li NNP										Li NNP
Unglazed VBN									Unglazed VBN
Jelke NNP									Jelke NNP
Granville NNP									Granville NNP
Paschal NNP									Paschal NNP
foundations NNS									foundations NNS
Micha NNP									Micha NNP
Egil NNP									Egil NNP
Hackney NNP									Hackney NNP
endures VBZ									endures VBZ
reproach NN									reproach NN
well-cared JJ									well-cared JJ
leave-taking NN									leave-taking NN
moisture NN									moisture NN
black-and-yellow JJ								black-and-yellow JJ
vinegar NN									vinegar NN
Bellas NNP									Bellas NNP
line-driven NN									line-driven NN
retrial NN									retrial NN
half-swimming JJ								half-swimming JJ
lubra NN									lubra NN
noneconomic JJ									noneconomic JJ
Allegiance NNP									Allegiance NNP
Fegersheim NNP									Fegersheim NNP
sprains NNS									sprains NNS
Abu NNP										Abu NNP
wiring NN VBG									wiring NN VBG
Nations-monitored JJ								Nations-monitored JJ
stoke VB									stoke VB
Repayment NNP									Repayment NNP
fuss NN VB									fuss NN VB
all-New NNP									all-New NNP
Bernardine NNP									Bernardine NNP
Drobnick NNP									Drobnick NNP
broiled VBN									broiled VBN
Arlt NNP									Arlt NNP
contaminants NNS								contaminants NNS
art-nouveau JJ									art-nouveau JJ
once-absolute JJ								once-absolute JJ
single-firm JJ									single-firm JJ
McHenry NNP									McHenry NNP
BOTH DT										BOTH DT
renunciation NN									renunciation NN
Threaded VBN									Threaded VBN
playgrounds NNS									playgrounds NNS
vision NN									vision NN
regulate VB VBP									regulate VB VBP
Willmott NNP									Willmott NNP
wrathful JJ									wrathful JJ
quipping VBG									quipping VBG
Marlow NNP									Marlow NNP
Hanch NNP									Hanch NNP
intrudes VBZ									intrudes VBZ
niche NN									niche NN
girders NNS									girders NNS
Stratas NNP									Stratas NNP
Cycle NNP									Cycle NNP
deems VBZ									deems VBZ
brunettes NNS									brunettes NNS
pert JJ										pert JJ
nosy JJ										nosy JJ
Pawley NNP									Pawley NNP
blank-faced JJ									blank-faced JJ
tung NN										tung NN
end-user NN									end-user NN
de-leverage VB									de-leverage VB
impending JJ VBG								impending JJ VBG
entrepreneurism NN								entrepreneurism NN
bevels NNS									bevels NNS
addresses NNS VBZ								addresses NNS VBZ
Brevet NNP									Brevet NNP
efficient-in JJ|IN								efficient-in JJ|IN
on'frontier NN									on'frontier NN
rounds NNS VBZ									rounds NNS VBZ
Figures NNS NNPS								Figures NNS NNPS
Hanoverian NNP JJ								Hanoverian NNP JJ
archrival JJ NN									archrival JJ NN
pathway NN									pathway NN
Nellcor NNP									Nellcor NNP
winked VBD VBN									winked VBD VBN
replication NN									replication NN
man-made JJ									man-made JJ
criticize VB VBP								criticize VB VBP
Md NNP										Md NNP
Breckenridge NNP								Breckenridge NNP
Civilian-groups NNPS								Civilian-groups NNPS
speculate VB VBP								speculate VB VBP
co-pilot NN NNS									co-pilot NN NNS
bottled-water JJ NN								bottled-water JJ NN
mutely RB									mutely RB
Tooling VBG									Tooling VBG
SE NNP										SE NNP
liberties NNS									liberties NNS
Sumner NNP									Sumner NNP
pusillanimity NN								pusillanimity NN
monosodium NN									monosodium NN
inclusion NN									inclusion NN
manure-scented JJ								manure-scented JJ
Abilene NNP									Abilene NNP
savory JJ									savory JJ
shipyards NNS									shipyards NNS
pols NNS									pols NNS
assistance NN									assistance NN
unseen JJ									unseen JJ
Buttacavoli NNP									Buttacavoli NNP
Harken NNP									Harken NNP
wrinkle-fighting JJ								wrinkle-fighting JJ
Leixlip NNP									Leixlip NNP
streetlight NN									streetlight NN
separately RB									separately RB
Quyney NN									Quyney NN
fragments NNS VBZ								fragments NNS VBZ
undersize JJ									undersize JJ
drawers NNS									drawers NNS
Hastening VBG									Hastening VBG
disburses VBZ									disburses VBZ
health-and-benefits JJ								health-and-benefits JJ
earned VBD JJ VBN								earned VBD JJ VBN
Duero NNP									Duero NNP
Blessings NNS									Blessings NNS
Veilleux NNP									Veilleux NNP
Crumble NNP									Crumble NNP
G.O. NNP									G.O. NNP
caster NN									caster NN
comminge VBG									comminge VBG
non-thermal JJ									non-thermal JJ
m.p.h. NN									m.p.h. NN
slyness NN									slyness NN
hatred NN									hatred NN
Smukler NNP									Smukler NNP
adjectives NNS									adjectives NNS
solos NNS VBZ									solos NNS VBZ
Paint NN									Paint NN
banding VBG									banding VBG
amorist NN									amorist NN
obscurely RB									obscurely RB
middle NN JJ									middle NN JJ
Equity NNP NN									Equity NNP NN
maturing VBG									maturing VBG
manifesto NN									manifesto NN
ruts NNS									ruts NNS
ultracentrifugally RB								ultracentrifugally RB
leftfield NN									leftfield NN
Option NNP NN									Option NNP NN
field NN JJ VB VBP								field NN JJ VB VBP
medical-assistance NN								medical-assistance NN
Outsville NNP									Outsville NNP
Chafin NNP									Chafin NNP
Rhodes NNP									Rhodes NNP
nonporous JJ									nonporous JJ
Tolley NNP									Tolley NNP
Bockris NNP									Bockris NNP
noun NN										noun NN
High-Yield NNP									High-Yield NNP
Buri NNP									Buri NNP
curled VBD VBN									curled VBD VBN
Pestle NNP									Pestle NNP
Purdy NNP									Purdy NNP
didactic JJ									didactic JJ
unsolicited JJ									unsolicited JJ
consultants NNS									consultants NNS
fury NN										fury NN
minivans NNS									minivans NNS
substructure NN									substructure NN
chaperone NN									chaperone NN
non-black JJ									non-black JJ
Aqua NNP									Aqua NNP
Runcie NNP									Runcie NNP
nasaled VBD									nasaled VBD
Pol NNP										Pol NNP
Neanderthal JJ									Neanderthal JJ
bronchiolar JJ									bronchiolar JJ
restart VB									restart VB
no-inflation JJ NN								no-inflation JJ NN
Physique NN									Physique NN
Rabin NNP									Rabin NNP
Dream NNP NN VB									Dream NNP NN VB
muscular JJ									muscular JJ
Portland NNP									Portland NNP
re-examination NN								re-examination NN
shrinking VBG NN								shrinking VBG NN
crewel NN									crewel NN
E-2 CD										E-2 CD
clinkers NNS									clinkers NNS
preparations NNS								preparations NNS
Places NNS NNPS									Places NNS NNPS
reacceleration NN								reacceleration NN
constructive JJ									constructive JJ
McAlester NNP									McAlester NNP
intricately RB									intricately RB
Krims NNPS									Krims NNPS
Baiba NNP									Baiba NNP
seeing VBG									seeing VBG
original JJ NN									original JJ NN
Weaning NNP									Weaning NNP
row NN VBP VB									row NN VBP VB
led VBN VBD VB									led VBN VBD VB
Tests NNS NNP NNPS								Tests NNS NNP NNPS
unwillingly RB									unwillingly RB
Heinz NNP									Heinz NNP
Quiet JJ NNP									Quiet JJ NNP
truckdriver NN									truckdriver NN
Embryo NN									Embryo NN
Cuellar NNP									Cuellar NNP
foreign-car NN									foreign-car NN
distances NNS VBZ								distances NNS VBZ
bringing VBG NN									bringing VBG NN
eluted VBN									eluted VBN
nighted JJ									nighted JJ
imperil VB									imperil VB
Kimmelman NNP									Kimmelman NNP
Traders NNS NNP NNPS								Traders NNS NNP NNPS
armament NN									armament NN
alphabetic JJ									alphabetic JJ
larynx NN									larynx NN
crams VBZ									crams VBZ
Consort NNP									Consort NNP
demeans VBZ									demeans VBZ
Unstained JJ									Unstained JJ
gowned JJ									gowned JJ
DC10-30 NN									DC10-30 NN
Dow-Jones NNP									Dow-Jones NNP
Industriali NNP									Industriali NNP
Humanities NNP									Humanities NNP
whiplash NN									whiplash NN
Breeders NNP NNS								Breeders NNP NNS
Compound JJ NN									Compound JJ NN
Evolution NNP NN								Evolution NNP NN
transborder JJ									transborder JJ
rightward JJ									rightward JJ
folded VBN VBD JJ								folded VBN VBD JJ
S.P. NNP									S.P. NNP
Vineyards NNS NNPS								Vineyards NNS NNPS
six-week JJ									six-week JJ
abstractionism NN								abstractionism NN
cobblestones NNS								cobblestones NNS
then-client NN									then-client NN
Fairy NNP NN									Fairy NNP NN
strike-outs NNS									strike-outs NNS
tabulation NN									tabulation NN
driving VBG JJ NN								driving VBG JJ NN
Iroquois NNP									Iroquois NNP
Kristine NNP									Kristine NNP
Exaggerated VBN									Exaggerated VBN
lilt NN										lilt NN
thrift-like JJ									thrift-like JJ
YES NNP										YES NNP
cognitive JJ									cognitive JJ
disclosures NNS VBZ								disclosures NNS VBZ
talking VBG NN NN|VBG								talking VBG NN NN|VBG
compromising VBG JJ								compromising VBG JJ
evildoers NNS									evildoers NNS
Fossett NNP									Fossett NNP
Flaherty NNP									Flaherty NNP
pint-sized JJ									pint-sized JJ
spleen NN									spleen NN
clouds NNS VBZ									clouds NNS VBZ
Pierson NNP									Pierson NNP
fodder NN									fodder NN
distillation NN									distillation NN
Pepper\/Seven NNP								Pepper\/Seven NNP
slipstream NN									slipstream NN
government-agency JJ NN								government-agency JJ NN
conquete FW									conquete FW
arbitrated VBN									arbitrated VBN
toeholds NNS									toeholds NNS
homework NN									homework NN
pacified VBD									pacified VBD
Nattily RB									Nattily RB
Seng NNP									Seng NNP
Factory-to-You NNP								Factory-to-You NNP
rotted VBN									rotted VBN
desynchronizing VBG								desynchronizing VBG
Fliers NNPS									Fliers NNPS
trapped VBN VBD JJ								trapped VBN VBD JJ
Span NN NNP									Span NN NNP
rods NNS									rods NNS
spectral JJ									spectral JJ
fawn-colored JJ									fawn-colored JJ
woke VBD									woke VBD
back-ups NNS									back-ups NNS
revelers NNS									revelers NNS
Rothmans NNP									Rothmans NNP
Christendom NNP NN								Christendom NNP NN
biophysics NNS									biophysics NNS
thaws NNS									thaws NNS
ultra-right JJ									ultra-right JJ
referring VBG									referring VBG
sweetens VBZ									sweetens VBZ
binder NN									binder NN
reign NN VBP VB									reign NN VBP VB
Diners NNP									Diners NNP
Aaawww UH									Aaawww UH
Kagan NNP									Kagan NNP
Literally RB									Literally RB
Retrovirus NNP									Retrovirus NNP
unduly RB									unduly RB
slinging VBG									slinging VBG
nott RB										nott RB
peso NN										peso NN
time-cast JJ									time-cast JJ
Macbeth NNP									Macbeth NNP
Dead NNP NNS JJ									Dead NNP NNS JJ
dark-haired JJ									dark-haired JJ
Anticipating VBG								Anticipating VBG
heat NN VB VBP									heat NN VB VBP
redevelop VB									redevelop VB
sunder VB									sunder VB
bullishness NN									bullishness NN
Headed VBN									Headed VBN
McDonalds NNP									McDonalds NNP
extermination NN								extermination NN
beguiled VBN									beguiled VBN
thick-walled JJ									thick-walled JJ
Neumann NNP									Neumann NNP
Odakyu NNP									Odakyu NNP
much-delayed JJ									much-delayed JJ
generics NNS									generics NNS
yuse NN										yuse NN
IBM-compatible JJ								IBM-compatible JJ
repealed VBN VBD								repealed VBN VBD
imprecisely RB									imprecisely RB
conveniently RB									conveniently RB
error-prone JJ									error-prone JJ
Mitsuoka NNP									Mitsuoka NNP
McNamar NNP									McNamar NNP
junkless JJ									junkless JJ
Sad JJ										Sad JJ
Seidler NNP									Seidler NNP
scared VBN JJ RB VBD								scared VBN JJ RB VBD
Korda NNP									Korda NNP
sired VBN									sired VBN
Avrett NNP									Avrett NNP
electronic-defense NN								electronic-defense NN
Brooding NNP VBG								Brooding NNP VBG
warn-your-enemy JJ								warn-your-enemy JJ
Dairies NNPS NNP NNS								Dairies NNPS NNP NNS
Canterbury NNP									Canterbury NNP
grain-trading JJ								grain-trading JJ
unconstitutionally RB								unconstitutionally RB
Samuels NNP									Samuels NNP
Spirits NNP NNPS NNS								Spirits NNP NNPS NNS
glitch NN									glitch NN
carillons NNS									carillons NNS
Finnish JJ									Finnish JJ
Estates NNP									Estates NNP
l'Osservatore NNP								l'Osservatore NNP
entrepreneurs NNS								entrepreneurs NNS
Sudier NNP									Sudier NNP
Huntley NNP									Huntley NNP
Tropworld NNP									Tropworld NNP
Mattausch NNP									Mattausch NNP
guilders NNS									guilders NNS
stable-garage NN								stable-garage NN
head-topper NN									head-topper NN
Ko NNP										Ko NNP
Scull NNP									Scull NNP
solenoid NN									solenoid NN
McNealy NNP									McNealy NNP
short-barrel NN									short-barrel NN
neutralist JJ NN								neutralist JJ NN
handsome JJ									handsome JJ
follows VBZ									follows VBZ
perch NN VB									perch NN VB
irresponsibility NN								irresponsibility NN
Kuhlke NNP									Kuhlke NNP
blissful JJ									blissful JJ
Supplement NNP NN								Supplement NNP NN
Alternate JJ									Alternate JJ
Falco NNP									Falco NNP
dyes NNS									dyes NNS
low-class JJ									low-class JJ
Japan NNP									Japan NNP
Mais FW										Mais FW
decertify VB									decertify VB
'K NNP										'K NNP
Rape NNP									Rape NNP
community-oriented JJ								community-oriented JJ
Trinidad NNP									Trinidad NNP
Atkinson NNP									Atkinson NNP
Depression NNP NN								Depression NNP NN
kissings NNS									kissings NNS
though IN RB VBD								though IN RB VBD
Keats NNP									Keats NNP
small-appearing JJ								small-appearing JJ
rebuild VB									rebuild VB
V-8 JJ NNP									V-8 JJ NNP
Allotments NNS									Allotments NNS
towns NNS									towns NNS
analogies NNS									analogies NNS
cocoon NN									cocoon NN
Sovietologist NN								Sovietologist NN
vivo NN FW									vivo NN FW
Leaping VBG									Leaping VBG
outsold VBD									outsold VBD
repositioning NN VBG								repositioning NN VBG
trade-mark NN									trade-mark NN
hunches NNS									hunches NNS
scribes NNS									scribes NNS
translation NN									translation NN
Keillor NNP									Keillor NNP
Mintel NNP									Mintel NNP
Marcy NNP									Marcy NNP
Aims VBZ									Aims VBZ
Slemrod NNP									Slemrod NNP
flatish JJ									flatish JJ
pan-European JJ									pan-European JJ
Inco NNP									Inco NNP
terrazzo NN									terrazzo NN
defray VB									defray VB
Cornfield NNP									Cornfield NNP
Gethsemane NN NNP								Gethsemane NN NNP
unreeling VBG									unreeling VBG
Pernod NN									Pernod NN
Dingell NNP									Dingell NNP
focal JJ									focal JJ
Striking VBG JJ									Striking VBG JJ
Sande NNP									Sande NNP
Gen-Probe NNP									Gen-Probe NNP
Nestor NNP									Nestor NNP
reproduced VBN VBD								reproduced VBN VBD
syrupy JJ									syrupy JJ
Countries NNPS NNP NNS								Countries NNPS NNP NNS
Pedone NNP									Pedone NNP
Solzhenitsyn NNP								Solzhenitsyn NNP
two-system JJ									two-system JJ
haze NN										haze NN
Adrienne NNP									Adrienne NNP
domi FW										domi FW
all-too-brief JJ								all-too-brief JJ
Masterpieces NNPS								Masterpieces NNPS
left-field JJ									left-field JJ
chairmanships NNS								chairmanships NNS
Ledoux NNP									Ledoux NNP
drachmas NNS NN									drachmas NNS NN
reconstructed JJ VBD VBN							reconstructed JJ VBD VBN
Hage NNP									Hage NNP
enmities NNS									enmities NNS
easy-to-turn JJ									easy-to-turn JJ
flightiness NN									flightiness NN
universities NNS								universities NNS
Jap NNP										Jap NNP
purple-black JJ									purple-black JJ
McDougall NNP									McDougall NNP
Shootin VBG									Shootin VBG
corne NN									corne NN
mass-faxing JJ									mass-faxing JJ
Sanders NNP NNPS								Sanders NNP NNPS
limo NN										limo NN
single-market JJ NN								single-market JJ NN
sprained VBN									sprained VBN
goverment NN									goverment NN
tariff-cutting NN								tariff-cutting NN
benchmark NN JJ									benchmark NN JJ
ill-prepared JJ									ill-prepared JJ
Patricio NNP									Patricio NNP
Reference NNP NN								Reference NNP NN
Glimco NNP									Glimco NNP
emergency-cash NN								emergency-cash NN
hazardous-waste-site NN								hazardous-waste-site NN
Quirinal NNP									Quirinal NNP
nakedness NN									nakedness NN
Observatory NNP									Observatory NNP
Co-op NN NNP									Co-op NN NNP
Winnebago NNP									Winnebago NNP
stage-managing NN								stage-managing NN
muffled JJ VBD VBN								muffled JJ VBD VBN
land-ownership NN								land-ownership NN
wide-sweeping JJ								wide-sweeping JJ
Belway NNP									Belway NNP
Plowman NN									Plowman NN
Nonunion NNP									Nonunion NNP
Sidhpur NNP									Sidhpur NNP
Sigurd NNP									Sigurd NNP
saga NN										saga NN
Backstage RB									Backstage RB
Giaour NN									Giaour NN
AT*/NNP&T NN									AT*/NNP&T NN
value-orientations NNS								value-orientations NNS
WPP NNP										WPP NNP
NZ$ $										NZ$ $
logged VBN VBD									logged VBN VBD
morticians NNS									morticians NNS
money-manager NN								money-manager NN
degassed VBN									degassed VBN
retirement-system JJ								retirement-system JJ
nonsegregated JJ								nonsegregated JJ
yeterday NN									yeterday NN
brokerages NNS									brokerages NNS
intellectuals NNS								intellectuals NNS
SF NNP										SF NNP
brain NN									brain NN
regulars NNS									regulars NNS
cathode NN									cathode NN
wedge-shaped JJ									wedge-shaped JJ
wispy JJ									wispy JJ
depcreciation NN								depcreciation NN
Latter NN NNP									Latter NN NNP
Pauletta NNP									Pauletta NNP
Ory NNP										Ory NNP
Lorex NNP									Lorex NNP
Nichias NNP									Nichias NNP
represented VBN VBD								represented VBN VBD
teahouse NN									teahouse NN
Baseball NN NNP									Baseball NN NNP
indorsed VBD									indorsed VBD
Communist NNP NNPS JJ NN							Communist NNP NNPS JJ NN
Chicagoan NNP									Chicagoan NNP
inflight JJ									inflight JJ
foreboding NN JJ								foreboding NN JJ
Fisk NNP									Fisk NNP
Featherweight NN								Featherweight NN
squads NNS									squads NNS
Bhutto NNP									Bhutto NNP
Emmerich NNP									Emmerich NNP
Daimler NNP									Daimler NNP
oats NNS NN									oats NNS NN
firmer JJR RB RBR								firmer JJR RB RBR
Fluent JJ NNP									Fluent JJ NNP
hard-core JJ									hard-core JJ
discipleship NN									discipleship NN
traduce VB									traduce VB
college-bowl NN									college-bowl NN
goings NNS									goings NNS
Dragonetti NNP									Dragonetti NNP
Velon NNP									Velon NNP
astounds VBZ									astounds VBZ
Molvar NNP									Molvar NNP
goodness NN									goodness NN
Nixdorf NNP									Nixdorf NNP
obtainable JJ									obtainable JJ
Sadler NNP									Sadler NNP
protectionists NNS								protectionists NNS
slatted JJ									slatted JJ
tongue-tied JJ									tongue-tied JJ
revered VBN JJ									revered VBN JJ
Sacheverell NNP									Sacheverell NNP
motorcade NN									motorcade NN
Rondo NN									Rondo NN
Imprisoned VBN									Imprisoned VBN
anyplace RB									anyplace RB
Soldier NNP									Soldier NNP
Grisebach NNP									Grisebach NNP
released VBN VBD								released VBN VBD
open-collared JJ								open-collared JJ
Thynnes NNPS									Thynnes NNPS
transaction NN									transaction NN
Austro-Hungarian JJ								Austro-Hungarian JJ
Hersey NNP									Hersey NNP
enjoyed VBD VBN									enjoyed VBD VBN
matriculate VB									matriculate VB
minicar NN									minicar NN
scallops NNS									scallops NNS
Prussian NNP									Prussian NNP
McClellan NNP									McClellan NNP
jeopardizing VBG								jeopardizing VBG
classification NN								classification NN
pubescent JJ									pubescent JJ
Fawcett NNP									Fawcett NNP
accosting VBG									accosting VBG
futures-investment JJ								futures-investment JJ
residing VBG									residing VBG
TA NNP										TA NNP
Sardanapalus NNP								Sardanapalus NNP
black-figured JJ								black-figured JJ
foreign-currency NN JJ								foreign-currency NN JJ
Saliva NN									Saliva NN
appraisal NN									appraisal NN
Jean-Rene NNP									Jean-Rene NNP
Maher NNP									Maher NNP
Ledger NNP NN									Ledger NNP NN
dwindling-sales JJ								dwindling-sales JJ
spattered VBN									spattered VBN
cylinder NN									cylinder NN
radicalism NN									radicalism NN
magic NN JJ									magic NN JJ
liquidity-short-selling NN							liquidity-short-selling NN
collude VB									collude VB
Beyond IN NNP									Beyond IN NNP
unions NNS									unions NNS
Danforth NNP									Danforth NNP
cavalier JJ									cavalier JJ
Gruber NNP									Gruber NNP
Responding VBG									Responding VBG
carpets NNS									carpets NNS
adjustablerate NN								adjustablerate NN
synergistic JJ									synergistic JJ
Robot NN									Robot NN
essay NN									essay NN
pioneers NNS									pioneers NNS
nouvelle JJ									nouvelle JJ
exhort VB									exhort VB
offical JJ									offical JJ
unripe JJ									unripe JJ
ghosts NNS									ghosts NNS
casual JJ RB									casual JJ RB
LXi NNP										LXi NNP
Masterson NNP									Masterson NNP
jog VB										jog VB
Dallas-Barcelona NNP								Dallas-Barcelona NNP
Skolovsky NNP									Skolovsky NNP
shrine NN									shrine NN
fastigheter FW									fastigheter FW
embezzled VBD									embezzled VBD
multipled VBD									multipled VBD
expansionist JJ									expansionist JJ
Stolen NNP									Stolen NNP
Lister NNP									Lister NNP
Moshe NNP									Moshe NNP
forbidding-looking JJ								forbidding-looking JJ
Anti-American JJ								Anti-American JJ
arb NN										arb NN
swarming VBG									swarming VBG
birches NNS									birches NNS
policeman NN									policeman NN
rough-cut JJ									rough-cut JJ
McLemore NNP									McLemore NNP
firehouses NNS									firehouses NNS
Squeezing VBG									Squeezing VBG
northeastern JJ									northeastern JJ
scaffold NN									scaffold NN
represents VBZ									represents VBZ
Bauhaus NNP									Bauhaus NNP
promising JJ VBG								promising JJ VBG
aura NN										aura NN
Fairbanks NNP									Fairbanks NNP
tribulation NN									tribulation NN
softdrink NN									softdrink NN
jailhouse NN									jailhouse NN
Magazines NNS NNP								Magazines NNS NNP
post-bellum FW									post-bellum FW
Zeke NNP									Zeke NNP
nine-bedroom JJ									nine-bedroom JJ
four-minute JJ									four-minute JJ
outcry NN									outcry NN
real-analytic JJ								real-analytic JJ
Hekhmatyar NNP									Hekhmatyar NNP
Positive JJ NNP									Positive JJ NNP
amatory JJ									amatory JJ
prostitute NN VB								prostitute NN VB
rapidement FW									rapidement FW
Reina NNP									Reina NNP
Time NNP NN									Time NNP NN
high-interest-rate JJ								high-interest-rate JJ
desirability NN									desirability NN
snake-charmer NN								snake-charmer NN
Janofsky NNP									Janofsky NNP
pro-selected JJ									pro-selected JJ
vulpine JJ									vulpine JJ
Thanks NNS UH									Thanks NNS UH
then-Socialist JJ								then-Socialist JJ
Mimieux NNP									Mimieux NNP
Bachtold NNP									Bachtold NNP
manye JJ									manye JJ
sloppily RB									sloppily RB
inhibits VBZ									inhibits VBZ
padded JJ VBN									padded JJ VBN
vase NN										vase NN
checked VBN VBD JJ								checked VBN VBD JJ
teed VBD VBN									teed VBD VBN
resew VB									resew VB
terrestial JJ									terrestial JJ
overgrown VBN JJ								overgrown VBN JJ
liaisons NNS									liaisons NNS
Krauss NNP									Krauss NNP
Gaelic JJ									Gaelic JJ
Roto-Rooter NNP									Roto-Rooter NNP
eight-foot JJ									eight-foot JJ
aleck NN									aleck NN
hired VBN JJ VBD								hired VBN JJ VBD
dolphins NNS									dolphins NNS
proved VBD JJ VBN								proved VBD JJ VBN
desk NN										desk NN
litigation-support JJ								litigation-support JJ
low-foam NN									low-foam NN
Certificates-a NNP NNPS								Certificates-a NNP NNPS
Dobson NNP									Dobson NNP
pre-paid VBD									pre-paid VBD
Topaz NNP									Topaz NNP
argument NN									argument NN
Yeargin NNP									Yeargin NNP
Psychologists NNS								Psychologists NNS
systemization NN								systemization NN
obscenity NN									obscenity NN
non-institutionalized JJ							non-institutionalized JJ
outmaneuver VB									outmaneuver VB
displeasure NN									displeasure NN
unsolder VB									unsolder VB
booze NN									booze NN
installment NN JJ								installment NN JJ
Corps NNP NNPS NN								Corps NNP NNPS NN
spoils NNS									spoils NNS
Sweet-scented JJ								Sweet-scented JJ
Prokofieff NNP									Prokofieff NNP
offside NN									offside NN
silenced VBN VBD								silenced VBN VBD
Arapacis NNP									Arapacis NNP
Avocado NNP									Avocado NNP
Liebowitz NNP									Liebowitz NNP
telegraphers NNS								telegraphers NNS
two-party JJ									two-party JJ
resonate VB									resonate VB
Nalick NNP									Nalick NNP
Karo NNP									Karo NNP
Goes VBZ NNP									Goes VBZ NNP
anti-apartheid JJ NN								anti-apartheid JJ NN
Murfreesboro NNP								Murfreesboro NNP
Discourse NNP									Discourse NNP
twenty-mile JJ									twenty-mile JJ
off-off-Broadway NNP JJ								off-off-Broadway NNP JJ
elective JJ									elective JJ
Melzi NNP									Melzi NNP
geniuses NNS									geniuses NNS
Boehlert NNP									Boehlert NNP
indirection NN									indirection NN
embarks VBZ									embarks VBZ
horse-trail NN									horse-trail NN
Knupp NNP									Knupp NNP
limp JJ NN									limp JJ NN
Hefter NNP									Hefter NNP
doctor NN VB									doctor NN VB
knight-errantry NN								knight-errantry NN
Branchburg NNP									Branchburg NNP
shop NN VB VBP									shop NN VB VBP
ungallant JJ									ungallant JJ
hostility NN									hostility NN
civics NNS									civics NNS
Wiegers NNP									Wiegers NNP
Stolz NNP									Stolz NNP
export-applications NNS								export-applications NNS
imparted VBN VBD								imparted VBN VBD
parlor NN									parlor NN
-- : --										-- : --
whore NN									whore NN
Notes NNS NNP NNPS								Notes NNS NNP NNPS
posse NN									posse NN
IBC NNP										IBC NNP
taboo JJ NN VB									taboo JJ NN VB
boldly RB									boldly RB
Ind.-investment NN								Ind.-investment NN
Kennedy-wordsmith NNP								Kennedy-wordsmith NNP
C-141 NNP									C-141 NNP
Burk NNP									Burk NNP
Zenaida NNP									Zenaida NNP
Bienville NNP									Bienville NNP
turnabout NN									turnabout NN
vp NN										vp NN
Consistent JJ									Consistent JJ
Peak NNP JJ									Peak NNP JJ
Mint NNP NN									Mint NNP NN
heckled VBN									heckled VBN
Connick NNP									Connick NNP
rediscovery NN									rediscovery NN
inward-looking JJ								inward-looking JJ
one-act JJ									one-act JJ
feisty JJ									feisty JJ
associated VBN VBD JJ								associated VBN VBD JJ
enumerated VBN JJ								enumerated VBN JJ
nauseous JJ									nauseous JJ
scrubbing NN VBG								scrubbing NN VBG
ETR NNP										ETR NNP
Kass-Pedone NNP									Kass-Pedone NNP
Employee-benefit JJ								Employee-benefit JJ
whizzed VBD									whizzed VBD
westbound JJ									westbound JJ
preferred-share JJ NN								preferred-share JJ NN
memorization NN									memorization NN
Gogh NNP									Gogh NNP
Arguably RB									Arguably RB
D.K NNP										D.K NNP
unlovable JJ									unlovable JJ
downfall... :									downfall... :
one-year JJ NN									one-year JJ NN
Duke NNP									Duke NNP
recently-passed JJ								recently-passed JJ
pharmaceuticals NNS								pharmaceuticals NNS
Wattie NNP									Wattie NNP
Global NNP JJ									Global NNP JJ
receptions NNS									receptions NNS
Chilblains NNS									Chilblains NNS
require VB VBP									require VB VBP
Ceremonial NNP									Ceremonial NNP
stated VBN JJ VBD								stated VBN JJ VBD
Klondike NNP									Klondike NNP
signal-intensity NN								signal-intensity NN
stigma NN									stigma NN
Deadly JJ									Deadly JJ
Medicaid-covered JJ								Medicaid-covered JJ
penalized VBN VBD								penalized VBN VBD
neocortex NN									neocortex NN
Espagnol NNP									Espagnol NNP
frosted VBD									frosted VBD
hyperbolically RB								hyperbolically RB
Criteria NNP									Criteria NNP
simplify VB VBP									simplify VB VBP
batmobile NN									batmobile NN
palm-tree NN									palm-tree NN
folk-music NN									folk-music NN
Appleyard NNP									Appleyard NNP
Competitors NNS									Competitors NNS
refinancings NNS								refinancings NNS
Novacor NNP									Novacor NNP
Evans NNP									Evans NNP
famously RB									famously RB
remorseful JJ									remorseful JJ
substituted VBN JJ VBD								substituted VBN JJ VBD
Milko NNP									Milko NNP
Soichiro NNP									Soichiro NNP
stockpile NN VB									stockpile NN VB
tax-deductible JJ								tax-deductible JJ
subroutines NNS									subroutines NNS
any DT RB									any DT RB
unclassified JJ									unclassified JJ
inventing VBG									inventing VBG
Interpretation NNP NN								Interpretation NNP NN
self-assured JJ									self-assured JJ
anti-debt JJ									anti-debt JJ
continuum NN									continuum NN
heaved VBD VBN									heaved VBD VBN
Intercable NNP									Intercable NNP
opportune JJ									opportune JJ
buildup NN									buildup NN
Non-executive JJ								Non-executive JJ
close-knit JJ									close-knit JJ
secondhand JJ									secondhand JJ
Meadows NNP									Meadows NNP
Orwellian JJ NNP								Orwellian JJ NNP
Shriver NNP									Shriver NNP
mass-circulation JJ								mass-circulation JJ
consumption NN									consumption NN
Refining NNP NN									Refining NNP NN
ailing VBG JJ									ailing VBG JJ
julep NN									julep NN
Double NNP JJ RB VB								Double NNP JJ RB VB
Hypocrisy NN									Hypocrisy NN
inter-agency JJ									inter-agency JJ
authenticate VBP								authenticate VBP
million-share JJ NN								million-share JJ NN
ficus NN									ficus NN
fourth-quarter JJ NN								fourth-quarter JJ NN
resisting VBG									resisting VBG
arthritic JJ									arthritic JJ
settlement NN									settlement NN
father-son NN									father-son NN
ruling NN VBG JJ								ruling NN VBG JJ
Trooper NNP									Trooper NNP
Primarily RB									Primarily RB
Tribes NNS									Tribes NNS
fuel-economy NN									fuel-economy NN
mummy NN									mummy NN
pound-deutsche JJ								pound-deutsche JJ
pocket-size JJ									pocket-size JJ
liveliness NN									liveliness NN
Sachs NNP									Sachs NNP
Deaf JJ NNP									Deaf JJ NNP
manageability NN								manageability NN
prowess NN									prowess NN
raiser NN									raiser NN
chamfer NN									chamfer NN
exude VBP									exude VBP
seafood NN									seafood NN
yellin NN									yellin NN
hamstrung JJ VBN VBP								hamstrung JJ VBN VBP
circled VBD									circled VBD
Zipser NNP									Zipser NNP
scratched VBD VBN								scratched VBD VBN
Buxton NNP									Buxton NNP
appreciate VB VBP								appreciate VB VBP
Marksmanship NN									Marksmanship NN
Federal-court JJ								Federal-court JJ
doing VBG VBG|NN								doing VBG VBG|NN
Retention NNP									Retention NNP
chevaux FW									chevaux FW
necklace-like JJ								necklace-like JJ
Africa NNP									Africa NNP
Flemish NNP JJ									Flemish NNP JJ
subtilis NNS									subtilis NNS
derisively RB									derisively RB
Ultramar NNP									Ultramar NNP
corteggiamento FW								corteggiamento FW
Marge NNP									Marge NNP
Unitika NNP									Unitika NNP
studied VBN VBD JJ								studied VBN VBD JJ
Roland NNP									Roland NNP
Right RB NNP JJ NN UH								Right RB NNP JJ NN UH
Terence NNP									Terence NNP
rifle NN									rifle NN
done VBN JJ RB VBD								done VBN JJ RB VBD
potboilers NNS									potboilers NNS
'em PRP JJ NN VB								'em PRP JJ NN VB
runabout NN									runabout NN
Concert NNP									Concert NNP
Canonie NNP									Canonie NNP
matchmakers NNS									matchmakers NNS
Teletrac NNP									Teletrac NNP
Services\/Japan NNP								Services\/Japan NNP
Biggest JJS NNP									Biggest JJS NNP
Commissioner NNP								Commissioner NNP
synthesizers NNS								synthesizers NNS
pomp NN										pomp NN
notables NNS									notables NNS
gothic JJ									gothic JJ
Cleary NNP									Cleary NNP
Kinnear NNP									Kinnear NNP
Defending VBG									Defending VBG
corrosion-protection JJ NN							corrosion-protection JJ NN
Ladislav NNP									Ladislav NNP
thirty-eight CD									thirty-eight CD
unloaded VBN JJ VBD								unloaded VBN JJ VBD
Arianespace NNP									Arianespace NNP
selflessness NN									selflessness NN
Oasis NNP									Oasis NNP
link NN VB VBP									link NN VB VBP
TB NN										TB NN
exorcist NN									exorcist NN
wardroom NN									wardroom NN
worthwhile JJ									worthwhile JJ
Genossenschaftsbank NNP								Genossenschaftsbank NNP
Guilford-Martin NNP								Guilford-Martin NNP
vented VBD VBN									vented VBD VBN
Food-price JJ									Food-price JJ
Ailes NNP									Ailes NNP
Magna NNP									Magna NNP
PHP NNP										PHP NNP
Elysees NNP									Elysees NNP
arc NN VB									arc NN VB
Neil NNP									Neil NNP
nine-month JJ									nine-month JJ
Kivu NNP									Kivu NNP
magnanimous JJ									magnanimous JJ
historicized VBN								historicized VBN
Swedish-Swiss JJ NNP								Swedish-Swiss JJ NNP
Heady NNP JJ									Heady NNP JJ
think-alike JJ									think-alike JJ
homogenate NN									homogenate NN
mesmerized VBN									mesmerized VBN
Lumpe NNP									Lumpe NNP
Congregational NNP JJ								Congregational NNP JJ
white-collar-defense JJ								white-collar-defense JJ
Macaroni NNP									Macaroni NNP
Matlock NNP									Matlock NNP
tall-growing JJ									tall-growing JJ
N.J.-based JJ NNP								N.J.-based JJ NNP
descends VBZ									descends VBZ
tapered JJ VBN									tapered JJ VBN
Scouting VBG									Scouting VBG
Peking NNP									Peking NNP
Sikkim NNP									Sikkim NNP
Futter NNP									Futter NNP
Cudkowicz NNP									Cudkowicz NNP
open-interest JJ								open-interest JJ
L.T. NNP									L.T. NNP
bacterial JJ									bacterial JJ
Vista NNP									Vista NNP
two-month JJ									two-month JJ
proportionally RB								proportionally RB
Balcolm NNP									Balcolm NNP
sequel NN									sequel NN
FPL NNP										FPL NNP
Sunburst NNP									Sunburst NNP
heck NN UH									heck NN UH
converting VBG									converting VBG
Yoneda NNP									Yoneda NNP
ya NN PRP									ya NN PRP
Suggest VB									Suggest VB
much-coveted JJ									much-coveted JJ
Androfski NNP									Androfski NNP
reevaluation NN									reevaluation NN
happenings NNS									happenings NNS
became VBD									became VBD
oatmeal NN									oatmeal NN
VTX NNP										VTX NNP
Collective NNP									Collective NNP
gourd NN									gourd NN
apportion VB									apportion VB
shrugs VBZ NNS									shrugs VBZ NNS
Forest NNP NN									Forest NNP NN
undrawn NN									undrawn NN
Sally NNP NN									Sally NNP NN
Vitamin NN									Vitamin NN
Fortier NNP									Fortier NNP
callipygous NN									callipygous NN
Recently RB									Recently RB
cosmopolitanism NN								cosmopolitanism NN
clogged VBN JJ VBD								clogged VBN JJ VBD
Quality NN NNP JJ								Quality NN NNP JJ
Fragua NNP									Fragua NNP
Jordon NNP									Jordon NNP
Forrest NNP									Forrest NNP
Plenary NNP									Plenary NNP
spacious JJ									spacious JJ
W&D NNP										W&D NNP
dispersal NN									dispersal NN
microchips NNS									microchips NNS
Ismet NNP									Ismet NNP
softener NN									softener NN
wedge NN VB									wedge NN VB
insanity NN									insanity NN
Lamberth NNP									Lamberth NNP
introduction NN									introduction NN
more-advanced JJ JJR								more-advanced JJ JJR
Seidman NNP NN									Seidman NNP NN
Egger NNP									Egger NNP
jotting VBG									jotting VBG
Flat JJ NNP									Flat JJ NNP
addled JJ VBN									addled JJ VBN
yen-support JJ									yen-support JJ
Sabol NNP									Sabol NNP
tremulously RB									tremulously RB
more-or-less RB									more-or-less RB
chateau NN									chateau NN
Twins NNP NNS NNPS								Twins NNP NNS NNPS
reported VBD JJ VB VBN VBP							reported VBD JJ VB VBN VBP
tinged VBN									tinged VBN
Chenoweth NNP									Chenoweth NNP
Wound-tumor NN									Wound-tumor NN
Tigue NNP									Tigue NNP
Superior NNP JJ									Superior NNP JJ
major-league JJ									major-league JJ
Absorbing VBG									Absorbing VBG
half-way JJ RB									half-way JJ RB
wart-hog NN									wart-hog NN
Karp NNP									Karp NNP
Codifying VBG									Codifying VBG
corporate-finance JJ NN								corporate-finance JJ NN
NTG NNP										NTG NNP
dept. NN									dept. NN
brake NN VB									brake NN VB
Telemundo NNP									Telemundo NNP
machine-tool JJ CD								machine-tool JJ CD
hardworking JJ									hardworking JJ
classy JJ									classy JJ
luscious JJ									luscious JJ
iguanas NNS									iguanas NNS
reasonably RB									reasonably RB
luxury NN JJ									luxury NN JJ
Friedenwald NNP									Friedenwald NNP
decisionmaking NN								decisionmaking NN
conservationists NNS								conservationists NNS
lunchroom NN									lunchroom NN
cross-react VBP									cross-react VBP
Rudder NNP									Rudder NNP
Fawell NNP									Fawell NNP
lock-outs NNS									lock-outs NNS
cares VBZ NNS									cares VBZ NNS
Iran-Iraq NNP									Iran-Iraq NNP
reunite VB									reunite VB
dividing VBG VBG|NN|JJ								dividing VBG VBG|NN|JJ
Groopman NNP									Groopman NNP
Blend VB									Blend VB
Till IN										Till IN
Gracie NNP									Gracie NNP
premiere NN VBP JJ VB								premiere NN VBP JJ VB
hostile JJ NN									hostile JJ NN
omeprazole NN									omeprazole NN
--Hitachi NNP									--Hitachi NNP
Fifteenth NNP JJ								Fifteenth NNP JJ
Super-NOW NNP									Super-NOW NNP
fortify VB									fortify VB
Vicolo NNP									Vicolo NNP
inadvertent JJ									inadvertent JJ
Rude NNP JJ									Rude NNP JJ
Chemistry NNP									Chemistry NNP
melts VBZ									melts VBZ
net-benefit JJ									net-benefit JJ
reduced-fat JJ									reduced-fat JJ
center-stage JJ									center-stage JJ
pillowcases NNS									pillowcases NNS
R.A.F. NNP									R.A.F. NNP
ascension NN									ascension NN
one-stroke JJ									one-stroke JJ
offensively RB									offensively RB
megabyte NN									megabyte NN
trout NN NNS									trout NN NNS
Flugel NNP									Flugel NNP
break-down NN									break-down NN
abysmal JJ									abysmal JJ
Towering VBG JJ									Towering VBG JJ
Toyota NNP									Toyota NNP
Westburne NNP									Westburne NNP
shoemaking VBG									shoemaking VBG
Burl NNP									Burl NNP
corners NNS									corners NNS
Zalubice NNP									Zalubice NNP
whopping JJ									whopping JJ
Karolinerna NNP									Karolinerna NNP
coherent JJ									coherent JJ
hymens NNS									hymens NNS
unfounded JJ									unfounded JJ
Generic-Drug JJ									Generic-Drug JJ
Patterson NNP									Patterson NNP
A.I.R. NNP									A.I.R. NNP
presenters NNS									presenters NNS
Koussevitzky NNP								Koussevitzky NNP
the'breakup NN									the'breakup NN
Peal NNP									Peal NNP
irrelevant JJ									irrelevant JJ
garbed VBN									garbed VBN
Schilling NNP									Schilling NNP
polyrhythms NNS									polyrhythms NNS
wad-working NN									wad-working NN
launderer NN									launderer NN
pinball NN									pinball NN
scurries NNS									scurries NNS
hinting VBG									hinting VBG
Bonacquist NNP									Bonacquist NNP
refractory JJ NN								refractory JJ NN
Appliances NNPS									Appliances NNPS
uniquely RB									uniquely RB
Santry NNP									Santry NNP
overlays VBZ									overlays VBZ
Formation NNP									Formation NNP
foothill NN									foothill NN
Audio NNP									Audio NNP
Smyrna NNP									Smyrna NNP
diagram NN									diagram NN
avian JJ									avian JJ
bathtubs NNS									bathtubs NNS
Conklin NNP									Conklin NNP
Lahan NNP									Lahan NNP
Mexican-food JJ									Mexican-food JJ
Strenger NNP									Strenger NNP
Maneret NNP									Maneret NNP
Kenneth NNP									Kenneth NNP
Kate NNP NN									Kate NNP NN
ingredient NN									ingredient NN
trade-school NN									trade-school NN
interpenetrates VBZ								interpenetrates VBZ
anti-reformers NNS								anti-reformers NNS
N.L. NNP NN									N.L. NNP NN
Pixley NNP									Pixley NNP
offputting JJ									offputting JJ
Groot NNP									Groot NNP
cervix NN									cervix NN
distinctly RB									distinctly RB
single-sponsor JJ								single-sponsor JJ
Brokaw NNP									Brokaw NNP
collectors NNS									collectors NNS
Soft JJ NNP									Soft JJ NNP
intermediate-range JJ								intermediate-range JJ
Lolotte NNP									Lolotte NNP
Zela NNP									Zela NNP
contagious JJ									contagious JJ
underrated VBN									underrated VBN
FOR IN										FOR IN
derives VBZ									derives VBZ
Rodeo NNP NN									Rodeo NNP NN
retargeting VBG									retargeting VBG
high-voltage JJ									high-voltage JJ
Aqualon NNP									Aqualon NNP
greedily RB									greedily RB
self-images NN									self-images NN
Attention NN VB									Attention NN VB
Selective JJ									Selective JJ
Kaufhof NNP									Kaufhof NNP
Nuveen NNP									Nuveen NNP
mirrored VBN VBD								mirrored VBN VBD
Moline NNP									Moline NNP
congregation NN									congregation NN
Tina NNP									Tina NNP
Defoe NNP									Defoe NNP
cartilage NN									cartilage NN
well-administered JJ								well-administered JJ
PIK NNP										PIK NNP
habit NN									habit NN
Kuehler NNP									Kuehler NNP
Wilder NNP									Wilder NNP
Booz-Allen NNP									Booz-Allen NNP
intensifiers NNS								intensifiers NNS
Rotterdam NNP									Rotterdam NNP
junctures NNS									junctures NNS
Genesee NNP									Genesee NNP
unshirted JJ									unshirted JJ
ratchet VB									ratchet VB
atheistic JJ									atheistic JJ
Wives NNPS NNP NNS								Wives NNPS NNP NNS
Ravel-like JJ									Ravel-like JJ
constantly RB									constantly RB
flat-rolled JJ									flat-rolled JJ
Osterreichische NNP								Osterreichische NNP
Pepsi NNP NNS									Pepsi NNP NNS
Bessie\/Harper NNP								Bessie\/Harper NNP
dicks NNS									dicks NNS
raises VBZ NNS									raises VBZ NNS
patrons NNS									patrons NNS
delivre VB									delivre VB
undreamed VBN JJ								undreamed VBN JJ
Governors NNP NNS NNPS								Governors NNP NNS NNPS
sunbonnet NN									sunbonnet NN
Lenin NNP									Lenin NNP
machinists NNS									machinists NNS
Over-the-counter JJ								Over-the-counter JJ
impotency NN									impotency NN
single-A-1 JJ NN								single-A-1 JJ NN
D.C. NNP JJ NN									D.C. NNP JJ NN
incapacity NN									incapacity NN
sable NN									sable NN
vanish VBP VB									vanish VBP VB
Repnin NNP									Repnin NNP
Misunderstanding VBG NN								Misunderstanding VBG NN
amortizing JJ VBG								amortizing JJ VBG
clone NN VB									clone NN VB
longer-established JJ								longer-established JJ
MIG-2\ NN									MIG-2\ NN
dysfunction NN									dysfunction NN
NSM NNP										NSM NNP
testily RB									testily RB
monoclinic JJ									monoclinic JJ
vouchsafes VBZ									vouchsafes VBZ
rattlers NNS									rattlers NNS
Cormack NNP									Cormack NNP
religiousness NN								religiousness NN
Volatile JJ									Volatile JJ
Cleave NNP									Cleave NNP
Slowing VBG JJ									Slowing VBG JJ
than... :									than... :
smocks NNS									smocks NNS
high-heeled JJ									high-heeled JJ
chuckles NNS VBZ								chuckles NNS VBZ
X. NNP										X. NNP
Newton NNP									Newton NNP
mountains NNS									mountains NNS
negatives NNS									negatives NNS
Cuomo NNP									Cuomo NNP
slackening VBG									slackening VBG
Jonathan NNP									Jonathan NNP
Huang-ti NNP									Huang-ti NNP
lounges NNS VBZ									lounges NNS VBZ
micro-organisms NNS								micro-organisms NNS
arraigning VBG									arraigning VBG
Poo NNP										Poo NNP
Losing VBG NNP									Losing VBG NNP
Guiftes NNS									Guiftes NNS
buffing VBG									buffing VBG
junkets NNS									junkets NNS
Fishman NNP									Fishman NNP
defiantly RB									defiantly RB
slurries NNS									slurries NNS
Houston-area JJ									Houston-area JJ
value-problems NNS								value-problems NNS
supermainframe NN								supermainframe NN
vote-diluting JJ								vote-diluting JJ
autographs NNS									autographs NNS
happenstance NN									happenstance NN
computing VBG NN								computing VBG NN
down-down JJ									down-down JJ
qualification NN								qualification NN
badly-needed JJ									badly-needed JJ
coliseum NN									coliseum NN
Loma NNP									Loma NNP
chaulmoogra NN									chaulmoogra NN
distension NN									distension NN
Tampa NNP									Tampa NNP
quam FW										quam FW
trafficking NN VBG								trafficking NN VBG
performance NN									performance NN
nasal JJ									nasal JJ
rebuilding VBG NN								rebuilding VBG NN
staffers NNS									staffers NNS
Forties NNP NNPS								Forties NNP NNPS
antennas NNS									antennas NNS
Fulbright NNP									Fulbright NNP
Feeling VBG									Feeling VBG
leg NN										leg NN
cowbirds NNS									cowbirds NNS
T-shirt NN NNS									T-shirt NN NNS
Bumkins NNP									Bumkins NNP
command-and-control JJ								command-and-control JJ
well-illustrated JJ								well-illustrated JJ
ad-hoc JJ									ad-hoc JJ
tantrums NNS									tantrums NNS
insufferable JJ									insufferable JJ
adultery NN									adultery NN
safeguards NNS									safeguards NNS
typographic JJ									typographic JJ
printing-press NN								printing-press NN
Bickwit NNP									Bickwit NNP
people NNS NN									people NNS NN
Looked VBD									Looked VBD
flier NN									flier NN
Callaway NNP									Callaway NNP
secretarial JJ									secretarial JJ
Atalanta\/Sosnoff NNP								Atalanta\/Sosnoff NNP
diner NN									diner NN
attackers NNS									attackers NNS
strait NN									strait NN
Rippe NNP									Rippe NNP
frocks NNS									frocks NNS
assertiveness NN								assertiveness NN
loonies NNS									loonies NNS
inform VB VBP									inform VB VBP
discerned VBN									discerned VBN
Accepted JJ NNP VBN								Accepted JJ NNP VBN
Luneburg NNP									Luneburg NNP
Male JJ NN NNP									Male JJ NN NNP
bugless JJ									bugless JJ
demeaned VBN									demeaned VBN
Robbery NNP									Robbery NNP
deranged JJ VBN									deranged JJ VBN
Facility NNP									Facility NNP
Medmenham NNP									Medmenham NNP
soberly RB									soberly RB
Sinfonia NNP									Sinfonia NNP
penetrates VBZ									penetrates VBZ
pokey JJ									pokey JJ
Gene NNP									Gene NNP
Barge NNP NN									Barge NNP NN
nonresident JJ									nonresident JJ
castle-like JJ									castle-like JJ
Puppy NNP									Puppy NNP
Anatoly NNP									Anatoly NNP
vehemence NN									vehemence NN
bloating NN									bloating NN
poisoner NN									poisoner NN
bond-rating JJ									bond-rating JJ
thermoformed VBN								thermoformed VBN
asset-sale JJ									asset-sale JJ
implore VB									implore VB
inadvertence NN									inadvertence NN
reopen VB VBP									reopen VB VBP
capitalized VBN JJ VBD								capitalized VBN JJ VBD
pessimism NN									pessimism NN
differentiated VBN JJ VBD							differentiated VBN JJ VBD
meteor NN									meteor NN
Mehrens NNP									Mehrens NNP
seven-digit JJ									seven-digit JJ
disulfide NN									disulfide NN
lightheaded JJ									lightheaded JJ
addressees NNS									addressees NNS
Crampton NNP									Crampton NNP
consul NN									consul NN
layered VBN									layered VBN
nonproductive JJ								nonproductive JJ
outreach NN									outreach NN
pretended VBD VBN								pretended VBD VBN
Valdiserri NNP									Valdiserri NNP
willful JJ									willful JJ
absently RB									absently RB
Oxidation NN									Oxidation NN
models NNS									models NNS
speechlessness NN								speechlessness NN
redcoats NNS									redcoats NNS
paper-goods NNS									paper-goods NNS
Fairbrothers NNP								Fairbrothers NNP
cave NN VB									cave NN VB
non-viral JJ									non-viral JJ
Madden NNP									Madden NNP
fulfull VB									fulfull VB
Thursday-night JJ								Thursday-night JJ
nondurables NNS									nondurables NNS
integrate VB VBP								integrate VB VBP
recourse NN									recourse NN
citya NN									citya NN
unjustifiable JJ								unjustifiable JJ
farming NN VBG									farming NN VBG
Petermann NNP									Petermann NNP
prisoner NN									prisoner NN
poof NN										poof NN
despair NN VB									despair NN VB
Sogo NNP									Sogo NNP
Conversion NNP NN								Conversion NNP NN
epoch-making JJ									epoch-making JJ
eaten VBN									eaten VBN
TC NNP										TC NNP
single-A-2 JJ NN NNP								single-A-2 JJ NN NNP
Marcoses NNPS									Marcoses NNPS
havin VBG									havin VBG
studiousness NN									studiousness NN
Newport-based JJ								Newport-based JJ
cleaned-up JJ									cleaned-up JJ
Schieffelin NNP									Schieffelin NNP
Industrials NNP NNS NNPS							Industrials NNP NNS NNPS
Doubtless RB									Doubtless RB
choicest JJS									choicest JJS
Skinny NNP									Skinny NNP
Keye\/Donna\/Pearlstein NN							Keye\/Donna\/Pearlstein NN
quick JJ NN RB									quick JJ NN RB
Culturally RB									Culturally RB
notch NN VB									notch NN VB
Shipping NNP NN									Shipping NNP NN
fedora NN									fedora NN
divans NNS									divans NNS
British-owned JJ								British-owned JJ
bank-backed JJ									bank-backed JJ
Spreads NNS									Spreads NNS
Clerk NNP									Clerk NNP
bassinet NN									bassinet NN
Andes NNPS NNP									Andes NNPS NNP
sex-discrimination NN								sex-discrimination NN
Mohlere NNP									Mohlere NNP
bomb-detection JJ								bomb-detection JJ
promulgated VBN VBD								promulgated VBN VBD
multiyear JJ									multiyear JJ
Tinseltown NNP									Tinseltown NNP
Boulevard NNP									Boulevard NNP
Apprentice NNP									Apprentice NNP
Luxembourg-registered JJ							Luxembourg-registered JJ
Sag NNP										Sag NNP
goldbanded VBN									goldbanded VBN
beasties NNS									beasties NNS
Parts NNS NNP NNPS								Parts NNS NNP NNPS
Temperature NN NNP								Temperature NN NNP
GMA NNP										GMA NNP
dilate VB									dilate VB
overloud JJ									overloud JJ
Course NNP									Course NNP
moan VB										moan VB
Spruce NNP									Spruce NNP
facetiously RB									facetiously RB
homesickness NN									homesickness NN
group-identities NNS								group-identities NNS
objective NN JJ									objective NN JJ
Peronist NNP									Peronist NNP
monopolistic JJ									monopolistic JJ
illustrious JJ									illustrious JJ
Abby NNP									Abby NNP
bills-measures JJ								bills-measures JJ
frustrated VBN JJ VBD								frustrated VBN JJ VBD
yb NN										yb NN
ledge NN									ledge NN
unprofessional JJ								unprofessional JJ
non-Russian JJ									non-Russian JJ
sullenly RB									sullenly RB
landfills NNS									landfills NNS
Dormitory NNP									Dormitory NNP
federalized JJ									federalized JJ
Fundamentals NNS NNPS								Fundamentals NNS NNPS
judicial-bypass JJ								judicial-bypass JJ
hard-bitten JJ									hard-bitten JJ
namesake NN									namesake NN
Majdanek NNP									Majdanek NNP
liste FW									liste FW
Skipping VBG NN									Skipping VBG NN
chimes VBZ NNS									chimes VBZ NNS
tribe NN									tribe NN
character-education NN								character-education NN
Brown-tobacco JJ								Brown-tobacco JJ
Donofrio NNP									Donofrio NNP
Stensrud NNP									Stensrud NNP
Alkylate NNP									Alkylate NNP
acquiesced VBD VBN								acquiesced VBD VBN
tormentors NNS									tormentors NNS
mingling VBG									mingling VBG
Ohls NNP									Ohls NNP
booker NN									booker NN
Youths NNP									Youths NNP
computer-literate JJ								computer-literate JJ
Oilwell NNP									Oilwell NNP
Tanii NNP									Tanii NNP
sincere JJ									sincere JJ
statesman NN									statesman NN
build'em VBP|PP									build'em VBP|PP
excluding VBG									excluding VBG
EWC NN										EWC NN
bed-and-breakfast JJ								bed-and-breakfast JJ
Spider NNP									Spider NNP
underwear NN									underwear NN
qualified VBN VBN|JJ JJ VBD							qualified VBN VBN|JJ JJ VBD
determinable JJ									determinable JJ
Condition NN NNP								Condition NN NNP
Markrud NNP									Markrud NNP
Underserved NNP									Underserved NNP
Choral NNP									Choral NNP
Creamer NNP									Creamer NNP
comedy NN									comedy NN
quatrain NN									quatrain NN
kin NN JJ MD									kin NN JJ MD
\*\* SYM NN									\*\* SYM NN
Meriden NNP									Meriden NNP
subscribing VBG									subscribing VBG
Belvedere NNP									Belvedere NNP
camouflaged VBN JJ								camouflaged VBN JJ
shute VB									shute VB
Isabella NNP NN									Isabella NNP NN
twitch NN VB									twitch NN VB
Puma NN										Puma NN
edematous JJ									edematous JJ
nonrecurring VBG JJ								nonrecurring VBG JJ
Whitlock NNP									Whitlock NNP
Eichner NNP									Eichner NNP
girl-san NN									girl-san NN
belts NNS VBZ									belts NNS VBZ
red-necked JJ									red-necked JJ
Charge NNP NN VB								Charge NNP NN VB
imbibed VBN VBD									imbibed VBN VBD
precedent-setting JJ								precedent-setting JJ
Anticipation NN									Anticipation NN
four-part JJ									four-part JJ
Mentum NNP									Mentum NNP
Alarcon NNP									Alarcon NNP
anyways UH									anyways UH
S.P.C.A. NN									S.P.C.A. NN
Pesce NNP									Pesce NNP
Liang NNP									Liang NNP
cholera NN									cholera NN
visualize VB									visualize VB
Newshour NN									Newshour NN
self-redefinition NN								self-redefinition NN
Handels NNP									Handels NNP
PX NNP										PX NNP
U.S.-South JJ NNP								U.S.-South JJ NNP
dismissed VBD VBN								dismissed VBD VBN
Skolkau NNP									Skolkau NNP
Ladgham NNP									Ladgham NNP
charlotte NN									charlotte NN
Guber\/Peters NNP								Guber\/Peters NNP
Uncas NNP									Uncas NNP
Donations NNS									Donations NNS
association... :								association... :
profittaking NN									profittaking NN
marcato FW									marcato FW
Ardito NNP									Ardito NNP
Dunkirk NNP									Dunkirk NNP
Purdew NNP									Purdew NNP
Non-Proliferation NNP								Non-Proliferation NNP
suing VBG									suing VBG
Stop-Limit NNP									Stop-Limit NNP
Vigorous JJ									Vigorous JJ
higher-capacity JJ								higher-capacity JJ
banished VBN VBD								banished VBN VBD
Jas NNP										Jas NNP
Varnessa NNP									Varnessa NNP
Publique NNP									Publique NNP
Crush NNP									Crush NNP
snappy JJ									snappy JJ
single-A-3 JJ NN NNP								single-A-3 JJ NN NNP
sneezed VBD VBN									sneezed VBD VBN
discotheques NNS								discotheques NNS
piercing VBG JJ									piercing VBG JJ
graphed VBN									graphed VBN
preconceptions NNS								preconceptions NNS
Senk NNP									Senk NNP
big-chested JJ									big-chested JJ
Parisian NNP JJ									Parisian NNP JJ
spinster NN									spinster NN
Postmaster NNP									Postmaster NNP
owning VBG NN									owning VBG NN
bitchy JJ									bitchy JJ
Ammunition NNP									Ammunition NNP
itemized VBN									itemized VBN
Lachica NNP									Lachica NNP
Posted VBN VBD									Posted VBN VBD
pickled JJ									pickled JJ
Rodney-The NNP									Rodney-The NNP
Spar NNP									Spar NNP
Urbana NNP									Urbana NNP
analyzing VBG NN								analyzing VBG NN
Marer NNP									Marer NNP
adulterated VBN JJ								adulterated VBN JJ
Furies NNS									Furies NNS
entranced VBN									entranced VBN
crusty JJ									crusty JJ
unspoken JJ									unspoken JJ
Suffers VBZ									Suffers VBZ
revamps VBZ									revamps VBZ
mark-ups NNS									mark-ups NNS
Junkers NNPS									Junkers NNPS
removing VBG									removing VBG
rearview NN									rearview NN
hoarse JJ									hoarse JJ
Loewy NNP									Loewy NNP
decertified VBN									decertified VBN
taxed VBN JJ VBD								taxed VBN JJ VBD
cholla NN									cholla NN
insidious JJ									insidious JJ
Voss NNP									Voss NNP
Wrist NN									Wrist NN
fainting NN VBG									fainting NN VBG
LaMore NNP									LaMore NNP
Jacquelyn NN									Jacquelyn NN
Poles NNPS NNP NNS								Poles NNPS NNP NNS
ulcerations NNS									ulcerations NNS
force-fear JJ									force-fear JJ
WPS NNP										WPS NNP
Prescott NNP									Prescott NNP
antidepressant NN								antidepressant NN
Lives NNS NNP VBZ								Lives NNS NNP VBZ
evidently RB									evidently RB
well-off JJ									well-off JJ
Copernicus-the-astronomer NN							Copernicus-the-astronomer NN
Ehrhardt NNP									Ehrhardt NNP
Dynascan NNP									Dynascan NNP
scouring VBG NN									scouring VBG NN
husks NNS									husks NNS
Giraldi NNP									Giraldi NNP
oases NNS									oases NNS
'N NNP CC									'N NNP CC
DeSio NNP									DeSio NNP
peltry NN									peltry NN
Grandparent NNP									Grandparent NNP
Lukman NNP									Lukman NNP
Free-Will NNP									Free-Will NNP
mediated VBN									mediated VBN
biz NN										biz NN
Aaa-ee UH									Aaa-ee UH
Priddy NNP									Priddy NNP
Mahoney NNP									Mahoney NNP
nitrate NN									nitrate NN
flies VBZ NNS									flies VBZ NNS
Lomb NNP									Lomb NNP
hable JJ									hable JJ
dam NN JJ UH									dam NN JJ UH
energize VB									energize VB
obliging JJ									obliging JJ
dines VBZ									dines VBZ
professionals NNS								professionals NNS
Rollins NNP									Rollins NNP
self-awareness NN								self-awareness NN
Valois NNP									Valois NNP
drug-pushing JJ									drug-pushing JJ
Aberdeen NNP									Aberdeen NNP
Asia-Pacific NNP JJ								Asia-Pacific NNP JJ
thrift-rescue JJ NN								thrift-rescue JJ NN
Neubauer NNP									Neubauer NNP
enthrones VBZ									enthrones VBZ
grasped VBN VBD									grasped VBN VBD
Governer NNP									Governer NNP
microseconds NNS								microseconds NNS
Philadelphia-area JJ								Philadelphia-area JJ
--those DT									--those DT
hobbing VBG									hobbing VBG
Fudomae NNP									Fudomae NNP
Ledyard NNP									Ledyard NNP
HonFed NNP									HonFed NNP
torch-lit JJ									torch-lit JJ
Pop NN NNP									Pop NN NNP
moss-covered JJ									moss-covered JJ
Hallman NNP									Hallman NNP
rehashed VBD									rehashed VBD
decriminalization NN								decriminalization NN
sunning VBG									sunning VBG
intradepartmental JJ								intradepartmental JJ
Wyman NNP									Wyman NNP
pro-ALPA JJ									pro-ALPA JJ
maximum-security JJ								maximum-security JJ
baccalaureate NN								baccalaureate NN
ontological JJ									ontological JJ
Tougas NNP									Tougas NNP
catastrophic-care NN JJ								catastrophic-care NN JJ
interministerial JJ								interministerial JJ
Garnett NNP									Garnett NNP
Margret NNP									Margret NNP
hysterical JJ									hysterical JJ
Bruegel NNP									Bruegel NNP
A.A.U. NNP									A.A.U. NNP
once-scandalous JJ								once-scandalous JJ
safest JJS									safest JJS
screwdriver NN									screwdriver NN
Kedgeree NN									Kedgeree NN
interleukin-1 NN								interleukin-1 NN
greetings NNS									greetings NNS
Bush NNP									Bush NNP
Kimberly NNP									Kimberly NNP
pimps NNS									pimps NNS
stole VBD									stole VBD
McCafferty NNP									McCafferty NNP
footprint NN									footprint NN
snapped VBD VBN JJ								snapped VBD VBN JJ
revitalized VBD VBN								revitalized VBD VBN
Hardwicke NNP									Hardwicke NNP
relationship-building NN							relationship-building NN
Picus NNP									Picus NNP
in-depth JJ									in-depth JJ
clarity NN									clarity NN
rascals NNS									rascals NNS
vertical-restraints NNS								vertical-restraints NNS
mobster NN									mobster NN
Gisele NNP									Gisele NNP
Katcher NNP									Katcher NNP
Grease NN									Grease NN
horned JJ									horned JJ
effectiveness NN								effectiveness NN
unsteadily RB									unsteadily RB
soon-to-be-sold JJ								soon-to-be-sold JJ
Mandresh NNP									Mandresh NNP
Perignon NNP									Perignon NNP
gassy JJ									gassy JJ
foster VB JJ									foster VB JJ
daughter-in-law NN								daughter-in-law NN
Engraph NNP									Engraph NNP
marine-shipping JJ								marine-shipping JJ
claimed VBD VBN									claimed VBD VBN
inclination NN									inclination NN
Dodson NNP									Dodson NNP
Okobank NNP									Okobank NNP
tacit JJ									tacit JJ
Georgette NNP									Georgette NNP
overpowered VBN VBD								overpowered VBN VBD
Poldowski NNP									Poldowski NNP
Dorsten NNP									Dorsten NNP
water-treatment NN JJ								water-treatment NN JJ
Salive NNP									Salive NNP
lends VBZ									lends VBZ
hurtled VBD									hurtled VBD
Conseil NNP									Conseil NNP
non-familial JJ									non-familial JJ
Indonesians NNPS								Indonesians NNPS
old-growth JJ									old-growth JJ
new-house JJ									new-house JJ
Blasphemous JJ									Blasphemous JJ
callers NNS									callers NNS
Relieved JJ									Relieved JJ
Act NNP NN									Act NNP NN
gaggle NN									gaggle NN
fast-approaching JJ								fast-approaching JJ
judgment NN									judgment NN
Karatz NNP									Karatz NNP
minicomputer NN									minicomputer NN
Arrangement NNP NN								Arrangement NNP NN
are VBP NNP									are VBP NNP
freedom-conscious JJ								freedom-conscious JJ
Grevyles NNP									Grevyles NNP
benzodiazepines NNS								benzodiazepines NNS
DJS-Inverness NNP								DJS-Inverness NNP
glories NNS VBZ									glories NNS VBZ
Newburyport NNP									Newburyport NNP
on-ramps NNS									on-ramps NNS
Kurdish JJ									Kurdish JJ
cameramen NNS									cameramen NNS
Whitehouse NNP									Whitehouse NNP
twirls VBZ									twirls VBZ
modernization NN								modernization NN
Kandemir NNP									Kandemir NNP
beer-tax JJ									beer-tax JJ
parcel NN VBP JJ VB								parcel NN VBP JJ VB
punish VB VBP									punish VB VBP
planning NN VBG									planning NN VBG
'70s NNS CD									'70s NNS CD
affidavit NN									affidavit NN
Field-Fisher NNP								Field-Fisher NNP
fished VBN									fished VBN
postage NN									postage NN
were VBD VB									were VBD VB
claimants NNS									claimants NNS
Kochanek NNP									Kochanek NNP
interleukin-2 NN								interleukin-2 NN
merger NN									merger NN
emcee NN									emcee NN
Taft NNP									Taft NNP
DM235 CD									DM235 CD
voter-registration JJ								voter-registration JJ
hosses NNS									hosses NNS
Solomon-like JJ									Solomon-like JJ
Benno NNP									Benno NNP
Laplace NNP									Laplace NNP
monocrotophos NNS								monocrotophos NNS
DeSoto NNP NN									DeSoto NNP NN
chaplain NN									chaplain NN
henceforth RB									henceforth RB
jauntily RB									jauntily RB
Sugars NNPS									Sugars NNPS
contributions NNS								contributions NNS
Telephone-operations NNS							Telephone-operations NNS
Eliezer NNP									Eliezer NNP
shoot-'em-up NN									shoot-'em-up NN
hecatomb NN									hecatomb NN
Pollnow NNP									Pollnow NNP
Danilow NNP									Danilow NNP
constipation NN									constipation NN
Hotline NNP									Hotline NNP
s-values NNS									s-values NNS
Hertz NNP									Hertz NNP
monitor VB NN VBP								monitor VB NN VBP
Escort NNP									Escort NNP
wold MD										wold MD
Liman NNP									Liman NNP
rollback NN									rollback NN
Trans-Mediterranean NNP								Trans-Mediterranean NNP
traumatized VBD VBN								traumatized VBD VBN
McClure NNP									McClure NNP
Fundidora NNP									Fundidora NNP
expose VB NN VBP								expose VB NN VBP
sage NN JJ									sage NN JJ
nous FW										nous FW
low-lying JJ									low-lying JJ
Lindzen NNP									Lindzen NNP
Dentistry NNP									Dentistry NNP
sighed VBD									sighed VBD
OOH NNP										OOH NNP
script NN									script NN
nudging VBG									nudging VBG
exact JJ VB									exact JJ VB
TD NNP										TD NNP
Glance VB									Glance VB
Viennese JJ									Viennese JJ
ESystems NNP									ESystems NNP
dinosaur NN									dinosaur NN
odds NNS									odds NNS
broadcasts NNS VBZ								broadcasts NNS VBZ
esoterica NNS									esoterica NNS
Traveling VBG NNP								Traveling VBG NNP
hung VBD JJ VBN									hung VBD JJ VBN
bids NNS VBZ									bids NNS VBZ
munis NNS									munis NNS
a.m.-6 CD									a.m.-6 CD
Amfesco NNP									Amfesco NNP
tenths NNS									tenths NNS
cold-cereal JJ									cold-cereal JJ
Subpoenas NNS									Subpoenas NNS
Lemon NNP									Lemon NNP
learns VBZ									learns VBZ
Rekindled VBN									Rekindled VBN
maximized VBN									maximized VBN
continence NN									continence NN
image-provoking JJ								image-provoking JJ
socks NNS									socks NNS
worksheets NNS									worksheets NNS
rabbit NN									rabbit NN
Casanovas NNPS									Casanovas NNPS
interleukin-3 NN								interleukin-3 NN
reinvest VB VBP									reinvest VB VBP
sizzled VBD									sizzled VBD
lockstep NN									lockstep NN
periodicity NN									periodicity NN
Unsuccessful JJ									Unsuccessful JJ
Telemann NNP									Telemann NNP
Kishimoto NNP									Kishimoto NNP
Shangri-La NNP									Shangri-La NNP
Mambelli NNP									Mambelli NNP
Massenet NNP									Massenet NNP
lain VBN									lain VBN
Braques NNPS									Braques NNPS
layouts NNS									layouts NNS
CompuServe NNP									CompuServe NNP
fantasies NNS									fantasies NNS
sticky-fingered JJ								sticky-fingered JJ
Australasian JJ									Australasian JJ
Instruments NNPS NNP NNS							Instruments NNPS NNP NNS
Lyster NNP									Lyster NNP
Transcendental JJ								Transcendental JJ
Perez NNP									Perez NNP
reviewing VBG NN								reviewing VBG NN
yc NN										yc NN
oversupply NN									oversupply NN
service-center NN								service-center NN
Coach NNP NN VB									Coach NNP NN VB
archetype NN									archetype NN
Reine NNP									Reine NNP
kaleidescope NN									kaleidescope NN
speechless JJ									speechless JJ
Bodily NNP									Bodily NNP
Brigadier NNP									Brigadier NNP
Mama NNP NN									Mama NNP NN
Attracted VBN									Attracted VBN
probaby NN									probaby NN
sprays NNS									sprays NNS
mechanism NN									mechanism NN
creeper NN									creeper NN
purtiest JJS									purtiest JJS
lily NN										lily NN
Philippines-backed JJ								Philippines-backed JJ
Tjokorda NNP									Tjokorda NNP
Prego NNP									Prego NNP
wrench VB NN									wrench VB NN
race-driver NN									race-driver NN
preparing VBG									preparing VBG
Humble NNP									Humble NNP
bummed VBN									bummed VBN
Boucher NNP									Boucher NNP
inspired VBN JJ VBD								inspired VBN JJ VBD
Choose VB									Choose VB
Masonry NNP									Masonry NNP
Brindisi NNP									Brindisi NNP
retained VBN JJ VBD								retained VBN JJ VBD
disposables NNS									disposables NNS
forward-rate JJ									forward-rate JJ
furiouser RBR									furiouser RBR
Asensio NNP									Asensio NNP
polygynous JJ									polygynous JJ
halfback NN									halfback NN
Placid NNP									Placid NNP
unflattering JJ									unflattering JJ
co-production NN JJ								co-production NN JJ
Bakeries NNP									Bakeries NNP
Greenleaf NNP									Greenleaf NNP
passenger-restraint NN								passenger-restraint NN
boun NN										boun NN
all-important JJ								all-important JJ
garrisoned VBN									garrisoned VBN
Gabelman NNP									Gabelman NNP
flour-milling JJ NN								flour-milling JJ NN
rator NN									rator NN
interleukin-4 NN								interleukin-4 NN
Cholesterol NN									Cholesterol NN
Hyun NNP									Hyun NNP
mushroomed VBN VBD								mushroomed VBN VBD
cross-eyed JJ									cross-eyed JJ
grim JJ										grim JJ
explosive JJ NN									explosive JJ NN
Princeton NNP									Princeton NNP
jokers NNS									jokers NNS
pest NN JJS									pest NN JJS
trial NN VB									trial NN VB
irresolute JJ									irresolute JJ
narrowest JJS									narrowest JJS
lobbyist NN									lobbyist NN
recommend VB VBP								recommend VB VBP
orbits NNS									orbits NNS
horizon NN									horizon NN
predominantly RB								predominantly RB
righteous JJ									righteous JJ
up-pp RP									up-pp RP
runing VBG									runing VBG
accented VBN JJ									accented VBN JJ
Tinker NNP									Tinker NNP
polar JJ									polar JJ
Spirited JJ									Spirited JJ
Melanesian NNP									Melanesian NNP
cinders NNS									cinders NNS
prewar JJ									prewar JJ
Ollari NNP									Ollari NNP
old-name JJ									old-name JJ
executive-type NN								executive-type NN
Rito NNP									Rito NNP
workers NNS									workers NNS
classifications NNS								classifications NNS
boaters NNS									boaters NNS
Spike-haired JJ									Spike-haired JJ
Intense JJ									Intense JJ
Ado NNP										Ado NNP
attained VBD VBN								attained VBD VBN
Boondael NNP									Boondael NNP
beef-fat JJ									beef-fat JJ
Comprised VBN									Comprised VBN
travelogue-like JJ								travelogue-like JJ
Flight NNP NN									Flight NNP NN
protoplasmic JJ									protoplasmic JJ
fulminating VBG									fulminating VBG
little-publicized JJ								little-publicized JJ
peered VBD VBN									peered VBD VBN
Pennzoil\/Texaco NNP								Pennzoil\/Texaco NNP
doggedly RB									doggedly RB
Chiaromonte NNP									Chiaromonte NNP
vehicle-loan JJ									vehicle-loan JJ
dominantly RB									dominantly RB
thyrotoxic JJ									thyrotoxic JJ
Cliburn NNP									Cliburn NNP
coveting VBG									coveting VBG
interesting JJ									interesting JJ
Collett NNP									Collett NNP
Pierpont NNP									Pierpont NNP
Korea NNP									Korea NNP
snake-oil JJ NN									snake-oil JJ NN
cloudy JJ									cloudy JJ
Western-style JJ								Western-style JJ
abstractionists NNS								abstractionists NNS
Kenworthy NNP									Kenworthy NNP
Cir. NNP									Cir. NNP
retina NN									retina NN
Fleischman NNP									Fleischman NNP
growth-suppressing JJ								growth-suppressing JJ
G.P. NNP									G.P. NNP
reckless-endangerment NN							reckless-endangerment NN
low-level JJ									low-level JJ
Mottice NNP									Mottice NNP
Prendergast NNP									Prendergast NNP
substracting VBG								substracting VBG
fineness NN									fineness NN
car-maker NN									car-maker NN
Barabba NNP									Barabba NNP
Harvey NNP									Harvey NNP
survivability NN								survivability NN
environmentalist-actor NN							environmentalist-actor NN
Tygartis NNP									Tygartis NNP
stepgrandmother NN								stepgrandmother NN
autonomy NN									autonomy NN
laugher NN									laugher NN
Mira NNP									Mira NNP
fifth-inning NN									fifth-inning NN
Barlow NNP									Barlow NNP
Saucony NNP									Saucony NNP
college-bound JJ								college-bound JJ
heroes NNS									heroes NNS
Testy JJ									Testy JJ
half-billion JJ									half-billion JJ
serviceable JJ									serviceable JJ
shoulder-high JJ								shoulder-high JJ
blinded VBN									blinded VBN
Shouldering VBG									Shouldering VBG
scorekeepers NNS								scorekeepers NNS
nigh RB										nigh RB
Vilas NNP									Vilas NNP
abridgment NN									abridgment NN
Middleman NN									Middleman NN
fifteen-sixteenths NNS								fifteen-sixteenths NNS
Richwhite NNP									Richwhite NNP
tiptoed VBD VBN									tiptoed VBD VBN
linked VBN VBD JJ								linked VBN VBD JJ
Ratto NNP									Ratto NNP
jalopy NN									jalopy NN
area-wide JJ									area-wide JJ
Wiley NNP									Wiley NNP
aberration NN									aberration NN
Panorama NNP									Panorama NNP
turbogenerator NN								turbogenerator NN
Reaganite JJ									Reaganite JJ
financial-market JJ NN								financial-market JJ NN
wailing VBG NN									wailing VBG NN
still-dark JJ									still-dark JJ
bien FW										bien FW
doubters NNS									doubters NNS
Opposed VBN									Opposed VBN
plastering NN									plastering NN
electriques FW									electriques FW
Kontrollbank NNP								Kontrollbank NNP
overwritten JJ									overwritten JJ
Northview NNP									Northview NNP
sluggish JJ									sluggish JJ
compacted JJ VBN								compacted JJ VBN
Southhampton NNP								Southhampton NNP
recyclable JJ									recyclable JJ
Stadtmauer NNP									Stadtmauer NNP
Boat NNP NN									Boat NNP NN
Lyman NNP									Lyman NNP
flings NNS									flings NNS
'Guesstimates NNS								'Guesstimates NNS
rabble NN									rabble NN
conceptually RB									conceptually RB
Nepalese NNPS NNP JJ								Nepalese NNPS NNP JJ
sun-warmed JJ									sun-warmed JJ
merges VBZ NNS									merges VBZ NNS
judicial-conduct NN								judicial-conduct NN
permeate VB									permeate VB
sliced VBN VBD									sliced VBN VBD
Christoph NNP									Christoph NNP
time-poor JJ									time-poor JJ
dressings NNS									dressings NNS
right-to-lifers NNS								right-to-lifers NNS
enacting VBG									enacting VBG
well-established JJ								well-established JJ
Mischa NNP									Mischa NNP
submariners NNS									submariners NNS
Burkes NNPS NNP									Burkes NNPS NNP
Shantung NNP									Shantung NNP
town-watching JJ								town-watching JJ
primitive-eclogue JJ								primitive-eclogue JJ
inoculations NNS								inoculations NNS
Flow-Mole NNP									Flow-Mole NNP
muse NN VB									muse NN VB
Vanourek NNP									Vanourek NNP
vs NNP IN									vs NNP IN
nugget NN									nugget NN
impart VB									impart VB
foals NNS									foals NNS
many-sided JJ									many-sided JJ
exclaims VBZ									exclaims VBZ
Dough NN									Dough NN
Port-au-Prince NNP								Port-au-Prince NNP
primeval JJ									primeval JJ
Colder JJR									Colder JJR
snag'em NN									snag'em NN
habitats NNS									habitats NNS
McKusick NNP									McKusick NNP
spread-sensitive JJ								spread-sensitive JJ
ribosomal JJ									ribosomal JJ
Calcutta NNP									Calcutta NNP
depose VB									depose VB
steadfastness NN								steadfastness NN
mite-box NN									mite-box NN
uninterrupted JJ								uninterrupted JJ
humblest JJS									humblest JJS
set-asides NNS									set-asides NNS
Corp.\/Europe NNP								Corp.\/Europe NNP
Marche NNP									Marche NNP
uncompromising JJ								uncompromising JJ
followed VBD VBN|VBD JJ VBN							followed VBD VBN|VBD JJ VBN
Kimbark NNP									Kimbark NNP
Hippocrates NNP NNS								Hippocrates NNP NNS
bargain-basement JJ NN								bargain-basement JJ NN
existent JJ NN									existent JJ NN
teamwork NN									teamwork NN
Heretofore RB									Heretofore RB
obstacles NNS									obstacles NNS
counter-demand NN								counter-demand NN
harassed VBD VBN								harassed VBD VBN
pop-out JJ									pop-out JJ
saleswomen NNS									saleswomen NNS
differentiates VBZ								differentiates VBZ
constrains VBZ									constrains VBZ
Geddes NNP NNPS									Geddes NNP NNPS
worlds NNS									worlds NNS
shot NN VBD VBN									shot NN VBD VBN
tatters NNS									tatters NNS
bookstores NNS									bookstores NNS
Yamata NNP									Yamata NNP
spun VBN VBD									spun VBN VBD
return-preparer NN								return-preparer NN
Casals NNP									Casals NNP
gasoline-powered JJ								gasoline-powered JJ
PHS NNP										PHS NNP
Tremblay NNP									Tremblay NNP
Aricaras NNPS									Aricaras NNPS
a.m.-7 CD									a.m.-7 CD
replaces VBZ									replaces VBZ
Scams NNS									Scams NNS
Dewhurst NNP									Dewhurst NNP
unimpressive JJ									unimpressive JJ
Commemorative NNP								Commemorative NNP
bullishly RB									bullishly RB
migrations NNS									migrations NNS
computation NN									computation NN
Galbani NNP									Galbani NNP
Minter NNP									Minter NNP
Salwen NNP									Salwen NNP
crumbly JJ									crumbly JJ
Steinbergs NNP									Steinbergs NNP
Yokosuka NNP									Yokosuka NNP
prepayment-protected JJ								prepayment-protected JJ
etes FW										etes FW
Hinckley NNP									Hinckley NNP
Line-item JJ									Line-item JJ
Irish-Soviet JJ									Irish-Soviet JJ
Catalysts NNS									Catalysts NNS
frequently RB									frequently RB
realigned VBD JJ								realigned VBD JJ
ceased VBD VBN									ceased VBD VBN
ICA NNP										ICA NNP
F-18s NNS									F-18s NNS
Crutzen NNP									Crutzen NNP
betraying VBG									betraying VBG
Stroud NNP									Stroud NNP
D-night NN									D-night NN
employment-services JJ								employment-services JJ
Dancing NN									Dancing NN
Aylesbury NNP									Aylesbury NNP
shanty NN									shanty NN
hym PRP										hym PRP
usurp VB									usurp VB
Aloft JJ									Aloft JJ
Blandon NNP									Blandon NNP
Tennessean NNP									Tennessean NNP
of'tholin NN									of'tholin NN
sub-station JJ NN								sub-station JJ NN
sharpest JJS									sharpest JJS
lump-sum JJ NN									lump-sum JJ NN
Mi NNP FW									Mi NNP FW
Polysar NNP									Polysar NNP
Sportscreme NNP									Sportscreme NNP
Falwell NNP									Falwell NNP
Ceramic JJ									Ceramic JJ
Chevrolet NNP NN								Chevrolet NNP NN
incense NN									incense NN
Custom NNP JJ									Custom NNP JJ
remarked VBD VBN								remarked VBD VBN
Signs NNS									Signs NNS
T-1000 NNP									T-1000 NNP
pasted VBN VBD									pasted VBN VBD
haunt VB VBP NN									haunt VB VBP NN
Seita NNP									Seita NNP
stabilizer NN									stabilizer NN
strengthens VBZ									strengthens VBZ
status-roles NNS								status-roles NNS
roleplaying NN									roleplaying NN
classroom NN									classroom NN
alluded VBD VBN									alluded VBD VBN
Famous NNP JJ									Famous NNP JJ
retch NN VB									retch NN VB
p.m.-midnight NNP NN								p.m.-midnight NNP NN
conceivable JJ									conceivable JJ
handset NN									handset NN
social-role NN									social-role NN
sojourn NN									sojourn NN
memos NNS									memos NNS
Novato NNP									Novato NNP
Marketing NNP NN VBG VBG|NN							Marketing NNP NN VBG VBG|NN
untruth NN									untruth NN
Question NN VB NNP								Question NN VB NNP
expansiveness NN								expansiveness NN
GMC NNP										GMC NNP
Pharmacies NNS									Pharmacies NNS
Asil NNP									Asil NNP
quibs NNS									quibs NNS
sprig NN									sprig NN
emphatically RB									emphatically RB
Object NN									Object NN
alienated VBN VBD								alienated VBN VBD
neutrality NN									neutrality NN
Depictions NNS									Depictions NNS
proton NN									proton NN
amortize VB									amortize VB
Wonjerika NNP									Wonjerika NNP
symbiotic JJ									symbiotic JJ
dolt NN										dolt NN
Racketeering NNP								Racketeering NNP
confident JJ									confident JJ
heade NN									heade NN
eight-person JJ									eight-person JJ
Interprovincial NNP								Interprovincial NNP
forward-looking JJ								forward-looking JJ
Mervin NNP									Mervin NNP
shortening VBG NN								shortening VBG NN
forward-moving JJ								forward-moving JJ
mountaineers NNS								mountaineers NNS
skewer NN									skewer NN
feather-like JJ									feather-like JJ
corporativism NN								corporativism NN
arson NN									arson NN
success-oriented JJ								success-oriented JJ
excelsior NN									excelsior NN
Rhys NNP									Rhys NNP
adagios NNS									adagios NNS
fireweed NN									fireweed NN
agro-industrial JJ								agro-industrial JJ
Maurits NNP									Maurits NNP
Surging VBG									Surging VBG
Interstate NNP JJ NN								Interstate NNP JJ NN
Krauts NNS									Krauts NNS
conquest NN									conquest NN
elan NN										elan NN
computer-products NNS JJ							computer-products NNS JJ
gauges VBZ NNS									gauges VBZ NNS
allusions NNS									allusions NNS
Laporte NNP									Laporte NNP
Symposium NNP NN								Symposium NNP NN
pater NN									pater NN
shielded VBN VBD								shielded VBN VBD
Webster\/Eagle NNP								Webster\/Eagle NNP
Diffring NNP									Diffring NNP
recession-plagued JJ								recession-plagued JJ
Bromagen NNP									Bromagen NNP
Lindemanns NNPS									Lindemanns NNPS
patriotism NN									patriotism NN
Managing NNP VBG NN								Managing NNP VBG NN
amphitheater NN									amphitheater NN
Reach NNP									Reach NNP
Sprinkle VB									Sprinkle VB
safe-deposit JJ									safe-deposit JJ
fill-ins NNS									fill-ins NNS
culminates VBZ									culminates VBZ
enable VB VBP									enable VB VBP
surrendering VBG								surrendering VBG
effectuate VB									effectuate VB
candidate NN									candidate NN
Flea NNP									Flea NNP
Incurably RB									Incurably RB
market-opening JJ								market-opening JJ
iodide NN									iodide NN
Stonewall NNP									Stonewall NNP
single-warhead NN								single-warhead NN
Ornelas NNP									Ornelas NNP
grin NN VB									grin NN VB
chien FW									chien FW
over-emphasize JJ								over-emphasize JJ
impresario NN									impresario NN
Bobo NNP									Bobo NNP
Barnes NNP NNS									Barnes NNP NNS
Oum NNP										Oum NNP
Chesaning NNP									Chesaning NNP
dogging VBG									dogging VBG
disobeyed VBN VBD								disobeyed VBN VBD
fervent JJ									fervent JJ
Close RB VB NNP VBP JJ								Close RB VB NNP VBP JJ
constraint NN									constraint NN
Ormoc NNP									Ormoc NNP
redactor NN									redactor NN
now-misplaced JJ								now-misplaced JJ
shrimp NN									shrimp NN
Judah NNP									Judah NNP
Aska NNP NN									Aska NNP NN
Shangkun NNP									Shangkun NNP
time-on-the-job JJ								time-on-the-job JJ
Ojibwa NNP									Ojibwa NNP
encompassed VBN VBD								encompassed VBN VBD
Harvie NNP									Harvie NNP
price-growth JJ									price-growth JJ
Schnabel-Pro NNP								Schnabel-Pro NNP
cats NNS									cats NNS
downshoot NN									downshoot NN
Jihong NNP									Jihong NNP
Burchuladze NNP									Burchuladze NNP
Skypak NNP									Skypak NNP
AH-64 NN NNP									AH-64 NN NNP
Pearlstine NNP									Pearlstine NNP
either DT CC IN RB RBR								either DT CC IN RB RBR
Thirty-ninth NNP								Thirty-ninth NNP
Dolan NNP									Dolan NNP
pursuits NNS									pursuits NNS
threehour JJ									threehour JJ
intransigent JJ									intransigent JJ
defector NN									defector NN
Lanza NNP									Lanza NNP
scarcest JJS									scarcest JJS
axle-breaking JJ								axle-breaking JJ
mankind NN									mankind NN
well-bred JJ									well-bred JJ
Wary JJ										Wary JJ
Elizario NNP									Elizario NNP
waged VBN VBD									waged VBN VBD
Klejna NNP									Klejna NNP
anti-war JJ									anti-war JJ
expressions NNS									expressions NNS
Rampell NNP									Rampell NNP
foresaw VBD									foresaw VBD
privet NN									privet NN
Liliputian NNP									Liliputian NNP
Langevin NNP									Langevin NNP
Eternity NN									Eternity NN
Littlefield NNP									Littlefield NNP
drainage NN									drainage NN
auction NN VB									auction NN VB
Idle JJ										Idle JJ
Kleiner NNP									Kleiner NNP
Rifenburgh NNP									Rifenburgh NNP
Litta NNP									Litta NNP
Harlan NNP									Harlan NNP
Ferment NN									Ferment NN
'Hey UH										'Hey UH
stabilizes VBZ									stabilizes VBZ
music-making NN									music-making NN
threat NN									threat NN
hematologist NN									hematologist NN
Barnard NNP NN									Barnard NNP NN
ETV NNP										ETV NNP
Soyuzgoscirk NNP								Soyuzgoscirk NNP
Sisulu NNP									Sisulu NNP
non-trade-related JJ								non-trade-related JJ
Crutcher NNP									Crutcher NNP
over-regulation NN								over-regulation NN
Viaje NNP									Viaje NNP
thrillers NNS									thrillers NNS
GLI NNP										GLI NNP
shrink VB NN									shrink VB NN
Teeter NNP									Teeter NNP
Aspen NNP									Aspen NNP
pileups NNS									pileups NNS
loan-by-phone JJ								loan-by-phone JJ
Bad JJ NNP									Bad JJ NNP
narcokleptocrat NN								narcokleptocrat NN
stumpage NN									stumpage NN
novo FW										novo FW
hitman NN									hitman NN
Reuter NNP NN									Reuter NNP NN
Olestra NN NNP									Olestra NN NNP
Telerama NNP									Telerama NNP
Rep NNP										Rep NNP
brigade NN									brigade NN
carelessly RB									carelessly RB
Allied-Lyons NNP								Allied-Lyons NNP
poultices NNS									poultices NNS
lumbering JJ NN									lumbering JJ NN
Atco NNP									Atco NNP
stab NN										stab NN
Cieca NNP									Cieca NNP
mythological JJ									mythological JJ
goal-line NN									goal-line NN
Hindoo NNP									Hindoo NNP
gardened VBD									gardened VBD
push-up NN JJ									push-up NN JJ
sonnet NN									sonnet NN
Isabelle NNP									Isabelle NNP
Sultane NNP									Sultane NNP
two-colored JJ									two-colored JJ
Baltasar NNP									Baltasar NNP
contacted VBN VBD								contacted VBN VBD
fusing VBG NN									fusing VBG NN
fantastically RB								fantastically RB
corporate-securities JJ								corporate-securities JJ
Conestoga NNP									Conestoga NNP
financial-industrial JJ								financial-industrial JJ
tariff-free JJ									tariff-free JJ
concludes VBZ									concludes VBZ
high-toned JJ									high-toned JJ
rend VB										rend VB
Flax NNP									Flax NNP
Gentile NNP									Gentile NNP
forest-product NN								forest-product NN
blackboard NN									blackboard NN
eyewear JJ NN									eyewear JJ NN
Kanebo NN NNP									Kanebo NN NNP
disbelieving VBG								disbelieving VBG
equilibrium NN									equilibrium NN
Evensen NNP									Evensen NNP
motor-car NN									motor-car NN
Overweight JJ									Overweight JJ
squeegee VBP									squeegee VBP
Clearer JJR									Clearer JJR
Fromstein NNP									Fromstein NNP
finals NNS									finals NNS
a.m.-8 CD									a.m.-8 CD
speechwriters NNS								speechwriters NNS
suppresses VBZ									suppresses VBZ
Carli NNP									Carli NNP
parasites NNS									parasites NNS
Kayne NNP									Kayne NNP
W.A. NNP									W.A. NNP
Weeds NNS									Weeds NNS
computer-making JJ								computer-making JJ
iota NN										iota NN
toccata NN									toccata NN
Purdie NNP									Purdie NNP
loaders NNS									loaders NNS
engaging VBG JJ									engaging VBG JJ
Nines NNPS									Nines NNPS
servant NN									servant NN
wafting VBG									wafting VBG
playwright NN									playwright NN
pontiff NN									pontiff NN
saddled VBN VBD JJ								saddled VBN VBD JJ
rainwater NN									rainwater NN
requalify VB									requalify VB
Hime NNP									Hime NNP
Unconcerned JJ									Unconcerned JJ
ibuprofen NN									ibuprofen NN
fripperies NNS									fripperies NNS
Electricity NNP NN								Electricity NNP NN
extrapolations NNS								extrapolations NNS
Granin NNP									Granin NNP
well-chronicled JJ								well-chronicled JJ
malunya NN									malunya NN
Axa-Midi NNP									Axa-Midi NNP
Skandia NNP									Skandia NNP
By-the-Sea NNP									By-the-Sea NNP
Scobee-Frazier NNP								Scobee-Frazier NNP
expiation NN									expiation NN
Bowden NNP									Bowden NNP
Cooperation NNP									Cooperation NNP
populous JJ									populous JJ
Stella NNP									Stella NNP
Honjo NNP									Honjo NNP
Bahia NNP									Bahia NNP
outlasted VBD									outlasted VBD
Rudi NNP									Rudi NNP
druggies NNS									druggies NNS
Hoa NNP										Hoa NNP
Italian-American JJ								Italian-American JJ
twenty-five CD JJ NN								twenty-five CD JJ NN
heed VB VBP NN									heed VB VBP NN
highlighted VBN VBD								highlighted VBN VBD
'P JJ										'P JJ
Marcia NNP									Marcia NNP
intellectually RB								intellectually RB
Veatch NNP									Veatch NNP
electrical-engineering JJ							electrical-engineering JJ
smudge NN									smudge NN
shipbuilder NN									shipbuilder NN
whose WP$									whose WP$
Quintus NNP									Quintus NNP
full-power JJ									full-power JJ
exiles NNS									exiles NNS
-1 CD										-1 CD
validate VB									validate VB
solutions NNS									solutions NNS
install VB VBP									install VB VBP
wolf NN										wolf NN
Amdahl NNP									Amdahl NNP
watering VBG NN									watering VBG NN
Brechtian JJ									Brechtian JJ
multitudinous JJ								multitudinous JJ
Grizzlies NNS									Grizzlies NNS
Cogefar NNP									Cogefar NNP
Mohasco NNP									Mohasco NNP
renewals NNS									renewals NNS
Complaint NN									Complaint NN
Caribe NNP									Caribe NNP
Rastus NNP									Rastus NNP
automated VBN VBN|JJ JJ VBD							automated VBN VBN|JJ JJ VBD
LeCave NNP									LeCave NNP
sucked VBD VBN									sucked VBD VBN
flaring VBG JJ									flaring VBG JJ
egg-breaking NN									egg-breaking NN
abrasion-resistant NN								abrasion-resistant NN
manufacturing NN VBG								manufacturing NN VBG
Jungho NNP									Jungho NNP
boyhood NN									boyhood NN
tie NN VBP VB									tie NN VBP VB
longhaired JJ									longhaired JJ
merchant NN JJ									merchant NN JJ
varnish NN									varnish NN
cash-starved JJ									cash-starved JJ
spackle VB									spackle VB
insider-trading NN JJ								insider-trading NN JJ
Airways NNPS NNP								Airways NNPS NNP
lymphocytes NNS									lymphocytes NNS
Grigori NNP									Grigori NNP
handwriting NN									handwriting NN
science-education NN								science-education NN
Lo NNP UH									Lo NNP UH
gutters NNS									gutters NNS
harddisk NN									harddisk NN
Sophocles NNP									Sophocles NNP
Morishita NNP									Morishita NNP
march NN VBP VB									march NN VBP VB
Theft NN									Theft NN
ex-hurler NN									ex-hurler NN
rowdy JJ NN									rowdy JJ NN
faker NN									faker NN
competitive JJ									competitive JJ
Stowey NNP									Stowey NNP
metropolis NN									metropolis NN
assessments NNS									assessments NNS
compound-engine JJ								compound-engine JJ
Berrigan NNP									Berrigan NNP
long-haul JJ NN									long-haul JJ NN
self-acceptance NN								self-acceptance NN
Coroner NN									Coroner NN
billion-yen JJ									billion-yen JJ
copyrights NNS									copyrights NNS
fired... :									fired... :
accountants... :								accountants... :
perish VB									perish VB
planoconcave JJ									planoconcave JJ
ambassadors NNS									ambassadors NNS
vine-shaded JJ									vine-shaded JJ
Martian NNP JJ									Martian NNP JJ
spaniel-like JJ									spaniel-like JJ
strength NN									strength NN
Jewel NNP									Jewel NNP
Meinung FW									Meinung FW
hypothesis NN									hypothesis NN
Niobe VB									Niobe VB
Conspicuous JJ									Conspicuous JJ
Claremont NNP									Claremont NNP
NATO-Warsaw NNP									NATO-Warsaw NNP
Detached VBN									Detached VBN
Willson NNP									Willson NNP
Good-by UH									Good-by UH
operative JJ NN									operative JJ NN
Maggart NNP									Maggart NNP
Anaconda NN NNP									Anaconda NN NNP
Barnet NNP									Barnet NNP
confessions NNS									confessions NNS
omits VBZ									omits VBZ
Millo NNP									Millo NNP
erode VB VBP									erode VB VBP
ocher NN									ocher NN
Atwells NNP									Atwells NNP
gran'dad NN									gran'dad NN
staying VBG JJ NN								staying VBG JJ NN
wo MD										wo MD
wrecked VBD JJ VBN								wrecked VBD JJ VBN
retail-sales JJ NNS								retail-sales JJ NNS
demure JJ									demure JJ
in-group JJ NN									in-group JJ NN
Torresi NNP									Torresi NNP
exposition NN									exposition NN
Chinese-British JJ								Chinese-British JJ
dissolved VBN VBD								dissolved VBN VBD
commodity-swap NN								commodity-swap NN
Pancoast NNP									Pancoast NNP
viewer NN									viewer NN
rhetoricians NNS								rhetoricians NNS
single-parent JJ								single-parent JJ
Sovtransavto NNP								Sovtransavto NNP
triple-tank JJ									triple-tank JJ
kola NN										kola NN
ex-President NNP JJ								ex-President NNP JJ
skidding VBG									skidding VBG
Gavin NNP									Gavin NNP
FRE NNP										FRE NNP
pooling-of-interest JJ								pooling-of-interest JJ
leveraged-takeover NN								leveraged-takeover NN
SK NNP										SK NNP
Self-expression NN								Self-expression NN
dimensions NNS									dimensions NNS
impelling JJ									impelling JJ
conserved VBN									conserved VBN
Turned VBN									Turned VBN
natures NNS									natures NNS
baldish JJ									baldish JJ
disqualification NN								disqualification NN
biochemical JJ									biochemical JJ
single-owner JJ									single-owner JJ
Harmony NNP NN									Harmony NNP NN
freight-cost JJ									freight-cost JJ
decomposed JJ									decomposed JJ
Alberto NNP									Alberto NNP
M.D NNP										M.D NNP
sector NN									sector NN
Deak NNP									Deak NNP
slips NNS VBZ									slips NNS VBZ
Attic NNP JJ									Attic NNP JJ
denote VB VBP									denote VB VBP
inspirationally RB								inspirationally RB
refrigerator NN									refrigerator NN
quick-frozen VBN								quick-frozen VBN
swears VBZ									swears VBZ
well-ruled JJ									well-ruled JJ
formidably RB									formidably RB
altercation NN									altercation NN
overkill NN									overkill NN
right-to-work JJ								right-to-work JJ
seventeen-inch JJ								seventeen-inch JJ
materiel NN									materiel NN
Carrier NNP NN									Carrier NNP NN
reinvigorating VBG								reinvigorating VBG
indpendent JJ									indpendent JJ
spokesman NN									spokesman NN
Guarascio NNP									Guarascio NNP
lake NN										lake NN
turnpikes NNS									turnpikes NNS
rouse VB									rouse VB
outgeneraled VBN								outgeneraled VBN
managerial JJ									managerial JJ
Amidst IN									Amidst IN
Nitsuko NNP									Nitsuko NNP
manzanita NN									manzanita NN
Cupboard NN									Cupboard NN
Inheriting VBG									Inheriting VBG
Hanover-Pebble NNP								Hanover-Pebble NNP
Brunk NNP									Brunk NNP
mad JJ										mad JJ
slowly RB									slowly RB
home-builder NN									home-builder NN
offocus NN									offocus NN
pedestals NNS									pedestals NNS
sciatica NN									sciatica NN
Community NNP NN								Community NNP NN
Tackle NNP									Tackle NNP
Jesperson NNP									Jesperson NNP
intercepts NNS									intercepts NNS
norms NNS									norms NNS
unscheduled JJ									unscheduled JJ
indecisive JJ									indecisive JJ
gubernatorial JJ								gubernatorial JJ
double-A-plus JJ NN								double-A-plus JJ NN
Ne NNP										Ne NNP
penny-pinching JJ								penny-pinching JJ
accesses NNS									accesses NNS
Fulgoni NNP									Fulgoni NNP
Wendell NNP									Wendell NNP
diffusers NNS									diffusers NNS
Gaskin NNP									Gaskin NNP
specialist NN JJ								specialist NN JJ
bronze NN JJ									bronze NN JJ
tax-exempt JJ									tax-exempt JJ
Testing NN NNP									Testing NN NNP
Economizers NNS									Economizers NNS
extendibles NNS									extendibles NNS
Russian NNP JJ									Russian NNP JJ
free-trade JJ NN								free-trade JJ NN
hard-liquor JJ NN								hard-liquor JJ NN
intervention-speeded JJ								intervention-speeded JJ
Transcaucasus NNP								Transcaucasus NNP
Noonday NNP									Noonday NNP
designated VBN VBD JJ								designated VBN VBD JJ
topicality NN									topicality NN
downtown NN JJ RB								downtown NN JJ RB
Mali NNP									Mali NNP
Sysco NNP									Sysco NNP
cowhide NN									cowhide NN
Favorites NNPS JJ								Favorites NNPS JJ
: :										: :
presentable JJ									presentable JJ
oxalate NN									oxalate NN
Ottermole NNP									Ottermole NNP
Ambiguity NN									Ambiguity NN
Sigler NNP									Sigler NNP
Corsi NNP									Corsi NNP
canoes NNS									canoes NNS
Bahamian JJ									Bahamian JJ
objectification NN								objectification NN
Sibling NN									Sibling NN
impediments NNS									impediments NNS
arbitrates VBZ									arbitrates VBZ
cockiness NN									cockiness NN
educate VB									educate VB
Gottschalk NNP									Gottschalk NNP
hospital-care NN								hospital-care NN
Napoleon NNP NN									Napoleon NNP NN
Salon NNP									Salon NNP
nostril NN									nostril NN
venal JJ									venal JJ
Bode NNP									Bode NNP
Audit NNP									Audit NNP
boiled VBN VBD JJ								boiled VBN VBD JJ
Durables NNPS									Durables NNPS
Mellen NNP									Mellen NNP
bellhops NNS									bellhops NNS
Giacometti NNP									Giacometti NNP
Stumbling JJ									Stumbling JJ
substitutes NNS VBZ								substitutes NNS VBZ
Impressionists NNPS								Impressionists NNPS
Duplicating VBG									Duplicating VBG
low-stress JJ									low-stress JJ
Minato-Mirai NNP								Minato-Mirai NNP
adversities NNS									adversities NNS
style NN									style NN
ghetto NN									ghetto NN
aromas NNS									aromas NNS
ye PRP SYM NN									ye PRP SYM NN
McNamee NNP									McNamee NNP
revocable JJ									revocable JJ
globetrotter NN									globetrotter NN
advanced-materials JJ								advanced-materials JJ
thanked VBD VBN									thanked VBD VBN
lunge VB									lunge VB
hoarsely RB									hoarsely RB
Pierre-Karl NNP									Pierre-Karl NNP
well-being NN JJ								well-being NN JJ
gut'em VB									gut'em VB
morphemic JJ									morphemic JJ
chastised VBD VBN								chastised VBD VBN
Fulson NNP									Fulson NNP
eluates NNS									eluates NNS
depositor NN									depositor NN
Vickers NNP									Vickers NNP
half-murmured JJ								half-murmured JJ
specimens NNS									specimens NNS
Denton NNP									Denton NNP
ballooning NN VBG								ballooning NN VBG
grandchild NN									grandchild NN
clip NN VB									clip NN VB
mobilize VB									mobilize VB
frothing VBG NN									frothing VBG NN
Papers NNP NNS NNPS								Papers NNP NNS NNPS
Norte NNP									Norte NNP
Phedre NNP									Phedre NNP
Hawaiian-Americans NNPS								Hawaiian-Americans NNPS
Yuba NNP									Yuba NNP
liftoff NN									liftoff NN
homerun NN									homerun NN
QFC NNP										QFC NNP
Mirror NNP									Mirror NNP
contretemps NN									contretemps NN
attempts NNS VBZ								attempts NNS VBZ
products NNS									products NNS
Taif NNP									Taif NNP
Warnock NNP									Warnock NNP
misrepresentation NN								misrepresentation NN
mechanically RB									mechanically RB
Abel NNP									Abel NNP
finned VBN									finned VBN
Criminals NNS									Criminals NNS
quality-conscious JJ								quality-conscious JJ
collation NN									collation NN
Promenade NNP									Promenade NNP
crevasses NNS									crevasses NNS
pinks NNS									pinks NNS
opposes VBZ									opposes VBZ
Colorado-Ute NNP								Colorado-Ute NNP
constructon NN									constructon NN
lastly RB									lastly RB
Tarantino NNP									Tarantino NNP
Britta NNP									Britta NNP
tipsy JJ									tipsy JJ
rape-and-incest JJ								rape-and-incest JJ
cantles NNS									cantles NNS
decried VBD									decried VBD
Savings NNP NNPS NNS								Savings NNP NNPS NNS
Runiewicz NNP									Runiewicz NNP
ratifies VBZ									ratifies VBZ
Hearing NNP VBG									Hearing NNP VBG
Outing NNP									Outing NNP
defines VBZ									defines VBZ
raw-material NN JJ								raw-material NN JJ
occuring VBG									occuring VBG
Surprises NNS									Surprises NNS
good-faith NN JJ								good-faith NN JJ
Hmm NN UH									Hmm NN UH
stock-purchase JJ								stock-purchase JJ
malefactors NNS									malefactors NNS
air-conditioned JJ								air-conditioned JJ
laborious JJ									laborious JJ
Hoffmann-La NNP									Hoffmann-La NNP
librettists NNS									librettists NNS
generalpurpose JJ								generalpurpose JJ
waterlogged JJ									waterlogged JJ
hollow JJ NN									hollow JJ NN
houses NNS VBZ									houses NNS VBZ
creativeness NN									creativeness NN
system-management NN								system-management NN
Picture NNP NN									Picture NNP NN
Decreasing VBG									Decreasing VBG
micrometer NN									micrometer NN
Trumbull NNP									Trumbull NNP
upholstery NN									upholstery NN
hodgepodge NN									hodgepodge NN
Likening VBG									Likening VBG
usefully RB									usefully RB
Schone NNP									Schone NNP
water-pollution NN								water-pollution NN
pessimist NN									pessimist NN
scapegoating NN									scapegoating NN
Bolanos NNP									Bolanos NNP
poorer-quality JJR								poorer-quality JJR
purchaser NN									purchaser NN
radiosterilization NN								radiosterilization NN
refund NN VB									refund NN VB
Leeds NNP									Leeds NNP
shave VB VBP NN									shave VB VBP NN
state-mandated JJ								state-mandated JJ
Please VB RB UH NNP								Please VB RB UH NNP
Gable NNP									Gable NNP
Bock NNP									Bock NNP
limpid JJ									limpid JJ
CalTech NNP									CalTech NNP
Selz NNP									Selz NNP
freebase NN									freebase NN
Pichia NN									Pichia NN
BizMart NNP									BizMart NNP
defeated VBN VBD								defeated VBN VBD
resold VBN VBD VBP VB								resold VBN VBD VBP VB
willies NNS									willies NNS
Ailey NNP									Ailey NNP
Alcinous JJ									Alcinous JJ
cities NNS									cities NNS
pelvis NN									pelvis NN
fakes NNS									fakes NNS
Dompierre NNP									Dompierre NNP
concerns NNS VBZ								concerns NNS VBZ
grammarians NNS									grammarians NNS
successes NNS									successes NNS
Rivkin NNP									Rivkin NNP
Jerritts NNP									Jerritts NNP
sultans NNS									sultans NNS
Mixtec JJ									Mixtec JJ
prays VBZ									prays VBZ
Overseas NNP JJ RB								Overseas NNP JJ RB
tremblor NN									tremblor NN
organically RB									organically RB
propagate VB									propagate VB
Humphreys NNP									Humphreys NNP
Michel-Etienne NNP								Michel-Etienne NNP
interlining NN									interlining NN
stoicaly RB									stoicaly RB
Derck NNP									Derck NNP
Luxembourg NNP									Luxembourg NNP
Milne NNP									Milne NNP
convulsions NNS									convulsions NNS
Samnick NNP									Samnick NNP
Million CD NNP									Million CD NNP
trenchant JJ									trenchant JJ
loophole NN									loophole NN
psychiatrists NNS								psychiatrists NNS
Wylie NNP									Wylie NNP
reproduces VBZ									reproduces VBZ
Eustis NNP									Eustis NNP
fulfill VB VBP									fulfill VB VBP
Ku NNP										Ku NNP
redeeming VBG JJ								redeeming VBG JJ
Redmond NNP									Redmond NNP
Dederick NNP									Dederick NNP
containment NN									containment NN
found VBD VBN VB								found VBD VBN VB
stamping VBG VBG|NN NN								stamping VBG VBG|NN NN
conversations NNS								conversations NNS
indisputable JJ									indisputable JJ
expedients NNS									expedients NNS
fixed-price JJ									fixed-price JJ
bidders NNS									bidders NNS
garbage NN									garbage NN
launcher NN									launcher NN
lipoproteins NNS								lipoproteins NNS
indirectly RB									indirectly RB
counter-balanced JJ								counter-balanced JJ
collapsed VBD JJ VBN								collapsed VBD JJ VBN
ugly JJ										ugly JJ
schoolmates NNS									schoolmates NNS
notched VBN VBD									notched VBN VBD
Dolce NNP									Dolce NNP
removal NN									removal NN
commenting VBG									commenting VBG
Hill NNP									Hill NNP
beveled VBN									beveled VBN
cement NN VB									cement NN VB
granddaddies NNS								granddaddies NNS
Coykendall NNP									Coykendall NNP
Tunnel NNP									Tunnel NNP
claustrophobia NN								claustrophobia NN
aeration NN									aeration NN
palate NN									palate NN
turn-ons NNS									turn-ons NNS
ICC NNP										ICC NNP
eccentric JJ NN									eccentric JJ NN
Fund-Raisers NNS								Fund-Raisers NNS
Methylene NN									Methylene NN
coin-cleaning JJ								coin-cleaning JJ
Norsk NNP									Norsk NNP
liberalizations NNS								liberalizations NNS
symptomless JJ									symptomless JJ
Sommer NNP									Sommer NNP
non-swimmers NNS								non-swimmers NNS
Biedermann NNP									Biedermann NNP
modems NNS									modems NNS
swamping VBG									swamping VBG
operations\ NNP									operations\ NNP
Kalmuk NNP									Kalmuk NNP
crowed VBD VBN									crowed VBD VBN
vu NN										vu NN
kindly RB JJ									kindly RB JJ
rounded VBN JJ VBD								rounded VBN JJ VBD
porters NNS									porters NNS
first-order JJ									first-order JJ
Sponsored VBN									Sponsored VBN
Diplomats NNS									Diplomats NNS
Considered VBN									Considered VBN
vocalize VB									vocalize VB
Maize-Products NNPS								Maize-Products NNPS
childbirth NN									childbirth NN
grip NN VBP									grip NN VBP
devilish JJ									devilish JJ
wondrously RB									wondrously RB
Deal NNP NN									Deal NNP NN
Marysville NNP									Marysville NNP
recurred VBD VBN								recurred VBD VBN
emptied VBN VBD									emptied VBN VBD
Ainu NNP									Ainu NNP
clothiers NNS									clothiers NNS
transcendence NN								transcendence NN
clippings NNS									clippings NNS
circonscription NN								circonscription NN
misinformed VBN									misinformed VBN
Wangenheim NNP									Wangenheim NNP
Del. NNP									Del. NNP
outflow NN									outflow NN
bemused JJ									bemused JJ
pope NN										pope NN
inaugural JJ NN									inaugural JJ NN
helped VBD VBN VBP								helped VBD VBN VBP
Sohn NNP									Sohn NNP
nuclear-arms NNS								nuclear-arms NNS
hump NN										hump NN
unjustifiably RB								unjustifiably RB
vehicle-suspension NN								vehicle-suspension NN
rotates VBZ									rotates VBZ
audibly RB									audibly RB
uninjectable JJ									uninjectable JJ
burials NNS									burials NNS
disconnecting VBG								disconnecting VBG
frivolity NN									frivolity NN
management-employee NN								management-employee NN
miniseries NNS NN								miniseries NNS NN
Unmarried JJ									Unmarried JJ
polymers NNS									polymers NNS
Brauchli NNP									Brauchli NNP
listeners NNS									listeners NNS
appreciating VBG NN								appreciating VBG NN
Zagros NNP									Zagros NNP
corked JJ									corked JJ
Aga NNP										Aga NNP
Hammack NNP									Hammack NNP
Cupertino NNP									Cupertino NNP
cable-TV-system NN								cable-TV-system NN
reinsurers NNS									reinsurers NNS
home-delivered JJ								home-delivered JJ
Bellomo-McGee NNP								Bellomo-McGee NNP
starlet NN									starlet NN
agressive JJ									agressive JJ
deformity NN									deformity NN
'nough JJ									'nough JJ
Greenpeace NNP									Greenpeace NNP
colognes NNS									colognes NNS
Cindy NNP									Cindy NNP
twenty-first-century JJ								twenty-first-century JJ
seventy-six JJ									seventy-six JJ
Machon NNP									Machon NNP
storefront NN									storefront NN
Cavett NNP									Cavett NNP
free-buying JJ									free-buying JJ
Cuatrecasas NNP									Cuatrecasas NNP
outlanders NNS									outlanders NNS
reunions NNS									reunions NNS
procedures NNS VBZ								procedures NNS VBZ
loveliness NN									loveliness NN
claustrophobic JJ								claustrophobic JJ
pacify VB									pacify VB
Ambiguan JJ									Ambiguan JJ
unsmiling JJ									unsmiling JJ
stasis NN									stasis NN
classless JJ									classless JJ
spied VBD VBN									spied VBD VBN
English NNP JJ NNPS NNS								English NNP JJ NNPS NNS
Klette NNP									Klette NNP
provoking VBG JJ								provoking VBG JJ
Tanin FW									Tanin FW
Uniondale NNP									Uniondale NNP
allegations NNS									allegations NNS
gurgling VBG									gurgling VBG
drumming VBG									drumming VBG
wept VBD VBN									wept VBD VBN
Swasey NNP									Swasey NNP
brazier NN									brazier NN
mustered VBD VBN								mustered VBD VBN
balsams NNS									balsams NNS
Sunflowers NNS									Sunflowers NNS
Bourcier NNP									Bourcier NNP
Stiemerling NNP									Stiemerling NNP
generating VBG NN								generating VBG NN
purchases NNS VBZ								purchases NNS VBZ
Walther NNP									Walther NNP
Fuck VB										Fuck VB
databases NNS									databases NNS
commencing VBG									commencing VBG
womb NN										womb NN
Hartzog NNP									Hartzog NNP
giggling VBG									giggling VBG
mackerel NN									mackerel NN
herpetologists NNS								herpetologists NNS
anointing VBG									anointing VBG
Linden NNP									Linden NNP
test-practice JJ								test-practice JJ
stitch NN									stitch NN
prudentially RB									prudentially RB
junk-market JJ NN								junk-market JJ NN
overrated VBN									overrated VBN
batsman NN									batsman NN
trinkets NNS									trinkets NNS
jackboots NNS									jackboots NNS
bookkeeper NN									bookkeeper NN
Globalization NNP NN								Globalization NNP NN
tongued VBD JJ									tongued VBD JJ
ist FW										ist FW
Primark NNP									Primark NNP
auto-limitation NN								auto-limitation NN
downfall NN									downfall NN
monolith NN									monolith NN
skillfully RB									skillfully RB
transition NN									transition NN
Fans NNS									Fans NNS
ATS\ NNP									ATS\ NNP
reverence NN									reverence NN
sectionalized JJ								sectionalized JJ
topnotch JJ									topnotch JJ
Crary NNP									Crary NNP
Ibsen NNP									Ibsen NNP
ascertained VBN VBD								ascertained VBN VBD
contact NN JJ VB								contact NN JJ VB
stopgap NN JJ									stopgap NN JJ
incorporate VB VBP JJ								incorporate VB VBP JJ
new-mown JJ									new-mown JJ
Nernst NNP									Nernst NNP
N.M. NNP									N.M. NNP
graphic-arts NNS								graphic-arts NNS
Engle NNP									Engle NNP
steam-generating NN								steam-generating NN
less-serious JJ									less-serious JJ
Persico NNP									Persico NNP
open-market JJ NN								open-market JJ NN
Maria NNP									Maria NNP
Marubeni NNP									Marubeni NNP
seedlings NNS									seedlings NNS
Lanyi NNP									Lanyi NNP
mush NN										mush NN
Millburn NNP									Millburn NNP
Crew NN NNP									Crew NN NNP
auditor-general NN								auditor-general NN
outcrops NNS									outcrops NNS
air-conditioner NN								air-conditioner NN
fell VBD JJ NN VBN								fell VBD JJ NN VBN
indefinity NN									indefinity NN
Utility NNP NN									Utility NNP NN
Kingsley NNP									Kingsley NNP
'nother DT									'nother DT
sneaker NN									sneaker NN
floundered VBN VBD								floundered VBN VBD
Neo-Paganism NNP								Neo-Paganism NNP
poisonous JJ									poisonous JJ
downgraded VBD VBN								downgraded VBD VBN
spiralis NNS									spiralis NNS
negligibly RB									negligibly RB
ascribed VBN VBD								ascribed VBN VBD
launches VBZ NNS								launches VBZ NNS
Caucasians NNS									Caucasians NNS
Browning NNP									Browning NNP
Meshulam NNP									Meshulam NNP
Gargan NNP									Gargan NNP
Conn.-based JJ									Conn.-based JJ
Conder NNP									Conder NNP
Downside JJ									Downside JJ
Wycliffe NNP									Wycliffe NNP
Trigg NNP									Trigg NNP
Blackstock NNP									Blackstock NNP
protesting VBG									protesting VBG
Willamette NNP NN								Willamette NNP NN
tempered VBN VBD								tempered VBN VBD
Meager JJ									Meager JJ
fluency NN									fluency NN
Dawn NNP NN									Dawn NNP NN
O'Keefe NNP									O'Keefe NNP
reorder VB									reorder VB
proprietor NN									proprietor NN
cold-cuts NNS									cold-cuts NNS
sob VB										sob VB
; :										; :
roadways NNS									roadways NNS
whupped VBD									whupped VBD
sufferings NNS									sufferings NNS
show NN VB VBP									show NN VB VBP
anti-morning-sickness JJ							anti-morning-sickness JJ
comprehending VBG								comprehending VBG
capital-reserve JJ								capital-reserve JJ
crumbled VBD VBN JJ								crumbled VBD VBN JJ
D.D. NNP									D.D. NNP
album NN									album NN
brooded VBD									brooded VBD
once-moribund JJ								once-moribund JJ
thickest JJS									thickest JJS
yf NN										yf NN
awes VBZ									awes VBZ
multi-windowed JJ								multi-windowed JJ
Gardner NNP									Gardner NNP
carbon NN									carbon NN
'Hear VB									'Hear VB
rectification NN								rectification NN
Hesse NNP									Hesse NNP
botanical JJ									botanical JJ
insurance-cost JJ								insurance-cost JJ
malfunctioning NN								malfunctioning NN
Polymerization NN								Polymerization NN
delightful JJ									delightful JJ
Ulanys NNP NNPS									Ulanys NNP NNPS
nodules NNS									nodules NNS
M-K NNP										M-K NNP
Willoughby NNP									Willoughby NNP
Matters NNP NNS|VBZ VBZ								Matters NNP NNS|VBZ VBZ
sinecures NNS									sinecures NNS
secretary-general NN JJ								secretary-general NN JJ
Tyszkiewicz NNP									Tyszkiewicz NNP
September-October NNP								September-October NNP
Courant NNP									Courant NNP
voulez FW									voulez FW
Burr NNP									Burr NNP
halogenated VBD									halogenated VBD
-57.6 CD									-57.6 CD
rotten JJ									rotten JJ
Twenty-four CD JJ								Twenty-four CD JJ
plows NNS VBZ									plows NNS VBZ
emotionalism NN									emotionalism NN
Raos NNP									Raos NNP
improved VBN JJ VBD								improved VBN JJ VBD
Malmesbury NNP									Malmesbury NNP
Grahamstown NNP									Grahamstown NNP
proximity NN									proximity NN
Wave NNP NN									Wave NNP NN
raftered VBN									raftered VBN
Pot NNP NN									Pot NNP NN
hunk NN										hunk NN
Immoderate NNP									Immoderate NNP
Cestre NNP									Cestre NNP
insufferably RB									insufferably RB
unblinkingly RB									unblinkingly RB
Hereford NNP									Hereford NNP
barbecued VBN									barbecued VBN
Blaine NNP									Blaine NNP
capitalizes VBZ									capitalizes VBZ
chartists NNS									chartists NNS
Skolniks NNP									Skolniks NNP
Aghazadeh NNP									Aghazadeh NNP
entropy NN									entropy NN
Gro NNP										Gro NNP
Gogo NNP									Gogo NNP
golden-parachute JJ								golden-parachute JJ
no-new-tax JJ									no-new-tax JJ
injures VBZ									injures VBZ
Asian-owned JJ									Asian-owned JJ
epidermis NN									epidermis NN
stockholders NNS								stockholders NNS
Wragge NNP									Wragge NNP
Maldutis NNP									Maldutis NNP
simulator NN									simulator NN
anorthic JJ									anorthic JJ
co-payment JJ									co-payment JJ
Indocin NNP									Indocin NNP
anthology NN									anthology NN
scald VB									scald VB
sweetened VBN VBD JJ								sweetened VBN VBD JJ
enlivened VBN									enlivened VBN
nuclear-powered JJ								nuclear-powered JJ
Unicorp NNP									Unicorp NNP
Cases NNS									Cases NNS
roars VBZ									roars VBZ
price-valuation NN								price-valuation NN
reputable JJ									reputable JJ
Take-up JJ									Take-up JJ
apt JJ										apt JJ
decanting VBG									decanting VBG
Ting NNP									Ting NNP
Selling VBG NNP NN								Selling VBG NNP NN
Gradco NNP									Gradco NNP
slickly RB									slickly RB
harpsichord NN									harpsichord NN
Hoc NNP										Hoc NNP
Brokerage NN NNP								Brokerage NN NNP
featuring VBG									featuring VBG
rejoined VBD VBN								rejoined VBD VBN
uranium-mining NN								uranium-mining NN
P\ NNP										P\ NNP
undersecretary NN								undersecretary NN
anodes NNS									anodes NNS
Vroman NNP									Vroman NNP
commonwealths NNS								commonwealths NNS
Mame NNP									Mame NNP
subgroups NNS									subgroups NNS
cargo NN									cargo NN
forecasting NN JJ VBG								forecasting NN JJ VBG
blockade NN									blockade NN
steam-generation JJ								steam-generation JJ
daily-wear JJ									daily-wear JJ
disregard NN VB									disregard NN VB
reacts VBZ									reacts VBZ
Pavese NNP									Pavese NNP
metric JJ NN									metric JJ NN
Jeroboams NNPS									Jeroboams NNPS
Midas NNP									Midas NNP
omen NN										omen NN
Andrews NNP									Andrews NNP
kittens NNS									kittens NNS
swings NNS VBZ									swings NNS VBZ
bylaws NNS									bylaws NNS
Fourteen CD									Fourteen CD
pulled VBD VBN									pulled VBD VBN
Vinegar NNP									Vinegar NNP
Egypt NNP									Egypt NNP
lucks NNS									lucks NNS
comprise. NN									comprise. NN
catchall NN									catchall NN
frictionless JJ									frictionless JJ
refined JJ VBN									refined JJ VBN
Premont NNP									Premont NNP
Precision NNP NN								Precision NNP NN
Bronson NNP									Bronson NNP
pastness NN									pastness NN
press-release NN								press-release NN
unfenced JJ									unfenced JJ
thirty-six CD									thirty-six CD
Toole NNP									Toole NNP
Mexican JJ NNP									Mexican JJ NNP
Agonale NNP									Agonale NNP
nutrients NNS									nutrients NNS
Estee NNP									Estee NNP
sports-functions NNS								sports-functions NNS
wishing VBG NN									wishing VBG NN
Indira NNP									Indira NNP
Broiled VBN									Broiled VBN
vote-begging NN									vote-begging NN
Kentucky NNP NN									Kentucky NNP NN
Methodists NNPS									Methodists NNPS
elegantly RB									elegantly RB
Pullover NNP									Pullover NNP
goddess NN									goddess NN
reassign VB									reassign VB
Blue NNP JJ									Blue NNP JJ
cost-reduction JJ NN								cost-reduction JJ NN
carpeted VBN VBD								carpeted VBN VBD
Party NNP NN									Party NNP NN
periods NNS									periods NNS
upper-middle JJ									upper-middle JJ
violins NNS									violins NNS
anew RB										anew RB
sovereignty NN									sovereignty NN
somehow RB WRB									somehow RB WRB
Nissho-Iwai NNP									Nissho-Iwai NNP
Pottawatomie NNP								Pottawatomie NNP
division. NN									division. NN
yet-unnamed JJ									yet-unnamed JJ
classes NNS									classes NNS
We've NN									We've NN
salinity NN									salinity NN
Reception NN NNP								Reception NN NNP
estimators NNS									estimators NNS
kwon FW										kwon FW
Sony-owned JJ									Sony-owned JJ
Soho NNP									Soho NNP
associates NNS VBZ								associates NNS VBZ
Perasso NNP									Perasso NNP
intellect NN									intellect NN
more-spontaneous JJ								more-spontaneous JJ
FDA-defined JJ									FDA-defined JJ
Stookey NNP									Stookey NNP
suburban JJ									suburban JJ
southbound JJ									southbound JJ
Pull VB										Pull VB
exemplified VBN									exemplified VBN
anti-development JJ								anti-development JJ
equidistant JJ									equidistant JJ
beliefs NNS									beliefs NNS
Boeotian NNP									Boeotian NNP
'R NNP										'R NNP
pitted VBN VBD									pitted VBN VBD
non-mining JJ									non-mining JJ
Margaretville NN								Margaretville NN
Urethane NN									Urethane NN
meteorological JJ								meteorological JJ
witness NN VB									witness NN VB
creek-filled JJ									creek-filled JJ
Lesbian NNP									Lesbian NNP
Sal NNP										Sal NNP
internationalized VBN								internationalized VBN
ineffective JJ									ineffective JJ
crushed VBN JJ VBD								crushed VBN JJ VBD
Adolescents NNS									Adolescents NNS
cashmere NN									cashmere NN
remedy NN VB									remedy NN VB
dangerous... :									dangerous... :
pacifier NN									pacifier NN
appraised VBN									appraised VBN
tabloid-style JJ								tabloid-style JJ
Cruickshank NNP									Cruickshank NNP
inefficiency NN									inefficiency NN
superpremiums NNS								superpremiums NNS
Outraged JJ									Outraged JJ
Drawers NNS									Drawers NNS
Polyvinyl NN									Polyvinyl NN
mid-February NNP								mid-February NNP
mechanist NN									mechanist NN
Nonconformists NNS								Nonconformists NNS
singularly RB									singularly RB
Methyl NN									Methyl NN
libraries NNS									libraries NNS
quake-relief JJ									quake-relief JJ
dents NNS									dents NNS
volunteer NN VB JJR VBP								volunteer NN VB JJR VBP
Cf. VB										Cf. VB
Fizkultura NNP									Fizkultura NNP
Ovitz NNP									Ovitz NNP
demonizing NN									demonizing NN
utilize VB VBP									utilize VB VBP
Whatman NNP									Whatman NNP
say-speak NN									say-speak NN
pouches NNS									pouches NNS
love-hate JJ									love-hate JJ
Wash. NNP									Wash. NNP
puritanical JJ									puritanical JJ
Nevermind VB									Nevermind VB
idlers NNS									idlers NNS
frogs NNS									frogs NNS
Spanos NNP									Spanos NNP
octagonal JJ									octagonal JJ
reinvigoration NN								reinvigoration NN
Know-Nothing JJ									Know-Nothing JJ
Gaunt JJ									Gaunt JJ
O'Donnell's NNP									O'Donnell's NNP
Write-offs NNS									Write-offs NNS
skipped VBD VBN									skipped VBD VBN
Brant NNP									Brant NNP
triservice NN									triservice NN
civilised JJ									civilised JJ
province NN									province NN
afar RB										afar RB
day-old JJ									day-old JJ
Agents NNS NNP NNPS								Agents NNS NNP NNPS
siren JJ NN									siren JJ NN
contraventions NNS								contraventions NNS
home-service JJ									home-service JJ
delegate NN VB									delegate NN VB
dethroned VBN									dethroned VBN
Ought MD									Ought MD
once-rich JJ									once-rich JJ
feeding-pain JJ									feeding-pain JJ
Editions NNPS									Editions NNPS
Holty NNP									Holty NNP
Angeles-area JJ									Angeles-area JJ
warehousing NN									warehousing NN
condemnatory JJ									condemnatory JJ
property-tax-cutting JJ								property-tax-cutting JJ
.. .										.. .
hifalutin JJ									hifalutin JJ
head-and-shoulders NN								head-and-shoulders NN
cents-per-hour JJ								cents-per-hour JJ
gild VB										gild VB
Puna NNP									Puna NNP
pandering VBG									pandering VBG
sky NN										sky NN
kindliness NN									kindliness NN
necktie NN									necktie NN
out-compete VB									out-compete VB
truculence NN									truculence NN
Sicilian JJ NNP									Sicilian JJ NNP
suffice VB VBP									suffice VB VBP
'Sorry JJ									'Sorry JJ
bankrupty-law NN								bankrupty-law NN
Pianists NNS									Pianists NNS
normals NNS									normals NNS
Barberini NNP									Barberini NNP
exaggerations NNS								exaggerations NNS
cardiac-drug JJ									cardiac-drug JJ
pool NN VBP VB									pool NN VBP VB
Wilhelm NNP									Wilhelm NNP
double-decking NN								double-decking NN
Kowalski NNP									Kowalski NNP
drowning VBG									drowning VBG
manifested VBD VBN								manifested VBD VBN
voyage NN FW									voyage NN FW
emasculate VB									emasculate VB
foresee VBP VB									foresee VBP VB
anarchy NN									anarchy NN
nonequivalent JJ								nonequivalent JJ
aflatoxin-related JJ								aflatoxin-related JJ
anti-management JJ								anti-management JJ
blind-folded JJ									blind-folded JJ
comprehensiveness NN								comprehensiveness NN
Displayed VBN									Displayed VBN
Gilles NNP									Gilles NNP
Jensen NNP									Jensen NNP
Tessie NNP									Tessie NNP
Charlene NNP									Charlene NNP
Wesley NNP									Wesley NNP
reassume VB									reassume VB
Strasser NNP									Strasser NNP
Y. NNP										Y. NNP
Professors NNP									Professors NNP
IBJ NNP										IBJ NNP
cinch NN VB									cinch NN VB
invention NN									invention NN
moat NN										moat NN
Melloan NNP									Melloan NNP
interlopers NNS									interlopers NNS
blockbusters NNS								blockbusters NNS
positively RB									positively RB
Driving VBG NNP									Driving VBG NNP
Heel-Holiday NNP								Heel-Holiday NNP
University-EPA NNP								University-EPA NNP
self-imposed JJ									self-imposed JJ
nitrogen NN									nitrogen NN
cardmember NN									cardmember NN
commendable JJ									commendable JJ
FOX NN										FOX NN
teaspoons NNS									teaspoons NNS
Talking VBG									Talking VBG
parsley NN									parsley NN
denigrate VB									denigrate VB
busy-work NN									busy-work NN
beginnings NNS									beginnings NNS
spur VB NN VBP									spur VB NN VBP
Rachelle NNP									Rachelle NNP
husky JJ									husky JJ
aramid NN									aramid NN
open-year JJ									open-year JJ
Ads NNS										Ads NNS
Boyden NNP									Boyden NNP
churches NNS									churches NNS
whirling VBG JJ NN								whirling VBG JJ NN
Gaspard NNP									Gaspard NNP
Crippled NNP									Crippled NNP
until... :									until... :
heroic JJ									heroic JJ
Rourke NNP NN									Rourke NNP NN
supports VBZ NNS								supports VBZ NNS
battle NN VBP VB								battle NN VBP VB
Reservoirs NNP									Reservoirs NNP
over-allotments NNS								over-allotments NNS
Saicheua NNP									Saicheua NNP
Crossair NNP									Crossair NNP
resemblances NNS								resemblances NNS
Trapped VBN									Trapped VBN
DiLuzio NNP									DiLuzio NNP
fiend NN									fiend NN
silliest JJS									silliest JJS
was'give VBD									was'give VBD
Vachell NNP									Vachell NNP
determination NN								determination NN
pets NNS									pets NNS
Bandar NNP									Bandar NNP
bloodstains NNS									bloodstains NNS
bayonet NN									bayonet NN
Bag NN										Bag NN
web-printing JJ									web-printing JJ
Nicosia NNP									Nicosia NNP
endeavored VBD VBN								endeavored VBD VBN
publicsector JJ									publicsector JJ
rollover NN									rollover NN
fundamentalism NN								fundamentalism NN
Ng NNP										Ng NNP
pictorial JJ									pictorial JJ
embezzler NN									embezzler NN
primary JJ NN									primary JJ NN
squirreled VBN									squirreled VBN
scale NN VB									scale NN VB
Losec NNP									Losec NNP
unblushing JJ									unblushing JJ
Milbauer NNP									Milbauer NNP
Fremantle NNP									Fremantle NNP
cost-of-living JJ NN								cost-of-living JJ NN
elongate VB									elongate VB
frequent-flier JJ								frequent-flier JJ
twirly JJ									twirly JJ
non-lawyers NNS									non-lawyers NNS
notion NN									notion NN
one-minute JJ									one-minute JJ
vintners NNS									vintners NNS
liniment NN									liniment NN
rephrase VB									rephrase VB
Conscience NN NNP								Conscience NN NNP
Accord-fighter JJ								Accord-fighter JJ
Norwich NNP									Norwich NNP
Folks NNS									Folks NNS
underdeveloped JJ								underdeveloped JJ
Joffrey NNP									Joffrey NNP
Fresno NNP NN									Fresno NNP NN
Chagall NNP									Chagall NNP
Aubrey NNP NN									Aubrey NNP NN
expend VB VBP									expend VB VBP
Utsumi NNP									Utsumi NNP
parasitic JJ									parasitic JJ
unreadable JJ									unreadable JJ
Sugary JJ									Sugary JJ
scoops VBZ NNS									scoops VBZ NNS
executed VBN JJ VBD								executed VBN JJ VBD
Leonore NNP									Leonore NNP
finished VBD JJ VB VBN								finished VBD JJ VB VBN
short-haul JJ									short-haul JJ
specifically RB									specifically RB
non-interference NN								non-interference NN
noted VBD JJ VBN								noted VBD JJ VBN
Farley NNP									Farley NNP
follow-ups NNS									follow-ups NNS
pacifies VBZ									pacifies VBZ
Seelbinder NNP									Seelbinder NNP
Jeb NNP NN									Jeb NNP NN
< SYM										< SYM
Iranian-backed JJ								Iranian-backed JJ
Toussie NNP									Toussie NNP
Chesapeake NNP									Chesapeake NNP
yg NN										yg NN
bronchioles NNS									bronchioles NNS
gently RB									gently RB
odd-year JJ									odd-year JJ
dissociate VB									dissociate VB
Prompt NNP JJ									Prompt NNP JJ
Omnicorp NNP									Omnicorp NNP
Winterthur-based JJ								Winterthur-based JJ
downsized VBN									downsized VBN
Rohatyn NNP									Rohatyn NNP
satiate VB									satiate VB
Harrisburg NNP NN								Harrisburg NNP NN
kebob NN									kebob NN
ulcer NN									ulcer NN
Goulding NNP									Goulding NNP
philanthropies NNS								philanthropies NNS
Straszheim NNP									Straszheim NNP
scriptures NNS									scriptures NNS
hand-made JJ									hand-made JJ
cashier NN									cashier NN
dual-career JJ									dual-career JJ
experiments NNS									experiments NNS
shadow NN VB									shadow NN VB
Kafka NNP									Kafka NNP
Prentice NNP									Prentice NNP
mutinies NNS									mutinies NNS
deftness NN									deftness NN
curious JJ									curious JJ
Child NNP NN									Child NNP NN
dissent NN VBP VB								dissent NN VBP VB
sidings NNS									sidings NNS
Follows NNP									Follows NNP
Satisfaction NN									Satisfaction NN
Army NNP NN									Army NNP NN
award NN VBP VB									award NN VBP VB
Fatman NNP									Fatman NNP
Flee VBP									Flee VBP
out-of-town JJ									out-of-town JJ
rational JJ									rational JJ
gage NN VB									gage NN VB
conjugated VBN JJ								conjugated VBN JJ
Tietmeyer NNP									Tietmeyer NNP
birth-prevention NN								birth-prevention NN
footnote NN									footnote NN
Foresters NNS									Foresters NNS
confusions NNS									confusions NNS
self-pacification NN								self-pacification NN
inaugurated VBN VBD								inaugurated VBN VBD
irruptions NNS									irruptions NNS
gentler-sloping JJ								gentler-sloping JJ
voluntary-control JJ								voluntary-control JJ
Faber NNP									Faber NNP
Plazek NNP									Plazek NNP
Pharmaceutical NNP JJ								Pharmaceutical NNP JJ
Malato NNP									Malato NNP
nuisance NN JJ									nuisance NN JJ
Dean NNP									Dean NNP
demonstratives NNS								demonstratives NNS
Commentaries NNPS								Commentaries NNPS
curvature NN									curvature NN
affect VB VBP NN								affect VB VBP NN
considerately RB								considerately RB
showdown NN									showdown NN
Bowder NNP									Bowder NNP
enters VBZ									enters VBZ
rolls NNS VBZ									rolls NNS VBZ
Dumb JJ										Dumb JJ
gaslights NNS									gaslights NNS
Tigreans NNPS									Tigreans NNPS
competitveness NN								competitveness NN
toasting VBG									toasting VBG
proven VBN JJ									proven VBN JJ
plea-bargain JJ									plea-bargain JJ
Networks NNP NNPS NNS								Networks NNP NNPS NNS
shopper NN									shopper NN
exaltations NNS									exaltations NNS
dollarette JJ									dollarette JJ
terrorizing VBG									terrorizing VBG
Tammy NNP									Tammy NNP
Weakness NN									Weakness NN
pseudo-profundities NNS								pseudo-profundities NNS
factual JJ									factual JJ
Eicher NNP									Eicher NNP
Tie-vole-ee NN									Tie-vole-ee NN
'bout IN									'bout IN
Papandreou NNP									Papandreou NNP
Howley NNP									Howley NNP
commercial-industrial JJ							commercial-industrial JJ
perceiving VBG									perceiving VBG
Ouray NNP									Ouray NNP
Wash.-based JJ									Wash.-based JJ
Ilminster NNP									Ilminster NNP
cancers NNS									cancers NNS
counterrevolutionary JJ NN							counterrevolutionary JJ NN
Freni NNP									Freni NNP
Suite NN NNP									Suite NN NNP
Zaffuto NNP									Zaffuto NNP
expunging NN									expunging NN
Disposition NNP									Disposition NNP
telephoned VBD VBN								telephoned VBD VBN
numerological JJ								numerological JJ
Concerned NNP JJ VBN								Concerned NNP JJ VBN
Giants-Houston NNP								Giants-Houston NNP
ICE NNP										ICE NNP
Pound NNP NN									Pound NNP NN
scowling NN VBG									scowling NN VBG
estimable JJ									estimable JJ
then-moribund JJ								then-moribund JJ
abreaction NN									abreaction NN
Gershwins NNP									Gershwins NNP
Concessionaires NNS								Concessionaires NNS
Bernoulli NNP									Bernoulli NNP
oriental JJ									oriental JJ
nominations NNS									nominations NNS
thunder NN VB VBP								thunder NN VB VBP
'God NNP									'God NNP
Ajit NNP									Ajit NNP
near-limit JJ									near-limit JJ
marina NN									marina NN
quality-adjusted JJ								quality-adjusted JJ
well-fleshed JJ									well-fleshed JJ
imperative JJ NN								imperative JJ NN
per-subscriber NN								per-subscriber NN
Fuqua NNP									Fuqua NNP
uniting VBG									uniting VBG
Mall NNP NN									Mall NNP NN
Wenger NNP									Wenger NNP
Swedish JJ NNP									Swedish JJ NNP
Holtz NNP									Holtz NNP
expropriated JJ									expropriated JJ
autocrats NNS									autocrats NNS
down-payments NNS								down-payments NNS
plucked VBD VBN									plucked VBD VBN
budgeted VBN VBD								budgeted VBN VBD
differing VBG JJ								differing VBG JJ
apologist NN									apologist NN
plutonium-powered JJ								plutonium-powered JJ
Abdallah NNP									Abdallah NNP
electronics NNS NN								electronics NNS NN
Assembly NNP NN									Assembly NNP NN
previous JJ									previous JJ
Sam NNP										Sam NNP
spikes NNS									spikes NNS
Smartt NNP									Smartt NNP
castanets NNS									castanets NNS
Rita-Sue NNP									Rita-Sue NNP
Gamel NNP									Gamel NNP
unremitting JJ									unremitting JJ
Bridgestone\/Firestone NNP							Bridgestone\/Firestone NNP
Francisco-area JJ NNP								Francisco-area JJ NNP
poised... :									poised... :
patent-infringement NN								patent-infringement NN
double-bogeyed VBD								double-bogeyed VBD
Kamchatka NNP									Kamchatka NNP
Bince NNP									Bince NNP
multiples NNS									multiples NNS
boatyards NNS									boatyards NNS
transgenic JJ									transgenic JJ
martingale NN									martingale NN
broiler NN									broiler NN
staf NN										staf NN
E.Y. NNP									E.Y. NNP
carbohydrate NN									carbohydrate NN
Dingle NNP									Dingle NNP
Nasdaq-traded JJ								Nasdaq-traded JJ
failure-to-supervise JJ								failure-to-supervise JJ
Porche NNP									Porche NNP
'S VBZ										'S VBZ
Arthur NNP NN									Arthur NNP NN
crimping VBG									crimping VBG
roasted VBN JJ VBD								roasted VBN JJ VBD
Hooghli NNP									Hooghli NNP
hooted VBD VBN									hooted VBD VBN
Joseph-Daniel NNP								Joseph-Daniel NNP
mid-January NNP									mid-January NNP
managements NNS									managements NNS
catbird JJ									catbird JJ
Arkla NNP NN									Arkla NNP NN
platform-controller NN								platform-controller NN
inscription NN									inscription NN
Diamanti NNP									Diamanti NNP
Jean-Paul NNP									Jean-Paul NNP
Gringo NN NNP									Gringo NN NNP
Suffering VBG									Suffering VBG
During IN NNP									During IN NNP
retried VBN									retried VBN
eggplants NNS									eggplants NNS
Welty NNP									Welty NNP
insulator NN									insulator NN
monstrosity NN									monstrosity NN
poltergeists NNS								poltergeists NNS
Anniston NNP									Anniston NNP
Templeman NNP									Templeman NNP
Sandinistas... :								Sandinistas... :
substantiation NN								substantiation NN
foams NNS									foams NNS
Canticle NNP									Canticle NNP
Fetch VB									Fetch VB
dingo NN									dingo NN
McCauliffe NNP									McCauliffe NNP
glimpsed VBN VBD								glimpsed VBN VBD
Sigman NNP									Sigman NNP
kit NN										kit NN
airplane NN									airplane NN
insofar RB IN									insofar RB IN
volcanoes NNS									volcanoes NNS
clouded VBN JJ VBD								clouded VBN JJ VBD
inherited VBN VBD JJ								inherited VBN VBD JJ
asset-rich JJ									asset-rich JJ
Mana NNP									Mana NNP
Ponchielli NNP									Ponchielli NNP
Assiniboia NNP									Assiniboia NNP
propagandist NN									propagandist NN
non-edible JJ									non-edible JJ
equiment NN									equiment NN
injury-prone JJ									injury-prone JJ
flotation NN									flotation NN
unstructured JJ									unstructured JJ
equal JJ NN VB VBP								equal JJ NN VB VBP
compatiblizers NNS								compatiblizers NNS
Bearer NN									Bearer NN
Florio NNP									Florio NNP
Albion NNP									Albion NNP
religious-right NN								religious-right NN
repudiated VBN VBD								repudiated VBN VBD
flat-footed JJ RB								flat-footed JJ RB
cost-control JJ									cost-control JJ
responsiveness NN								responsiveness NN
bravely RB									bravely RB
Limbo NNP									Limbo NNP
Unveiled VBN									Unveiled VBN
Adjusting VBG									Adjusting VBG
Minicar JJ									Minicar JJ
garaged VBN									garaged VBN
Ohira NNP									Ohira NNP
Mills NNP NNPS NNS								Mills NNP NNPS NNS
ould JJ										ould JJ
anti-deer JJ									anti-deer JJ
objector NN									objector NN
revellers NNS									revellers NNS
modernized VBN JJ VBD								modernized VBN JJ VBD
Blood NNP NN									Blood NNP NN
resonable JJ									resonable JJ
red-carpet JJ									red-carpet JJ
pails NNS									pails NNS
tax-advantaged JJ								tax-advantaged JJ
payment-in-kind JJ								payment-in-kind JJ
Kleiber NNP									Kleiber NNP
germs NNS									germs NNS
ideals NNS									ideals NNS
nondefeatist JJ									nondefeatist JJ
Arbel NNP									Arbel NNP
conceptions NNS									conceptions NNS
Beginning VBG NNP NN								Beginning VBG NNP NN
value-investing JJ								value-investing JJ
chicken-and-egg JJ								chicken-and-egg JJ
revamping VBG NN								revamping VBG NN
chills NNS VBZ									chills NNS VBZ
depend VB VBP									depend VB VBP
industrial-gas JJ								industrial-gas JJ
Karlsruhe NNP									Karlsruhe NNP
heaven NN									heaven NN
dispersed VBN JJ VBD								dispersed VBN JJ VBD
Victimization NN								Victimization NN
distills VBZ									distills VBZ
peppermint NN									peppermint NN
spontaneous JJ									spontaneous JJ
Burt NNP NN									Burt NNP NN
pre-season JJ									pre-season JJ
grating NN									grating NN
Nichido NNP									Nichido NNP
Eyke NNP									Eyke NNP
Jay NNP NN									Jay NNP NN
Sundome NNP									Sundome NNP
Stony NNP									Stony NNP
catcalls NNS									catcalls NNS
paper-manufacturing JJ								paper-manufacturing JJ
Scripture NNP NN								Scripture NNP NN
beneficiary NN JJ								beneficiary NN JJ
Peat NNP									Peat NNP
slave-owners NNS								slave-owners NNS
headwaters NNS									headwaters NNS
Galle NNP									Galle NNP
autographed VBN JJ								autographed VBN JJ
potassium NN									potassium NN
overlapped VBN VBD								overlapped VBN VBD
fundamentalist JJ NN								fundamentalist JJ NN
unlaundered VBN									unlaundered VBN
catalogued VBN VBD								catalogued VBN VBD
urea NN										urea NN
PIR NNP										PIR NNP
havens NNS									havens NNS
Benito NNP									Benito NNP
pentamidine NN									pentamidine NN
highest-quality JJ JJS NN							highest-quality JJ JJS NN
swift JJ NN RB									swift JJ NN RB
lymphocytic JJ									lymphocytic JJ
Westwood NNP									Westwood NNP
powder NN									powder NN
Denverite NNP									Denverite NNP
Sensenbrenner NNP								Sensenbrenner NNP
levelheadedness NN								levelheadedness NN
releases NNS VBZ								releases NNS VBZ
reference-points NNS								reference-points NNS
decking NN VBG									decking NN VBG
Bruno NNP									Bruno NNP
loyalties NNS									loyalties NNS
myocardial JJ									myocardial JJ
intents NNS									intents NNS
compatibility NN								compatibility NN
sod NN										sod NN
sanitaire FW									sanitaire FW
Bah UH										Bah UH
Meller NNP									Meller NNP
rightly RB									rightly RB
Jaffray NNP									Jaffray NNP
stanchest JJS									stanchest JJS
balcony NN									balcony NN
industry-government JJ NN							industry-government JJ NN
everybody NN									everybody NN
public-information JJ								public-information JJ
lion NN										lion NN
non-Catholics NNPS								non-Catholics NNPS
stealing VBG JJ NN								stealing VBG JJ NN
shockingly RB									shockingly RB
record NN JJ VB VBP								record NN JJ VB VBP
fallout NN									fallout NN
Ret NNP										Ret NNP
Nationalists NNPS								Nationalists NNPS
super-string JJ									super-string JJ
Bandini NNP									Bandini NNP
Marquette NNP									Marquette NNP
carats NNS									carats NNS
minefields NNS									minefields NNS
recooned VBD									recooned VBD
select VB VBP JJ								select VB VBP JJ
grass-fed JJ									grass-fed JJ
Chile NNP									Chile NNP
subtracted VBN VBD								subtracted VBN VBD
C-12F NN									C-12F NN
cruise NN VBP									cruise NN VBP
Corp.:8.30 NNP									Corp.:8.30 NNP
Hilo NNP									Hilo NNP
Lavaughn NNP									Lavaughn NNP
aware JJ									aware JJ
Gaussian JJ									Gaussian JJ
refreshment NN									refreshment NN
PennCorp NNP									PennCorp NNP
collision NN									collision NN
Telex NN NNP									Telex NN NNP
das NNS										das NNS
Misa NNP									Misa NNP
Vining NNP									Vining NNP
butternut NN									butternut NN
sayonara FW									sayonara FW
conscripts NNS									conscripts NNS
gassed VBN									gassed VBN
Stephanie NNP									Stephanie NNP
frustrates VBZ									frustrates VBZ
all-college NN									all-college NN
perception NN									perception NN
kingdoms NNS									kingdoms NNS
dissensions NNS									dissensions NNS
translucent JJ									translucent JJ
Checked VBN									Checked VBN
melodically RB									melodically RB
Pooh-like JJ									Pooh-like JJ
telephone-company NN								telephone-company NN
Postel NNP									Postel NNP
Cosmo NNP									Cosmo NNP
Grishaw-Mueller NNP								Grishaw-Mueller NNP
foes NNS									foes NNS
undemocratic JJ									undemocratic JJ
TI NNP										TI NNP
Carefully RB									Carefully RB
Somali JJ NNP									Somali JJ NNP
bout NN IN									bout NN IN
Metzenbaum NNP									Metzenbaum NNP
Leukemia NNP									Leukemia NNP
indulgences NNS									indulgences NNS
decades NNS									decades NNS
battens NNS									battens NNS
supermarket NN									supermarket NN
cash-management JJ								cash-management JJ
over-capacity NN								over-capacity NN
trapper NN									trapper NN
Devine NNP									Devine NNP
DataQuest NNP									DataQuest NNP
principled JJ									principled JJ
lotions NNS									lotions NNS
counter-claims NNS								counter-claims NNS
Drubbing NN									Drubbing NN
mutilated VBN JJ								mutilated VBN JJ
Filmdom NNP									Filmdom NNP
hallucinations NNS								hallucinations NNS
behest NN									behest NN
walk-way NN									walk-way NN
Verstandig NNP									Verstandig NNP
Sabre NNP									Sabre NNP
Laidig NNP									Laidig NNP
abortifacient NN								abortifacient NN
Dmitri NNP									Dmitri NNP
silk NN										silk NN
Kittredge NNP									Kittredge NNP
Piper NNP									Piper NNP
bestsellers NNS									bestsellers NNS
summing VBG									summing VBG
Saupiquet NNP									Saupiquet NNP
Milky NNP									Milky NNP
units NNS									units NNS
Mullen NNP									Mullen NNP
len NN										len NN
granddad NN									granddad NN
extirpating VBG									extirpating VBG
single-employer JJ NN								single-employer JJ NN
firsthand RB JJ NN								firsthand RB JJ NN
Playgirl NNP									Playgirl NNP
hums VBZ									hums VBZ
airing VBG NN									airing VBG NN
cross-fertilized VBN								cross-fertilized VBN
mute JJ VB									mute JJ VB
Bedbugs NNS									Bedbugs NNS
tubing NN ,									tubing NN ,
penalizes VBZ									penalizes VBZ
Hoe VB										Hoe VB
should... :									should... :
unasterisked JJ									unasterisked JJ
vocals NNS									vocals NNS
widened VBD VBN									widened VBD VBN
Annex NNP									Annex NNP
skeptically RB									skeptically RB
corvettes NNS									corvettes NNS
Inning NN									Inning NN
superpower NN									superpower NN
rough-hewn JJ									rough-hewn JJ
Kass NNP									Kass NNP
Akita NNP									Akita NNP
documentary-type JJ								documentary-type JJ
Tsunozaki NNP									Tsunozaki NNP
fasteners NNS									fasteners NNS
safeguarded VBN									safeguarded VBN
snowballs NNS VBZ								snowballs NNS VBZ
practitioner NN									practitioner NN
recording NN VBG|NN VBG								recording NN VBG|NN VBG
McGregor NNP									McGregor NNP
joyous JJ									joyous JJ
Windex NNP									Windex NNP
Chriss NNP									Chriss NNP
Dunton NNP									Dunton NNP
= SYM										= SYM
mixed-up JJ									mixed-up JJ
classified VBN VBD JJ								classified VBN VBD JJ
crossroads NNS NN								crossroads NNS NN
V-22 NNP									V-22 NNP
public JJ NN RB									public JJ NN RB
deepens VBZ									deepens VBZ
poling VBG									poling VBG
Warhol NNP									Warhol NNP
lint NN										lint NN
Yang NNP									Yang NNP
spearheaded VBD VBN								spearheaded VBD VBN
Chongju NNP									Chongju NNP
Preserving VBG									Preserving VBG
hairdressers NNS								hairdressers NNS
sangiovanni NNS									sangiovanni NNS
Angier NNP									Angier NNP
Dabney NNP									Dabney NNP
Genzyme NNP									Genzyme NNP
Margo NNP									Margo NNP
Brassica NNP									Brassica NNP
Bastianini NNP									Bastianini NNP
reflectance-measuring JJ							reflectance-measuring JJ
living VBG JJ NN								living VBG JJ NN
Barney NNP									Barney NNP
teen JJ NN									teen JJ NN
win-win NN JJ									win-win NN JJ
Independent NNP JJ								Independent NNP JJ
tragically RB									tragically RB
beer-running NN									beer-running NN
gabble NN									gabble NN
fused VBN VBD									fused VBN VBD
touch-starved JJ								touch-starved JJ
Ruby NNP									Ruby NNP
scratches NNS									scratches NNS
Phuong NNP									Phuong NNP
defoliation NN									defoliation NN
state-appointed JJ								state-appointed JJ
vetted VBN									vetted VBN
reiterating VBG									reiterating VBG
Schmalma UH									Schmalma UH
glamorize VB									glamorize VB
coupes NNS									coupes NNS
Ipswich NNP									Ipswich NNP
Rapp NNP									Rapp NNP
bank-credit NN									bank-credit NN
sonic JJ									sonic JJ
Ruettgers NNP									Ruettgers NNP
rainstorm NN									rainstorm NN
Nacional NNP									Nacional NNP
Stratford NNP VB								Stratford NNP VB
Master NNP NN									Master NNP NN
silences NNS									silences NNS
moonlit JJ									moonlit JJ
stag NN JJ									stag NN JJ
briefcases NNS									briefcases NNS
Quinlan NNP									Quinlan NNP
Timony NNP									Timony NNP
Rheinstein NNP									Rheinstein NNP
polluters NNS									polluters NNS
Deliberately RB									Deliberately RB
Choctaw NNP									Choctaw NNP
Quixote NNP									Quixote NNP
member NN									member NN
deceased JJ NN VBN								deceased JJ NN VBN
Vellante NNP									Vellante NNP
Boaz NNP									Boaz NNP
Schachter NNP									Schachter NNP
subdivisions NNS								subdivisions NNS
Schedule NNP									Schedule NNP
Bassis NNPS									Bassis NNPS
ZDF NNP										ZDF NNP
subdued VBN JJ VBD								subdued VBN JJ VBD
headhunters NNS									headhunters NNS
Lappenburg-Kemble NNP								Lappenburg-Kemble NNP
slander NN VB									slander NN VB
oyster NN									oyster NN
unquestionable JJ								unquestionable JJ
huddle NN									huddle NN
docket NN									docket NN
exile\/trade NN									exile\/trade NN
Frauds NNPS									Frauds NNPS
Metamorphose NNP								Metamorphose NNP
musk NN										musk NN
nullifying VBG									nullifying VBG
mode NN FW									mode NN FW
Joynt NNP									Joynt NNP
relocate VB NN VBP								relocate VB NN VBP
Nissho NNP									Nissho NNP
Knute NNP									Knute NNP
stand-alone JJ									stand-alone JJ
Hawke NNP									Hawke NNP
Kary NNP									Kary NNP
Require VB									Require VB
airline-interior JJ								airline-interior JJ
median JJ NN									median JJ NN
unbelievable JJ									unbelievable JJ
ravaged VBN									ravaged VBN
Castings NNP									Castings NNP
pirogues NNS									pirogues NNS
unexplored JJ									unexplored JJ
Zhu NNP										Zhu NNP
unopposed JJ									unopposed JJ
Bhd. NNP									Bhd. NNP
knot NN VB									knot NN VB
encompasses VBZ									encompasses VBZ
agreeableness NN								agreeableness NN
picturesquely RB								picturesquely RB
vacuuming VBG NN								vacuuming VBG NN
Martinsburg NNP									Martinsburg NNP
-500 CD										-500 CD
Frosted NNP									Frosted NNP
Aquifers NNS									Aquifers NNS
gaiety NN									gaiety NN
egged VBN									egged VBN
capsicum NN									capsicum NN
Grevile NNP									Grevile NNP
non-AMT JJ									non-AMT JJ
lessen VB									lessen VB
first-class JJ NN								first-class JJ NN
Downey NNP									Downey NNP
riskiness NN									riskiness NN
then-chairman NN								then-chairman NN
twine NN									twine NN
suject JJ									suject JJ
Brakke NN									Brakke NN
frumpy JJ									frumpy JJ
Greenness NN									Greenness NN
adamant JJ									adamant JJ
herself PRP									herself PRP
Lorin NNP									Lorin NNP
F.B.I. NN NNP									F.B.I. NN NNP
Treasury NNP NN									Treasury NNP NN
Auschwitz NNP									Auschwitz NNP
Kohnstamm-negative JJ								Kohnstamm-negative JJ
Smug JJ										Smug JJ
amongst IN									amongst IN
Rare JJ										Rare JJ
referral NN									referral NN
flavored JJ VBN									flavored JJ VBN
Jeep-brand JJ									Jeep-brand JJ
Quarterly JJ NNP								Quarterly JJ NNP
muffler NN									muffler NN
mah PRP$									mah PRP$
Gems NNS									Gems NNS
Schumer NNP									Schumer NNP
micrometeorites NNS								micrometeorites NNS
Indigestion NN									Indigestion NN
Seizes VBZ									Seizes VBZ
careers NNS									careers NNS
Allen-film NN									Allen-film NN
-5 CD										-5 CD
home-nursing JJ									home-nursing JJ
Soybeans NNS NNPS								Soybeans NNS NNPS
purveyors NNS									purveyors NNS
double-bolt VB									double-bolt VB
Euro-Communist NNP								Euro-Communist NNP
requirements NNS								requirements NNS
Our PRP$ NNP									Our PRP$ NNP
liquified JJ									liquified JJ
Fiore NNP									Fiore NNP
PageMaker NNP									PageMaker NNP
Game-Boy NN									Game-Boy NN
Five CD NNP									Five CD NNP
reporter NN									reporter NN
forgery NN									forgery NN
illumined VBD									illumined VBD
pockmarked JJ VBN								pockmarked JJ VBN
Colmans NNPS									Colmans NNPS
Schaack NNP									Schaack NNP
ponderousness NN								ponderousness NN
Soil NN										Soil NN
Seafood NN									Seafood NN
Yalies NNS									Yalies NNS
Kohlberg NNP									Kohlberg NNP
Straight JJ									Straight JJ
personal-income JJ								personal-income JJ
embarked VBD VBN								embarked VBD VBN
bloodless JJ									bloodless JJ
tho NN										tho NN
deal-making NN									deal-making NN
frozen-foods NNS								frozen-foods NNS
Saundra NNP									Saundra NNP
antihero NN									antihero NN
Compelled VBN									Compelled VBN
Leubert NNP									Leubert NNP
Vappenfabrikk NNP								Vappenfabrikk NNP
Bills NNS NNP									Bills NNS NNP
fend VB										fend VB
astonishing JJ									astonishing JJ
cotton NN									cotton NN
typecast VB									typecast VB
negotiating VBG JJ NN								negotiating VBG JJ NN
excavations NNS									excavations NNS
earner NN									earner NN
infelicitous JJ									infelicitous JJ
ninety-eight CD									ninety-eight CD
elide VBP									elide VBP
petulant JJ									petulant JJ
relatonship NN									relatonship NN
outspoken JJ									outspoken JJ
convulsive JJ									convulsive JJ
Landesrentenbank NNP								Landesrentenbank NNP
Cows NNS									Cows NNS
capabilities. NN								capabilities. NN
Sanga NNP									Sanga NNP
consumerism NN									consumerism NN
Linder NNP									Linder NNP
Fletch NNP									Fletch NNP
horrendous JJ									horrendous JJ
Perfection NNP NN								Perfection NNP NN
mock JJ VBP VB									mock JJ VBP VB
Nynex NNP									Nynex NNP
humorless JJ									humorless JJ
pneumatic JJ									pneumatic JJ
progressives NNS								progressives NNS
Haden NNP									Haden NNP
Stimulating VBG									Stimulating VBG
credence NN									credence NN
yachts NNS									yachts NNS
Gilman NNP									Gilman NNP
belongings NNS									belongings NNS
petite JJ									petite JJ
Fromm NNP									Fromm NNP
Frenzel NNP									Frenzel NNP
scrapbook NN									scrapbook NN
Glenda NNP									Glenda NNP
Cartoons NNS									Cartoons NNS
geographical JJ									geographical JJ
appreciation NN									appreciation NN
AirCal NNP									AirCal NNP
tea-leaf NN									tea-leaf NN
arthritis NN									arthritis NN
disband VB									disband VB
thickets NNS									thickets NNS
self-confessed JJ								self-confessed JJ
Montenegrin NNP									Montenegrin NNP
RAF NNP										RAF NNP
Plunging VBG									Plunging VBG
free-on-board JJ								free-on-board JJ
ex-fighter NN									ex-fighter NN
pianist\/bassoonist\/composer NN						pianist\/bassoonist\/composer NN
chalk-white JJ									chalk-white JJ
words NNS									words NNS
Tussard NNP									Tussard NNP
uncalled JJ									uncalled JJ
process NN VBP VB								process NN VBP VB
co-produced VBD VBN JJ								co-produced VBD VBN JJ
caressed VBD									caressed VBD
soe NN										soe NN
Maplecrest NNP									Maplecrest NNP
IDA NNP										IDA NNP
parachute NN VB									parachute NN VB
tap-tap NN									tap-tap NN
airline-related JJ								airline-related JJ
interiors NNS									interiors NNS
possible JJ RB									possible JJ RB
Pipes NNP									Pipes NNP
Tasuku NNP									Tasuku NNP
whodunnit UH									whodunnit UH
Carlo NNP									Carlo NNP
graduate-student NN								graduate-student NN
test-drive VB VBP								test-drive VB VBP
triphosphorous JJ								triphosphorous JJ
Counsel/NNP... :								Counsel/NNP... :
all-inclusive JJ								all-inclusive JJ
inexperienced JJ								inexperienced JJ
Mips NNP									Mips NNP
whirlwinds NNS									whirlwinds NNS
Casualty NNP									Casualty NNP
island-hopping JJ								island-hopping JJ
besmirched VBD									besmirched VBD
Debevoise NNP									Debevoise NNP
HIB NNP										HIB NNP
rechristening VBG								rechristening VBG
syndicating VBG									syndicating VBG
Fla.-based JJ									Fla.-based JJ
Prudence NNP NN									Prudence NNP NN
Lesk NNP									Lesk NNP
shirkers NNS									shirkers NNS
patients NNS									patients NNS
SO RB										SO RB
nonspecific JJ									nonspecific JJ
Christ NNP NN UH								Christ NNP NN UH
grit NN VB									grit NN VB
angling VBG NN									angling VBG NN
flux NN										flux NN
sawdust NN JJ									sawdust NN JJ
immunological JJ								immunological JJ
Shock NN									Shock NN
artifact NN									artifact NN
armchair NN JJ									armchair NN JJ
space-rocket NN									space-rocket NN
Herron NNP									Herron NNP
sill NN										sill NN
pegged VBN VBD JJ								pegged VBN VBD JJ
encouraged VBN VBD JJ								encouraged VBN VBD JJ
Catholic-Jewish JJ								Catholic-Jewish JJ
Lynden NNP									Lynden NNP
Seward NNP									Seward NNP
assuaged VBN									assuaged VBN
non-governmental JJ								non-governmental JJ
skeptical JJ									skeptical JJ
damnit UH									damnit UH
fear-filled JJ									fear-filled JJ
close-in JJ									close-in JJ
folder NN									folder NN
overpriced VBN JJ								overpriced VBN JJ
Watson NNP									Watson NNP
virtues NNS									virtues NNS
Franchisee NN									Franchisee NN
route NN VBP FW IN RB VB							route NN VBP FW IN RB VB
gastric JJ									gastric JJ
regents NNS									regents NNS
Marie NNP									Marie NNP
variation NN									variation NN
Jed NNP										Jed NNP
Vickery NNP									Vickery NNP
Socinianism NNP									Socinianism NNP
miscegenation NN								miscegenation NN
outperformed VBD VBN								outperformed VBD VBN
W.B. NNP									W.B. NNP
Chateau NNP									Chateau NNP
Rolls-Royces NNPS								Rolls-Royces NNPS
Norwick NNP									Norwick NNP
Christiansen NNP								Christiansen NNP
fingerings NNS									fingerings NNS
strand NN									strand NN
McQuown NNP									McQuown NNP
lecturing VBG NN								lecturing VBG NN
dangerously RB									dangerously RB
Steps NNPS VBZ NNS								Steps NNPS VBZ NNS
swiftness NN									swiftness NN
sterns NNS									sterns NNS
Occupational NNP JJ								Occupational NNP JJ
Hine NNP									Hine NNP
Divers NNP									Divers NNP
starre NN									starre NN
bishop NN									bishop NN
Zeitung NNP									Zeitung NNP
seventeen CD									seventeen CD
grasshoppers NNS								grasshoppers NNS
unsound JJ									unsound JJ
private JJ NN RB								private JJ NN RB
EXE NNP										EXE NNP
stampeded VBN VBD								stampeded VBN VBD
napping VBG									napping VBG
insult NN VB									insult NN VB
Kennett NNP									Kennett NNP
braggadocio NN									braggadocio NN
share-buying NN									share-buying NN
epistolatory JJ									epistolatory JJ
fueling VBG NN									fueling VBG NN
Lindner NNP									Lindner NNP
Hof NNP										Hof NNP
steriles NNS									steriles NNS
Hostile JJ									Hostile JJ
top-ranking JJ									top-ranking JJ
bunko NN									bunko NN
underlies VBZ									underlies VBZ
WTD NNP										WTD NNP
thrift-institution NN								thrift-institution NN
antiquated JJ									antiquated JJ
spewed VBD VBN									spewed VBD VBN
Norborne NNP									Norborne NNP
eatables NNS									eatables NNS
self-published JJ								self-published JJ
chinked VBN									chinked VBN
baggy JJ									baggy JJ
lived VBD VBN VB								lived VBD VBN VB
Fonseca NNP NN									Fonseca NNP NN
Lanzhou NNP									Lanzhou NNP
checker NN									checker NN
.fundamentally RB								.fundamentally RB
sonata NN									sonata NN
raves VBZ									raves VBZ
Valvoline NNP									Valvoline NNP
drastically RB									drastically RB
prostate NN JJ									prostate NN JJ
rustlers NNS									rustlers NNS
statuette NN									statuette NN
paraquat NN									paraquat NN
hyperfine JJ									hyperfine JJ
Antithyroid JJ									Antithyroid JJ
Machiguengas NNS NNPS								Machiguengas NNS NNPS
oilheating NN									oilheating NN
Corners NNPS									Corners NNPS
third-worst JJ									third-worst JJ
subsist VB									subsist VB
Earthbeat NNP									Earthbeat NNP
nutritionists NNS								nutritionists NNS
Primate NNP									Primate NNP
Aghanistan NNP									Aghanistan NNP
co-chief JJ NN									co-chief JJ NN
open-checkbook NN								open-checkbook NN
behaving VBG									behaving VBG
US-Travel NNP									US-Travel NNP
Invasion NNP NN									Invasion NNP NN
Middle-aged JJ									Middle-aged JJ
Andromache NNP									Andromache NNP
stiffens VBZ									stiffens VBZ
mimetically RB									mimetically RB
preposterous JJ									preposterous JJ
rinses NNS									rinses NNS
Cumulative JJ NNP								Cumulative JJ NNP
Trans-illuminated JJ								Trans-illuminated JJ
Store NNP									Store NNP
off-flavors NNS									off-flavors NNS
warm-toned JJ									warm-toned JJ
pealing VBG									pealing VBG
primaries NNS									primaries NNS
after-duty JJ									after-duty JJ
decentralization NN								decentralization NN
AAA NNP										AAA NNP
pre-Christmas JJ								pre-Christmas JJ
automated-quotation NN								automated-quotation NN
Komori NNP									Komori NNP
ICG NNP										ICG NNP
Yamanouchi NNP									Yamanouchi NNP
Watt NNP									Watt NNP
MicroBilt NNP									MicroBilt NNP
Zeme NNP									Zeme NNP
franks-in-buns NNS								franks-in-buns NNS
hys PRP$									hys PRP$
> SYM NN									> SYM NN
drop-off NN JJ									drop-off NN JJ
profiled VBN									profiled VBN
handbills NNS									handbills NNS
vibrionic JJ									vibrionic JJ
occupation NN									occupation NN
exhaling VBG									exhaling VBG
instances NNS									instances NNS
Deets NNP									Deets NNP
insure... :									insure... :
much-heralded JJ								much-heralded JJ
paycheck NN									paycheck NN
tree-planting NN								tree-planting NN
interpersonal JJ								interpersonal JJ
Killpath NNP									Killpath NNP
coefficient NN									coefficient NN
trans-illumination NN								trans-illumination NN
searching VBG NN								searching VBG NN
oven NN										oven NN
Trends NNP NNS NNPS								Trends NNP NNS NNPS
Hmong JJ NNPS									Hmong JJ NNPS
rabid JJ									rabid JJ
non-comparable JJ								non-comparable JJ
stress-provoking JJ								stress-provoking JJ
bourbons NNS									bourbons NNS
zur FW										zur FW
Ouedraogo NNP									Ouedraogo NNP
intimations NNS									intimations NNS
peptidases NNS									peptidases NNS
machine-family NN								machine-family NN
Hallingby NNP									Hallingby NNP
nilly RB									nilly RB
venerable JJ NN									venerable JJ NN
dishonorable JJ									dishonorable JJ
Rarely RB									Rarely RB
Machos FW									Machos FW
flag-wavers NNS									flag-wavers NNS
chancy JJ									chancy JJ
Wicked NNP									Wicked NNP
Sao NNP										Sao NNP
complications NNS								complications NNS
uphold VB VBP									uphold VB VBP
disaffiliated JJ								disaffiliated JJ
ringings NNS									ringings NNS
tailoring VBG NN								tailoring VBG NN
Rochester NNP NN								Rochester NNP NN
pro-democracy JJ								pro-democracy JJ
Michelman NNP									Michelman NNP
now-notorious JJ								now-notorious JJ
rubicund JJ									rubicund JJ
desist VB VBP									desist VB VBP
Enholme NNP									Enholme NNP
misquotation NN									misquotation NN
Wenham NNP									Wenham NNP
biking NN									biking NN
Sarkees NNP									Sarkees NNP
arabic JJ									arabic JJ
erect VB VBP JJ									erect VB VBP JJ
seawater NN									seawater NN
nonphysical JJ									nonphysical JJ
matrimonial JJ									matrimonial JJ
adulterous JJ									adulterous JJ
muscle-bound JJ									muscle-bound JJ
low-cost JJ NN									low-cost JJ NN
monkish JJ									monkish JJ
August NNP									August NNP
subvert VB VBP									subvert VB VBP
unlamented JJ									unlamented JJ
Age NNP NN									Age NNP NN
parte NN									parte NN
Lucullan JJ									Lucullan JJ
coddling NN									coddling NN
Stranger JJR									Stranger JJR
deceptive JJ									deceptive JJ
honey NN VB UH JJ								honey NN VB UH JJ
Dobbs NNP									Dobbs NNP
half-sister NN									half-sister NN
PLC NNP										PLC NNP
diatomic JJ									diatomic JJ
Litigation NNP NN								Litigation NNP NN
unproblematic JJ								unproblematic JJ
liquidating VBG JJ NN								liquidating VBG JJ NN
Rat-face NN									Rat-face NN
cerebellum NN									cerebellum NN
gun-shy JJ									gun-shy JJ
irreversible JJ									irreversible JJ
uhhu UH										uhhu UH
Magog NNP									Magog NNP
covenants NNS VBZ								covenants NNS VBZ
now-shaky JJ									now-shaky JJ
vociferousness NN								vociferousness NN
directives NNS									directives NNS
Counterpoint NN									Counterpoint NN
theorists NNS									theorists NNS
bumps NNS VBZ									bumps NNS VBZ
Ornament NN									Ornament NN
pastel JJ NN									pastel JJ NN
agrarian-reform JJ								agrarian-reform JJ
intellectuality NN								intellectuality NN
speciality NN									speciality NN
strikeout NN									strikeout NN
groundup JJ									groundup JJ
WSJ NNP										WSJ NNP
thawing VBG									thawing VBG
journeys NNS									journeys NNS
Accordingly RB									Accordingly RB
sterios NNS									sterios NNS
plastics-industry NN								plastics-industry NN
pluralism NN									pluralism NN
Horwitz NNP									Horwitz NNP
beggar-thy-neighbor JJ								beggar-thy-neighbor JJ
prowlers NNS									prowlers NNS
rectify VB									rectify VB
Buchenwald NNP									Buchenwald NNP
Kato NNP									Kato NNP
Corso NNP									Corso NNP
Jacopo NNP									Jacopo NNP
plant-wide JJ									plant-wide JJ
mai MD										mai MD
Cents NNP NNS									Cents NNP NNS
Badder NNP									Badder NNP
Lone NNP									Lone NNP
oil-production NN								oil-production NN
Smoky NNP									Smoky NNP
Guitarist NNP									Guitarist NNP
Wiesbaden NNP									Wiesbaden NNP
dumbfounded JJ VBN								dumbfounded JJ VBN
Spethmann NNP									Spethmann NNP
Dickens NNP									Dickens NNP
Verification NN NNP								Verification NN NNP
Comprehensive NNP JJ								Comprehensive NNP JJ
congenial JJ									congenial JJ
Scandanavian JJ									Scandanavian JJ
Ky NNP										Ky NNP
unforethought JJ								unforethought JJ
Audrey NNP									Audrey NNP
hot-air JJ									hot-air JJ
farm-engineering NN								farm-engineering NN
nonentity NN									nonentity NN
Clarence NNP									Clarence NNP
Basics NNP NNPS									Basics NNP NNPS
Hadley NNP									Hadley NNP
asterisks NNS									asterisks NNS
airliners NNS									airliners NNS
new-business NN JJ								new-business NN JJ
Stannard NNP									Stannard NNP
Latinovich NNP									Latinovich NNP
Distributors NNS NNPS NNP							Distributors NNS NNPS NNP
hosting VBG									hosting VBG
base-stealing JJ								base-stealing JJ
interfaith JJ									interfaith JJ
McAllen NNP									McAllen NNP
highlight VB VBP NN								highlight VB VBP NN
retrofit VB									retrofit VB
textile-related JJ								textile-related JJ
suggestions NNS									suggestions NNS
rivers NNS									rivers NNS
cantonal JJ									cantonal JJ
Lifeco NNP									Lifeco NNP
entitlements NNS								entitlements NNS
toy-market NN									toy-market NN
doffing VBG									doffing VBG
logger NN									logger NN
coherence NN									coherence NN
for'running VBG									for'running VBG
MountainBikes NNPS								MountainBikes NNPS
research-and-production JJ							research-and-production JJ
Turbin NNP									Turbin NNP
maquila NN									maquila NN
rotational JJ									rotational JJ
astounded VBN JJ								astounded VBN JJ
Itasca NNP									Itasca NNP
inholdings NNS									inholdings NNS
engorgement NN									engorgement NN
bemoans VBZ									bemoans VBZ
uninhabitable JJ								uninhabitable JJ
miniature JJ NN									miniature JJ NN
featureless JJ									featureless JJ
Daisy-Cadnetix NNP								Daisy-Cadnetix NNP
qualifies VBZ									qualifies VBZ
swamps NNS									swamps NNS
Sent VBN									Sent VBN
rebuilt VBN									rebuilt VBN
humility NN									humility NN
Eddie NNP									Eddie NNP
Moonlighting NN NNP								Moonlighting NN NNP
repressions NNS									repressions NNS
Assess VB									Assess VB
astronauts NNS									astronauts NNS
Wyn NNP										Wyn NNP
Pederson NNP									Pederson NNP
railbiker NN									railbiker NN
Peck NNP									Peck NNP
Translated VBN									Translated VBN
trodden JJ									trodden JJ
Steptoe NNP									Steptoe NNP
well-house JJ									well-house JJ
disfigured VBD VBN JJ								disfigured VBD VBN JJ
conceivably RB									conceivably RB
pitied VBD VBN									pitied VBD VBN
bureauracy NN									bureauracy NN
barbs NNS									barbs NNS
Garzarelli NNP									Garzarelli NNP
uncombed VBN JJ									uncombed VBN JJ
Artillery NN NNP								Artillery NN NNP
alternative-fuels JJ NNS							alternative-fuels JJ NNS
two-tail JJ									two-tail JJ
AIDS-inspired JJ								AIDS-inspired JJ
licking VBG									licking VBG
birdie NN									birdie NN
felons NNS									felons NNS
Pepsi-Cola NNP									Pepsi-Cola NNP
nonsuccessful JJ								nonsuccessful JJ
resin NN									resin NN
RU NNP										RU NNP
unchristian JJ									unchristian JJ
Tyson-Spinks JJ									Tyson-Spinks JJ
IDB NNP										IDB NNP
voracious JJ									voracious JJ
Mogul NNP									Mogul NNP
Wellman NNP									Wellman NNP
Newcastle NNP									Newcastle NNP
Farming VBG									Farming VBG
lords NNS									lords NNS
wrestle VB									wrestle VB
attaching VBG									attaching VBG
Rev NNP										Rev NNP
Rangel NNP									Rangel NNP
Pulp NNP NN									Pulp NNP NN
Despair NN									Despair NN
dismisses VBZ									dismisses VBZ
Skinner NNP									Skinner NNP
Sethness NNP									Sethness NNP
TransAmerican NNP								TransAmerican NNP
Accident NNP NN									Accident NNP NN
indemnifying VBG								indemnifying VBG
grinder NN									grinder NN
Bertoli NNP									Bertoli NNP
Haagen NNP									Haagen NNP
pipelines NNS									pipelines NNS
hindered VBN VBD								hindered VBN VBD
Franklin-Trout NNP								Franklin-Trout NNP
flowering NN VBG								flowering NN VBG
rollicking JJ									rollicking JJ
Six-year-old JJ									Six-year-old JJ
pursued VBN JJ VBD								pursued VBN JJ VBD
Reily NNP									Reily NNP
woebegone JJ									woebegone JJ
Salads NNS									Salads NNS
export NN VBP JJ VB								export NN VBP JJ VB
broader-based JJ JJR								broader-based JJ JJR
hand-painted NN									hand-painted NN
skyscrapers NNS									skyscrapers NNS
reassignments NNS								reassignments NNS
Appearance NN									Appearance NN
pilloried VBN VBD								pilloried VBN VBD
Solesmes NNP									Solesmes NNP
wt NN										wt NN
Offshore NNP JJ									Offshore NNP JJ
less-risky JJ									less-risky JJ
explicit JJ									explicit JJ
Enzor NNP									Enzor NNP
O'Loughlin NNP									O'Loughlin NNP
Starting VBG									Starting VBG
expectable JJ									expectable JJ
net-profits JJ									net-profits JJ
energetically RB								energetically RB
safety NN VB									safety NN VB
Rodney NNP									Rodney NNP
croaked VBD									croaked VBD
Noteware NNP									Noteware NNP
Directors NNS NNP NNPS								Directors NNS NNP NNPS
scares NNS VBZ									scares NNS VBZ
febrile JJ									febrile JJ
disgust NN									disgust NN
teacher-cadet JJ								teacher-cadet JJ
securing VBG									securing VBG
wrongful JJ									wrongful JJ
wholesalers NNS									wholesalers NNS
Hibbard NNP									Hibbard NNP
Broken NNP VBN JJ								Broken NNP VBN JJ
parsympathetic JJ								parsympathetic JJ
Mo NNP										Mo NNP
scalloped JJ									scalloped JJ
bumper-sticker NN								bumper-sticker NN
middle-sized JJ									middle-sized JJ
preach VB VBP									preach VB VBP
pay-in-kind JJ NN								pay-in-kind JJ NN
Sands NNP NNPS									Sands NNP NNPS
talk-format NN									talk-format NN
proration NN JJ									proration NN JJ
SP NNP										SP NNP
Bolivar NNP									Bolivar NNP
entrances NNS									entrances NNS
Louisiana-Pacific NNP								Louisiana-Pacific NNP
Geno NNP									Geno NNP
Drunkard NNP									Drunkard NNP
Guaranty NNP									Guaranty NNP
Combining VBG									Combining VBG
revolutionaries NNS								revolutionaries NNS
Cisneros NNP									Cisneros NNP
cost-plus JJ									cost-plus JJ
good-til-canceled JJ								good-til-canceled JJ
borrowers NNS									borrowers NNS
Conviction NN									Conviction NN
Seidel NNP									Seidel NNP
coloured JJ									coloured JJ
once-staid JJ									once-staid JJ
Planitzer NNP									Planitzer NNP
deemed VBN VBD									deemed VBN VBD
palaces NNS									palaces NNS
Sincere NNP									Sincere NNP
invaluable JJ									invaluable JJ
low-life JJ									low-life JJ
Sirota NNP									Sirota NNP
thousand CD JJ									thousand CD JJ
Adirondack NNP									Adirondack NNP
sex-manuals NNS									sex-manuals NNS
four-thirty RB									four-thirty RB
unflinching JJ									unflinching JJ
corns NNS									corns NNS
wants VBZ NNS									wants VBZ NNS
Machiavelli NNP									Machiavelli NNP
index-fund JJ NN								index-fund JJ NN
tendentious JJ									tendentious JJ
Brumley NNP									Brumley NNP
stopovers NNS									stopovers NNS
Hog NN										Hog NN
indisputably RB									indisputably RB
responsive JJ									responsive JJ
doubt NN VBP RB VB								doubt NN VBP RB VB
Pune NNP									Pune NNP
pothos NN									pothos NN
orchestrated VBD VBN								orchestrated VBD VBN
Fistoulari NNP									Fistoulari NNP
dope NN										dope NN
change NN VBP VB								change NN VBP VB
slenderer JJR									slenderer JJR
knives NNS									knives NNS
egregiously RB									egregiously RB
retrovision NN									retrovision NN
infinitesimally RB								infinitesimally RB
dread NN JJ									dread NN JJ
supervise VB VBP								supervise VB VBP
bloke NN									bloke NN
domino NN									domino NN
storeroom NN									storeroom NN
clever JJ									clever JJ
Crobsy NNP									Crobsy NNP
Tail NNP									Tail NNP
Bela NNP									Bela NNP
Commercial NNP FW JJ NN								Commercial NNP FW JJ NN
Medlin NNP									Medlin NNP
Memory NN NNP									Memory NN NNP
reformulated VBN JJ								reformulated VBN JJ
twenty-five-dollar JJ								twenty-five-dollar JJ
Aber FW										Aber FW
Joerg NNP									Joerg NNP
staccatos NNS									staccatos NNS
Geertz NNP									Geertz NNP
in-grown JJ									in-grown JJ
six-week-old JJ									six-week-old JJ
tacks NNS									tacks NNS
arm NN VB									arm NN VB
bespeaks VBZ									bespeaks VBZ
libel NN									libel NN
its PRP$									its PRP$
Nev. NNP									Nev. NNP
Knapek NNP									Knapek NNP
Hasenauer NNP									Hasenauer NNP
symbolized VBD VBN								symbolized VBD VBN
Shays NNP									Shays NNP
guerrilla-held JJ								guerrilla-held JJ
relishing VBG									relishing VBG
birthday NN									birthday NN
whizzes NNS									whizzes NNS
kept VBD VBN									kept VBD VBN
glorify VB VBP									glorify VB VBP
boa NN										boa NN
bloodroot NN									bloodroot NN
truth-revealing JJ								truth-revealing JJ
railbikes NNS									railbikes NNS
Overhanging VBG									Overhanging VBG
actual JJ									actual JJ
Man-Made JJ									Man-Made JJ
pulsing VBG									pulsing VBG
Inderbinen NNP									Inderbinen NNP
micrometeoritic JJ								micrometeoritic JJ
cheering VBG									cheering VBG
frazzled VBN									frazzled VBN
Soviet-Finnish JJ								Soviet-Finnish JJ
nourished VBN JJ								nourished VBN JJ
subsided VBD VBN								subsided VBD VBN
just-announced JJ								just-announced JJ
yj NN										yj NN
Natick NNP									Natick NNP
Ciceronian JJ									Ciceronian JJ
Most-recommended JJ								Most-recommended JJ
triplication NN									triplication NN
pasteurization NN								pasteurization NN
Blvd NNP									Blvd NNP
X-marked JJ									X-marked JJ
mileage NN									mileage NN
clubbers NNS									clubbers NNS
indiscretions NNS								indiscretions NNS
toad NN										toad NN
livestock NN									livestock NN
Binning NNP									Binning NNP
Macropathological NNP								Macropathological NNP
Revamps NNP									Revamps NNP
spa NN										spa NN
accede VB									accede VB
weatherproof JJ									weatherproof JJ
Diego NNP JJ									Diego NNP JJ
Scotch-Irish-Scandinavian NNP							Scotch-Irish-Scandinavian NNP
marine NN JJ									marine NN JJ
Ellsworth NNP									Ellsworth NNP
Benny NNP									Benny NNP
brimstone NN									brimstone NN
Annie NNP									Annie NNP
war-time JJ									war-time JJ
new-spilled JJ									new-spilled JJ
Jew-as-enemy NN									Jew-as-enemy NN
laser-type JJ									laser-type JJ
Primerica NNP									Primerica NNP
astoundingly RB									astoundingly RB
B.M. NNP									B.M. NNP
? .										? .
fertility-control JJ								fertility-control JJ
rub NN VB VBP									rub NN VB VBP
anticoagulant NN								anticoagulant NN
windowpane NN									windowpane NN
Rocky NNP									Rocky NNP
Empresa NNP									Empresa NNP
Haig NNP									Haig NNP
Convair NNP									Convair NNP
kerygma FW									kerygma FW
Cloth NNP									Cloth NNP
bolting VBG									bolting VBG
government-supported JJ								government-supported JJ
Zell NNP									Zell NNP
pioneered VBD VBN								pioneered VBD VBN
banishes VBZ									banishes VBZ
forking VBG									forking VBG
personal-income-tax JJ								personal-income-tax JJ
emotionality NN									emotionality NN
hemolytic JJ									hemolytic JJ
Getrudis NNP									Getrudis NNP
Minn. NNP									Minn. NNP
Cattolica NNP									Cattolica NNP
mailmen NNS									mailmen NNS
Dresden NNP JJ NN								Dresden NNP JJ NN
Boundary NN									Boundary NN
Maddie NNP									Maddie NNP
disinterested JJ								disinterested JJ
neo-Nazis NNPS									neo-Nazis NNPS
recruitment NN									recruitment NN
centralizing VBG JJ								centralizing VBG JJ
circles NNS VBZ									circles NNS VBZ
Perin NNP									Perin NNP
--changed VBD									--changed VBD
Prejudice NNP									Prejudice NNP
shortage NN									shortage NN
brushfire NN									brushfire NN
Pepper NNP NN									Pepper NNP NN
nit-picking NN									nit-picking NN
Eighty-Four NNP									Eighty-Four NNP
Blythe NNP									Blythe NNP
naturalistic JJ									naturalistic JJ
parrots NNS									parrots NNS
Davy NNP									Davy NNP
Kenyan JJ NNP									Kenyan JJ NNP
VA NNP										VA NNP
classic JJ NN									classic JJ NN
sign-language NN								sign-language NN
studies NNS VBZ									studies NNS VBZ
Nordic JJ									Nordic JJ
trampled VBN VBD JJ								trampled VBN VBD JJ
dutiful JJ									dutiful JJ
Out IN RB RP NNP								Out IN RB RP NNP
insinuated VBD									insinuated VBD
underperformance NN								underperformance NN
computer-software NN								computer-software NN
carpal NN									carpal NN
remedial JJ									remedial JJ
laying VBG NN ,									laying VBG NN ,
sourly RB									sourly RB
Finger NNP									Finger NNP
Osbert NNP									Osbert NNP
rolling-steel NN								rolling-steel NN
Yom NNP										Yom NNP
Betancourt NNP									Betancourt NNP
Snapped VBD									Snapped VBD
Wortham NNP									Wortham NNP
trombonist NN									trombonist NN
countryside NN									countryside NN
Tracer NNP									Tracer NNP
unsympathetic JJ								unsympathetic JJ
dangling VBG JJ									dangling VBG JJ
twice-monthly JJ								twice-monthly JJ
maximizes VBZ									maximizes VBZ
footfalls NNS									footfalls NNS
Kuhn NNP									Kuhn NNP
Thru IN										Thru IN
Subtle JJ									Subtle JJ
kidnapping NN VBG								kidnapping NN VBG
amicable JJ									amicable JJ
deport VB									deport VB
friendships NNS									friendships NNS
Featherston NNP									Featherston NNP
Dear NNP JJ UH									Dear NNP JJ UH
dyspeptic JJ									dyspeptic JJ
clean-cut JJ									clean-cut JJ
girl-friend NN									girl-friend NN
Exhausted JJ									Exhausted JJ
copper-based JJ									copper-based JJ
Zbigniew NNP									Zbigniew NNP
Jaffe NNP									Jaffe NNP
furnaces NNS									furnaces NNS
ethicist NN									ethicist NN
penny-stockbroker NN								penny-stockbroker NN
joblot NN									joblot NN
thirtysomething NN NNP JJ							thirtysomething NN NNP JJ
high-mileage JJ									high-mileage JJ
Grote NNP									Grote NNP
Devils NNPS									Devils NNPS
Guillaume NNP									Guillaume NNP
Chugai NNP									Chugai NNP
additional JJ									additional JJ
violinists NNS									violinists NNS
revenue-desperate JJ								revenue-desperate JJ
gentrified VBN									gentrified VBN
Wyo NNP										Wyo NNP
Euro-Belge NNP									Euro-Belge NNP
brightening VBG									brightening VBG
Tercel NNP									Tercel NNP
trick NN VB									trick NN VB
unpublicized JJ									unpublicized JJ
Callers NNS									Callers NNS
indulged VBD									indulged VBD
Forty-nine JJ									Forty-nine JJ
Bingles NNS									Bingles NNS
daydreaming NN									daydreaming NN
kneading VBG									kneading VBG
psychotherapy NN								psychotherapy NN
ash NN										ash NN
Asset-backed JJ									Asset-backed JJ
Detroit-based JJ								Detroit-based JJ
computer-science NN								computer-science NN
railroad NN									railroad NN
watered-down JJ									watered-down JJ
denigration NN									denigration NN
step-by-step JJ									step-by-step JJ
swingy JJ									swingy JJ
regenerates VBZ									regenerates VBZ
sturdily RB									sturdily RB
Regime NNP									Regime NNP
environmental-impact JJ								environmental-impact JJ
MacGyver NNP									MacGyver NNP
retainer NN									retainer NN
burger NN									burger NN
mobs NNS									mobs NNS
librarians NNS									librarians NNS
Sibylla NNP									Sibylla NNP
monarch NN									monarch NN
cubbyhole NN									cubbyhole NN
throbbing VBG NN								throbbing VBG NN
brochures NNS									brochures NNS
hikers NNS									hikers NNS
glade NN									glade NN
prying JJ VBG									prying JJ VBG
five-consecutive JJ								five-consecutive JJ
cholelithiasis NN								cholelithiasis NN
tunneled VBD									tunneled VBD
confound VB									confound VB
catchy JJ									catchy JJ
jumbo JJ NN									jumbo JJ NN
psychopath NN									psychopath NN
loosely RB									loosely RB
catkins NNS									catkins NNS
Guofeng NNP									Guofeng NNP
hard-line JJ NN									hard-line JJ NN
romancing VBG NN								romancing VBG NN
bowl NN VBP									bowl NN VBP
card-activated JJ								card-activated JJ
meaner JJR									meaner JJR
bared VBD									bared VBD
Lu NNP										Lu NNP
Villanueva NNP									Villanueva NNP
verbally RB									verbally RB
policemen NNS									policemen NNS
muddled VBN VBD									muddled VBN VBD
Self-censorship NN								Self-censorship NN
woodsy JJ									woodsy JJ
stone NN RB VB									stone NN RB VB
levamisole NN									levamisole NN
Casey NNP									Casey NNP
RV NN										RV NN
Monitor NNP									Monitor NNP
low-quality JJ									low-quality JJ
Cash-strapped JJ								Cash-strapped JJ
reconnaissanace NN								reconnaissanace NN
Rosenwald NNP									Rosenwald NNP
Anctil NNP									Anctil NNP
aquisitions NNS									aquisitions NNS
Tbilisi NNP									Tbilisi NNP
bikini NN									bikini NN
panacea NN									panacea NN
deactivation NN									deactivation NN
Royal NNP JJ									Royal NNP JJ
Marcilio NNP									Marcilio NNP
Cleva NNP									Cleva NNP
laundry NN									laundry NN
Boissoneault NNP								Boissoneault NNP
Lightstone NNP									Lightstone NNP
dew-sodden JJ									dew-sodden JJ
Conferees NNS									Conferees NNS
decomposes VBZ									decomposes VBZ
Galli NNP									Galli NNP
housewife NN									housewife NN
Jasper NNP									Jasper NNP
Norberto NNP									Norberto NNP
demage NN									demage NN
rosaries NNS									rosaries NNS
Taoism NNP									Taoism NNP
under-researched JJ								under-researched JJ
deeps NNS									deeps NNS
isolated VBN JJ VBD								isolated VBN JJ VBD
rigid JJ									rigid JJ
Atkisson NNP									Atkisson NNP
Kanto NNP									Kanto NNP
car-safety JJ NN								car-safety JJ NN
unquestionably RB								unquestionably RB
net-like JJ									net-like JJ
Merits NNS									Merits NNS
Bashir NNP									Bashir NNP
VWR NNP										VWR NNP
pyrometer NN									pyrometer NN
Angelenos NNP									Angelenos NNP
ghouls NNS									ghouls NNS
Hosaka NNP									Hosaka NNP
varityping NN									varityping NN
proves VBZ									proves VBZ
drug-traffickers NNS								drug-traffickers NNS
bathos NN									bathos NN
little-feared JJ								little-feared JJ
Hands NNP NNPS NNS								Hands NNP NNPS NNS
lucky JJ									lucky JJ
dictatorships NNS								dictatorships NNS
Bruns NNP									Bruns NNP
theophylline NN									theophylline NN
Divisions NNS									Divisions NNS
right-hand JJ									right-hand JJ
Bunny NNP									Bunny NNP
Moscom NNP									Moscom NNP
incurs VBZ									incurs VBZ
misstating VBG									misstating VBG
still-outstanding JJ								still-outstanding JJ
peelback JJ									peelback JJ
Sanderoff NNP									Sanderoff NNP
optical JJ									optical JJ
nonfiction NN									nonfiction NN
Ref. NN										Ref. NN
sequence-tagged JJ								sequence-tagged JJ
non-patent JJ									non-patent JJ
Damian NNP									Damian NNP
prohibiting VBG									prohibiting VBG
know VB NN VBP									know VB NN VBP
conceptuality NN								conceptuality NN
echoing VBG									echoing VBG
leech NN VB									leech NN VB
Alba NNP									Alba NNP
eighteenth-century JJ								eighteenth-century JJ
Eleazar NNP									Eleazar NNP
exemplifies VBZ									exemplifies VBZ
Chili NNP NN									Chili NNP NN
raccoons NNS									raccoons NNS
Kellaway NNP									Kellaway NNP
neutralize VB									neutralize VB
pension-fund NN JJ								pension-fund NN JJ
NWA NNP										NWA NNP
accuracy NN									accuracy NN
Muller NNP									Muller NNP
Philibert NNP									Philibert NNP
designates VBZ									designates VBZ
Nassau-Suffolk NNP								Nassau-Suffolk NNP
meclofenamate NN								meclofenamate NN
gotten VBN									gotten VBN
high-visibility JJ NN								high-visibility JJ NN
twirlingly RB									twirlingly RB
loutish JJ									loutish JJ
commandeered VBN								commandeered VBN
experimenting VBG								experimenting VBG
tainted-meat NN									tainted-meat NN
Amclyde NNP									Amclyde NNP
Corder NNP									Corder NNP
thermal JJ									thermal JJ
arise VB VBP									arise VB VBP
heel NN										heel NN
Marginal JJ									Marginal JJ
Oakar NNP									Oakar NNP
Me'a NNP									Me'a NNP
temblor NN									temblor NN
Northlich NNP									Northlich NNP
Noel NNP									Noel NNP
chasing VBG NN									chasing VBG NN
Scandinavian NNP JJ								Scandinavian NNP JJ
doughnut NN									doughnut NN
dawdling VBG									dawdling VBG
Olick NNP									Olick NNP
quinolone NN									quinolone NN
systems-strategies NNS								systems-strategies NNS
Instrumental NNP								Instrumental NNP
invoked VBD VBN									invoked VBD VBN
pre-trial JJ NN									pre-trial JJ NN
antiserum NN									antiserum NN
ink-jetting JJ									ink-jetting JJ
repertoire NN									repertoire NN
sago NN										sago NN
reclassified VBD VBN								reclassified VBD VBN
cheapest JJS									cheapest JJS
Merieux-Connaught NNP								Merieux-Connaught NNP
Bonaparte NNP									Bonaparte NNP
Itself PRP									Itself PRP
Irishman NN									Irishman NN
six-four CD									six-four CD
Therapeutics NNPS NNP								Therapeutics NNPS NNP
ICI NNP										ICI NNP
plied VBD VBN									plied VBD VBN
unprecedented JJ								unprecedented JJ
Fonda NNP									Fonda NNP
offbeat JJ									offbeat JJ
teasing JJ NN VBG								teasing JJ NN VBG
Frog-marched JJ									Frog-marched JJ
totalitarianism NN								totalitarianism NN
built-from-kit JJ								built-from-kit JJ
Horizon NNP									Horizon NNP
festooned VBN									festooned VBN
Rosett NNP									Rosett NNP
smoggiest JJS									smoggiest JJS
Apple-Microsoft NNP								Apple-Microsoft NNP
half-year JJ NN									half-year JJ NN
simmered VBN VBD								simmered VBN VBD
peanuts NNS									peanuts NNS
'Will MD									'Will MD
acronym NN									acronym NN
nuper FW									nuper FW
Ariadne NNP									Ariadne NNP
some... :									some... :
Korff NNP									Korff NNP
Gilley NNP									Gilley NNP
sideman NN									sideman NN
Mattison NNP									Mattison NNP
lira NN NNS									lira NN NNS
roast NN VB VBN									roast NN VB VBN
--Boca NNP									--Boca NNP
experiential JJ									experiential JJ
Aer NNP										Aer NNP
four-square-block JJ								four-square-block JJ
comedians NNS									comedians NNS
Uneven JJ									Uneven JJ
heinous JJ									heinous JJ
Workers NNPS NNP NNS								Workers NNPS NNP NNS
Chartered NNP									Chartered NNP
governmental-affairs NNS JJ							governmental-affairs NNS JJ
Spontex NNP									Spontex NNP
follower NN									follower NN
ammo NN										ammo NN
Long NNP JJ RB									Long NNP JJ RB
generation NN									generation NN
RBC NNP										RBC NNP
Creditanstalt NNP								Creditanstalt NNP
Westridge NNP									Westridge NNP
Lambarene NNP									Lambarene NNP
Yuan NNP									Yuan NNP
roly-poly JJ									roly-poly JJ
Alferon NNP									Alferon NNP
Hayward NNP									Hayward NNP
drumbeat NN									drumbeat NN
hypertension NN									hypertension NN
casinos NNS VBZ									casinos NNS VBZ
inspiration NN									inspiration NN
inspires VBZ									inspires VBZ
sodden JJ									sodden JJ
Seynes NNP									Seynes NNP
contribute VB VBP								contribute VB VBP
bleeding VBG NN									bleeding VBG NN
ball-carriers NNS								ball-carriers NNS
mergers-advisory JJ								mergers-advisory JJ
matinees NNS									matinees NNS
selecting VBG NN								selecting VBG NN
Ruff NNP									Ruff NNP
unexercised JJ									unexercised JJ
Traces NNS									Traces NNS
touch-tone JJ									touch-tone JJ
mourned VBD									mourned VBD
Calgon NNP									Calgon NNP
Earthmen NNPS NNP NNS								Earthmen NNPS NNP NNS
Plateadas NNP									Plateadas NNP
Loudermilk NNP									Loudermilk NNP
Pagans NNS									Pagans NNS
directionless JJ								directionless JJ
Helliesen NNP									Helliesen NNP
oilseed NN									oilseed NN
adherents NNS									adherents NNS
Teniente NNP									Teniente NNP
--subjects NNS									--subjects NNS
flirtation NN									flirtation NN
states NNS VBZ									states NNS VBZ
uncommonly RB									uncommonly RB
lobster-backed JJ								lobster-backed JJ
selloffs NNS									selloffs NNS
Corporations NNS NNPS NNP							Corporations NNS NNPS NNP
flyaway JJ									flyaway JJ
Gallagher NNP									Gallagher NNP
Of IN NNP									Of IN NNP
cowpuncher NN									cowpuncher NN
new-job JJ									new-job JJ
neophytes NNS									neophytes NNS
said VBD VBN JJ VB								said VBD VBN JJ VB
Kalmus NNP									Kalmus NNP
Tshombe NNP									Tshombe NNP
high-value JJ									high-value JJ
Larson NNP									Larson NNP
scandals NNS									scandals NNS
postgraduate JJ									postgraduate JJ
Coasts NNPS NNP									Coasts NNPS NNP
purism NN									purism NN
short-sell VB									short-sell VB
reviews NNS VBZ									reviews NNS VBZ
Carews NNPS									Carews NNPS
jars NNS									jars NNS
Tatanga NNP									Tatanga NNP
Knesset NNP									Knesset NNP
backsides NNS									backsides NNS
stimulations NNS								stimulations NNS
personal-injury JJ NN								personal-injury JJ NN
wailed VBD VBN									wailed VBD VBN
Pressburger NNP									Pressburger NNP
Uptick NN									Uptick NN
Unfilled JJ									Unfilled JJ
central-city NN									central-city NN
skin-perceptiveness NN								skin-perceptiveness NN
McColl NNP									McColl NNP
second-guessed VBN								second-guessed VBN
Mountaineer NNP									Mountaineer NNP
dampers NNS									dampers NNS
reflexly RB									reflexly RB
Owasso NNP									Owasso NNP
Avmark NNP									Avmark NNP
sea-damp JJ									sea-damp JJ
heaves NN VBD									heaves NN VBD
physician-executive JJ								physician-executive JJ
short-story NN									short-story NN
actively RB									actively RB
Ranavan NNP									Ranavan NNP
Centrum NNP									Centrum NNP
Ninja NNP									Ninja NNP
starring VBG JJ									starring VBG JJ
brass-bound JJ									brass-bound JJ
silo NN										silo NN
bugaboos NNS									bugaboos NNS
lesser JJR RBR									lesser JJR RBR
spoken VBN JJ									spoken VBN JJ
@ IN SYM									@ IN SYM
anti-Moscow JJ									anti-Moscow JJ
obsequiousness NN								obsequiousness NN
O'Neill NNP									O'Neill NNP
hemlocks NNS									hemlocks NNS
inhibited VBD VBN								inhibited VBD VBN
hires VBZ NNS									hires VBZ NNS
ultra-thin JJ									ultra-thin JJ
stragglers NNS									stragglers NNS
alienates VBZ									alienates VBZ
Egerton NNP									Egerton NNP
schoolteachers NNS								schoolteachers NNS
immensely RB									immensely RB
articulated VBN									articulated VBN
jejunum NN									jejunum NN
unrifled JJ									unrifled JJ
inadvisable JJ									inadvisable JJ
CATV NN										CATV NN
breeding VBG NN									breeding VBG NN
Teams NNS									Teams NNS
experts NNS									experts NNS
Swine JJ									Swine JJ
WoodMac NNP									WoodMac NNP
incredulity NN									incredulity NN
tanking VBG									tanking VBG
abruptly RB									abruptly RB
sisters-in-law NNS								sisters-in-law NNS
fonder JJR									fonder JJR
Ruppert NNP									Ruppert NNP
weightlessness NN								weightlessness NN
precedence NN									precedence NN
bargaining NN JJ VBG								bargaining NN JJ VBG
LeBrun NNP									LeBrun NNP
Cloud NNP									Cloud NNP
tonnages NNS									tonnages NNS
nobler JJR									nobler JJR
world-ignoring JJ								world-ignoring JJ
syntactically RB								syntactically RB
commercial-credit NN								commercial-credit NN
one-for-two JJ									one-for-two JJ
Pa NNP										Pa NNP
Erithmatic NN									Erithmatic NN
propeller-driven JJ								propeller-driven JJ
Denver NNP									Denver NNP
Hahn NNP									Hahn NNP
Furnishes VBZ									Furnishes VBZ
five-member JJ									five-member JJ
meanes NNS									meanes NNS
tilt-top JJ									tilt-top JJ
Gisors NNP									Gisors NNP
whole-milk NN									whole-milk NN
Hazlett NNP									Hazlett NNP
Exton NNP									Exton NNP
unwinding NN VBG								unwinding NN VBG
Nissin NNP									Nissin NNP
backflips VBZ									backflips VBZ
stock-trading NN JJ								stock-trading NN JJ
Krakatoa NNP									Krakatoa NNP
unknown JJ NN									unknown JJ NN
Stops NNP									Stops NNP
Bombeck NNP									Bombeck NNP
Yank NN NNP									Yank NN NNP
spaghetti NNS NN								spaghetti NNS NN
northwestern JJ									northwestern JJ
Tims NNP									Tims NNP
Incredulous JJ									Incredulous JJ
home-produced JJ								home-produced JJ
farthest JJS RBS								farthest JJS RBS
Johnston NNP									Johnston NNP
finanicial JJ									finanicial JJ
fumbling VBG JJ									fumbling VBG JJ
less-conservative JJ								less-conservative JJ
Aros NNP									Aros NNP
perplexing JJ									perplexing JJ
Artra NNP									Artra NNP
arcane JJ									arcane JJ
Pasta NNP									Pasta NNP
Regina NNP									Regina NNP
Midco NNP									Midco NNP
gas-producing JJ NN								gas-producing JJ NN
German-speaking JJ								German-speaking JJ
C-word NN									C-word NN
non-Indonesian JJ								non-Indonesian JJ
clamped VBD VBN									clamped VBD VBN
uninfected JJ									uninfected JJ
conquered VBN VBD								conquered VBN VBD
dispute NN VBP VB								dispute NN VBP VB
conflicts NNS VBZ								conflicts NNS VBZ
Fortas NNP									Fortas NNP
long-line JJ									long-line JJ
ml. NN										ml. NN
petition NN VB									petition NN VB
power-sharing JJ								power-sharing JJ
hooch NN									hooch NN
Kramer NNP									Kramer NNP
non-U.S. JJ NNP									non-U.S. JJ NNP
capital-gain JJ									capital-gain JJ
unlawful JJ									unlawful JJ
wrong-o NN									wrong-o NN
spying VBG NN									spying VBG NN
resistor NN									resistor NN
beefs VBZ									beefs VBZ
over-hand JJ									over-hand JJ
intermittently RB								intermittently RB
Plentywood NNP									Plentywood NNP
sind FW										sind FW
Bal NNP										Bal NNP
IDD NNP										IDD NNP
Vous FW										Vous FW
macro-instructions NNS								macro-instructions NNS
Mussolinis NNPS									Mussolinis NNPS
Bonanno NNP									Bonanno NNP
home-fashion NN									home-fashion NN
warranties NNS									warranties NNS
Fiori NNP									Fiori NNP
snapper NN									snapper NN
Goddammit UH									Goddammit UH
completely RB									completely RB
hothouses NNS									hothouses NNS
Pleasant NNP JJ									Pleasant NNP JJ
Hospital NNP NN									Hospital NNP NN
Fitzwilliams NNP								Fitzwilliams NNP
Rex NNP										Rex NNP
lamb NN										lamb NN
chivalry NN									chivalry NN
hardcore JJ NN									hardcore JJ NN
adhesives NNS									adhesives NNS
blacksmith NN									blacksmith NN
dairymen NNS									dairymen NNS
Peapack NNP									Peapack NNP
monoclonal JJ									monoclonal JJ
inadequacies NNS								inadequacies NNS
Ave. NNP									Ave. NNP
Krakow NNP									Krakow NNP
tonsil NN									tonsil NN
merciless JJ									merciless JJ
Kaul NNP									Kaul NNP
more-natural JJ									more-natural JJ
antibiotics NNS									antibiotics NNS
Lesley NNP									Lesley NNP
famine-relief NN								famine-relief NN
Rockettes NNPS									Rockettes NNPS
Parris NNP									Parris NNP
poor JJ NN NNP									poor JJ NN NNP
no-no NN									no-no NN
column NN									column NN
Index-arbitrage NN								Index-arbitrage NN
powderpuff NN									powderpuff NN
Extension NNP NN								Extension NNP NN
dramatics NNS									dramatics NNS
KLM-Northwest NNP								KLM-Northwest NNP
shooting NN VBG VBG|NN								shooting NN VBG VBG|NN
short-cut JJ									short-cut JJ
Meyle NNP									Meyle NNP
Rosser NNP									Rosser NNP
picture-taking NN								picture-taking NN
stone-blind JJ									stone-blind JJ
atCrcial NNP									atCrcial NNP
melange NN									melange NN
iodinate VB									iodinate VB
toxic-waste NN									toxic-waste NN
Arlen NNP									Arlen NNP
Admittedly RB									Admittedly RB
interlinked VBN									interlinked VBN
Tenney NNP									Tenney NNP
videocam NN									videocam NN
geothermal JJ									geothermal JJ
cadaver NN									cadaver NN
NUM NNP										NUM NNP
spiel NN									spiel NN
tinges NNS									tinges NNS
secretaries NNS									secretaries NNS
demoralized VBN JJ								demoralized VBN JJ
Malden NNP									Malden NNP
Beit NNP									Beit NNP
inoculate VB									inoculate VB
belfries NNS									belfries NNS
billion-share JJ								billion-share JJ
Lazzaroni NNP									Lazzaroni NNP
Derby NNP									Derby NNP
morose JJ									morose JJ
advertise VB VBP								advertise VB VBP
Stockholder NN									Stockholder NN
rebuked VBD VBN									rebuked VBD VBN
landscapers NNS									landscapers NNS
CD-type JJ									CD-type JJ
sunsets NNS									sunsets NNS
heavy-hitter NN									heavy-hitter NN
hammer NN VBP VB								hammer NN VBP VB
rightfield NN									rightfield NN
tire-kickers NNS								tire-kickers NNS
gardener NN									gardener NN
God-given JJ									God-given JJ
extras NNS									extras NNS
Ziyang NNP									Ziyang NNP
IH. NNP										IH. NNP
convex JJ									convex JJ
Vermes NNP									Vermes NNP
discontinuance NN								discontinuance NN
imcomparable JJ									imcomparable JJ
vary VBP VB									vary VBP VB
construing VBG									construing VBG
unplowed JJ									unplowed JJ
stronger-than-expected JJ							stronger-than-expected JJ
Curzon NNP									Curzon NNP
quicken VB									quicken VB
excursus NN									excursus NN
Bricktop NNP									Bricktop NNP
annee FW									annee FW
hysterically RB									hysterically RB
sly JJ										sly JJ
coerce VB									coerce VB
Greenery NNP									Greenery NNP
Bury NNP VB									Bury NNP VB
hostesses NNS									hostesses NNS
Panzhihua NNP									Panzhihua NNP
topsoil NN									topsoil NN
forgets VBZ									forgets VBZ
theircompany NN									theircompany NN
jot NN										jot NN
dea NN										dea NN
Guthman NNP									Guthman NNP
resigning VBG NN								resigning VBG NN
Alphonsus NNP									Alphonsus NNP
shirt-pocket NN									shirt-pocket NN
Grahams NNPS NNP								Grahams NNPS NNP
beastly JJ									beastly JJ
Salazar NNP									Salazar NNP
obsessive JJ NN									obsessive JJ NN
much-needed JJ									much-needed JJ
vinyl-laminated JJ								vinyl-laminated JJ
Oppen NNP									Oppen NNP
Treble NNP									Treble NNP
doom NN VB									doom NN VB
Norfolk NNP									Norfolk NNP
grammar NN									grammar NN
Sanity NN									Sanity NN
federal-question JJ								federal-question JJ
jester NN									jester NN
Donaldsonville NNP								Donaldsonville NNP
deuterium NN									deuterium NN
Actually RB									Actually RB
begining NN									begining NN
SR NNP										SR NNP
autographer NN									autographer NN
compressing VBG									compressing VBG
plantations NNS									plantations NNS
pickles NNS									pickles NNS
revved VBD VBN									revved VBD VBN
local-money NN									local-money NN
pigmented VBN									pigmented VBN
octane NN									octane NN
resources NNS									resources NNS
amigo FW									amigo FW
Sizwe NNP									Sizwe NNP
fluttering VBG									fluttering VBG
Mankind NNP NN									Mankind NNP NN
attire NN									attire NN
unionist NN									unionist NN
mono-iodotyrosine JJ NN								mono-iodotyrosine JJ NN
commodities-related JJ								commodities-related JJ
consumptive JJ									consumptive JJ
downgrades NNS									downgrades NNS
one-page JJ									one-page JJ
Family-owned JJ									Family-owned JJ
most-desired JJ									most-desired JJ
exquisitely RB									exquisitely RB
M30 NNP										M30 NNP
Alliance NNP									Alliance NNP
McColm NNP									McColm NNP
Zimbabwe NNP									Zimbabwe NNP
chilly JJ									chilly JJ
yenta NN									yenta NN
extend VB VBP VBZ								extend VB VBP VBZ
Auction NN NNP									Auction NN NNP
chestnuts NNS									chestnuts NNS
Dumpster NNP									Dumpster NNP
Vitro-Anchor NNP								Vitro-Anchor NNP
Flannagan NNP									Flannagan NNP
anti-hooligan JJ								anti-hooligan JJ
bunks NNS									bunks NNS
evil-minded JJ									evil-minded JJ
thoughtlessly RB								thoughtlessly RB
hustle VB NN									hustle VB NN
ghostbusting NN									ghostbusting NN
prefecture NN									prefecture NN
Components NNP NNPS								Components NNP NNPS
Metronome NNP									Metronome NNP
vocalists NNS									vocalists NNS
techno-managerial JJ								techno-managerial JJ
accommodated VBN								accommodated VBN
marchers NNS									marchers NNS
self-reliant JJ									self-reliant JJ
oath-taking NN									oath-taking NN
tenebrous JJ									tenebrous JJ
Teague NNP									Teague NNP
LD060 NN									LD060 NN
automates VBZ									automates VBZ
sidewalks NNS									sidewalks NNS
Landmark NNP									Landmark NNP
generically RB									generically RB
branched VBN JJ VBD								branched VBN JJ VBD
foamy JJ									foamy JJ
barrels NNS									barrels NNS
Colleagues NNS									Colleagues NNS
predetermined VBN								predetermined VBN
Wetherill NNP									Wetherill NNP
Diehl NNP									Diehl NNP
particle NN									particle NN
Ultimate NNP JJ									Ultimate NNP JJ
clarified VBN VBD								clarified VBN VBD
songs NNS									songs NNS
Ionizing VBG									Ionizing VBG
grope VB VBP									grope VB VBP
wobbling VBG									wobbling VBG
ghosted VBD									ghosted VBD
performance-capacity NN								performance-capacity NN
colonized VBD VBN								colonized VBD VBN
Ednie NNP									Ednie NNP
hanky-panky NN									hanky-panky NN
whatsoever RB WP								whatsoever RB WP
Brigade NNP									Brigade NNP
Teheran NNP									Teheran NNP
balloon NN VBP VB								balloon NN VBP VB
nobles NNS									nobles NNS
Z. NNP										Z. NNP
PharmaKinetics NNP								PharmaKinetics NNP
Coletta NNP									Coletta NNP
underpaid JJ VBD VBN								underpaid JJ VBD VBN
MCorp NNP									MCorp NNP
burnouts NNS									burnouts NNS
free-wheeling JJ								free-wheeling JJ
efficaciously RB								efficaciously RB
Windhoek NNP									Windhoek NNP
promiscuous JJ									promiscuous JJ
onepage JJ									onepage JJ
snippy JJ									snippy JJ
Ritz NNP									Ritz NNP
bioengineers NNS								bioengineers NNS
half-bottles NNS								half-bottles NNS
Giordano NNP									Giordano NNP
spill-related JJ								spill-related JJ
Syed NNP									Syed NNP
whistle-stop JJ									whistle-stop JJ
Bostonian NNP									Bostonian NNP
Eyewear NNP									Eyewear NNP
dons VBZ NNS									dons VBZ NNS
mettwurst NN									mettwurst NN
herbaceous JJ									herbaceous JJ
yl NN										yl NN
certificate NN									certificate NN
Judas NNP									Judas NNP
Stroup NNP									Stroup NNP
homebuilders NNS								homebuilders NNS
byway NN									byway NN
Zurek NNP									Zurek NNP
reckonings NNS									reckonings NNS
rely VB VBP									rely VB VBP
Hypotheekkas NNP								Hypotheekkas NNP
Toccata NNP									Toccata NNP
twin-engine JJ									twin-engine JJ
Hubay NNP									Hubay NNP
Servant NNP									Servant NNP
vassals NNS									vassals NNS
Toyko NNP									Toyko NNP
chlorazepate NN									chlorazepate NN
abaringe NN									abaringe NN
serve VB VBP									serve VB VBP
errs VBZ									errs VBZ
Pontiff NNP									Pontiff NNP
recopied VBN									recopied VBN
Yarrow NNP									Yarrow NNP
Shogun NNP									Shogun NNP
Poster NNP									Poster NNP
Infertility NNP									Infertility NNP
acquainted VBN									acquainted VBN
Malknecht NNP									Malknecht NNP
sweats NNS									sweats NNS
boutique-lined JJ								boutique-lined JJ
dissolves VBZ									dissolves VBZ
bulldozers NNS									bulldozers NNS
extradited VBN									extradited VBN
UH NNP										UH NNP
Espenhain NNP									Espenhain NNP
Urbano NNP									Urbano NNP
Salman NNP									Salman NNP
mayst MD									mayst MD
buyer NN									buyer NN
derogation NN									derogation NN
Freeport NNP									Freeport NNP
Applications NNS NNPS								Applications NNS NNPS
banking-related JJ								banking-related JJ
envoys NNS									envoys NNS
Hotham NNP									Hotham NNP
Malocclusion NN									Malocclusion NN
astonishment NN									astonishment NN
unobvious JJ									unobvious JJ
conserves VBZ									conserves VBZ
American-developed JJ								American-developed JJ
faith NN									faith NN
Leslie NNP									Leslie NNP
World NNP NN									World NNP NN
brought VBN VBD									brought VBN VBD
suffixes NNS									suffixes NNS
vast JJ										vast JJ
Viale NNP									Viale NNP
beloved JJ VBN NN								beloved JJ VBN NN
Chardonnay NNP									Chardonnay NNP
puffing VBG									puffing VBG
Lakeshore NNP									Lakeshore NNP
Jovi NNP									Jovi NNP
gray-beard JJ									gray-beard JJ
Zend-Avesta NNP									Zend-Avesta NNP
Tishman NNP									Tishman NNP
Jungle NNP									Jungle NNP
blood-clot NN									blood-clot NN
bitches NNS									bitches NNS
asbestos-abatement JJ NN							asbestos-abatement JJ NN
Bust NNP									Bust NNP
Syndicated NNP									Syndicated NNP
scofflaws NNS									scofflaws NNS
reiteration NN									reiteration NN
tightfisted JJ									tightfisted JJ
nigs NNS									nigs NNS
Install VB									Install VB
convertible-bond JJ								convertible-bond JJ
right-wingers NNS								right-wingers NNS
Weisbrod NNP									Weisbrod NNP
sine FW NN									sine FW NN
incubate VB									incubate VB
Archives NNPS NNP								Archives NNPS NNP
fairs NNS									fairs NNS
Alabamian NN									Alabamian NN
Veronis NNP									Veronis NNP
napped VBD									napped VBD
Ore.-based JJ									Ore.-based JJ
fueled VBN VBD									fueled VBN VBD
Potash NNP									Potash NNP
botulinum NN									botulinum NN
sheaf NN									sheaf NN
agricole FW									agricole FW
zg NN										zg NN
Class-D NNP									Class-D NNP
catalytic JJ									catalytic JJ
Full-time JJ									Full-time JJ
Major-League NNP								Major-League NNP
Lubberlanders NNS								Lubberlanders NNS
hurricane-related JJ								hurricane-related JJ
ironies NNS									ironies NNS
candid JJ									candid JJ
Stigmata NNS									Stigmata NNS
plethora NN									plethora NN
father NN VB									father NN VB
Interfinance NNP								Interfinance NNP
college-completion JJ								college-completion JJ
hurry NN VBP VB									hurry NN VBP VB
Infocorp. NNP									Infocorp. NNP
smoke NN VB VBP									smoke NN VB VBP
lists NNS VBZ									lists NNS VBZ
Niagara NNP									Niagara NNP
Crossland NNP									Crossland NNP
LD056 NN									LD056 NN
desecration NN									desecration NN
ice-free JJ									ice-free JJ
precise JJ									precise JJ
dimly RB									dimly RB
sanest JJS									sanest JJS
McInerney NNP									McInerney NNP
Novaya NNP									Novaya NNP
printouts NNS									printouts NNS
thawed VBN									thawed VBN
disintegrating VBG								disintegrating VBG
Bam UH										Bam UH
partition NN									partition NN
Daze NNP									Daze NNP
cessation NN									cessation NN
disordered JJ VBN								disordered JJ VBN
opticians NNS									opticians NNS
Vulcan NNP									Vulcan NNP
random-walk JJ									random-walk JJ
hosted VBN JJ VBD								hosted VBN JJ VBD
crowds NNS VBP VBZ								crowds NNS VBP VBZ
swastika NN									swastika NN
felt VBD VBN									felt VBD VBN
forte-pianos NNS								forte-pianos NNS
Rey NNP										Rey NNP
smorgasbord NN									smorgasbord NN
white-water NN									white-water NN
Citizens NNPS NNP NNS								Citizens NNPS NNP NNS
miscellany NN									miscellany NN
non-economical JJ								non-economical JJ
convey VB VBP									convey VB VBP
over IN RP JJ RP|RB RB								over IN RP JJ RP|RB RB
morphogenetic JJ								morphogenetic JJ
Reuling NNP									Reuling NNP
near-paralysis NN								near-paralysis NN
Faulk NNP									Faulk NNP
Wachtler NNP									Wachtler NNP
phenothiazine NN								phenothiazine NN
Artistes NNP									Artistes NNP
asthma NN									asthma NN
Chlorothiazide NN								Chlorothiazide NN
aviation-services NNS JJ							aviation-services NNS JJ
Marmon NNP									Marmon NNP
builders NNS									builders NNS
Mita NNP									Mita NNP
Chahar NNP									Chahar NNP
Jean-Michel NNP									Jean-Michel NNP
Leibowitz NNP									Leibowitz NNP
shuts VBZ NNS									shuts VBZ NNS
unity NN									unity NN
Lao-tse NNP									Lao-tse NNP
earth NN									earth NN
industrialization NN								industrialization NN
sub-assembly NN									sub-assembly NN
brand NN VBP JJ RB								brand NN VBP JJ RB
brusquely RB									brusquely RB
unconcern NN									unconcern NN
indolence NN									indolence NN
yard-line NN									yard-line NN
transformation NN								transformation NN
Satoshi NNP									Satoshi NNP
sizzles VBZ									sizzles VBZ
acupuncturist NN								acupuncturist NN
Brawer NNP									Brawer NNP
Coddington NNP									Coddington NNP
enclosed VBN VBD								enclosed VBN VBD
midsize JJ									midsize JJ
Defaults NNS									Defaults NNS
historiography NN								historiography NN
Nutt NNP									Nutt NNP
exacerbations NNS								exacerbations NNS
mass-production NN								mass-production NN
male-sterile JJ									male-sterile JJ
punctuality NN									punctuality NN
maitres FW									maitres FW
marble-encased JJ								marble-encased JJ
re-examine VB									re-examine VB
Corvallis NNP									Corvallis NNP
Mulcahy NNP									Mulcahy NNP
Noffsinger NNP									Noffsinger NNP
chastises VBZ									chastises VBZ
dual-road-up NN									dual-road-up NN
laser-beam-printer NN								laser-beam-printer NN
Farragut NNP									Farragut NNP
disdainfully RB									disdainfully RB
tri-iodothyronine NN								tri-iodothyronine NN
cow-people NN									cow-people NN
spouses NNS									spouses NNS
'X NN										'X NN
sweet-tongued JJ								sweet-tongued JJ
overtake VB VBP									overtake VB VBP
leeches NNS									leeches NNS
interwar JJ									interwar JJ
untrue... :									untrue... :
exchange-listed JJ								exchange-listed JJ
Orin NNP									Orin NNP
Aimed VBN									Aimed VBN
scuttle VB									scuttle VB
Smiths NNPS									Smiths NNPS
morosely RB									morosely RB
Viet NNP									Viet NNP
exponential JJ									exponential JJ
les FW										les FW
Games NNPS NNP NNS								Games NNPS NNP NNS
Headrests NNS									Headrests NNS
B-scale NN									B-scale NN
Officine NNP									Officine NNP
Tasmania NNP									Tasmania NNP
containers NNS									containers NNS
deprivations NNS								deprivations NNS
forepart NN									forepart NN
golly UH									golly UH
Mannix NNP									Mannix NNP
multi-millionaire JJ NN								multi-millionaire JJ NN
negotiator NN									negotiator NN
mercurial JJ									mercurial JJ
Richco NNP NN									Richco NNP NN
Broker NNP NN									Broker NNP NN
maintenance NN									maintenance NN
Quartermaster NNP								Quartermaster NNP
negotiation NN									negotiation NN
portwatchers NNS								portwatchers NNS
Courtenay NNP									Courtenay NNP
pan-nationalism NN								pan-nationalism NN
large-city JJ NN								large-city JJ NN
budding VBG JJ									budding VBG JJ
thrusts NNS VBZ									thrusts NNS VBZ
formalism NN									formalism NN
Zurcher NNP									Zurcher NNP
hereabouts RB									hereabouts RB
in-crowd NN									in-crowd NN
rule. NN									rule. NN
S.S. NNP									S.S. NNP
pony NN										pony NN
shield NN VB									shield NN VB
nontoxic JJ									nontoxic JJ
manipulating VBG								manipulating VBG
redlining VBG									redlining VBG
Groth NNP									Groth NNP
Poseidon NNP									Poseidon NNP
respectively RB									respectively RB
patriarch NN									patriarch NN
assaults NNS									assaults NNS
Mandel NNP									Mandel NNP
bio-research NN									bio-research NN
Weizsacker NNP									Weizsacker NNP
Gelder NNP									Gelder NNP
Permut NNP									Permut NNP
raisin NN									raisin NN
renunciations NNS								renunciations NNS
statesmen NNS									statesmen NNS
order NN VBP IN VB								order NN VBP IN VB
Panther NNP									Panther NNP
innumerable JJ									innumerable JJ
droppings NNS									droppings NNS
Wholesaler-Distributors NNP NNS							Wholesaler-Distributors NNP NNS
amusement NN									amusement NN
tin NN										tin NN
Grocer NNP									Grocer NNP
eight-mile JJ									eight-mile JJ
peasants NNS									peasants NNS
Bannister NNP									Bannister NNP
plain-out RB									plain-out RB
Alai NNP									Alai NNP
.4 CD										.4 CD
stock-warrant NN								stock-warrant NN
performance-based JJ								performance-based JJ
baci NNS									baci NNS
Condensation NN									Condensation NN
Searles NNP									Searles NNP
Coproduction NNP								Coproduction NNP
disarming VBG JJ								disarming VBG JJ
Corry NNP									Corry NNP
Weissmuller NNP									Weissmuller NNP
Clueless NNP									Clueless NNP
burger-heavy JJ									burger-heavy JJ
insouciance NN									insouciance NN
glommed VBD									glommed VBD
wallboard NN									wallboard NN
Setter NN									Setter NN
Directory NNP									Directory NNP
laxative NN									laxative NN
Swing NNP									Swing NNP
sonority NN									sonority NN
recork VB									recork VB
Fare VBP NN									Fare VBP NN
L'Institut NN									L'Institut NN
Catch NN									Catch NN
Masuda NNP									Masuda NNP
whacky JJ									whacky JJ
yakking VBG									yakking VBG
autocollimator NN								autocollimator NN
million-asset JJ								million-asset JJ
distinctiveness NN								distinctiveness NN
Educate VB									Educate VB
pineapple NN									pineapple NN
Teixeira NNP									Teixeira NNP
montgolfiere FW									montgolfiere FW
less-than-perfect JJ								less-than-perfect JJ
syndication NN									syndication NN
Owens NNP									Owens NNP
howls NNS VBZ									howls NNS VBZ
performing VBG JJ NN								performing VBG JJ NN
custom-built VBN								custom-built VBN
low-smoke JJ									low-smoke JJ
Kloves NNP									Kloves NNP
Blum NNP									Blum NNP
Mr NNP										Mr NNP
unbelievably RB									unbelievably RB
inclusive JJ									inclusive JJ
cased VBD									cased VBD
Wildwood NNP									Wildwood NNP
ate VBD										ate VBD
full-strength JJ								full-strength JJ
SS NNP										SS NNP
processional NN									processional NN
tawdry JJ									tawdry JJ
colloquy NN									colloquy NN
confluence NN									confluence NN
Wilke NNP									Wilke NNP
refurbishment NN								refurbishment NN
Bee-Hunter NNP									Bee-Hunter NNP
solid-state JJ									solid-state JJ
Corp.:8.50 NNP									Corp.:8.50 NNP
surcharges NNS									surcharges NNS
Kaboom NN									Kaboom NN
pluralist NN									pluralist NN
Ronnel NN									Ronnel NN
fusion NN									fusion NN
Revenues NNS NNP								Revenues NNS NNP
Daffynition NN NNP								Daffynition NN NNP
foreigner NN									foreigner NN
V-2500 NN									V-2500 NN
monographs NNS									monographs NNS
unresolved JJ									unresolved JJ
custom-design JJ								custom-design JJ
decision-maker NN								decision-maker NN
clattery JJ									clattery JJ
Homerun NN									Homerun NN
Sontag NNP									Sontag NNP
collapses VBZ NNS								collapses VBZ NNS
solicitor NN									solicitor NN
commissary NN									commissary NN
supercharged JJ									supercharged JJ
Zenith NNP									Zenith NNP
squarefoot JJ									squarefoot JJ
Bodhisattva NNP									Bodhisattva NNP
rue NN										rue NN
NTT NNP										NTT NNP
Bitten VBN									Bitten VBN
khan FW										khan FW
arenas NNS									arenas NNS
Bureaucrat NN									Bureaucrat NN
worthwile VB									worthwile VB
fellow-men NNS									fellow-men NNS
Which WDT									Which WDT
irritability NN									irritability NN
Spike NNP									Spike NNP
periphrastic JJ									periphrastic JJ
wrongdoers NNS									wrongdoers NNS
also RB .									also RB .
China NNP									China NNP
shuffled VBD									shuffled VBD
stewardship NN									stewardship NN
Soloviev-Sedoi NNP								Soloviev-Sedoi NNP
Biodegradable JJ								Biodegradable JJ
Taunton NNP									Taunton NNP
pinning VBG NN									pinning VBG NN
testified VBD VBN								testified VBD VBN
chubby JJ									chubby JJ
Waseda NNP									Waseda NNP
Queenan NNP									Queenan NNP
refugee-assistance NN								refugee-assistance NN
Unlikely RB									Unlikely RB
walnut NN									walnut NN
gravel NN									gravel NN
Holiness NN NNP									Holiness NN NNP
determinative JJ								determinative JJ
Medi-Mail NNP									Medi-Mail NNP
captive JJ NN									captive JJ NN
Billy NNP									Billy NNP
engenders VBZ									engenders VBZ
write VB VBP									write VB VBP
underhandedness NN								underhandedness NN
anionics NNS									anionics NNS
friction NN									friction NN
Blauberman NNP									Blauberman NNP
unfamiliar JJ									unfamiliar JJ
Burling NNP									Burling NNP
megaton NN									megaton NN
Chill NN NNP									Chill NN NNP
U.K. NNP JJ NN									U.K. NNP JJ NN
overrides VBZ									overrides VBZ
FTC NNP										FTC NNP
straw-colored JJ								straw-colored JJ
Bolton NNP									Bolton NNP
Edwardes NNP									Edwardes NNP
Liddle NNP									Liddle NNP
monumental JJ									monumental JJ
reimpose VB JJ									reimpose VB JJ
old-guard JJ									old-guard JJ
Boron NNP									Boron NNP
Supplies NNS									Supplies NNS
angelic JJ									angelic JJ
Preserve NNP									Preserve NNP
fortune NN									fortune NN
conjugates NNS									conjugates NNS
fourth JJ RB									fourth JJ RB
electrochemicals NNS								electrochemicals NNS
Roeck NNP									Roeck NNP
upon IN RB RP									upon IN RB RP
Presidents NNS NNPS NNP								Presidents NNS NNPS NNP
superhighway NN									superhighway NN
trazadone NN									trazadone NN
dystopia NN									dystopia NN
cocopalm NN									cocopalm NN
feistiness NN									feistiness NN
Bengalis NNPS									Bengalis NNPS
department NN									department NN
familarity NN									familarity NN
Knowlton NNP									Knowlton NNP
ym NN										ym NN
wordy JJ									wordy JJ
cornered VBN VBD JJ								cornered VBN VBD JJ
Sultans NNS									Sultans NNS
Afanasyev NNP									Afanasyev NNP
Narbonne NNP									Narbonne NNP
tacked-down JJ									tacked-down JJ
spicy JJ									spicy JJ
infarction NN									infarction NN
Customer NN NNP									Customer NN NNP
syntactical JJ									syntactical JJ
Oh UH NNP									Oh UH NNP
O'Malley NNP									O'Malley NNP
sweetener NN									sweetener NN
stressors NNS									stressors NNS
K.B. NNP									K.B. NNP
obeying VBG									obeying VBG
Hunter NNP NNPS NN								Hunter NNP NNPS NN
Hands-on JJ									Hands-on JJ
Owl NN										Owl NN
Ghanaian JJ									Ghanaian JJ
right-of-entry NN								right-of-entry NN
wedded VBN JJ									wedded VBN JJ
destabilizing VBG JJ								destabilizing VBG JJ
Expo NNP NN									Expo NNP NN
bordered VBN									bordered VBN
Supervision NNP									Supervision NNP
exploding VBG									exploding VBG
carcinogens NNS									carcinogens NNS
astrological JJ									astrological JJ
Whitehall NNP NN								Whitehall NNP NN
telephones NNS									telephones NNS
Querecho NNP									Querecho NNP
Hrothgar NNP									Hrothgar NNP
virus NN									virus NN
rejections NNS									rejections NNS
accomplished VBN JJ VBD								accomplished VBN JJ VBD
Garbage NNP									Garbage NNP
ask VB VBP									ask VB VBP
compressor NN									compressor NN
Dunkel NNP									Dunkel NNP
Holmberg NNP									Holmberg NNP
Depressive NNP									Depressive NNP
Assets NNS NNP NNPS								Assets NNS NNP NNPS
Chubb NNP									Chubb NNP
GLS NNP										GLS NNP
Pascal NNP									Pascal NNP
Removal NNP NN									Removal NNP NN
alludes VBZ									alludes VBZ
perfusion NN									perfusion NN
opened VBD VBN									opened VBD VBN
Walloons NNPS									Walloons NNPS
Regulations NNS NNPS								Regulations NNS NNPS
overwhelm VB VBP								overwhelm VB VBP
Stern NNP JJ									Stern NNP JJ
hysteron-proteron NN								hysteron-proteron NN
Snuff NNP									Snuff NNP
Westview NNP									Westview NNP
Martin-type JJ									Martin-type JJ
Derivative JJ									Derivative JJ
revising VBG									revising VBG
sidestepping VBG								sidestepping VBG
offsetting VBG JJ								offsetting VBG JJ
lava-rocks NNS									lava-rocks NNS
fishes NNS VBZ									fishes NNS VBZ
emphasizing VBG									emphasizing VBG
pumped-up JJ									pumped-up JJ
deficit-reduction NN JJ								deficit-reduction NN JJ
Rachmaninoff NNP								Rachmaninoff NNP
Frum NNP									Frum NNP
grassy JJ									grassy JJ
Obsolescence NNP								Obsolescence NNP
artemisia NN									artemisia NN
inhaling VBG									inhaling VBG
Ochsenschlager NNP								Ochsenschlager NNP
near-panic JJ NN								near-panic JJ NN
airily RB									airily RB
shipmate NN									shipmate NN
Porters NNPS									Porters NNPS
liquidation NN									liquidation NN
Rounded JJ									Rounded JJ
Kohler NNP									Kohler NNP
prejudged VBN									prejudged VBN
festive JJ									festive JJ
Buena NNP									Buena NNP
warehouseman NN									warehouseman NN
Tyburn NN									Tyburn NN
pompously RB									pompously RB
Oberreit NNP									Oberreit NNP
day NN										day NN
caravans NNS									caravans NNS
Reins NNP									Reins NNP
Hanoi-backed JJ									Hanoi-backed JJ
Cycly NNP									Cycly NNP
arithmetical JJ									arithmetical JJ
Unconscionable JJ								Unconscionable JJ
five-blade JJ									five-blade JJ
Arraignments NNS								Arraignments NNS
pitched VBD JJ VBN								pitched VBD JJ VBN
Excell NNP									Excell NNP
Emptied VBD									Emptied VBD
Dynamics NNP NNPS								Dynamics NNP NNPS
censuses NNS									censuses NNS
billing NN VBG									billing NN VBG
cable-TV NN NNP									cable-TV NN NNP
tried VBD JJ VBN								tried VBD JJ VBN
Soir NNP									Soir NNP
irritating JJ									irritating JJ
efforts NNS									efforts NNS
Pascual NNP									Pascual NNP
Rowland-Morin NNP								Rowland-Morin NNP
hunt NN VB VBP									hunt NN VB VBP
Patrician NN									Patrician NN
Buell NNP									Buell NNP
Trendy JJ									Trendy JJ
Fayetteville NNP								Fayetteville NNP
'Recovering VBG									'Recovering VBG
Pythagoreans NNPS								Pythagoreans NNPS
nixed VBD									nixed VBD
skinnin NN									skinnin NN
Take VB NNP VBP									Take VB NNP VBP
jeans NNS									jeans NNS
reoccupation NN									reoccupation NN
Fishkill NNP									Fishkill NNP
proclivities NNS								proclivities NNS
Derek NNP									Derek NNP
W.C. NNP									W.C. NNP
taxes NNS VBZ									taxes NNS VBZ
Allwaste NNP									Allwaste NNP
Pocasset NNP									Pocasset NNP
razorback NN									razorback NN
stripping VBG NN								stripping VBG NN
Kennan NNP									Kennan NNP
Hoemke NNP									Hoemke NNP
stigmatizes VBZ									stigmatizes VBZ
Starlings NNS									Starlings NNS
Fiero NNP									Fiero NNP
sneers VBZ NNS									sneers VBZ NNS
Scare NNP NN									Scare NNP NN
reconciliation NN								reconciliation NN
guild NN									guild NN
Shad NNP									Shad NNP
non-ideological JJ								non-ideological JJ
watchdog NN JJ									watchdog NN JJ
Harkin NNP									Harkin NNP
what WP WDT WP|IN								what WP WDT WP|IN
Meehan NNP									Meehan NNP
bible JJ NN									bible JJ NN
appraiser NN									appraiser NN
oxyhydroxides NNS								oxyhydroxides NNS
Jellinek NNP									Jellinek NNP
liberating VBG JJ								liberating VBG JJ
hi-fi NN									hi-fi NN
Columnist NNP									Columnist NNP
wedding NN									wedding NN
Assyriology NN									Assyriology NN
Wambui NNP									Wambui NNP
scaling VBG NN									scaling VBG NN
un-advertisers NNS								un-advertisers NNS
Berlioz NNP									Berlioz NNP
craving NN VBG									craving NN VBG
doctrinally RB									doctrinally RB
Stork NNP									Stork NNP
curators NNS									curators NNS
Chok NNP									Chok NNP
WTI NNP										WTI NNP
pointe FW									pointe FW
concerned`` ``									concerned`` ``
nerve-ends NNS									nerve-ends NNS
Elsie NNP									Elsie NNP
insurgence NN									insurgence NN
Fudo NNP									Fudo NNP
Jabe NNP									Jabe NNP
Nathaniel NNP									Nathaniel NNP
unheeding VBG									unheeding VBG
meters NNS NN									meters NNS NN
erudite JJ									erudite JJ
collar NN VB									collar NN VB
Soviet-German NNP								Soviet-German NNP
pacemaker NN									pacemaker NN
--all DT									--all DT
Chazanoff NNP									Chazanoff NNP
brew NN VB									brew NN VB
third-selling JJ								third-selling JJ
soliciting VBG									soliciting VBG
twittered VBD									twittered VBD
Royce NNP									Royce NNP
coloration NN									coloration NN
Haliburton NNP									Haliburton NNP
scoffs VBZ									scoffs VBZ
wrecker NN									wrecker NN
Mallory NNP									Mallory NNP
third-dimensionality NN								third-dimensionality NN
McNichols NNP									McNichols NNP
prechlorination NN								prechlorination NN
Wilson-to-Jim JJ								Wilson-to-Jim JJ
disinterest NN									disinterest NN
drawl NN									drawl NN
depressors NNS									depressors NNS
Flem NNP									Flem NNP
noncustomer NN									noncustomer NN
warehouse-club NN								warehouse-club NN
Streptococcus NN								Streptococcus NN
Goodwill NNP NN									Goodwill NNP NN
bolstering VBG									bolstering VBG
spoiled VBN JJ VBD								spoiled VBN JJ VBD
Nineteenth JJ NNP								Nineteenth JJ NNP
barbecues NNS									barbecues NNS
Pavarotti NNP									Pavarotti NNP
four-month JJ									four-month JJ
Cleve NNP									Cleve NNP
venturesome JJ									venturesome JJ
outpaced VBD NN VB VBN VBP							outpaced VBD NN VB VBN VBP
unfamiliarity NN								unfamiliarity NN
car-assembly NN									car-assembly NN
Monsanto NNP									Monsanto NNP
McCone NNP									McCone NNP
Razors NNS									Razors NNS
Hargrave NNP									Hargrave NNP
Fastenal NNP									Fastenal NNP
petrified JJ VBN								petrified JJ VBN
gifted JJ VBN									gifted JJ VBN
folio NN									folio NN
sublimed VBN									sublimed VBN
eminently RB									eminently RB
presently RB									presently RB
nonism NN									nonism NN
Murkland NNP									Murkland NNP
Directions NNP NNS NNPS								Directions NNP NNS NNPS
purled VBD VBN									purled VBD VBN
Ahsan NNP									Ahsan NNP
bifocals NNS									bifocals NNS
Contact NN NNP VB								Contact NN NNP VB
catalogues NNS									catalogues NNS
monumentalism NN								monumentalism NN
kidnaped VBN									kidnaped VBN
aerated VBN									aerated VBN
Jarmusch NNP									Jarmusch NNP
lower-tech JJ									lower-tech JJ
insignificance NN								insignificance NN
Braddock-against-the-Indians NNP						Braddock-against-the-Indians NNP
masseur NN									masseur NN
five-a-week JJ									five-a-week JJ
Patentees NNS									Patentees NNS
Energy NNP NN									Energy NNP NN
taketh VB									taketh VB
Trafton NNP									Trafton NNP
position-squaring NN								position-squaring NN
Warburgs NNPS									Warburgs NNPS
Durante NNP									Durante NNP
excruciating JJ									excruciating JJ
learners NNS									learners NNS
bar-code JJ									bar-code JJ
Grandmother NNP									Grandmother NNP
stipulate VBP JJ VB								stipulate VBP JJ VB
.5 CD										.5 CD
assailing VBG									assailing VBG
companionable JJ								companionable JJ
Varmus NNP									Varmus NNP
Sneaker NNP									Sneaker NNP
escapade NN									escapade NN
technology-related JJ								technology-related JJ
swampy JJ									swampy JJ
Sat VBD										Sat VBD
defense-related JJ								defense-related JJ
Fifty-seven CD									Fifty-seven CD
seeker NN									seeker NN
bumpy JJ									bumpy JJ
nylon NN									nylon NN
risk-taking NN									risk-taking NN
severest JJS									severest JJS
irreversibly RB									irreversibly RB
carryover NN									carryover NN
Malt NNP									Malt NNP
misfiring VBG									misfiring VBG
black-consumer NN								black-consumer NN
Patricof NNP									Patricof NNP
rooster-comb NN									rooster-comb NN
loosens VBZ									loosens VBZ
epitaph NN									epitaph NN
Ben-hadad NNP									Ben-hadad NNP
Poison NN									Poison NN
anchorman NN									anchorman NN
Pinsk NNP									Pinsk NNP
counterflow NN									counterflow NN
consolidated-pretax JJ								consolidated-pretax JJ
pay-as-you-go JJ								pay-as-you-go JJ
Extra NNP									Extra NNP
Ms NNP										Ms NNP
localism NN									localism NN
Struggle NNP VBP								Struggle NNP VBP
it... :										it... :
Count-Duke NNP									Count-Duke NNP
felony NN									felony NN
hoisting NN									hoisting NN
sinuses NNS									sinuses NNS
purge NN VB									purge NN VB
field'just NN									field'just NN
imposing VBG JJ									imposing VBG JJ
Deck NNP									Deck NNP
groom NN									groom NN
Girozentrale NNP								Girozentrale NNP
open-skies JJ									open-skies JJ
sing VB VBP									sing VB VBP
trajectory NN									trajectory NN
saddles NNS									saddles NNS
fade-in JJ									fade-in JJ
School NNP NN									School NNP NN
giveth VBZ VB									giveth VBZ VB
Ranger NNP									Ranger NNP
labors NNS VBZ									labors NNS VBZ
attorney-disciplinary JJ							attorney-disciplinary JJ
hornet NN									hornet NN
government... :									government... :
runners NNS									runners NNS
principles NNS									principles NNS
asides NNS									asides NNS
Bridgeville NNP									Bridgeville NNP
opening NN VBG JJ								opening NN VBG JJ
admiringly RB									admiringly RB
lame JJ										lame JJ
Stabilizing VBG									Stabilizing VBG
portables NNS									portables NNS
head-in-the-clouds JJ								head-in-the-clouds JJ
disagreed VBD VBN								disagreed VBD VBN
Willa NNP									Willa NNP
grains NNS									grains NNS
moviestar NN									moviestar NN
Screen NN									Screen NN
allocated VBN VBD								allocated VBN VBD
stood VBD VBN									stood VBD VBN
blooms NNS VBZ									blooms NNS VBZ
hindrance NN									hindrance NN
ascribes VBZ									ascribes VBZ
-Samuel NNP									-Samuel NNP
gilding NN									gilding NN
man NN JJ VB UH									man NN JJ VB UH
timeworn JJ									timeworn JJ
resided VBD VBN									resided VBD VBN
Fernald NNP									Fernald NNP
disgraced VBN									disgraced VBN
righthander NN									righthander NN
compose VB VBP									compose VB VBP
accessory NN JJ									accessory NN JJ
greenhouse-produced JJ								greenhouse-produced JJ
Bramah NNP									Bramah NNP
Ike NNP NN									Ike NNP NN
Barnabas NNP									Barnabas NNP
Advertisers NNS NNP NNPS							Advertisers NNS NNP NNPS
Tadashi NNP									Tadashi NNP
tradition-minded JJ								tradition-minded JJ
syndrome NN									syndrome NN
balked VBD VBN									balked VBD VBN
D.,Calif. NN									D.,Calif. NN
Attitudes NNS									Attitudes NNS
prejudiced VBN JJ								prejudiced VBN JJ
gargantuan JJ									gargantuan JJ
film-processing NN								film-processing NN
Erodes VBZ									Erodes VBZ
Bhojani NNP									Bhojani NNP
Webb NNP									Webb NNP
Telaction NNP									Telaction NNP
Church NNP NN									Church NNP NN
crumbles VBZ									crumbles VBZ
auto-immune JJ									auto-immune JJ
goverment. NN									goverment. NN
wonder-working JJ								wonder-working JJ
quantities NNS									quantities NNS
serum NN									serum NN
Motorcars NNPS									Motorcars NNPS
classifies VBZ									classifies VBZ
snooty JJ									snooty JJ
Bowlers NNPS									Bowlers NNPS
Repeal NN VB									Repeal NN VB
mating NN JJ VBG								mating NN JJ VBG
Linear NNP									Linear NNP
TO TO										TO TO
slices NNS VBZ									slices NNS VBZ
bad-risk JJ									bad-risk JJ
Malawi NNP									Malawi NNP
trimesters NNS									trimesters NNS
unwaivering VBG									unwaivering VBG
embrace VB VBP NN								embrace VB VBP NN
Kingsbridge NNP									Kingsbridge NNP
bade VBD									bade VBD
refocused VBD VBN								refocused VBD VBN
hitherto RB									hitherto RB
engrave VB									engrave VB
prods VBZ NNS									prods VBZ NNS
midyear NN JJ									midyear NN JJ
walkover NN									walkover NN
disaster-recovery JJ NN								disaster-recovery JJ NN
Stanton NNP									Stanton NNP
utilization NN									utilization NN
upholstered VBN									upholstered VBN
takers NNS									takers NNS
regulus NN									regulus NN
Voegelin NNP									Voegelin NNP
aforesaid JJ RB									aforesaid JJ RB
voice-response NN								voice-response NN
improves VBZ									improves VBZ
Jupiter-bound JJ								Jupiter-bound JJ
Broadbent NNP									Broadbent NNP
Refined NNP									Refined NNP
Cheese NNP									Cheese NNP
super-secret JJ									super-secret JJ
awash JJ RB									awash JJ RB
telephone-booth NN								telephone-booth NN
Series NNP NN NNS NNPS								Series NNP NN NNS NNPS
poultry-loving JJ								poultry-loving JJ
monopoly NN									monopoly NN
speakers NNS									speakers NNS
Wishing VBG									Wishing VBG
heads NNS VBZ									heads NNS VBZ
sags NNS									sags NNS
disintegration NN								disintegration NN
Derel NNP									Derel NNP
solar-cell JJ									solar-cell JJ
Frances NNP									Frances NNP
Morison NNP									Morison NNP
chin-out JJ									chin-out JJ
contraption NN									contraption NN
Goddess NNP									Goddess NNP
forgiving VBG JJ								forgiving VBG JJ
newsworthy JJ									newsworthy JJ
lieutenants NNS									lieutenants NNS
intervals NNS									intervals NNS
ploys NNS									ploys NNS
ABA NNP										ABA NNP
Periods NNS									Periods NNS
universality NN									universality NN
labor-saving JJ									labor-saving JJ
Oi NNP										Oi NNP
Somehow RB									Somehow RB
guile NN									guile NN
Coleco NNP									Coleco NNP
inter-office JJ									inter-office JJ
derangement NN									derangement NN
utilities NNS									utilities NNS
downward JJ RB									downward JJ RB
Classes NNS NN									Classes NNS NN
tuxedoed JJ									tuxedoed JJ
unsentimental JJ								unsentimental JJ
lire NNS FW NN									lire NNS FW NN
Pump NNP NN									Pump NNP NN
Philippine JJ NNP								Philippine JJ NNP
hankered VBN									hankered VBN
Puette NNP									Puette NNP
Big-bucks JJ									Big-bucks JJ
shared VBN JJ VBD								shared VBN JJ VBD
Regine NNP									Regine NNP
ceases VBZ									ceases VBZ
interest-sensitive JJ								interest-sensitive JJ
Sandy NNP									Sandy NNP
signalizes VBZ									signalizes VBZ
Golub NNP									Golub NNP
climbers NNS									climbers NNS
dusty-green JJ									dusty-green JJ
diploma NN									diploma NN
mighty JJ RB									mighty JJ RB
SiH NN										SiH NN
Trinen NNP									Trinen NNP
cuffs NNS									cuffs NNS
Ciporkin NNP									Ciporkin NNP
velocity NN									velocity NN
Bronislava NNP									Bronislava NNP
pre-sentencing JJ								pre-sentencing JJ
Hail NNP									Hail NNP
Ekberg NNP									Ekberg NNP
cremated VBN									cremated VBN
novelized JJ									novelized JJ
quicker JJR RBR JJ								quicker JJR RBR JJ
Microscopes NNS									Microscopes NNS
inedible JJ									inedible JJ
shoveling VBG									shoveling VBG
amazed VBN VBD JJ								amazed VBN VBD JJ
Brinker NNP									Brinker NNP
pastes NNS									pastes NNS
Rubega NNP									Rubega NNP
infests VBZ									infests VBZ
Bloom NNP									Bloom NNP
perilous JJ									perilous JJ
dynamos NNS									dynamos NNS
Witness VB NNP									Witness VB NNP
Hewlitt NNP									Hewlitt NNP
Frankfurt NNP NN NNPS								Frankfurt NNP NN NNPS
squinting VBG									squinting VBG
sitting VBG VBG|JJ NN								sitting VBG VBG|JJ NN
corny JJ									corny JJ
Lincoln-Mercury-Merkur NNP							Lincoln-Mercury-Merkur NNP
Furukawa NNP									Furukawa NNP
Bingley NNP									Bingley NNP
Steelton NNP									Steelton NNP
sectional JJ									sectional JJ
Nicol NNP									Nicol NNP
on-the-go JJ									on-the-go JJ
shortcomings NNS								shortcomings NNS
revalued VBN									revalued VBN
standard-setting JJ NN								standard-setting JJ NN
reggae NN									reggae NN
incarnations NNS								incarnations NNS
undisclosed JJ									undisclosed JJ
chlorides NNS									chlorides NNS
Retailer NN									Retailer NN
sucker NN									sucker NN
subjected VBN									subjected VBN
Inmac NNP									Inmac NNP
advocate NN VB VBP								advocate NN VB VBP
Adalbert NNP									Adalbert NNP
Sweanor NNP									Sweanor NNP
Bombus NNP									Bombus NNP
emigrated VBD VBN								emigrated VBD VBN
sheriff NN									sheriff NN
cross-pollination NN								cross-pollination NN
Cavazos NNP									Cavazos NNP
Octobrists NNPS									Octobrists NNPS
Ridiculing VBG									Ridiculing VBG
untoward JJ									untoward JJ
gray-bearded JJ									gray-bearded JJ
vaguest JJS									vaguest JJS
fill-in-your-favorite-epithet JJ						fill-in-your-favorite-epithet JJ
's. POS										's. POS
Convulsively RB									Convulsively RB
tropical JJ NN									tropical JJ NN
boies NNS									boies NNS
celebrations NNS								celebrations NNS
Alterman NNP									Alterman NNP
wager NN VB									wager NN VB
ideological JJ									ideological JJ
highest-paid JJ									highest-paid JJ
Motorcycles NNS									Motorcycles NNS
grassroots-fueled JJ								grassroots-fueled JJ
modern-dance NN									modern-dance NN
buffeted VBN									buffeted VBN
graven JJ									graven JJ
Hasbrouck NNP									Hasbrouck NNP
tacky JJ									tacky JJ
Norristown NNP									Norristown NNP
Excise-tax JJ									Excise-tax JJ
Reinforced NNP									Reinforced NNP
rounder JJR									rounder JJR
landlocked JJ									landlocked JJ
shifting VBG JJ NN								shifting VBG JJ NN
rehearsal NN									rehearsal NN
Thinking VBG NN NNP								Thinking VBG NN NNP
Growth NN NNP									Growth NN NNP
bright-green JJ									bright-green JJ
Ginandjar NNP									Ginandjar NNP
Kraft NNP									Kraft NNP
Leblanc NNP									Leblanc NNP
empirically RB									empirically RB
removed VBN JJ VBD								removed VBN JJ VBD
wreckage NN									wreckage NN
Schottenstein NNP								Schottenstein NNP
solidarity NN									solidarity NN
excusable JJ									excusable JJ
propagandize VB									propagandize VB
yoga NN										yoga NN
unhitched VBD VBN								unhitched VBD VBN
Estep NNP									Estep NNP
scoured VBN JJ VBD								scoured VBN JJ VBD
moviegoer NN									moviegoer NN
finisher NN									finisher NN
emptier JJR RBR									emptier JJR RBR
internationalists NNS								internationalists NNS
Cadbury-Schweppes NNP								Cadbury-Schweppes NNP
metaphysic NN									metaphysic NN
Intermarriage NN								Intermarriage NN
auction-fee JJ									auction-fee JJ
geologically RB									geologically RB
shawl NN									shawl NN
Suffice VB									Suffice VB
sterilized VBN VBD								sterilized VBN VBD
prosodic JJ									prosodic JJ
Danssesse NNP									Danssesse NNP
residential-real-estate JJ							residential-real-estate JJ
BeechNut NNP									BeechNut NNP
Humanism NNP									Humanism NNP
wrongly RB									wrongly RB
stems VBZ NNS									stems VBZ NNS
Dubinin NNP									Dubinin NNP
divulging VBG									divulging VBG
reverie NN									reverie NN
soothe VB									soothe VB
Stibel NNP									Stibel NNP
mioxidil NN									mioxidil NN
political-corruption NN								political-corruption NN
Baldwin NNP									Baldwin NNP
gorilla NN									gorilla NN
tip NN VB VBP									tip NN VB VBP
Nell NNP									Nell NNP
lifeboat NN									lifeboat NN
Dachshund NN									Dachshund NN
Mid-Continent NNP								Mid-Continent NNP
demurs VBZ									demurs VBZ
nickel-iron NN									nickel-iron NN
play-acting NN									play-acting NN
Bodenseewerk NNP								Bodenseewerk NNP
Wilfred NNP VBD									Wilfred NNP VBD
Octoroon NNP									Octoroon NNP
backdoor JJ									backdoor JJ
Luerssen NNP									Luerssen NNP
round-table JJ									round-table JJ
unending JJ									unending JJ
Insect NN									Insect NN
sarakin FW									sarakin FW
Gerry NNP									Gerry NNP
gallon NN									gallon NN
ICM NNP										ICM NNP
answers NNS VBZ									answers NNS VBZ
mid-market JJ									mid-market JJ
devote VB VBP									devote VB VBP
Nonprofit JJ									Nonprofit JJ
per-store JJ									per-store JJ
Yokel NNP									Yokel NNP
Munoz NNP									Munoz NNP
Carlsson NNP									Carlsson NNP
resurrecting VBG								resurrecting VBG
shortner NN									shortner NN
Bechtel NNP									Bechtel NNP
heroin NN									heroin NN
Chace NNP									Chace NNP
yearly JJ RB									yearly JJ RB
Turner NNP									Turner NNP
anticipated VBN JJ VBD								anticipated VBN JJ VBD
Equipement NNP									Equipement NNP
cavernous JJ									cavernous JJ
success NN									success NN
Applebaum NNP									Applebaum NNP
Anaheim-Santa NNP								Anaheim-Santa NNP
extort VB									extort VB
Parsley NNP									Parsley NNP
shopworn JJ									shopworn JJ
coveted VBN JJ									coveted VBN JJ
conferred VBN VBD								conferred VBN VBD
static JJ NN									static JJ NN
Miro NNP									Miro NNP
thunderstorm NN									thunderstorm NN
automatic JJ NN									automatic JJ NN
share... :									share... :
Pinned VBN									Pinned VBN
Heatherington NNP								Heatherington NNP
Stram NNP									Stram NNP
agriculture-related JJ								agriculture-related JJ
T-bill NN NNP									T-bill NN NNP
unawares RB									unawares RB
heart-to-heart JJ								heart-to-heart JJ
flagships NNS									flagships NNS
fawned VBN									fawned VBN
poodle NN									poodle NN
unconvincing JJ									unconvincing JJ
Wilhelmina NNP									Wilhelmina NNP
Vastly RB									Vastly RB
Evenflo NNP									Evenflo NNP
Geological NNP									Geological NNP
Shijie NNP									Shijie NNP
interference-like JJ								interference-like JJ
frowzy JJ									frowzy JJ
presumptions NNS								presumptions NNS
tempeh NN									tempeh NN
U.S.-Japanese JJ								U.S.-Japanese JJ
Scottsdale NNP									Scottsdale NNP
Gandois NNP									Gandois NNP
steamships NNS									steamships NNS
pore NN										pore NN
examinations NNS								examinations NNS
Broadview NNP									Broadview NNP
Oceana NNP									Oceana NNP
Grigory NNP									Grigory NNP
sheet-metal JJ NN								sheet-metal JJ NN
decries VBZ									decries VBZ
Mitchell NNP									Mitchell NNP
Brodbeck NNP									Brodbeck NNP
O'Dwyer NNP									O'Dwyer NNP
perspired VBD									perspired VBD
non-poetry NN									non-poetry NN
outdoors RB NN									outdoors RB NN
bankrolling VBG									bankrolling VBG
straggle VBP									straggle VBP
re-adopt NN									re-adopt NN
Primary JJ NNP									Primary JJ NNP
Macwhyte NNP									Macwhyte NNP
encourages VBZ									encourages VBZ
Alpine NNP JJ									Alpine NNP JJ
rug NN										rug NN
.6 CD										.6 CD
Eaters NNS									Eaters NNS
confidence NN									confidence NN
spokes NNS									spokes NNS
resonances NNS									resonances NNS
sixties NNS CD									sixties NNS CD
Kimihide NNP									Kimihide NNP
Mihalek NNP									Mihalek NNP
Amada NNP									Amada NNP
Surrounded VBN									Surrounded VBN
Mokae NNP									Mokae NNP
bull's-eyes NNS									bull's-eyes NNS
Auto-parts JJ									Auto-parts JJ
Ochoa NNP									Ochoa NNP
Miyata NNP									Miyata NNP
single-B-1 JJ CD NN								single-B-1 JJ CD NN
posts NNS VBZ									posts NNS VBZ
Hanes NNP									Hanes NNP
hardships NNS									hardships NNS
luncheon-voucher NN								luncheon-voucher NN
Carstens NNP									Carstens NNP
vegetarians NNS									vegetarians NNS
Johan N